Giantess Stories: CONSEQUENCES by cringer   I was unsure of what to expect

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by cringer

I was unsure of what to expect.

So long was I able to avoid being discovered. Free to come and go as I saw fit

within the unsuspecting beauty's abode. I had watched her for months, admired

her, longed to encounter her. Yet still, I feared her. I feared what she might

do should she ever find me. And now my mind filled with chaotic questions that

ravaged my thoughts. Tormented me as I now lived my nightmare.

She looked down at me, her rich brown hair softly resting on the cheeks of her

milky face. As she watched me with her eyes, her cold inquisitive blue eyes, my

heart started to race. My mind urged, no, commanded my body to stand and flee if

only for the slightest chance of attaining freedom. But I could not move, my

body had turned into stone.

Her lips, her full, red lips then pursed as though to taunt me...and she smiled

at me. And then she spoke, her voice was sweet, playful, so very....innocent, so

very inviting. "What is your name, little man?"

"Shane." I managed to fumble out as my body started to tremble.

"Well Shane," she said bringing her lips closer, and closer until they were

right before my face. "What are you doing here?"

"I...I..." I blurted out before I could even think, and then I paused. Taking a

moment aside to myself, I attempted to concoct some explanation for why I was in

her home. But I could think of nothing.

My moment then turned from a brief pause, to an awkward silence; a silence,

which she would not tolerate. "Answer me," she hissed at me. "or anger me."

"I'm sorry." My head lowered in shame, in trepidation. "I came to see you."

"To see me? What for?"


"Enough! I cannot wait forever for you to find your tongue...instead, you will

find mine!" Again her lips moved to smile, but this time it was different.

Sinister, hungry, wicked. She reached down for my trembling body and grabbed me

by the ankles.

As she lifted me up into the air, I hung down from the weight of my body. Only

now, as it was already too late, was my mind able to communicate with my body, Everything about nails and manicure products Nails Trends

and I struggled to free myself. But my struggle was for nothing. Her fingers

clamped tightly on my leg, I could do nothing at all to escape my fate.

Dangling in the air, she lifted me up and tilted back her head. I could see the

delight, the utter ecstasy radiating from her as her full lips parted. She

lowered me, slowly, as if to prologue my agony, and as my head came closer she

closed her lips around it.

I could feel every contour as she kissed me; caught within these folds I thought

for certain that I would suffocate. It was then, that she eased the pressure,

and without opening her mouth, she pulled me back out.

"Yes," she said with a grimace. "How did you enjoy that my little snack!"

"I...I'm sorry I intruded here...please don't---"

This only amused her to laugh at me with a devilish delight that chilled my

blood. "Are you begging for your worthless life you small little nothing! Don't

bother, I'll enjoy this far too much."

I could only gasp as she opened her mouth again, and lowered me. My body now

entered past her lips, which she closed around my waist. With her grasp

tightening, she continued to push me down until I had cleared her lips

completely. Now trapped within her warm, wet mouth, I knew my fate would soon be


Her tongue embraced me. It rolled beneath me, and pressed me up against the roof

of her mouth. At my size there was little more I could do but grasp onto her

soft tongue to keep from being smashed within her teeth, hoping that she would

perhaps find my taste repulsive and spit me out, in fact, I counted on this

miracle. For how could she possibly be expected to eat me alive. In this last

hope, I placed my fate.

It was then, I saw light again for her mouth had opened slightly. She then spoke

to me, in a very satisfied, and slightly muffled voice, "Goodbye little man."

Darkness fell onto me once, her tongue raised and lowered, and the questions

which had haunted me were at last answered.

Then came the unthinkable, the unimaginable, she swallowed me...alive.


Giantess Stories: CONSEQUENCES by cringer   I was unsure of what to expect

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