Giantess Stories: Cold Realities of Iife

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Cold Realities of Iife




Chapter Two

 I looked up at Emily and I could hardly believe what I

saw. She was huge, beyond huge actually. It was like I was looking at a living

statue. My brain was telling me that there is no way, that there is just no way

that this can be real. It just isn't logical but my eyes were telling me that

this was very real.

I looked up at Emily and I found

myself only able to see the underside of her breasts. She had on a white T-shirt

which was being pushed outward by her bust. I was just staring at the underside

of her breasts in shock and amazement. My gaze then turned to her stomach as I

noticed how it was pushed outward a bit then would be sucked in then pushed back

out. The movement was so flawless like it was an engine with each piston pumping

at the exact same rate, always coming up to the top of its stroke at the same

moment that it had before. My vision then glided down her legs stopping at each

toned muscular bulge. I always admired how Emily stayed in shape, but now I

could see the full benefit of her work with such ease. As she stood in place and

she unnoticeably shifted her weight from her left to right I could now see her

muscles bulging and rippling as her weight shifted. Lastly I saw her silver

painted toenails. I gulped as they sparkled at me glistening in the bathroom


As Emily shifted her weight from

left to right, with every breath she took her stomach would compress in, and

then out, her hair would slightly fly up as she turned her head from left to

right, each of these gracefully flawless movements created a gust of wind. The

first time I found myself falling back onto my ass in surprise that even the

simplest of her movements could create such a powerful gust of wind. My next

realization was how cold it was in here. I was shivering, actually I had been

shivering the whole time but I hadn't noticed it because of the state of mind I

was in, the state of mind I am still in. I took a few steps back from Emily and

everything grew colder and colder with each inch that I moved away, so I

wondered what would happen if I moved closer? would it be warmer? I began to

move towards her carefully as to not make any sudden movements that might

startle her and as I suspected everything is getting warmer. I could hardly

believe that the body heat of my now giant wife had this much of an effect on

everything around me.

I could see Emily coming out of

her state of shock. Then I heard her voice for the first time. “Oh my god, Oh my

god” Emily's voice thundered throughout the room like it was the voice of god

bellowing down to us from the heavens, shattering the glass of our windows,

causing the ground around us to rumble, our ears to ring and bleed like we are

sitting next to speakers at a rock concert. I knew that she probably wasn't

talking that much louder then normal, probably in a voice shock and nervousness

but the volume was just incredible.  I covered my ears put my head in my lap as

it was the only thing I could do. The simple six words that she spoke seemed to

take forever to end. Emily then took a few steps back.

“I killed him, I killed him, I

can't believe I killed him” her steps backwards turned into a run. In a matter

of a split second the still silent room was put into a world of motion. The

ground was shaking and the room was filled with Emily's voice.  I fell to the

floor covering my ears, in the split second that this all happened in she was

gone and I was left staring blankly out towards the hallway.

I picked myself up and began

walking towards the door; I needed to get to Emily. As I headed to the door I

kept seeing our checkered bathroom tile, I knew that each tile was an inch by an

inch so I decided to lie against the tile. I found myself to be roughly two

inches, well a tad less than two inches if you want to be exact. I sighed and

continued walking as there was nothing else I could do.

As Jared pursued Emily she was

already deep in thought about what had transpired. She thought back to the story

that the man at the store told her about Persephone and her family. She kept

retelling the story in her head as it was the only logical thing she could come

up with but nothing came to mind, or could come to mind as each time she started

retelling the story in her mind thoughts of Jared kept interrupting her. It was

her gift that killed him; Emily reached towards the coffee table drawer to pull

out some Tylenol. She always kept some in there for when she was up late

studying, she remembered how Jared would always wake up in the night and see how

she was not there and pester her till she came to bed, or he would try to help

her with her homework even though he would usually make things worse, but now as

she laid here Emily kept waiting for Jared to walk out and sit down beside her

so she could rest her head on his shoulder while he puts his arms around her and

plays with her hair. Emily's attention drifts back towards the Tylenol.

I had made it out to living room

after quite a trek. The bathroom looked huge in itself with the counters rising

seemingly thousands of feet above, the bathroom itself expanding to look like a

few blocks rather then a simple bathroom. I had always thought that it was a

small bathroom. Emily and I could never be in there at the same time without Vpcok Freidora Sin Aceite Recetas En Espanol

bumping into each other and getting in the way so we had to develop a schedule

but now I could have lived in there. The toilet looked like a mountain, and the

bathtub may as well have been Noah's ark.

Even with seeing the bathroom at

its completely massive size nothing could compare Jared to what the living room

would look like. The living room was miles upon miles in length, with tables,

displays, bookshelves all that towered hundreds sometimes thousands of feet up

none of which, however was as breathtaking as the sofa. The sofa that from where

Jared stood, which is where the hallway meets the living room, the sofa looked

to be a couple if not three or four miles away. There was the sofa which looked

like a mountain range that he was looking up at from nearly base level and on

top of this mountain laid Emily. Emily looked like a goddess as she slept on the

mountain top(sofa). Her rhythmic breathing filled the room as she slept. Jared

had no choice but to move closer as he had to get her attention and help.

My teeth were chattering like two

old hens as I now headed towards the sofa. I could see my breath in room but as

I looked up at Emily she seemed to be lounging comfortably in her t-shirt and

jeans while not showing her breath at all which really confused me but I didn't

give it much thought.

As I moved closer and closer to

Emily I began to see how huge she really was. All of her features were on a much

grander scale. Her dark brown hair falling over her face, her pert breasts

jutting out from her toned frame, she looked incredible. I couldn't believe how

hot I was getting just looking at her. I always thought she was pretty but like

this, like this she looked amazing. I wanted to run my hands along her body, I

wanted to squeeze her breasts gently massaging them while I kissed her

passionately on the lips then glide in between her legs.

However, now that seems

impossible, as I look at her and then look at myself. I am smaller then a dick

how I could I pleasure my queen. There has to be away to change this. Whatever

happened, Emily can fix it, because she is smart.

I was now directly in front of

the sofa, but I could see a bottle of some kind on the floor. I ran to the

bottle and it read Tylenol. I looked inside since the cover was no where to be

found and it was empty. A chill ran down my spine as I looked up at Emily, she

didn't, she wouldn't have? Maybe she just took the last two or something. Why

would she do this? The last words she said then rang through my mind, even with

her voice that sounds like thunder clapping the unmistakable words of I killed

him, I killed him are all that I could I hear. I then looked back at Emily and

she was still lying motionless. I began to realize that she had been like this

the whole the time. I looked over at her arm that was dangling off the sofa and

I ran over too it.

What should have been short

distance took me a whole 3 minutes to reach. She was still warm so I began to

climb up her arm. This was easier said then done, Emily's silky smooth skin made

it all the more difficult to climb and time was of the essence. I stepped up

onto her wedding ring and looked further up the back of her hand. I saw nothing

until her bracelet that could give me an easy grip. I started looking closer at

her skin. I could see small minute hairs on her arm that normally wouldn't be

visible but to me were as plain as day. I grabbed a hold of it just long enough

to grab onto the next hair as I knew that it couldn't support the weight of me

pulling on it for very long. I made my movements quick as I climbed up Emily's

arm. By the time I was halfway up her arm my arms were already dead tired and I

was breathing raggedly. I would have shot at man if it would have allowed me to

rest however I knew that wasn't an option. I continued to my climb at my same

frantic speed until I reached the top.  I found myself smelling like her

cucumber melon lotion when I pulled myself up and onto her hips. I looked at the

length of her body and barely saw her chest rising and falling. I began running

towards her pocket since I knew that's where she kept her cell phone. The denim

was tight and I could barely open enough of a gap up so I could crawl in. In the

bottom of her pocket I saw her cell phone. It was small compact flip phone,

however I found myself unable to pull it out, the phone was simply too heavy and

I knew there was no other phone that I could get at. I crawled back up and onto

her stomach and lay down. I let the warmth of her skin run through me as the

tears ran down my face. I couldn't believe how helpless I was. Here was the love

of my life dying and I was unable to help her.

That was Jared's first

realization of just how small he really was. Jared who used to be 6'6” 280lbs

was now helpless and forced to watch the person he loved most die, and not just

die a normal death. This was the worst the death of all, die of a broken a

heart, a broken heart caused by Jared. These were thoughts that ran through his

mind as he lay on Emily's stomach. Her stomach which would gently rise and fall,

the same stomach which Jared found was warming himself with. His teeth weren't

chattering and his breath was normal but none of this mattered right now. All

that mattered to Jared was Emily and she was dying. So began the longest night

of Jared's life.


Giantess Stories: Cold Realities of Iife

 I looked up at Emily and I could hardly believe what I Chapter Two Chapter Two     Asukafan2001 Asukafan2001 by by Cold Realities of Iife Cold Realities o



Giantess Stories: Cold Realities of Iife

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Giantess Stories: Cold Realities of Iife

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