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Child's Play

Chapter One

Caitlin looked up from her homework. "They're not fairy-tales! They're real, and

they're out there, and I'll find one and show you!"

"You get real," Danielle said. "The stories were fun, but they're kid

stories, and I'm not a kid anymore. In her own mind, she wasn't. Danielle had

just turned 15; her little sister Caitlin wouldn't be 13 for another month.

"Not those stories, the real stories!" Caitlin insisted. The little

spaceships from another planet. One of them probably landed right around here.

You've seen it on TV."

"No, I haven't, and neither have you. What pictures have you seen? None. They

can't even prove there's a Bigfoot or a Loch Ness Monster. And they don't even

have fuzzy pictures of your tiny little people. It's just a scam. But I'll tell

you, Katie, if you ever find one of these little folks, hang onto him. He'll

make a fortune for us, and I'll never make fun of you again!"

"Dani, that's just awful. What if you were" -- she spaced her hands a few

inches apart -- "about this high? You'd be scared all the time, and you'd

probably starve."

"But I'm not "this high," and you're not, and nobody is, and if you keep talking

about it, people are going to think you're as goofy as you are. Now I've gotta

start dinner, so we won't starve. Mind getting your books off the kitchen


Caitlin gathered up an armload of 8th-grade textbooks (she had skipped a grade)

and a library book she was carrying around lately: "The Borrowers." So what if

she still played with dolls and her dollhouse? Maybe she was goofy, but

it was fun to imagine a whole race of pocket-sized people. There wasn't much

else that was fun in her life these days, not since Dad died and Mom had to work

all the time. Mom was worried they might lose the house, but she wouldn't hear

of her daughters getting part-time jobs to pitch in. Not until they were older,

she said. In the meantime, Danielle worked hard, managing schoolwork and looking

after herself and her younger sister. They got along pretty well, as sisters go.

Caitlin arranged two place settings where her homework had been; Mom wouldn't be

home until late tonight. Danielle didn't want any help with the cooking, so Kate

decided to go for a walk.

Beyond the edge of their backyard was a wonderful place to walk, woods so

beautiful they reminded Kate of an enchanted forest. Especially this October

afternoon with the leaves all aflame. Caitlin hoped they didn't lose the house.

She'd never find another place as peaceful as these woods. Just a quick walk

today, it was almost twilight.

The setting sun gave an almost magical aura to the red, yellow and gold leaves

still clinging to the trees. The brown ones on the path crunched beneath her

shoes, rendering an aroma of autumn that a kid from Miami would never know.

Caitlin paused, looking up to gather in the arboreal splendor. Had she not,

she'd have missed the tiny sound just ahead, from somewhere in the brush a few

feet off the path. A voice? She listened intently, barely breathing.

"Help me!"

Caitlin decided she had really heard it, though it was very faint. She

kept listening.

"Please, someone help me!"

It was real enough, but from where? Down close to the ground, apparently. She

picked up a fallen branch, one about four feet long, and started poking around

the foliage off the right side of the path. A few pokes later, she found the

source of the sound. It screamed in fear.

"Stop! Please, no more!"

Caitlin dropped to her knees and began parting the ground vegetation with her

hands. Instead of a walk in the woods, she must have gone upstairs to take a

nap. This had to be a dream.

Someone had set a crude snare trap to catch a small animal, a mouse, or baby

rabbit perhaps. What was caught in it now, dangling upside-down by one leg, was


It was a boy, about as old as Caitlin, but much, much smaller, maybe 5 inches

tall. No telling how long he had been struggling and suffering there -- the

little crimson face was gasping for breath. With wide-eyed amazement, Caitlin

brought her face very close to his, trying to gauge its expression. There was

now none to gauge. The tiny boy had fallen unconscious. He might have been

knocked unconscious anyway, by the Giantess Caitlin's exclamation:

"You're so little!"

Caitlin cupped a slender hand under him so he could lie in her palm, while

drawing out a pocketknife with which to cut the string away from his ankle.

Poor, helpless thing. Was he dead? She sat on the leaves, cradling the tiny

form, touching and stroking it ever so softly with a fingertip. He must be

alive. His florid face was returning to normal. Finally, his eyelids fluttered

and opened. She could see his mouth move, but could hear no sound. He kept

trying to speak.

"Don't... kill... me... "

Caitlin was almost moved to tears. This little person had almost died, now he

thought he was surely going to be squished in a giant girl's hand. Caitlin

whispered softly to him, the way she had so often fantasized she would talk to a

little person should she ever meet one.

"It's OK. You're safe now, safe with me. I won't hurt you, I promise."

"Thank... you... "

His words still came painfully. Caitlin had an idea. She retrieved the small

sports-bottle of water from her jacket pocket, raised the cap and dribbled a few

drops into a tiny mouth.

"Better, little friend?"

"Yes, much, thank you. You saved me... you saved my life... "

"And now I'll set you free, little one. Be careful. Take care of yourself." She

lowered her palm, tilting it a little so the tiny boy could step to the ground

with no trouble. He collapsed immediately, clutching his right ankle. He pulled

up his pant-leg, revealing a horrid blood-bruise that even Caitlin, towering

above, could see. Quickly, she scooped him up in her hand again, discovering now

that he was also shivering in the rapidly cooling evening air. He had no coat or


She cupped her left hand atop the right hand that held him. The warmth from both

eased his shivers in a couple of minutes. But the woods were darkening quickly,

and Caitlin could hear her sister calling from the house. Opening her hands like

a book, she spoke again softly:

"You can't walk, and you'll freeze out here tonight. You'll have to come home

with me. It's warm there, and there's food, and I'll take care of you. What's

your name?

"It's Michael. People call me Mike."

"My name's Caitlin, but my best friends call me Katie. How old are you, Mike?"

"I'm fifteen."

"I'm almost thirteen, but I'm big for my age. This is my favorite jacket, Mike.

You'll like the pocket."

Mike did like the soft, fleece-lined pocket in which Caitlin carried him back to

the house. For the first time since the crash on this nightmarish, giant world,

he didn't feel as if he were going to die or be killed before the next sunrise.


It wasn't a fancy meal, but it was filling. Danielle had browned some of the

ground beef she had found on sale, which she mixed into the macaroni and cheese.

A side of lima beans, and you could call it dinner. There'd be enough leftovers

for Mom tonight, whenever.

Katie usually chattered all the way through dinner, usually to Dani's annoyance.

But not tonight, and somehow that was even more annoying. Finally, Danielle


"What's the matter with you?"

"Nothing! I like hamburger-mac."

"OK, whatever. Just thought there was something you wanted to talk about."

"No, no, nothing."

"Katie, I'm not going to beat anything out of you. But if you're not going to

eat that, put it into the Tupperware."

"I will, I will."

Danielle sighed to herself. She had the strangest little sister.

Caitlin wanted to prove she was right: that there were teeny little people

lurking about. But she was afraid for Mike, that if Danielle saw him, she'd

snatch him up and sell him to someone who would... who would... she didn't dare

think about what might happen. But she couldn't leave him in the pocket of her

jacket all night, even if it was close to a warm fire.

Caitlin cleared the table and washed the dishes; it was her night for that. She

sat down in the living room with her sister, staring at her until Danielle said:

"OK, what!"

"Dani, I've got something to show you."

"So show it, already! I wanna watch TV."

"You might wanna watch this more." Caitlin reached gently, very gently into her

jacket pocket, retrieving tiny Michael, but covering him with her other hand.

She held her hands together until she sat on the couch next to Danielle, holding

both hands under her sister's face, finally uncovering her minuscule, new-found


His eyes were open, his head scanning what to him was the sky, filled not just

with kind Katie's face, but another just as huge. The other looked a bit like

Katie, but two of them? Michael was sure this would be the end of him. He

didn't want to die, but his helplessness was complete. Now he sobbed

uncontrollably. Danielle heard the tiny, pitiful sounds and leaned back away

from Caitlin's hand. Katie covered Michael again with her left hand.

"He's terrified. Wouldn't you be? I saved him in the woods, but now he thinks

we're going to kill him." Katie put her lips very close to her hands. "Shhh.

Shhh. It's OK, this is my sister. She won't hurt you, either."

"Well, baby sister, I take it all back. That's a teeny little boy if I ever saw

one. Can he do anything besides cry?"

"Of course he can, Dani. He's like you or me. Just smaller. His name is Michael,

and I cut him loose from one of those snares those mean boys keep setting in the

woods. He'd be dead now if I hadn't. But the trap hurt his leg and he can't

walk. I'm going to take care of him until he can."

"Then we'll sell him, right? We need the money, and I want that car... "

"No! He's not a hamster! Wherever he's from, he needs our help, he needs my

help. That means we can't tell Mom."

"She's gotta find out sooner or later."

"Not if we're careful. I'll keep him with me, in my room. I don't think anyone

will miss the food he'll eat. He's probably hungry now." Caitlin opened her

hands. "This is Dani. She'll hold you while I get you something to eat."

Michael was still trembling, but didn't cry out as Caitlin let him slide into

Danielle's slightly larger palm. Dani gazed down at the little fellow, feeling

sorry for him now, and thinking, just for an instant, that if he were normal

size, she'd love for him to ask her out. Dani kissed the tip of her left index

finger and touched it to his cheek.

Caitlin was back a few moments later with a single macaroni noodle, stuffed with

a pinch of hamburger, microwaved for a few seconds and served on the tip of her

little finger. Michael picked it up in two hands and ate it like a foot-long

Coney Island. The giantess girls couldn't help but smile at his satisfaction.

"He really is cute, isn't he?" Danielle said.

"Yeah. I think he trusts both of us now."

The two sisters, one 66 feet tall, the other 71 feet tall, looked at each other

with the same unspoken thought.

"Let's keep him."

Chapter Two

The gnawing fear in Mike's belly had been replaced by some good food and a few

more drops of water. He was feeling much better, though he had yet to get beyond

the sheer wonder and amazement at just how big this world was, and everything in

it. These girls -- one even younger than he was -- seemed to reach to the top of

a room almost too voluminous to comprehend. Held in their hands, he felt not

much bigger than a keychain ornament. Yet they handled him so gently, spoke to

him so kindly. Mike wondered what they were thinking.

Having rested and eaten, he was in much better voice. It didn't take much

conversation for pieces to start coming together. He told them that his flight

on TGS from Tokyo to New York was only to have taken about 45 minutes, and that

his family would have been waiting for him when he arrived.

Danielle interrupted him. "Wait a minute. You can drive to New York from here in

a day, but Tokyo's on the other side of the world, and nothing flies that fast.

And what's TGS?"

"Trans-Global-Suborbital. It's been around for about 10 years. And Tokyo and New

York are cities on Earth. How would you know about them?"

Caitlin giggled. "Silly! This is Earth! Where did you think you were?"

That would explain everyone speaking English, but Michael was more confused than

ever. "It can't be! On Earth, I'm your size, or you're my size, or something.

You wouldn't be holding me in the palm of your hand."

"You must have bumped your head pretty hard, little Mike," said Danielle. "Kids

don't go into orbit, only the astronauts do."

"But, but that all changed in 2013, with the new... "

The giantess girls looked at him quizzically. They really didn't understand.

Mike was starting to.

"You mean, this, this isn't 2024?"

Caitlin could answer that question, too. "No. It's 1999."

Now Mike was speechless. Those vaporous lights, those ear-splitting squeals,

whatever they had hit while over the Pacific, he had thought they'd been knocked

into a completely different world. What Mike knew about dimensional theory would

not fill a thimble (one of his, not one of theirs.) But even he could see that

this... shift in space and time had brought him to a world where not only had he

not yet been born, he was half the size of a Barbie doll.

And there was no going back. Michael was the only survivor of the crash that

destroyed the ship, having been thrown clear on impact into a pile of giant

fallen leaves. The other dozen or so passengers and crew didn't make it. Maybe

he was supposed to have died with them. Maybe he was to have died in that awful

rope-trap someone had set. But he didn't. He was alive and well because of a

pre-pubescent giantess girl named Katie, and her older sister Dani, who Mike

could see was standing at the door of womanhood. Both goddess-girls were

becoming quite fond of their little friend, but, as Mike would soon find out,

for slightly different reasons.

"It's getting late," Danielle pointed to the clock. "Mom'll be home before long.

Unless we want to do a lot of explaining, we'd better get him out of sight for

the night."

Caitlin was happy to take charge of this little matter. "I know exactly where

he'll sleep. I'll bet you know, too."

Danielle knew. The dollhouse was Katie's pride and joy, scale 1:12, filled with

exquisitely-detailed furniture. Katie, always fascinated with things miniature,

had wanted such a dollhouse since she was 7 or 8. Their father had given her

this one for Christmas two years ago, just before he'd had that terrible

accident at work.

Mike's leg was hurting a little less now; he thought he might be able to stand

on it, maybe walk a few steps. Katie set him down on the floor so he could try,

lying down next to him and keeping a hand close in case he fell. That was wise:

Mike stood for barely a second before he fell, wincing, backward into her palm.

"Don't worry, Mike, you're getting better. We'll try again tomorrow."

Katie had put her face very close to Mike's, not realizing, at her size, how

intimidating that could be to one of his size. Actually, that bothered Mike very

little. He was grateful to Caitlin beyond words, and there was no overlooking

the fact that she was a very pretty young girl. As she carried him to her room,

Mike considered that Danielle, too, was just as pretty, and at her age, was

crossing the threshold into "lovely." In the world he had just left, he'd have

spent a day or two, or three, gathering the gumption to ask her out.

Mike had been shy most of his life. It was only in the last year that he'd had

the courage to raise his nose from a book and discover just how pleasant girls

were to be around. A couple of times, he'd been able to sample that "tingly"

feeling that came from holding a girl's hand, and giving and receiving those

soft, innocent kisses that young teenagers share when they're just starting out.

Somehow, the thought that there could never be any more of that, ever, hurt even

more than his leg.

Katie was not quite old enough to think in those terms. She didn't yet yearn for

a boyfriend; she still wanted to play. To her, tiny Mike fulfilled that need

quite nicely, somewhere between "playmate" and "plaything. Or, at this moment, a

little "practice baby."

She set him on the bathroom vanity and as the sink filled with tepid water,

removed his clothes with fingers that were surprisingly dexterous for their

size. Katie lowered Mike slowly into the water, leaving him there while she drew

a couple of squirts from the bottle of liquid soap nearby. With her now

characteristic gentleness, she soaped and rinsed him a little at a time, taking

great care not to aggravate his injured leg. Mike didn't struggle, didn't

complain. Katie would probably not have understood his humiliation anyway. She

wasn't trying to be sexy or romantic. She was Mommy, bathing her precious little

baby. Mike would quietly accept this for now. It meant so much to Caitlin, and

after all, he owed her his very life.

Mike was still thinking about relationships as Katie lifted him out of the water

with one hand, laying him into the handkerchief that was spread atop her other

hand. It would have to do for a towel. She'd let him rub himself dry. As he did,

Mike looked up into Katie's eyes and said: "I'm an only child, but you make me

wish I weren't. It would be... it would've been... just wonderful to have a

little sister like you."

Caitlin smiled, a charming smile that would break a lot of hearts in the years

to come. "That's sweet, Mikey. Now lets go see your brand new home."

Chapter Three

Michael awoke in a large, comfortable bed in a room decorated in handsome,

masculine style. Rich oaken paneling, walnut-grain furnishings, a leather

wing-back chair near the fireplace, which appeared to sport an old-style

Kentucky rifle above the mantle. Pictures of horses and hounds on the walls: a

classic "hunter's motif." All this was still quite dimly lit; the sun had not

yet fully risen. In this somewhat surreal setting, Mike could imagine that he

was back home, or maybe at the home of his rich uncle, except that he didn't

have a rich uncle.

The open-eyed dream lasted only a moment. Mike's leg injury still made its

presence known, and now there was a rumbling, scraping sound at the wall to his


Caitlin lifted the dollhouse wall away as gently as she could, so as not to

frighten tiny Mike. Mike saw the wall transform into a pair of happy brown eyes.

At Caitlin's age, eyes were never bloodshot, not even this early in the morning.

Katie was careful to speak very softly.

"Are you awake? Did you sleep well? How's your leg? Do you want some breakfast?"

"Katie, that's four questions. You can see the answer to the first one, the

second answer is "yes," the third answer is "better, I think," and the fourth is

"I'm not sure."

She giggled. "I've got something that'll make you sure. Can you make your way

down the stairs? I've set a little breakfast table for you."

Katie's dollhouse had all the accessories, including wardrobe. Mike was wearing

pajamas that were only slightly too large for him. His sore leg could not yet

support his full weight, but Katie had a solution for that, handing Mike a

fireplace-match a little more than three feet long. It worked pretty well as a

cane, provided Mike remembered to keep the "strike-anywhere" end in his hand,

not dragging the floor. With it, he was able to make his way down the stairs

without much trouble. Of course, Katie could have lowered him in her hand much

faster, but both she and Mike wanted to see him back on his feet again.

There was indeed breakfast in the kitchen, served upon a miniature setting so

exquisitely detailed, Mike could have believed that all was back to normal,

except for Katie's face looming where one of the walls should have been. The

plate contained teeny portions of bacon, scrambled eggs, and potatoes. In the

half-inch-high glass was real orange juice, about a fourth of an eye-dropper

full. Mike smiled his thanks.

"Do you want me to leave you alone while you eat?"

"No, please stay, Katie. I like the company." It helped keep his mind off his

parents, whom he might never see again.

They had a pleasant conversation, Mike finding out more about the world of 1999,

Katie hearing some of the wonders of 2024. "You mean an airplane ride takes you

into space?"

"Well, some do. It's a lot faster that way across the Pacific. It used to take


"Wow. And all the cars are electric?"

"Electric and solar-electric, except for some of the trucks. The air's a lot

cleaner now." Michael paused. "At least, it will be."

"Mike, I've gotta go to school now. Dani's already gone. Will you be OK by

yourself for a while?"

"Sure, Katie."

"I'll come straight home." She picked him up and kissed the top of his head.

"Bye for now."

Mike regretted not having asked Katie for something to read, an 8-foot tall

paperback, or something. Well, it could be worse. At least they didn't have a




It was Danielle's voice. Her face was peering into the upstairs bedroom where

Mike had returned for a nap, having had nothing better to do.

Mike rubbed the sleep from his eyes. "Danielle?"

"It's me. How's little Mikey?"

"I'm OK. Uh, what time is it?"

"A little before noon. My school only had a half-day today. Katie won't be back

for a few hours."


Danielle didn't seem to have a lot to say, for the moment. Her hair was longer

than her little sister's, shiny, auburn hair that last night and this morning

had been worn up, held in place by a barrette. Mike watched a scene bigger than

one could see in the front row of a movie theater, Danielle slowly raising her

hand, removing the clip, allowing her hair to fall in a cascade about her

shoulders as she tossed her head a little. Mike's jaw dropped. He had made

friends with some girls who were pretty, but this girl, giant Danielle, here and

now, was a vision. The vision now gazed down upon him and smiled. Mike couldn't

take his eyes away.

Danielle thought about boys -- boys her own size -- quite a bit. But they didn't

seem to think about her nearly as much, and she didn't know why. She was pretty

enough, she knew that. She was nice enough. She wasn't stuck-up. She knew how to

have fun, too. Well, maybe not THAT kind of fun. But then, maybe that's how the

girls who got all the dates, got all the dates. Maybe that's what boys were

looking for. Maybe that's what little Mikey here looked for, back where he came


She imagined him making out with some little Thumbelina-princess. Then she

imagined herself picking up the little fairy-girl between her thumb and

forefinger, taking her out of his sight, forcing him to focus only on her, her

stupendous size, her magnificent beauty. She could make a boy happy; she knew

she could. Then he'd be hers for as long as she wanted. He'd do anything she

asked. He'd tell her he loved her, bring her flowers and gifts. He'd beg her not

to leave him. Danielle's mind held these images as she continued gazing down at

little Mike in the dollhouse.

Mike had stood there all this time, looking up at Danielle, her eyes holding his

transfixed, his mouth agape. For him, the show was just beginning.

Danielle's hand now moved to the top button of her blouse. Her fingers slowly

unfastened it. Her hand moved down to the next button, and the next, and the

next. Standing, towering above him, she peeled the blouse away from her body,

pausing a moment to let Mike take in the sight. A moment later, her bra had

fallen to the floor as well. The tip of her tongue made its way all around her


Michael's eyes couldn't grow any wider. Imagine seeing magazine centerfolds

projected on an IMAX screen. Mike didn't have to imagine, and this wasn't a

projection. Projections didn't reach out a hand, curl their fingers around you

and lift you high in the air. The tip of Danielle's forefinger rested lightly on

Mike's chest. She could actually feel his heart pounding, as her middle finger

felt his breathing.

Mike wanted to ask her why she was doing this, but two things stopped him.

First, words weren't coming out of his mouth, not just yet. Second -- and let's

be real here -- he didn't totally object to what she was doing.

"Do you like me?"

Mike managed to nod his head.

"I like you."

Mike's memories of the next hour would never totally congeal. There would be

images of soft lips enveloping him, his arms, legs and the rest of him being

stroked by a velvety tongue, the world spinning like a tornado, fireworks, a

kind of purring sound that surrounded and enveloped his very being, then

lotions, sweet perfumes, delicate caresses, more fireworks, more

tornado-spinning, and more, and more, and more. Mikey was quite naked and quite

unconscious when Danielle deposited him back on the little bed. Good thing he

was still alive. Had rigor mortis set in, they'd never get that silly look off

his face.

Danielle had never done anything remotely like this before, with a boy of any

size; she wasn't sure why she was doing it now. Maybe it was Mikey's minuscule

size. She knew he was a person, a boy, but he somehow seemed to small to be

real. It was as if his feelings were diminished, too. Mike's injured leg still

hurt him, but to Danielle, it was the size of a paper-cut. She knew he'd been

through a terrible ordeal, but how could she relate to it? She lived in the big

world. Mikey was such a precious little thing. He certainly made Katie happy,

but he was so small, he seemed almost... disposable.

Mike didn't wake up when Katie got home from school a couple of hours later, not

even when she slid him off the bed and into her hand. He came around only when

she poked him softly in the ribs a couple of times.

"Hi, cutie! You smell nice. Did Dani rub you with something?"


"I forgot to tell you that she'd be home early today. Did she take good care of


"Oh, oh yes, Katie.Yes."

"Good. Your little legfeeling better?"


Katie gave her little friend asoft kiss. It recalled some memories that Mike

didn't totally remember.

"I stopped by the doll store today. You'll like this."

It was a tuxedo, like the pajamas a little large for him. Mike was closer to 5

inches than 6 inches tall. Katie corrected that in about 15 minutes. She was as

deft with needle and thread as she was with other small things that made her


Michael sat at his own little table tonight, on the big table at which Danielle

and Caitlin ate. Katie even pulverized his salt into a fine powder. Regular

grains of salt would have seemed as small dice to Michael.

They ate, laughed and talked, Katie smiling at her friend, Dani saying nothing

about what had happened earlier in the day. Michael's sore leg had almost

healed. Perhaps it was the... the... massage.

Something else occupied his mind. He had grown to love these two giant girls.

Katie, sweet Katie who had saved him from an awful death, and Dani, whose first

"experiment" with a boy had taken him far above any mere suborbital flight. He

still missed his parents, and the normal-sized world of 2024. But was there a

better place to be stranded?

That's when Michael's watch beeped.

It was useless to him as a timepiece, but he had never removed it from his

wrist. Its self-contained messaging system responded on a frequency that was

known, but not yet used in this time and place. This signal could only have come

from his own time. His parents had located him.

The alpha-numeric display was far too small for the giantess girls to read.

Michael had to explain and translate for them.

"Dani, Katie, I can go home! They've found me, but you've got to take me back to

the woods, near where Katie found me in the trap last evening."

Caitlin started crying, silently. Danielle said: "You know we will, Mikey. But

we'll miss you."

Mike moved toward Dani's hand and kissed each finger. He walked across the table

to Katie's hand and did the same, holding on to her fingertip a little longer.

Katie was his great big little sister, and would always be. Then he said: "Wait

a minute! If it's truly the same planet Earth, I can find you in 25 years and

we'll all be the same size! Won't that be great?"

Twenty-five years was too far into the future for Katie to imagine, but she'd

try. Dani decided that if she were still single then, maybe she could... well...


No more time for goodbyes; the craft was waiting. Danielle pulled the big

flashlight from the closet. Caitlin carried Michael in her hand, one last time.

Mike got two huge, passionate kisses before he was set down on the path in the

woods, a few yards from a soft, blinking blue light. No words could thank the

girls enough, but he tried his best. Fallen leaves crunched as they walked into

the night, toward the house.

Michael turned and walked in the opposite direction. This was a small craft,

seating a maximum of six. But it was also brand new, with anti-grav pods that

gave it vertical takeoff capability. Its reinforced construction would easily

handle the odd phenomenon that had brought him here in the first place. Maybe

he'd read about it in a book or on the computer someday.

Captain Funderburke shook Michael's hand. "You're one lucky boy, but get aboard.

It's not safe here."

In suborbital, Mike unfastened his seat belt and floated to the front of the

small ship to thank the Captain.

"My pleasure, son. But tell me, why are you wearing a tuxedo?"

The End

Giantess Stories: Child

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