Giantess Stories: Cookies By Au Goose Based on a story by The Historian      Emily Emerson removed the cookie sheets from the oven and set them on top

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By Au Goose

Based on a story by The Historian

Emily Emerson removed the cookie sheets from the oven and set them on top of the

stove to cool.

She inhaled the scent of fresh cookies and smiled. She loved cooking; which

was fortunate, since that was part and parcel of being a stay-at-home mom. She

didn't mind that at all. It allowed her to be involved with her two children,

Samantha and Hannah, and gave her the chance to watch them grow up. Emily was

thirty-eight years old, and though the years had softened her body somewhat, she

was still a brown-haired, brown-eyed beauty. Ten-year-old Hannah took after her

dark-haired mother, but sixteen-year-old Samantha was tall, blond and blue-eyed,

just like her father.

The cookies had cooled somewhat now, and Emily piled the first dozen of them

onto a plate. They certainly looked good. In fact, they looked like some of the

best cookies she had ever made. It might be that new milk she used. She had

spotted it in the supermarket two days ago, a lone bottle with a shockingly

yellow label sitting with the others in the refrigerated section. Underneath the

brand name ('GTS') had been a disclaimer, stating that the milk was for cooking

purposes only. However, it was also a dollar cheaper than the other bottles, so

she grabbed it. And it had apparently paid off, if the cookies were anything to

go by. She'd have to use that milk again in the future. As it was she had only

made the single batch to test it.

She knew she shouldn't snack between meals, but the smell was making her

mouth water. So, before she changed her mind, she popped one into her mouth,

chewed, and swallowed. It certainly tasted good - soft and chewy on the inside,

and just crispy on the outside. And the chocolate seemed especially good. She

smiled remembering a woman's magazine article about how chocolate tied in to

women's brain chemistry the same way as sex. She wasn't much of a choc-o-holic,

but her girls were. They'd love these.

She puttered around cleaning things up, enjoying the warm smell of her

kitchen. She started to go get some plastic wrap to cover the plate, so the

remaining eleven cookies wouldn't dry out, when she stopped. She felt...strange.

After a few moments, the feeling resolved itself into two separate feelings.

The first was arousal. Maybe the chocolate was working... Emily felt her pulse

quicken. Her nipples began to perk up underneath her nightgown. That confused

her. Her libido had faded somewhat as she got older, and she had to admit that

the sex wasn't as satisfying as it used to be. But now she could definitely feel

her arousal building. The second feeling was a strange tingling that was

completely unfamiliar. It felt something like a good long stretch, but more

intense somehow.

She was definitely aroused now. Her nipples were fully erect, poking out the

fabric of the nightgown. Emily didn't wear a bra under her gown, since her

C-cups remained fairly firm. Now the gown seemed to be gripping her chest

tighter than normal. She was looking down at her chest (which almost looked

fuller?) when she noticed something else. Her feet were feeling pinched by the

shrinking grooves in linoleum kitchen floor. Only they weren't shrinking- her

feet were growing.

''Oh, my god,'' Emily whispered.

Now that she knew what was happening, she noticed other things. The

nightgown's short sleeves were getting shorter, creeping up her arms. Her arms

themselves looked different. Bigger. Her shoulders began to feel pinched. More

and more of her legs bared themselves, as the gown's hem mimicked her sleeves.

And what was with her legs? Were those muscles forming? Emily was, naturally,

concerned about this. But she was also getting very aroused- so much so that it

was becoming hard to think straight. She could feel her panties begin to moisten

as they tightened on her pussy. Her nipples were a good quarter-inch longer than

they had ever been, and the fabric was straining to contain them. Of their own

accord, her hands rose to her breasts and pinched her swollen teats...and she

nearly swooned at the pleasure.

Ping! One of the gown's buttons popped off, overcome by Emily's new, massive

breasts. That started a chain reaction. Ping! Ping! Ping! Her tits blasted out

of the gown, and her growing hands began to massage them. ''Oh! Ohhhhhhh! That

feels so good!!'' she groaned in a voice gone slightly deeper than her own sweet


Rip! Her shoulders tore the top part of the back of her gown open. The tear

quickly grew, moving down her massive back, until it reached the end, just above

her buttocks. Those had long since been bared, and had become incredibly round

and tight. One of Emily's hands ripped the ruined nightgown off, while the other

moved toward her crotch. Her panties were dripping fluid. Her buttocks flexed

instinctively, and they popped off. Two of her fingers slid home.

''GGgaAAAAHHhhHHHH!!! Yes. Yes! YeeesSS!''

Her tree-trunk legs buckled and she fell over backwards, hitting the floor.

She felt no pain despite the resounding thud, and she didn't stop pleasuring

herself for an instant. One hand gave attention to her pussy, while the other

repeatedly squeezed her left E-cup mound. Her screams were starting to rattle

the windows. Finally, her back arched up off the floor, and every incredibly

defined muscle on her body twitched. She screamed one final time, than fell

back, gasping for breath.

After she could breath normally again she slowly stood up, her head coming

dangerously near the ceiling. She looked down at her feet. It was a long ways


She had gone from 5'6'', 40 C-cup to 7'9'', 50 E-cup. Massive, yet feminine,

muscles bulged on every inch of her. Despite their size, her tits stuck straight

out. ''What-the-hell-happened!!??''

Then the arousal begin to build again.

''Oh god,'' she muttered. ''I need a man. I need Greg right now.'' Emily

stalked around house for a few minutes, improvising a wrap out of some cords and

the drapes in the living room. It wasn't nearly as tres chic as her new body

deserved, but adequate to leave the house. She grabbed another cookie off the

plate, thinking of the fun she could have once she had her husband at hand. She

squashed into the minivan, and headed out to find him. Wasn't he going to be

pleasantly surprised?

In the kitchen ten more cookies slowly cooled.


Part 2

Hannah got home from school just a few minutes after 3:00. Her day had

officially sucked. Boys trying to look at her panties and some of the girls her

age just towered over her, teasing the other girls that hadn't started shooting

up yet. But now she could go home and say hi to mommy and go over to her best

friend Alison's house. And best of all, her birthday was only a week away!

Only mommy wasn't home.

That was strange. There was a spill in the kitchen and a big pile of rags on

the floor, but no mom. Hannah looked around, but she wasn't anywhere. 'Well,'

she thought, 'at least she left some cookies!' Hannah carefully slipped one into

each pocket of her dress after throwing all her school books through the door of

her room. One for her and one for Alison. Smelling the cookies, she decided to

grab one more for each of them, and when skipping out the front door with one in

each hand.

- - -

Samantha pulled off the green and gold sweater; school colors. ''Anyone

home?'' Only silence met her inquiries. She felt cool air over her sweaty skin.

''What's up Sam?'' Robby asked. He also discretely examined the turquoise

curves of her now exposed leotard top. They'd been steady for all of about 2

weeks, and he could still hardly believe he'd caught the eye of Samatha Emerson;

a blonde cheerleader with legs up to here and the bluest possible eyes. Even as

a 6'3'' jock/scholar Robert barely rated. She was on all the football team's

'top ten' lists.

''I don't know. I guess mom went out. I don't see any note though.''

''Huh. Well, is it cool if I stay then?'' She didn't exactly put out, but

with her looks, she could keep a boy waiting a looong time...

''Yeah, sure, I guess. We can watch TV in the den. Go ahead, I'm gonna


Samantha was still wearing her cheerleader outfit - pleated miniskirt, white

tennis shoes, school sweater draped over her wide shoulders. In true teenager

form, she tossed the sweater on the couch and kicked off her shoes in the middle

of the living room without another thought. Robby had given her a ride home from

practice, but still, she thought her mom and the shrimp would be home. Oh well,

a little privacy with Robby would be nice, and the den had a lock in case anyone

came back.

She spotted some of her mom's handiwork on the counter, and looked at her

waistline. Only six left- the squirt must have already raided the plate. 'One

won't hurt. I just got done working my ass off anyway,' she thought. She might

have her dad's height going for her, but she still had plenty of baby 'fat left'

on her face and arms. She picked one up, sniffing it. It smelled delicious. Mom Ben Nevis 11 Year Old 1998 - NC2 (Duncan Taylor) Single Malt Whisky - Ben Nevis

was such a great cook. She went to the fridge to get some milk (was there any

other way to eat cookies?), but could only find a weird yellow bottle of it. She

shrugged and poured the rest of it into a tall glass. Mom was always buying


She took a long sip and made a face. ''Is this stuff still good?'' She took a

bite of cookie, and suddenly the rich blend in her mouth tasted wonderful. It

made her feel tingly from her head to toes. She wolfed down the cookie and

finished off her glass while eating a second one, diet be dammed. She went to

check on Robby, bringing another cookie with her.

Robby was sprawled on the floor in front of the TV. He looked like a young

panther in the sunlight, relaxed but strong. Samantha leaned against the

doorway, looking at him. She felt her nipples tighten as she watched. The

tingling sensation returned with reinforcements. It felt like a low current, an

electric hum through her body. She giggled and he turned to look at her.

''You've got to try one of these.'' She took a nibble from the cookie in her

hand. ''There's only a couple left, so maybe you better share this one with


''I thought you were going to change?'' Robby leered at her. He could she her

nubs poking through the tight front of her leotard. The stretchy top seeming to

just barely contain her lovely mounds. Samantha was a hotie, but she was looking

exceptionally good after today's practice. Her breasts positively filled her top

and her long legs showed lean muscle still pumped from practice. Rob was getting

hard just looking at her.

''I will. Don't rush me.'' She came over and lay down beside him. He wrapped

an arm around her shoulders and they lay together, eyes following the

television, while both of them concentrated on the little spots of warmth

trapped between them. Robby's hand slowly drew her top tight against her chest.

Sam wiggled her butt, trying to free up her panties, which seemed intent on

sliding up between her cheeks. She started fidgeting, and suddenly took her

school ring off.

''Hey Robby, get the curtains will you? I think I'm gonna change- right


Robby didn't hesitate, leaping up and circling the room. He could hear

stretching and pulling noises from Sam's leotard behind him. She had to be

pulling it off right there behind him! The room grew darker. He heard a gasp,

and started to turn-

''NO! No peeking. I'm-'' He heard Sam giggle. ''I guess I am changing... Why

don't you close your eyes and come over here?'' He was all too happy to obey,

curious and the continuing sounds of creaking fabric. There was a series of

crackling noises, as if she were tearing off her clothes right there in front of

him. She let out a low moan, and then he felt her hands grab his wrists in a

startlingly powerful grip. Man, she was stronger than she looked! She raised

them until they were nearly even with his chest before she pushed them into

something smooth and firm... And then Sam moaned again.

Robby nearly pissed himself. Under his trembling palms were two stiff points

the size of rubber bouncy-balls, and nearly as hard. But even through the

clinging spandex he could identify their taut shape. Then Sam's hand slid from

his wrists to cover the backs of his hands, grinding them into her enormous

breasts. Robby needed no encouragement beyond that. He started to grope and

squeeze the two wondrous globes. So lost in the pleasure, and carried along by

the increasingly excited cries of his new girlfriend, he didn't notice the

mounds under his hands were getting fuller than would ever fit on Samantha

Emerson's willowy frame. He did finally notice something special was going on

when they slid up even with his face- and he was still standing. Startled, he

opened his eyes.

''Oh! You peeked!''

Robert's jaw dropped open. Samantha was huge! His girlfriend easily topped

his muscular frame by a foot, and her head was still rising. She threw her head

back and with a soft cry grabbed the scooped neck of her leotard and ripped it

right down the front to her waist. Freed at last, her breasts sprang out, even

more lovely to the eye than to his stroking fingers.

Her miniskirt had already slid up to the narrowest part of her waist,

revealing all but the very tops of thighs that vibrated with swelling muscular

power. Falling to her knees brought her head momentarily back below Rob's

eyelevel. Her face was already as big as a serving plate as she looked up at

him. Despite the growing hardness of her arms, and the stunning way in which her

belly had firmed and divide into neat muscular quarters, her face was still

sculpted in girlish arcs, her baby fat even more prominent. ''You peeked, so now

you have to suffer the consequences...'' Her mischievous smile was somewhat

unnerving, especially since she was nearly back to his height even lowering her

bare ass to rest on her heels. With one hand she grabbed him and pulled him

close, his feet between her throbbing muscular thighs, his own tight belly

wedged between her growing breasts and his face held close to hers. She kissed

him then, fiercely, driving tongue deep into his mouth. Samantha had already

proven to him that she was an expert French kisser, but now she has the size and

reach to explore him like no one ever had before. Rob fell slack in her grip,

overwhelmed by shock, fear, and a growing sense of excitement.

Samantha continued to grow, so that her face slowly drew away from the tiny

boy in her arms. Licking her lips and eyes twinkling, she shifted her grasp and

held him to one of her breasts, now easily an E-cup if she were still a measly

five-foot-five. She was sitting full on her butt and still the ceiling was

coming down at her. The sensation of sheer power, of strength and flexibility

and control was as intoxicating as being dunked in wine. Little Robby had

stopped struggling almost the moment she had grabbed him with her strong hand,

and now he was sucking at her breast like a baby. A big baby, sure - he looked

all of two feet tall to her now. She stopped growing only moments before her

head brushed the low ceiling, but the needs filling her were far from satisfied.

Rob was sprawled over an arm bigger than his own large legs. He had a nipple

the size of a plum in his mouth and behind it a creamy white breast larger than

his head wobbled and quivered as he shook his head. It was unbelievable.

''Ok Rob. That's enough of that...'' she shifted to lay back on her elbows,

her huge breasts rolling on her chest. ''Take me now, Rob. Take me deep!''

''Uh, Sam? I might be hung like a horse, but, damn...'' He was looking at her

enormous folds, a clit the size of a walnut peeking out from between the soft


''Don't be stupid Rob. Use your fist. Heck, use your whole arm. I always

wanted a guy to find my G spot for me. It's supposed to feel kinda rough.How

hard could it be now?'' She was at least 16' tall, and even more shapely than

she had been when she got home. Samantha arched her back, rubbing her pointed

nipples against the ceiling, scraping against the rough plaster. Little specks

of white rained down on her sleek belly and wide collar bones. ''Oh fuck, Rob.

This is so cool. She started rubbing harder and the walls creaked slightly in

resonse. She moaned loud enough to shake the windows as Rob slid right up to her


Rob did as he was told, fisting the teen giantess, discovering he could

plunge his arm deep enough to bring his lips to her clitoris. The he spread his

hand inside her and stroked the top of her vagina with his open palm, feeling

the rough patch as promised. He dug his fingers into Samantha's most sensitive

spot and leaned forward to suck her clit at the same time. The effect was

explosive as his first kissed and then nibbled her jutting nub. In moments the

room was swept up in a hurricane as Samantha's thrashing destroyed the

furniture, dented the ceiling and even splintered sections of the floor.

Thee was a long pause filled only by the subtle loudness of her sighs. Drops

of sweat were rolling down her flanks and her eyes were half-glazed with lust.

She had cum twice in quick succession, a first for her, and she wasn't nearly


''Oh, yeah. Bigger is definitely better.'' she looked down over her breasts

and between her legs to where Rob was sprawled over her crotch, his fist still

inside her, giving her tiny little tremors. She clenched her pussy and felt his

arm spasm inside her, making her feel like tshe needed to pee, just as the

magazines promised. Another tremor ran down her legs. She had at least two more

good Os in her if Rob was man enough. She held him to her crotch and slid on her

butt over to the sliding glass doors. ''Next we do it in the pool.''

Rob lifted his head wearily. He saw the hungry look in her saucer sized eyes

and swallowed. He was a good swimmer, but... He felt the powerful muscles along

the walls of her crack tense around him again, reminding him of just how strong

she had become...

''Sure thing Sam...''

- - -



Giantess Stories: Cookies By Au Goose Based on a story by The Historian      Emily Emerson removed the cookie sheets from the oven and set them on top

Emily Emerson removed the cookie sheets from the oven and set them on top of the Based on a story by The Historian Based on a story by The Historian By Au G



Giantess Stories: Cookies By Au Goose Based on a story by The Historian      Emily Emerson removed the cookie sheets from the oven and set them on top

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Giantess Stories: Cookies By Au Goose Based on a story by The Historian      Emily Emerson removed the cookie sheets from the oven and set them on top

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