Giantess Stories: Cindi

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Cindi's Suprise

by littlelarry

It started about 3 months ago when I started seeing Cindi. Cindi to me is the

most beautiful thing god put on his green earth. Cindi was 17 years old, I

myself am 19. I had met Cindi thru a friend and we fell in love. Cindi is about

5'11, a gorgeous body, silky sandy-brown hair and hypnotising green eyes. Cindi

and I have grown a lot closer throughout the past 3 months. Hell, we even tell

each other our own fantasies except the fantasy of me being loved by a giantess.

So, on night out of the blue I went over Cindi's place because her parents had

gone out of town and she wanted to watch some movies she had rented. So here I

go, off to Cindi's. When I got to her place she answered the door, god she

looked beautiful as ever. She was wearing this skirt that revealed her legs, man

were they long and beautiful, she was wearing a pair of go-go boots that she

loved to wear. Her top was like a short t-shirt, kinda like a belly shirt, man

did she look good, so we gave each other our hello kisses and she showed me the

movies that she rented, first was the new version of 'Attack of the 50 ft.

Woman' with Darryl Hannah, it made me curious because I never mentioned my

giantess fantasy to her, the other was the incredible shrinking man...she had

asked me if I had seen them before, of course I had said she said after

the movie I have a big suprise for you...which made me even more curioius

because she loves to give suprises, so we finished watching both movies and then

she asked. Would you love me if I was 50 feet tall? I hesitated for a minute

because she caught me totally off guard, I told her yes, I would love her no

matter what, Then she had gotten a big smile on her face, she gave me a kiss and

said, 'I want to remember what your kiss was like' Hmmm... I thought I was

starting to feel really nervous now, then she left the room and came back with a

camera, 'stand over there she asked, I want to get a picture of I

did, and she snapped the button. A bright flash happend and then everything

looked different, all of the sudden, I felt as if the entire east coast was

going to break off. But then I looked, all I had seen infront of me was a pair

of gigantic boots, and I continued to look up and I seen her face smiling down

on me, this your big suprise baby, I want to give you the most erotic experience

in your life. She had to be 100 feet tall. She gently knocked me over with the

toe of her right boot and I was on my back "please don't hurt me!!" I cried to

her, and she looked at me with a smile, sweetheart, she said, I love you too

much to hurt you, I want to give you something special, so she took the soul of

her right boot and lightly ran it over me, oh god did it feel good, the smooth

wooden soul of her boot, then she said, hang on honey, she reached down with her

left index finger and thumb and grabbed me by my waist. 'take off your clothes

for me will you?' she gently asked, I complied because hell...when will I ever

get and opportunity like this!!!" When I finished removing my clothes I was in

the palm of her right hand, wow, did it feel so nice against my naked body, as

she smiled down on me, she said, now it's time for the biggest blow job you ever

had, suddenly, I felt the ground below me change, I was again in her left index

finger and thumb and when I looked down, she was opening her mouth, her lips

were red and beautiful, I was too excited to scream, then she wrapped her lips

around my waist and let out a coo, mmmmm...she said, I could eat you up, but

then I won't have you anymore, then she started working me in and out like a

popsickle, she worked her tounge on my body, massaging my penis and my legs, I

had never in my life expereinced so much pleasure in my life, this felt good.

Then she just kept at my dick with her tounge, I couldn't hold out any longer

and I had cum all inside her mouth, I was tired, but I don't think she noticed

me cumming though, she pulled me out and noticed I was not moving and laying

there limp. "How was that?" she asked, I looked at her and smiled and she said

"I have more planned for you later she said, and she gave me a kiss, 'I love

you' she said, and I told her I loved her. Life will never be the same, but I

like it....

To be Continued..

Giantess Stories: Cindi

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