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Changing Room

By James Layton

  The sound of the bed side alarm springing into action shocked Barry out of

his peaceful

slumber. He reached over and slammed the thing into submission. Barry turned and

looked over at the woman lying next to him. She was so peaceful, *how could she


sleep through the damned alarm* thought Barry. Barry began thinking about the


woman lying next to him. Last night had been so wonderful, she was so beautiful,


knew that Melissa was perfect. So why the hell had he married Jean!?

  Barry knew why he was married to a woman he didn't love. She was rich.

Living with

Jean meant Barry would never want for anything again. Except Melissa. Jean was


weak, so cutesy. Barry leaned down and kissed his love on the lips. Melissa


slightly in her sleep and wrapped her arms around Barry. Once again he lay down


snuggled with her.

  Barry awoke some time later. *Shit* was the first thing he thought. He

pulled himself

from Melissa's embrace and began frantically pulling on clothes. He was going to

be late

for work, just what he needed. Once he had everything together he kissed Melissa


and went out to his car.

  The work day was quite normal. He got an earful from his section head about

being late

but with an asshole like Quentin White as section head he always expected some

complaint each morning. He didn't let it bother him and worked the day away.

  Tomorrow was his and Jean's first anniversary. He would have to go out

again tonight

after work and get her a present. Barry decided to go home first, ask what she

wanted and

then go and get it for her. *Keep the bitch happy* he thought.

  Jean eagerly kissed her husband as he arrived home from work. He had had to

go to

some  business function last night and she was happy to see him.

  "Hi honey," she said and she smothered her husband with a wife's love.

  Barry said hello and then went upstairs to change. Jean followed close


  "What do you want for our anniversary Jeanie?" Barry asked. Jean began to

think. She

hadn't really thought about it until now. She watched as Barry removed his shirt

and she

admired his athletic figure.

  "I know! I know," she shouted, "I want to be fit like you, that means going

to the gym

and that means that I want a new leotard. A green one."

  Barry looked up at her halfway through removing his belt to take off his

trousers. "You

must be joking, there is no way that I'm going into a store to buy a leotard.

I'd feel like

an idiot."

  "Pleeeeease," Jean said putting on a hurt puppy expression, "I really wa...."

Jean stopped

short. Barry had just removed his trousers and around his waist were a pair of


panties with the name "Melissa DeBois" written on the side. Jean felt a horrid


feeling. Barry had stopped moving too realizing what had just happened. Jean's


begun to get watery and she ran from the room.

  "Shit", Barry said out loud. He realized that he must have put on the wrong


in his rush this morning. Barry began to wonder what he would do now. Suddenly

an idea

struck. Maybe if he went out and got Jean what she wanted, she might forgive

him, and

he could make up some believable story then. Barry finished changing and went

out to

the nearest department store.

  *I never realized that so many babes worked in these places* Barry thought

to himself.

He walked over to a counter in the clothing section. The girl behind the counter


beautiful. She had raven black hair that reached right down to her beautiful

ass. Her

breasts were the personification of perfect and she wore a tight fitting black


  "Can I help you sir?" the woman in black asked.

  Barry went a bit red over what his next question would be and said quietly

"I'd like to

buy a green leotard for my wife."

  The girl smiled and motioned for Barry to follow her. She led him into a

changing room

and then turned to face him.

  "What are we doing in here?" Barry asked.

  "This is the changing room sir," the woman said, "this is were people

change into their


  "Yes, bu.." Barry stopped. He felt a pain shoot through his body and slowly

he began to

shrink. He tried to move but he couldn't feel his arms or legs to do so.

  The woman looked down at the pile of clothes were the man had been

standing. She

sifted through the pile and produced a green spandex leotard.

  Barry could see what he was, although he wasn't sure quite how, he had no

eyes.  The

woman held Barry at arms length and examined him. She gently rubbed the soft


around the crotch of the garment. Barry could feel his whole body, or..

whatever, light up

with pleasure. The woman smiled, folded Barry up and put him into a small box.

  Jean heard the doorbell ring. Barry hadn't come home last night and she had

spent the

whole night in her room crying. She slowly climbed off the bed, rubbed her sore

eyes and

then went to the door. She opened it to find a beautiful black haired girl

carrying a box.

  "Mrs. Jean Paine, this is an anniversary present from your husband, Barry


  Jean mustered the best smile she could then thanked the woman and took the

box. She

felt very strange about this woman, somehow attracted in a way she never had

felt about

anyone before. "Please come in and have a drink." she said.

  The woman followed her through to the main room where they both sat down

and Jean

began to open the box.

  Light shone into the box and the lid was lifted and Barry looked up to see

his wife

smiling happily as she saw the present she had asked for. Barry felt her lift

him out of the

box and then rub his soft material against her face. Once again, pleasure flew

through his

body. Jean quickly stood up and strangely, striped right in front of the black

haired witch.

She carefully stepped through into Barry and then slid him up her body. The


was amazing, Barry felt as though Jean had just climbed into his body and then


realization hit him that that was exactly what she had done. She began to rub

the material

against her skin with her hands and begun to moan with pleasure.

  The woman stood up and walked over to her. "Would you like to go to the Gym


Paine," she said, "I know a great one right near here".

  "The would be lovely," Jean responded, "and please, call me Jean."

  Barry thought it was strange the way Jean was acting about this woman but

soon they

were in Jean's car on the way to the gym. Jean slowly rubbed her crotch and

Barry at the

same time giving both of them a pleasurable wave.

  The woman lead Jean, still clad in Barry into the gym and signed them both

up for an

aerobics class. They sat down and waited for the class to begin. Slowly the

woman leant

over to Jean and kissed her softly on the lips. This action caught a few glares

from other

patrons and Barry was horrified. Barry knew that Jean wasn't like this.

  Before Barry had the chance to consider the action further, a gym

instructor came out

and told all the ladies waiting around that the class was ready to begin.

  Now, Barry had felt a nice pleasure when Jean had first stepped into him

and he felt

waves of pleasure pass over his spandex body as she walked around in him. But

all that

was nothing compared to the pleasure he received while she did aerobics. Each


movement of her body would send pleasure straight to his "brain?" and he wanted


much to climax. But, without the proper equipment, that was impossible.

  By the time the workout was finished, Barry was soaked in Jeans sweat. It

made him

slick and shiny. The woman toweled Jean down, rubbing a little excessively


Jeans groin and then the two (three including the sentient leotard) went back


  When they got in Jean and the woman went straight to Jean's room. Jean lay

back on

the bed and the woman leaned down and begun to caress her clit through the soft

material that was Barry. Barry could feel himself began moist again as Jean's


began flowing. The woman reached over and put a hand on Jean's forehead and Jean


off to sleep. Then the woman carefully removed Barry and carried him into the


  Once again, the woman held the now soiled Barry at arms length. "I've

changed things

now," she said, "Jean was is no longer married to you, she never was. I have


things so that I have been her lover for the last year and that you are my

present to her.

Barry Paine has never existed any more."

  Barry was confused, *why* was all he could think.

  "Let me tell you why, my lovely creation," with that, the woman's face

changed and she

became Melissa. "I first met Jean about nine months ago when she came shopping

in the

store. I fell in love with her straight away, she was so beautiful and cute. So

I lured you

away from her by posing as Melissa and then did this." The woman smiled,


back into the raven bombshell she was before. "I suppose there could have been


ways, but this was so much more fun and besides, I liked screwing you. And now,


has a beautiful green leotard to wear and maybe she'll let me wear it too. That

would be

nice. But first, we need to get all of that sweat and cum off of you."

  The woman opened the washing machine and dropped Barry in. Barry looked up

at the

woman and mentally screamed *NO* as she closed the lid.

The End


Giantess Stories: Changing Room

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