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Scott Grildrig


Kathy grinned with barely contained delight. Jim and Michael stood upon the

floor where she had unceremoniously dumped them and stared up in hopeless awe at


"You can't imagine how long I've wanted to do this," she confided. "To be the

one in control, instead of having to cater to your vapid little whims." She

squatted to look at them more closely, and grinned as they fell down and held

their tiny hands up to try and ward her off. "So tiny and so very, very fragile,

just like my husband was," she said, and she grinned. "May he rest in pieces."

She stood up and looked down at the two tiny men. Next to her bare feet they

looked very vulnerable indeed, only a mere two inches tall apiece, one step

would be enough to execute the pair of them. But she didn't want them to get off

that easy, their little lives belonged to her now, and she wanted to savor her

power over them. But they didn't have to know that, and she reached out and

covered them with her long toes…

|\_ |\_ |\_

I stumbled and fell. My mind numb with horror. Something in our coffee had led

Michael and me to this plight, and when we sought help it was Kathy who found us

tiny and naked and helpless; though in hindsight I should have guessed she was

waiting for us: that smile she had when she grabbed us was etched into my mind.

Now we were in her house, and I still couldn't get over the change. Everything

was so damn big: the room was more vast than an airplane hanger, the furniture

loomed overhead at impossible perspectives, it was awesome and frightening. But

the most terrifying thing of all was Kathy, the giantess, who had brought us to

this pass. Her bare feet, darkly tanned like the rest of her, were planted

solidly upon the hardwood floor. Her toenails were unpainted, but beautifully

manicured. Her long legs soared into the sky, meeting at her denim cutoffs, a

pair of faded blue short shorts that emphasized the curves of her ass. Her hands

rested confidently on her hips, with her fingers upon her flat belly. She wore a

frayed and tattered T-shirt, and from where I stood I had a clear vision of the

bottom of her huge breasts. As I stared at those incredible tits I realized that

she was looking back at me with those wide blue eyes. Her long red hair lent a

savage barbarity to her beauty, and I shivered with a terrible premonition that

flared into terror as she squatted down to speak to us.

"..just like my husband was…" was all I clearly heard over my racing heart, then

I watched as she stood back up, she was too huge, her every motion made me want

to gibber in fear.

Then suddenly the words hit home and I understood, a quick glance in Michael's

direction showed he knew it too. We weren't the first to be shrunk like this,

and she had killed her own husband. I took a step in Michael's direction: we had

to talk, to plan an escape; but at that moment Kathy's colossal toes bowled us

over and settled heavily upon us.

It didn't occur to me that she was being gentle. I was sure she meant to crush

us right then, right there, and I screamed with everything I had and tried to

burrow through the hardwood floor. I heard Michael's yells and curses. We were

pathetic, that point was brought home as Kathy curled her toes inward and

effortlessly rolled us about beneath her barefoot. The pummeling was without

mercy, I fought with everything I had, and might have had better luck rolling

over a locomotive. Two times she tapped her foot upon us, and my vision exploded

into stars, I wasn't sure how much more I could take. Then, finally, she lifted

her foot off of us, and I curled up and stared at it in trembling horror as she

dragged it back across the floor and settled her weight onto it….

|\_ |\_ |\_

"Both of you bastards trapped me back into the library vault more than once, and

thought it was fun," Kathy told the two little men. "Today it's my turn to

inflict some fear. But just so there's no misunderstanding later, let me make it

clear that you are both going to die today," she smirked at the frantic yelling

of the pair of two inch tall men. "Save your breath, I can guess what you're

thinking: don't kill us, we didn't mean it. Well, you're right, I'm not going to

kill you in revenge; terrifying you will suffice. No, I'm going to kill you

because it's just too fun for words." And with that she picked up a pair of high

heeled shoes off the couch; remarkable because they were as transparent as


"You like them?" she asked. "I was simply amazed when I found them. They are

just too perfect for what I want, and you guys get to try them with me. She sat

down on the couch and set the shoes on the hardwood floor before her, bracketing

the little men between them. "You may scream and pray to me if you want, but

please don't try to run. It will only make me angry," and she grinned at them,

and reaching to her left picked up a pair of black nylon knee high stockings. "I

want to try the shoes on with these, first," she explained. "If they look good I

might pick up some other colors later." Rolling up one of the stockings, she

inserted the toes of her left foot and deftly unrolled the stocking up past her

ankles to her knee. She held her leg out, admiring the way the nylon clung to

her, then she slipped her foot into the shoe. The two tiny men were paralyzed

with fear, mesmerized by the whole thing, and Kathy laughed to herself and

tipped her foot this way and that, giving them a good look at the shoe.

"Okay, that's one," she said. "Time for the other, but this time I want to spice

up the play," and she reached forward and caught Michael in her hand. Jim

started, but she paralyzed him with a glance. Reaching next to her she produced

a small tube of fast setting glue. Pulling the top off with her teeth she dotted

Michael's back with the stuff then pressed him down upon the floor, spread-eagle

and helpless. "I want him to watch what I have in store for you," she explained,

and she shifted her shoe so that Michael lay beneath its soaring arch. Then she

tossed the glue aside and effortlessly grabbed Jim in her hand…

|\_ |\_ |\_

I watched as Kathy glued Michael to the floor, then shrieked and stumbled

backwards as she reached for me, but she was too fast, and she caught me easily.

Suddenly I soared into the air and I clung desperately to her thumb as the

sudden, wild acceleration overwhelmed me. She didn't waste any time, but held me

over the second stocking, and dropped me in. I screamed again and tried to

clutch the nylon with my fingers, but I failed and slammed into the stocking toe

far, far below. But instead of smashing at the bottom, the material stretched

and absorbed the shock, and I survived stunned but unharmed. Then she started

hitting me with her fingers, sending me flying back and forth. She admonished me

for the effort I was spending in screams, then dropped me and the stocking

almost to the floor. At first I thought she wanted to display me to Michael, who

was watching everything. But his wide eyes weren't on me, they were looking much

higher, and I spun around and looked up.

Kathy's bare toes were entering the stocking with me, and getting closer.

I shrieked again, and fought them, but she mocked my efforts and deftly caught

me between her big and second toe. The strength in those toes was incredible.

"One squeeze, one twitch on my part, and I could slice you in half," she told

me, along with other things, and I believed her. I was nothing next to her,

nothing at all. So when she commanded me to pray to her, I did. I prayed

fervently, with a passion. She tormented me, squeezing me until my bones bent

and I felt like I might burst. Then she let me go. At first all I felt was

relief, but as she finished inserting her foot into the stocking I realized that

I was now underneath her vast sole, all thoughts of calm left me.

The material bound me fast, and she tipped her foot and me with it, and

disdained my efforts to squirm around. "Touch my sole, Jim," she commanded me.

How could I not? My whole naked body was pressed up against that warm wall of

soft, wrinkly flesh. I began crying. I was going to die. She was going to step

on me. I missed her last words to me, but I screamed for pity as she lowered her

foot and slipped it and me into her right shoe. The high arch slipped past me at

first, but then pressed up hard as she finished inserting her foot. Below me I

saw Michael, still glued spread eagle upon the floor staring up at me in horror.

I wailed at him in terror, but he couldn't help me. Then the pressure eased off

my back, and for a moment I wondered if I was to be spared after all. But then

the whole shoe tipped forward, and I slid down deeper into the shoe, until I was

pinned beneath the ball of Kathy's foot. The shoe moved again, with a loud

grinding noise, and I found myself practically staring into Michael's face.

Then her foot began to settle down upon me. My legs were hopelessly trapped, and

I wailed and beat the hard sole beneath me with my fists. I screamed to God for

mercy, but Kathy didn't stop. My legs snapped, the pain was awful, and still she

stepped on me, the ball of her foot squeezing me from the bottom up like a

fucking roll of toothpaste. Soon I couldn't move, my head was twisted to the

side, and I felt Kathy's bare foot on one cheek and the hardness of her shoe

upon the other. I was a bug, and she was crushing me like one. My guts were on

fire from the pressure. I couldn't breath anymore. I felt my gorge rising and

vomited. I saw red. I saw stars. The pressure was impossible. Impossible. My

ribs snapped. My sides…my sides…oh god… *ker-RUNCH!!!*…

|\_ |\_ |\_

Kathy dropped Jim into her stocking and playfully batted at him, making him

squeal in terror as he was flung wildly first one way then the other. "Oh, don't

spend yourself in screaming, little man," she mocked him. "You'll need your

voice for what I have planned." And with that she began to slip her bare foot

into the stocking. Jim was so cute the way he shrieked and cried for mercy. His

little hands beat wildly against her toes, and she wriggled them in his tiny

face. "Be careful, little one, you should have more respect for my foot. It's

bigger than you are." But Jim increased his efforts, hurling himself against

her, and with a laugh of delight she caught him between her first and second

toes. Kathy beamed with pleasure. His tiny squirming body felt so warm, and his

feeble struggles only emphasized the power she wielded over him.

"One squeeze, one twitch on my part, and I could slice you in half. Why look.,

the toe on the left is bigger round than your pathetic little body, and don't

even ask about the toe on the right," and she giggled. "Pray to me, Jim, beg me

to spare your life." And Jim pleaded desperately in a voice too faint for her to


"Jim," she began, gripping him more tightly. "You're spared," and she let him

go. "I don't want to crush you with my toes. I'll save that for another, maybe

Michael. No, Jim, I want to feel you burst beneath my foot," and she slipped her

foot the rest of the way into the stocking, trapping the two inch tall man

against her soft sole. His pitiful struggles were easily contained by the nylon

fabric stretched against him. Kathy tipped her foot up and admired her miniature

catch. "Touch my sole, Jim," she commanded. "Caress it, feel it's softness, so

large and warm against your puny body. Pray to my foot, Jim. Pray for it to

spare you. I can feel your every move. I can feel you breathing, Jim." Jim was

not only breathing, he was crying, and pulling and poking at the stocking

material. He looked so small and helpless, trapped there against the bottom of

her foot. She smiled sweetly at him. "Well, Jim, your prayers go unanswered. My

pleasure is more important than your useless little life, and now it's time for

me to experience your demise. Promise to crunch for me nicely," and she blew him

a kiss and stood up and pointed her toes towards her shoe.

Michael could be seen clearly through the arch of the shoe. He was going to have

a splendid view of Jim's last moments. She was sorry she couldn't shrink a

little camcorder for him to record the fun. Jim's wails of terror inspired her

to take her time, as she carefully inserted her stockinged foot into the

transparent shoe, being careful not to place any weight on the bottom of her

foot. When her foot was all the way in she was forced to press down a little,

and felt Jim as a solid little lump against the arch of her foot. Leaning

forward she was able to get him to slid down until he was hopelessly wedged

against the soft pad near to the ball of her foot. It was doubtful she could

safely retrieve him now, even if she wanted to. But Jim's end was close at hand.

Looking down she shifted her shoe back a bit, so that only a tiny distance

separated Michael from Jim. Michael now had an exquisite view looking straight

up, and Kathy decided to finish her play.

Slowly, ever so slowly she added her weight to her foot. Jim's body struggled

and squirmed with abandon, but was overwhelmed as he was pressed beneath her

bare foot. She bit at her lower lip and closed her eyes as she gave Jim more and

more of her lovely foot to deal with. The pressure increased, she felt his body

hardening, resisting her. There was no resistance that could stop her. She

pressed down and something warm and damp was suddenly there with Jim. Grinning

with delight she added more weight and felt his body burst and split open,

spilling his guts in a warm goo that oozed down to her toes. Jim's body crunched

in the most lovely fashion as her barefoot crushed his bones into jelly. His

puréed flesh squelched and spread obscenely, and Kathy shifted her hips over her

right foot with a disdainful smirk. Jim was nothing but a warm grease stain

against the bottom of her foot. She giggled as tentatively touched her breasts.

This was too much fun. Peering down she looked for Michael…

|\_ |\_ |

I could only watch as Kathy dropped Jim into her stocking and played with him.

My limbs were still securely fastened, despite my best efforts, and the colossal

high heel shoe looming over me inspired me to try again and again. It was so

impossibly big, soaring into the sky above me, vast enough to trod upon a man as

though he were an insect. The transparency of the shoe was no comfort, because

if I turned my head to the left, I could discern faint ruddy stains here and

there on the sole. My guts knotted up as I understood how they had come to be

there, and I renewed my efforts. I didn't want to die this way.

So I was distracted at first, and missed when Kathy stood up, though I felt the

floor sink beneath her weight. When I saw her foot descending I cried out in

panic, then realized that she wasn't finishing me off, but was stepping into her

shoe. An eerie twilight descended as her foot cast its shadow upon me, but there

was more than enough light for me to see Jim with her stocking caught helplessly

against the sole of her bare foot. He was crying and writhing against the nylon

pinning him down, but to no avail, and soon Kathy had her foot within the clear

shoe. Jim was feeling the weight of Kathy's foot. I watch him squirm

pathetically. But then the cruel pressure lifted as Kathy tipped her foot

forward. For a moment a wild hope stirred within me, but then I watched as Jim

slipped further down into her shoe, until his body was soundly wedged against

the ball of her foot, and realized that no mercy was coming for either of us.

When the shoe moved I jerked and screamed. It was like having a bus roll over

next to you. But the shoe only slid back far enough to give me a terrible view

of Jim's plight, trapped right above me, with only the bottom of Kathy's shoe

between us. I could see him yelling and crying, he was silently praying "Oh god"

over and over again. But God wasn't listening.

At first I didn't realize that Kathy was stepping down on Jim, she was so slow

about it. But Jim knew what was happening, and I watched helplessly as he beat

madly at the bottom of the shoe with his fist. When his eyes widened it took me

a moment to realize that the weight of Kathy's barefoot had just snapped his

legs. The cruel pain kept him conscious as the ball of her gigantic foot settled

onto his ass and back. Soon his futile pounding ceased as Kathy's soft, wrinkled

foot covered his shoulders and his head and pinned his arms. His face was forced

sideways, and I watched his eye bulge. Jim's body seemed to spread sideways a

little as he received more of the giantess' weight. His faced writhed in

nameless agony as breath was denied him, and suddenly he was gushing out his

last meal. The foul spray turned red, and Jim's face, turned purple with agony

was twitching horribly, his eyes white and bulging. Then pressure was too much

for him, and I screamed as his body split along the sides, and his guts blurted

out and wormed around him as Kathy crushed him like a bug. My gorge heaved at

the dreadful site as Jim's body spread thin and liquefied. I watched his face

blur and then smear into an obscene jam as Kathy playfully wriggled her foot

within the shoe. Finally, mercifully, I fainted…

|\_ |\_ |\_

Kathy grinned down at Michael. He seemed to have lapsed into unconsciousness

from the shock of watching his friend crushed juiceless under her foot.. She

felt every inch the giantess, standing so indifferently upon Jim's splattered

remains. She was powerful, indomitable, and the sense of absolute control was

delightfully arousing. She stretched and undulated, caressing her thighs, her

hips and her ass. She still had one little play toy to enjoy, and she gently

nuzzled Michael's teeny body with the toe of her shoe. For a moment she

considered just stepping on him, making him crunch noisily for her amusement.

But she had done that enough already. Putting her victims in her shoe was fun,

and she decided that would be Michael's fate. First, she had to cure him of his

faint though, so she skipped into the kitchen and returned with a cup of ice

water. She knelt down, sitting upon her feet, so that Michael's puny stretched

out body was framed between her tan thighs. He looked so completely helpless

that it gave her a shiver, and she tipped a quarter of the cup onto him. It

worked, he coughed and sputtered and came alive and she grinned down at him as

he blinked and focused and remembered his plight. He stared around in terror,

following her cliff-like thighs to their juncture where the inadequate strip of

denim strove to obscure her sex. Kathy looked down with him and grinned wider.

There was a dark spot on the fabric, and it was spreading. She reached down and

touched the dampness with her finger, then dabbed Michael's face with her scent.

"That's for you, love," she told him. "Crushing Jim was such a rush, I can't

wait to do it again; to feel your little body pop beneath me like a tiny bug,"

and she giggled. "But first, you have to come off that floor," and again she

left the room for a moment. When she returned she had removed her stockings (and

cleaned her right foot of Jim's guts), but was still shod within her transparent

high heels. In her hand was a bottle of nail polish remover and a cotton swab.

She looked down at Michael for a moment, then with a naughty grin raised her

right foot and stomped down hard, right next to him. He shrieked, and writhed

against his bonds. She could see how white his little face was, and she tried to

imagine the terror of a two story tall shoe slamming the ground beside you, like

a house falling out of the clear blue sky. She laid down upon the floor, her

hair cascading around her face as she collected some of the polish remover onto

the swab, and gently applied it around the tiny man. A moment later she was able

to free his nude body from the floor. He squirmed in her grip, but she sneered

at his weakness, and dropped him into the cup of icy water, cleaning the residue

from him. Then, rescuing him from the cup, she rose up and sat done on the

couch, then reached down and lifted her left shoe. A moment later Michael was

pounding and screaming at her from inside of the transparent shoe. Kathy grinned

wickedly at him and shook the shoe, bouncing him inside of it like a little

ball, then she set it down upon the floor, next to her bare foot. She cocked her

head so she could look down into the toe of the shoe, and then she placed her

left foot upon the shoe's instep and watched Michael's reaction. He staggered

and fell, one arm raised in horror at the sight of her lovely foot.

"Take a good look, Michael," she told him. "Look at my long toes and my soft

sole, you can hardly tell how often I go barefoot, it's so silky to the touch.

But look again, Michael, look how big my foot is. I can crush eight men at once,

if they're your size, " and she giggled, "more, if they're smaller," and she

stroked the shoe's instep with her toes. "Take a real good look, Michael,

because I'm going to crush you with this foot, with these toes, just like I did

to Jim," and she wriggled them. "Unless, of course, you can escape from my

shoe…" and she grinned down at him. Michael didn't hesitate, but began to scale

the steep slope towards the shoe's high heel, scratching and scrambling for all

he was worth. Twice he lost his grip and slide down helplessly back into the toe

of the shoe. But on the third attempt he seemed certain to reach the heel, and

maybe have a chance to climb down to the ground and make his escape.

Kathy dashed his hopes in an instant. "Bzzzz, time's up," she laughed, and she

lifted her foot and flicked him back into the shoe with her toes. "Make room for

me, Mike, I'm coming in to join you," and she slowly slipped her barefoot into

the shoe…

|\_ |\_ |\_

I tumbled backwards into the shoe, but knowing my fate I shrugged it off and

sprinted forward. Too late: already her giantess toes were coming after me,

slowly pressing into the empty space, sliding inexorably towards me. It was like

watching a slow moving lava flow, so beautiful and so unimaginably deadly. I

fled in panic deep into the toe of her shoe, hoping against hope that there

might be a modicum of room wherein I might escape. I was fooling myself, and I

knew it, and I waited for her to finish me. But she was more cruel than that,

and she wriggled her toes at me, and began to tease me with my own impending

death. I went wild, I fought and kicked and screamed. I didn't care. I had to

get out. It was stupid and useless, and she ended my rebellion merely by pushing

her foot the rest of the way into the shoe.

Her foot slammed into me, and I gasped for breath and tried to scream as I was

jammed between her toes. Her strength was awful, I writhed helplessly in her

tight clutch, and tried to shove her big toe aside with my hands. That pointless

effort stopped when she began to tap her foot against the hardwood floor. The

noise was incredible, and every time she did it the jolt made my teeth snap

together, and her toes squeezed me until I saw sparks. Then I felt myself rise

up and tip forward, and I clutched at her toe, fearing a fall that could never


I was looking down at her from a terrible height. She smiled up at me and slowly

lifted her T-shirt, exposing her incredible tits. I watched in helpless awe as

she ignored me for a moment while she played with herself. When she finally did

look up at me again, it was to blow me a little kiss. I stared back at her for a

moment while fear overwhelmed me. This was it. I screamed at her, I threatened

her, and prayed to her. I pushed and kicked and tried to escape from her grip.

She watched me with amusement while she pinched her nipples. Then she licked her

lips, and I shrieked in agony. Her toes smashed me from both sides. My arms and

legs twitched violently as my body was ruthlessly crushed from my shoulders to

my hips. My bones crunched and my guts heaved into my throat, and I was

swallowed in a crunching darkness, filled with Kathy's cruel laughter… *Pop!!!*…

|\_ |\_ |\_

Michael dashed forward, trying to escape past her toes before they completely

filled the opening, but to no avail, and he fell back in terror as her barefoot

entered the shoe with him. Kathy laughed with delight and terrorized the tiny

helpless man with her toes, pressing them in and wriggling them, then pulling

back. Michael beat at them with his fists, and kicked at them with his feet, he

even tried to bite her, but his pathetic attacks meant nothing, and she pressed

him back into the tip of the shoe until he was forced between her toes. Her foot

slipped completely into the shoe, and Michael should have become nothing but

paste, but Kathy was able to splay her toes just enough to spare him, though not

without effort. "I don't think I can do this for long," she chuckled, but

Michael , unappreciative of her efforts, was balling like a baby. She could feel

his heart racing between her toes, and that was a rush.

Bouncing her leg she cruelly tapped her shoe against the floor, violently

jolting him. Then she leaned back and lifted her leg into the air. Michael's

face was small and pale as he stared down at her through the transparent shoe.

Kathy smiled up at him and slowly lifted her T-shirt, exposing her heavy

breasts. She fondled them and caressed them, then took to lolling her fingertips

around her rock hard nipples. Looking up at Michael she blew him a little kiss

good-bye, and began to pinch her nipples, harder and harder.

Michael was shrieking something at her, his heart was racing madly now. Kathy

licked her lips and pinched her nipples till they hurt, then she finally

released her tired toes from their splay, and instead clenched them tight. The

sudden horrific pressure upon Michael's pathetic little body was too much, and

with a delightful pop! the tip of her shoe turned crimson as his tiny body

exploded between her clenching toes. Kathy purred with satisfaction and curled

her now slippery toes in the warm pulpy mess that had once been Michael.

This was more fun than a girl should have…


Giantess Stories: CLEARSHOES

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