Giantess Stories: COMPANION SHOES by willie

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                It was Friday evening and I had a lousy

day. In fact, the whole week was lousy.

I was really looking forward to my recliner, the TV, and a

strong drink. Jen, my wife,

and I had just finished dinner when she said "we're going

out tonight.

                "Don't count on it" I replied. "I'm tired

and I'm not going anywhere."

                She got up to carry our plates to the sink

and responded "Oh yes you are."

While doing the dishes she explained to me that we were

going to a party at her

friends house. She claimed to have told me at least three

times through out the week.

                "What ever you say" I said turning back to

the evening paper I was reading.

I knew there was no way she was getting me out of the house


                "I even bought a pair of shoes just for the

party" she said. "They're called

companion shoes"

                Now she was really getting on my nerves.

"Just what you need" I replied

"another pair of shoes. If I look at your stupid shoes,

will you please leave me alone?"

She nodded and put one - the right one- on the table in

front of me. Well I looked at the

shoe. It was black with two inch heels and a half moon

shaped hole over the toe section.

"Yea real nice I said. Now will you go to the party and

leave me alone?"

                "Look inside first" she ordered.

                When I looked into the shoe I saw a little

velcro strap in the center going from

side to side. Below it was a small indented area. I

shrugged my shoulders and put down

the shoe. "Now will you go?" I asked.

                "Smell it then I'll go" she responded with

a big smile.

                So smell it I did. I was about to say it

smelled like a shoe when it hit me. I

got instantly dizzy. I think I even passed out for an

instance. But when I came to I

found myself sitting on top of a pile of clothes. They were

giant clothes. They were my

giant clothes. And looking down at me was my giant wife

with an evil grin on her face.

She shrank me. "You shrank me" I yelled, but I knew my tiny

voice could not be heard.

I could tell by my surroundings that I was now about 5"


                "I told you we were going out" she

proclaimed in a soft but booming voice as

she moved her hand closer to me.

                "That's what you think" I yelled back as I

got myself up and ran for the edge of

the chair. When I got to the edge of the chair I jumped

without hesitation. Unfortunately

for me it took me so long to get out of my oversized shirt

and reach the end of the chair

that she had a chance to react. I was in freefall for

seconds, knowing that at this size

the fall would do me no harm. I was about to hit the floor

when her hand came from out of

no where and snatched me. She wrapped her fingers around me

tightly and I was unable to

move my body at all. The warm softness of her fingers felt

wonderful and I instantly

began to feel warmth stirring in my groin. She slowly

lifted me up to her face.

                The first thing I noticed were her full

lips. From this perspective they were

awesome. Her cute nose was perfect and her huge eyes were

like twin suns shining down on

me. All this was framed by a full and flowing head of

blonde hair. But again, my

attention was brought back to those luscious lips. They

were mesmerizing. She brought

my face close to her mouth and I thought and hoped she was

going to plant those full

gorgeous lips on me. Instead she stuck her warm moist

tongue out and licked my face.

"Now my little hubby I'm going to explain something to you.

We are going out. I am

going to have a hell of a good time. You are going to have

one hell of a bad time." Then,

she lifted up the shoe with her other hand and dropped me

into it. She rolled me onto my

back and strapped me down, arms included, with the velcro

strap. My back was over the

little depressed area I had noticed earlier. My face was

under the hole in the shoe. I

looked out through this hole and saw my wife's smiling face

looking back at me.

                Now, the emotions going through my mind at

this time are hard to put into words.

I was scared, no petrified. The woman I loved was

threatening to wear me in her shoe. I

liked my wife's feet, but I did not have a foot fetish. I

had no idea if I could survive

being worn in a woman's shoe under her foot. I was about to

find out. "Have fun dear"

she said as she lowered me and her new companion shoe to

the floor.

                I laid in my new shoe prison for about 20

minutes while Jen showered and dressed.

At least her feet would be clean, I thought. My wife's feet

could get pretty smelly at

times. As I laid there, contemplating my fate, I began

feeling cold. At this size my

body could not retain heat for long. I began to wish Jen

would hurry up so I can get

warm again. By the time she came back into the kitchen I

was shivering.

                "Is my little hubby cold?" she asked.

"Don't worry my feet are nice and warm"

she said as she took her bare foot out of her slipper and

began inserting it into the

shoe I was in. I looked past my feet and saw her huge toes

coming. Her foot stopped with

her huge big toe over my cold and limp manhood. "Let's

start warming this" she said as

she began rubbing me with small circles. It did not take

long for my manhood to right

itself, but after only about 30 seconds she stopped and

inserted her foot more so her

big toe was now over my face. Again she rubbed with small

gentle circles. already I was

feeling the warmth of her foot. After another thirty

seconds of this she finished

inserting her foot and began putting some pressure on me.

                My chest was directly under the ball of her

foot. If not for the depressed area

in the shoe, that most of my back and chest fit into, I

would surely be crushed. My body

from the waste down was pressed under her sole. My mouth

and nose were under the skin

between her big and second toes. When she pressed down on

her foot there was pain, but

it was bearable. The air was forced out of my lungs. The

weight on my waist and legs was

immense but the soft smooth skin of her sole molded around

me. I could not move my head.

I could not breath, and all I could see was the bottom of

her two toes. She kept pressure

on her foot for about half a minute, then she spread open

her two toes. I opened my eyes

and I could see through her toes out the hole in the shoe.

She was looking down at me

with the sexiest smile I have ever seen. "How are you doing

down there hon" she said.

"After I fix my hair, we'll leave." Then she began to walk

into the bedroom.

                I wasn't quite prepared for what came next.

I felt my world being thrust forward.

My head for the first time came level with my feet. The

pressure was off my body although

not enough that I could move. I was able to take my first

breath since she inserted her

foot. I could smell the slight odor of her foot. Even after

a shower feet maintain their

aroma, if even slightly. The aroma of my wife's feet was

intoxicating me. I took two

breaths before her foot came back down. Then I felt my

heels hit. The pressure returned

to my legs, then to my stomach, then to my chest forcing

out the last breath I had just

taken, and finally to my face as my body rolled forward and

down. Once again my head was

lower than my feet. All her weight was now on her toes and

my face felt like it was going

to explode. Just when I felt my face would pop, the

pressure stopped and I felt

myself moving forward again. This whole process continued

again and again for about ten

steps into the bathroom where Jen stood in front of the

mirror. Once again I could not

move or breath as she just stood there. After about five

minutes had gone by I realized

that I needed to take a breath. Fortunately for me Jen

spread her toes and saw my bulging

eyes looking back at her.

                "Oh I'm sorry. Do you need to breath?" she

asked while lifting her toes up. I

was able to breath, but only through my nose. The aroma of

her feet was getting stronger

already. God only knew how poignant they might get through

out the night. After a few

breaths she looked down at me, smiled, and lowered her toes

back over my face once again

cutting off my oxygen.

                I had noticed she was blow drying her hair.

In the next few minutes that it took

her to finish I thought about how I could go 5 minutes

without breathing. I could come

up with just one conclusion. It had something to do with

the air molecules being so much

bigger now in relation to my lungs. I was wondering how

much of this I could take when

Jen finished her hair and began walking again. The standing

still was one thing, but the

walking was hard to take. At least with the walking I could

get a breath or two in every


                She took about 50 steps around the house

before I heard the front door open and

close. A few more and I heard the car door open and close.

Then after a little pressure

on my face, the car started up. Up until this point I had

the hope that Jen would let me

go and not go through with this. But when the car started

up I lost all hope. How she

could do this to me I had no clue. She did not even know if

I could survive this sort

of punishment. This was when the first tears came from my

eyes. This was going to be a

long night.

                I have no idea how long she drove with me

at the pedal. The humming from the

accelerator and lack of air when she pressed it were

putting me to sleep. But each time

I approached unconscienceness she braked. At full size, I

begged Jen to go easy on the

brakes. At 5" tall, I wished she had listened. Each time

she hit the brakes she hit them

with such force she almost crushed me. Not to mention the

speed at which she moved her

foot and me. At least with braking, I got the opportunity

to breath. Throughout the

trip, she talked down to me about what a boring man I was

and how after this weekend

things were going to change. I did not listen.

                Finally, we arrived at the party. My wife

was on her feet continuously the first

hour or so. She walked around a lot. Stood still for long

periods of time. She made sure

I got a breath of air every few minutes. I could tell she

was drinking and having a good

time. I, on the other hand, was in hell. I had a constant

throbbing hard on from the

feel of her sole and smell of her toes. I was light headed

from the movement of her

walking and the lack of air. I wondered if this nightmare

would ever end. At long last

the constant pressure on my body was lifted. I think she

sat down. What happened next

was one of the only two high points of the evening, well

sort of.

                Jen was sitting with her foot on the

ground. She then began moving her foot ever

so slightly in and out of her shoe. She was rubbing my

erect manhood with the sole of

her foot. In and out ever so slowly drawing me to climax.

Maybe she could tell by my

breathing because every time I came close, she stopped and

pressed down on me depriving

me of air until my erection faltered. She did this for so

long I was screaming under her

toes. She knew it too. She kept looking down at me through

her toes with a wicked look I

had never seen before. After one of the longer smothers she

completely removed her foot

from the shoe and looked down at me lying on the floor.

Looking back up at her face I

could see how beautiful she was. It made me think I might

deserve to be in this

humiliating position. I should have tried harder to please


                Before the woman she was sitting with could

notice, Jen dropped a cocktail

napkin over my waist and reinserted her foot. She again

began the masturbation process

even slower than before. I slowly approached orgasm for the

tenth or twentieth time.

This time when my screaming started she didn't stop. She

let me explode all over the

cocktail napkin. It was during this orgasm when I realized

I really did deserve this

punishment my wife was inflicting on me. After I calmed

down Jen reached into her shoe

and removed the soiled cocktail napkin. She then spread her

two toes and gave me the

same evil grin she'd been giving me all night. "What was

that for" I thought. I

immediately found out. She began rubbing my now very sore

and limp organ all over

again. This time she was a little bit rougher. My penis was

extremely sensitive from

the orgasm and I couldn't take any more. Jen knew this too.

That's why she was doing it

to me again. I could tell she was beginning to feel the

alcohol she was drinking. I was

not enjoying this game of hers any longer. I wanted her to

stop, but could only lay

there and suffer. How I wished I could be my normal size

and sitting with Jen at this

party instead of being tormented in her shoe. This is when

I began crying for the

second time.

                It wasn't until she brought me to another

hard on that she stopped rubbing me

and got up. "Now what is this evil woman going to do to me"

I thought. What she did was

walk around and talk for another hour or so treating me the

say way as earlier. The

more she drank, the more she moaned when she stepped on me.

Jen was starting to enjoy

this a little too much. I did not know if my predicament

could get any worse, but I

feared it might.

                Finally she sat down again and spread her

toes to look at her prisoner. I saw

she was sitting on the toilet with her jeans and panties

pulled down. "Do you have to

go, little hubby?" she asked. I tried to nod but my head

could not move much. She got

the idea though. She reached down with perfect looking

fingers and removed the shoe.

She then placed the shoe upside down across her thighs and

spread them slightly. This

was the other high point of the evening, although short

lived. I was in touching

distance, if only I could move my arms, of the softest

smoothest skin I had even seen.

I wanted to bury my face in her thighs, not in her toes. I

could smell the strong scent

of her muff. I was supposed to be urinating, but with this

hard on it was impossible.

"Well don't take all day" she commanded. Jen knew what a

hard time I was having so she

sat perfectly still. I had to literally close my eyes and

not breath for a while until

I finally went.

                After I finished, she tapped me off with a

sheet of toilet paper and then held

me up to her face. "WE are leaving now" she told me. "I had

too much to drink I think.

Denise and Tom are going to drive us home. I'll get the car

tomorrow". While she was

talking to me I was mesmerized by those lips again. I

didn't remember them ever looking

so good. I needed badly to bury my tiny face in those lips,

but I knew where my face was

about to be buried again.

                Jen smiled and put her shoe back on. I

hadn't realized, but her foot had gotten

quite smelly. As bad as it was my hard on was as big as

ever. "We're going home now" I

thought. "A quick ride home and Jen will let me out. Maybe

she'll even take her shoe off

in the car." Finally I had some hope back. Jen got up,

walked over to the sink, and

washed her hands.

                After 10 more minutes of unbearable

walking, we were in the car. Jen was in the

back seat with her feet on the floor. "Any second she'll

remove her foot" I prayed. I

waited patiently until Jen's foot began moving out. "Yes

finally I'll be free." But her

foot stopped then began the slow and torturing manipulation

of my manhood again. "No" I

screamed. "You can't do this to me again." But she did. She

did it until I came all over

her foot. I prayed she would stop. But she didn't. She

tortured me all the way home

forcing my aching penis through two more agonizing orgasms.

By the time we got home I

was limp and lifeless. "At least I can get out of this

horrible torture chamber" I

thought. "My night of the living hell is about to end."

                Finally after walking upstairs and

changing, Jen removed the shoe and looked at

my flushed little face and then at my reddened midsection.

She cleaned me off. Then she

cleaned the bottom of her foot. "You had so much fun, I'll

let you sleep in there." she

said as she put me back on and went to bed. "Tomorrow I'll

show you my new companion



Companion series 2





                I was laying on my hammock with my eyes

closed swaying

gently back and forth. The cool air was sweet and fresh.


were singing. I felt free and at peace. Suddenly the music


the birds ceased. I slowly opened my eyes and froze. Above


head was a giant female ass, plump and delicious looking.


either side of the hammock were long perfectly sculptured


extending to the ground. I lay there motionless staring at


most beautiful vision I have ever seen. Slowly the knees on


side of me began to bend. The ass grew larger as it slowly


its perfect form closer and closer to my face. I tried to

move but

my entire body was frozen. The descent lasted for long

seconds. My

desire to be engulfed by the most magnificent ass I have

ever seen

outweighed any fears I may have had. I began to smell the


aroma of this giant woman's sex as the descent continued.


with grace of motion, the ass began to land on my face. My


was first to disappear between the cheeks from above. They

descended past my eyes then my ears and stopped only after


entire face was buried under a mountain of flesh. It was

soft and

smooth but also firm. I could feel the muscles squeezing


releasing my face. I was in ecstasy. I laid there for an


not moving, not breathing, Just loving every second of my


found heaven. Ever so gently the giant ass began swaying

from side

to side. My whole body moved from side to side hypnotizing


Slowly I succumbed and let my mind be rocked to sleep.

                When I woke I did not know where I was. I

was still

swaying gently, but I was definitely not buried under a


ass. As I slowly regained my senses I began to remember the

previous night. How my wife had shrunk me and worn me in

her shoe

to a party. I then realized with horror that I was still in


same shoe strapped under her foot. The bitch had drank too


and gone to sleep with her shoe still on. I realized her

foot was

hanging over the edge of the bed, thus the gentle swaying.


my mind went back to the dream I had. I played back the

dream in

my mind over and over again trying to figure out the


of it. Then it hit me. Before Jen went to sleep, she said

something about her panties. I was so exhausted after the


Jen put me through that I was hardly listening. As I laid


in Jen's shoe, It came to me. She had said she was going to

show me her companion panties. Another wave of fear hit me.


Jen plan on wearing me in her panties? If she did, would it

be so

bad. I love Jen's 30 year old backside more than any other


part. In fact, the ass in my dream had to be hers. But to

spend a

whole day in there would be too much. And after last night,


realized what torture she was capable of putting me

through. I

laid there for hours hoping Jen would release me and grow


back. Deep down I knew she had other plans. I tried to go

back to

sleep, to pass the time, but my mind was a whirlwind of


                Finally she began to stir. Slowly Jen awoke

and put her

feet on the floor. She stood up and walked into the

bathroom. I

had forgotten over night just how bad walking was when you


under the foot of the walker. After she did her morning


and brushed her teeth, she called me. "Honey, where are

you? I

don't feel too good."

                "She doesn't remember where I am" I

thought. "She's hung

over. When she takes this dastardly shoe off, I can escape.


won't have much time, though. She'll remember soon enough.

                She then walked into the closet, took off

her shoe, and

dropped it onto the floor face down. She dropped it with


force that the velcro strap that was holding me in came

loose. I

fell to the floor a free man. She walked out of the closet,

turned around, and walked right back in. "Now I remember

why I

went to bed with my shoe on." She bent down to pick up the


but I was gone. When I hit the ground I tried to come up


but I had to get my equilibrium back. I fell twice. By the

time I

got myself up and running, Jen was walking back into the


I dove into the only thing available, one of her dress

boots. Jen

saw me. I just barely made my way to the toe section when I


the boot rise and move. A few seconds later I felt it start


turn over. I had nothing to hold onto and I tumbled out the


of the boot and into the bathroom sink.

                I immediately jumped up and looked at Jen.

She still

looked good considering she was slightly hung over. She was

wearing a nighty that barely covered her rear end. I had


another close up view of her soft but muscular thighs.


there you are my tiny hubby" she said. "You should not have


to hide from me. I see you haven't learned your lesson.

After we

eat something we'll begin day two of your training." The

dream I

had came back to me instantly and my heart began to race.

"Go to

the bathroom. I'll be right back for you" she ordered. I

did, and

then just stood there waiting. I didn't know what to do. I


didn't want to make her mad.

                I was beginning to get cold standing there

naked in the

sink when Jen came back in. "Let's clean you up a bit" she


while turning on the water in the sink. "You look like you


up extremely well considering what I put you through." She


that evil smile again as she grabbed the soap and lathered


hands. She then took me into her smooth soapy hands and


me. Now this was heaven. She held me with her left hand and

massaged every tiny part of my body with her right. I loved


soft subtle hands, and at that moment in time I could not


enough of them. "Feel good" she asked? I only purred with

enjoyment. When she got to my manhood, it started to


That's when I remembered how sore it was from the sexual


given to me by my wife's foot. Even though it was sore, it


got hard. "Save it" she said as she rinsed me off and dried


body. What she did next with me I never would have


                Jen grabbed me by the head with one hand

and stuck me

between her legs. She then reached behind her with her


hand and grabbed my feet. She then proceeded to pull both


up jamming me tightly between her thighs. My arm was tight

against her moist panties. My head barely stuck out in

front of

her. She squeezed me tightly and began walking. I don't


know how she was able to walk all the way to the kitchen

with me

wedged between her thighs, but she did. Although her thighs


very soft, I could feel her muscles flexing and releasing


every step. In the kitchen, while Jen made breakfast, I


between her thighs. After about fifteen minutes of my full


thigh massage, she put her breakfast onto a plate and sat

down at

the kitchen table.

                There was just one problem. I was still

between her

thighs. Maybe this wasn't such a problem after all. I was


able to look up inside her nighty and see her boobs. From


perspective they were huge. I could see her pink round


Once again I was awestruck by my giant wife's form. What a


guy I was, at least until last night. This view was cut


when Jen pressed the cloth against her body so she could

see my

face. Our eyes met and she smiled. What an awkward position

I was

in. It tried to smile back but could only muster a pathetic

little smirk. Anyway it was time to eat. I was literally

starving, and I was hoping she was going to let me eat. I

followed her hand while it put a forkful of scrambled eggs


her mouth. Then she took a bite of toast. Finally she fed

me a

bite of egg with a toothpick. And this is how breakfast


She ate while she fed me between her thighs. When we


eating, She cleaned up the dishes with me still between her

thighs. Now that breakfast was over and the kitchen clean,

I was

removed and given a drink of water from a small bowl. She


carried me over to the table and placed me on it. Jen sat

in a

chair in front of me and looked at me very closely.

                Once again, I was awed by my wife's beauty.

Her eyes did

not look as good as yesterday, but her lips were just as


as ever. I could not take my eyes off her huge full lips as


spoke to me. "You have had enough fun for the day" she


"From this minute on you will return to the hell you were

in last

night." I gulped and once again thought of my dream, and my

wife's giant ass. "You are about to meet my brand new


panties. Well they are not exactly brand new. You see, I've


wearing them all night."      Another wave of panic crept

over me. She

wants to stick me into an already dirty pair of her

panties. She

wants to wear me all day staring at her ass smelling her


darkest odors. This was not going to be like the dream at

all. I

think I started to shake because she started laughing. I

was not

liking her evil grin at all now.

                "There is just one little problem" Jen

continued. "You

are about three inches too tall." Now I was really shaking.


planned on shrinking me again. I panicked. I turned to run


she grabbed me. She had removed her panties while she was

talking to me. I was too mesmerized to even notice. She


stuck my face in the crotch of her panties and said


                There was no way I was going to breath. I

figured I

could hold my breath until I passed out and died. "It would

serve her right" I thought. Jen then wrapped me up tightly


my face still in the crotch of her panties and stood up.


then inserted the whole bundle back between her thighs and

squeezed.  She nearly broke my ribs and crushed me. I know


fainted. She maintained the unbelievable pressure until I

breathed in her odors and the bundle collapsed. She knew I


shrunk again and let the panties fall to the floor. SASER KANGRI LEVEL 2 FEMENINO

                When I came to, I was strapped in her

panties. I could

feel the cool silk on my back. Nothing like the feel of


She was looking down on me as she held them with both


"My you look cute in there all nice and tiny. How about we

start with you backwards? We'll switch you around later."


that she lowered the panties and began to step into them. I

knew right away what backwards meant. I also I knew I was


to relive a more sinister version of the dream I had this

morning. I recognized the smell of her feet as they stepped


their panty holes. First the right, then the left. It was a

smell I now knew well. As I ascended my wife's legs, the


feeling in my stomach got worse with each pull of her

hands. I

could see my destination grow larger and larger as I got


and closer. In front, I could see her hairy bush with her


lips parting slightly smiling back at me as if knowing it


just a matter of time before they got a hold of me.


ahead were the giant, plump, round ass cheeks that I'd be


into momentarily. After I passed the knees, it went


With one hard yank I was there.

                The panties were a tight fit. They held me

firmly in

place between her cheeks. As she began walking around, the

movement of her ass quickly drew me deeper and deeper


By the time Jen was finished dressing, I was completely

surrounded by ass meat. Once again I could not voluntarily


a single muscle. I could tell when she was walking. The


motion of her bottom caused her ass cheeks to work against


other which in turn caused me to twist from side to side.


walking made my erection rub her cheeks giving me more


than I knew I could handle. I hoped she didn't walk much

but I

knew my wife couldn't sit still. I new I'd be in deep shit

so to

speak if I had to sustain another multiple orgasm evening,


alone a whole day.

                Another thought crossed my strained little

mind that

worried me. I wasn't up against her butt hole, but I knew

it had

to be close by. In my position, a fart could be deadly.


about breathing? Since I could smell that smell only my

wife has,

I knew I was getting a small amount of air from somewhere.

but a

small amount of air it was. I figured if I breathed at a


rate, the tiny amount of stale filtered air I was getting


be enough.

                As the morning passed Jen did constant

walking. I was

jostled back and forth relentlessly. After what my internal

clock told me was half an hour, I was approaching my first


of the day. The constant rubbing of my hard on between the


of her ass cheeks was making me crazy. Maybe that's what


really wanted to do to me. Torture me until I went insane.


I was on my way when I learned another of Jen's tricks.


night when I was under her foot she knew when my orgasms


coming. Today, with me buried deeply between her ass

cheeks, she

knew again. Don't ask me how, but she did. I was about to


one when she clenched her powerful ass. Wow. The pressure

on my

body was similar to being 200 feet below the ocean surface.


was pressure from all around me, 360 degrees of force

pushing in.

I've never actually been 200 feet deep in the ocean, but if


ever am I'll know how much it hurts. She clenched her butt


so tightly, and for so long that I passed out. When I came

to, we

were walking around again and my erection was temporarily


She did this many times throughout the early part of the


                Something else I became increasingly aware

of as the

afternoon rolled along was sweat. It crept up on me slowly


I realized I was soaked in butt sweat. I was sliding around


in my anal coffin that I had been earlier. This only


the masturbation process and made me approach orgasm much


Jen's sweat was squeezing into my mouth and up my nose. The


of her butt sweat was burning me eyes, but at the same time


making me more horny than ever. I had to climax soon. I


couldn't ride this sexual yoyo much longer. I did not like


way she could control my orgasms. It added a new level of

magnitude to her power over me. Once again she read my mind

because this time when I approached an orgasm, she let me

go. It

was so intense that I shuddered violently and got a little


ass shake from Jen. But like last night, the pleasure

turned into

pain. The continued rubbing of my sore spent penis turned


instant torture. And Jen would not just stay still.

                It was a while after my orgasm that Jen

showed me her

next form of torture. I was minding my own business trapped

centimeters from her anus when she let one go. She farted.

Unfortunately for me I breathed in any and all air I could


including the air she gave me. For the first time in hours


lungs were full. But, believe me, they were not full of


Immediately after she farted, she clenched her butt cheeks

so the

gas was stuck in my lungs. It simply had no where to go.


five minutes or so she released and I was able to start the

exhale process.

 With my lungs full, the exhale process took minutes. At

this point I think I was high. I was dizzy, and although it


pitch black in my prison, I saw strange lights. I even got


for a few minutes until I fainted or fell asleep.

                When I awoke, I was being jostled violently

up and down.

"Now what". Stairs! It felt like we were going up stairs. A


more walking then I felt my waste being pulled backwards. I

slowly slid backwards bent in half at the waste. Then I saw


Real light this time. I felt myself going downwards on my

back. I

could not fully open my eyes until they adjusted, but I was


to breath in lung fulls of fresh air. I opened my eyes

slowly to

the sight of my gorgeous wife sitting on the toilet. I was

on the

floor between her feet, still in her panties.

                "High, tiny hubby" she whispered down to

me. "You were

asleep for hours. I got the whole house clean. Now if you


mind I'd like a little privacy while I go. With that she


her foot from the panty hole and put it on top of me. My


which was only two inches tall, laid sideways under the

base of

her toes. Once again I was breathing between the big and


toes. And It seemed I could not catch my breath.

                "There's that smell again," I cried to

myself, "but much

worse than a day ago." Between the stench of her feet, the


of the butt sweat all in me, and the lingering aroma of the


that was still in my lungs, I began to convulse. This

didn't make

Jen feel sorry for me. She just pressed her foot harder on

me and

scrunched her toes until I stopped.

                After Jen finished on the toilet, she slid

both feet over

and placed the big toe of her other foot on my head. She


reached down and undid the velcro strap. She slid her feet


and once again curled her toes around me, this time picking

me up.

She hopped over to the sink, lifted her foot and dropped me


"You look bad and you stink" she told me. "I don't even

want to

touch you until you clean yourself up." With that, she

turned on

the warm water in the sink and gave me a chunk of soap. She


walked out of the bathroom.

                As I watched Jen's giant body disappear

through the

bathroom door, I focused on the perfect ass I just spent


afternoon inside. Another sinking feeling hit me when I


what she said just before she pulled up her panties. "We'll


you around later" is what she had said. I looked, in

horror, at

the pink panties with their yellowing crotch lying on the


As I stood in the warm water of the sink faucet, I couldn't


my eyes off those panties. I was paralyzed by a weird


of fright and lust. Slowly the fright won out and a feeling


despair jointed it. There was not a thing I could do to

stop Jen.

She was determined to teach me a lesson this weekend. I

hung my

head and showered.

                For the next 30 minutes or so Jen treated

me wonderfully.

After she picked me up and dried me off, she carried me


stairs to the kitchen. Jen ate her whole dinner while

holding me

in her left hand to keep me warm. The warm feel of my

wife's grip

was very soothing and I felt somewhat better by the time


finished eating. I still felt depressed, but I also felt

glad that

it was Jen and not anyone else whose body I was being


to. She looked down at my tiny head sticking out of her

fist and

asked me if I was hungry. I nodded and she produced an eye


full of something. "Eat this" she lovingly ordered. "It

will make

you strong again." She lowered the dropper to my mouth and


squeezing while I gulped down the food-drink mix my wife so

lovingly prepared for me. I watched her thumb and


squeeze the dropper. I imagined it was my head - my face


her thumb. I thought it might be my head later. I was


by the power this creature had over me.

                "I think you've had enough punishment,

dear" she said to

me while she fed me. "I don't know how I could have been so


Tomorrow this will be all over for you. I promise." I

wanted to

believe her. I needed to believe her. Then she removed the


dropper and planted a huge soft lingering kiss on my entire


My face was being caressed by those magnificent lips I've


longing for for 24 hours. All at once I did believe her.


again I was full of hope. I was going to be a free man

again. No

more torture. Oh how I love this woman. She then cleaned up


she explained to me that she was going with her friend to

get her

car. Afterward she would come straight home. "I'll put you

to bed

before I leave" she assured me "You can rest."

                Jen carried me upstairs and into the

bathroom. She picked

up the panties and went into our bedroom. She dropped the


onto to the bed and laid them out crotch up. "I'm going to

make a

bed for you out of these" she said looking down at me. "I


you to think of me in your dreams." That feeling in my


returned with a flash and my dinner didn't feel so good any


                "Please don't" I tried to yell back. "They

reek." She had

been wearing these panties since yesterday. They were


soiled, and smelled like they were worn since last week.

Jen had

been aroused since yesterday from wearing me around, and


panties had taken the brunt of the arousal. "You promised


more" I screamed. My protests went unheard.

                Jen laid me face up in the crotch of her

panties and

strapped me in. My head was facing the front. Now I was


confused. I could not figure out the mind of this young

woman I'd

been married to for 2 years. People change when they get


power situations. She began to say something when the phone


She left me lying there and went for the phone next to the

bed. I

could feel the cold moistness of the panties on my back. It

sent a

shiver down my spine. I laid there getting colder by the


listening to Jen's conversation. The enthusiasm for life I


minutes ago was draining.

                "I can be ready in five minutes" I heard

her say. "I don't

really need a shower. Bye." She hung up the phone and my


raced. Again I was about to look my fate for the evening

eye to

eye. Jen walked over to the bed and removed the sweat pants


had on since before dinner. She already wore a descent

shirt. I

looked up at her face, but she did not look down. I lifted

up my

head and looked straight ahead at her upper thighs and


blonde bush. Then I saw her hands coming for the panties.

It was

like she completely forgot where I was. Jen lowered her


to the floor and once again stepped into them.

                I began to scream as she pulled up her

panties until I

looked up and saw her vagina lips again. This time they


directly above me and approaching fast. I was resigned to


fact that Jen either lied to me or changed her mind.

Whichever, It

was going to be another long night. As I got closer to


vagina, it seemed to open for me. The thought of Moses in


Ten Commandments" came into and left my mind. It was as

long as I

was and it wanted me. It wanted to devour me whole. To

absorb my

soul. I tensed my body and made contact. I felt warm moist


instantly envelope me and then close around me. They pulsed


me from all sides, massaging my entire form, like it was


That night Jen's vagina was a living entity feasting on my


being. The velcro around my waist held me like a life line

temporarily saving me from my ultimate fate. I had a bad


about what my ultimate fate would be.

                Jen finished dressing and went outside to

wait for her

friend. It didn't matter to me. I was inside Jen's vagina.


in by her pussy lips. I could breath. I moved when Jen

moved or

when her vagina wanted me to move. I got used to the smell


actually liked it. I was warm but wet. Not wet but slimy. I


actually quite comfortable and content.

                The ride in the car was euphoric. As Jen

sat in the car

seat, my legs were forced deeper inside. There was a


pull inward on my body. Her vagina wanted me badly, but the


strap held me firm. I was lying on my back with my legs up.


cars steady rumble was soothing. I was currently at peace

and I

was taking any enjoyment I could get from this weekend. 

                This nice feeling lasted until we got back

home. Having me

in her vagina was more than Jen could take. The second she


home, she laid herself down and started rubbing her

panties. She

must have walked out of her jeans on the way in the door. I


feel the pressure of her fingers on my back pushing me and


panties further inside. Finally, she put her hand inside


panties and began fingering herself violently. In doing so


tore open the velcro strap, and in I went. Jen's vagina

sucked me

all the way inside while clamping its powerful muscles

around me.

It had me for keeps. The inside walls contoured over my

face. I

felt slimy flesh pushing in my mouth and eyes trying to get


me. I felt wave after wave of powerful pulses crunching me.

Pounding me with every shudder of Jen's massive body. Jen


for countless minutes. I followed her into orgasm. I had


left to give, but her vagina took it from me anyway. It

could take

whatever it wanted from me. I belonged to it. I shuddered

violently along with, and deep inside, my lovely wife. We


love. Eventually Jen's spasms slowed and stopped. She laid

motionless for an eternity with my exhausted spent little


still trapped inside her. As I slowly regained my senses, I

wondered if I would ever make love to Jen full size again.


really had no idea what her intentions were with me. I was


and completely at her mercy. That feeling of deep despair


and I wallowed in it while I waited for my wife to rescue


                Some time later Jen began to stir. I felt

movement above

my head and soon felt her thumb and forefinger take hold of


head. She tried to pull me out, but her finger hold slipped


Again she grabbed and pulled to no avail. As she pulled, I


like my head was the head of that eyedropper being

squeezed; My

brains forced down my neck and out my asshole along with

all my

other organs. Actually, it felt like she was going to pull

my head

off. Her vagina had me and would not let go. It was not yet

finished with me. "Fine then" I heard her yell. "Have it


way. Stay in there all night." And that's where I spent the


evening. Jen had many more orgasms with me as her unmovable


none quite as intense as the first. Her vagina allowed me


breath through its own walls somehow, but would not release


                Finally, hours later, after Jen dosed off,

the muscles of

her vaginal walls relaxed enough that I was able move. I


inched my way out. My exhausted little body made its way


When I got to the opening, it was closed. Jen's pussy lips


sealed. I had had enough and wanted to get out badly, so I


trying. It took forever, but I finally got my hands

through. I

began to force my head through, when Jen woke up. Or maybe


her vagina woke up. I was instantly squeezed and sucked

back down

Jen's tunnel of love. There I sustained yet another of her

orgasms. I was beginning to think I really would be here

all night

when the walls around me softened. I again tried to crawl

out. It

took me longer this time, but I was finally able to poke my


through. I would have been better off staying where I was.

                My head was now in a jungle of crusty pubic

hair. She

still had her awful smelling panties on compacting her bush


a smelly tangle of dried love juices, that came into my

nose and

mouth with each breath I took. And worse yet, Jen was lying


her side with her legs together. I could go no further. The


out here was horrible, ten times worse than inside. I tried


retreat backwards, but Jen's lips resealed themselves

around my

neck like a living vise. Jen's slow deep breathing made her


thick pubic hairs scratch against my face. It looked like

this was

where I was spending the night. My only hope of getting my


out of this predicament was if her vagina woke up and

pulled me

back inside for a late night snack. Unfortunately, her

vagina was

finished with me for the night. This is where I was to be


morning. At my new size, Jen could torture me without even


awake. All I could do now was to go to sleep and dream





Companion Series 3


THE PIT   by   willie




                I don't know if I dreamt much during the

night. They say most

dreams come during the morning hours after the mind has had


deep sleep. Some dreams happen right as you wake up. I had

one of

these dreams.

                I was in a forest. No, make it a jungle.

The undergrowth was

fierce. I was running from something through the

underbrush. My face

was bleeding from many scratches. There was black smoke all

around me.

The jungle was on fire and I was trying to save myself. I

was gasping

for breath as I ran through thickets, over fallen rotting

logs, under

low hanging branches. I ran. I jumped. I ducked. The jungle

began to

thin, but the fire was just about on me. As I left the

jungle, I ran

into a field of tall dry grass. The fire followed, but when

it hit the

grass it exploded around me. I felt its raging heat. It

burned my eyes

and scorched my nostrils. My mouth and throat roasted when

I breathed.

I was on fire.

                When I woke up, my eyes, still closed, were

tearing. I was

unable to inhale. Fumes engulfed me. I was still in the

fire. I tried

to wake up again, but nothing changed. My eyes shot open

and I saw a

waterfall. It was a yellow waterfall inches from my face.

An occasional

errant drop hit my nose and sizzled. I could not draw away

from the

pungent smelling flow. From the neck down I was paralyzed.

I felt moist

heat radiating from the stream. It flowed and flowed.

Finally it

stopped abruptly. Then a short spurt. Two drips and it was


Somehow my face and hair were still dry. I then focused on

a square of

soft cloth, two times taller than myself. It quickly came

into view,

soaked up the remaining liquid, then wiped it all over my

face and

hair. I gagged.

                Jen had waken, gently walked into bathroom,

and sat on the

toilet. She was urinating when I woke up. She wiped herself

and washed

her hands. After I blinked the urine out of my eyes, I

could see her

up-side-down face through the mirror. She did not seem to

notice me.

She stepped back and I could see her pert breasts. Jen's

breasts were

big, but not huge. The were very firm and didn't sag. They

were the

only body parts of Jen that I hadn't seen up close and

personal this

weekend. I stared at both of them while she brushed her

teeth. Knowing

Jen, that would probably change.

                When she finished in the bathroom, Jen went

to her dresser and

pulled out a white halter top. She put it on in from of the


which was over the dresser. In the halter top, her breasts


great, even from below and up-side-down. she then went down


grabbed a bagel, and threw it in the toaster. She took my

eye dropper

from the counter top and sucked up some solution from a

baby food jar.

That was my first clue that she remembered I was even

there. She took

it and her bagel to the table and sat down. She sat in such

a way that

I could see her face, once I was able to look past the

underside of

her boobs in that halter top. She completely finished her

bagel before

she looked down at me sticking out of her vagina. She then

fed me with

the eye dropper.

                "How does a morning jog sound" she said as

she hid behind her

boobs. She then looked over them and smiled. I nearly

choked on my

mixed vegetables. Now I knew It was her boob's turn to

torture me. I

wondered which one it would be. I hoped it was the left

one. I always

liked the left one better. I really don't know why.

                "How bad could a titty ride be" I thought.

"It can't be worse

than being walked on all night, or stuck between butt

cheeks and

farted on, or attacked by a vagina with an attitude.

Besides, It's

Sunday. She has to let me go sometime today. I have to go

to work


                Jen stood up, threw out the Scott Towel her

bagel was on,

drank some orange juice, then pulled me out. Unlike last

night, she

completely inserted her thumb and forefinger inside herself

to extract

me. I came out easily. "You're a mess" she said down to me.


clean you up". Trust me. It was just as enjoyable as


morning's hand bath. She dried me off and held me by my

lower legs

above her left breast. With her other hand she pulled away

the halter

top. I could see a perfect white breast with a nipple the

size of my

whole head. I took a deep breath as she let go of me. The


approached fast as I headed straight for it. Normally, one

closes his

eyes before an impending impact. My eyes couldn't close.

They stayed

open as my face hit and bounced off that nipple. I felt the

cotton of

the haltertop on my back. It threw me forward and my face

was buried

in tit, my favorite tit.

                Jen could not have positioned me better. I

was bent at the

waist. my legs were on the top side of her tit. My chest

and face her

buried on the bottom side of her tit. And my already hard

manhood was

directly on the tip of her nipple. When she ran up the

steps to get

her jogging shorts and shoes, I found out what a jog in a

halter top

was going to be like. I prayed to God it would be a short

jog. After

the run back down the stairs, I heard Jen say "It's a

beautiful day.

How does 5 miles sound." I knew I was dead. I hardly took

the jog up

and down the stairs. Now I had to go 5 miles being jostled

up and down

with each step. I had never felt anything so soft on my

face. Being on

the under side, I was able to turn my head enough to

breath. But, I

wanted to turn it back quickly. I was very much enjoying

the feel of

Jen's left tit.

                The problem was that my male member was

enjoying the feel of

Jen's nipple even more. It could not have been five minutes

into the

jog that I was fighting the urge to orgasm. A five mile jog

could last

an hour. What was I supposed to do. I tried thinking of big

fat men,

but that didn't work. I tried thinking of even bigger fat

women. That

didn't work either. Despite the earthquakes I encountered

every half

second, I lost it. My orgasm might have lasted 30 seconds,

but Jen's

jog lasted well over an hour.

                After an orgasm, a man's penis is very

sensitive. He needs a

couple of minutes to let it calm down before it is

stimulated again. A

man inside the halter top of a jogging woman is not given

this needed

time. Jen did not give me any time to recover, but then she

hadn't all

weekend. It was part of her torture. She was torturing me

for being a

lousy husband, and the torture continued. She could have

stopped or

walked for a while. No, she picked up the pace. I was

already sore

from the rest of the weekend and I was now in serious pain.


wonderful ride with my wife's tit turned into a haunted hay

ride. It

got worse, much worse. I came five, no seven, no six, or

maybe it was

eight painful times in all. I was in such pain, I really

didn't keep


                Before Jen went inside, she ran into our

neighbors daughter.

Suzy was her name. Suzy just graduated from college and was


for a job. Suzy was a big girl in every aspect. A good 4

inches taller

than I was and very pretty. Suzy was also very clumsy. I

never saw her

with a boyfriend. Either her clumsiness or her size scared

most boys

away. "Hi Jen" I heard her say. "How was your jog?"

                "Hi Suzy" Jen replied. "My jog was great. I

set an all time

high, 7 miles."

                "Hey what's that?" Suzy asked. "Is it what

or who I think it

is?" I imagined the huge grin I new Jen was giving. "Cool,

When can I

borrow him."

                "If he doesn't behave himself, maybe you

can babysit one

night" Jen answered. "Only if you can keep this a secret"

she said and

ducked into the house.

                Jen kept me in her halter top all morning.

All through the jog

I was hot as hell. Jen perspired all over me. When she

cooled down, so

did I. Evaporati

Giantess Stories: COMPANION SHOES by willie

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