Giantess Stories: COPIES  part 1                                                            by Squash     Melinda was more than an average good looking

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COPIES part 1

by Squash

Melinda was more than an average good looking woman. She was a

very womanly and a very proud, good looking woman with blond / brown

hair and brown eyes and a dimple in her smile. She is also a good

friend of mine who lessens to me and my strange fantasies. And yes,

sometimes goes out of her way to help me fulfil them.

It was a Saturday afternoon ,I was home watching the tube when

“ring...ring!!!” It was Melinda calling...... “Dan, what are you

doing right now?...never mind, get your butt over to the print shop

NOW! I've got something here that you'll be very interested in.”

It seemed like an hour before I arrived to the shop, although it

was more like 15 minutes. Bursting into the door I was surprised to

find she was the only one there as she came up to me with her arms

open and a smile from ear to ear.

“You won't believe this new special print copy machine we just

got. Wow! It does everything and has all these extra features. It can

copy a complete book and make another just like it in just a mater of

seconds so we girls tried it out yesterday with a pizza and “WALLA”

it made more ...... it's so cool!”

“ Well how does this work? have any idea's” was my reply and so

with a look of almost a scientist she began to explain what she

understood about it. “Best I understand it, it has a very powerful

lazier that converts mass to light for just a micro-second and then

splits the light into copies. only draw back is that it can't make

another the same size because it would come out to flimsy, But it can

make miniature copies and that's why I called you over today, you

said you always wanted to have a little man for one of your ladies

to play with... well, I think this might be your chance. Although

we've never tried it out on people before we did on a cock roach and

Walla! we had two of them running around, but not for long.” as an

evil grin came across her face.

“Well then OK, she said, Do you want to stand over here and and try

it? We'll set this so we'll take lets say, 4% of your mass, that

should be a safe amount and will not harm you.” ready,


A flash of light and a very quick tingle and it was all over

although nothing seemed to happen “Melinda, I asked did it work,

nothing seemed to happen?” Yes, she replied we just have to push this

button marked copy and..DA..DA I give you instant little Danny.”

As she said in just and instant and there I was looking at a

miniature me of only less than 3 inches tall. I immediately got very

excited from all my fantasy thoughts than ran through me all at

once. “Melinda this is incredible, would you do me the honors?

please?” Will you squash him for me?”

“Are you sure you want me to do it? Wouldn't you rather have one

of your girl friends?” she asked in a most teasing way

“No, I would really love to have you do it ,besides I don't think

I could wait that long.” as what must have been a very begging look

came across my face.

“ Well usually I wouldn't harm anything, well maybe a cock

roach,” she said with a chuckle, “It's just not in my nature, but

this copy isn't really real, it's just a part of you split off by

this machine, so sure, if you'd like for me too?” “So how do you want

me to do it? Give me direction, Shall I step on him for you?” As an

evil gleam came into her pretty eyes and a stone cold smile to her


While meantime way down below, on the floor was this very small ,

less than 3 inches copy of Dan who was looking way up at the two

giant figures... “Melinda I think something must be wrong, I think

the wrong one got shrunk! Melinda...Melinda.” cried out the little

Dan, but was only responded by a smile and a light chuckle.

Franticly the little Dan was trying to make Melinda see that he

was more than just a copy, but his pathetic attempts were of no use

as she snatched him up in her hand to get a closer view. “Isn't he

just the cutest little thing, and he's so soft, I feel as though I

could squish him right in my hand.” Was Melinda's verbal thoughts.

But then Dan said “How about on the floor instead, that would be just

such a wonderful fantasy for me.” while giving gesture as to point

out the right spot.

Little Dan was getting frantic as the reality of what was to come

focus before him and he began to squirm and scream in a panic while

begging Melinda to lesion to him. Sadly for him she would only look

and think of him as no more than an action toy figure . Just

something for her to play with while making Dan's fantasies come


“How about right here, does this look about right for your view

Dan? or maybe over here?” To bad you don't have your camcorder..Ha..

Ha, Talk about your snuff movies .” while she laughed out loudly and

released little Dan to the floor.

Taking only a moment getting his bearings, little Dan took off

the opposite from Melinda and could only hope to make salvation under

the desk that was just ahead. With all his might and a last second

dive he just might, then “ Wham !” Melinda's sandal came slamming

down right in his path. A loud laugh came from above as Melinda said

“Poor little Danny he's going to get squashed.” and knocked him

backwards with her toe. This time before he could compose himself to

get underway Melinda raised her crushing foot over little Dan and

slowly brought it down trapping him under.

Squirming and begging her sacrifice lay under the sole of her

sandal while waiting his fate and trying to push her away. “Well

Dan shall I? Just give the word and he's squashed.” There was a

silence for just a few moments and then came a soft whisper from a

most excited Dan “ it, squash him!”

“Oh please... Melinda no, no , no, please don't squash me

pleassssssssssssee.” were the last words spoken by little Dan.

Melinda shifted her stance and began pressing down forcing the

air from her small victims lungs. No longer could he beg for his life

or even squirm . Pressed flat with his tiny ribs ready to compress

under Melinda's giantess force, little Dan closed his eyes and

surrendered to his fate.

Melinda could feel his tiny body crushing. One by one then more

and then even more, the frame of little Dan crushed like peanut

shells. Melinda had a soft smile to her face and seemed to enjoy

asserting her power as it climaxed and brought little Dan to a mushy

goo that exploded out from under her sandal.

( to be continued )




“Wow... that was more than fulfilling, it was just the best

fantasy ever for me.” Proclaimed Dan in a very spent manner. “Nothing

could ever top that!”

Melinda looked up at Dan with a mischievous smile and said “Oh,

well you haven't seen the second part of what I had in store. Why

don't you hit the button marked COPY and see what comes out?” Sure

enough there was another 3 inch little Dan who was exactly like the

first. “I thought we might find some use for him, don't ya think?” As

she gave out a sinister laugh.

With that Melinda snatched little Dan up and held him close to

her face while giving him a visual inspection. “So what do you think

we should do with him? Maybe I could squish him in my hand like a

tomato?”She proclaimed with a slight chuckle to her voice.

“ He would squash with such ease.” She added and gave him a very

firm squeeze. “Or maybe I .....” but was interrupted by his squirming

and screaming as she was having trouble holding on to him.

“Now look, little Danny!” she said in a very firm and aggressive

manner. “ You can just quit all this fidgety squirming, crying and

pathetic begging. After all, Your the one who wants to be squashed,

so just knock it off before I get pissed and squash you in my hand!

Is that clear?”she said while pushing her thumb very firmly into

little Dans chest.

“Now Dan, how shell I squash him for you? Shell I step on this

one like I did the last or how about I rip him apart with my bare

hands? But then, I think you know that Id love to just squeeze him

till he pops.” And with that gave him another firm squeeze while

laughing out.

“Well, I was hoping that maybe you might kinda sit on him. You

know maybe squish him with your butt sorta?” Was all that Dan could

manage to ask of Melinda. He was so afraid she would laugh and be

upset for such a silly and childish request.

“You want me to sit on him? Is this what you would really like

?”Ask Melinda in a most serious manor

With his head looking down to the floor Dan replied “Well yes,

kinda if its not too mush to ask........ Please.”

“Dan, Id be most happy to sit on little Dan for you, If that's Muestras gratis relojes

what you would really like?” Was her soften response to Dan and gave

him a sweet kiss on the cheek.

“Now how do you want this? On this soft chair or this hard seat

and with my shorts on or off? Or how about in my underwear so as not

to stain my shorts.” She said with a sort chuckle. “You do like my

soft panties don't you?”

Sure who wouldn't, they were of a very soft cotton and lace with

a bikini cut that allowed her cheeks to giggle to her soft movements.

I watched as she took every movement into account so as to make this

event fulfilling to not only me but little Dan a well.

Still holding little Dan, Melinda released him to the wooden

chair where she had placed a tape strip. “Now little Danny I know

that you've excepted this as your fate and your ready to go for your

final fantasy but, you must lay down on the strip, I'm not going to

have you changing your mind and go running off while I'm giving your

donor his fantasy so...” And gently but firmly secured him face up.

“OK I think I'm ready so, I hope you enjoy it, and little Dan..,be

brave.” She said while perching herself in position for the


Her slow decent was graceful as she bent over placing herself in

a sitting position while little Dan instinctively started to fidget

and yell in fear. Somehow the reality of this gigantic butt coming

down on him was more than he could ever imagine and began to beg

Melinda to stop. It was of no use as she failed to notice or really

care about the little man who was about to be squashed under her, her

only concerned was if Dan was enjoying this. And yes, he was, very

much so.

Her ass cheek was, to little Dan, like a most gigantic fleshy

spear that engulfed his inter vision while slowly making contact with

him and pushing his little body flat against the hard seat. As his

begging became silent when his breath was expelled from the immense

downward pressure, little Dan had no hope that Melinda would reprieve


Melinda was now ready to relax herself and give full weight to

the chair and her sacrifice that lay between them. No longer could

she feel any movement from under, only the soft giving of her victims

body. With one last downward movement Melinda could hear and feel

crunching coming from the chair below as little Dan had been squashed

flat under her butt.

Sitting with her back arched, her friend Dan had climaxed to the

awesome sight. The inner organs came squirting out from under her as

she looked to him and smiled

“I'm so glad you enjoyed that, what would you like to do next?”

Asked Melinda and gave him a big kiss.

(to be continued)

Copies Part Three

by Squash

Melinda had changed her underwear and was whipping off the chair

while her soft eyes looked to Dan and said “So Dan I'm so glad you

enjoyed that and I think there might be some copies left if you want

to continue? Here let me take a look at this machine, Yes, it says

there is one point five zero zero dot two in it. Which means about

one and a half little Danny's left. Wonder which half that is?” and

began to laugh at her own joke while she pushed the button and

expelled her next victim.

Just as before the third copy came out exactly like the others

only this time Melinda didn't give little Dan time to react to his

new environment. Her great hand swooped down like a hawk grabbing a

mouse and brought him to her face where he was greeted with a very

stern and solemn look. A look that said your going to die as an

evil smile spread across her face and her brows began to narrow.

Little Dan tried to speak but was cut short by Melinda's gruff

handling and absolute power over him. “You know little Danny you feel

to good in my hand I could just squeeze you to death, make you squash

like a tomato. I think I might like doing that.” was Melinda's

proclamation that made little Dan fade and wither.

“Oh God no, don't.” he shouted and began to struggle for his

freedom but was once again left short as Melinda's grip tightened

making his breathing even more difficult. She become aroused with

the pending execution that lay trapped in her hand. Each cry and

futile push, from her little toy, served to give more and more

pleasure as her womanhood became hotter and hungrier

It was her last cutting stair at him that made her panting body

give way to her climax . Her fist crushed tightly together has

squashed little Dan to a past, very much like the tomato she had

promised he would be. Blood and guts spewed out from all over while

running down her terminating hand like a dripping cone.

“I guess this one was for me.” She said in a breathy sort of

way. “I've been wanting to do that ever sense we started this. How

about you Honey, did you enjoy it, was I enough of an evil bitch for


“Sure!” I said, “Poor bustard didn't stand a chance and so ,yes ,

I did too love it”. “So how about this half a little Dan? Shall we

see what comes out and do I get to pick what you do to him?” Asked


“Yes my sweet.” Replied Melinda, “ This last one is all yours,

what ever you wish me to do with him , well just say and I will

obey.” She said chuckling. Then with one last push of the button out

comes this extra small one and a half inch little Dan.

Laying on the copier receiving plate this last copy came out

naked and very confused as he starts to look around but was not real

sure what was going on. Looking way up he saw Melinda staring down to

him with a wide grin on her face .Little Dan was just about to speak

when Melinda ask “Well Dan, what would you have me do with him? Or

should I ask , how should I crush him for you?”

“Well Sweetie I would really love for you to eat him, do you

think that maybe you could do that for me?” Asked Dan in a less than

confident manor “I would really love to see that, please.... would

you do that for me?”

“You mean eat him alive? God Dan, I just don't think I can do

that to another human bean, even if he is just a small copy, what a

horrible of a way to die. eaten alive by some hungry bitch, I just

don't know, please don't make me do that.” Was her reaction to my

request Turning her head away from me I could see all the spark

leave from her eyes as I was feeling kinda bad for putting her in

such an emotional term oil.

“Your right Melinda, I'm sorry for even suggesting it please

forgive me. Just do with him as you like. That will be fine with me.”

and hung my head down feeling bad for what I had suggested.

A soft touch came on my shoulder as Melinda placed her hand in a

very caressing manor. As I looked up I could see little Dan in the

palm of her other hand

“With or with out ketchup?” And if I get sick I'm going to puck

all over you .” She said with a newly formed smile. “God, the things

I do for you. Your going to owe me big time for this and I mean big

time.” She added while plucking little Dan from the palm of her hand


The pathetic sight of this little morsel hanging upside down by

the ankle was indeed a power trip by itself. Then Melinda began to

torment and torture him by blowing her hungry breath on to his body,

as if to cool down hot soup. Sure terror was little Dan's reaction as

he demanded to be set free “Put me down, put me down now.” He said in

a loud and frightened manor “You have no right to do

this........please.....please let me go, don't eat me for God sakes.”

He begged and began to cry in despair.

All this only served to make Melinda even more determined to

terrify him to the last as she licked her lips and mooned out in a

very hungry manor “Your going to be very taste, I will so enjoy

devouring you in one bite.” She told him while her tongue wiped

across her glessening teeth. With that she tilted her head back and

drooped her kicking little snack down into her awaiting cavity. He

ameditly grabbed a hold of her lower front teeth but was swiped away

by the tongue and rolled back between the jaw molars.

The light started to deem as little Dans last view was of

Melinda's lips closing . He was held helpless by her jaw teeth and

was now to frightened to move and could only hope that maybe she

would not go on with it.

Melinda looked to Dan with a stair that said, this is it and

began to slowly bit down crushing the life from her peace of food .

One last cry could be heard just before the crunching sound of

little Danny's bones and guts were chewed to a pulp and then


Melinda smiled and gave Dan a hug. “Well my friend I've done it,

I actually have eaten a man alive, just for you. I never in al my

dreams thought I'd do such a thing to another person.” But smiled in

a most satisfied way and gave out a little belch.

“So how was it did it taste to bad'? I asked

“No not relay kinda like chicken.” She replied and gave out a laud


( end )

Giantess Stories: COPIES  part 1                                                            by Squash     Melinda was more than an average good looking

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