Giantess Stories: Cold clammy fingers coiled around me waking me from my slumber

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Cold clammy fingers coiled around me waking me from my slumber. I tried to

move but I was squeezed tighter then I had ever been. I wasn't just grabbed I

was squeezed into a mighty fist. I tried to blink my eyes open but my head was

incased in darkness. I try to scream for Kacie, or anyone but my voice is

muffled by this girls fist.

"Don't worry you will be safe soon"

That voice, that was the voice. The unknown girl, the mystery girl my enemy.

I frantically fought for my freedom but it was all in vain as I felt the girls

body swing in motion. I knew that this was it my last chance ditch effort. I

opened my mouth and bit her finger with all my strength. As I bit down it me who

yelled out in pain as I bit her she squeezed me in her hand tighter.

"You stupid, stupid little twerp. That was nothing to me. Nothing, and I

wasn't going to hurt you at all. Your just cute and I want you for my very own.

Then you had to go and bite me so I had to retaliate. Now you better behave or

next time I might forget my own strength."

Knowing I was licked I decided to bide my time. Her hot sweaty grip was

starting to get my body covered in her sweat but she finally opened up her grip

and I looked up at her to see none other then Kim. She released me and fell to

her bed.

"hey watch it"

"Lets play, Before I go"

"Go what do you mean go!"

"Well I mean I am going home"

"Will be sad to see you go… not"

"Oh you are coming with me small fry. Your mine now. To have and to hold

forever and ever. Until death to us part"

Her fists sped back around me and she fell back onto her bed. I was then set

back down on chest. I started walking around on her chest not really sure what

to make of the situation. The more I walked around I realized this wasn't Kim I

was on at all. I looked up to see Kim's large billboard sized face staring down

at me.

"Hey turn around Twerp so I can look at you"

"Don't order him around. He is still a person so be nice Kim"

"I am gonna touch you little man okay. Don't worry, its me Carmen.

Everything's gonna be okay Little Cutie. Just be big and strong for me."

Her gentle touch of her finger sliding down my neck soothes my nerves. Carmen

continually strokes me and then scoops me up in her palm.

"Awe he is so cute. I think he likes me. AAWWEEE how precious he is cuddling

up in my hand. Here ya go little fella"

I then gently slid down her hand and into her awaiting breasts. Her rack rose

above me on either side. I laid my head down on her breast and then let my legs

fall onto either side of the other breast. As she breathed I could feel her

chest rise and fall with her every breath.

I was then scooped up much more roughly by Kim. She walked over to a chair

and plopped herself down I nervously stared back at Kim. I shook and quivered in

her grip not sure what she would do to me.

"Hey! Kim! I wasn't done with him."

"Well you weren't doing anything but cuddling"

"You need to be nice and firm"

"Hey! You listen to me you stupid little bitch. I maybe just a few inches

tall but that doesn't give you any right to treat me like this."

"Oh, look at you valiantly trying to stand up to me but at the end of the day

I can just do this [she closes her hands around Jake so he cant see anything]

That makes me in charge and you subservient to me. So we are going to play now.

Whether you like it or not"

"If I was bigger I would teach you a lesson or two"

"Your not bigger so deal with it and your not bigger and I am leaving for

home in a little bit because, I was done with my classes yesterday so I am

flying home early since I am not coming back here. I am so glad you choose to

come with me."

"I didn't choose shit"

"Alright we can start playing since your so excited to get started"

I was then dumped on the floor and Kim laid down opposite of me. A super ball

was placed infront of me that now looked to be about the size of a soccer ball

to me. I kicked it a few times and then picked it up.

"Okay here is the deal. We are going to play a little soccer. If you can get

the ball past me I will let you go. But if you can't then your mine forever no

arguments from you okay pipsqueak"

"Well I don't have a choice do I."

"Your learning, great!!"

I placed the ball on the ground and started running towards it. Having played

a little soccer I knew what to do. Kim placed her middle and pointer finger on

the ground and made them move like legs towards me. I passed the ball from my

left leg to my right and Kims fingers went right and I went left. I started off

in a dead sprint kicking the ball as hard as I could but I felt herfingers shove

me to the ground from behind and then flick the ball several yards back. I got

up rubbing my back in pain.

"hey watch it! That's cheating, you used your other hand"

"I never said I was limited to anything"

"Hey that's not fair"

"Well I make the rules around here. I am god for all your sense and


I knowing that it was no use arguing I ran back towards the ball and she

picked me up and pinned me down with her pinky finger. I started pounding on it

with all my strength but she didn't even seem to feel it.

"Your so pathetic. I don't even need to put any effort into this"

She let me and I started running but she took her middle finger and did a

sweep like move and I tumbled to the ground as her middle finger rammed into

both my knees. I fell to the ground wanting to just give up but I knew I


"Kim your not even playing fair"

"How can I cheat? I never made any rules. I just said he has to get the ball

past me"

Finally reaching the ball I lined upand just punted the ball with all my

strength. Kims hand darted up grabbed it and then tossed it back towards me. I

tried to move out of the way but it hit me in the chest and knocked me to the

ground knocking the air out of my lungs.

"Precious are you okay" Shouts Carmen

"Oh he's fine. I barely tossed it"

Knowing I had one last chance I kicked the ball right now right at her eye

since she was paying me any attention. As the ball dropped I ran for it and

kicked it again making it up and over Kim's body.

"HAHA, I win bitch. Yeah, well I am so out of here and back to Kacie's room"


Kim grabs me and starts heading towards the door.

"What the fuck? I won you said you would let me go"

"Evil always wins because good is stupid" (Rick Moranis, spaceballs)

As Kim walked out the door letting is shut behind her she took off running

down the hallway. As she turned the corner she collided with Colleen. Colleen,

Kim, and I fell to the ground. I fell onto Colleen's plaid skirt. Kim picked

herself up and started reaching for me but Colleen Grabs me first and stands up.

"Hey he is mine! Give him back!"

"I don't think so. If you want him take him from me. You know you don't want

none of this heifer"

"Your lucky Twerp. I will have the last laugh you will see."

As Colleen walked down the hall with me in her grip I stared up at her

breathing a sigh of relief as I would finally be taken back to Kacie and

everything would be okay.

"Thanks Colleen, you saved me"

"No problem, I was just getting ready to leave this joint anyway but we have

time for some play before I go"

"I think you should get me back to Kacie"

"After we play."

"I need to -"

"I can still catch up with Kim you know"

"What do you want to play? Hearts? Solataire? Monopoly? Chess?"

As she opened the door to her room I looked around for her any of her

roommates but they were all out of the room. Her suitcase was sitting on her


"Where are you going?"

"Oh, I am leaving early for a family thing"


"Don't worry I will get you back to Kacie"


I was set down on Colleen's roommates bed and as she walked over to the CD

player and I heard some techno music play. As she sauntered back over here I

watched as her body pass by me and a buldge on her top sticking out at me

created by her breasts. They looked a lot bigger then I remember. Her locks of

hair fell all around me as she lowered her head and body down to my level.

"Your so Amazing. I remember our dance so divinely. Lets do it again little


"no, that was horrible last time"

I was already in the air grabbed by each arm and we were spinning around and

around in a circle. She then tossed me up into the air and I just stopped short

of becoming a splat on the ceiling. As I started falling towards the floor I let

out a scream as loud as I could but she grabbed me at the last second by

extending her arm between her legs and grabbing me. I passed back between her

legs and got a good look up her skirt and then was pulled back up to her face.

She grabbed both my arms once again and then yanked my left arm up and then

right and twisted my body back and forth to me look like I was dancing.

"Your so cute and such a good dancer."

The song finally stopped much to relief and Colleen set me down on the floor.

I just stood there staring back at her and then she laid down next to me still

looking at me. Finally she poked me in the stomach and I fell backwards.

"Do something! Start running."

I took off running confused and just as I got a few feet from her hand cupped

me up and then she dumped me back next to her and poked me again so I started

running. I got about the same distance and she took a deep breathe and blew me

over. As I tumbled over I felt something grab my leg and I was slowly drug back

I started reaching on the floor for anything to grab to maybe stop my momentum

but it was no use. I was drug back next to her. She then looked at me intently.

I just laid there and then finally stood up.

"Do something"

"Why you will just catch me again"

"That's the point its fun"

"Well I am tired of entertaining you. Take me back to Kacie"

"Oh I don't think I am going to anymore.


The door then swung open and an older looking lady who was a dead ringer for Bea

Arthur walked in. Colleen quickly closed her fist around me

"Colleen lets go. I have the Taxi waiting for you"

"Alright then. Cool Beans"

Colleen grabbed her suitcase and started running out the door and down the

stairs. I tried yelling to her she was too deep in thought. I helplessly watched

her sprint across the yard towards the gates where I first entered and where the

Taxi now was. As she threw her suitcase in the trunk and slid into the backseat

I felt the cab take off. She then looked down at her hand and smiled.

"Hi there!!"

"what are you doing"

"Well when I was dancing I thought why should I take you back to Kacie when I

keep you for myself and play with you all the time. I have so many friends back

home who will just love you. We are having a sleep over this weekend to

celebrate me coming back. Your gonna be the life of the party. "

"Oh no! Stop the cab this instant""

I was then tucked between Colleens breasts and then she adjusted them so I

couldn't see anything. I tried yelling but my voice was silenced by her tits. I

squirmed and twirled which unbeknownst to me only made Colleen smile.

Hours and hours went be and I continued to fight and wiggle but nothing was

working. I then felt Colleen get up and start walking. She walked at a very

hurried pace and I heard a heavy door thud and then it sounded like she was

sitting down. I was plucked from her breasts and held up to her face.

"OKAY OKAY I get the idea you don't want to be in there. DO you realize how

horney you made me. I want to just spread my legs and stick you in right now but

that can wait until we get back home"

"You can't do this! Please"

Held in her grip we walked through the airport and then I felt her start

running and hug a rather large man and a older yet still good looking woman. She

looked like Gabrielle Reece kind.

"What do you got there dear."

"Oh this is my little man Jake. I found him at school so I brought him back

with me"

"Please mam! Help me your daughter stole me away and kidnapped me here. I

have a family"

"Colleen!!! You didn't"

"Daddy, I'm sorry! He just so cute" In a whiney voice

"You are grounded for a week Young Lady!"

"BUT DAD! Mom tell dad that its not fair."

"No buts young lady now grab your suitcase and lets go and hand the little

man over."

"BUT!! Ohhhhhh alright" In a sad dejected voice"

"That's right bitch hand me over to your mom I am so out of here"

"Watch your MOUTH LITTLE MAN!!"


"Lets go dear"

"Alright sweetie"

"Mam, what about me!!! Aren't you sendin me back"

"What about you?"

"Aren't you going to help me"

"I don't really see a need to upset Colleen. You mean so much to her. I guess

we will let her keep you."


"We will get you registered and shots from vet in the morning"


The ride home was horrible the family caught up on events and I was held

against Colleen's mom bosom. They were nice tits its just she's OLD. As we

opened up the door I heard a voice shout out.

"Hiya Mom! Hey sis! You're here. Did you bring him!"

I couldn't see who it was because Colleens mom was holding me at an angle

that was shoving me into her chest.

"What are you doing here!! Mom what is she doing HERE. Why aren't you at


"I am home. I live here now. I have the room across the hall from you"

"Colleen, honey, why don't we sit at the table we have a few things we need

to talk about."

"MOM? Who is the guy in the Kitchen!"

As her mom turned I got a glimpse of the girl. My eyes bugged out and hit the

floor. I saw Kim staring cold and blankly at me.

"Kim be a dear and hold him."

"Oh what is he!!" In a fake intrigued voice

"OH something your sis-err Colleen found"

As her hands latched out on me and I felt Kim dart up stairs

"HAHA Twerp!!"

As she held me up to her face "PEEEK" Then Kim would put me behind her back

"WHERE'D YOU GO…….PEEEK THERE YOU ARE." As her door shut and I was tossed on her

bed I looked around the room knowing there was no escape this time. I had no

where to escape too. Kim only drew nearer and nearer and my destiny was set. She

had the same cold calculated walk she had when she raped and pillaged my body. I

gulped as she leaned over me. I shut my eyes and waited for the inevitable.

The end

Giantess Stories: Cold clammy fingers coiled around me waking me from my slumber

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