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Cheryl's Revenge

“ Dad..., c'mon...can't you see that the world's changing?”

“ It's all just a temporary period.”

“ Yea..., a temporary transition from male dominance to female dominance.”

“ She's right...Tony.”, said the guy's wife, Martha in relation to her

daughter's words. “ What Cheryl says is true..., I mean look at've been

demoted in your unskilled job....while I've been promoted and am now the main

bread winner in this place.”

“ That's, I'm going to collage now, earning a degree in

electronics..., when I get out..., I'll be self sufficient and independent.

With a sigh, the defeated man got up off the livingroom sofa and headed into

the kitchen, looking down at the dirty dishes in the sink. From behind him, out

in the livingroom, he heard his dark-haired wife's voice yell to him, “ You

see..., look at yourself, you're the one washing the dishes now, not me


Smiling at her sandy haired daughter, professionally dressed Martha, wearing

black pumps and a dark blue skirt suit, bot up as well and slowly strolled into

the kitchen.

While the guy cleaned off the china, she made herself a cup of coffee and

next placed her attractive and shapely ass right into one of the kitchen chairs.

After her mother, came Cheryl, dressed in a cream colored blouse, jeans, and

black high heeled boots. In the kitchen also, Cheryl did the same as her mother,

pouring herself a cup of the black brew from the machine and finally parking her

spectacular butt in a seat next to her mom.

“ So Tony..., what are you gonna do when you get to your uncle's place


“ Like I told you yesterday..., I'm gonna simply stay there most of the day

and talk things over with his lawyer, so when he goes..., everything'll be in

order, the guy's kind of old.”

After taking another sip, Marth replied, “ Oh..., ok, then I should be

expecting you home around what...ten tomorrow night or someting?”

“ Yea..., I'll be taking a Gray Hound..., a cab'll drive me to the station...everything'll

be all right.”

Her legs crossed, sexy Cheryl mentioned, “ Well..., have fun, dad, enjoy the


“ I will.”, answered Tony as he completed the last dish and put the thing


Glancing up at the kitchen clock, Martha said, “ Looks like it's just about

six thirty..., let's watch the world news..., I wanna see what kind of

bullshit's going on.”

“ Yea..., why not.”, replied the other two.

Slowly, Martha and Cheryl got up and strolled into the livingroom with the

daughter directly after her mother. Last in line was Tony as he softly walked

behind the nice looking girl, trying to keep his eyes from making contact with

her jean clad ass. However, it was to no avail; try as he may, the man glued his

line of sight to her perfect posterior as she walked along, finally seeing her

park the beautiful thing into the livingroom's sofa. For a second, Cheryl

glanced in his direction and noticed his horny stare, shaking her head

immediately afterward. Quickly, Tony looked elsewhere as to not get his wife's

attention. In the end, all three individuals sat before the tube as Cheryl

reached forward for the remote on the table and flicked on the set.

A half hour later, the news was over with Cheryl saying, “ Ok..., I'm going

to my room now..., I've got home work to finish up with.”

“ All right..., Cheryl.”, answered her mom as the sexy eighteen year old

raised her ass and strolled along, going past her father's face as he still sat


Again, the guy glued his gaze upon her butt and simply stared ahead,

oblivious now to his wife's reaction.

When the girl disappeared behind the corner, moving down a hall leading to

her room in the one story home, Martha smacked the side of his shoulder and

gently yelled, “ Stop that!”

Back to awareness, Tony looked a little embarrassed but finally said, “ I

wanna finish reading this mag here..., what are you gonna do before bed time?”

“ I don't know...think I'll go out for an hour or two and do some shopping.”

“ Ok.”

Getting up, the long haired brunette strolled over to the main entrance, left

the house, walked to the car, placed her ass behind the wheel, and drove off.

Two and a half hours later, Martha arrived back home with a bag of stuff in

her hand.

“ So what did you buy?”, inquired Tony as Martha stepped into the structure,

closing the door behind her.

“ Oh, not much, just a new CD and a note book.”

“ Oh.”

“ Yea..., just a little something...I really wanted to get out of the house

for a while.”

After she put the stuff away, the lady turned to her husband and said, “

Well..., I'm gonna shower off..., it's about time to turn in.”

“ Yea..., I'll go when you're through.”

Headed to the bathroom, Martha realized that her daughter was already in

there cleaning herself off when the mother knocked on the door and yelled, “

Cheryl..., you gonna be much longer?”

“ No, mom...I'm almost done.”

“ Good.”

In no time, the door opened and out stepped sexy Cheryl wearing noting at


“ Cheryl..., how many times did I tell you not to go naked from the bathroom

to your room..., what if your dad sees you.?”

“ If he does anything to me...I'll report his's that for an


“ That's not the idea..., Cheryl.”

“ For me it is.”

Shaking her head, good looking Martha went into the bathroom and closed the

door behind her while the sexy sandy haired eighteen year old strolled naked

down the short hall toward her room.

As she went, Tony happened to glance up from the magazine and take a quick

glance at his daughter moving down the semidark walkway. Immediately, his prick

erected at the sight of her posterior swaying back and forth, just begging for a

male's attention. When she reached her room, the young lady turned to her left

and entered, closing the door behind her.

Realizing that Martha was taking a shower, Tony slowly got up and tiptoed

toward the hall, being as quiet as possible. After passing the bathroom, he

continued along until he stood before his daughter's closed room door.

Gently, the man sank down to his knees and placed his right eye before the

small radiance of light coming from the key hole.

Eager to see something, the guy stared away until he saw Cheryl's frame

appear in sight. His breath got faster and faster as he looked on, watching her

move about by the nightstand with nothing on, eyeing her tits with the utmost in


Slowly, the man unzipped his fly and pulled out his erect cock, playing with

himself afterward. Turing around, Cheryl bent forward before the nightstand and

removed a brush. As she did this, she unconsciously aimed her ass right toward

her dirty old dad who continued to jack at the pleasant image before him.

A second or so later, Cheryl was by a funny sensation, feeling as if she was

being watched. Quickly, the naked beauty turned around and darted to the door.

Before he could react, the panel flew open with Cheryl staring down into his

face, exclaiming with an intense whisper, “ You fucken bastard...what the hell

are you doing?”

“ Ah...I, ah...”

“ Yea..., I knew it all along, you pervert..., now close your fly and get the

fuck away from my door or I'll tell mom!”

“ Ok, ok.., just please don't tell her!”

“ I won't unless I see you pull shit like this again.”

“ Ok..., won't happen again.”

Extremely embarrassed, the man darted into his and his wife's bedroom and

just sat there on the mattress, waiting for Martha to finish up.

Done with her shower, the brunette put her night clothes on and left the

bathroom, going to the bedroom. All ready, Tony entered the shit house and took

a shower. When finished, he entered his chamber and finally laid himself next to

his wife.

It didn't take long and everyone in the place was asleep.

The next morning at six, Cheryl's alarm rang and the pretty naked girl got up

and dressed herself, going back into a pair of jeans, a light colored blouse,

and her favorite black stiletto boots.

When the daughter left her room and strolled into the kitchen, she made

herself some breakfast and coffee. While eating and drinking herself full,

Martha entered, already dressed in her business attire, followed by Tony, still

in his pajamas.

“ Ok..., Tony...”, said Martha, we'll be leaving for work and school in a

matter of moments..., guess we won't see you till later this evening?”

“ Yea.”

After he spoke, Cheryl gave him a few dirty looks on occasion, indirectly

reminding him of his own degeneracy.

Finally, the two sexy females left, first Martha, and then her daughter.

Right when Cheryl stepped out of the home, she quickly turned around and saw

Tony staring away at her posterior.

“ Stop staring at fuck.”, said the girl.

Not saying anything, Tony turned his gaze in another direction as the young

lady finally left, headed to a bus stop while her mother got in the car and

drove to her office.

Back inside, Tony finished his breakfast and then glanced up at the kitchen

clock, seeing that he had about two hours to go until his scheduled ride on the

Gray Hound bus.

Alone by himself, he got up off the kitchen chair and slowly ventured down

the short hall. When he got to Cheryl's room, the guy couldn't help but stare

inside. As he did that, he got a whiff of some perfume she just put on herself

after she got up. Excited by the oder, the man stepped inside the small chamber

and strolled over to the dresser where he next opened the top drawer. Reaching

in, the pervert grabbed a pair of Cheryl's white panties and began smelling

them. Turned on now, he quickly went out of his pajamas and stood naked in his

daughter's room. Slowly, he reached down for his prick and began jacking off

while sniffing away at her panty's crotch area.

Going on for thirty seconds, his eyes fell upon the computer in her room,

just sitting there. Horny as hell, he simply decided to go over and get on line,

hoping to see some good porno sites to beat off to.

When the thing booted up, he logged in and was about to search for a site he

saw a month ago when all of a sudden he noticed a message come up from the lower

right hand corner of the screen, “ You've got mail.”

Curious, the naked guy decided to snoop in his daughter's email and see what

she's got. Bringing up outlook express, he downloaded four messages.

After reading the first two, he realized they were from Cheryl's girl friend

at college. The third message was simply junk mail, an add for some bullshit.

However, the forth one got his attention, for it simply said on the title, “

Open immediately.” Like a fool, the man did so, not paying any attention to the

fact that an attachment was stuck to the message without any proper


When the thing was opened,all of a sudden, a few large words appeared on the

screen, saying, “ Ha, ha..., this is a're system is now gonna get

all screwed up!”

“ Fuck..., shit..., when she finds out I've been snooping around, she'll kill

me and tell Martha..., damn...why?”

Frantically, Tony tried to figure out what to do, striking keys and clicking

away at the mouse, trying as hard as he could to stop the destruction.

Eager to do something, he entered the computer's control panel and began

manipulating some of the settings, desperate for an answer. Since he wasn't much

of a computer expert, Tony at times worked blindly. Suddenly, after striking

some key, the screen went dark.

“ What the hell...!”, exclaimed the guy to himself as he tried to reboot.

Before he could do anything, the screen lit up again, this time with an

extreme brightness, causing him to hold his hand before his face. Five seconds

later, it went dark again, staying that way, no mater which key or button he


With a sigh, Tony shook his head and began thinking, figuring out something

to tell his daughter when she confronts him about the PC not working. Quickly,

he returned her panties to the drawer, closed it, and grabbed his night clothes,

heading out of the room afterward. As he moved, Tony realized that he'd be safe

from accusation; if she ask anything, he'd simply shrug his shoulders and deny

knowing anything.

Satisfied with such a path of reasoning, Tony left Cheryl's room and went to

his bedroom. While the naked guy strolled away, he was overcome by a strange

sensation, going all throughout his system. Intensifying, the feeling became

more and more dominating, causing him to finally stop and stare away when he

eventually reached the bedroom and tossed his pajamas on the mattress.

The feeling wouldn't go away, getting stronger and stronger. As he stood

there, Tony realized something strange, everything seemed to be getting larger

and larger. After a minute, the guy was standing there and staring straight at

the bed's coaster wheel.

Looking around, Tony was struck with a hard cold fact: he'd been shrunk

somehow by whatever strange virus was in the computer. Terrified, the little two

inch high guy gazed around at his surroundings, totally overwhelmed at

everything around him.

Not knowing what to do, Tony began his journey out into the livingroom, doing

so for no apparent reason, driven by instinct and fear. As he walked out of the

bedroom, the little guy passed up a second pair of pumps which Martha had simply

left next to the bed. Amazed at the footwear, little Tony nevertheless continued

on until he was all the way out in the livingroom.

All alone and small, the desperate tiny creature could only stand there and

do nothing. As the hours ticked away, three thirty in the afternoon arrived.

Suddenly, the front door flew open and in stepped sexy Cheryl!

With a casual and conceited stride, the jean clad girl came forth, moving

straight toward her dad as he stood in the middle of the livingroom. Not seeing

him, the girl went forth, headed to her room. As she moved, Tony yelled up to

her approaching frame, “ Cheryl...,'s me, dad!”

Obviously, his tiny screams had no immediate effect, the girl heard nothing.

When she was only six inches from the guy, Cheryl almost stepped on him. Her

boot coming down, terrified Tony jumped out of the way, almost getting killed.

Turning his head, Tony watched the giant looking female move off into the

distance, her nice ass swaying back and forth from under her perfectly fitting


In her room now, sexy Cheryl placed her butt down in a chair directly behind

her PC and turned the thing on. Nothing, the only thing she say was the BIOS

telling her that the hard drive was empty.

“ What...!”, screamed the young lady to herself, “ This is a bunch of

shit..., how the fuck did that happen?”

Confused and angered, Cheryl marched from the room and strolled back out into

the livingroom. Still mad, she stomped her boots a little, scaring her tiny dad

as he gazed up at her overbearing, yet attractive frame.

Awed by the sound of his daughter's footwear, the insignificant man ran and

hid behind one of the livingroom table's legs. Her anger subsiding a little,

Cheryl decided to go into the kitchen and make herself a cup of coffee. After

doing that, she went back out to the livingroom and walked over to the sofa,

setting her amazing and shapely ass down upon the cushion. The cup at her lips,

the girl simply mused the time away, staring ahead at the opposite wall and

thinking about how to purchase a new copy of “Windows Millennium”.

Seeing that the girl was now seated, Tony worked up enough courage to move

out from under the table and approach the base of the couch, standing now only

three inches from the edge of her left boot.

“ Hey..., Cheryl..., it's me, dad, can you hear me...please help!”

At first, the attractive teenage girl didn't react, simply continued to drink

away at the black stuff. Again, he hollered upward, “ Hey Cheryl..., it's me,


For a second, her facial expression froze, straining to hear what appeared to

be a faint little sound. Next, she looked down at the floor and suddenly placed

the cup on the table before her and quickly stood up.

“ What the hell...?”, yelled the stunned female, as her sexy frame rose up.

“ It's me..., something happened to me right after you and mom left this


“ What..., how did this happen to you...I mean..., just look at're

only about two inches high!”

“ I know..., something came from your computer...a bright light.”

“ My computer?”

“ Yes.”

“ What the fuck were you doing with my computer?”

“ I, ah..., I...”

“ You mean you were snooping at my bastard..., you know...!”

“ Yea..., but this is serious now..., you've gotta get help.”

A little more relaxed now, Cheryl placed her right hand on her hip and said,

“ I don't've been a real jerk...first staring at me when I was in my

room..., now I find out that you've been going through my email.”

“ I'm sorry..., please.”

“ I ain't gonna get you shit.”

“ Please.”

“ You know..., I oughta step on you right bug..., you're really

small...smaller than you think and realize!”

“ No, please!”

While he looked up toward his terrifying daughter, the front door opened with

sexy Martha stepping in. When the brunette was inside, Cheryl yelled out, “ Hey

mom..., look..., down here...look what I found!”

“ What?”

“ Here...come here and take a look!”

When the lady came forth, her eyes widened at the sight of little Tony just

standing there all naked and only a couple of inches tall.

“ How the fuck did that happen..., what the...?”

“ He said my computer shrank him this morning...the bastard caused some

strange electronic virus to screw things up as he was snooping at my email.”

Squatting, Martha just studied the guy until she said, “ You mean you were

going through her things?”

“ Yea..., but you've gotta help me...please.”

“ Don't call the cops or anything..., mom...we'll never have any peace around

here if the rest of the world finds this out..., I say we should just keep him

small..., he really doesn't deserve any better.”

“ Why that..., Cheryl?”, ask Martha.

“ Because the creep was kneeling before my room door last night, staring at

me through the key hole and jacking off..., I caught him.”

Her head turning slowly, Martha stared down at little Tony coldly and then

gradually stood herself up. Next, she raised her right pump and let it hover

over her husband.

“ I oughtta crush fuck, how could you do that to your own


“ Please..., Martha..., please, don't!”

Before she was about to bring her foot down, Cheryl said, “ No..., wait,

that'll be too easy for the creep, I've got a better idea.”

“ What?”

“ The asshole's always staring at my ass...that's all he ever does, haven't

you noticed?”

“ Yea..., as a mater of fact I did.”

“ Well..., in that case..., I think it's only right that he punished in a

more suitable way.”

“ What have you got in mind, Cheryl?”

“ I'll show you.”

With an evil grin on her sexy face, super good looking young Cheryl slowly

squatted and took hold of her tiny father. Standing straight again, the girl

turned around and lowered the man upon the oak colored livingroom table. Next,

she rotated her frame as to stare at her curious mother. Afterward, Cheryl

unbuckled her belt and lowered both her trousers and panties down to her thighs.

“ Cheryl..., that's disgusting!”, mentioned Martha, watching the teenager

hang her naked ass right before the table's edge, dwarfing her dad with her

awesome and attractive butt!

Her head turned back now, Cheryl remarked, “ There you go...motherfucker...,

this is what you've always wanted to see..., right, well take a good look at

it..., nice...isn't fact it's one of the best asses at college...the

guys are all crazy about me.”

“ Please..., Cheryl, no!”, cried little Tony as she pushed her rear even

closer to the table, eventually hanging her posterior directly over the little


“ Now kiss my ASS!..., that's right, you fuck..., kiss it!”

“ Cheryl..., you really got him humiliated now..., don't you?”, mentioned

Martha, beginning to enjoy the sight.

“ That's the idea, mom..., he's gotta learn a lesson someway.”

“ Please..., no, don't do this to me!”, begged the insignificant creature.

“ If you don't kiss my ass, I'll let mom finish you off, you can join the

specks of dirt on the bottom of her shoes.”

Frightened, he slowly complied, moving his face toward her curvaceous behind.

Two seconds later, the guy began kissing her ass, going at it for the next five


“ Now that's pretty good..., don't you think..., mom?”

“ Yea, Cheryl...,it looks like fun!”

“ It is..., nothing like getting your butt worshipped.” Speaking further, the

girl finally addressed her father, saying, “ Ok..., you're done.”

Quickly, he backed off a couple of inches when the young lady raised her

attire, closed her belt, and then turned around. Seeing the naked guy on the

table, Cheryl simply stood there, shifted her weight, and placed one hand on her

hip. As her mother did the same, the two women just gazed own at him for over a

minute when Martha broke the silence with, “ So..., what should we do with him


“ Get rid of the fuck like you originally had in mind.”

“ No, please!”, exclaimed Tony, terrified at his daughter's words.

“ You asshole..., you ain't worth crap...!”, replied Cheryl as she grabbed

him and set him down upon the floor.

Slowly, the diabolical girl raised her stiletto boot over him and was about

to bring it down when Tony darted off to the right, headed toward the sofa's


“ Shit..., Cheryl..., look...he's getting away!”

Before she had a chance to get down to her knees and reach for him, cowering

Tony managed to run under the couch and then hold still like some frightened


“ Man..., this is crap!”, yelled Cheryl, pushing her face to the floor and

staring under the sofa.”

“ Do you see him?”

“ No..., can't see a fucken thing under here..., it's darker than the inside

of my cunt!”

“ Here..., Cheryl..., I'll be back in a second with a flash light.”

Looking out from under the piece of furniture, Tony saw his daughter's pretty

face together with his wife's sexy high heeled shoes as the woman strolled out

of the livingroom, into the kitchen, and returned a few moments later with a

black colored cylinder.

While Martha squatted slightly and gave her daughter the light, Tony quickly

realized that they'd see him with that instrument. Consequently, he ran as fast

as he could to the rear left leg and hid behind it, hoping to stay out of

Cheryl's line of sight.

“ Thanks mom...”, mentioned the girl as she flicked the switch of the battery

operated instrument and began aiming the light's ray to and fro, searching the

entire underside.

“ Where the fuck could he be?”

“ Why..., can't you see him?”

“ No..., he's gone!”

“ May be he ran out from the other side?”

Getting up, good looking Cheryl slowly strolled around the thing and again

squatted. As Tony watched her boots circumnavigate the sofa's edge, he walked

around the rear leg's surface, hugging the wood with his tiny back, going in the

opposite direction of her walk, eventually facing the front, hoping to stay out

of Cheryl's view when she inspects the underside from the sofa's rear.

On her knees, Cheryl again aimed the light under the couch and again saw


“ Man..., it seems like he's gone.”

“ He can't be.”, replied Martha as she went around the sofa as well,

approaching Cheryl's position.

While the girl raised her head for a moment and looked at her mother, saying,

“ Well..., I can't find him.”, Tony saw his chance. As fast as he could, the

naked little two incher ran away from the rear leg toward the front. Quickly, he

emerged from under the couch and headed toward the opposite wall, trying to

reach the TV stand.

Right before he got there, Martha yelled out from behind the sofa, “

There..., there he is, he's headed toward the TV!”

After she stood up, Cheryl screamed, “ Yea..., I see him too...quick, let's


With lightening speed, Cheryl and Martha ran over to the television. When she

got there, little Tony already went under. However, it didn't do him any good,

Cheryl simply pushed the wheeled cart to the side and exclaimed, “ Ha..., there

he is...look at him, standing there, frozen with fear like a roach!”

Momentarily paralyzed with terror, Tony gazed up at Martha and Cheryl, seeing

two giant looking women staring down at him with vengeance in their eyes.

Taking full advantage of his vulnerability, Cheryl squatted and grabbed the

guy, saying to her mother, “ Hey, mom, go get a scissors together with that

empty plastic dishpan in the kitchen sink..., will you?”

“ Why?”

“ Just go get it.”

“ Ok.”

When Martha came back with the stuff, sexy Cheryl said to her mom, “ Here...,

hold the asshole for a second.”

After Tony was imprisoned by his wife's hands, the good looking daughter

unplugged the TV cord from the wall socket and took hold of the scissors,

cutting the television's cord about two feet away from the plug.

“ What the fuck are you doing with that cord..., I'll have to go get it fixed

now...tonight I wanna watch my favorite show.”

“ Don't worry..., mom, any jerk can fix that...I just wanna have a little fun

with daddy...that's all.”

Taking the cut end of the cord which was now separated from the rest of the

set, Cheryl split the insulation leads in half, slicing the cord for about five

inches from the severed end. Next, she placed one of the leads in her mouth and

used her teeth to strip off it's end, exposing an inch or so of the copper.

After doing the same with the second terminal., she took hold of the plug and

inserted it into the wall's socket.

“ Here..., give me the bastard.”

Taking hold of Tony, Cheryl dropped him into the plastic basin. When he got

to his feet, he watched in horror as his daughter slowly brought the two exposed

ends toward him, smiling and saying, “ You got a charge outta me

yesterday...watching my ass through the key hole, so why not get another charge


“ No, please!', screamed Tony, running all around inside the plastic thing

while she followed him with the wires, touching him now and then for a fraction

of a second.

Everytime the leads made contact, he jumped at the shock, feeling a sting go

through his tiny frame.

“ Ha, ha..., look at him dance..., Cheryl..., hey yea..., this ain't a bad


“ I know..., let's see how long he can run around, I'll chase him back and

forth until he falls from exhaustion.”

For over twenty minutes, the sexy chick tortured him, giving the guy no rest

whatsoever. Finally, he fell over and couldn't get up, completely out of breath

and energy.

“ No, no..., please, Cheryl..., don't!”, cried Tony as she brought the leads

toward him one last time...holding both exposed wires to his little body, one to

his chest and the other over his cock.

“ Ha..., look at him squirm like a worm!”

“ Hey..., dad...your cock's's bouncing up and that

from the electricity or the sight of my good looking body hovering above you?”

“ Please..., Cheryl..., no, please...!”

“ Fuck you...asshole!”, yelled the girl down at him as he made his last

movements, succumbing to the voltage, finally dying.

“ He ain't moving anymore.”

“ Yep..., mom..., he's dead..., that's it.”

During the next thirty seconds, silence filled the room as the ladies briefly

reflected upon their act. However, Cheryl next said, “ Well..., good, now we can

collect some life insurance.”

“ That's right..., they'll never find his little body.”

“ Nope, mom..., I'm gonna make sure of that one.”

Dropping the electrical cord, Cheryl grabbed both Tony's dead corpse and the


Upon her feet now, the sexy girl stepped out of the livingroom, headed to the

bathroom. Followed by her mother, Cheryl finally arrived at the smaller chamber

and said, “ Mom..., raise the toilet lid.”

A curious look on her face, Martha nevertheless complied and watched as her

daughter squatted before the fixture and slowly moved the scissors to her dad's

body, cutting off his right hand in the process.

“ Oh..., sick, Cheryl..., you mean you're gonna cut him up?”

“ Yea..., why not..., that way no one'll recognize what it is after we flush

it down.”

“ But it'll be lost cut up or not?”

Yea..., but some maintenance worker could still find it...that's what

happened a couple of years back..., someone killed someone else and flushed a

few small body parts down the pipes..., next thing..., they found the guy's ears

and toes.”

“ In that case..., won't they still be able to find his tiny hand or head?”

“ Just'll see.”

“ Ok.”

Again, the girl removed another piece of his frame, this time a section of

his forearm. Over and over, Cheryl cut away, slicing off his head, arms, feet,

even cutting his torso into five pieces.

As she destroyed him, the pieces fell into the cool water below, sinking to

the bowl's bottom. With the flesh, went blood as well, slowly clouding the

water, making it's transparency fade away until all that was left at the surface

was a dark red liquid.

Finished, Cheryl said, “ Ok..., mom..., go into the kitchen and get the egg


Knowing what her daughter had in mind, the woman nonetheless did as requested

and returned a minute later. After Cheryl took hold of the thing, she stood up,

plugged it into a nearby wall socket, and then returned down to her knees. With

a smile on her face, the girl turned the object on and watched the two metal

prongs turn away.

Set to the highest speed possible, the kitchen utensil was lowered into the

water. As it turned away, it took hold of his severed body parts and began

grinding the flesh up. Over and over, Cheryl let the semi-sharp blades slice

away, mashing up his remains. Since an egg beater isn't the strongest instrument

in the world, it took her a good fifteen to twenty minutes to eventually grind

his flesh up into a fine stew, having a few chucks of residue floating around

here and there in the clouded water.

“ That's gross, Cheryl.”

“ Looks like the product of one of those suction type abortions..., doesn't


“ Yea..., sick!”

Finally, Cheryl was through, reducing her dad to nothing but an

unrecognizable think watery soap, smelling like an after birth.

After standing up, the sexy girl placed the egg beater in the nearby sink and

looked down into the mess, saying, “ There..., now we're safe..., they ain't

gonna find a thing.”

Looking at Cheryl, the mother next ask, “What are you doing now?”

“ I'm gonna take a shit.”, answered the girl as she unbuckled her belt and

next pulled her pants and panties down to her ankles.

Right before her mom, the eighteen year old lowered her ass on the toilet

seat and shit away, releasing two pieces down into the bloody water. Done,

Cheryl reached over and grabbed some bathroom tissue, wiping her gorgeous ass

afterward and dropping the soiled paper down into the sick mess.

When the girl was through, he mother said, “ Wait..., don't flush..., I gotta

use it to.”

Casually, Cheryl got up off the fixture and raised her attire. Stepping to

the side, she watched her mom lower her skirt and underwear, next placing her

shapely butt onto the seat. Ten seconds later, she pissed and pissed, emptying

her bladder upon her husband's most unfortunate remains. Through, the attractive

brunette got up and pulled her clothes back in place.

After she turned around, Martha and her sexy daughter both stared down into

the bowl when Cheryl finally said, “ Look at him now, he's really where he

belongs...nothing but a pile of nothing mixed in with the shit and piss he was

always full of in the first place.”

Laughing, Martha reached forth and depressed the lever, watching the smelly

stuff disappear forever.


The End



Giantess Stories: Cheryl

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