Giantess Stories: Cheap Thrills    As the sun rose over New York

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Cheap Thrills

As the sun rose over New York, Thomas Mayton lay still in his bed. He glanced

over at his expensive female company who was still sleeping. He reached over to

her and shook her lightly. She mumbled, still lost in her dreams. "Damn", he

thought, "I've got to get home". He shook her again and she slowly turned to him

and opened one eye. "What time is it" she asked. "Around 8:45" he offered. She

got out of bed and made straight for the bathroom. Thomas got out of bed and

started to get dressed, fumbling in his pocket for an errant bottle of aspirin

he had taken from the Motel bathroom the night before. Having found the bottle

Thomas swallowed two pills and washed them down with a half-empty glass of

Champagne, left over from the night before. He sat on the bed to put his shoes

on and then counted the money to pay for the nights' festivities. Thomas placed

the money on the night table and picked up his coat from the chair. "Thanks", he

yelled through the bathroom door, "I've got to go now". "Bye" she shouted back

as he opened the door to the motel room. As he turned the handle a strange

sensation came over him. He looked around, trying to keep himself from falling

over. Everything went black. Tom regained consciousness two seconds later. At

first, he wondered why the carpet had suddenly become so rough and then he

realized it was because the carpet was almost as tall as him. He looked around

frantically as his mind tried to take in the severity of his situation. He had

shrunk. He was not more than 1 inch tall. Tom ran as fast as he could in the

direction of the bathroom door, still not fully understanding what had happened.

Trying to convince himself that it was a dream was not working, it couldn't be.

He smacked himself in the head and felt the sting of his hand on his temple. The

bathroom door loomed what seemed like several miles away as he made his way

through the jungle of carpet. As he ran the door swung open and he was

confronted with a giant woman clad only in panties and a bra. He screamed up at

her "HEY, DOWN HERE". He was no larger than an insect to her and she could

neither see him nor hear his puny voice. She walked out of the bathroom

oblivious to the little man that could easily be crushed under her enormous

foot. He looked up at the giant woman and prayed she would not walk in his

direction. As luck would have it she didn't, she walked to the bed and sat down.

He saw her giant heeled sandals by the bed and decided to head for them, hoping

to get her attention. Michelle picked up the phone.

Tom made his way through the thick carpet as fast as he could, getting ever

closer to the giant sandals that towered over him like buildings. Michelle was

deep in conversation as Tom reached the huge sandal; he stood at the toe of the

sandal and yelled again "HEY, DOWN HERE ON THE FLOOR, IT'S ME". Michelle could

not hear him. As he screamed she turned and slipped her giant feet into the

sandals. He stared at her massive toes that were easily as tall as him. He could

smell the slight odor of her foot as he moved closer to the huge sandal Her toes

were painted with a light blue color nail polish. Tom climbed up onto the toe of

the shoe and hit her big toe as hard as he could. "Euchh" came the booming voice

from above. "Claire, there is a bug on my shoe" she screamed into the phone.

Michelle jerked her foot violently and Tom fell onto the floor. Michelle dropped

the phone and stamped on the floor, trying to exterminate the bug. Luckily for

Tom she missed and he ran for cover under the bed. "Damn" she said to her

friend, "I missed it". Michelle continued on with her conversation. Tom was

scared out of his mind having been almost crushed under the foot of a giant

woman. He contemplated trying to get her attention again. But after careful

consideration decided that becoming a permanent part of Michelle's sandal was

not in his best interests. Her massive foot dangled in front of him, half in the

sandal. She concluded her conversation with her friend, finished getting dressed

and took her money from the night table. The ground shook as she walked out of

the motel room and closed the door behind her. Tom was lost, what could he do?

He was stuck on the floor and the only help he might have gotten had just tried

to squash him. He lay down on the carpet and cried himself to sleep.

He was awoken by the sound of a girl's voice. A young girl. He opened his eyes

slowly and focused on his new world. Directly in front of him a massive sock

dropped on the floor, followed by another sock. The odor from the socks was

strong. He backed away from the huge socks as two giant feet filled his field of

vision. He could hear the conversation going on above him. It was a young girl

and her Mother. From the sounds of the conversation it was not their first time

in this particular Motel room. Tom thought about how to get their attention, a

train of thought that was interrupted by the Mother's loud voice. "Ashleigh, I

am going out to get some food, so just watch TV until I get back".

"OK, mom" the girl replied.

Tom felt sure he could get the girl's attention so he inched slowly towards the

sole of her foot. He reached out to touch the sole of the foot overpowered by

the strong scent. He punched the huge sole and backed away hoping the girl would

look down. As luck would have it she did. He ran out from his hiding place

wildly flailing his arms and yelling. She saw him. She leaned forward and peered

down at him. She was young, fifteen or sixteen. "HELP ME" Tom screamed. She

laughed at the tiny bug. "I'm going to squash you," she laughed. She raised her

giant foot and realized she wasn't wearing her shoes. She glanced around the

room and then back at Tom. She leaned forward to grab her shoe and as she did so

realized that Tom was not an insect. "You're no bug" she uttered, "You're a puny

little man". With that she reached down and picked him up. She lifted him up to

her face as to get a better look at him. She smiled at him and then picked up

her shoe. "Your so tiny" she giggled. You can stay in my shoe until my Mother

gets back. With that she dropped him into her shoe and put it on the floor Free Games for Mac, Free Games for ipad and Free Games for Iphone, without in app purchases or something like that Free Browser Games

beside her foot. Tom was in a giant sneaker, and it smelled bad. He was

wondering why this girl was so calm; it was as if this was an everyday

occurrence for her. He ran to the toe of the sneaker and cowered in fear. The

giant girl turned on the TV and put her toes in the heel of the shoe so as to

deter him from trying to escape. Thomas lay in the toe of the giant sneaker and

kept hoping he would wake up. Unfortunately for him, he quickly realized he was

wide-awake. He approached the giant toes and yelled as loud as he could, "PLEASE

LET ME OUT OF HERE". The giant toes moved slightly and flicked him back into the

toe of the sneaker. "Quiet little toy" came a mocking voice form above. "I could

crush you like an ant, and you wouldn't be the first". He cringed in the toe of

the sneaker. What could he do? He was the size of a bug compared to a giant 16

year old. He lay still for what seemed like hours and was startled by the loud

voice of the Mother. "Ashleigh, I'm back," said Tanya. "Mom, we got another

one", she smiled at her Mother. "Where is it", Tanya asked. Reaching down,

Ashleigh lifted her shoe up to her Mothers face and tipped it up so that Thomas

slid down the insole and into the view of the two giantesses. "How many is that

now?" asked Tanya. "Seven", Ashleigh laughed. Thomas was on all fours, cringing

as they stared at him. "That aspirin bottle was a great idea Ashleigh"

Tanya said as she reached down and snatched up the tiny Thomas. Thomas screamed

but it amounted to little more than minute chirps to the ears of his captors.

Tanya put him on the floor and removed her shoe. He fell on his back and stared

up as Tanya's huge foot towered over him. Ashleigh was laughing as she watched

the tiny man beg for his life. He was no bigger than her small toe. Tanya

laughed at him and told him that as he was a bug and he should really be crushed

under her foot. She lowered her foot over him and he was overcome with the scent

of her toes as they brushed against him. "I'm not in the mood to play with this

one" Tanya said and slipped her foot back into her shoe. "You play with him

Ashleigh, I'm going to take a shower". Ashleigh stared down at the little man

and laughed. She reached down and picked him up but it was a short trip. "Ever

wondered what it would be like to be my toe jam?" She asked Thomas. Thomas

didn't know what to say and did not offer an answer. "Well, that doesn't matter"

She laughed, "Because now you are going to find out anyway". With that she

dropped Thomas in between her toes and grabbed one of her socks. Carefully

holding him in place with her toes she pulled her sock on and resumed watching

TV. Every now and then she moved her toes a little bit to make sure that Thomas'

visit was not enjoyable. Thomas was crying and hitting her toes as hard as he

could. He was trapped in between her big and second toe. It was hot and it

smelled bad and he could hardly move. Ashleigh could barely feel him hitting her

toes, but she felt that his energies could be put to better use. She thought

about it for a couple of seconds and smiled a wicked smile as she thought of

something disgusting for him to do "Lick" came the command from above. He

couldn't see her through the sock but he assumed the command was meant for him.

"LICK NOW", the command came again, louder than the first. He stuck his tongue

out and touched the smooth skin between her toes with it. He began to lick. He

heard giggling from above. Ashleigh loved the thought of a puny man stuck in

between her toes. It was a man's place she thought to herself. "You can start

with that" She laughed, "And later you can lick both my feet clean and my

sneakers too". "And then I think I'll step on you, you little ant". All Thomas

could hear was laughter as he continued the degrading job of cleaning in between

her toes. It took him almost an hour to clean that small space and he realized

that it would take him a lot longer to do her whole foot. He hoped and prayed

she was joking, but somehow he didn't think so.

Tanya finished her shower and exited the bathroom. "Where is he" she asked her

daughter. "I put him in my sock, where he belongs" she smirked. "We have

captured quite a few in this room," Tanya said. "After a little more testing we

will be able to sell this on the black market". Thomas was hearing the whole

conversation and was frantically trying to put the pieces together. It sounded

like the Motel room was some kind of trap and that whatever had happened to him

had happened to others. As he contemplated he stopped licking. He suddenly felt

an intense pressure as the huge toes began to crush him. "I didn't tell you to

stop licking" Ashleigh boomed from above. "Crawl under my toes and clean there

now, and don't stop until you are told". The pressure eased and Thomas crawled

under her foot. The smell was stronger here; he was directly beneath her toes.

He began to lick and the two giantesses continued their conversation. The rest

of the conversation revealed their plan. They had developed a Formula (Disguised

as Aspirin) that reduced people in size. They were planning on selling it on the

black market to women only. They wanted to give women an edge and allow them to

control annoying boyfriends, sexist bosses etc. They had apparently already sold

a few batches to some rich Hollywood women; Jennifer Love Hewitt was among them.

He licked as hard as he could, trying to remove the layer of dirt from the

bottom of her foot. It was pitch black so he couldn't really see his progress

but he could taste the dirt and the sweat. Tanya announced she was going to

check another trap Thomas heard her tell Ashleigh to "take care of it" before

she returned. He could only imagine what that meant. Ashleigh reached down and

removed her sock. She dumped him out of her sock onto the floor at her feet and

stared at him. "I've had enough of you," she mocked. She lifted her foot and

looked in between her toes and then under her toes. "Still dirty, you useless

little ant", with that she lifted her foot and stamped on the hapless Thomas. He

was reduced to a grease stain on the ball of her foot.

Giantess Stories: Cheap Thrills    As the sun rose over New York

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