Giantess Stories: Classroom Terror  By  SSU GUY     I pulled myself out of bed not looking forward to going to school today

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Classroom Terror


SSU GUY aka Asukafan2001

I pulled myself out of bed not looking forward to going to school today. My

classes were rough. My students were pains in the ass. Well not all but a lot of

them. I don't know why it seemed like I always got the worst students in the

world. I was 29 years old and on the verge of becoming old to the students. I

remember just a few years ago I was the new young teacher. I was the cool

teacher now there is a new young teacher. A new “cool” teacher and I am becoming

just another teacher. I did however enjoy the relationships I have with some of

my students, but there is always some who its better off not to even try to

develop a relationship with them.

I put on my suit and grabbed my briefcase and headed out to Monte Carlo. What

can I say I don't make a lot of money so the BMW is still on the waiting list! I

tossed my stuff in the care and pulled out of my driveway hardly knowing what

this day would bring. They say Carpe Diem is the way to live life. Well if I

knew what was going to happen to me I would have made a wish for a lot less Diem

and a little more Carpe Sleep

I pulled up to Franklin High School and parked in the teacher's lot. I began

walking towards the front of the building. In the front of building stood a

Statue of Thomas Franklin the founder of Franklinville Massachusetts. The statue

was a large copper thing. I always thought it looked kind of tacky but it did

share the statue did share my last name. A lot of the students joked that it was

of me Matt Franklin. I will admit that it does kind of look like me but not a

whole lot.

I walked into the main doors and immediately I saw two girls fighting in the

commons. There were several groups of people watching the fight cheering. As I

made my way through the crowd I saw that it was Marybeth and Jamie. I pulled

Marybeth away and held Jamie back with one hand. I was a rather big guy so it

wasn't exactly difficult for me to break up fights like this, when your 6'6”

330lbs and only 9 percent body fat skirmishes between girls like these are not

difficult to subdue.

Marybeth had naturally golden brown hair but she had dyed it blonde awhile ago

it looks like so only the bottom half of her hair is blonde while the top is

brown. Her hair runs down just past her shoulders. She looked like she was very

thin girl but she had a blue dark navy blue sweatshirt on so it was hard to tell

her weight but she had quite the rack on her, at least 34C. I caught myself

staring a little too long at her breasts and diverted my eyes. She had great

legs I remember looking at her on several occasions. She had long sleek legs

that were always tanned no matter what time of year it was. They were muscular

yet had a very dainty look to them. She was on the track team and head a great

left hook punch so says the students. I can't be too hard on Marybeth because

even though she seems to be in some kind of trouble she has nearly a 4.0gpa. On

the other hand Jamie had naturally short dark, dark brown hair. She has red

streaks dyed in the front of her hair. She is sporting a black with white V neck

sweater with a heart shape pendant resting between her smallish looking breasts,

about 32B I would surmise. She also had on some tan cargo pants with way to many

pockets. I wonder how she found anything in them.

“Let me go Mr. Franklin. Let me at the wench” says Marybeth

“Who you calling wench? SLUT!!”

“Oh you are going to pay”

Marybeth quickly shoved her hand into her pocket and tossed some white powder

towards Jamie however I had picked that moment to step between the two girls as

too not let them breakout in another fight. I was heavily dosed with powder. The

first bell rang and I yelled for everyone to head to class accept for Jamie and

Marybeth. In a matter of moments the commons were barren. I noticed quickly that

it looked like both girls were backing away.

“You two aren't going anywhere so it's no use trying to back away. You both are

going to be having quite a few nights and weekends of detention with me.”

It still looked like they were backing away so I told them to move closer. Both

girls quickly retorted that they haven't moved. I started writing out the

detention slip and a order to see the principal. When I looked up again I

noticed that I was staring at Marybeth's rack. Normally, it wouldn't be a huge

deal but I was eye level with her breasts and she is only 5'5”.

”Wha, Wha, What's going on?”

I got two blank expressions as I screamed back at them. I fervishly wrote a

suspension slip. I was about to hand it too Marybeth when I saw that I was now

waist level with her. I now began to back away but both girls looked at each

other and then back at me They reacted much quicker then me and pushed me out

the main doors and to the side where there are no windows so no one will see. I

tried to shove them out of the way and get help but I was met with 4 hands

shoving me against the wall. My back landed with a heavy thud. I felt bruises on

my back literally form.

Just in the time it took for them to shove me out the door I was knee level with

him and continuing to dwindle. My eyes darted from side to side looking for any

way to get out of this but I saw none. There eyes bore down on me watching me

very carefully as I watched them grow taller and taller. When the process

stopped I was about an inch tall. I gulped and shook as I looked at Marybeth who

was once only 5'5” now looked 65 feet tall and Jamie who was 5'3” now looked to

be 63 feet tall. To my left was Marybeth and white Nike shoes which were the

kind with no back so you could easily slip them on and off and to the right was

Jamie and her 4 inch heeled shoes.

“Well, well, well! You were saying something about detention Mr. Franklin?”

“Ummm Ahhh”

“I got an idea Jamie”

A dark shadow came over me blocking out all light. I screamed and tried to run

but the blackness was everywhere. I had no clue what was going on only that it

was getting closer and closer. I only knew that whatever Marybeth's plan was I

wasn't going to like it.


Giantess Stories: Classroom Terror  By  SSU GUY     I pulled myself out of bed not looking forward to going to school today

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