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Cheerleader GTS Story

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Just so you know the parts in( ) are the narrator speaking

(Steve looks over at the alarm clock he sees 6:59. Another day in hell he

mutters. As steve walks toward his closet. He just throws on one of his suits

and start to head to down stairs. He pours himself a cup of coffee as he does so

he's glad that he showered the night before because it was already time to go.

He rushes out the door and speeds off to work. While pulling into his parking

spot he smiles at Kate who is parking right next to him. They have a pretty good

relationship. They both started at the same day and even work in the same

department. As they enter the building they show the security guard there cards.

Then they walk to the elevator and pass by a sign that says Microsoft: America's

Favorite Monopoly. The work day passes by rather quickly becuase they start to

work on windows XP 2004.)

(A few hours later Steve throws some files into the desk and then he starts to

head over to George Washington High School. Steve grumbles about going there.)

If only I hadnt gotten roped into coaching when that note was posted that

microsoft was sponsoring the local high schools cheerleading team. Then Stupid

me wanting to get a promotion immediately volunteered. Although seeing there

smiles on there faces when they got new uniforms was a really great natural

high, and getting paid more money then every teacher in this building put

together just to teach these girls how to cheerlead is a nice perk too. There is

one great benefit. Getting to check out the High School girls without anyone

thinking im a pervert.

(Now dont get the wrong idea about him here. He's not some kind of guy who goes

after the young high school girls, All its just they are nice to look at.)

Pullin up to the high school Steve quickly finds a place to park. As he turns

off the radio a blue surge of electricty went through his body. It quickly goes.

What was that? My head is freakin ringing like a phone. Well I feel fine so I

may as well get this over with

(The story now shifts to Stephanies point of view for awhile.)

As Stephanie walks into the locker room she waves to her friend DJ. DJ who is

already changed starts to head over too stephanie.

“Hey Steph, whats up? So I hear your mom and the Coach Steve are getting pretty

hot and heavy.”

“How did you find out about that? But yeah they are dating or something. I think

its getting pretty serious. He's trying to be my pal and wanting to hang out and

everything. Moms making me spend the weekend with him so yeah i guess it is.”

Dj fidgets with her hair and shifts her weight from her left to right foot then

back again. “Whats so bad about that? You dont sound to happy about it?”

Stephanie rolls her eyes and shows a slight hint of a anger in her eyes. “He's

not my dad and im almost positive they are getting married or something like it.

I dont want them to get married. Everything was fine before he came into moms

life and know he ruined everything my mom and I had.”

DJ who is shocked tries to hide it. “Well you should just give the guy a chance.

But hey lets get to the gym. (in a sarcastic tone) You wouldnt want to keep your

dad waiting.”

“Thats not even funny DJ. I wonder if hes going to look at all of us again. He

thinks hes being so sneaky too.”

DJ shakes her head and has a hint of sympathy for him in her voice. “Oh your

just saying that becuase you dont like him. He doesn't check us out anymore then

every other guy does. All guys are like that. They see a cute girl they check

her out regardless of age.”

Stephanie clearly not buying it all just shrugs her shoulders as she enters the


(Point of view shifts back to Steve.) As I headed over to the bleachers to sit

down. The girls start to file into the gym almost as if it was a movie and they

were cued onto the set.

“Listen up ladies. I Just want to get this all over with So lets go through the

normal regiment. I dont plan on teaching you a lot of new things today. I mostly

want to help you refine your skills and then you can run about 4 miles just for

conditioning. I know you all hate running but not getting tired out in a game is

important. I dont want another last week to happen.

(The girls do there routines and steve shows them how they can improve a few

things but overall he was impressed with them. He sends them outside to track

and makes them run 16laps since that equals the 4 miles. As the girls head out

he yells over to stephanie to come see him after they finish running.)

The girls all walk in huffing and puffing and having sweat rolling down every

inch of there body. Steve signals for everyone to leave to change as stephanie

walks over like she was instructed too

“Hey Stephanie I wanted to ask you how you feel about me exactly? I notice some

tension between us lately. I just want to be your friend.”

In clearly a last minute answer tone of voice. “I just ahh dont know you real

well thats all.”

(As steve stood he started to feel really funny. A blue beam of electricity

shoots out of the spine of his back. As the energy shoots out you can visibley

see him get smaller and smaller as each beam is released. Finally the engergy

stops. Steve not being able to stand anymore just sits down. As he looks around

everything is now so much bigger. The bleachers, the flags along the walls that

signify championship years. The windows that always were about 20 feet up in the

air now seem like a window to heaven. Steve turn towards Stephanie who has at

first had a very surprised look but now has more of a smart look on her face.)

In the loudest voice i can muster up I decide that I should get stephanies help.

“Stephanie, you gotta help me. Im not positive what happened but”

(Stephanie stomps her foot at alarming rate to steve. The air from the landing

of her shoe sends him flat on his face. The floor slightly quakes in the after

math of her stomp as she now has our hero's full undivided attention.)

Stephanie smiles and in what is a normal tone to her is a loud demanding tone to

steve. “You listen hear. You wanted to know what I think of you. I dont like

you. Your trying to take the spot of my dad. Your trying to horn in on my mom.

We were happy before you and now i have to share her with you. I have only had

my mom since I was eight year old and I dont want to have share the picture with


I was blown away by what she said. I always knew that our relationship hadnt

really developed that strongly yet but I didnt think it was like this. Before I

even got a chance to say anything. Two massive tree trunks wrapped around me. As

they lifted me up into the air. I got a much better idea of what my new size

really was. These tree trunks were stephanies thumb and pointer finger.

Stephanies baby blue eyes looked like two huge lakes seperated by a hill which

is her nose. Her light, light brown hair looked like strands of rope hanging

down from The top of mt everest. Her face was like a movie theater screeen. Her

face was all I could see. What I couldnt get over most though was her incredible

strength. I had always made a point to work for about 2 hours a day. I was

stronger then the average person and I know for sure I was a hell of alot

stronger then stephanie but now her grip is unbreakable. Stephanie just looked

down at me and then she smiled. We then started moving. I tried yelling up to

her but she either didnt hear me or didnt care and im pretty positive it was the

second. Stephanie headed down stairs. Doors, walls other people all went by so

quickly. I could barely make out what they were. In no time at all she was at

the locker room door pulling it open. I am going into a new world. Where very

few man has gone before. Im like the capt. Jean luke Picard, The Captain kirk of

hte modern world. I only got glimpses of all the girls changing. Then stephanie

stopped and I could see clearly again. I was getting real sick of seeing

everything in a blur. She let me slide from between her thumb and pointer finger

into the palm of her hand. As I slide down at a incredible rate of speed

thinking this was it. This was how i was going to die. Ending up in a small pile

of shattered bones on the womans locker room floor. But as I reached the center

of her palm she closed her hand around me surrounding me in darkness.

Stephanie stares down at her closed hand and whispers. “I know your a horney

little guy who has been staring at the squad since day one. I know how badly you

want to see us all stripping but Im not the kind of girl who wants to be taken

advantage of and/or peeped at like a weekend porno movie you rented.”

As stephanie set me down in her locker before I could even get my eyes open the

sweater top of cheering uniform was sent down on top of me. I could her giggling

at my struggles to free myself but I couldnt find a way out of here. The more

and more I tried the heavier and heavier her top got becuase I had to spend so

much energy and strength to just move the sweater up enough for me to move

around under it. Then even more weight was added by what i guess is her skirt.

Once her skirt landed I was forced down to floor of the locker. All I could do

was lay there. Me a grown man flattened by a outfit. All I could do was try to

make out what is being said but its just so hard becuase the clothing im under

muffles all sound. The fabric is to dense for my tiny ears i guess. After about

10 minutes or so I was plucked out from her locker. Stephanie held me in one

hand as she grabbed the socks and shoes had on for cheerleading and tossed them

into what looks like is her gym bag. Seeing her toss her shoes in made me wonder

what she was going to wear home but it was probably the fashion to not wear

shoes. I was amazed by how effortlessely she picked up her back pack and had it

over both shoulders with no problem at all. The weight of it now looked

impossible to lift. I could see stephanie grinning ear to ear as she stared down

at me. The most impressive sight was stephanie just slipping her feet into a

pair of flip flops. Its just beyond words.

Always being a man of action I thought its best to try to talk to her. She has

probably cooled down a little bit by now. “Stephanie listen to me please. What”

Stephanie immediately cuts in. “No, I no longer have to listen to you thats the

thing you dont seem to understand.”

She then opened up the hand I was in and released me. I was hurdling through the

air expecting death but my landing was surprisingly soft. As I stood up

immediately knew where i was. In the corner of this place there are some spandex

shorts and top that are still covered in sweat. Next to those are a pair of

shoes and socks that just by the smell of them. They were worn with the spendex

shorts and top. stephanie probably uses them for her aerobics class. Then all

the way on teh other side of this place are the shoes and socks stephanie used

for cheerleading practice just moments ago. And im standing on what looks to be

a old, old, old gym shirt that smells like it was last worn back in the early

1800's and left to set just to see how funky it could get. To say the least this

is the worst smelling place i have ever been. This is what pushed me over the

edge. I could understand at first picking me up. I mean look at the little guy i

wonder what he feels like. Who wouldnt do that. covering me in her cheerleading

outfit in her locker okay I can deal with that. She was a little upset. But

this, I deserve better this. I am still a human being. Not some animal, I

deserve better then being tossed into this pit of a gym bag.

In the angriest tone I have ever used in my life I stare directly up at this

giantess who isnt even looking at me. “STEPHANIE JUDIATH PALMER, I VERY WELL



Stephanie looks directly down at the tiny man in her gym bag as she calls over

to her friend next to her.

“Hey DJ, I know we went to aerobics earlier today but how about we go back to

the fitness center. I feel like I could run another 4 miles.”

Thats last thing i hear as stephanie zips up the gym bag sealing me in this

toxic smelling prison. As she picks up the bag I get bounced around in every

direction there is and im pretty sure I invented some new ones. To make matters

worse no matter what i hit the smell of sweat, dirt and grim was there. I have

never felt so useless in my life. I am literally trapped in the bag of just

turned 16 year old teenage girl. While she and her friend walks out to there car

like nothing is going on.

All motion stops and I put my ear against the wall so maybe I can make out what

is being said. “Hey stephanie you can just set your bags in the back okay?” That

must be DJ, her voice sounds so sweet even at this size. It is the very opposite

of stephanies voice which sounds powerful and threatening.

In one big thud I was bounced around one final time as she not set dropped the

bag into the back. Oh how my life has changed in three hours. I use to be a

executive at Microsoft. The most powerful company in the country, no in the

world. And now look at me, I smell like sweat, I can taste sweat in my mouth, My

eyes burn from stephanies salty sweat. And all I have to breathe is this

horrible ripe smelling air. And I am at the mercy of a brat and her friend. The

trip seems to take forever but finally I hear the car shut off.

(Stephanie just smiles as she grabs her gym bag and gives it a few shakes then

walks into fitness center. By the time she reaches the changing room her

prisoner is just about ready to pass out from the smell. As she unzips her bag,

she gets a large whiff of the smell of her gym bag and even she has to pull her

face away and cringe at the smell. Stephanie pulls off her pants, shirt, and bra

then tosses them into the locker. She yells over to DJ whose locker is just in

the row over to her To hurry her ass up. Then Stephanies focus turns 100% solely

to steve.)

(point of view shifts to stephanie) “Well, well, well what do we have hear. I

know what little stevie wants. I will give you what you so desire. For months

you have been checking out every square inch of all the cheerleaders bodies. And

now the captain of the squad is going to give you a close up view of everything

you have been staring at. But I must say I love how you feel. So warm to the

touch. I feel so important when I hold you.”

(As she plucks up her little man from her gym bag a smile crosses her face. She

holds him up to her face and blows him a kiss then opens up her hand and lets

steve drop. As he drops she pulls the elastic band of her panties away from her

waist just wide enough for steve to fall into. Stephanie looks down triumphantly

as steve rests in her panties)

(point of view shifts back to steve) “Stephanie you let me out of here right

now. I demand to be taken out of your panties. I am a grown man not some little

toy for you to do with as you please. You will take me out of your panties, you

will get your friend DJ and you will drive to the hospital, then call your mom.

Now do you understand me YOUNG LADY!!”

In my head I couldnt help but laugh. This sounded so utterly foolish. Who ever

thinks they will have to demand to be taken out of a womans panties.

“Now, now, now little man, I dont want you taking advantage of me. Im still a


Then with that her panties were snapped shut and I was locked away in most

likely my future step daughters panties. But atleast it cant get any worse. What

more could she do that worse then this. But I never knew how constricting

spandex could be. Stephanie pulled on her spandex shorts. I was pressed against

the lip of her pussy. Her young, scent was overwhelming. Each step she took I

could feel every movement. I was forced so far into her skin I thought i was one

with her lip. I was obviously having a effect on this young cheerleader. I could

hear her juices rumbling.

(However our hero was wrong. It wasnt him that was getting stephanie turned on.

She saw Brett Micheals lifting weights. Her eyes were locked on each blood

vessel that appeared as he lifted the weight up and then how it dissappeared as

the arm went down. How the sweat just seems to run speedily over the oil.

Stephanie started to head towards brett as DJ said good luck girl just loud

enough for stephanie and steve to hear.)

I wonder whats going on out there. Dj's voice sounded as sweet as ever yet also

excited. If only I could move, Maybe I could peak out above her shorts but even

if I could move how could I move that elastic. Well anyway no use worrying about

things I cant even do. But that rumbling is starting to scare me. I dont like

the effect im having on her. I guess I really am a handsome guy. Hey stephanies

talking. I guess this is one advantage of being in her pants. I can hear

everything that is said unlike when I was in her gym bag.

(Shifts to stephanie Point of view) “Hey Brett, Im Ste”

Brett immediately jumps in. “Your Stephanie Evans Sophmore, captain of the

cheerleading team. Your 16 and just got your drivers liscense on your birthday

which was yesterday.”

Stephanie smiles and twirls her hair around her finger and slightly cocks her

head at an angle. “Wow, im impressed, you know who i am. Well Brett I was

wondering if you would want to go out with me?”

Brett drops one of the weight on the ground ny accident. It just misses his

foot. “Oh I ahh would love to go out with you. How about tonight?”

(back to steves Point of view) While all this is going on Steve starts yelling

at the top of his lungs. “NO, BRETT RUN, RUN shes the devil in pink panties.

Save yourself, save yourself, there is still time to run, just turn and run dont

look back there is no shame in running.” Some juices from stephanie are starting

to leak out onto steve. The first bit hits steve directly in the mouth and

starts coughing uncontrolabley but does get it down without choking. This cant

be happening. Im slowly being covered in cum and even worse i have a hard on

that stephanie has to feel. GOD HELP ME PLEASE, Im sorry for not being a better


(back to stephanies point of view)

(Stephanie just about ready to jump up and down and do a happy dance immediately

agrees then waves goodbye as she runs off back to DJ. Both DJ and Stephanie

watch brett as he walks away and leaves the fitness center. Just after leaves

both girls jump up and down screaming. A few minutes pass before they get calmed

down. They then head over to the excercise bikes and start pedaling away.)

I think im going to get sick. They have pedeling on these damn bikes forever. I

have been a bad coach, I was wrong you dont need to condition. Just get off the

damn bike please.

Almost as if DJ could hear him she says. “Hey steph how about 2 more miles

before we go.”

“Stephanie just looks over and in a cold tone says “I dont know why but I just

feel like I could bike on her all day long”

(Time passes by very slowly for our hero. But finely both girls get off the

bike. They very slowly stroll back to the changing room and had to there

respective lockers.)

Stephanie pulls off her shorts and top who only have begun to smell worse. She

nonchalantly drops her top and bottom back into the gym bag. She then places her

socks and shoes on the bench next to her locker. As she pulls the waistband of

her panties away from her. She almost immediately erupts in laughter as she sees

steve face, arms, legs, just his whole bodycovered in cum and stuck to her.

“Oh steve I have been thinking I was wrong to not help you. I just saw brett and

I now realized what true love is. And all you have to do is say the word and I

will give you to mom and she can find some way to help you? What? speak up I

cant hear you? I know how we can make this easier. If your happy with how things

are do nothing. If your not happy with how things are just start moving around.”

A couple of minutes pass by.

(Steve with all his might trying to break free but the cum is just to sticky, to

strong for his tiny muscles. Aftr what seems like hours he finally gives up

knowing its no use just wasting energy that might be needed later.)

“Oh okay so your happy with things how they are then, great.”

(Stephanie plucks steve out of her bush with ease. She then lowers him into the

shoes she just had on. Steve, who can fully smell the stench that is coming from

her shoes runs to the wall of her shoe and starts to try to climb but slides

down almost immediately, theres just no foot holds or anything to grab onto so

he could climb out. Stephanie then tilts the heel section her sneakers up and

sending steve tumbling down to the toe section.)

(back to steves point of view)

“Hey thats not funny, Young Lady I could have been hurt. You stop this nonsense

right now.”

(Steve takes off running immediately towards the heel section but stephanie

grabs one of the socks she just had on and stuffs it into the shoe her little

man is in. Steve running as fast as he can is unable to stop into and goes

crashing into the wall of smelly cotton. He goes flying back end over end,

getting back up onto his feet steve backs away from the wall not being able to

take the smell. Steve backs all the way up until his back is firmly against the

toe of the shoe.)

“Just great, now im stuck in her stupid shoe. Even if I could withstand that

horrible smell theres no way I could move that gigantic soak. I have become a

pitiful man. Not even being able to move a mere sock.”

Stephanie moves close to her shoe and taps at the end she knows steve is in.

“Don't go anywhere now. Im just going to shower.”

(Stephanie starts humming a tune but it gets quieter and quieter as she walks

away. Just as she walks away two more girls who have lockers rignt next to her

sit down.)

I can quite clearly hear the two girls out there. I start pounding and yelling

towards them. I know the chances of them hearing me are slim but anything is

worth a shot.

“Hey lisa did you hear that?”

“Hear what Stacey?”

“Im not sure it just sounds like a feint voice yelling near by”

They can hear me, they can hear me. Im saved

I felt like I had just found out I won the lottery. Or a similar feeling to

thinking your going to die and then magically you are rescued. With all my

strength, hopes, dreams, and prayers I start pounding on the shoe and screaming

there names. I just know they have to hear me. I dont deserve to be punished

like this. No one does.

“Are you sure your not just hearing things Stacey? I swear its all in your head.

Now lets change so we can work out. I have big plans tonight”

As quickly as I got excited my heart sank, it sank like the titanic to the

deepest, darkest trench in the ocean and then starts to decay piece, by piece,

by piece. I thought it was bad in the gym bag. This is ten times worse. My hope

of salvation is just now walking away from me. I could be stuck with Stephanie

for the rest of my natural life. Living in her gym bag. Sleeping in her sweaty

t-shirts that she leaves in here. Maybe every once in while she will drop in

some some food. Finally the sock was removed and I could see stephanies smiling

face. She tilts her shoe so I tumbled all the way to the heel section.

“Did you miss me my witto Stevie?”

Stephanie grabs me and holds me up to her face. Her thumb and pointer fiinger

are directly under my arm pits. I futiley pound at her fingers. She starts to

run me across her body. First on her face. then down her neck. Then right

between her breasts, over her breasts, then she uses me to massage her nipples.

Each time she squeezes me into her nipple I can hear every bone in my body

compress and cry out in pain. The agony in my eyes brings a giggle to stephanie.

She finally starts move me lower on her body. The farther down i go the more,

and more I start to smell her scent. Her scent is so young, pure, full of life.

I cant stop My dick from rising to attention immediately. As I cross over her

pussy I get a great view of what a black hole looks like. I can hear my screams

echo down the hole which is her pussy.

“Oh does my little stevie want to see me from the inside out? Is that what my


This is what pushed me over the edge. I couldnt handle being talked to like

this. Not by some little brat. Not by some cheerleader, not by anyone. I will

not be humiliated like this. Not in the face of death.

“You bitch, you better listen to me and listen to me good. What you are doing.

Its called kidnapping. Your assualting me, you are beating me senseless, you

have a intent to hurt me for your pleasure. Your a sadistic brat. You wont get

away with this. If you kill me your the one who has to live with this. If I get

hurt you have to live with the fact that everyday of your life you killed a

human being. Becuase I may be the size of a bug but to you, in your head, im a

person. If I was a little bug you would have squished me. But your not squishing

me. Your torturing me.”

(The smile on stephanies dissappears. The charming, girlish charm, her happy go

lucky personality switches. A very angered look falls across her face.]

Stephanie brings me to her face in a utter rage. “You cant talk to me like that

you insignificant speck of a man. I will show you what your self righteous

attitude has just gotten you.”

(Stephanie doesnt set, she doesnt throw, she slams Steve down onto the bench.

His puny body cries out. Every joint, every muscle, all cry in hopeless pain.

All steve can do is look striaght up at stephanie and wonder what he has done.

Stephanie grabs some clear scotch tape from one of the pouches in her gym bag.

She takes a strip and puts it across the chest of steve and then fastens him to

her armpit. All Steve can do is scream. Scream for help, but the only person who

can hear him is stephanie. As DJ turns the corner stephanie brings her arm down

and goes about getting dressed like nothing is happening. a horrible stench

starts emit from stephanie. To the average person its probably nothing but to

Steve its like rotten eggs, spoiled milk and garbage covered in a pile of shit.

As stephanie moves about steve is forced to inhale the pungnet smell.)

Im not sure how long I have been under hear but I can hear stephanies date brett

now. I know its been atleast 4 hours. She went home and I screamed at kate who

was just a few feet from me. I could catch glimpses of her when stephanie moved

her arm just right. This was the worst part of the whole ordeal thus far. To see

the woman that I love, be so close to her and she doesnt even know that I was

there. Then I got some fresh air momentarily when stephanie was changing into a

new outfit for her date. I thought maybe it would be a good thing but she put on

a sweater which only makes it that much hotter and now I am at a night club. I

can feel her body sway, juke and jive. Because of my size the steady hip hop

beat just pounds inside my head. As stephanie sweats and sways I can feel the

tape starting to break loose however I dont know if I want it to break loose

here. I dont even know where I am exactly. Theres just to many damn night clubs

and this size. I would never find a way to kate. Finally it happens. Half of the

tape peels away from stephanie. I am being slapped from side to side, left to

right, so fast all I feel is my body being shoved into a sweaty steamy mass and

then I pulled away from it to only be shoved back into it. And no matter where I

am at I still can smell stephanies damn stench.

(Almost as if god had taken pity on steve at that moment the Music stopped. The

psycological torment the pounding has been playing on steve has finally ended

atleast for a minute. But at the same time god gave this gift to steve the devil

added more wood to fire. The other end of the tape broke loose. Steve was sent

careening down through stephanies sweater. then finally into clean fresh air. As

steve is in the fresh air everywhere he looks he can see young people dancing

and walking around. The air currents are just strong enough too send up. Into

the air then back down towards the floor. The floor is no longer just a floor.

Its now a coloseium(spelling?) where instead of slaves vs. warriors, slaves vs.

animals, Its Shrunken Steve vs. Teenage Titans. The closer steve gets to floor

the less and less he can see of stephanie. Finally steve was granted his wish to

get away from the evil stephanie but to only find out. There are far, far worse

places then hell. Steve may just find that fact out a little to late.

(As the tape with steve attached to it starts to descend a drunk stumbles

knocking the tape and steve towards the middle of the dance floor. The closer

steve gets the more he sees. Theres a girl who looks like the band camp girl in

american pie 2 break dancing. She goes from a back spin to a windmill. But as

she is starting to do a flare the tape lands directly on her ass. She has on

some tight, black leather pants and a white tank top. The mixture of sweat and

the adhesive on the tape bonds steve and tape together with her pants. As steve

looks on at the crowd he catches a few glimpses of stephanie but has no way to

get to her.)

(As the night goes on steve gets more and more dizzy. Soon he doesnt know whats

going. When it is all said and done. And once Steve gets his bearings back he Muestras gratis valencia

notices that he is laying on a bed that looks to be about the size of sahara

desert with a huge mountain that is going straight through the middle. As steve

runs his hands across the leather feeling how soft it is. A shadow looms over

him. As steve looks up almost by instinct he starts running to avoid the hand

but as he is running he realizes its not a hand at all. This girl is rolling

over. Every direction steve looks he sees a a shadow hanging over the bed. Just

like in the army when your underfire. Steve does the only thing he can do and

thats hit the ground, lay flat and hope for the best. As steve closes his eyes

awaiting his death as minutes go by he realizes hes still alive)

“Damn, what the hell is this? I should be dead.”

(Steve looks to the left and starts to crawl. Towards the unknown. The more he

crawls the more curious he gets. But without warning everything starts to shake.

Steve is sent tumbling towards the ground. As he hits the floor he bounces a

inch in the air then once again is slammed down onto the floor. As steve cocks

his head up all he can see is black leather. As he starts to run a foot is

slammed down in front of him. Steve stumbles back and smacks into her other

shoe. As steve he gets up he is slammed back down in to the carpet. He grabs his

rug burn covered face and winces in pain from the burning sensation it give him.

However without delay a doc martin slams down centimeters from him. Steve flies

back and hits the bed post. As he tries to pull himself back up he can hear the

girl laughing. Her laugh makes his ears bleed, but as steve gets up he

immediately can feel a pain in his back when he tries to straigten up. The only

advantage to this is it makes him forget about his rug burned face and his

bleeding ears. In intense pain steve still decides to head away from the bed

post. Almost as soon as he starts to move away a shadow looms over head. Steve

looks up and can see doc martin engraved into the rubber sole. )

In his strongest voice he can muster steve yells upward at this mysterious

giantess. “Please HELP ME, Im not a bug, im a man, For god sakes please dont

kill me”

With tears rolling down his face steve falls to his knees and makes the sign of

the cross and starts to pray.

Faster then a blink of light, the shoe is smashed into the floor. The tip of the

shoe is twisted back and forth. As the shoe lifts up a smirk is brought across

her face. The girl looks down at the floor and cant help but laugh.

Steve picks himself up off the floor and sees his soaking wet pants from where

he pissed himself.

“I have never seen a little man before. You scare so easily. But the real

question is. What were you doing in my pants huh? Well speak up please im a busy

girl and I do not have all day.”

I stare at her shoe, and try to see her face but I can barely see past her

waist. She starts to lower her hand. I attempt to run but before I can even get

anywhere I am scooped up. I pick Myself up once again and sit on the palm of her

hand. I can finally see her top half. As I look at her, I cant help but admire

her fast reflexes. A whole half of her body that was once un see able is now

quite hard to miss. Her shoulder length red hair that curls in at the tips to

look like they are creating a side walk made just for a man my size. Her blue

eyes, her face that looks smooth and as soft as silk.

“Well Tiny how about you tell me your name? (long pause) Whats wrong? are you

shy? Well I will start for ya okay. Im Alyson, and you would be?”

“I...I Am...I,I,I am St, st, Steve”

“Well atleast you finally sputtered that out. Well I am thirsty how about you?

Well it doesnt really matter your coming with me anyway.”

Alyson starts to move. I slowly crawl to the edge of her palm. Everything is

just whizzing by. It is kind of disorienting. I throw up over the side of her

hand more then once. I never knew someone could get palm sick. I still am having

alot of trouble with this size difference. So easily and swiftly she moves.

Already having gone farther then I could go in a day. With me still in her palm

she opens up the freezer. The coldest blast of wind I have ever felt hits me.

Alyson sets me down on top of a pail of vanilla ice cream. She then walks away

leaving me in the freezer. As I walk across the ice cream lid my entire body is

shaking and shivering from the cold. I fall on my face more then once. My whole

body turns a deep, deep shade of blue. I fall over and lay unable to move ontop

of a bucket of ice cream. All I can do is stare at Alyson who is standing

straight across from me putting some various things into something on the

counter. Then I see her look at me, finally I will be saved. But she walks over

rather slowly and grabs the handle on the bucket. She walks over to the counter,

then sets me and the ice cream bucket on the counter. Alyson picks me up by the

legs. I see that it wasnt a glass that she was pouring stuff into but a blender.

While she is lifting me up with her other hand she grabs the remote for her

stereo and starts a CD playing. In a defeaning blare louder then I have ever

heard any noise. I guess it would be compareable to hearing 19 nuclear bombs

going off at the same time. The first thing i hear is cut my life into pieces.

Then almost as if it was choreographed the fingers that were holding my leg

release and I drop into the blender. I splash into a pool of ice cold milk.

Alyson moves her head down so its level with me. She taps the side of the glass.

Her hair swings over her face. She easily moves the hair out of her field of

vision. Her blue eyes are locked on me and me alone.

I start to swim backwards as she sprinkles some cinnamon into here. The simple

tapping of the glass hurts my head, hurts my ears, and sends chills of fear down

my spine. I then look up to see a gigantic round mass of ice cream splash down

in the milk. I go flying straight up into the air. Then I start to descend just

as I hit the ice cold milk for the second time in a matter of minutes another

scoop of ice cream is sent hurdling down. The process repeats itself for what

seems like a eternity. Finally She stops, I climb atop one of the scoops of ice

cream so she can take me out of here without getting her fingers in the cold

milk and ice cream, but she just puts the lid on and starts the blender. The

rumbling sends me off the scoop of ice cream i was on and onto another. As the

scoop new scoop that I am on gets pulled under I leap off of it and jump onto

the next, but I lose my balance, but luckily I recover and dont get pulled

under. I can see Alyson out of the corner of my eye loving every minute of it. I

however have no time to worry about her. I leap off the scoop and onto the next

but I slip off of the scoop and and land in the milk. I try to swim towards the

scoop ice cream to grab onto but I am sucked under by the powerful undercurrent

created by the blades. I quickly take one last breath of air before I go under.

I flap my arms and legs to try to get to the surface but nothing can stop me

from being pulled towards the blades. I can now feel the milk and Vanilla ice

cream being crushed and melded by the blades. Being powerless to stop myself

from being pulled under I can only await my death. The blades now just a small,

small increament away from my feet. As fast as the blades are moving i am sucked

right between to blades and then shot back towards the top. Once i break through

the thick layer of of ice cream a powerful chocolate blast hits me in the face

and oozes down my entire body. The stream of chocolate being so strong that I am

shoved back under towards the deadly blades. I know I wont be able to cheat

death a second time. I get a rush of adernaline and kick and flap my arms in

hopes of getting to the top but even with my adernaline I cannot over come

technology. I am still being pulled down to the blades and this time, I somehow

know I wont make it. Just as I give up the blender is shut off. There is a odd,

long silent pause. Then I can feel the pitcher I am in being lifted and tilted

downwards. I go flying into a tall glass. I look at Alyson's smiling face. She

licks her lips and her mouth waters as she stares down at me. My body covered in

chocolate, and ice cream. As she picks up the glass I reach for the rim. The

tips of my fingers just reach over the top of the glass but theres no way I can

pull myself up with my fingers tips. Alyson sits down on what looks to be a

leather couch but I dont really care what it is at the moment. I look up at her,

but she isnt even looking at me anymore. However her mouth opens up and her

tongue is reaches down for me. The tip of her tongue hits my head and she slowly

licks the chocolate off the top of my head. Even though I am surrounded in this

ice cold chocolate milk and shrinkage going on like theres no tomorrow. I can't

help but feel the tingles of myself getting erect because of the tongue of

Alyson pushing me down and spinning me around while I am in the glass. she

continues to lick all the chocolate off my body while I remain trying to tread

in this milk shake. Time passes by as she slowly drinks her chocolate shake. I

am unfortunately left in the glass. Everytime she tilts her glass to take a

drink I have to swim for my life against the flow. She doesn't even try to make

sure I dont go in her mouth. She just drinks her shake like im not even in here

fighting for my life. But finally in what seems like has been 500 years my feet

touch a solid surface. Its just the bottom of the glass but it so nice to not be

swimming, and treading for my life. The shake is just touching my chin so I

still cant sit down. I look over at Alyson who has the glass sitting sitting

between her legs. Im guessing that she must have fallen asleep but I cant really

tell for sure becuase I cant see her face. I look over at the clock and see that

its 4:40am.

I now look over at the clock once again for the millionth time and it reads

3:37pm. As I stand here up to my chin in milk I cant help but wonder if she

remembers what she did. Was she drunk? She must have been, She was acting really

weird. Not that I know her but still, It seemed weird, and to sleep this long?

Before I can even debate the questions in my head. Giantess Alyson starts to

stir. She picks up her glass without even paying me one scrap of attention. She

walks to the kitchen and sets the glass down in the sink and then walks away.

Once again I am left all alone in a glass. I strain my ears to hear something,

anything. I feintly hear a door open and then some talking, but I cant make out

what is being said. Loud footsteps start to get closer and closer, I tremble,

but also hope that Alyson takes me out of here. I look up over the edge of the

glass and immediately see that its not Alyson. Its, a guy, what the fuck? Why is

this guy here.

(The view shifts to the conversastion between Alyson and this guy)

“Come on babe, Im sorry I didnt come home last night but my boss was being a

dick and made me work over night becuase Jay didnt show up. I full well planned

on meeting you at the club.” He grabs some cereal and some milk and starts to


“Oh I am so sure, I bet you were just with some other woman making out and fuck

her becuase im not good enough for you.”

“Hey now, you know that your the only woman for me. Your like a beautiful daisy,

that is planted right on the edge of a cliff over looking the ocean. As the sun

sets the daisy that is half covered in shadow and has a perfect view of the

waves crashing against the base of the stone cliff. As the sun slowly falls the

daisy gets to see the appearance of every star in the sky one by one, by one.”

(Shifts back to steve)

“Give me a break, thats the lamest line I have ever heard.”

A spoon is then sent down to the sink. It lands on the rim of glass and sways

back and forth. Then falls onto the steel of the sink. As I pound against the

glass hoping to budge or tip the glass. The guy starts to tip his bowl. I look

up just in time to see it all happen but being in a glass I have no where to go.

Soggy Cheerios are sent every where. Some inside the glass, in other glasses,

bowls and pans. I watch as some slide into the drain, then fall down the pipes

never to be seen again. I just hope I dont find out where the pipe leads.

“Bobby get over here now.” Bobby grumbles low enough for Alyson not to hear.

“Alright, alright I will be right there”

I watch as he leaves my field of vision. I once again am left with nothing to do

but stare at the clock. However I atleast have some soggy cheerios to munch on.

I didnt realize how hungry i was till I started eating.

(Scene shifts to stephanie)

(Stephanie arrives at home. She plops down on her bed and lays there for awhile.

She kicks off her shoes and rests her head on her feather pillow. As she grabs

her book she remembers steve taped to her armpit. She takes off her sweater and

reaches for her left armpit)

“I could have swore you were under my left pit you little creep. I guess I was


(Stephanie reaches under her other arm and feels nothing there. She quickly sits

up and searches every where on her body. Panic now racing through her mind. She

runs out the door of her bedroom. She quickly walks down the hall looking at the

floor to see if steve might have fallen out. As she passes by her moms room she

can hear her mom crying. Stephanie peeks in her room and sees tears running down

her mothers face. Stephanie rushes over to her mom. Stephanie somewhat shocked

to see her mom crying. She has never seen her mom cry, even when she lost her

father she didnt cry. She looked sad but this is the first time she has seen her

literally cry.)

“Mom, MOM whats wrong, what happened?”

Kate looks over at stephanie. She tries to wipe her tears but more steam down

her face.

“Well hun, Steve never showed up. I have been trying to call his place all night

but i dont get a answer. I drove over to his home and his car wasn't there. I

called his parents and they didtn know anything. I called back at work thinking

maybe he went back to pick up some papers and just got wrapped up in something

but he hasnt been there. Was he at your cheerleading practice?”

Stephanie stares down at the floor and then back at her mom.

“OH yeah he was there. I, I am sure he is okay mom. He probably is just planning

something big for ya and”

Kate cuts in immediately “I dont think so hun. I just thought he was the one

this time but it looks like I lose again. Happiness is one commodity I can't

have. Everyone else takes it for granted but as for me, I just long to have what

everyone else has. I long for something I can never get. That is happiness.”

Stephanie sits beside her mom and cries on her shoulder.

(scene shifts back to steve)

As I look up I see Alyson now standing over the sink. She looks down, straight

down at me. I see her smirk and as she extends her fingers down and plucks me

out of her glass. She holds me up to her face and has that same cold,

calculated, icy smile that she had before. Right before she dropped me into the

blender. Without saying a word without even unclasping her watch she lifts up

the watch band and then shoves me under her watch. Her watch has a velcro strap.

I can tell that she has worn this watch many times by the smell of sweat

engrained into the velcro, and the material of the watch band. As she picks up

her purse I can see the guy she called bobby sitting on the couch. He walks over

to her and she puts her arms around him. She stands on her tip toes and gives

him a kiss. As she is kissing him she sticks her hand, the hand with me attached

to her watch down the pants of bobby. She gives his dick a couple squeezes. I

pray that I dont slide off. I soo very much dont want to be in some guys pants.

She then removes her hand with me still attached to it, then walks out the door.

As she gets in her 97 blue cavalier. I cant help but wonder. Where the hell am I

going now.

I have been riding on this watch for what seems like forever. The movement of

her arms greatly disorients me. I have to struggle to not throw up. Alyson peers

down at me every once in awhile. I cant really see her face but I just know she

is enjoying my useless plight.

I can feel the cold air on my back once again. The swaying of her arms has

quickened. For the first time I am relieved that this watch is so snug. Before I

can get to comfortable I am plucked out from under her watch. Alyson holds me

away from her face a little so she can easily focus on me.

"Well you little shit. I am at work and I dont know what to do with (stops in

mid sentence) Wait yes I do know what to do with you."

Alyson walks over to one of the tables. She drops me onto a candle which is

floating in a vase. Just as I stand up. Hot wax rushes over my feet. I try to

pull my legs up from the wax but it has already hardened. I look up at Alysons

face and all I can see is delight and joy. Each of my struggles bring her more

and more pleasure. I look into her eyes and I only see ecstasy. Then as if being

trapped in wax wasnt bad enough she then just walks away making this whole

situation that much worse. I dont know if she will ever be back.

(20 minutes later)

A young couple sits down at the table. They look to be about college age but its

pretty hard to tell. I attempt to make contact with them but theres just no way

my voice can be heard and to make matters worse the candle keeps melting so more

and more wax covers me every couple of seconds. My skin gets redder and redder

from the hot wax scoring my skin.

"Are you two ready to order yet?"

Before the waitress even comes into view I can tell just by the voice that it

can be only one person. As she comes into view I get visual confirmation, it is

indeed DJ.

(point of view changes to Stephanie talking on the phone)

"Oh Sandra I don't know how I could have been so stupid. I killed my moms

boyfriend and now she blames herself. What am I going to do?"

"I dont know what to tell you stephanie. I dont even quite believe all this.

Coach was shrunk, and you tormented him and now he is gone. Are you sure this

just isn't some kind of nightmare you had? I am sure he will be there for cheer

practice tommorrow"

(Stephanie cuts in)"Sandra its true, I know it's true. When you don't see him

tommorrow you will believe me then. You will have no choice but to believe me."

(scene shifts back to steve)

"For god sakes DJ im here, Im in here!! Dont go, no PLEASE"

(DJ finishes up taking the order and starts to leave. As she walks away she

blinks her eyes a few times and wonders if what she saw was real or not.)

I thought everything else was bad and it has been but, this is torture. I am

being forced to watch a people eat a Gourmet dinner while I have to stand here

and starve. As the customers at the table come and go I only grow more and more

hungry. Just as I am about to go insane a hand reaches down picks me and the

candle up. I try to see who has me but I can't break this hardened wax. All I

see is another candle dropped into the vase and im being carried off, then i am

carelessely dropped into a box. But luckily the fall jostled me loose from the

candle. I decide my best choice of action is to scale the side of the box. The

wall of the box is covered in drops of wax from the candles. The droplets of old

wax make perfect foot holds and i get out of the box in no time at all. As I set

my feet down on the counter I almost want to kiss it and worship the ground. It

feels so great to have freedom. However, not wanting to get caught i dash under

the cash register that is only a couple of inches from the box. I Crawl so I can

look out and see who is there. After each movement I hope and pray that its DJ.

She can bring me back to Kate or even Stephanie. Unfortunately once I make it to

a spot where I am still hidden from there view but I can see them. Its just some

guy. From under here I dont really have access to a clock so I dont know how

long i have been here, but i have never been a patient man so i just go with my

spur of the moment thought and dash out from under the cash register. I leap

onto the guy working the cash register and slide down his pant leg. I brush

myself off and strut a little at how easily that went. As I finish up my strut I

am thrusted back into the real world and dire circumstances i am in. A black

leather shoe lands just centimeters from where I was standing. The rubber

sole/heel of the shoe is 4 inches alone which is well taller then I am. The

laces jut off from the shoe like ropes. I try to reach them but they are just to

far away. I attempt to climb the shoe but the heel/sole is just like a glass

wall its impossible to climb. The shoe is then lifted up and pounds down onto

floor about 100feet away from me. The wind from the impact sends me flying end

over end into another shoe. I grab my head in pain but as they lift there shoe

up I am sucked up with th air current. The air tugs me along with there shoe

until the shoe hits the ground and I am sent flying up and backwards into a pair

of legs. I try to grab onto any part of the skin or hair that the leg may have

but its like silk. I land butt first on the floor. I scurry into a small opening

between a the the cash register counter and a display case. Every once in awhile

I see a pie taken from the display case. I letting my hunger get the best of me

and I decide to climb the display case and to get some food.

Right at the floor level there is a giant fan for the display case but there are

plastic horizontel bars infront of the fan. The climb rather easy. Just above

the fan is a ledge that I pull myself up onto. Not to much time goes by and the

display case is opened up. I dashe in as fast as my legs can carry me. I Just

make it in as the door slides shut. There is only one problem with my plan. You

see the pies and all the other food are sealed up and at my current state it

makes it much to hard to break the seal.

The case starts to slide open. When I turn around I see DJs eyes locked on me. I

start running towards her but she grabs a kleenex and grabs me. I start pounding

on anything I can hit.

"DJ stop playing with the tissue paper and just get back to work."

(DJ shrugs}"Okay, okay I just have seen this bug like things around everywhere

and I was just curious on what they were"

"I dont give a damn what they are. Time is money move it"

(DJ tosses the kleenex and steve into the garbage can but while in the air Steve

and kleenex seperate. The kleenex lands in the garbage can and Steve lands hard

back on the floor. Quickly rising to his feet steve scurries in a direction.

Feet of the various employee's are everywhere. Steve not really watching the

floor because of all the feet doesn't see the gum infront of him until its to

late. Once he makes contact with it the gum is like glue it immediately holds

him in place. As Steve struggles like a drowning victim does just before they

die. As Steve takes looks ahead of him to see if anyone is coming he sees the

same black shoes he saw earlier with the 4in heels that make him feels so tiny.

The foot gets closer and closer by the moment. A thousand thoughts are running

through Steves head at once. A dark shadow is now right before him. Beads of

sweat are running down his face.)

"I love you stephanie, I love you kate, take of yourself. Im sorry that I wont

get to ever see you two again. If this how I am suppose to die then fucking take

me. Hurt me, burn me, Destroy me atom by atom to only put me back together to

just watch me be destroyed again. But please god, protect kate and stephanie."

(The shadow draws bigger and bigger. All Steve can see is the black sole of the

shoe. No longer is the sole a massive wall that extends into the sky almost

unreachable. It is now just a ceiling descending upon him. Then almost as if

your watching movie. Steve gets to watch frame by frame by frame the shoe coming

upon him. The full weight of its wearer bearing upon him. Then nothing, nothing

at all.)

I keep my eyes closed tightly waiting for my impending doom. A few seconds click

by and I still feel nothing. I nervously decide to open my eyes. As I look up I

see the face of DJ beaming down at me. I Squirm around in the gum trying to free

myself but its useless.

DJ's hand quickly darts down and pulls me from the gummy mess. As I rest in

her hand still covered in gum I watch as she starts to close her hand around me.

Her fingers start to drape over me like a warm blanket. I can feel the warm heat

from her hand shrouding around my body. With each step she takes I can feel the

swaying motion of her hand. Then all at once she opens up her hand once again

and light shines in everywhere. A quick glance around tells me that we are in a

bathroom stall.

"Steve is that you? It really is you isn't it? Your so cute and adorable.

Just like a little hamster."

I try too use my best adult voice but I know I will still sound like a

squeaky rodent too DJ. I crane my neck back as far as it goes so I can look at

her face.

"Who are you calling hamster? I am still a man."

"Well then Lil Stevie, I am just getting ready to leave here so you can spend

the night with me and then I will take you to see Kate, Stephanie and anywhere

else you want to go. Your going to have go in my pocket now."

DJ stands up faster then I can blink. I then find the ground being tilted and

I am sent tumbling into DJ's pocket. As I fall into her pocket I grab at the

sides or anything hoping to stop my descent but its futile. I finally land with

a heavy thud at the bottom of her pocket. As DJ walks about normally I smash

into her leg with each step that she takes. I breathe a sigh of relief as we get

into her car.

DJ slams her door shut and then pulls me out of her pocket. I can't help but

cringe as I look up at her monstrous teenage body. Her eyes stare down at me

with glee and excitement. Her head pans towards the door to make sure its locked

and then she looks back down at me. DJ crawls up on all fours onto the bed. I

watch as she is on fall fours standing over me. Her T-shirt dangles down from

her chest saying Boy Scouting on it. Her denim covered legs extend upwards in

front of me. I start heading for the edge of the bed but she slaps me back

towards the middle of the bed.

I look up at her and her eyes are now burning with delight. My voice escapes

me and I stand in fear on her bed. I look around for anything that can get me

out of this nasty situation but there is nothing.

DJ starts to peel her shirt off of her chest. I gulp as I see her unclasping

her bra. She tosses her bra over me. I try to lift up the bra but I cant even

make it budge. I can hear DJ laughing outside as I hear her continuing to

undress. The bed squeaks with every movement that she makes me. The bra is then

lifted off of me and DJ in nothing but her panties stands before me.

"DJ, what are you planning on doing here? I mean, shouldn't you get some rest

you have a big day tomorrow. I will just curl up in your shirt on the floor or

some place. Don't worry about me I will be fine you look so tired. Is it hot in

here? Boy its hot…I can't seem to stop sweating and it just feels so sticky and

hot. Maybe you can open up a window or something"

DJ stares down at me smiling uncontrollably. Her face lowers down closer and

closer. She then pushes her tongue outwards and caresses me with it. Her wet

sticky saliva is all over me. Immediately my member rises to full attention.

"Where are you going Steve? I think you have been a very bad boy."

DJ's eyes dart down at me and a smile creeps across her face. She carefully

inspects every inch of my body with her eyes. DJ slowly moves her hand closer

and closer to me. She tells me not to worry the closer her hand gets.

"I am going to be very careful okay.""You are going too put me down is what



"I don't think so….this is my time now. This is my chance to play. You do

what I say because I am bigger and stronger and because I bite.

DJ lays back in her in bed and has her two fingers on either side of her

middle finger under my armpits holding me in front of her face dangling me above

her wide open mouth.

"Uh oh I am losing my grip on you. You might fall into my big ol mouth."

"DJ, please…this isn't funny take me home. Are you listening to me. DJ"

Both of our heads darts towards the TV as we hear my named mentioned on the

Television DJ had on in the background.

"This just in folks. If you remember our missing person story we did last

night on Microsoft Employee Steve Pasternak. We have a update. His body has been

found burnt badly. Family members have claimed the body. The Pasternak family

would like to thank all of you who called in with tips leading to the recovery

of the body."

DJ looks and then lets go. Just as she lets go I grab onto her middle finger

with my left hand.

"DJ please help me. I don't want to fall. DJ please!!!""Awe does the little man

need my help? Are you scared?"

"God yes, help me DJ, I don't want too fall, you don't know how far down this

kind of drop is to me. DJ the games are over please. I will do anything for you.

Absolutely anything!"

"Well that has a nice ring to it. Your making progress but boy my finger is

just getting mighty tired. Come here Shorty, SHORTY, COME HERE GIRL!"

I try to turn towards her door to see who or what shorty is but I cant turn

around without falling. Much to my surprise I am set down on the bed and DJ

walks over to h

Giantess Stories: Cheerleader GTS Story

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