Giantess Stories: Cold Realities of Life

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Cold Realities of Life




Chapter Four


           Jared headed towards the door moving as quickly

as he could, however he found that the carpet greatly slowed him down as it was

comprised of small loops so he kept tripping every now and then. Each time he

would fall he would swear that it would be the last time and then he wouldn't

fall again until it had completely crept out of my mind and then wham face first

on the bedroom floor.

           Jared finally made it to the door. He peeked his

head out around the corner and saw the long hallway that lead to the living

room. He was now breathing quite heavily and sweat was running down his

forehead. Jared's shirt sleeves were soaked with his sweat as he would

continually wipe his brow to keep the salty sweat out of his eyes.  Jared hoped

and prayed that Emily would walk into the hallway but she didn't, in fact Jared

couldn't even see her. This was really starting to get on Jared's nerves, she

had not just forgotten about me but, she seemed so completely oblivious to the

whole thing now. He began to wonder if maybe she did this to him on purpose.

Jared remembered that she was pushing for life insurance when we first got

married maybe this was why? The pill jar could have very will been empty to

start with last night and it was all a rouse, and if it was? What could he

possibly do? How the hell is Jared going to stop her? He has never felt like

this before. He has felt helpless before but never felt true helplessness until


Jared darted his head from left

to right briskly as he stepped further out into the middle of the hallway. As he

entered the hallway and began to make my way towards the living room Jared found

his suspicions growing with each step he took. This walk was beginning to turn

into the worst thing he could have done the doubt was growing the longer it

took. He was still at a total loss as to how she could just forget? Or maybe she

hadn't forgotten but didn't expect me to be able to get down. The thought of her

of planning or plotting to someway snuff me out made me begin to hurry.

Jared had finally reached the end

of the hallway and looked about for Emily, He couldn't see her yet but he had

only just started Jared thought to himself. He looked from left to right when

Jared felt a trembling on the floor. His legs shook like Jell-O as dust was

kicked up from the floor. He coughed and sneezed from the dust while He

staggered trying to maintain my balance.

Two large black objects stormed

into his vision. He knew what they were right away but he couldn't believe that

they were that big. They were shoes; the large rubber soles had to be at least

four inches tall which made them double Jared's own height at the least if not

taller. Jared stood there eyeing the shoes in a trance almost. Their were scuff

marks all along the rubber soles  but as you reached the actual shoe he found it

to be highly polished in fact the sunlight reflected a bit back at me. A hint of

her white socks appeared out of the mouth of the shoe but it quickly hid behind

her black denim pants. Jared couldn't believe this. He hadn't yet seen Emily

from this angle. She stretched up into the air infinitely.  Each one of her

steps seemed to be miles. She walked the entire length of the hallway in about

10 seconds. His eyes couldn't believe what they had seen, she was in front of

me, then Jared blinked and she was standing over me and then at the next blink

she was in the bathroom. 

           He shook off the shock and awe of it all as

Jared realized that she could have crushed me, and she still could on the way

back. My eyes darted around as Jared looked for a place to hide while in the

back of his mind he kept struggling with the reasons of why Emily would do this

to him. She was his wife after all, for better or worse till death to us part.

We were suppose to start a family and watch them grow, look back at our memories

of them, daughters first date, sons first baseball game, first steps, first

words, and then watch them leave home and then grow old together.

           He knew he had to get out of the hallway because

it was to dangerous, Jared pushed my sappy thoughts to deep recesses of my

brain. He then scanned across the floor looking for a place to hide and then he

felt all too familiar thump. The floor shook and floor boards groan a little as

some dust was kicked up into the air. It reminded him of the scene in Jurassic

Park with the T-rex. When all they could hear were the footfalls and the little

ripples in the glass, it may have been a movie then but this was real. Jared no

longer had time to think, He had no time to look back. Jared could only run. His

heart skipped a beat and my legs started to churn. He was running but had no

idea to where. The floor rumbling and shaking like there was an earthquake.

Jared struggled to breathe from all the dust being kicked up into the air. His

eyes watered and sweat dripped from my brow as my lungs struggled for more and

more air. I stole a look back behind me and a black wall engulfed my entire

field of vision.

           It happened so quick, Jared felt a pain in my

back and then he was flying through the air. Miles upon miles were going by in

an instant before smashing head first into a mustard yellow wall. Jared looked

up higher and higher realized it wasn't a wall at all but a backpack. My jaw

slammed into the floor and began to roll back towards the bedroom. This was

Alexis's bag, but why was she here? Jared turned around to see her standing

directly behind him, it sounded like she was talking to someone but he couldn't

make out to who. As she stood inches from him he began to realize how much a

person fidgets with their feet unconsciously. Her foot would swing forward cause

me to duck to the ground the bottom of her shoe would swing over him. Jared

looked up at the underside of her shoe seeing what use to be small pebbles now

are large boulders stuck into the trench like grooves of her shoe. He buried his

head into his lap and put his hands on his head like he could somehow shut out

all and escape this world but he knew it was hopeless.

           Alexis walked back into the kitchen leaving me

shivering in the cold air alone with only the sound of her voice to remind me of

the world that Jared use to be apart of because as he looks at my world now He

sees nothing of what he use to see and recognize. As Jared looks around he

seeing Alexis's backpack with the small pouch where one keeps pencils, pens and

like. He could get to Emily if he could get in there but he knew it would better

to stay here and try to figure this all out. As much as he hates to admit it,

Emily may be right, He should just wait, but the thoughts of her wraith from my

earlier blunder crept into the back of my mind but she loved me but Jared was

just so cold, He looked forward at her backpack but there were spots, He was so

cold but He couldn't stop sweating, He took a step forward and face planted into

the ground he was inhaling and exhaling faster then he could blink, he felt

myself losing touch with his body, my eyes grow heavier and heavier till Jared

feesl like he is squinting. It looks like he can just about touch Alexis's

backpack, he runs his hand across the coarse reinforced material. My hand

slipped down the side and onto the floor. So cold, so very cold was all he could

think about as he blacked out.


Giantess Stories: Cold Realities of Life

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