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By AbsoluteBeginner Tom

I was blinded. I saw black spots, moving all around. It was like when you stare

directly into the sun for too long. SLAM! The ground shook. SLAM!!! Again. I

slowly opened my eyes again, and I realized I was lying on the floor of the

classroom. But the classroom was HUGE! I mean, really huge! Like a hundred times

bigger than usual! I looked around and saw that many other students were lying

or sitting next to me, moaning or crying, in a distance of what they would've

been if the room had been normal sized. They were all very small compared to the

room accesoires around them. The next desk, about 50 feet away, was incredibly



I was knocked to the floor again. Sarah

Suddenly everything went white, my eyes hurt very much. It was like the flash of

a camera. When I opened my eyes, I was lying on the floor. My left leg was

hurting like crazy, and I couldn't move it. I tried to pull myself up at a

nearby desk, but I didn't make it and fell down again. I tried it again, and

failed a second time. I looked around if anyone was there to pull me up. Then I

saw them. The other students were there. On the floor. Tiny. Perhaps one or two

inch tall, or even smaller! I was afraid. I don't know why I was afraid of them,

I could've easily held all of them in the palm of my hand, but I was very

afraid. I stared at them, some of them stared back, while others didn't seem to

realize how tiny they were. But then I tried to get up again, and I pulled

myself through the room with my damaged leg, until I hit a wall, where I fell

down again, and leaned against it. Chris

I was one of the few people who actually didn't go crazy or were hurt or

anything. I just stood there and gazed at her. She was so fucking titanic! One

of her legs was lying under a desk, and when she woke up she knocked it to the

metal edge very hard. She got a painful expression on her face, then tried to

pull up on a desk twice. She didn't make it, and then she looked down. I thought

she looked directly into my eyes, although her eyes must have been many times

the size of mine. She stared down about ten seconds, and I started to run

towards her other leg, which was close to us. It seemed to be a big wall of

blackness, with a titanic mountain at the one end, and a white sneaker at the

other end. In the middle, at the knee, it was thinner, while the diameter seemed

to increase at the ends. I had no chance. Immediately after I started running,

she pulled her leg away, far out of my reach, and she more or less walked to the

end of the room. I ran after her... Julia

We were just coming from the cafeteria. We, that's me and Jessica. When I opened

the classroom door, I heard a moaning. It was Sarah, leaning against the wall,

crying and rubbing her leg. When she saw me, she cried for help.

"Help me! They...they're so tiny. Please make them go away!"

I didn't know what she meant, and neither did Jessica. We slowly approached her,

but when we were about at the teacher's desk, she yelled.

"BE CAREFUL! They're so small," after a little whine she continued,"I'm so

afraid of them."

We stopped, but we just didn't realize what she meant until she pointed a weak

hand at our feet. What we saw made us back away. There were all of the other

students, only very small, like they were shrunken or something. They were only

about one inch high! I shrieked (I always do that when I am surprised), made a

few steps backwards, fearing I had already stepped on someone with my


I stared down, and the little ones stared back. After a few seconds, I carefully

bent down, got on my knees, and inspected them closer. They seemed to be afraid

of me. I slowly moved my hand forward, my index finger poking out, and touched

one. I could feel him trying to push my finger away, but he had no chance. He

fell on the floor, what made me giggle. Just think about it, you poke someone

with your finger and he falls on his ass!

"Hey, stop it, you scare them..." Jessica got on her knees beside me, and helped

the fallen boy to his feet by lifting his back with her fingertip. She then

maneuvered him onto her palm, lifted him to her face, and asked him what had

happened. When I took a closer look at him, I recognized it was Tom. He was so

small! He wasn't even as big as my thumb! I stroked him carefully with my

fingertip, and apologized. Then I started counting them... Tom

When the door opened, the floor shook again, as the two girls approached. They

would certainly have stepped on us, if not for Sarah warning them. I could

understand something about she was afraid of us, which puzzled me. She, afraid

of an ant? She was bigger than a house to us!

The one girl was wearing white flip-flops with a bright green strap around her

long, car sized toes, the other one black sandals with a ten feet high heel.

Don't think I'm a foot fetish, but you don't see much more than the feet of a

girl who is perhaps three hundred feet high. Okay, perhaps the legs. The one

with the flip-flops was wearing jeans shorts, and had very tanned legs, the

other one blue jeans that reached down to her ankles. Suddenly, the girl with

the tanned legs bent down on her knees, and I realized it was Julia. She pointed

a long finger at me, and I started to back away, but she was faster. The finger

pushed against my chest, and I tried to make it go away with all my strength. It

didn't move a bit. I fell down hard. The other girl quickly bent down too, and

helped me up. When she lifted me to her face, I saw it was Jessica. Her deep

brown eyes were piercing right through me when she rumbled something with an

incredible loud and deep voice. I was speechless. Then, something hit my back,

and I nearly fell down onto Jessica's palm. I turned around, and it was Julia,

stroking me with her index finger, smiling. Her skin was soft and warm, but her

fingertip was bigger than my head. She said she was sorry for knocking me down,

and then turned away. Sarah

I watched Julia and Jessica, but then my knee started hurting again, so I pulled

the leg of my pants up to look if I had a wound, but I didn't find one. When I

was about to pull it down over my knee again, I suddenly saw something small

crawl next to my bare leg. It looked like an insect, but it was obviously human.

I was shocked, so I started to scream, which made it fall down to the floor.

Unfortunately it fell right against my bare skin. I felt it! I don't know why I

was afraid of one of my classmates, who was shrunken to a size he was barely

visible at, but why are many people afraid of spiders? Or mice? It's something

that makes them think they're ugly. That's how it was with me. It felt just like

a spider would feel. I pulled my leg away, and sent my hand down to squish it.


I had finally reached Sarah, and I wanted to get her attention. She would

certainly help me. I stopped to catch my breath and take another look at her.

Man was she BIG! But her motions were very slow and smooth, full of grace. I

admired her. Suddenly a giant hand came down and knocked me to the floor. I

screamed in pain, but I managed to stand up again. I cried up to Sarah, but she

didn't see or hear me. Instead, she pulled the leg of her pants up, and I was

suddenly faced with a giant wall of lovely skin. I looked up again, and screamed

Sarah's name. She looked at her leg, and then turned her head. I could see her

big blue eyes focus on me, and her face turned from "lovely" to "kill". A loud

scream raped my ears, and I fell down on my already hurting leg. I hit something

smooth, but suddenly I fell again and hit the hard, cold floor. I opened my eyes

just in time to see a giant hand coming down for me. It was big enough to crush

a house, and it was fast. I cried in fear, and I already saw myself dead under

her fingers. I had had a crush on her since I knew her, and now she was crushing

me like an insect. I saw everything in slow-motion, like in that action movies

when they dodge bullets and so on. I could see every single line of her skin in

her palm, I saw the huge silver ring on her ring finger. I tried to move, but I

could only move in slow-motion, too. I admired her white skin, that would crush

me with the most destructive power ever. I felt the rush of air pushed against

the floor by her hand. Perhaps I could sneak between two of her fingers? No, she

would hit me with the part of her hand, where the fingers lead into the palm. I

blacked out... Sarah

It came to my mind in the last second. It wasn't an insect. It was a human. It

was a boy from my class. Perhaps a friend. I pulled my hand back. Instead of

squishing him, I carefully scooped him up between my fingers, and placed him on

my palm. Tears escaped my eyes, when I recognized it was Chris. Chris, who had

always looked at me during the lessons. Chris, who was to shy to talk to me.

Chris, who was real cute. I looked at him through the tears, and saw one of his

legs was standing out in a strange angle. He didn't move. I had killed him. I

had killed an innocent boy who liked me. He had been so small and helpless, he

propably had wanted me to help him or take care of him. And I had killed him. I

cried like a little girl, and pulled his little dead body against my chest. Julia

Twenty one, twenty two, twenty three.

"They're twenty three including us three. So there's one missing."

"I think there's one with Sarah." Jessica pointed towards Sarah, who sat crying

about someone she held in her hands.

"Ok, so now we need a plan. We've got to help them."

"We could each take some home with us over the weekend."

"Yes, that sounds good to me."

I turned towards my shrunken classmates on the floor in front of me.

"Is that ok with you?" Many nodded, some didn't move at all.

"Ok, then please everybody who wants to stay with me come over here." I walked

some steps from Jessica and sat down.

"And if you want to come to my house, come to me. I think Sarah won't take

anyone but the one she's got already." Jessica sat down to the opposing side,

and formed a platform with her hands, after she had put Tom down to the other

ones. Tom

They told us they would take us home with them, and let us choose with whom we

wanted to stay. I think many of the boys went to Julia only because she was

wearing shorts and flip-flops, which amazed them. I chose Jessica, since I liked

her, and she already had helped me once by taking me in her hands, while Julia

had pushed me to the floor. So I walked towards her flat hands and climbed in

her palm, where I sat down and smiled up. She returned my smile.

When everybody had decided, Jessica slowly stood up, still holding us in her

cupped hands. I could see Julia pick her fans up one by one and place them on

various positions on her body, her bare shoulders, her ears, her dark hair, the

strap of her bra, wherever. They didn't seem to care. I wondered what I would do

if Jessica placed me in her dark blond hair. What could I do? Julia

After I had put the little ones to places they were safe at, I stood up and we

walked over to Sarah, who had calmed down. She sat there, her back to the wall,

holding a little boy in her one hand, stroking his body with the fingers of the

other hand. She was still whining.

"What's the problem with him?" I asked.

"The problem? The PROBLEM? He's DEAD! I killed him..."

"What? Why did you kill him? He didn't do anything to you-" Jessica was angry,

but I interrupted her quickly, because I didn't want Sarah to be sad anymore.

"Hey, Hey, he's not dead. Look at him, he's moving. But you've broken his leg,

you'll have to look after him very carefully."

"YOU'RE ALIVE! Gosh, I can't believe it! I'm sorry, I am so sorry, please-"

"Stop it, you'll kill him. You wouldn't want someone to yell at you when you

wake up, would you?"

"You're right. But I'm so happy!" She gave him a full-body kiss, then pressed

him to her cheek. Guess what? He fainted again... Chris

Colors. So many colors. So many nice different colors. The blur slowly left my

eyes, and I realized I had been unconscious. I shook my head to get the colors

out of it. When I tried to stand up, I noticed I couldn't move my left leg. Then

I noticed the surface on which I was lying was a soft, warm material. I could feel it move slowly below me. I opened my eyes, and the

first thing I saw was an unbelievable monstrous thing. It was tanned, and far

above it seemed to lead into a blue thing. The word 'thigh' reached my mind. A

thigh. A girl's tanned thigh. I yelled when I remembered I was only one inch

tall, and tried to back away from the thigh in front of me. I forgot about my

leg. I started screaming, but suddenly was overwhelmed by a deep rumbling sound,

which was incredibly loud. Then another sound seemed to come from the sky, and

the first one stopped. I turned my head, and saw a black hole framed by red

cushions, that approached rapidly. I cried out loud, and when it hit me, the

last thing I noticed was it's softness. Then I fainted... Sarah

I couldn't help myself, I had to kiss him. After all, it was my fault that his

leg was broken, and he was certainly still very afraid of me, since I had tried

to kill him. I imagined how it would look for him, a titanic girl sitting on the

floor, an when you try to get her attention, she wants to squish you under her

hand. I looked at my hand, and imagined it a hundred times bigger. I frowned. I

pressed the little body against my cheeks, but I was careful not to hurt him or

twist one of his little limbs. Then I laid him onto my open palm and looked at

him closer. He was so cute, lying there, smaller than my fingers.

I bent my head as close as possible, and studied the tiny face, when suddenly

the eyes opened. Chris seemed very surprised, and when he realized where he was,

and who I was, he gave out a little whine, and looked at me with fear. I could

hear him say something, but I didn't understand it. His hands were formed like

he was praying, and he shook his head from time to time. Then I understood. He

was pleading me. Propably not to kill him, or to let him go. I wondered how I

could convince him that I didn't mean any harm, and that I wanted to help him.

I smiled a wide smile, but then realized he propably couldn't see it, because he

was too close to my face. I had another idea. I slowly moved my head towards

him, and nudged him with the tip of my nose. The freckles on it must have looked

like plates for his little eyes. His hands punched against my nose tip, and it

tickled me. I was as careful as I only could, and after a few seconds, he

stopped fighting me. I stroke him up and down, and I think he enjoyed it, at

least a bit. After that, I slowly removed my face from my palm, so he could get Accesorios Colección Pajaro Loco

a better look at me, and see I didn't want to hurt him. I smiled again, and


"Sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you. Let's be friends, okay?" Tom

The girls went home, but agreed to meet at Julia's house in the afternoon (her

parents were out), so they could plan what to do next, or try to make us big

again. It was friday, so we would have a full day to spend. I don't know how

Julia and Sarah smuggled their part of the class out of school without being

noticed, but Jessica put us in her lunch box to prevent us from being crushed

between her books. There were still some crumbs in it, and I was hit by a piece

of cheese more than once while the world bounced up and down. But the time in

the lunch box gave us time to talk about what had happened.

The others didn't remember more than me, but everyone had seen a blinding flash.

A boy was still not realizing what had happened, he refused to believe that

girls were now the size of mountains, and he the size of an ant.

It was almost complete dark in the box, and, well there's not much to tell,

since nothing happend as far as I remember. The "dawn," Jessica opening the box,

came quite soon, and we were greeted by a warm smile, which caused several boys

to freak out.. "she'll kill us" and "she'll eat us all" were the most common

words... I don't know why, but the girls took it much better than the boys.

Perhaps because the girls were Jessicas friends or so, and the boys had just

seen her as a blond petite object used for dirty jokes.

THEN I saw the real reason. She was wearing earrings that looked like little

metal men, "little" to her, twice our size. The one earring was directly stuck

to her ear lobe upside down, the other one was hanging from a small chain. He

looked like he was hung up by his metal throat. Of course they were not real,

but they sure shocked me!

She seemed to be rather confused why we were frightened, in fact she looked a

bit sad. In a low voice she asked:

"What is it? You don't have to be afraid..."

I read her eyes and they said: 'I thought you trusted me'

With a sad look on her face, she gave us something to eat and drink, which in

fact wouldn't have made one mouthful for her, but was more than enough for us.


When I woke up, I was on a hard wooden floor. I sat back, prepared to face my

room after falling out of my bed in a nightmare, but it wasn't exactly MY room.

I WAS someones room, though. But "someone" was obviously at least 100 times

bigger than me...

I tried to walk around with my hurt leg, and found out I was in fact on a desk,

not a school desk but Sarahs desk. In front of me was a glass full of pencils

and coloured pens, next to it a sheet of paper the size of a small town. I could

see grey lines on it, and when I "walked" closer I realized there was something

written on it. I was so small, that I had to crouch line for line to be able to

read it. Here is what I read:

"Dear Chris"   Ah, it was a letter to me!

"I am very sorry about your leg"   Me too, me too...

"But I mistook you for a bug"   Thats hard...

"And wanted to squish you"   Oh, really.

"Next to my leg."

"I hope you'll wake up soon,"

"unfortunately I have to go to viola lesson now"

"but I'm looking forward to seing you"   *blush*

"and the others"   Oh.

"we'll meet at Julias house later."

"Love Sarah"

There was a huge (believe me REALLY HUGE!!!) lip print next to the "Love Sarah".

I was not sure what to think. Sounded like she really was sorry, but I still saw

the killer look on her face... She had written "love". Did she mean "love" or

real "love"? Did she know I had a crush on her?

My leg really started to hurt now. Julia

When I arrived at home, I took my little passengers out of their various seats,

and sat them on the kitchen table. My parents were away for the weekend, so I

fried some french fries wih ketchup for them (and me, of course). I fetched a

big plate, put it onto the table and filled it with the fries. Then I placed a

spoon like a ramp, so that my little friends were able to reach them. At first

they were kinda shy, but then more and more walked up the "bridge" and began to

nibble at the fries. They did not really eat much.

After a while, they started to shout and waved their hands and stuff, so I asked

if they didn't like my fries. They immediately said no, and that they loved it,

but they wanted some of the ketchup, which was at the other side of the plate.

They propably didn't even see it! So I took the bottle and made them a ketchup

blob next to "their" side of the fries. I then picked up a frie (which looked

EXTRA good!) and dropped it in the ketchup. I thought about the afternoon and

how I could make them big or so, and lifted the frie to my mouth. When I was at

about half of the frie, I realized the screaming, and I looked down to see that

three(!) boys were stuck in the ketchup on the frie. I had nearly devoured them!

As fast as possible, I put the ketchup-dipped frie down on the plate and,

watched as the others helped their endangered mates climb out of the sticky red


Luckily they were still ten, so I had not eaten someone. I told them I was so

sorry, and I would be more careful next time. I then waited, and after half a

hour they were all full. I devoured the rest (the fries of course not my

friends!) and then asked them what they wanted to do. Sarah

I played the viola so terribly that my teacher asked if I were in love. I left

as soon as I could, and hurried home. I hoped my mum or my little brother had

not found Chris on my desk!

When I arrived in my room, my first look went to the letter I had written to

Chris. It was still there, and had not moved one millimeter. Of course not. Did

I expect a one inch boy with a broken leg to move a soccer field? Silly thought.

Chris was not on the spot where I had placed him earlier, so he had woken up.

Was that a good sign? I scanned the desk, but didn't see him. Oh my God! What if

he fell down? He can't survive the height difference... I threw myself on my

knees and carefully crouched around my desk, but he was not lying on the floor

beneath it. Was that a good sign? Or had my mum "cleaned him up" and flushed him

down the toilet? My mind was spinning. I sat on the chair. Then I thought he

propably had been on the chair, and quickly stood again, but there was no sign

of him on the chair. Of course. I had crushed him flat with my butt. I started

to cry, but suddenly I saw a small thing next to my pencil glass. I threw myself

on the chair and looked closer, soon I recognized it was Chris. He was leaning

to the glass wall, and had his eyes closed. My heart raced and I was relieved,


He seemed asleep, so I tried to make no sound and held my breath as I watched

him. Suddenly his eyes flew open and he looked directly at me. I was impressed

that he dared to look into the eyes of such a giantess as I had to be to him,

and I also felt somehow...honoured. He started to talk.

"Do you really think you can crash into a room, jump to the floor, sit on the

chair, get up and start to cry without an insect noticing and then BE QUIET?"

I flushed. Then I realized that he had seen me cry, so I got angry.

"Do you really think you can hide from someone who nearly killed you by accident

and make her think you're dead WITHOUT MAKING HER CRY?" I shouted the last part.

I regreted it at once, now he would be scared off and not talk a word. And he

would run to Jessica or Julia in the afternoon and tell them I had threatened

him. Jessica was the sweet angel anyway, never hurt a flower and never trodded

upon an ant. And me, just my luck, nearly killing a boy at sight. I hated her

for being so nice and so on, just because I had not been. She had more than

enough guys running after her when she smiled innocently and swung that cute a-

"You're cute when you're angry" He laughed. The silly bastard was laughing at


"YOU...YOU..." I flushed when I noticed I was shouting at someone who was SO

small, that my normal voice must have sounded like a thunderstorm. Just then my

wicked mind came up with one of those wunderful weird ideas that make the big

difference between me and "pretty sweet little angel" Jessica.

Ha! This stupid idiot thinks he can make fun of me? Wrong girl to mess with...


I was nearly dying from fear. I had wanted to cheer her up by saying cool things

and pretending not to be impessed of her size, but I was kinda afraid of the

result. In fact I was FUCKING AFRAID of her. I had played with fire, and now it

was coming to get me... I wondered what she was up to.

She ducked under the table where I couldn't see her, and soon reappeared, with a

look on her face that proved she WAS up to something! I backed up onto her

letter, and turned to run, which was actually a silly thought, because I

couldn't survive the jump from the desk. I had pictures in my mind like giant

scissors cutting my legs and arms off, being pierced onto earrings, being

flushed down the toilet and so on.

Suddenly the floor bucked up, and I landed on it hard, and I realized she was

just lifting the sheet of paper! I had made it easier for her to catch me! The

thin white floor below me shivered and bucked, then turned upside down, sending

me sliding towards the desk. But it wasn't the desk she was literally spilling

me on, it was a large crater! I tried to get hold of the surface below me, but I

couldn't get any grip.


Ooooh my heeead. Shit this hurts!

I tried to get up, but only managed it to all fours. I shook the ache out of my

head, and looked around me. It was not a toilet. I wasn't dead either. Was this

a good sign?

A loud "Tee hee" like sound made me look up. In the sky was Sarah, laughing at

me. She looked REALLY high! I had to look up a black skyscraper only to see her

waist! This made me realize where I was. Looking around, I found myself in one

of her sneakers! To my left, right and back were high walls which I couldn't

possibly scale, to the front a dark cavern that ended somewhere in blackness. I

AM IN HER SHOE! She'll squish me when she puts it on again! The heel part of she

sneaker was like a large crater to me, so how infinitely bigger than me was her

foot? A shadow fell over me. I did not dare to look up at first, but then I

could not resist. She had lifted one gracious impossibly high black clad slim

yet GIANT leg, the one which belonged to the shoe or the other way round. At the

bottom part was a socked foot, bigger than anything to me. I saw she had on

white socks. She moved her foot above me, and wriggled her toes (bigger than

houses propably!) in her socks and said something, but I was unable to

understand her. I cried loud and long, and screamed, too. I fell upon my bum and

cried my soul out. Sarah

I put him in the shoe, placed the shoe on the floor, and waited. As soon as he

had recovered from the fall, I lifted my foot up and pretended to slide it into

the shoe, which would mean his certain death. He just fell on his butt on looked

up with his mouth open, so I moved my foot trying to make it look threatening.

He got on all fours and then crawled towards the toe end of the shoe, out of my

field of vision. I didn't quite know what to do, so I just slid my toes into the

heel of my sneaker so it looked like I was putting the shoe on. It was a strange

feeling, I put these sneakers on nearly every day by sliding my toes in them

first, but this time any more sliding in would mash someone to pulp. Hell, he

was smaller than my small toe! Far smaller! Chris

I screamed as loud as I could, but she didn't react. I shouted "SARAH FORGIVE ME

DONT KILL ME," and she started sliding her foot in the shoe! This meant my

certain death! I was by FAR smaller than her little toe!

I crawled in the only direction that was not blocked by the monstrous wall of

her even more monstrous shoe, towards the toe end, all the while screaming and


When I turned back, most of the shoe had already fallen under the shadow of the

dooming foot, and her toes were already in the shoe, moving towards me.

Chanceless, I stopped running, and watched the damocles-foot enter its well

known territory.

The last thought I remember was "Sarah I love you, why do you kill me?"

Then the world shook terribly like an earthquake, and I blacked out. Sarah

Of course I didn't really want to hurt him, although having so much...

control... over him was pushing my ego a bit higher. So I pulled my foot out of

the shoe after a few seconds, and lifted the sneaker up. Just the moment I was

about to stand up with it, the door opened and my little brother stormed in. He

surprised me so much that the sneaker fell out of my hand and I on my bottom.

"SARAH, have you-"

"Get the hell out! OUT! NOW!" I screamed so loud that he hurried out and closed

the door carefully, instead of throwing it against the door frame like usually.

When I picked up the shoe from between my thighs it was empty... Tom

After our meal, we watched TV in Jessicas living room. She was lying on a couch

with her head propped up on the cushion, and we sat on her belly with the remote

control next to us. Her body was completely flat from toe to her neck, only her

head was a little higher so she could watch us watching TV.

I have to admit I have never seen something so beautiful before. Her belly is

not very broad, and next to it were her bare arms. She had such thin fingers,

although they were giant in comparison of course. Her legs stretched out to her

feet, wich were clad in rainbow-coloured wool socks, and her cute giant face was

framed by a dark blond mane. All parts of her body fit perfectly together,

forming the most beautiful being in the universe. Her dark brown eyes were deep

enough to drown me, her small mouth looked like an angels. But the most

admirable part was her nose. Straight, smooth, not too big or too small, with a

round peak and two deep black nostrils that widened on every breath she took.

The best thing all about her was her character. She was just so... damn nice!

She didn't take advantage of our size, she didn't complain about anything, she

helped us and even asked which channel to switch to when we couldn't press a

button on the remote. She was taking us serious although we were scum she could

get rid of in a second. I was in love.

After a few hours of watching TV, some of us fell asleep on the giant warm

stomach, nestled in folds of her shirt. Her body radiatet so much warmth that we

did not need heating. I watched some more minutes, and then looked around to

find everyone besides me asleep, even Jessica herself! Her stomach rose in

regular delays, and so widened her nostrils.

Giantess Stories: CLASSROOM DISASTER By AbsoluteBeginner      Tom   I was blinded

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