Giantess Stories: Climb or else by Rally Championbr  It is a Monday morning and you have just got up

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Climb or else


Rally Championbr

It is a Monday morning and you have just got up. You put on your clothes and get

ready for school. As you put on your clothes your sister Holly walks in. "Get

out, I'm getting dressed?" you shout. Holly exits. Walking downstairs you stroke

the cat as it lays their playing with it's wool ball. Going into the kitchen you

pour yourself a bowl of cereal. When you have finished your cereal you put on

your shoes and pick up your school bag from the hangar and walk to school. On

your way to school you decide to call at your girlfriend's (Hannah Spark) house.

Your girlfriend's sister Lizzy opens the door. She is 17 and has short blonde

hair. She is wearing a sliver top that covers very little of her body.

"Morning Simon, you look nice today! " she said

"So do you." you reply

Hannah glares at you

"Sorry Hannah, just giving a remark." you say with a worried look

"Simon, come upstairs I would like to show you something." says Hannah's sister

You follow her upstairs into her room. As you enter her room you smell the sweet

aroma of perfume. She is gorgeous but you only have eyes for Hannah as Lizzy is

2 yrs younger than you.

You see Lizzy go over to her wardrobe and take out a harness. "Put this on so

you are safe." she said as she comes towards you.

You put the harness around your legs and pull it up around your waist. Lizzy

tightens the straps and then positions you on a portable climbing machine. As

you begin to climb Lizzy licks her lips.

She sprays you with a liquid like water but you don't notice it as you climb on

the rotating machine in her room.

As you are climbing you notice that everything is getting bigger, you black out

and fall to the ground.

You open your eyes and find that you can't move. To your horror you find you

have been shrunk to about 5cm tall and are in a glass jar.

As you are laid there wondering what has happened you hear a noise above you.

You look up and see a young girl who is enormous. After a few seconds when your

eyes have adjusted to the brightness you see it is Lizzy. You hear a booming

voice "mmm breakfast is ready."

Before you can take in the word 'breakfast' a huge hand grips you round the

waist. You find yourself being lifted into the air and see Lizzy's huge face

infront of you.

"What have you done to me?" you ask in terror

"I have shrunk you and now I feel like some breakfast." replied Lizzy

You take in the word 'breakfast' and realise that she is going to eat you.

"No please, Lizzy don't eat me for breakfast." you scream

Lizzy giggles in glee and lifts you towards her mouth. You are helpless as her

mouth opens and starts to put you into her mouth.. You struggle violently but

know it is useless. The huge girl is in control. Just a she is about to drop you

into her huge mouth you bite her finger and she screams with pain. Lizzy drops

you and holds her bleeding finger as you crash to the floor. The carpet breaks

your fall. You land on the floor and run like hell for saftey.

Simon ran as fast as he could running, to escape, but he couldn't get away.

Wherever he tried to hide, he heard the evil giggling of his giant captor. He

was beginning to think that there was no way to ever get away from her. She had

an idea what she would do, and Simon shuddered as he thought about what would

happen. He knew exactly what she wanted to do with him and for him it wouldn't

be pleasent.

"Can't...let her...catch me.." he said, as he panted, catching his breath as he

stood next to a huge plant pot on the landing. Then, he saw two huge bare feet

thundering across the landing towards him.

Simon again ran for his life as the huge feet got closer and closer.

"You can't get away little man, I'm gonna catch you soon. Then I will try again.

This time I will chew you too pieces. You hurt me when you bit my finger and

know I will hurt you."

Lizzy playfully walked toward him, occasionally stomping her foot and causing

the little man she was chasing to jump and speed up.

Simon felt like his legs were going to fall off and he could not run any more.

But he had to keep going. As he neared the stairs he looked down and then heard

the huge feet coming towards him. Simon had no breath left and collapsed on the

hard floor and then blacked out.

When he woke up he found himself naked, cold, and still tired. He looked around

trying to work out where he was. It didn't take him long to figure out where he


He could feel something soft below him and thought he must be somewhere on

Lizzy's body

Then from above him he heard Lizzy giggle with glee. Almost immediately Simon

realised where he was. He was laid on Lizzy's bare belly. As he was about to

scream Lizzy's huge fingers gripped his waist and lifted him high into the air.

She held him infront of her huge glossy lips and smiled. Simon struggled

violently but he could not escape. Lizzy's grip was far too stong this time.

"Don't attempt to stuggle Simon, I'm going to have you for breakfast. You will

make quite a nice little snack I think. I'm feeling hungry after chasing you.

Lizzy held Simon and dangled him by his legs, infront of her face, taunting and

teasing him.

"Please don't do this Lizzy! I don't wanna dieeee!" Simon screamed, trying to

escape from her tight grip.Lizzy smiled and gripped him tighter.

Simon gasped for air as Lizzy's grip increased

Lizzy's stomach gurgled loudly and she laughed evily. "Right Simon time for a

snack. What do you want to go down with. BBQ sauce or cheese?"

Simon struggled again

"Very well if your not going to answer BBQ sauce will do." said Lizzy

Lizzy took Simon into the kitchen and lay him in a small bowl of BBQ sauce. When

Simon's body was covered with the sauce Lizzy brought the dripping boy to her

lips and opened her mouth.

Lizzy ran her tongue all the way down Simon's body licking off all the BBQ

sauce. She dipped him in the bowl again and then put his head between her lips.

Lizzy leaned back and opened her mouth wide. Simon slid down her tongue towards

her throat. Simon screamed as Lizzy tossed him around in her mouth with her


Simon was being tossed around inside and it was too dark to see anything. Then,

he felt a sharp pain in his whole body as her white teeth began to bite into

him, chewing him up. Simon lost consciousness and then Lizzy swallowed all the

chewed up pieces of him, rubbed her belly, and giggled as her stomach acids

began to digest Simon


Giantess Stories: Climb or else by Rally Championbr  It is a Monday morning and you have just got up

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