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Walking downtown one day, Hanna passed by a little shoe store she had never

noticed before. It was just one of those out-of-the-way shops that a person can

walk by a hundred times without noticing, but her curiosity was piqued and she

just had to go inside.

The owner, who introduced himself as Hal Blundy, was the only one working that

day. He politely asked how he could help her.

"Just looking," the pretty Hanna replied with a smile as her eyes gazed at all

the strange and different kinds of shoes on the walls and shelves. She picked up

a couple of different soft leather shoes with long spikes and leather soles

before the manager approached her.

"I know just what you're looking for," he said and disappeared to the back of

the store. Moments later he reappeared and motioned for Hanna to sit down as he

sat on the footstool in front of her.

Hanna quickly walked over to the man and began to protest. "I was just look...."

She fell silent when she saw the shoes in his hands. "They're beautiful!" she


"Please, sit. I know they will fit you perfectly," he coaxed.

Hanna sat down in front of the big man, who reached down and cradled her right

foot in his hands.

"You have very beautiful feet," he said with a smile, causing Hanna to blush.

Carefully sliding off her pink three inch pumps, he removed both of the soft

black five inch high heels from the box. Placing them on her feet Hanna, could

not believe how soft and comfortable they felt. "They are the made of the finest

kid skin from the Mid-East" he told her.

Hanna quickly stood and walked towards the full length mirror on the wall. "They

feel incredible!" She began talking to herself. "And they make my legs look so

sexy," she thought.

Mr. Blundy couldn't take his eyes off her as she twisted this way and that,

looking into the mirror, admiring the sexy shoes.

"I've got to have them!" Hanna told him.

"They were made for you," he said with a strange smile on his face. For some

reason that didn't feel like the typical salesman's line but she bought them and

left the store without taking them off.

She had only taken a few steps from the store when two men came up from behind

her. A knife was pressed into her back and she was forced into the alley nearby.

Once there, they took her purse and the one with the knife told her to remove

her skirt. Hanna became very scared at the thought of being raped by the two and

thought that they wouldn't be so tough if they didn't have that knife. Suddenly

there was a flash and the knife in the man's hand was gone. He looked at his

partner in disbelief.

"What the hell happened?" his friend asked. Hanna looked at them confused also.

Thinking for a moment she said to herself: "I wish I had my purse back."

Suddenly it was back on her shoulder once again.

The man that had the knife roughly grabbed Hanna by both arms and forced her

against the wall. "What's going on?" he asked angrily. "How did you do that,

bitch?" he snarled.

"I..I don't know" Hanna answered, stunned. The man began to make a fist with his

right hand and Hanna thought "If you guys were small you could never hurt me or

anyone again." Again, seemingly from nowhere, there was a flash of light. When

Hanna opened her eyes, the men were gone!

Hanna looked around in amazement. She peered down one end of the alley then

turned her head the other way.

"They're gone! How could that be?" she asked herself.

She heard a strange noise coming from the ground. Looking down, she saw the men

who tried mugging her. They were only a few inches tall! She began to squat down

to look at the tiny men. They were running back and forth in front of her in a

panic, screaming and pleading for her to help them but their voices sounded

faint and high pitched, like rats'.

"Not so tough now are you little man" Hanna said to the one who had pulled the

knife on her. She extended her right index finger with its long, manicured, red

lacquered nail and poked the tiny little man in the stomach, sending him

crashing to the ground in pain. Then she began to stand up. She watched their

little faces as she towered above them, her tall shadow stretching over them

made her ascent even more dramatic. As she stood tall on those five inch, black

stiletto heels the other man, scared out of his mind, panicked and began to run

from her.

Hanna looked at the tiny man sprinting away from her foot and spoke. "Didn't you

forget something?" she asked, amused. The tiny man stopped and looked back at

her. Hanna slid the purse from her shoulder and held it in front of her. "Here,

this is what you wanted, isn't it?" she taunted the little fool. With a casual

flick of her wrist, she tossed the purse over to him. She heard him scream,

which ended abruptly as the huge purse came down on top of his shrunken frame.

"Don't worry," she laughed over the purse, "it's all there."

The other little man was now too scared to move. Hanna reached out with her

right hand and picked up the purse. She saw that the would-be-robber was still

alive but both his legs, as well as an arm and several ribs, were now broken.

She could hear a faint plea for help from him as she bent over to retrieve her

purse. Standing fully erect once again, she looked down at him with fire in her


"Sure, I'll help you. Just like you were going to help me, you little maggot."

Her left foot rose swiftly off the ground and her huge sole hovered over him

like a car. She could not see his tiny frame at all as her large high heel

completely blocked him from her view.

"Here, let me see if I can apply some pressure and stop the bleeding," Hanna


Her foot slowly came down on top of the little man. She could feel the slight

pushing and pounding of his futile attempts to push away her supple leather

sole. When she could feel his tiny body under the pad and toes of her foot, she

let her heel rest on the cement. Savoring his helplessness for another moment,

she pressed down and felt a slight "pop" under her foot. Being able to take

revenge on this crook and rapist sent a wave of pleasure through her. She felt

almost ashamed about how much she was enjoying it all.

Her eyes half closed from the bliss she was feeling, she regained her composure

and slowly and cruelly began twisting the remains of the body out of existence, Everything about nails and manicure products Nails Trends

grinding the corpse beneath her foot as if she were crushing out a cigarette. A

low moan escaped her lips as her foot continued to twist from one side to the

other. As if awaking from a daydream, she suddenly stopped to she what she had


Her face looked at the spot for a moment, then a smile crossed her lips. "Like

he never existed," she said out loud. A slight shiver of pleasure and power went

through her. There was nothing left of him to even kick in the sewer. "How

perfect these shoes are," she thought. She turned her attention to the remaining

would-be rapist, who could plainly see she was in a state of total pleasure. His

legs would not move as he watched the giantess's shadow fall on him.

"So, you still want me?" Hanna asked in a strong voice of dominance. Putting his

tiny hands up in the air he begged/squeaked a "please no" to the giantess. Hanna

playfully reached out her long left stiletto heel and gave the man a jab to the

stomach, sending him rolling back several inches. She watched him lay in the

fetal position, curled up in a ball. The hard, sharp heel cracked his ribs and

cut him like a knife. He looked down to see his white tee shirt covered red

blood pouring from his stomach.

"On your feet, worm," ordered Hanna. Too afraid not to do as she said, he

staggered to his feet, still slightly bent over, holding his stomach and side.

"No," she changed her mind. "On your knees, bug, before I decide to make you a

matching grease spot with your scummy friend".

The beaten shrunken man fell forward from where he was standing and dropped on

his knees.

"Good! Now, crawl over here and beg my forgiveness for what you were going to do

to me," Hanna commanded with no softness in her voice. The man began to crawl on

his hands and knees towards the giant pair of high heeled feet before him. He

stopped several times, holding his side, but Hanna only growled at him, telling

him to hurry. When he got to the tips of the black leather shoes he stopped and

swayed on his knees, waiting for whatever she wanted next.

"Kiss my shoes," was the next command from above and he meekly obeyed. As his

tiny lips were pressed to the tip of Hanna's right shoe, she slipped her foot

out of the other shoe and, using her large toe, flicked him away from her. He

flipped over backwards twice and felt as if he had been hit by a car. Hanna

reached out her pretty foot and placed her toes on his head. The nylon-covered

toes slid down his body to his feet than back up to his face. She repeated this

exercise several times, like petting a small animal. She loved the feel of this

tiny helpless man under her and she thought of how great it would be to have

more. The cool air blowing on her foot, damp with perspiration and redolent of

leather, also added to the sensual feel of her toes touching the prisoner

beneath them. Enjoying herself, she put her foot back in the shoe and stood tall

and defiant over the victim.

"Your kind is an infestation to this city and you belong in the sewers where you

came from," she said with power. With the toe of one shoe, she began to push the

tiny man back several inches until her foot came down, at which point she would

use the other. While being nudged with one foot and then the other, the tiny man

looked behind him to see an open sewer grate. "She's going to kick me into the

sewer!" his mind screamed in panic. His attempts to get up and run only added to

Hanna's pleasure of toying with him. He would run into the sharp leather toe of

one shoe and be kicked over to the other foot. Like a ball, he bounced between

the two huge feet until he could feel the metal grate of the sewer and smell the

hideous stench emanating from within. Looking up at the giantess one last time,

he pleaded for her not to drop him in the sewer. His mind raced with all the

things that were down there and he knew he would never survive. Rats, snakes,

alligators, and more terrors waited down there to eat him, assuming he didn't

drown first. But he saw no pity or forgiveness in the two large brown eyes that

watched him with coldness and a lust for revenge.

Positive that she would not let him go, he tried to turn and run, but the

immensity of Hanna's right foot came down from the sky like a bolt of lightning

and he ran into the side of her foot, bouncing off it and falling into one of

the openings in the grate. He hung on for dear life as she watched with pleasure

from above.

She knelt down to watch him dangling helplessly, his tiny hands gripping the

grate. "It is a terrible thing to be a victim, isn't it?" she cruelly taunted

him. "You're getting just what your deserve; I'm doing this for all the others

you robbed and violated."

"I never did it before!" he cried up to her.

Hanna's eyes narrowed to slits in anger. Shaking him to the core, she bellowed:

"Liar! I know I was not your first, but I am going to be your last!"

She stood up and he watched though the opening of the grate as the big leather

sole of her shoe blocked out everything he could see. Her giant foot descended

towards him and came down on his fingers. Hanna could barely hear his screams as

she shifted her weight to that foot, crushing his fingers. Her huge foot held

him in place and she quickly lifted it to see him. He was still holding onto the

grate, which she didn't understand. Bending down, she peered closer at him and

realized her foot had mashed his hands to the grate and he was stuck there,

suspended. She stood straight again and told him, as if he could hear over his

own screaming and crying, "Here, let me help you." Hanna placed the tip of her

right heel on top of his head and, with a slight shove, he went screaming into

the darkness of the sewer.

Hanna felt very pleased for avenging herself from here would-be muggers. As she

walked out of the alley, she looked over to the store where she bought these

wonderful shoes and couldn't believe her eyes. The store was gone and a brick

wall stood in its place. Thinking back to what the shoe store owner said to her,

she smiled and agreed. "I guess these shoes really were made for me!" Now she

could only think of the new adventures that laid ahead. There was a whole new

world to experience at her feet, and today was only the beginning.


Giantess Stories: CRUEL SHOES By RAM

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