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Gary Nunn stared at his computer screen with red eyes. He had been trying for

hours to perfect a giantess collage. There was so much he had to learn ,

layering, tiles, etc. etc. He grabbed his cup of coffee a little to roughly and

spilled a little on the leg of his pants. 'Damn' he exclaimed, as he jumped from

his chair, swiping at the hot wet spot on his leg. He plopped back down in the

seat, exasperated. He had been trying for some time to master the art of

collaging. He wanted so much to be a contributor on his favorite giantess

message board. 'Maybe I could write stories', he thought. But he quickly put

that thought out of his head, remembering his grades from high school in

creative writing. "I need some help", he said out loud to no one in particular.

"How can I help", a light, sweet, feminine voice said from behind him. Startled,

he jumped and spilled his coffee on his desk. "DEBBIE, HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I

TOLD YOU NOT TO SNEAK UP ON ME LIKE THAT" Debbie stifled a giggle and said, "I

can't help it if you're so excitable". "Damn it, you scared the piss out of me",

Gary said as he dabbed at his desk with a towel. Debbie smiled to herself, she

knew she had really gave him a start. Gary only swore when he was excited. As he

bent over his desk wiping at the coffee, she couldn't resist giving him a pinch

on the ass. He jumped again, then glared at her and said, "one more time young

lady, and I will turn you over my knee and blister your ass". "Promises,

promises" she said tauntingly, "here I'll go get you another cup." As she left

the room, he watched her buns, swaying invitingly, and smiled to himself. He sat

at his computer, clicked onto the web, and brought up his favorite search

engine. He typed in, Photo Collaging, and punched the enter button. Soon he had

a page of links to different collaging sites, and scrolled down the page,

looking for something interesting, One particular link caught his eye. THE


EXPERTS. He clicked on the link, and as the page loaded, he realized it was a

chat room. He frowned to see there was only one other person online. The name

next to the room said, WICKED LIL' IMP. "Hi" the person said after a brief

moment, "have you come for some tips, or do you have a request". "Well" Gary

said, "I came for some tips, but would love if you could do something 'for' me".

"See, I go to this giantess message board daily, they have the greatest photos

and animations there, the best photo collages, the most imaginative stories,

SEXY giantess waves, and you should see the poser artists there, truly something

to behold". "Sounds like they have the best the web has to offer there, and what

is it that I can do for you". "Well, that's just it, I have been going there and

enjoying the community, but giving nothing back, so to speak, they refer to it

as lurking, and I would love to have something to post there, something that no

one else has". "I see" the wicked lil imp said, "and what do you desire of me,

perhaps you want me to make some one into a giantess for you" "Could you " Gary

typed excitedly, about that time, Debbie was bringing him his coffee. "Who are

you chatting with", she said as she set his coffee down, " who is wicked lil

imp". "I don't know" he replied, "I went into this chat room to find some help

on photo collaging, and this guy started talking to me". "Of course I can, I can

do many things like that, did you have someone in mind?" the screen said. "Could

you turn my girlfriend into a giantess?" Gary asked. "Say no more, all I need is

a picture of your girlfriend, you can send it to me right through this forum,

Just right click on my name, and select send file, then just upload the picture

to me, also, I need to know how large you would like her to be." "How about 30

feet" Gary replied. "No problem" the screen replied, "but that cannot be done

all at once, it will have to be done in steps, but it shouldn't take to long,

just send me the file, and I'll do the rest." As Gary found the file and sent it

along, Debbie began to tease him. "You're going to let him turn ME into a

giantess?" she chided. "Hmmmm , you better watch out little man, or big ole

Debbie might step on you," she said with a giggle. "Cut it out Deb" Gary said to

her, "you know I hate it when you pick on me about that." "I know, that's what

make's it so much fun" she replied. Gary was rankled, he felt pretty self-

conscious about it already, and Debbie didn't go for the giantess thing, and

every now and then, teased him mercilessly about it. He turned back to his

screen, intent on ignoring her. But Debbie was having none of that, and

immediatly moved to look over his shoulder. Right then, the picture came back.

Gary saved it to file, and thanked the gentleman for his effort. "That's no


STYX, come back and see us anytime Gary Nunn. With that he was gone. Gary was

wondering how he knew his name, but before he could dwell on it, Debbie was

reaching over his shoulder for the mouse. "Let me see the picture", but Gary

pushed her hand away. "No chance" he said with a smart alec tone, he was still a

little miffed at her. Sensing that his dander was up, Debbie started teasing him

again. "What's the matter, afraid I'll like it" she said and began to tickle

him. "Debbie", Gary said with as much seriousness as he could muster, "You know

what I said I'd do if you keep pestering me" He started to open the file and

Debbie moved to look over his shoulder. "Go away" he said and moved to block her

view. "Hey, I wanna see that to" Debbie retorted. The photo came up, but was

only a thumbnail. Below it, in sparkling letters, were the words CLICK TO

ENLARGE. Debbie was craning her neck to see but couldn't get a good view, so she

poked Gary in the side. He jumped again tumbling his coffee once more. "Alright,

that's it" he said and grabbed her. Now Debbie was a game fighter, but Gary was

6'1" and weighed 225, to her 5'2" 110. She fought him as well as she could, but

it was never in doubt that she would wind up across his lap. As he wrestled her

across his lap Gary said "you've had this coming." Swat, swat, swat, he brought

his hand down repeatedly on her exposed posterior. She began to struggle and

kick her legs, trying to get away, but he held her there and administered a

sound spanking, then let her up. "You didnt have to hit me so hard " she said,

as she rubbed her sore behind. "You asked for it" he said in a matter of fact

tone, "and you dont deserve to see this picture." "OH poo" she said, and went

and sat on the couch in a huff. 'Oh well' he thought, and turned his attention

back to the picture. He clicked on it, and the words 'PROCESS HAS BEGUN-ENJOY,

flashed on the screen, then the entire file was gone......just gone. He was

looking around his hard drive for the photo, and thinking that wicked lil imp

was a fake, when Debbie said "Gary, I feel funny all of the sudden." "What is it

babe, somthing wrong." "I dont know, I feel kinda light and tingly." Gary got up

and walked over to where she was sitting, he felt her forehead with the back of

his hand. "You are kinda warm, maybe we should call a doctor" "No I dont think I

need a doctor, but I think I will have a bath, that usually makes me feel

better." She began to get up, but as soon as she did, she stumbled. Gary reached

his arm around her to steady her. He started to speak, but before he could ,

Debbie began to grow, he could feel her body rubbing against his inner arm as

she expanded, and expanded. His arm, on her waist, began to move up toward his

shoulder, and still she grew, and grew. Then, just as fast as she started

growing, she stopped. Gary stood there with his mouth wide open, as he looked up

at a 12 foot Debbie. She must have been in as much shock, by the look on her

face, as she stared down at him wide eyed. Her shoulders and thighs felt sore

from her clothes attempt to restrain her expanding body. But they were fated to

lose that battle, and now here she stood, a naked 12 foot amazon. Gary couldnt

believe his eyes, his fantasies come to life, right here in the person of his

girlfriend. He moved around and stood in front of her. Debbie looked down at him

and blinked her eyes, as though things would return to normal. She opened her

eyes, and still he was there, 'as small as a child' she thought. Then the memory

of the spanking he had just given her flooded into her mind. Gary could see she

was still a little bit in shock as she blinked her eyes, then looked down at him

once more. But the shocked look soon gave way to a huge grin, which made him

feel a little uneasy, a little nervous, and just plain little. "Well arent you

the cutest little thing" she couldnt resist teasing him, even in the face of

what had just happened. "You know, I didnt appreciate you hitting me so hard

earlier" she said with a hint of playfullness in her voice. "And why" she asked

rhetorically, "all because I did this, and she began to tickle him on his ribs

with both hands. He put his hands on her forearms to push her away, but he might

as well been a schoolboy. She didnt even pay any attention to that whatsoever,

and went right on tickling him. He struggled to get away, and thrashed about in

a fit. Presently, she caught him under his arms and lifted him right up in front

of her. He began to kick his legs, and hit at her, but found he could not reach

her. She was giddy with her new found strength, as she held him like a child

before her. "Whats the matter little man, I thought you wanted to make me a

giantess. He stopped struggling, as what she said sunk in, 'the guy in the chat

room, and the photo disappeared.' "Your so small now, and light", she lifted him

to eye level with her. He looked up and noticed that the ceiling was just about

3 inches away. "Honey, I think we should get you out doors, before what I think

might happen does." "Ok, you may have somthing there" she said. She walked over

to the sliding glass back doors, still carrying Gary, turned around and got on

her knees, and started backing through them, still keeping a firm grip on him.

When she got outside, she tugged him out right behind her. "Hey" he said, as she

effortlessly stood up with him in her arms, he did not like being womanhandled,

"Take it easy" "Oh I will, in just a moment" With that she sat down on the

picnic table on the patio, and wrestled him across her lap. "NO" he yelled, as

the realization of what she was going to do sank in. "Yes" she said sweetly as

she brought her large hand down on his bottum. A gasp escaped him unwillingly,

when she brought it down a second time. And she gave him a sound spanking. Try

as he might, he could not get away, he kicked his legs and screamed impotently,

as she administered his punishment. "And this is for spanking me so hard" she

said as she brought down a final, stinging blow that made him yelp inspite of

himself. Then she sat him off her lap, and turned him around to face her. She

started to admonish him again, but just then, a dizziness came over her. Her

skin began to tingle and she had a funny glow about her. 'Well' thought Gary, '

the imp did come through on one thing, I will definatelly have somthing

interesting to share with the board'.

to be cont. (maybe)


( Part 2)

Gary stepped away from Debbie as she began to tremble, he moved a good distance

away from her, then turned around to watch the startling transformation again.

He felt responsible for her condition, which he was , but it was pure'ly


He certainly never intended for her to really grow into a giantess.

These were Gary's thoughts as he watched with uncertain eyes, he just hoped

Debbie would understand, he swallowed a lump that had come unbidden into his


Debbie was still on the picnic table, but was more or less laying on it, with

her arms bent at the elbows, propping up her body, and her feet on the patio.

A quiet, uneven moan escaped her lips as she threw her head back and stiffened

her body.

Gary would have thought she was dying, if it werent for that look of pleasure on

her face.

He was looking at her upper lip, which was quivering slightly, when, with a

suddeness that startled him, she began to grow again.

Not slowly this time, but a steady, increase in height and mass.

He watched on amazed, as her legs advanced around him, ' I was at least 10 feet


this is crazy' he thought.

Soon she had stopped growing, he looked up to where she sat on the table and saw

that she was stretched out, her legs on one side of it, and her torso, from the

chest up, was on the other side.

She raised her head and looked down between her legs at him.

'What a nice place for him' she thought as she eyed him with amusment.

Gary had seen that look before, and his eyes darted from side to side, as he

looked for an escape route.

Not seeing any, he began to back up slowly, but Debbie brought her legs

together, quickly entrapping him.

"Going some where LITTLE guy" she said playfully with a rich feminine voice.

Gary began to kick franticly, he put his hands between her legs, in a vain

attempt to pry them apart, finally settling for beating ineffectually on her


Debbie watched Gary struggle, with amusment, and amazment.

'He cant be any stronger than an infant, and looks smaller, I wonder' she

thought, then tightened her legs ever so slightly.

Gary stopped struggling suddenly, his eyes were wide in shock, and a grunt came

from his open mouth.

He opened his mouth to speak, but all he got out was "pleas.....", as she

applied a little more pressure, Debbie wanted to make sure he wasnt going

anywhere when she let him go.

She opened her legs and watched him fall to the ground, rubbing his sides and

looking up at her with a mixed expression of anger and fear.

"What the hell did you do that for" he yelled as he rubbed his side.

"Because I could" she said menacingly, and stood up to her full hieght.

He straightened and looked up at her, terriffied, yet completely turned on and


She squatted down in front of him and he noticed the his eyes were level with

the tops of her knees, "awww, is that for me", she said in a soft voice "thats

quite the compliment little sir."

She smiled at him, and reached her hand down to his penis.

He winced as she put her index finger under it, and began to softly massage it

up and down.

But to his surprise, her finger was very soft, and her touch gentle.

He began to rythmically undulate his hips against her finger in spite of


She smiled and took her hand away, "hey," he said breathlessly.

But she wrapped a huge hand around his waist, and lifted him off the ground.

Still squatting, she sat down and looked at him mischeviously, then she brought

his hands down along his sides, and pinned them there with the thumb and

forefinger of her left hand, he began to struggle and kick his legs furiously.

She brought her right hand up to him, index finger extended, and softly tousled

his hair.

She then brought it down to his chest, and gently scratched it with her huge

finger nail.

He looked down at her fingernail and watched it knead his chest, it was painted

a light soft blue color, the site of which gave him an imeadiate response south

of the equator.

He heard her softly laugh and looked up into her face, he saw that her lips were

curved into a grin, somhow, he knew he wasnt going to like this.

She then started tickling him again, poking her finger slightly into his tiny


He tried to squirm, and kick his legs, but there was no way to escape her


He tried to surpress the laughter that was right at the top of his throat, but

it suddenly burst forth, and he let go with a bluster of giggles.

She was so amused by the site of him, in her hand, kicking his legs and laughing


that she began to laugh also.

Soon they were both out of breath, and she laid back on the ground to


Gary was breathing rapidly as she place him square between her breasts.

His body rose and fell with her chest as she beathed, he reached a hand over


but stopped as he realized she was watching him.

"Go ahead Gary, touch them, bet they're the largest set you ever saw" she said

with a grin.

Gary reached over and stroked her left breast, the reached over and stroked the

right one.

Suddenly, his face brightened, "I've always wanted to do this" he said as he

stretched his arms out over her breasts.

He caught her right nipple, and stretching, found he could reach the left, and

he started massaging and squeezing them.

He felt, more then heard her sigh, and she shifted her legs as he went on with

his tiny ministrations.

'Damn,' Debbie thought. 'that sure feels good', then looked down at him.

"Squeeze me harder," she said and brought her hand up to rub his tiny bottom.

"Ya know, Ive always thought you were kinda weird for wanting to be dominated by

a giantess, but perhaps I need to rethink my position on this" she said as she

brought here hand to her dampening vagina.

She rubbed him up and down the length of his body gently, while he squeezed for

what he was worth on her nipples.

But even his best effort seemed like a gentle probe to her.

She could feel his hips begin to move as he rubbed his sex against her.

"Naughty little man" she teased, as she started tapping his behind with her


"should've waited on me to help".

With that, she squeezed his tush between her thunb and index finger, and began

to move his entire body, rubbing him up and down between her breasts.

The feeling of her giant fingers pinching his bottom sent him over the edge, and

he started rubbing both of her nipples and breathing hard as his climax started.

He heard her gasp, and realized that she had worked herself up to a climax of

her own.

As he lay between her breasts in ectasy, her left nipple suddenly came free of

his hand.

He could feel her chest rubbing against his body as he watched it slip away,

farther and farther.

He clung to her right breast and looked up to her face.

She smiled down to him as she felt him get smaller under her fingers.

As Gary grew smaller under her fingers, she could feel him struggling fee'bly to

stand up.

She placed her index finger on the small of his back and pushed down slightly,

only to see Gary sprawl immediately on his stomach.

The thought that he couldnt over power her finger amused her to no end.

She brought her thumb over his back and started singing a familiar Rolling

Stones song.

Gary winced as she put emphasis on the line, " he's under myyyyyyy thumb, and

began to giggle uncontrolably as she let him up.

Gary looked around at her breasts, seeing that he couldnt quite see over the top

of the nipples.

Debbie was watching him as she laughed, he was trying to steady himself so as

not to fall onto her left breast.

He looked like one of those guys in those surfing movies, the way his arms swung

up and down, as he fought the fleshquake that surrounded him.

This made her laugh even harder, and soon she was laboring for breath.

"Hey!" Gary yelled, "HEYYYY!!!, stop it will ya"

"I cant help it", she replied between gasps of air, "your just so funny there on

my chest, trying to keep your balance."

But she did calm down a little, enough so that he could stand up without

lurching from side to side.

Gary straightened himself, and tried to gather what dignity he could find in

this situation.

"Come up here hun, close to my face, I want to look you over."

When Gary didnt move right away, she brought her finger up under his bottom and

gave him some motivation.

Gary lunged foward and turned around to look at her fingers, but they where

pointing towards her face.

Slowly he turned back around to see her smiling at him.

"You are so adorable" she said as she puckered her huge lips and kissed his

entire upper body, for a seconed her toungue shot out and licked his face.

"Damnit Debbie, stop talking to me like a little child, I'm a man", he said as

he tried to wipe her kiss from his body.

"Hmmmmm" Debbie said playfully, "You dont look like a man, in fact, you look

more like a mouse"

Her confident smile gave him a pause, and he said uncertainly, " well I'm a man,

try to keep that in mind when you speak to me"

"And try to keep in mind that I'm many times your size and strength when you

speak to me", she said, peering down her nose at him.

He swallowed hard when her smile faded.

"I see you havnt grasped the situation yet, have you Gary, I think you need a

demonstration of our statuses" she said.

"I want you to hit me, right here on the chin, as hard as you can"

Gary had trepidations about hitting his girlfriend and didnt react.

"Cmon little man, show me how hard you can hit" she said "put me in my place".

Suddenly Gary lashed out with his fist, and hit her right on the chin.

But his hit had no effect, he hit her again, and again.

Then watched her lips curve into a grin, then into a pucker.

Suddenly Gary felt the world rise, higher and higher as she drew in breath.

Then, in a flash, she blew through her puckered lips, sending him tumbling, head

over feet, down her chest, he landed astride her right breast.

She caught him around the mid section with her thumb and forefinger, and lifted

him up to her face.

"Get the picture tiny guy" she said with a sly look.

"Yyes" he stuttered " please dont blow me off of you, its a long way down"

"I wouldnt do that Gary, I love you, and wouldnt hurt you for anything."

"In fact, you may say my feelings for you have GROWN" she said with an

unsurpressed giggle.

Gary finally took a good look at how large she had become, as she set him down

on her chest.

He walked between her breasts with a look of concentration on his face, as if he

were figuring.

As he was standing there her right breast started moving toward him.

He looked on, startled as it drew nearer, he turn to move away from it, only to

see her other breast advancing on him.

Soon he was enmeshed in tit flesh, he tried to escape, yet again.

But whenever he pushed, it would yeild, yet would not give way.

Debbie could only smile at his predicament and sigh, he was just 'so adorable'

she thought.

Soon Gary was crying out for relief, and she released him.

He looked up into her face and said, "somthings not right, you were only suppose

to grow to 30 feet tall, but your bigger than that".

"Yes" she said, "your right, I must be twice that size".

They looked at eachother with a puzzled expression.

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