Giantess Stories: Chapter 1

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                                      Chapter 1


                                      I was walking to my

car when Karen, my V.P.'s assistant came

                                      running up.

                                      "Hey Rob! You dropped

your disc in the hallway!" She said

                                      waving the floppy

disc in the air.

                                      "Thanks." I said as

she handed me the disc. I didn't want to be

                                      rude and walk away,

so I made small talk.

                                      "Doing' anything fun

this weekend?" I asked.

                                      "Not really, I'll

probably head to the mall. I have to return these

                                      shoes." She said and

we both looked down at her black leather


                                      "What's the matter?

They make you too tall?" I said jokingly.

                                      Karen's heels made

her at least 2 inches taller than me and I've

                                      always had a secret

fascination with tall women.

                                      "They make me taller

than you!" She said accenting her height by

                                      taking a step closer

and standing straight. "But that's not why I'm

                                      returning them."


                                      I looked up at her

and I started to get hot! The heat started in my

                                      genitals and flowed

up to my head. I couldn't take it! I've had a

                                      crush on Karen since

the day I started my job, so I looked down

                                      and took a step

backwards to get away. "Then why are you

                                      returning them?" I

asked, loosening my tie.

                                      "They're too tight."


                                      There was an

uncomfortable silence, for me anyway. Karen

                                      simply stood there

looking at me strangely.

                                      "Something wrong?" I


                                      "No. No, it's

nothing." She said.

                                      "It can't be nothing

when your looking at me like that!"

                                      "I don't want you to

think I'm making fun of you." She said taking

                                      a step closer.

                                      "What!?" I yelled, my

voice squeaking.

                                      "I think…" she paused

slipping off one shoe. Standing on her

                                      bare foot she was

slightly shorter than me. "Oh forget it!" she said

                                      slipping her pump

back on.

                                      "No, I won't forget

it. Now you must tell me!" I said half

                                      laughing, half pissed


                                      "For a second I

thought I was taller than you."

                                      "Karen, you're what?

Five – eight? Your taller than half the guys

                                      at work in those

heels. What are they, 4 inches?"

                                      "No!" She said a

little defensively. "I'm five seven and they're

                                      more like 3 inch


                                      "Well…" I said. "That

adds up to five ten and that's still 2 inches

                                      taller than me."

                                      "Whatever." She said,

obviously mad at something.

                                      "Hey! Did I say

something wrong?"

                                      "No. I guess I'm just

a little height sensitive, that's all."

                                      "I'm sorry I teased

you." I said looking up at her large blue eyes.

                                      "It's not you. Jimmy

and I broke up. He said I was too tall for

                                      him!" she said and

tears started to well up in her eyes.

                                      "Oh geez! I've done

it again!" I said reaching into my jacket

                                      pocket for a tissue.

                                      She took the tissue

and wiped her eyes. "Rob, would it surprise

                                      you if I told you I

like being tall?"

                                      "Not at all." I said

feigning my surprise.

                                      "Would it surprise

you if I told you I like being taller than most

                                      people?" she said her

eyes now clear of the tears.

                                      "Honestly? A little."

I said. What I said next surprised me a lot.

                                      "Karen, would it

surprise you if I said I liked tall women?"

                                      Her eyes went wide

and a smile appeared on her face. "Even if

                                      they're taller than

you?" She asked.

                                      My heart leaped! This

conversation had taken a twist that I've

                                      only dreamed of!

"Sure. For instance, look at a girl like yourself.

                                      Your tall and very

attractive and when you put on heels you're

                                      taller than me. I'd

date you in a heartbeat."

                                      "That's so sweet!"

She said and then awkwardly hugged me.

                                      "Would it surprise

you if I said I like to be taller than the men I


                                      "Not any more!" I

said feeling my groin swell against her upper


                                      "Thank you so much!"

she said pulling away from me. "You've

                                      made me feel so much

better! See you in the morning!" She said

                                      and walked away

towards her car.

                                      I stood there a

moment and admired her long legs and incredibly

                                      tight ass. "She is

beautiful!" I said aloud.


                                      A moment later I was

in my car and driving through the parking

                                      lot. Suddenly a white

plume of smoke arose from a parking space

                                      on my left. I stopped

and ran over to the old car. The smoke

                                      billowed from under

the hood and completely filled the interior. I

                                      ran over to the

drivers side and threw the door open. To my

                                      surprise Karen almost

jumped into my arms!

                                      "You lousy piece of

shit!" she yelled and kicked the drivers door


                                      "Are you okay?" I


                                      "Oh my God! Rob, I'm

sorry! I didn't even realize it was you!"

                                      she said.

                                      "That's all right.

Are you hurt?"

                                      "No, I'm fine. This

is going to cost me a fortune to fix!"


                                      I parked my car and

together we went back to her desk to call

                                      her mechanic.

                                      "He says he can't fix

it until next week." She said dejectedly.

                                      "Now, all I need to

do is call a cab." She said picking up the


                                      "What are you doing?"

I asked. "I'll give you a ride!"

                                      She hung up the phone

and stood. "Now I know 2 things about

                                      you!" She said


                                      "What are they?"

                                      "First of all, you're

very nice."

                                      â€˜and…" I said

following her out to my car. I opened the

                                      passenger door for


                                      "Your very cute!" she

said as she got in.


                                      As I drove the

silence between us was not so uncomfortable.

                                      Karen sat looking out

her window and smiling. It gave me time to

                                      admire her legs and

the way her feet looked in those pumps. The

                                      skirt she wore was

not too short but the slit on the side showed

                                      plenty of thigh.

Karen was like many tall girls, thin and small

                                      chested. However, it

was her sparkling blue eyes and gorgeous

                                      face that set her

apart from the rest. Karen could easily be a


                                      Suddenly she broke

the silence by turning on the radio. As if this

                                      day wasn't turning

out good enough, "Miserable" by Lit was

                                      playing and Karen

started singing along.

                                      "I love this song!"

she said turning to face me. "Have you ever

                                      seen the video?"

                                      "Of course! It's all

over MTV. I was hoping to pick up the CD

                                      this weekend."

                                      "In the video do you

think the guys are small or that Pam is a


                                      "I think the guys are

small and Pam's normal sized."

                                      "Why?" She asked.

                                      "Because they don't

make clothes and shoes to fit giant women, I


                                      "That's funny, I

thought Pam was a giant. I never thought about

                                      the clothes thing."

Karen said and sat silent for a moment.


                                      "You really like tall

women!" She said.

                                      "You thought I was


                                      "No. I just thought

you were trying to cheer me up." She said

                                      crossing her legs.

"You know the mall is coming up. I can return

                                      my shoes and you can

get your CD, we can kill two birds with

                                      one stone."

                                      "Uh, sure." I said.

"Karen, how do you know I wasn't trying to

                                      cheer you up?" I

asked turning towards the mall parking lot.

                                      "Well, it was when

you said you thought the guys were small."

                                      "Yes?" I said pulling

into a parking space.

                                      "I just think that

it's your preference." She said getting out of the


                                      I walked around the

back of the car and caught up with her.

                                      "What do you mean

it's my preference?"

                                      "Listen, I thought

she was tall and that's because I think I like to

                                      be tall. You thought

the guys the guys were small because you

                                      like to be…"

                                      "Small?" I said

holding the door to the main entrance open for


                                      "I was going to say

short." She said looking our of the corner of

                                      her eye at me and



                                      Just before we

entered the shoe store Karen pulled out the shoe

                                      box from her shopping

bag. Inside was a pair of white keds

                                      which she slipped on

as she placed the pumps into the box.

                                      "Look!" she said.

"Now your as tall as I am." She smiled and

                                      walked into the shoe


                                      "Very funny." I said

and followed her in.


                                      I didn't realize my

predicament until the girl behind the register

                                      said "without a

receipt I can only give you store credit."

                                      That meant one

thing…I was going to be here a long time. Karen

                                      immediately took her

exchange receipt and went shoe shopping. I

                                      have to admit it

wasn't that bad. I mean, she didn't ask me to

                                      watch her bag or

anything. She did insist that I tell her whether I

                                      liked each pair she

tried on. She also insisted that I stand next to

                                      the mirror as she

tried the shoes on. It took me a few pairs to

                                      realize she was

comparing her height to mine with each pair of

                                      shoes. She tried on

pumps, mules and mary janes. She tried on

                                      slides, sandals and

platforms. She really didn't get my attention

                                      until the sandals.

One pair had incredibly high heels and simple

                                      leather straps across

her toes and instep. It was apparent that

                                      Karen took very good

care of her feet.

                                      "I like these! Rob,

what do you think?" She said stepping

                                      especially close to

me and looking at herself in the mirror.

                                      "They're very nice."

I said looking up at the statuesque girl in

                                      front of me.

                                      "Nice? Do you think

they're sexy? I've been told I have sexy

                                      feet. Do you think

these sandals show them off?" she said looking

                                      down at me.

                                      "I must say you do

have very sexy feet and those sandals do look

                                      good on you."

                                      "Good, I'll take

them." She said slipping them into the box. "I just

                                      want to try on one

more pair."

                                      "Okay. Take your

time." I said noticing that Karen's skirt had

                                      ridden up rather high

on her thighs. I was in a daze as the sales

                                      girl brought over a


                                      "Thanks." Karen said

as she took the box from the girl. I think

                                      she knew where I was

staring and enjoyed the attention.

                                      "Rob, do you

recognize these?" She asked slipping the platform

                                      heels on. My eyes

were still on the shadow between her long, tan

                                      legs when she asked.

                                      "Sorry?" I said

looking up and meeting her gaze.

                                      "Do you recognize

these shoes?" She asked again.

                                      I looked down to see

a pair of strappy black platforms with a

                                      heel that looked 8

inches high!

                                      "They're the same

style as the one's Pam wears in the Lit video."

                                      She said adjusting

the straps. "Let's see how they look." She

                                      stretched out her

hand and I took it, helping her stand. She took

                                      her time, looking me

in the eye the entire time. Her eyes met mine

                                      and went higher. Up

and up she went until my eyes were level

                                      with her chin!

                                      "Now that's more like

it! God! Look how short you are!" She

                                      practically yelled.

                                      "Oh my God!" I

mumbled as the heat in my pants grew for the

                                      second time that day.

                                      "Wow, you really do

like tall women." She said bending over and

                                      whispering in my ear.

"Don't worry." She said straightening up. "I

                                      won't eat you."


                                      Karen bought both

pairs of shoes and wore the platforms! We

                                      strolled through the

mall looking for a record store. There were

                                      lots of young guys

staring at us as we walked. Who am I kidding?

                                      They were staring at

Karen! Who wouldn't? She was a beautiful

                                      woman with shoulder

length light brown hair, beautiful blue eyes

                                      and incredibly long

legs. In addition, she was now at least 6'3" in

                                      those heels.


                                      We found the store I

was looking for store and I bought Limp

                                      Bizkit, Lenny Kravitz

and the Lit CD. By this time it was almost

                                      7:30 and I was

getting hungry.

                                      "Karen, I'm starving!

Would you like to get something to eat?" I


                                      "Are you asking me

out?" she smiled from above.

                                      "You know I like tall

women." I said reaching out and taking her

                                      hand. "Come on, I

know a great Japanese place."


                                      We left the mall and

went to my favorite Japanese restaurant. The

                                      food was fantastic

and the waiters were all short. So short they

                                      came up to Karen's

breasts. I could tell she enjoyed her height

                                      with the shoes on.


                                      After dinner, I'm sad

to say, I took her home and walked her to

                                      the apartment door.

                                      "I had a great time."

She said taking one step up the stoop.

                                      "So did I."

                                      She turned and now

between the platforms and the steps I stood

                                      17 inches shorter

than her. Her breasts were directly under my


                                      "Here." She said

handing me a piece of paper, on it, her phone

                                      number. "Call me

tomorrow." She smiled and ran up the steps.

                                      I watched her the

entire time. When she reached the last step the

                                      angle was good enough

for me to catch a glimpse of panty under

                                      her skirt.


                                      I drove home that

night and started writing this story. After all, it

                                      has an incredible




                                      Chapter 2


                                      Over the weekend I

called Karen and we went out for the

                                      traditional dinner

and dancing. She didn't wear the "Lit" shoes

                                      (what we called

them), she wore those sexy sandals. Afterwards,

                                      we went back to her

place to relax. She told me about her

                                      ex-boyfriend Jimmy

and how he made her wear flats because he

                                      was embarrassed about

being short.

                                      "He was only

five-five and he would wear these cowboy boots to

                                      make himself as tall

as I am." She laughed. "The funny thing was

                                      even with the boots I

was taller than him!"


                                      I told her that I was

worried that people at work would talk.

                                      "Karen, we both work

for the same person. I really like you, I

                                      have since the

beginning. I don't want people to get the wrong

                                      impression." I said,

holding her hand.

                                      "Then we'll keep it

between us." She said and planted a firm kiss

                                      on my lips.


                                      We kissed for what

seemed forever. When the sun came shining

                                      in through the

kitchen window we realized that we had talked all

                                      night. I thanked her

for a lovely evening and left. That morning I

                                      lay in my bed for

hours, unable to sleep, thinking about Karen.


                                      I called her Sunday

night and we spoke for a little while. It seems

                                      a couple of her

girlfriends were coming over and they were going

                                      to hang out.

                                      "Don't talk about me

too much." I said.

                                      "What else am I going

to gab about?" she laughed.

                                      She said that one of

her friends would give her a ride into work in

                                      the morning and that

I'd see her there.


                                      On Monday morning I

walked into the office with a definite

                                      "spring" in my step.

I said good morning to the boss and got to

                                      work. I didn't see

Karen until noon when she was going out to

                                      lunch with the girls.

She was wearing a pants outfit that was tight

                                      on her ass. I said

hello, she hi'd me back and that was it until

                                      after work. I waited

outside for her. Needless to say, I didn't

                                      wait long.

                                      She came striding

out, suit jacket over one arm, purse over the


                                      "Need a ride?" I


                                      "I thought you'd

never ask." She said as we walked together to

                                      my car. As soon as we

got inside she leaned over and kissed me.

                                      "I missed you."

                                      "I missed you too." I

said as we drove off.

                                      "I can't hang out

tonight. I have a class." I said hoping she wasn't

                                      too disappointed.

                                      "What class?"

                                      "I teach a Criminal

Justice course over at Tech. How about

                                      Wednesday night? You


                                      "As a bird!"

                                      We spent the rest of

the ride chatting and listening to my new Lit





                                      Wednesday came before

I knew it and there we were at the mall

                                      again, this time to

see a movie.

                                      "Want to go shoe

shopping?" she laughed.

                                      "You mean there's a

pair that you haven't tried on?" I replied and

                                      noticed a strange

look on her face. "What's the matter?

                                      "There's something in

my shoe." She said and braced herself

                                      against me. She took

her shoe off, shook it upside down and a

                                      little pebble fell

out. "There we go." She said looking me straight

                                      in the eye. She slid

her shoe back on and stood up. Again a

                                      strange look came

over her and she looked at me.

                                      "Rob, how tall did

you say you were?"

                                      "Five-eight, why?" I


                                      "Stand up perfectly

straight. I want to see something." She said

                                      slipping off both


                                      I did and she stood

in front of me looking me straight in the eye.

                                      "So, your taller than

you thought." I said and was quite excited at

                                      the fact that she and

I were exactly the same height.

                                      "No, I'm not. The

other day I took off my shoe and I was shorter

                                      than you." She said.

"Take off your shoes."

                                      I did and looked up

at her. "Your standing on your toes."

                                      "No, this is standing

on my toes." She said and grew another five

                                      inches. She lowered

herself back down and was still an inch or so

                                      taller than me.

                                      "This is strange." I




Giantess Stories: Chapter 1

                                      I was walking to my                                 



Giantess Stories: Chapter 1

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Giantess Stories: Chapter 1

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