Giantess Stories: Chapter Two

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Chapter Two


           My entire body hurt as I hung here at only half

an inch. My entire body cried and wept out in pain, it hurt to breathe, to

think, but most of all to move. My fingers ached as I bent them. I finally

opened my eyes up seeing myself back in the tan prison of Larisa's nylon's. It

was then I heard a familiar voice. It was Jake. I knew it had to be him. I

bolted up forgetting where I was and I tumbled onto the floor of the nylon and

was bounced back up in the air only to fall back down. I felt like a fish caught

in a net struggling to free itself.

           I finally settled and looked out of the tan

prison. I could hear Larisa talking outside the door to a guy. I knew it had to

be Jake. Jake was the son of my fiancée. He was going to be my stepson in about

a year.

           “Why don't you come in” Larisa said as she

opened the door. I couldn't believe that was Jake. He was taller then Larisa. I

couldn't imagine a being taller then Larisa but here is one right before me and

I am clueless on what to say or do.

           “My mom and Nicole are so worried. Greg didn't

come home last night. Mom tried to call the police this morning but he hasn't

been gone for 48 hours yet.”

           “It's only been one night Jake, you shouldn't

worry so much. I am sure there is a logical reason for him being gone. I just

saw him last night at work and”

           “Do you think he suspects anything? He would

kill me if he found out. He would probably find a reason to fire you.”

           “Of course he doesn't know anything. You are

such a worry wart Jakie.” Larisa then bent towards Jake and began to kiss him

passionately. I was screaming get your hands off of him. I wanted to run over

there and push her off of him but I was helpless to do anything in fact for the

next 10 minutes they just made out right in front of me.

           “I got to go Rissy (Larisa), Look I just don't

know about this I mean Greg would be so pissed and” Jakes voice began to trail

off as Larisa blurted in.

           “He doesn't have to know, we can hide it from

him, everyone if you want. I really like you Jake. We could make it work and

your practically 18 you can do what you want.”

           “You know that's bullshit Rissy, they will kick

me out. Look I don't know I just need to think about all this alright? I will

talk to you later. I need to get class, I cant have the school calling home. Mom

will have my ass if they call home again.”

           As Jake left I screamed at him as he walked by

me but he didn't hear a thing as I was much too small. As soon as he left Larisa

walked towards me, she bent down so she was level with me.

           “It looks like you wont be getting in the way

anymore, with you like this everyone will think you are gone. This can only push

Jake closer towards me as he will need someone to comfort him since you two are

so close and then he will be all mine and I have you to thank. Well I have a

shower to take and a whole day to get ready for”

           Larisa poked me using her pinky finger and stood

back up to her full height. I felt all the air leave me as she grabbed a towel

and changed into just some flannel pants and an old Wally World t-shirt. As she

walked out of the room she didn't even pay me another look. I sunk back down to

the floor and lied back against the mesh nylon prison wall and brought my head

into my lap and cried.

           Sometime had passed as Larisa walked back into

the room wearing what she had on when she left only this time her towel was

wrapped around her hair and she was wet. She walked right by me without a single

glance and started to apply make up, then she disappeared into her closet. The

process seemed to take forever but I had lost track of time.

           Larisa walked out of her closet wearing grey

sweatpants with Abercrombie written on the top left leg and an Abercrombie

t-shirt. She headed right towards me and grabbed the nylon. I swung helplessly

back and forth as she carried me over to her bed. I expected to be dumped out

onto the bed but she merely dropped the nylon down onto the floor.

           “I'm waiting” said Larisa in a superior tone

while looking down at me with a smile on her face. Since the nylon was on its

side I began to climb towards the mouth as to get out while Larisa began to tap

her foot impatiently. She had on what looked like an old ratty pair of Nike's. I

remember seeing her wear these before. She always commented on how comfortable

they were. Her friends and family told her to throw them out because they were

old and began to stink but she said that meant they were loved and now here they

were larger then life.

           I climbed out of the nylon and stared up at

Larisa from the floor. She was impossibly huge from down here. I had never seen

her from this angle before. I now for the first time understood the power she

had over me. Larisa stood at what appeared to be 400 feet tall, I still couldn't

believe this, it was a good 23 feet just to her ankle, a little over 200 feet to

her hips, and a dizzying 290 feet to her breasts. It was her breasts which my

eyes locked onto. I had always been a breast man these breasts were amazing

jutting out 18 feet from her body.

           “Now I want you to passionately kiss my shoes.

It's only right you show respect to all that is above you. My shoes garner more

respect then you, in fact it's my shoes which control your fate. They can

eradicate you, injure you, maim you, torture you, and they can show you mercy.

Now show them the proper respect”

           I wanted to scream out fuck off but I knew

better then to mouth off to her. I learned that lesson all to well last night. I

moved towards her shoe trying to think of some way out of this but I couldn't

think of anything. As I moved towards her shoes, I could really start to smell

them. It wasn't just a light stench, or a putrid smell this was years worth of

sweat, and dirt compiled into this thing. My nose was begging me to leave and my

legs were seconding that motion but I didn't want to feel that pain again so I

moved my head towards her shoe. I could see Larisa's eyes light up from all the

way down here. The thrill she got from making me do these degrading acts against

my will. I moved head towards her shoe then I stopped a few inches from her


           “Larisa, you can't be fucking serious. The games

are over look change me back. I am done horsing around with you.”

           “I don't like your tone, what the fuck do you

think you are doing? Yelling at me? Do you not realize who I am? Huh? Well? I am

your fucking goddess” There was then a knock at the door. Larisa sighed heavily

and walked toward the door. She swung it open roughly. I was straining to see

who it was but before I knew it I saw his head level with her knee caps and

continue to drop.

           I couldn't make out who was standing there but I

saw her reaching out and grabbing them. It hardly looked like the person had

moved but in reality they were running as fast as they could. As Larisa's hands

swept around the person she quickly looked both directions and shut the door

walking back towards me.

           “You think this is all some game huh? You really

think I am just going to change you back and dust off your clothes let you walk

out that door? This isn't a lifetime made for Television movie here. It was then

she opened up her grip and letting the person fall to the ground.

           I couldn't believe what I saw. It was a really

muscular guy he had on a football jacket, and from the way he was built he had

to be a lineman and here he was the same size as me. She had shrunk him just

like that. I didn't even see how, it was so quick.

           Larisa then raised her old ratty sneaker and

pressed it against the body of football player, she then looked at me with a

cold callous stare, her facial expression was blank and emotionless.

           “Who's in charge around here huh? Who calls the

shots? Answer me Greg because I would really like to know. It just blows my mind

after last night you would still cock off. Don't you get it; no you had your

chance this is all on you.”

           She ran the bottom of her shoe across the body

of the football player. She rolled him back and forth under her shoe dragging

the tread of her shoes across his body, scraping him against the carpet. She

then raised her foot up revealing the bulky man. His clothes were ripped to

shreds, his body was bruised and twisted, and his ankle bone was sticking out

like a flag post into the sky. I backed away from the man but I felt the tip of

Larisa's shoe against my back and then she pushed me towards the body of the

football player.


“That's what you did, look at him? LOOK AT HIM GOD DAMN IT!

See his chest struggling to rise and fall, look at the blood spouting out from

his leg; he looks like a fucking plum his entire body is purple. All because of



I pleaded with her for mercy but she wasn't listening to

me. She just kept pushing me towards him forcing me to watch this man who nearly

dead. His voice was weak but I could hear her him crying and begging for mercy,

it was at that moment Larisa raised her sneaker above the man. A dark shadow

fell over his body, I wanted to run over and help but I frozen like a statue. My

limbs wouldn't move, my brain wouldn't think my eyes were transfixed on him.

Larisa gradually moved her shoe down towards him. I watched him crawl and pull

his body attempting to flee. His severely broken legs were pumping and flailing

against the carpet, while he would reach out as far as he could with his arms

and grab onto the carpet fibers and pull himself forward. Just a few feet in

front of him were a mini skirt he might have been trying to get too to hide

under he could have just been trying to flee I don't know. I kept trying to move

but I stayed still as stone. Larisa's sneaker finally hit him, it was like she

was just resting the tip of her sneaker on his body, but as moment after moment

passed by his eyes began to bug out further and further, I heard his hip and

waist crack  and then collapse his ribs were moaning like an old door needing

oil but she didn't stop. She kept slowly increasing the pressure until his ribs

shot out the side through his skin. They went out of him like daggers being

thrown. He reached his arms out trying to grab thin air almost as his eyes

rolled back and his head popped off his neck like the cork of a whine a bottle.

Larisa then lowered the tread of her shoe down onto his body and grinded her

shoe back forth grating it against his already dead body like she was stamping

out a cigarette.

“Maybe you don't understand? I

get what I want, and I want Jake, he will be my man. He was all into me until

you started showing your displeasure so I had to do something and this is what

it came too. You killed this poor boy”

I couldn't believe what I had

just seen. I just stared there at where he should have been, but there was

nothing. I kept looking for some trace of him but there was none except for his

blood pooling on top of the scotch guarded carpet, I couldn't barely fathom the

fact that his blood wasn't even strong enough to break through the scotch


“Awww, you searching for your

friend?” She then lifted up her shoe and hovered it atop of me. Hanging from the

tread was his body. It was completely stamped into the tread like it was a wad

of gum she had stepped on. With her left hand she grabbed an already dirty

napkin that had grease stained onto it and wiped up the blood and then tossed it

into the garbage can without a thought while with her other hand she grabbed the

remote. I felt myself began to shrink further as she pulled her foot out of the


The air spewing out of her shoe

was rank before but as she removed her foot there was no longer anything holding

it in and the air just spilled out like it was water filling an empty glass.

Larisa reached into her pocket and pulled out something metal. It glimmered in

the sunlight, I tried to see what it was but before I could even make it out,

the object was dropping towards me. I tried to out run it but at my new size it

easily fell around me. The walls were metal and rose well above me. Larisa was

even taller, I watched her bend down towards me and the metal object, and she

smiled at me as she moved her toe towards me. I backed up against the metal wall

but she kept moving her toe closer and closer. I realized all too late that I

did exactly what she wanted me too, this was her toe ring. I could only scream

as she slid it all the way on trapping me against her foot.

“You know what; I think I will go

without socks today.” I screamed as loud as I could as she slipped her foot back

into her shoe sealing me in darkness.

Giantess Stories: Chapter Two

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