Giantess Stories: Cheaters never win

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Cheaters never win





“You know I love you baby” I passionately say as I lean

towards Kacie. I press my lips gently against hers. Kacie's blonde hair brushes

against my face as I run my hands down her five foot three inch frame, I can

feel her smallish pert breasts pushing against my chest.


“I know you do, I will never love you more, then I do in

the next few minutes” says Kacie as she looks down at me. I find myself

struggling to reach her lips, I take a few steps back and realize that I am

level with her breasts and getting shorter. I look at her athletically sculpted

body. I take off towards the door leading out of her room and into the hallway.

I make it halfway to the door when I feel Kacie's hands latch onto my ankles

causing me to tumble face first into the floor. I scamper a few feet forward and

then spin around shocked to see the eyes of Kacie dead locked onto me, in fact

they are looking down at me.


           I shockingly watch her push her body up off the

floor, rising seemingly hundreds of feet into the air. I gulp as Kacie's shoes

smash down on either side of me. My eyes lock onto the six inch soles of her

black leather shoes that are now taller then I. My eyes bug as I look straight

up at her.


“What, what did you to me” I sputtered out breathlessly as

she grabs a tissue and wipes the lipstick from her lips and tosses it to the

floor in front of me. I can smell the orange citrus scent coming from the

lipstick stained tissue in front of me.


I stare at the tissue covered in lipstick and then back up

at Kacie. Slowly the pieces all come together as Kacie reaches towards me. I try

to scamper away but her she easily grasps me lifting me off the floor. I scream

in absolute terror as her hand presses around me tighter and tighter. I look

down as I dangle in mid air hundreds of feet up. My eyes swell and the room

starts to spin, Kacie begins to release her grip on me as panic runs through me

like water over a bridge. I latch onto Kacie's ring finger with a grip of death

as she casually walks back across the room.


I can feel her ring start to slide down her finger as she

walks, I try to signal Kacie but my voice seems to be at a loss by the shock of

it all. I began to throw my hands against her finger scratching and grabbing at

anything I can as the ring continues to slip.


I watch in awe as Kacie glides into the chair at her desk,

I can hear her gently roll the chair forward while at the same time she flails

the finger I am holding onto back and forth sending me crashing into the desk.


“You are so perfect like this. I could just love you

forever.” Excitedly says Kacie.


“Change me back right now! I don't like this, I don't like

this at all Kacie.” I yell out trying to sound as demanding as possible.


“I don't think so, you are just going to wait right here

for Meghan, you know Meghan YOUR GIRLFRIEND!” blurts out a disgusted Kacie.


“I can explain baby, I was going to break up with her you

see, and I just hadn't found the right way to tell her yet. You know how

sensitive I am and how I hate to hurt people. This whole thing is just a



“You told me you had broke up with her, that's the only

reason why I started seeing you. Meghan is a good friend of mine, you don't have

any idea what I felt like when I found that she was absolutely clueless to our



Kacie lifted me up off her desk and brought me up to her

lips she blew me a kiss and then stood eying the shelf above her computer. I

gulped as I heard her fumbling with the roof of a plastic hamster cage.  The

squeak of the small gate at the top opening up resonated through the room. I

felt myself falling once again this time into a pile of wood chips.


“You can just think about what you have done for awhile. I

am going down the hall and you had just better hope I am in a better mood when I

get back.”


I could only watch as Kacie stomped out of her dorm room

allowing the door to slam shut. I tossed some of the wood chips at the plastic

wall in disgust at how this entire situation has gone so terribly wrong.


Time was going by slowly and I found myself looking at

Kacie's now gargantuan room. I knew it was only about a 3 foot drop from here to

her desk but it looked to be more like a few hundred feet. Kacie's bed seemed to

be a whole nother world a way, the once short distance of her dorm room might as

well have been all of Europe as I could never make it across. It was then my

eyes befell to the second bed in Kacie's room. The black sheets and matching bed

spread. It had never occurred to me before but my mind began to dwell on whose

bed that was, the bed I had sat on so many times, I had never seen its owner.

That bit of information begins to cause the fear in me to stir. What if she

would walk in and see me trapped in here. I bolted from my spot and began

frantically search for a place to hide. I ran to the far corner of the cage and

began to toss the wood chips without care behind me hoping to dig a hole deep

enough to conceal myself.


The door began to open as I turned around in fearing who it

was. I was praying that it wasn't Meghan but I didn't really want to see Kacie

like this either. As I looked out nervously just peering out over edge of the

hole, a tall dark haired girl walked in. I would bet she was at least 6'3” which

would put her well taller then I even at my old height. Her dark black hair

sliced through the air as she turned her head from left to right almost as if

she was looking for something. I prayed quietly that it wasn't me.  She grabbed

something small off of Kacie's dresser and let out a sigh of disgust. She shoved

what ever it was into her blue jeans which were tightly pressed around her

showing off the muscles on the lower half of her body. As she turned around and

began to walk straight towards me I could see her lower C sized breasts pressing

her black shirt outwards. As she drew closer and closer I my eyes focused on her

black shirt with the word Princess which was spelled across the front of the

shirt with an anime face for the dot of the eye.


I now ducked my head fully concealing my body in the hole.

I could smell her perfume she was so close, the heat off of her body was causing

the air around me to heat up quickly. I couldn't believe how close she was. As

she exhaled her breathe caused the woodchips too fly up into the air. There was

then a grinding noise and a creaking noise. I recognized it all from earlier.

She was sitting below me at Kacie's desk.


“What a day, I am so glad its over” muttered the giantess

below to no one in particular.


I began to sit up from my hole becoming a bit more daring.

I peered out over the edge looking down at the giant of a girl. She was typing

something not even batting an eye up at me. I nervously continued to watch her

holding my breathe fearing that my exhales would draw her attention towards me.


There is then a knock at the door. I recognize the voice

right away as she calls Kacie's name from the other side of the door. The tall

girl strides towards the door and opens it up. I nervously look on as they

discuss something for a few minutes. They both start walking back this way. Its

Meghan, my legs go numb and fall to the ground like they are made of putty.


I could see all four eyes locked onto me. My breathe was

becoming labored as I saw my girlfriend staring in at me. The tall girl grabbed

the cage from Kacie's shelf and set it down on her bed. This was all Meghan

needed as she pulled the roof.


“How could you! I loved you, and all you did was cheat on

me, and cheat on Kacie!”


“Please, I was gonna tell you, I really was. Its you I

love, Kacie seduced me and…”


“Save it, I never want to see you again”


“Meghan wait, come back! Don't leave me with her”


I was still bouncing on the bed when I heard Meghan slam

the door behind her. The tall girl was looking down at me as I heard the door

swing open again. Kacie walked over to her bed and sat down as her roommates

eyes bore down at me.


“We are going to have so much fun with you.”


“You can't, this is kidnapping, change me back, let me go!”


“What do you mean, you're home is right there, do you want

to go back in the cage? I suppose.”


“No wait!!!”


The tall girl dropped me back into the cage and lifted it

back up onto the shelf. The rest of the day neither of the girls batted me an

eye further solidifying my new place in life as there toy.


Giantess Stories: Cheaters never win

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