Giantess Stories: Christina Aguilera by The Wordmaster   In a undisclosed location

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Christina Aguilera

by The Wordmaster

In a undisclosed location, somewhere in California, far below the earth's

surface, the Bell tolled three times, summoning the Chosen Ones. The Beautiful

People. They congregated in the Assembly Hall, beneath the shadow cast by the

throne of The Hooded One. Its face shrouded in shadow, the hooded figure raised

its gavel and banged it down three times, drawing attention to itself. All sound

ceased as the Hooded One spoke.

"Your attention please. This meeting has been called for women only. All male

members of the Teen Icons of America Society are now asked to leave in an

organized manner."

Grumbling amongst themselves, the Backstreet Boys and N'Sync left, followed

closely by rapper Eminem. A multitude of models and actors filed out, wondering

what was so important that they were not allowed to participate in.

When all had exited, the Hooded One spoke again. "We shall now take role. When

called, please say 'here'. Jennifer Lopez?"

"Here," came the response.

"Destiny's Child?"

"Here," chorused the trio.

"Britney Spears?"

"Like, totally here!"

Role continued until all members had been accounted for. "Now," the Hooded One

almost seemed to purr. "We are not here to discuss the usual topics." A chorus

of groans passed through the assembly. Every girl loved to hear the latest

Hollywood gossip. A little friendly catfighting was usually part of the routine.

And, of course, fashion and make-up tips were always hungrily pounced upon. "No,

instead, we have a very... interesting new project. You know we have been

searching for new publicity stunts, correct?" Murmurs of agreement. "Well, I

believe we may have found the stunt to end all stunts. Listen, if you will, to

this." The Hooded One revealed a letter with a flourish and began to read.

"Dear Female Models, Singers, Actresses, Pop Divas, and Assorted Others,

"We, as members of the GTS community, have always admired your work (and in some

cases the work of your plastic surgeons). We know that you have all made it big,

but how would you like to be REALLY big? Enclosed are several doses of a new

growth drug that our esteemed Dr. Scott Grildrig has designed, the production of

which our good friend Pete has funded, and our various other members (Notably

our dear Mr. G, Tinyboy, Asukafan, and too many others to list) have supported

in every way possible. The directions are simple: take a single pill to increase

your height tenfold. We would caution against increasing the stature of more

than one member at any time, as catfights are common and could cause quite a

deal of damage. We shall also leave the decision of who shall be the first to

grow to you. Each dose is temporary, lasting approximately four hours, easily

long enough for any concert, photo shoot, or movie scene.

"With much love and regards,


A stunned silence hovered in the room, finally pierced by a whiny comment from

Britney. "'Megafan?' Like, what were that guy's parents thinking when they named


Pink responded caustically: "'Megafan' isn't his real name, you dolt. It's a


Britney stared blankly in response.

"An alias," clarified Pink.

Britney shook her head slightly, trying to comprehend.

Sighing, Pink shouted: "A fake name, you stupid slut!"

"Oh!" The light finally dawned. "Well, why didn't you just say so?" Turning to

the Hooded One, she flashed a winning smile and asked "Can I grow first?"

"Hey, hold on!" Interjected Michelle Branch. "We don't even know if this stuff

works! Besides, what makes you think you should be first to grow?"

"Like, I think that's what the public would want, duh."

"Hell, no!" Yelled J-Lo. "If anybody's growing, it's gonna be me!"

"Oh, shut up, Lopez. Your ass is big enough as it is!"

The Hooded One smiled. Raising its hand, which held the bottle of growth pills,

it spoke. "Of course it works, Miss Branch. We tested it thoroughly. As for who

shall grow first, we see only one way to settle this..." Removing a single pill

from the bottle, it held it aloft for all to see. A flick of the wrist sent it

flying into the crowd. "Catch!"

Chaos ensued. Years of petty squabbles exploded into an all-out war. Hair was

pulled, nails flashed like daggers, beautiful faces twisted in snarls. In

essence, it was the cat fight to end all cat fights. Finally, a hand popped out

of the entangled mass of girls, clutching the pill in its elegantly manicured

nails. Struggling to escape without further injury, Christina Aguilera emerged

the victor. With a ringing laugh, she popped the pill and the growth began.

Tossing her mane of blonde hair, Christina slowly swelled to six, seven, eight

feet in height. Luckily, the formula allowed for the growth of clothing (a

special addition thrown in by Lurch). Christina's short red shorts were now

level with the other girls' heads, her mountainous chest strained against her

tight white T-shirt. As her bare feet expanded (she had lost her shoes in the

cat fight), the other girls scattered to avoid injury. Everyone was very glad

that the room's ceiling was over a hundred feet up. Christina's growth

accelerated, shooting her up to twenty, twenty-five, thirty-five, forty feet in

height. It then slowed; she slowly creeped up to forty five, forty six, forty

seven feet. Finally, at exactly fifty feet (coincidental? Or a planned effort by

the GTS drug makers?) she stopped.

Slowly turning in a circle, Christina surveyed her tiny counterparts, cowering

near her gigantic feet. Each toe was almost a foot tall and several feet long.

They were meticulously pedicured, the nails painted in a clear polish, gleaming

in the light. The girls knew that if they were to look up, they would see the

rest of her body just as large. None wanted to, but none could resist. Following

the long curves of her beautiful legs, disappearing beneath the red canopy of

her shorts, many eyes popped at her gigantic ass. Her bare midriff evoked a few

more stares. Just a little further up (on her scale. To everyone else, it was

several dozen feet up) her titanic breasts rose and fell with her breath,

wobbling slightly (she was braless, and her nipples were clearly evident). Her

face was a study in excitement, lust, and power. Gazing down on her miniscule

minions, she locked eyes with each and every one in turn. Her lip gloss

shimmered as she spoke:

"Well, well, well, my 'friends.' Looks like the competition for the MTV music

awards is about to be eliminated."

Swiftly, she lifted her foot off the ground and slammed it down. Destiny's Child

didn't have a chance to scream before they were reduced to puddles of blood and

gore. J-Lo was reduced to jello beneath the mighty heel of the giantess.

Michelle Branch cowered, but was not spared. Her pretty young body was smeared

across the floor as Christina stomped on her then dragged her foot back. Soon,

all the girls were reduced to paste. All but one....

"Britney! How's it going?" Christina smirked at her biggest competitor in the

music biz.

Britney lay curled in a ball, tears running down her face. "P-please don't kill

me," she sobbed.

Christina's eyes bored holes into Britney. They were aglow with an inner light,

a fire feuled by destruction. A thousand thoughts flew through her head. How

Britney was always number one, how she got all the guys, how she got all the

fans, how she got her own fucking movie! Her rage grew as she pondered hundreds

of reasons to end this pitiful little girl's life beneath her mighty foot. All

these thoughts and feelings were summed up in a single word: "Why?"

She slowly advanced her foot towards Britney, never even lifting it off the

floor. Blood and gore were bulldozed towards her tiny prey, who lay motionless,

knowing there was no way to escape. Christina spread her big and second toes,

maneuvered her foot so that Britneys head was right between them, resting in a

pool of the sickening remains of her fellow singers. Slowly, so slowly, she

squeezed her toes together in a vice-like grip around Britney's head. Britney

screamed as the pressure mounted. She flailed her arms and kicked her legs, but

there was no stopping the inevitable. Christina asked again: "Why?" just before

slamming her toes together.

The crunch was easily the most satisfying sound she had ever heard.

Turning to the Hooded One, she held out her palm. Without a word, the Hooded One

poured every pill into her massive hand. In seconds, they were gone. The growth

began again. Christina's head rose towards the ceiling, into the ceiling, 5 consejos para jugar en casinos online

through the ceiling, and still she grew. Publicity stunt? Not anymore. Christina

had tasted blood, and she wanted more.


John Williams whistled merrily as he fairly flew down the expressway on his way

to the office. A fine morning in downtown L.A.; the sun shining through the smog

lent a beauty to the roads. Yes sir, a man could learn to love the city, with

all its --


What the...?


John stopped his car and stared at the road in front of him. Something was

definitely wrong.


With each thunderous sound, the ground shook, the road bulged upwards, cracks

radiating from the center of impact. It almost seemed like something was trying

to break through...


Something finally did.

John stared at the mighty fist protruding from the asphalt in front of him. It

was easily thirty feet high. As he watched, the long, feminine fingers opened,

doubling the height of the hand, which rose upwards, followed by an arm. The

arm, covered in bangles and bracelets, bent at the elbow, sending the hand

towards the ground, which shuddered again with the impact. His car bounced

wildly as he stared at the long fingernails, only a few feet from his car. A

rumbling began, the ground trembled, and another hand and arm burst through. Now

two arms pressed flat against the ground, and between them suddenly appeared...

Christina Aguilera?

John sat frozen, not believing what he saw. Pushing down, Christina lifted

herself out of the hole she had created. She slowly and majestically rose to her

full height. John craned his neck upwards, rubbing his eyes. She arched her

back, stretching, then looked around at her new surroundings. Damn, she was big.

Bigger than anything John had ever seen. Her toes were twice the size of his

car. Her legs rose forever into the sky. Her shorts clad ass was a thing of

beauty. Her breasts heaved beneath her ultra-tight shirt as she panted with

exertion. Her face was flushed, but she wore a grin of delirious joy. Shaking

her blonde hair, she began to walk towards the tiny buildings she saw in the


When she was gone, John slowly exited his car, shakily walked a few steps, and

promptly fainted dead away.


The earth shook. People flooded into the streets, seeking escape. The city had

easily spotted Christina's approach. At first, they had tried to talk with her,

using loudspeakers and helicopters. She had ignored their polite requests that

she leave before she severely damaged the city. She had ignored their frantic

demands that she leave before she severely damaged the city. She had ignored the

gunfire they opened on her as she calmly began to severely damage the city.

Buildings were fun to tip over, and cars were good for crushing, but Christina

really loved the people. Nothing was more satisfying than hearing the screams of

terror cut short and feeling the warmth of fresh blood on the soles of her feet.

She didn't know why she did it. She knew they were people, not ants, but that

somehow made it even more enjoyable. Slowly, she lifted her foot and brought it

down again.

Each step flattened hundreds of people. The crunching, squishing sound mingling

with their shrieks was an experience in itself. She couldn't help herself.

Gleefully, she strode about the city. The mobs were everywhere, trying to flee,

so no matter where she stepped... CRUNCH!

As much as she enjoyed destroying thousands of lives at once, she grew tired of

it eventually. It was time for something new. Bending over, she scooped up a

double handful of citizens. Rising to her full height, she watched them scramble

about in her palms, writhing, crawling, shouting. Grinning, she began stomping.

The roads beneath her mighty feet buckled, and soon she had created a deep

chasm. It was about ankle high to her, nearly 100 feet to the civilians. She

dumped her prisoners into it, knowing that they could not escape. Carefully, she

sat down, her legs stretched out in front of her, the hole between them, near

her crotch.

She watched the tiny bugs mill about uncertainly. She reached into the hole and

fished out a smaller handful; she counted fourteen tiny prisoners. They weren't

even half an inch tall. Lifting them to her eyes and peering intently, she could

just barely make out their features. Their faces were full of fear. Good. She

leaned forwards and dumped them near her feet. Immediately, a few broke and ran,

but were quickly reduced to paste beneath her soles. The others got the message

and didn't move. Grinning wickedly, Christina introduced herself.


Pinching one tiny person between her finger and thumb, she held him over the

others' heads and squeezed. They watched in terror as he flailed and screamed,

then crunched. Blood and guts spewed from his mouth and ran down her fingers,




Her tiny slaves cowered in fear. Her feet were the size of a city block, covered

in the blood and remains of the people she had stomped. They didn't move.

Christina was watching intently, and she saw their refusal. Growling, she lifted

her foot on its heel, moved it over a single man, and swiftly brought it down.

He was lost beneath its size; the crunch was inaudible over the boom of her foot

hitting the ground. "GET GOING!" She told the remaining people. Still there was

no response. She repeated the exercise, flattening another tiny man. Now, the

remaining people were spurred to action. They approached the towering toes and

began to rub. Grisly gore dripped off the skin and covered their palms. Several

stopped to vomit, but immediately began again for fear of being crushed.

Christina watched, and waited.

The first was the little guy by her big toe. He averted his eyes as he rubbed,

trying not to think about the carnage this gigantic toe had caused. Suddenly,

the toe twitched. Fearfully, he watched it rise. Gasping, he stumbled backwards.

He tripped and fell, throwing his hands over his head. He watched in terror as

the toe moved over him, covering his body. He sobbed as it slowly descended,

crushing the breath out of him. Pain flashed through him, but ended in seconds

as his body exploded. Shuddering, the other slaves continued their foot rub. One

by one, each met the same fate.

Reaching into the hole, Christina fished out another handful. She figured she

had enough slaves left to do this three more times.


When the final dozen slaves were deposited by her feet, they found the area as

grisly as any battlefield. Pools of blood and guts lie everywhere; body parts,

sometimes half of a corpse, were strewn about. The knowledge that they were next

was too much to take. They slowly approached her feet, but were stopped by the


WASHING. WHAT DO YOU SAY TO A TONGUE BATH?" Horrified, they gaped at each other.

She couldn't mean... but she did. Grimly, each slave picked a toe and began to

lick the blood from it.

Christina enjoyed the attention, but something was off. It seemed like the

tickling sensations on her feet were growing stronger. The tiny tongues she felt

seemed a little bit larger. But that could only mean... "OH SHIT!" she breathed,

as she realized what was happening. Her four hours were up, and she was

shrinking! Already, the buildings seemed taller that her. Quickly, she lifted

her foot, poised it over her slaves and stomped. Climbing to her feet, she

turned and ran. The shrinking was accelerating; she was already half her

gigantic size. If she shrank, she'd be caught! And there was no chance of being

let off the hook for what she had done. As she ran, she dwindled. She was only

one hundred feet tall when she left the city, only fifty when she reached the

hole she had emerged from. Climbing back into it, she shrank even more, until

she was her normal height when she reached the floor. Sighing, she looked around

at the ruined Assembly Hall. Turning, she saw the Hooded One's throne before

her. Wordlessly, the figure held up a pen and a piece of paper. Christina took

them and began writing.

"Dear Members of the GTS Community,

"Any chance you've got some more of those pills?


"Christina Aguilera"


Giantess Stories: Christina Aguilera by The Wordmaster   In a undisclosed location

In a undisclosed location, somewhere in California, far below the earth's by The Wordmaster by The Wordmaster Christina Aguilera Christina Aguilera



Giantess Stories: Christina Aguilera by The Wordmaster   In a undisclosed location

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Giantess Stories: Christina Aguilera by The Wordmaster   In a undisclosed location

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