Giantess Stories: Chapter One

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Chapter One


           I awoke swinging lifelessly in her tan nylon.

The nylon itself was draped over the side of a chair. I tried to climb up it but

I found myself to small to get out. I figured myself to be about half an inch

tall maybe a little less. I like to think of myself as half an inch because it

makes me feel big. As I hung the stench emitting from the nylon made my nose

tickle and sneeze. The aroma was every where coming off from all the directions

of nylon surrounding me. The room itself was a pig sty. I didn't know how anyone

could live in a place like this. There were jeans, T-shirts, sweaters, pants,

skirts, blouses, etc strewn across the floor. The closet door was partially open

and I could see clothes hung up in there. Some of the dresser drawers are open a

bit and there are more clothes spilling out from there. I knew this had to be a

girl's room. No one else would have this many clothes but I always thought girls

to be clean.

           The door to the room swung open. I couldn't

believe who I saw. It was one of my employee's. Larisa, I remember hiring her.

She went to the local college here and needed a part time job. She came from a

nice family, and seemed like she was popular. At least she had no problems

talking with people, she was always blabbing at work but she was huge.

           She was 400 feet tall which made me look like I

was only half an inch. It was then I realized that it was me who was smaller she

was still 5'7” 115lbs like when I had seen her earlier, her waist was 11 feet

wide which is frightening to think of her being that big, that powerful. She

headed towards me right away with her blonde hair falling over her hazel eyes as

she grabbed the nylon I was in off the chair and lifted it up so that the toe

end which is I am in is level with her field of vision.

           “What have you done? Get me out of here! Change

me back and I might not tell the authorities. Oh and you don't need to bother

showing up for work tomorrow.” I shook my fist at her and let my voice rise to

as loud as it could go.

           “I can barely hear you and I don't really care

what you have to say. If I really wanted to I could take the time to listen but

why should I? It's nice knowing that the only time I can hear you is when I want

to when you are like this. I think its time that you become acquainted with your

new line of work.

           Larisa walked over to her bed and dumped me out

onto the cream colored flower print comforter. I noticed I was at the foot end

of the bed. Larisa sat down towards the top of the bed and pushed off her left

shoe with the toe end of the right, and then used her toes of her left foot to

push the right off. I noticed right away that they are the no slip shoes we make

all the employee's wear at work. In fact this was the first time I noticed that

she was still in uniform.

           “You know, I spend all day at college here with

my feet cooped up in shoes, then I have to go to work and keep them cooped up in

shoes, I so look forward to the end of the when I can just kick them off and

stretch out in bed you know what I mean? It almost like a treat you know? Well

why don't you work on getting these socks off my feet.”

           My jaw dropped and I began to back away from her

feet. The most prominent reason being I could almost see the stench coming off

of her feet and it wasn't smelling like potpourri, and the second of which being

that her foot if it was standing the floor would be 15 feet high, 10 inches wide

and 47 feet long. I couldn't believe or even begin to fathom how I could get her

socks off. 

           “You need some help huh? Well I will tell you

what. If you kiss the bottom of my foot I will help you out a little but if you

don't well you never have to massage my feet again.”

           I gulped at the prospect of having my life

eradicated by these giant feet. I knew what I had to do. I nervously approached

her feet. I wanted to plug my nose but I knew that would only anger her so I

just held my breath but it didn't really help. I was literally a millimeter from

her foot. I could hear her laughing as she watched my every move. I puckered my

lips and began to move towards her foot.

           “When guys kiss me theirs always some tongue

slipped so I expect a little tongue action from you and your kisses.”

           I tried to look her in the face and tell no way

but her feet were completely blocking my view of anything else. I shook my head

and puckered my lips, as my lips sunk into her cotton socks sweat poured out

like a wet sponge that was being squeezed. I slipped her foot some tongue, and

began to gag as her sweat ran across my tongue. I immediately fell back

sputtering trying to get the taste out of my mouth. Larisa burst out laughing

upon seeing this.

           “Now tell me whose the boss around here?” said

Larisa with her eyes narrowing down onto me. I couldn't believe that it had all

come to this. I was at the mercy of this college freshmen for no reason at all.

           “You are Larisa, you are in charge” I said as

loudly as I could. I wasn't sure if she heard me or not but she seemed accepting

of this as she reached into her nightstand drawer pulling out a gigantic

syringe. The needle itself was taller then I was. Larisa smiled and said this

might hurt a bit and before I could run she easily reached down and stabbed me

with the needle. I screamed and yelled then I blacked out.

           I awoke a few minutes later with something

digging into my neck. I reached for my neck and felt studs and a leather strap.

It was a collar, a black leather studded collar.

           “What do you think? I think it's cute on you my

little pet. You will grow to love it I am sure. Especially because that is a

very important collar, you see with that collar I can control your size, I can Los Barcos Voladores Ecologicos Del Futu

make you feel pain and I can make you feel pleasure and oh so much  more but why

tell you everything when its so much more fun for you to just find out. Now in

case you haven't noticed I made you the same size as my feet now get my socks

off and start massaging my feet while I read this chapter”

           I was just about to quip a reply when I felt

every nerve ending in my body cry out in pain. I fell face first onto her bed

and began to roll around. Tears welled in my eyes as I looked up at her seeing

what looked like a tv remote only smaller in her hand.

           “What was that you were going to say? It felt so

good to do that and its going to feel even better knowing you are going to be

massaging my feet but I think the best feeling of all is knowing you are doing

this because you have to, because I said so. I am in charge now, you have to do

what I say or feel my wraith. I own your life and don't you ever forget it.”

           I wanted to cry but I didn't want to give her

the satisfaction of seeing me like that. I walked back towards her foot knowing

that I had absolutely no real choice in the matter. I grabbed her black cotton

sock on her right foot and began to pull. She had sweated so much throughout the

day that it was nearly glued to her foot. As I pulled on the sock, her sweat

bubbled up from the damp fibers and swept over my hands but I kept pulling.

           I spent a good 10 minutes of pulling and the

sock was just about off. I reared back for one mighty tug and off it went. The

sock tumbled back onto me as I fell on my back. I screamed bloody murder as her

damp sock was on top of me. I flailed my arms and legs madly trying to get it

off. Larisa just looked up seeing me struggling beneath her sock.

           “Now your getting the right idea. Its nice to

see you where you belong. I hate you for always having me work so hard, you

worked me like a dog and always told me to stop talking. Well how do you like me

now huh? Do you like the sweat you made me work up?”

           I pulled myself out from under her sock and saw

her pointing to her other foot with her stocking still on. I had enough of this

and I told her so forgetting about her little remote for a moment but I soon

remembered as I fell backwards onto her damp sock grabbing my neck as it felt

like Al Unser Jr. drove his indy care between my legs going full speed only it

felt like over my entire body just not between my legs. The pain only lasted for

a few moments but it felt like hours.

           “I thought you had learned who is charge, but I

guess I was wrong. Now get to work and I don't want to be bothered by you again

so just do what I say so I can study”

           This bitch was asking for it and there was

nothing I could do it about it. I walked over to her other foot and pulled in

much the same manner. This time it took a bit longer since I was tired from her

other foot but as it came off I ran to the side so it wouldn't fall on me.

           I looked at the beads of sweat running down her

foot, her feet smelled even worse now that there smell was unhindered by

anything. Larisa motioned for me to lick all the sweat off her feet before I

could massage. I knew better then to argue with her so I brought my face close

to her foot. The aroma made my eyes water as I stuck my tongue out towards her

foot. My tongue was quivering as I moved it closer and closer to her foot. My

tongue was sweating in fear as it neared her foot. I wanted to run but I

couldn't. My tongue landed on her foot and I began to gag and pulled my face

away coughing and sneezing.

           “5,4,3,2” Her voice cold and callous. I knew I

had to make it back to her foot before she reached zero. What bothered me most

was that she wasn't even looking up from her text book which meant my tongue

would have to be making contact. I struggled up to my feet knowing I didn't have

a lot of time. I ran to her foot this time and my body smacked straight into her

foot but I couldn't coax my tongue out onto her foot before she reached zero and

I once again felt the unbearable pain throughout my entire body. As it stopped I

collapsed onto her bed and she began the count again. This time I rolled over to

her calloused heel and began licking with tears streaming down my face.

           “That's more like it” I couldn't believe how

casual she was being about this. Its like this is some part of her life. I

wanted more then anything to stop, to just run away but my body couldn't take

it. In fact it was like my body was working on its own, but I think it was just

my conscience taking control.

           I ran my tongue all over her calloused and

cracking foot. As I made sure my tongue hit every crack so she couldn't say that

I missed a spot. I had already grown to fear this giant girl and that is what

feared me most.

           Two hours had gone by and I had finished licking

her foot. My tongue was limply hanging out of my mouth. I could taste nothing

but Larisa's sweat in my mouth as she looked down at me. I was expecting to get

a rest after all that but a soda bottle cap filled to the top with lotion was

placed down next to me. On her night stand I saw a bottle of lotion that was

made just for feet.

           “I will allow you to rub this into my feet. No

need to thank me as I know it must be an honor for you to be serving me. I will

soon have you begging to be working on my feet after you meet a few of my


           I sighed knowing this was going to be a long

night as I started rubbing the lotion into the heel of her foot. I had to not

only just put lotion onto her feet but massage it in which after only a few

minutes made my hands ache as I am not use to this kind of manual labor but I

had no choice as I had to do what she said.

Giantess Stories: Chapter One

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