Giantess Stories: Control

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Control: Part 1

"mmmph, mmmph, mmmph", "What's that, I can't understand you, didn't anyone ever

tell you not to mumble when you speak. Now try again, said the giantess as she

leaned back." I lay there looking up at this gigantic woman gasping for breath,

burning up from the heat and covered in sweat, hers and mine, barley seeing past

the nipple of her breast which only moments ago had me pinned under all of it's

soft pliant but incredibly heavy mass.

I met her earlier in the night at a club. She was a looker, shoulder length

black hair that frames the face in layers. Dark brown eyes, full pouty lips,

about 5'7" with a figure that had just the right amount of curves to hint at

danger and a chest that was full and luscious. ("I think it was Gary who told

Wyatt, anything more than a handful and your risking a finger sprain" words of

wisdom) Anyway, I wish I never saw her, which brings me back to my current

predicament which has been going on and off for about 10 minutes now .

"I sa.. I sai... said, I... I can't bre.. breath."

"Oh" she said matter of factly "but I know that already, silly little man. Now

don't bother me unless you have something important to say."

With that said she slowly leaned forward rolling her tit back over my upper

body, stopping just long enough to wink at me and then continued the rest of the

way engulfing me completely under her again.

MMMM, this is just incredible, I never tire of the feeling of being in control.

Here I have a full size man, well not so much a size now, but a man none the

less struggling underneath one of my tits. Not even strong enough to lift it off

him for a gasp of air. It's that helplessness and the resulting power I have

over them that is such a sexual charge for me.

I know, I know, what kind of person treats another human being like this but I'm

really not a bad person. I'm very courteous to others, I donate to charities,

and even do volunteer work at shelters. It's just quite frankly, I stopped

thinking of them as people and more like an object when they are this size, my

personal property to do as I please with.

it's really ironic, I could never shoot or cause seriously bodily harm to a full

size person (depending on the circumstances of course) but yet I have snuffed

out 17 of these little ones in 3 years. That's how long it's been since I

discovered, umm, should I say, my gift. Apparently I've inherited a special

talent from my ancestors, I guess it's a random thing, because nowhere in the

previous 2 generations of my family has there been any indication of this, at

least that's what I've discovered in my research.

As you may have guessed, I come from a long line of witches, which was quite a

shock to me. I recommend everyone to trace down your family tree, one never

knows the interesting things you may discover. Anyhow, this is all pretty new to

me, as I've said it's only been 3 years since my discovery. As to the how's and

why's of my powers, can't really say. It's not like you think, I don't have

potions and scores of books on witchcraft and chant mysterious words. It just

has to do with harnessing what my mind is thinking about.

At least that's what I've come up with, my first incident was completely by

accident. I was out with friends one night and met some incredibly hot guy. He

had everything working, clothes, hair, smell, personality, sooo, one thing led

to another and I took him home with me. After fooling around for a while things

heated up and me not really being the one night stand type had second thoughts

and told him I think we should stop and pick this up another time (I know, such

a tease).

Well, it turns out mister perfect wasn't so perfect. He launches into this

profanity laced insult which was just the most awful things I ever heard said to

someone and here he was saying it to me. I was in tears, he had me feeling so

humiliated and small not to mention angry, that I just wanted him to feel the

same way. So there I am hugging my self leaning with my back against my bedroom

wall staring at this piece of shit walking away after belittling me thinking I

can't let him get away with treating me like that and whoosh, I can no longer

see him.

I was thinking where the hell did he go, did I get so caught up in my thoughts

that I didn't even see him walk out my room rest of the way? Great Heather, way

to go, always the one to think of what to say after the moment, shit. Oh well,

that will teach me to bring home a stranger the first time I meet him, I'm

probably lucky that all he did was curse me out, what a psycho.

I pushed myself away from my wall and rounded the end of my bed when all of a

sudden I notice a pile of clothes on my floor. What the... those aren't mine and

that asshole had his on when he left. I squatted down and looked at the clothes

which lay before me, yup, they were his, there was a shirt sitting on a pair of

underwear and pants with boat shoes about a foot away. That's right, he hadn't

put on his shoes yet, he was carrying them, but why are the rest of his clothes

here. Holy shit, is he still in my place, did I black out, I suddenly got very


Ok, Heather, don't freak, just grab his clothes tell him it ain't gonna happen

and to get the fuck out of your house. As I started to get a hold of my nerves I

went to reach for his clothes when all of a sudden I saw movement from the

center of his shirt. Shit! I fell back on my ass, what the fuck was that, oh

don't tell me I have mice now, I really don't need this. Being an animal lover

the thought to just stomp on it never entered my mind.

I saw it still moving around obviously not able to find it's way out when a

thought struck me. Why not wrapped this little guy up in his underwear and then

give him his clothes back, that should make for a nice little surprise, if I'm

lucky it will bite him in the nuts. I squatted back over his clothes again and

grabbed his underwear, ready to fold it over the mouse when I lifted the shirt

away. In one quick motion, I removed the shirt and covered it with the


Ok, what the hell was that? I thought mice were white or black or something,

that looked pink like a newbie. Was that what was in there, a baby mouse? Aww, I

can't do this then, it won't have a chance to get away from that jerk when he

finds it. Very well, don't ask me what I'll do with it, I'm not keeping it as

pet. Poor thing is probably scared out of its mind. I opened the underwear back

up to look at the little fellow when a gasp escaped my mouth and I fell on my

ass again.

A gasp escaped my mouth but what escaped his was an intense high pitch scream.

That's it, I'm having a breakdown, or a very vivid dream but this can't be

happening. The little man kept screaming away curled into a ball in his own

underwear. This is wild, it was him, and he couldn't be more then 3 or 4 inches

tall, if he's real that is.

"Ahhhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhh"

"Sure sounds real, "shut up already" I said as I threw his shirt back over him.

Quiet once again, guess I'm a little much to take in at this size, I smirked.

This is very weird, did I cause this? How could I? Oh fuck it, I'll figure it

out later, right now I'm experiencing a very strange feeling one which I need to

investigate further.

I pulled the whole pile of clothes up between my outstretched legs and lifted

the shirt, the screaming started again.

"Before you were screaming to fuck me, now you're screaming every time you look

at me, you sure know how to insult a girl"

I think I was a little hasty before, I thought to myself, I think I do have a

new pet, as an evil grin played across my face.

"Lets have a closer look at you shall we" I said as I reached for him, the

screaming became louder.

Part 2

I closed my hand around this shrunken little curled up thing, not even bothering

to straighten him out and lifted him to my face. I drew my knees up placing my

left on it and holding my fist and it's little occupant in front of my face

while resting my free arm on my other knee.

I was getting shivers just thinking about what I was doing at the moment. If

someone had walked into the room right then they would never imagine that inside

my closed fist was an actual man, God I was getting hot.

I slowly uncurled my fingers and looked upon my prize. He lay with his arms

covering his head, curled into a fetal position shaking uncontrollably.

"Oh come on now, surely I'm not that scary, I won't hurt you."

He peek out between his arms starting to uncurl and pushed himself up into a

seated position.

"you're not going to do anything to me?" he asked.

"Now I don't think I ever said that" I replied, grinning at him. The color

suddenly left his face again.

"Wha, what do you mean, what are you going to do?" he stammered.

"why... (I leaned in much closer and in my softest most seductive voice) what

ever the fuck I feel like" and then licked my lips.

"No, No" he said "you can't, let me go. How did I get like this? did you do this

to me? Change me back now"

While he was pleading with me I took to stroking his little body with my index


"Stop it he said, and stop looking at me like that, say something damn it."

"I thought guy's didn't like talking during sex."

"Sex!" he screamed out. "You can't honestly think we can do that at our current

size?" he said trying to rationalizing with me.

"Oh, well I can't say what it will be like for you, but it will most certainly

be sex for me" I said laughing, and now focusing the tip of my index finger on

his manhood.

I wasn't the type of woman who kept long nails, so I needn't worry of impaling

him on my nail. I liked them short (not bitten stubby nails) but well manicured

with a clear gloss on them.

He tried pushing it away but it was useless, then he tried scurrying backwards.

Don't know where he thought he would go that high up but I couldn't risk him

falling and killing himself before I had my fun so I brought my thumb down over

him ceasing his struggles and continued to work on his privates with the pad of

my index finger using slow circles to bring his little dick to life.

"oooo" I said. "Can't be all bad, someones getting excited" I really had no

interest in his pleasure, I'm sure I was enjoying this more than him. I mean

there is something very stimulating about making a guy cum against his will.

"Trust me" he said, "if I had the chance I'd leave so fast and never look back."

To that I replied "oh, but trust me, you won't get that chance." By now he was

moving his hips around as I applied more pressure and picked up the tempo,

knowing he was about to explode, a few seconds later and he was spewing all over

my finger tip.

He lay there panting, trying to regain his composure, he said "there, you had

your fun, now change me back and let me go."

I laughed, "had my fun, jeeze you really are an asshole, do you guys ever think

of a woman's needs. First of all, I'm not sure how this happened and even if I

could I wouldn't change you back. Secondly sweetheart, I haven't begun to have

fun" as I smeared the tip of my finger all over his face making sure I wiped all

his cum off my finger.

I guess by now he was feeling a little more sure of himself or I just made him

really angry because he reverted back to the same insulting jerk he was this

evening instead of the little whimpering thing he has been in my hand for the

last 10 minutes.

Spitting his cum from his lips he said "This is bullshit, I'm tired of your

games and your power trip you crazy bitch, Is this the only way you can get a

guy, how pathetic, now let me go!!!"

I was actually taken back by his outburst but quickly regained my composure and

said "you don't get it do you?" as I applied more pressure with my thumb which

was still holding him in place causing the air to leave his lungs.

I reached for his now flaccid dick and pinched it between my fingers and looked

as his eye's opened wide with terror. I gave a little tweak to his dick and

watched his face (which was still covered in his juice) contort in pain and said

"you" tweak "now" tweak "belong" tweak "to" tweak "me" tweak.

I released my grasp on him with my thumb and the pinch hold I had on his dick

and watched as he gasped for breath, trying to scream, and holding on to his


"Honestly" I said "What can you possibly do to stop me? If I want to suck on you

to your skin dissolves, can you stop me, no. If I want to use you as a tampon,

can you stop me, no. If I want to use you as a toe separator while I paint my

toenails, can you stop me, no." I was turning myself on the more I spoke.

"If I want to use you as toilet paper, can you stop me, no. If I want to use you

as a dildo, can you stop me, no. So there you go, basically your my slave and I

can use you however and whenever I wish."

He looked at me with a look that was pure terror but then the looked changed to

one that if he was full size would have scared the shit out of me but with my

new found control and power in life I was mere'ly amused until he hissed "that

may be, but you'll never own my mind, you over grown psychopathic, unbalanced,

crazy cunt! So up yours bitch, you'll never enslave me completely."

My stare turned to Icicles as I shifted him in my grip until his body was

consumed and only his head stuck out from my clenched fist.

"How dare you, you little piece of shit!" Shaking him in my fist. "You make it

sound like your going to be here for a while, well I wouldn't be so sure.

Remember when I said I wouldn't hurt you, I lied! The truth is I'm going to fuck

you raw and if you survive, I'll just keep using you until you don't. Time to

have some fun!"

With that, Heather got up and walked over to her dresser carrying Jack at her

side nonchalantly. He was getting motion sickness from the ride but when she

stopped to look through her draw he couldn't help staring at her immense and

incredibly shapely thigh which was directly in front of his face. She had on a

Black leather mini skirt which exposed a lot of leg.

He remember just earlier in the evening how much he wanted to get that skirt

off. Now because of his pig headed outburst which he kept making throughout the

night he was going to get more of Heather then he could have ever hoped for.

Why the fuck do I act so tuff all the time he thought. Then from above Jack

heard "ahhh, found it! Now Jack, what was one of the last things you just said

to me?"

Bringing him up to her billboard size face she said "hmmm, let me think, oh yes,

up yours was it?" As she was saying that she slowly brought up the contents of

the other hand dangling from her finger tips for Jack to see and said very

casually "Ok" and sneered at him. She was holding a tube of K-Y Jelly.

Jack reacted immediately, "Noooo! Heather! I'm sorry! Please, this is just all

so overwhelming, I didn't mean it, pleaaasse don't do this."

"Save it" I said. "Usually it hurts up there but I think at your size your feel

just about right." Heather put the tube down and grabbed a ruler out of the draw

and held it along side of him.

"Yup, I was pretty close before in my guess, your just under four inches and

don't have nearly the girth a good size dick does. Yes, this is going to be

quite nice, for me that is."

Jack was still protesting and whimpering all the while "Please Heather, I'll do

what ever you want, I'll completely be your slave, just don't do this."

"Whatever" I said dismissing him and placed Jack between my teeth as you would a

pencil and clamped down on him. His screams became even louder, guess he thought

I was going to eat him right there, fortunately for him I just needed a place to

hold him while I undressed.

Removing my skirt and blouse I walked to the full length mirror I had and took

in the view. It was very surreal to see a tiny man screaming his head off

between your teeth. Only his left arm was free from the vice grip I had on him

which was of course flailing all over the place.

I was becoming wetter and wetter by the moment, the sexual rush I was just

feeling a little while ago before his tirade ruined it was returning 10 fold. I

started rubbing my body all over and flicked at his body with my tongue. The

view I was looking at from the mirror was too much for me to take.

I ran to my dresser again grabbed a hand held mirror and the K-Y and ran back to

the full length mirror, backed up till I was touching the wall across the mirror

and removed my bra and panty's. Then I spread my legs apart and slid down the

wall until I was in a squatting position.

I removed Jack from my mouth noticing all the teeth marks on his body and placed

him under my right barefoot with his head sticking out from the arch. I wanted

him to get a good look at what was in store for him. I squeezed a portion of

lube into my hand and worked my fingers into it. Jack never took his eye's off

me and never stopped whimpering which I was grateful for. His helplessness was a

huge turn on for me, I was reveling in the control I had of this pathetic little

thing of a man.

Taking my middle finger I slowly worked it into my puckered hole, gradually

loosing it up and moving my finger about. Soon I put two fingers in and had it

worked up enough for my little toy.

"Jaaaccckkk" I said teasing him. "It's tiiiiimme."

Jack took his struggling and screaming to new levels as I reached for him. I

lifted him out from under my foot and held him in my palm. With my free hand I

squeezed some K-Y onto him and said sarcastically "a little dab will do you" and

laughed at my little joke.

I worked the lube all over Jacks body then asked him "hey Jack, ever want to be

someones butt plug? Well, doesn't matter, your about to be mine."

Jack pleaded some more, "please Heather, I'm sorry, I'll be good."

"To late Jack, you had your chance, now you get to massage my rectum walls like

a good butt plug."

I pinched his legs together and slowly inserted him up to his Knees and let go.

Tightening my hole to make sure he didn't slip out, I admired his dangling form

from my asshole in the full length mirror and the hand held mirror which I

positioned under me.

"Oh God!" I said. This is such a rush. I grabbed Jack again and screwed him

clockwise up to his chest. This is too much, I'm ready to explode and I haven't

even touched myself yet. I was moving Jack in and out as I started to work on my

clit with my free hand.

I began moaning, as I increased the speed on Jack and my sopping nub. Bucking my

hips I began working two fingers into my pussy.

"Oh God!" I screamed again, I can't take this, I'm using the whole body of a man

to fuck my ass! Jack was moving at a furious speed. If Heathers fingertips

hadn't been enclose from the top of his chest to his head he was sure his neck

would have snapped from the pace.

Heathers screams were deafening to him, he wished this nightmare would end

already when all of a sudden he stopped moving and was in fact removed from his

prison. Thank God Jack thought, she's taking me out. But to Jacks horror he

found his relief short lived, when in one deft motion, as soon as his feet

cleared her hole, Heather spun him around in her fingers and plunged Jack back

up her anus.

Things happened so fast for Jack he barely had time to scream out "noooo" as his

shout was cut off in mid scream. Heather was so hot at the thought of what she

was doing to this guy that she needed more of it. What's more humiliating and a

show of power then being inserted into a womans ass hole? She quizzed herself,

of course she thought, being inserted head first.

So she quickly removed Jack spun him around and plunged him back in head first

this time and began fucking herself furiously never feeling so good in her life.

For Jack though it was just the opposite. The inside of Heathers ass was like a

furnace and he was constantly gagging on the foul air.

He kept trying to push her tunnel walls from his face and this feeling just

turned her on more so she purposely kept directing him into it. All Jack could

do was endure her subjection's, he never felt worse. But not Heather, she was in

paradise, finger fucking her pussy with a little man filling up her ass, she

couldn't take anymore.

Not wanting to cut her plaything in half while tensing her puckered ring during

orgasm but not wanting to lose the sensation of having him in there, Heather

stuffed Jack in so that just his feet were outside her asshole and finished

herself off using her now free hand to work her clit.

Heather was screaming so loud she thought someone would call the police, "Oh God

oh God oh God" she kept repeating when finally she was hit with the best orgasm

she had ever experienced in her life.

Jack felt himself plunged up the rest of the way while listening to heathers

body which sounded like an ocean to him with all her fluids racing around. Then

suddenly he felt an incredible amount of pressure being applied to his body but

most of all his ankles.

Heathers orgasm was so great that her puckered ring clenched so tight that Jack

felt his ankles snapping as each were broken, Jack screamed and soon passed out

from the ordeal.

Heather still remained in a squatted position, head back against the wall

dreamily coming down from her climax faintly aware that she snapped Jacks ankles

but not caring the slightest. Who cares she thought, from what I just

experienced, who the fuck cares.

Finally Heather managed to stand back up never removing Jack from his confines.

She figured he was small enough to have some air left in there assuming he's

even alive after that, if he's not, at least she had a great time she thought.

Just walking through her room, knowing she had Jack up her ass still and feeling

him there of course was giving her another rush. Jack woke up to a rising

sensation and a lot of pain, then it hit him, I'm still in her, she must be

standing up. Heather never made it to her intended destination which was the

kitchen, the feeling she was receiving from her ass was driving her crazy again.

She made a pit stop in the bathroom, lifted her right leg and placed her foot on

the sink and peered down to her little slaves feet. She couldn't stifle a giggle

that escaped her lips, I have to control my passion a little she thought or this

guy is never gonna make it.

She knew he was alive still just from his movements inside her and knew she

should remove him before he does die but she couldn't get a hold of her

emotions. Then a thought hit her and a wicked smile played across her lips. Lets

see if I can move him in and out without touching him.

Jack's air was running out, and by this point all his fight had gone out him.

Then he felt Heathers anus muscles start to manipulate him, moving him out, what

is she doing he thought, is she crapping me out?

Heather was getting worked up again watching her asshole manipulate Jack about.

She started rubbing her already dripping lips again and watched Jacks body move

out a little when she pushed, then a little more when she pushed again until he

was half way out. Then she contracted her muscles so that Jack moved slowly back

up her hole to his knees. Push-Jack was out to his waist, push-out to his chest,

contract-back up to his waist, contract-up to his knees, push-out to his waist,

push-out to his chest, contract-up to his waist, push-out to his chest,

contract-up to his waist.

Jack couldn't take it anymore, he was being prodded and squeezed over and over

again. She's playing with me he thought, like some fucking sex toy, I can't

believe this. Jack broke down and started crying hoping his ordeal would soon be


God, Heather thought, I have to get off again, I have to go back to the bedroom,

I have another use for him. So just like that, Heather contracted and jack went

up to his knees, contract-up to his ankles, contract and Jack was sucked

completely inside with a wet smack. Heather stayed in that position fingering

herself for another minute before finally staggering back to the bedroom.

She crawled up onto her bed and lowered her rear while on her hands and knees

looking beneath herself. Hope I can get him out she thought. She pushed-nothing,

damn she thought, come on, push-a little foot came out push-another foot, she

pushed a little more till she could get a hold of her toy and yanked him out not

wanting to waste anymore time.

Of course taking him out that way was very painful on Jacks ankles, Heather

didn't care, she just dropped him rather roughly to the bed below her and looked

at him between her legs while she remained on her knees.

Jack was in tremendous pain and coughing, trying to take in lungfulls of the

fresh air now provided him. He rolled onto his back and looked at the immense

form above him. God he thought, she's huge, tilting his head back to look at a

smiling Heather.

Jesus, she feels nothing for me "how could you do this to me" I managed to cough

out. Definitely have some bruised ribs to go along with my now useless ankles.

Heather pouted in mock concern, and said "how? you mean your not having fun" she


"I'm still a human being" Jack wheezed. "No" Heather said, "no you stopped being

that when you shrunk to less then 4 inches. Now your just property, my property,

and noowww, I need to get off again and your going to help. Don't worry I'll do

all the work. I'll even make you a little more comfortable" she said as she

grabbed a pillow, picked up Jack and placed him on the pillow then repositioned

him and the pillow between her legs.

She then lowered herself down into a split position, maneuvering herself so her

pussy was right over Jack. Wow, Heather thought, my Vulva's the same size as

him. Heathers passion was skyrocketing again and she couldn't hold back anymore.

She said "Jack, Jack you don't mind if my pussy eats you do you?" Jack made no

response except to cry.

"Thought not" she said as she lowered her self more until her lips were touching

Jacks form. Oh fuck, I have to have him right now she thought and said "dinner

time" and lowered herself the rest of the way.

Jack disappeared from Heathers sight as her lips spread out to take in Jacks

form. Pools of her love juice was flowing all over Jack. Heather started to rock

her hips frontwards and backwards as she humped Jacks body into the pillow.

Jack took up to screaming again, the human will to live just keeps taking over

whenever one is faced with death. At least he thought this wasn't as bad as her

ass but it was still tremendously uncomfortable for him. He was being humped

into submission and drowning on her fluids, he wondered how long before he

finally gave out, he was sure he couldn't survive an orgasm of hers in this

position. She only put the pillow there so he could last longer.

Heather in the meantime took to circular motions with her hips alternating with

frontward and backward thrusts. She new this climax would be greater then the

last, Heather added another move to her lovemaking techniques on poor Jack.

She would slowly raise up coming out of her spilt position while maintaining her

grip on Jack with her lips. Picking him up with her vulva a few inches (about 10

feet to Jack) she would relax her grip and watch him plunge to the pillow

between her legs, she got another sexual charge watching her pussy play with him

this way, then she would immediately pounced back down on Jack engulfing him

once again moving her hips front and back, side to side, around and around and

any which way she could think of to fuck Jack senseless.

Again she stopped long enough to rise, drop jack and swallow him up again

immediately falling right back into rhythm. She did this again and again and

again till her motions were becoming so frantic she was just bouncing away on

Jack, she ceased with the game of picking up and dropping him and just let

herself go, pouncing, humping and grinding Jack into submission.

Jack new it was over, he cursed the pillow below him, he figured without it he

would at least be unconscious by now or even better, dead. His will to survive

was gone, he was busted up in so many places he lost track, chest was collapsed,

what ever breath he could take in he gagged on her fluids, ribs were broken, so

were his legs and arms for that matter.

He was vaguely aware that her speed and pressure increased as he was being moved

all about, finally he felt her just pouncing up and down on him and knew his

time was up, Jack herd a loud audible crunch after 4 or 5 bounces and drifted

off to oblivion as Heather crushed his form to her pussy.

Heather climax in an earth shattering coming down from her high as she continued

to thrust against Jake and her pillow. Until finally she just leaned forward and

collapsed onto her bed curling herself up with the pillow between her legs and

Jack nestled in the folds of her vagina for a very sound and long sleep.

Part 3

"mmmpphh, mmmpphh, mmmpphh"

'Oh, got lost in thought there, looks like someone needs more air' I said as I

leaned back.

'Gasp-gasp-gasp. Hol holy sh shit, your gon gonna kill me la lady'

'Mmmmm' I pretended to think 'yeah, probably' he looked at me uncertain, not

knowing if I was serious or not.

'No really' I said 'you probably won't make it through the night. It's not that

I want to, it's just that I can't control my self when I become aroused. Funny

how that is you know, controlling you completely but having none over myself.

Hmmph, I shrugged my shoulders while looking him.

Anyway, take a deep breath' he started to protest but my tit rolled back over

him before he got the chance. Now, where was I, oh yes, I had just drifted off

too a blissful sleep after having my way with Jack...

When I awoke the next morning I didn't remember the events of the previous night

right away. I stretched and tussled my hair when suddenly everything came

rushing back. Holy shit I thought, did that really happen. I sat up, and took a

look between my legs. The pillow that had been there was now more or less off to Everything about nails and manicure products Nails Trends

the side of the bed but I didn't see any sign of Jack.

Jeeze, my pussy was a mess, my juices were certainly flowing last night. I

spread my lips open and there was Jack stuck to my folds. I peeled him off me

and held him up, my God I thought, what the hell came over me.

I laid Jack on the bed between my legs. He was a bigger mess then my pussy,

limbs in awkward positions, bruises like nothing I ever seen, chest caved in and

completely covered in my cum.

I started trembling, how could I do that I thought. I used and abused Jack until

he couldn't be used anymore. I was riddled with guilt. I got up grabbed a

kleenex from the night stand, scooped up Jack went to the bathroom and flushed

him down the toilet, feeling yet another wave of guilt as to how casually I just

discarded his remains.

I then took a nice long hot shower playing over the events from the night


Ok, sure he was an asshole, but he deserved to be slapped or told off, maybe

have his ass kicked to teach him respect but not killed.

How could I lose it like that, he even tried reasoning with me that he was a

human being and I just dismissed him. That should have snapped me back to the

reality of what I was doing to him right there but instead it just turned me on

more. They say power corrupts and boy did it ever last night.

As the day wore on, my guilt didn't give way any so I began to focus on what was

probably the most confounding question which was how did he shrink in the first

place. If I was the cause, how then? I've heard the theories on telekinesis but

as far as I can remember that just gives you the ability to move objects, not

alter it's form.

Besides, I never formalized a thought which said gee I wish this guy was 4

inches tall. Maybe it wasn't me, maybe it was entirely something on his end.

Maybe he caught a new disease that's about to become world know. News Flash -

Shrinking Flu hits the US, keep your loved ones in high places to avoid being

smushed, stayed tuned for small update's on the hour. I chuckled at my corny


As the weeks went by I started coming out of my depression but still had no real

answers to what had happened and the guilt I was feeling was being overshadowed

by another feeling, lust.

Until now I hadn't given any thought to the pleasure I had felt that night, only

the guilt of taking a life. Now the tides were turning and my depression was

growing into fear.

Heather girl, what the hell are you thinking. You can't possibly be considering

doing that again. Besides, I'm probably not even capable of making someone

shrink. Then what are you so scared of I asked myself. Why haven't you gone out

since that night.

Because of the outside chance I can cause it to happen. I don't want to do that

again, I argued with myself. Oh bullshit Heather, tell me you didn't love it?

The feeling of power you held over that shrunken fool. You loved having a slave

to subject to your every whim. You had your own live sex toy in the palm of your

hand and loved every minute of it, admit it.

No, no, shut up I told myself. I can't do that again I just can't. But I knew I

was dangerously close to slipping over the edge again.

I think deep down I knew the only way I would avoid a repeat of that fateful

night would be if in fact I had no ability to shrink someone, but somewhere out

of the dark recesses of my mind came a laugh, oh, but don't worry darling, you

do, you do. About a month had gone buy since my night with Jack, a long time to

be in for a 24 year old like myself and my friends had grown tired of my

excuses. My best friend Trisha took it upon herself to come over to my house and

drag me out for a night of partying with the girls. Trish let herself in as she

always does with a key I had given her. Whenever she needs a place to crash she

comes here. We've been best friends since childhood, I absolutely love her. We

went to the same kindergarten together, the same elementary school, junior high,

high school and even refused to part ways for college. We research all the

universities and found one we both agreed on. She could always talk me into

anything and has had enough of my hermit routine lately. I was just gathering my

things up in my bedroom when she walk in and said 'ready girl?' 'I am, where we

going' I asked 'Roosevelt's, so make sure you have enough cash' Roosevelt's was

a highly upscale club. $30 bucks to walk in the door, VIP rooms the works.

'Don't worry' I said. 'If I run out I'm sure I won't have to much difficulty

finding a volunteer to quench my thirst. Roosevelt's was full of rich pretty

boy's all to eager in there efforts too get you too bed. There's always a drink

to be bought for you, a cigarette to be lit or a chair being pulled all in hopes

of taking home one of the many model types which frequent this place on a

regular basis. I've never seen so many 6 foot blondes in one place in my life.

I'm not one to feel insecure about my looks (believe me I've had my share of men

falling all over me) but this place was on another level. Which was why I was

actually glad we were going here tonight. Maybe with all the plastic candy to

look at I'll be passed over, I hope, well part of me hopes anyway. 'Ok, lets go'

I said. 'Finally, me and the girls haven't seen you in a month, were definitely

partying tonight. Although every time I see your place I can't say I blame you

for not going out. You can have the best parties here. Probably been bringing in

escorts all month you little slut. 'Trishhhaaa' I whined. Don't be Jealous, just

because my parents own half of wall street and gave me a fantastic house a cool

car (Jaguar Sport) a 35 foot power boat a... ok, you can be a little jealous.

'Tease.' 35 minutes later we were at Roosevelt's. Bypassed the huge line in

front (another little privilege of being daddy's girl) and met our friends,

Christine, Jessie and Rachel. Jessie and Rachel hooked up within the first hour,

would have been quicker but they wanted to catch up on girl talk. Jess and Rach

fall along the lines of those model types I spoke of earlier so guy's are a dime

a dozen for them. Christine is more along the lines of me and Trish and the

three of us hit the dance floor. Chris went off with some guy a short time later

but Trish and I stayed out on the floor. We both absolutely love to dance and

got a pretty good work out. Guys kept joining in but couldn't keep up and would

eventually make there way back to the bar which we finally did ourselves. The

last two guys who wussed out on the dance floor came over to us again and

started up with the chit chat and bought us drinks. I had been taking it easy

because I was still nervous about how this night would turn out so I allowed

them to buy me one. The one who latched on to Trisha was named Greig and mine

was Tim. Tim was actually pretty sweet (not to mention cute) but Greig was a

little too full of himself and eventually crashed and burned with Trish. We

talked for a while before Trish excused herself and said she was going to find

the rest of our group. Before going she whispered into my ear that she was

getting a VIP room for me and Eric. I tried to protest but she was gone. Tim

continued talking to me and Greig looked annoyed before venturing off, no doubt

in search of another bite. I was enjoying Tim's company very much but I was

getting more and more nervous. My embers were growing hotter by the minute.

Should I blow him off or just relax and see where this goes. I opted for choice

number two and eventually ended up in the VIP room after Trish dropped off the

card for us. She said have fun kissed me on the cheek and said that she and

what's ever left of the group would drop by in a little while to join us. So off

me and Tim went to our room and settled into a large rounded booth that seats

about 10. We made ourselves comfortable, talked a little more and eventually Tim

made his move. He started kissing my neck and cheek and eventually found my lips

and we had a moderate little makeout session. Tim was a great kisser and I was

getting very hot. Not a good thing for Tim here. All along I kept thinking, try

it, go on give it a shot. Nobody's here. I told myself to shut up that I was

having a good time with Tim at this size. Yes but you know you'll have even more

fun with Tim as your slave. Not gonna happen so shut up. Try it. No. Yes. Damn

it, leave me alone. itty bitty Timmy, barley bigger than your thumb, push him in

your tusshy, hump him till he's mushy. (Fine, I'll try, shrink. See nothing,

can't do it.) use him in your pussy, rub him on your titty, just think of all

the things you can do with itty bitty Timmy. Shit, that's it, your mine you

little fucker. The next thing I knew I was kissing air. I looked down and there

was Tim's clothes in a heap. Shit, I have to figure out how to get their clothes

to shrink with them. I quickly lifted up his shirt and there he was looking very

disoriented as I imagined it should be to go through such a drastic change. He

looked to be the same size as Jack had been. I grabbed him and stuck him under

my thigh. I was wearing a satin skirt which wrapped around the hip like a sash

and showed a hell of a lot of skin on one leg and an adequate amount on the

other. Tim ended under the leg which was barely covered. I fumbled around with

his pants till I found his wallet, stuck it in my purse and threw the clothes

under the table. It had a very long table cloth so I didn't have to worry about

anyone spotting them when they entered the room. I lifted Tim out from under my

leg who was a little short on breath at this point being as how he was

completely under my bare thigh. I held him up to my face with my index finger

and thumb on each side of his hips and looked him over. He was very calm, I mean

he was trembling all over but at least he wasn't screaming his head off. Tim was

having a hard time not going into shock over his situation. He first thought he

was having a bad acid trip but the reality of the situation was starting to

settle in. He was aware he was being held in front of a beautiful billboard size

face with sweet warm breath washing over his little form and the most luscious

pair of lips he had ever seen. Suddenly those lips parted slightly and moved

toward him and planted a soft kiss on him which covered him from head to mid

section. Heather sat there taking it all in, staring at her catch as the

feelings she just felt a month before came rushing back like a tidal wave. 'I'm

going to have such fun' Heather said to the little man and planted a kiss on his

tiny body. With that she opened her skirt, pulled her panty's open and dropped

Tim down inside and let the elastic snap back in place. Fixed her skirt and

began to work on a story to tell Trish. Tim never realized where Heather was

putting him. He never noticed her working open her skirt and panty's because he

couldn't break his gaze away from her face and the fact that the kiss she

planted on him felt incredible. It was all he could think about. Then she said

those words to him and he started plummeting at an alarming rate. He came to a

stop for a brief second then went into a free fall which ended when he hit

something large and soft. He finally realized she had dropped him into her

panty's and that he was lying on top of her vulva. Then Tim felt her fingers

from the outside start to manipulate him around till he was lying face down on

top of her mons with his head pointing at her feet. Heather didn't like the

position Tim ended up in after she dropped him to her crotch so she absent

mindly maneuvered him about her pussy till she had him the way she wanted while

she thought about what she would say to Trish. Meanwhile, Tim couldn't move do

to snugness of the silk panty's pressing him to her nether regions. So he did

the only thing he could which was reflect on what the hell just happened in the

last 5 minutes. All he knew was after a few minutes of making out with him she

suddenly got much more intense and started becoming much more passionate with

her kisses and now he was being kissed by a completely different set of lips.

Tim, although scared, found himself excited in his current arrangements, after

all he was lying on top of a very attractive woman's vulva with his manhood

pressed into her soft and now moist flesh. And women complain to us about

sleeping in the wet spot he thought. At the same time his mind was reeling as to

how he got to this point in the first place. How does a person shrink and more

importantly what are her plans? The words she spoke to him before she dropped

him to his current home were filling him with dread. She said I'm going to have

such fun. Not we're going to have such fun. He was becoming very concerned for

his safety. Trish finally entered the VIP room and sat down next Heather. 'So,

where's mister wonderful?' Trish asked me. 'You mean you didn't pass him on the

way in here?' 'No why?' 'He mumbled something about how he had to find Greig

because he was Greig's ride and couldn't desert him.' 'Oh bullshit! Guys always

desert there friends when they have a chance to hook up. It's some kind of

universal understanding they have with each other. They could be miles from

civilization, and if one of them met a woman, he would be like, your on your own

pal. And the one who didn't hook up would be like, oh no problem, you go ahead,

I'll manage. I laughed and said 'well, he left, guess he just didn't like me

enough' 'Loser' Trish said. 'had the best girl in the place' I smiled at her as

she tried to console me thinking I was probably feeling down on myself. 'Don't

worry Trish, I'm more durable then that. Plenty of guy's out there for me to

have my way with.' 'You go girl.' Shall we venture back out or call it a night?'

'Naa, lets pick this up another night. I'm beat, just gonna go home and sleep.'

'Ok, we don't have to bother rounding up the girls, they're already gone.' I

chuckled. 'Figures' 'Lets get out of here.' Truth is, sleep was the furthest

thing from my mind. Sitting there talking with Trish and having Tim down my

undies was driving me wild. What a rush, Trish was sitting there ripping Tim for

leaving and he wasn't even more then 20 inches from her. If I thought I was

getting hot just sitting there with Tim between my legs it was nothing compared

to how it felt once I started walking. Feeling Tim's body shifting side to side

on my lips as I walked was like a five alarm fire in my pussy. It wanted to

swallow him completely. Half way out of the club I grabbed Trisha's hand and

pulled her to the dance floor. 'One more grind' I said to Trish. 'Yeah sure,

that's cool.' We got on the floor and I immediately started gyrating my hips.

Mmmmm, this is fantastic I thought. I had my eye's closed and was rubbing my

hands threw my hair and all over my body. 'God girl' Trish yelled to me over the

music. 'Your hot.' I opened my eye's and looked at her and said 'you haven't

seen anything yet' as I sauntered over to her. 'Bring it too me baby' Trish

yelled back. I put my arms around her neck and my legs on either side of her

left leg and started moving my hips up and down her thigh. Grinding my little

passenger into her flesh and deeper into my lips. Tim's world had been shaking

more and more since he felt Heather get up and begin walking. He also was being

covered in more and more of her juices as he lay in his prison and was becoming

increasingly hot. Then things really got hairy for Tim, he heard the music get

louder and felt Heather moving about a lot more. Oh, shit he thought, she's

dancing. I'm in a lot of trouble with this girl. Tim had already been imbedded

half way into Heather's lips from her gyrating motions when suddenly he felt an

enormous amount of pressure on his back. He was pushed deeper and deeper into

her as she pressed on this hard but soft surface and slid herself up and down on

it. Tim took to screaming for help by this point as he became very fearful for

his life. He was having trouble breathing from lack of air as well as the

mouthfuls of Heather's cum he was being forced to swallow. Plus the heat was

unbearable, as well as the pressure on his body. He thought he would be baked to

death if he didn't suffocate or be crushed first. As Heather grinded away on

Trisha's thigh she heard Trish say 'um, Heath, everyone is watching us.' Heather

continued for a few more seconds before finally lifting her head which had been

resting against Trisha's shoulder and scanned the crowd. Sure enough every one

on the dance floor not to mention some patrons around it had stopped to watched

the spectacle. They made quite a sight. Aside from there dancing which was

enough to draw attention, both women were dressed to the kilt. Heather was in

said satin skirt which was royal blue. Plus a white cut off blouse which fit

snugly over her full rounded breasts and cut low to show ample cleavage. On her

feet were black opened toed shoes which had those straps which wrap half way up

your ankles. Trish, who is 5'8' with long curly blonde hair which falls to the

left side and reaches the middle of her back and has a very athletic body had on

red leather shorts and matching jacket which just reaches the waist. A black cut

off sports top and on her feet were black mini suede boots. 'opps, I'm sorry'

she said to Trish feeling embarrassed and trying to regain her composure. 'Don't

be, it was hot. We just gave this place a show it won't soon forget.' Both girls

laughed and Heather led Trish out by the hand to an encore of whistles and

clapping. They grabbed there stuff and left bursting out the door giggling and

laughing over there little demonstration. Tim was greatly relieved for the

grinding motion to stop, he was on the verge of passing out and feared he would

drown if he did. He was still in a bad spot but at least the pressure and her

juices had lessened. Heather settled into the passenger seat and immediately

placed her palm over her pussy and rub some more before Trish got in the drivers

side. God she couldn't wait to get home. She removed her hand when she realized

she was seeping through her skirt. Uh oh, she thought and placed her purse on

top of her lap. Tim felt Heather sit down and then felt his body being rubbed

and pushed deeper inside her lips. This time when her hand left his form he

realized he had now been completely sealed inside her lips. The ride took way to

long for heather's liking as Tim's constant struggling was driving her insane.

She was sure Trish could smell her and was doing her best not to be spotted when

she would press her lips apart from time to time from the outside to give Tim

some air. She didn't want her little warm wiggly dildo expiring just yet.

Finally they arrived home from the 35 minute trip and Trish said 'you sure you

don't want us to go out and get you a man for the night? You look like you were

having sex on the way home with all that wiggling and sweating you were doing.'

'Just have to pee' I said as I fumbled for the door handle. 'Call me kiddo.'

'Wish I had piss that could do that for me.' I looked at Trish coy'ly, gave her

quick kiss on the cheek, hopped out her Jeep Cherokee and ran to the house. God.

Trish thought, poor girl is in heat. I got as far as the top step in my house

and decided the bedroom was to far. I made a detour to the living room losing my

skirt along the way and collapsed onto the couch. I shucked out of my panty's

and spread my lips open looking in on it's occupant. Tim felt like he'd been

through the ringer. Fighting unconsciousness for a while now. Fortunately or

unfortunately Heather kept providing me with air Tim thought. What she wouldn't

do, was do so something about the oppressive heat and the faucet which she was

unloading on me. I wondered if I'd be better off drifting into oblivion right

there. Who knows what else this girl has in store for me. Then without warning

my world began to jar me all about. Felt like a full scale earthquake. Pounding

movement with me being shaken violently. She was on the move again and I figured

she was running this time. Suddenly I was in a downward movement again which

came to a shattering halt and then waves of cool fresh air was washing over me.

I squinted my eye's trying to adjust to the sudden light I was bombarded with.

When finally my eyes did adjust, I cranked my neck around and up and focused on

Heather's beautiful face smiling down on me with a very seductive look. I've

never seen such sexual hunger in a woman's eyes before. Your definitely in

trouble Tim. 'Still with me?' I said to my little toy. He started to answer but

it was a rhetorical question and my hand was already reaching for him. I can

talk to him later, well, maybe. Right now I have some unfinished business to

attend to. I picked him up roughly, drew my legs up so that my feet (which were

still in shoes) were resting on the ends of the cushion and stuffed him up my

pussy head first. I had more then enough foreplay already. I was pumping him in

and out faster and faster, squeezing his body all over with my powerful muscles.

It didn't take long for me to explode after what I'd been through earlier. So

when I felt my orgasm ready to unleash I pushed Tim in as far as I could get him

and clamped my legs shut bucking wildly on the sofa as I exploded my climax

again and again all over poor Timmy. Tim never got the chance to answer his new

owners question. I was looking up in awe and fear at this beautiful goddess when

she ask me if I was still with her. I tried to beg her to release me but she

never gave me the chance. Before I knew it I was entering this giantess and this

time it was no playful embrace from her lips. I was being forced head first into

her love tunnel. I thought there was lots of her cum to tend with before but it

was a mere trickle to the waterfall I was being subjected to now. The speed

which she moved me in and out of her was frightening and the warm soft embraces

of her virgina walls were squeezing the life out of me. Finally she pushed me

deep inside her and I felt like I was on a bucking bronco. Her squeezes became

harder and harder and her once soft walls were now rock hard. It was all too

much for me to take as I eventually passed out. Heather's screams subsided and

she gradually came down from another mind blowing orgasm. 'Holy shit holy shit

holy shit, that was fabulous' I said as I lay there trying to recover. I was

faintly aware that he stopped moving though, wonder if he was crushed to death

in there, I thought as I tried fishing him out. Please be alive, I want more,

I'm not ready for the night to be over already, please please please. I finally

got a hold of Tim's ankle and gently pulled him out and held him before my face

by one ankle. Wow, I thought, must have been a wild ride. He was dripping wet

with my cum and I could see some fresh bruises and a little trickle of blood out

of the corner of his mouth and nose but nothing like what Jack had looked like.

I laid him in the palm of my hand and watched his chest and sure enough it was

moving. 'All right!' I yelled. How did he manage to survive that I thought?

Figured for sure after I finished climaxing he was a goner. Then again I was

hoping he would make it so I could have some more fun with him. Maybe that

played in a roll in it. Plenty of time for analyzing later Heath, right now wake

your little toy up, I want more satisfaction. I gently stroked his chest and

penis and was blowing cool air on his shrunken form trying to revive him. Come

on little guy wake up. I noticed his eyes start to flutter and he finally came

around, I gave him a few more seconds to shake out the cobwebs. When he looked

up to my beaming face I said to him 'ready for round two?' For the first time

tonight Heather heard Timmy scream. To be cont... Control: Part 4


'Awww, was I a bit rough on the big tough man? What would your

friends think if you told them you couldn't handle a woman?'

'Heather, what the hell is wrong with you? You almost killed me.'

'Well, you know what they say, if at first you don't succeed, try

try again' Heather said to Tim giggling.

'God damn it Heather! This isn't funny, change me back right now!

how did you do this?!?'

'Oh stop being such a baby. Tell me your not excited. How many

guy's can say they explored the whole inside of a womans vagina' I

for one love the way your little warm wiggly body feels up there

squirming about. I'll never be satisfied with a measly little old

dick again, no sir, uh uh, and as far as changing you back forget

it. You're my slave until I'm finished with you.'

Tim grew pale at that last statement and continued to try and

rationalize with her.

'There is no doubt that this is an intoxicating view Heather, but

perhaps if you were a little more gentle I could enjoy this. You

keep this up and I'm going to get killed, I don't have a death

wish, please stop this.'

'Hmmm, so your saying if I let you take the reigns you might enjoy

it more?'

'I might, and I might live through this. I'm still scared shitless

though, kind of makes it a little harder to enjoy it.'

'Well, I might let you try and get me off your way but tough shit

about the fear thing. You're not here for your enjoyment, this is

about me. All to often it is the woman left unsatisfied and the guy

goes his merry way. Not for this girl anymore, my new found talent

is going to keep me extremely satisfied for a very long time. The

power I have over you and the subsequential fear that you feel is

very very gratifying to me.'

Tim didn't like the way this was going, he could see Heather being

turned on just talking about her control over him.

Heather noticed Tim realizing he wouldn't be able to talk his way

out of his present situation.

'That's right sweetie, get used to it. You exist to serve me now,

my every whim is your duty to fulfill. You have no life outside

these walls anymore, hell, you have no life outside my body. I'm

the focal point of your universe'

Heather was really getting herself cranked up. She knew if she

shoved him back inside he wouldn't survive this time so she started

trying to think of a way to prolong the evening but remain on this

sexual high she was feeling.'

Meanwhile Tim was sitting on his knees in Heather's palm with his

head bowed in utter defeat. His life had just been reduced to a

slaves existence until he expires from this giantesses sexual


'Awww is my little toy boy feeling depressed with his new station

in life'

'I thought you were nice, I liked you.' Tim replied softly with his

head still bowed not knowing if she would even here it.

This actually shook Heather out of her sexual stupor for a brief

instance and brought a sympathetic smile to her lips.

She stroked the side of his face with her index finger.

'I'm sorry Tim, I like you too but this is the way it has to be.

Assuming if I could change you back to your original size and let

you go I couldn't take that chance. What if you go to the police?

If you were the first one I've done this to then maybe I could risk


'Oh I doubt they would believe I shrank you but if they manage to

trace down the disappearance of the other man to me they might

suspect that I drugged you and that you were hallucinating and

managed to get away from me.'

'Even still, they probably wouldn't have a leg to stand on in court

but I'll tell you what would happen, my parents name would be

dragged down in the mud and I just could not do that to them.

Besides, all this is a mute point, I simply just don't want to

change you back.' I said to him as I closed my fingers around his

body and lifted him to my face and arched my eyebrows at him.'

Tim grimaced from the pressure of her fingers on his bruised body

and said nothing.

'Awww, am I holding little Timmy to tightly, here let me clean you

up a bit.'

I Licked my thumb and gently wiped the little blood from his nose

and lip away.

He was still caked in my cum so after cleaning his face I raised

him to my mouth still enclosed in my fist.

Since the only part of his body that was sticking out from my fist

was from the neck up I gently closed my lips around his head and

released him from my hand.

He hung there from my lips with his legs kicking about and his

hands trying to pry my lips apart.

I just giggled at the sight as I looked down my nose at him. Any

remaining sympathy I still felt had been washed away at that sight

and display of power.

Here was a grown man hanging from my mouth who couldn't even open

my lips. I could feel his little hands putting indentations on my

lips where he pressed but he had no success in prying them open.

His legs kicked even more and I figured his air was running out so

I slowly started sucking him into my mouth the way you would slurp

up a noodle.

I stopped when he was in up to his waist and started lapping at his

upper body. His manhood was pressed deeply into my lips and sure

enough it started coming to life. Guess he's not terrified enough

if he can still make that work I laughed to myself.

After licking and sucking his upper body clean I took my tongue and

placed it on his back the way you would hold a thermometer. I

slowly applied more pressure on his back forcing his face down into

my epiglottis. As I did this my saliva was freely flowing and

building up more and more. He was kicking and wiggling like mad as

his face was pressed against the fleshy part under my tongue and he

became covered in my saliva.

Soon his entire upper half was submerged in my spit. I let this go

on for a little longer while I played with my clit but soon

swallowed and let him up from my tongue so that his upper half was

now resting on top of it and with one quick slurp, I sucked him in

the rest of the way.

Tim's mind was reeling trying to comprehend his situation. Was I

really at the mercy of this beautiful but

Giantess Stories: Control

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