Giantess Stories: Choices

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(This story is greatly influenced by Steph's The Experiment)

(Introduction: Ed had just finished four grueling months of student teaching.

While he was teaching he meet Ashley, an extremely attractive Spanish teacher.

As soon as Ed saw her he fell in love with her, as he was accustomed to do. So

when Ashley finally asked Ed out it was like a dream come true. The two dated

for a short month before Ashley informed Ed she wanted to be friends. Ed, in the

spur of the moment, called Ashley a bitch and hung up on her.

It had been three weeks since the young couple had seen or spoken to each other.

Ed got himself certified as a substitute and quickly became a substitute teacher

at the very school Ashley taught in hopes of finding a job there and maybe even

making up with Ashley. He knew seeing Ashley again would be tough, but he never

knew how tough it would be.)


‘Damn alarm.' Ed thought as he rolled over to hit the snooze button. ‘6:30 a.m.

I must be crazy. Being a sub sucks!'

Ed pulled the covers off of himself and crawled out of bed. He had to be at the

school by 7:30. When he got the call to come in the night before he was excited

to finally get some work but he was also excited to see Ashley again. Now, as he

struggled to wake up in his cold room, he wished he had never gotten that phone


The morning flew by as Ed got dressed, ate, brushed his teeth, and headed to the

school. The entire ride there he could feel his stomach knot up as he thought

more and more about Ashley. By the time Ed reached the school he was so nervous

that he could barely think!

‘I'll just say hi. Nothing else. Just hi. And smile! Yeah, that's it!'

Once in the school Ed went directly to the main office, checked in, and got his

assignment. He took a deep breath and headed to his room. He wasn't even half

way to his room when Ashley came out of her room. He stopped and stared at her

for a moment.

‘She is gorgeous.' Ed thought as he watched her walk towards him.

Ashley stood at about 5'3”. She was slender with all the right curves. She had

light blond hair and baby blue eyes. On this day Ashley was wearing a tan color

blouse with a short shirt that showed just the right amount of leg. To finish

off her outfit she had black sandals that displayed her perfectly shaped toes.

Ashley was a goddess and all Ed could do was bask in her presence.

As she walked by Ed she gave him a slight smile and said “Hi”. Ed nodded and

kept on walking.

‘Damnit! Damnit! Just nod you asshole!' Ed was furious with himself. ‘You'll

definitely win her back by nodding!' Ed cursed himself the entire way to his


For the rest of the day he was upset with himself. He decided that he would stop

by Ashley's room on his way out and say bye. That, he thought, would be a great

start in winning her back.

‘2:31….two…thirty… TWO!! Finally! I can get out of here!'

Ed packed his things up and quickly headed out. He went straight to Ashley's

room. He figured he would say bye and maybe make a joke. The walk to her room

seemed to take forever as Ed ran over every possible scenario in his head. Just

before he reached Ashley's room a voice called at his name.

“Ed! Ed! Come in here!” The voice yelled.

It was Amy Sullivan. Ed cringed when he heard her voice. The entire time he was

a student teacher here he hated that woman. She was miserable and just down

right nasty. She always gave the students and teachers a hard time. Ed knew he

couldn't be rude so he went into her room to say hi.

Amy was about 5'8” and at least 50 lbs overweight. She had a very pale

complexion and an unusually long nose that made you believe what the kids used

to say about her… that she was a witch! Her hair was always pulled back and made

her forehead look twice as large as it really was. Overall, Amy was extremely

unattractive. Add her personality into the equation and you have a downright

ugly woman!

Ed didn't want to speak to Amy but he knew he had to.

“Hi Amy. How are you?”

“Good. Did you graduate school yet?” She replied.

“Yes. I graduated when I finished here.”

“That's great! You must celebrate with me and have a graduation cookie!”

Ed didn't want a ‘graduation cookie'! He wanted to see Ashley! But he thought

for a moment, ‘I'll eat the damn cookie, say bye, and see Ashley'. So Ed took

the cookie, said thanks, and quickly ate it. It was TERRIBLE!! He struggled to

finish it. Amy smiled as Ed ate the cookie.

“Did you like the cookie?” She asked.

“Yeah… greee….” Ed started to answer her when his head began to spin and his

stomach began to turn. He grabbed his head and was about to fall over when

everything stopped. He quickly regained his composure in time to see Amy

laughing at him.

“You sure you liked it, Slave!”

Ed stared at her. ‘What the hell is she talking about?' He thought as he shook

the remaining cobwebs out of his head.

Ed watched Amy laugh a little more then decided it would be best to just leave.

Ed started to walk out of the room when Amy grabbed his shoulder.

“You're not going anywhere!” she growled.

Ed turned around ready to confront her when he realized that he was looking her

eye to eye! ‘This can't be!' Ed thought. ‘I'm at least 5 inches taller than


Amy saw the shock in Ed's eyes and smiled. “Feeling smaller? You should. But

don't worry. It'll stop when you reach about two inches!” Amy said as she

started to laugh again.

Ed didn't know what was going on. ‘This was impossible! People can't just

shrink!' He looked at Amy again and this time he was staring at her chin!

“Holy [email protected]* !! I am shrinking!” Ed cried out.

Amy was still holding on to Ed's shoulder and laughing. Ed knew he had to act

quickly in order to save himself. Without a second thought he quickly punched

Amy square in the face! She stumbled back and fell over a desk. Ed turned and

immediately ran out of the room. He needed help. But who? Then it hit him. He

ran two rooms down the hall to Ashley's room. He flew into her room and slammed

the door behind him. By this time Ed was about 5 feet tall and shrinking

rapidly. He saw Ashley sitting at her desk and ran towards her. Ashley seemed

startled to see Ed in her room and stood up to see what was wrong.

Ed ran to Ashley, who was now taller than him. “Ashley you've got to help me!”

He yelled.

Ashley stared at Ed for a moment then sat down in her chair. “What happened?”

She asked.

“I don't know! I ate a cookie and now I'm shrinking!” Ed replied.

Ashley seemed puzzled as she continued. “How did you get away from Amy?”

“I punched her in the fa…” Ed began to say before he stopped. Surprised by her

question Ed asked, “How did you know Amy did this to me?”

Ashley smiled and leaned back in her chair, crossing her silky smooth legs. She

smirked at Ed for a moment then continued. “We talked about it. She wanted to

try her new ‘potion' out on someone and I suggested you.”

Ed was speechless. He didn't know what to say. Confused and frightened he asked,

“Why did you suggest me?”

“You're an asshole. You think I'm a bitch, well, now I am.” Ashley replied with

a smile.

Again Ed didn't know what to say. He looked over Ashley and then asked her the

crucial question. “What are you going to do with me?”

Ashley looked towards the door and replied. “Give you back to Amy.”

Fear began to overwhelm Ed's heart as he prepared to ask the next logical

question. “What is she going to do to me?”

Again Ashley smirked. “Not much. She said she was going to make you massage and

lick her funky feet. Lick between her toes, eat her toe jam, and paint her

nails. You'll clean her shoes with your tongue. Lick and massage her husband's

feet. And when she gets tired of you she said she was going to eat you. But she

doesn't know if she's going to eat you alive, cook you, or make a sandwich out

of you. I guess she'll just wing that.”

Ed wanted to throw up and cry at the same time. How could anyone want to do that

to him?!? Why would Ashley let someone do that to him?!? It's not right! No one,

no matter what they did, should be shrunken and forced to lick someone's feet

before they are eaten! Ed could only stare at Ashley with tears now forming in

his eyes. He was now less than four feet tall and was helpless to do anything.

Ashley simply leaned back in her chair and smiled at him. She seemed to enjoy

the pain he was going through. Ed looked at her and began to plea for his life.

“Ashley… please… PLEASE!! Don't do this to me!! I don't deserve this! Please!”

Ashley seemed unfazed as Ed tired again.

“I don't want to die like that! There has to be something you can do!”

Suddenly Ashley's eyes lit up as if a brilliant idea just came to her. “Maybe

there is something I can do…”

Ed was taken aback. ‘She's going to help me!' He thought.

Ashley gave Ed an evil smile as she leaned forward.

“I think I can help you, but you probably wouldn't like it.”

‘Wouldn't like it! Anything has to be better than what Amy had in store for me'

Ed thought. He looked up at Ashley and again begged her.

“Please. Anything is better than what Amy wants to do to me!”

Ashley leaned back in her chair. “No. You won't like my idea. Forget it. Just

wait for Amy.”

“NO! Ashley, I'm begging you! Help me!!” Ed pleaded again.

“If you want my help, prove it!” Ashley replied as she lifted her sandaled foot

towards Ed. “Kiss my foot.” She ordered.

Ed was now less than three feet tall and still shrinking! As Ashley sat in the

chair Ed stood just above her knees. Her foot was enormous to him, but he knew

it would only get bigger. Sucking up his pride, Ed leaned towards Ashley's

sandaled foot and kissed her freshly pedicured big toe.

Ashley frowned. “You have to do better than that. For Christ sake! Amy is going

to have you eat her and her husband's toe jam and lick their soles. I think I

deserve that too, don't you?”

Ed stared at Ashley in disbelief. ‘Was she serious? She can't really want me to

lick her feet and in between her toes. That's gross!' Ed thought. He just stood

there staring at Ashley.

Ashley's frown turned into a glare as she bent down to stare Ed in the eye. “I

said lick my feet and eat my toe jam or else I'm taking you to Amy right now and

you can lick her funky feet till you die!!”

Ed had little choice but to listen to Ashley if he wanted to live another day.

He turned towards her beautiful foot. It was so soft and tender, yet menacing at

the same time. He looked at Ashley one last time before bending over and licking

the instep of Ashley's soft sole. He could hear her giggle as he licked her

foot. After a few minutes of licking Ed moved to Ashley's toes and started to

lick in between every single toe. The sweat and the grim from in between

Ashley's toes tasted terrible, but Ed knew it had to taste better than the grim

between Amy's and her husband's toes.

Ashley giggled the entire time. She loved watching a grown man grovel for his

life at her feet. After Ed finished licking between her toes Ashley instructed

him to suck each toe. Reluctantly Ed began to suck Ashley's long and slender

toes as she had instructed. Once he finished sucking her toes, Ashley, with a

huge smile on her face, asked him again if he want her help.

“Are you sure you want my help?”

Shaking his head vigorously Ed replied, “ Of course! I proved to you that I

wanted your help! Now Please, Help me!”

“Well, OK. Here's my plan. We'll hide you from Amy when she comes looking for


Confused, Ed asked, “Where?”

Ashley's smile grew as she bent over and removed her sandal from her right foot,

the foot Ed had just worshipped. She placed the sandal on the ground next to Ed.

“I can hide you from Amy. But the only place I can put you is in there.” Ashley

informed Ed as she pointed at her sandal.

Ed stared at the sandal than at Ashley. The smile on her face told him all he

needed to know. She was going to crush him herself!

“Ashley. Please… don't do this to me.”

Ashley leaned back in her chair.

“I told you you wouldn't like my idea. I'll just get Amy…”

“NO!” Ed yelled.

“Well then, I think you have a choice to make.”

Tears began to flow out of Ed's eyes. “Please Ashley. Don't do this to me. I'm a

human being. Please.”

Ashley, in complete control, stared Ed straight in the eye. “No, you're a bug.

And like a bug you're going to be crushed by my foot. Now if you want my help

you have some work to do. You convinced me to help you, but I now suggest that

you convince my foot to hide you from that big bad Amy.”

Ed was now only a foot and a half tall. He looked at Ashley's huge foot and felt

his stomach drop. ‘Do I kiss and lick her foot again so that she steps on me or

do I kiss and lick Amy's and her husband's feet so that she'll eat me!' No

matter what, Ed lost and he knew it. He also knew what the lesser of the two

evils was. Without anymore thought Ed approached the beautiful foot of Ashley

one more time and began to once again kiss her perfectly shaped toes.

Ashley loved watching Ed kiss her feet as he shrank. “Get between the toes again

my dear. It really felt good last time.” She ordered.

Ed obeyed and stuck his face between Ashley's toes and licked his heart out. He

was living a nightmare that had no end. He was rapidly shrinking, licking his

ex-girlfriends foot, and minutes away from being crushed like an insignificant


Within minutes he was under a foot tall. He soon found himself forced to lick

the soft and wrinkled sole of Ashley's foot clean as he shrank. The sweat from

Ashley's foot filled Ed's mouth up with each lick. His nostrils were being

violated by the smell of her feet. He was in Hell and Ashley enjoyed every

second of it. Finally, after several minutes of worshipping the most beautiful

feet in the world, Ed stopped shrinking. He stood before Ashley and awaited his


“Well, you better hop into the shoe and wait for me. I want to finish grading

these papers.”

Ed nodded and slowly walked over to the shoe; a dejected, defeated man. What

else could he do? If he ran Amy would find him and he'd have to go through the

entire foot-licking thing again. And he knew Amy and her husband did not have

nearly as beautiful feet as Ashley did! He had no way out and he knew it.

The shoe seemed like a tomb. Ed struggled to climb onto the sandal and once he

was on it he sat down and looked at Ashley. She calmly sat at her desk and did

exactly what she said she would do, grade papers. All Ed could do was stare at

her barefoot that she dangled it above him. Ashley hung her foot over Ed's head

so that he could stare at it. He examined every inch of its perfection. She knew

he was in her sandal awaiting her to crush him so she wanted to torment him for

as long as she could.

Suddenly the door to her room burst open and Amy came in.

“Ashley, have you seen Ed!?” She asked.

Calmly Ashley replied, “No. Did you shrink him yet?”

“Yes. He punched me and ran. I chased him into the hall but lost him. I checked

every empty room but I can't find him!”

Ashley glanced at Ed then back to Amy. “Let me put my shoe on and I'll help you

find him.”

Ed tensed up. This was it. Ashley slowly brought her foot down towards her shoe.

Ed watched as her soft pink sole became larger and larger as it approached him.

The last fifteen minutes his entire life had been devoted to Ashley's foot. Now

everything in his life, everything he had accomplished, it all meant nothing,

his entire world had became the bottom of Ashley's foot. He lie down in the shoe

and watched as her wrinkled sole, the sole that he'd be a small stain on in a

few seconds, slide over his head. It stopped just as Ashley's instep was above

him. Ed stared in horror at ever line, every detail of Ashley's instep. It was

the last thing he would ever see.

Ashley left her foot just above Ed for as long as she could. She then decided it

was time.

“Ready to find him Amy?” Ashley asked as she began to stand up.

Ed felt the movement then saw the foot quickly descend onto him. The soft flesh

hit him and quickly engulfed him. The soft sole quickly became hard as the

pressure rapidly increased. It hit him all at once. Within seconds Ed felt his

bones crack, skin split, and organs burst. Then nothing.

Ashley paused and smiled as she felt Ed ‘POP' in her shoe. The feeling of Ed's

smashed body in her shoe made her wet. She knew that her and Amy would never

find Ed, but she wanted to walk around with Ed in her shoe for as long as she

could. It felt too good.


Giantess Stories: Choices

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