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Crushed Underfoot!



Since I was 16 years old, I have always had a fantasy to be crushed to death

under a beautiful women's bare foot. Life over the last few years had been

depressing, I lost my job, my wife had left me and I had continuously felt that

life wasn't worth living. The only person in my family that even still talked to

me was my younger sister Susan who was still in College.

A few days ago I bought a magic potion that would turn me into anything I wanted

to be. After great consideration, I decided that I wanted to turn myself into a

small black beetle and be crushed beneath an unwashed barefoot by a girl of my

choice. A beetle seemed like a good insect. It had a hard shell that would

provide some initial resistance to the crushing power of the foot allowing me to

enjoy the experience for as long as possible. Furthermore, most girls wouldn't

resist the chance to step on a bug, especially if they were going to get paid to

do it. I had managed to save $35,000 over the years until I lost my job. I hired

a photographer, an average looking blond women, that was experienced in making

crush films for the fetish web sites. At first, she though I was nuts when I

told her my plan. But when I offered her $25,000 for her participation, she

agreed to do the job. My stipulations were that the girl wasn't to know anything

else other than that she was stepping on a bug, and that she would make the

crushing session last as long as possible so that I could enjoy it until the

bitter, or should I say sweet, END! Also, she would need to be ready to film at

a moments notice. She said, for a few extra dollars, she would be more then

willing to slowly crush me under her barefoot. But I wanted it to be a foot on

my choosing. Now, all I had to do was find the girl for the job.

My sister Susan had a room mate, Janet, who was a real knockout. Janet and Susan

were also good friends and did everything together on their spare time,

swimming, jogging and karate lessons at the local Karate school. I had the

privilege of meeting Janet on several occasions. What attracted me most about

her was here beautiful shaped feet. Each toe the right length, her soft looking

soles with only the slightest small patches of tried skin forming around the

heels. Even her toe nails were clean and properly pedicured. They were nothing

like my sisters feet which were narrow with long boney toes, each big toe

slightly bent inwards, long toenails that were never trimmed properly with

toejam clearly visible under each nail. I certainly knew exactly what kind of

foot I didn't want for my ending.

This afternoon, when I was in their dorm room for a visit, Susan and Janet

stepped out for a few minutes to grab something from the local kitchen. While

there were gone I scrambled to find one of Janet's worn sneakers or used socks

to smell. In the corner of the room was a well used pair of sneakers. I ran and

picked one up and held it to my nose. I slowly inhaled the aroma of the sneaker.

They smelled so cheesy that I almost passed out! But I kept inhaling, why not,

this was the scent of the goddess I desired. As I opened the shoe up to reveal

its interior, I saw that the insole was completely soiled and drenched in sweat

with the footprint clearly outlined. "Oh my God!", I could see the clear

imprints made from five long boney toes. "My sisters shoes, yuk!", I said -

quickly dropping them to the floor. "Susan must walk barefoot in her shoes all

the time to make them that raunchy", I said to myself. Over, on the other side

of the room, was another pair of running shoes. "These must be Janet's" - I

looked inside the shoe first this time. There, in front of me, was an insole

that was only slightly soiled and a faint footprint with five even sized toe

prints. I smelled the interior of the shoe and inhaled the sweet odor of

"Goddess Janet". "These are definitely the feet I want to crush me to death!" -

I thought to myself.

Just then, the girls returned to the room. I quickly placed the shoe back with

it's partner. Susan said to me, what are you doing tonight? I said I think I

will just hang around here for awhile if you don't mind. "Suit yourself", she

said and kicked off here slippers, walked over to the corner of the room

barefoot, and started to put on her sweaty old sneaker's. I barely noticed, as

Janet had just slipped off her slippers to reveal two beautiful slightly sweaty,

bare feet - I was in heaven. Susan said. "I'm going for a jog Janet, why don't

you join me?". "No, I don't really feel like it right now Susan, but I'll see

you later at Karate class". "Ok, I'll see you latter", and Susan jogged out the

door - now, at last I was alone with Janet.

I said to Janet, "What's wrong?, you seem to be a little down today". She began

to tell me about how her parents had run into bad times and that she didn't

think that she would have enough money to finish paying for her year at College.

I told her that I knew how she could make some money. "Have you ever heard about

crush fetish movies?". What's that? - I proceeded to explain to her what they

were all about. "You mean, guy's actually get off watching girls step on bugs?,

you have got to be joking!". "Hey, there's big money in it if you are

interested'. "I may be", she said, but "barefoot (Yukk), why not with my shoes

on?- I don't really like stepping on bugs, especially barefoot" - she

reluctantly agreed to do it for the money. She said, "I guess so, It's only a

bug, right?". I call the director on the telephone and told her to be ready at

the studio right away. Janet interrupted me and said, "it will have to be after

my karate class, how about eight o'clock?". "Eight o'clock it is". I gave her

the address of the studio and told her to do everything exactly as the director

tells you. She still seemed reluctant especially when I told her I couldn't be

there but this director was a great lady to work with. I then said my good bye's

to her and left the dorm room realizing that this was the last time I would say

bye to her as a human being, that later tonight her dirty foot, the lowest part

of her body, would end my life - it will probably be very dirty indeed after

Karate class.

For the next few hours I waited at the studio with the director, shaking in

anticipation of Janet's foot. I stood naked in the middle of the studio and

drank the potion realizing that this was the last moment I would be a human

being. Very slowly, I grew dizzy and the room began to spin. I though about what

I wanted to become - a small black beetle. Slowly, the room grew larger and

larger as I shrank into my new form. When I woke up, I turned my beetle head and

looked down along my body. My body was black with eight legs and on my back was

a hard shell which surrounded my body. I found I couldn't walk, too many legs

for me to control, and I also couldn't talk as I no longer had a voice box. I

was now just a bug, a prop for a new crush video. The director picked me up and

placed me on the middle of an elevated white wooded platform surrounded by video

camera's that would photograph my end.

We both waited, the director smoking cigarettes and getting more and more

impatient as 10 pm approached. The affects of the potion was irreversible so I

was getting nervous. The director then said to me if this girl doesn't arrive

here in the next ten minutes, "I am going to step on you myself and go home".

Five minutes past, the director then walked over and stood up on the platform

beside me and began to remove her shoes and socks. I was shaking as the odor

from her feet hit me as she removed her first sock to reveal a rather ugly

sweaty foot with long boney toes. "Times Up", she said. "Time for me to step on

you", as she raised her ugly foot above me. I tried to scream no, but I had no

voice - this wasn't the way it was suppose to end. The foot descended upon and

touched the upper part of my shell. The smell and warmth from the foot was

overwhelming as it prepared to squash me.

Just then, I heard voices as Janet and my sister walked into the room. They saw

the director standing barefoot on the platform. "Are we too late, said Janet?".

"No", said the director," I was just lining up the shot, let's get going". Janet

and Susan walked up to the platform. Janet said, "I still feel funny about doing

this, even though I need the money". They both looked down at me, studying me

closely. I never felt so low and insignificant in my life, not even to be a

person anymore. "What are you worried about Janet, said Susan, it's just a

stupid worthless bug". Those words rang loudly in my ears as I was getting

second thoughts about this whole thing - but it was too late now, everything was

now in motion. Janet said, "I' am sorry, I just don't think I can do it". My

heart sank.

‘I'll do it for you Janet", said Susan. "I step on the bug and give you the

money for your college fees". A stunned feeling fell over me as my sister

happily jumped up onto the platform beside me. I couldn't believe it, my life

was going to end under my sister's foot instead of Janet's. Susan said to the

director, "now tell me what you want me to do". Well Susan, first of all remove

your sneakers and socks. "Oh, I never wear socks, should I wash my feet first

before you start filming". "No, that's not necessary, our viewer like looking at

sweaty feet". "Peuwwwwwww, that's gross", said Susan. "Now Janet, even though

your not going to step on the bug yourself, would you please also get up on the

platform and remove your shoes and socks" - our viewers like to see lots of bare

feet in our movies. Janet had no problem doing that as the beetle and the girls

feet were the actual stars of the movie, anyway.

Meanwhile, I watch helplessly as my sister kicked off the sweaty sneakers that I

had smelled earlier today. Was it right for my sister to unknowingly crush me to

death? It didn't matter as in a few minutes I was going to become a stain on the

bottom of her foot whether it was right or not. Susan positioned herself to

place one foot on either side of me as the director set up the shoot. As her

right foot touch the platform it began to compress as it received the full

weight of her body. The skin pad along the sole of her foot flattened and bulged

outwards under her enormous weight. The skin along the length of the floor and

the underside of her long big toe became white as the blood was forced out from

under the foot as her weight settled on it. I then heard a loud thudding sound

as her left foot contacted the platform on the other side of me. Her left foot

then received the weight of her body. As I looked from side to side, I could

seen her shifting, ever so slightly, her body weight from foot to foot. Within

seconds, the feted odor of her feet began to suffocate me. These feet had been

walking around the college all day, been jogging and to karate class - no wonder

they smelled to bad, or was it good. After all, I wanted to end my life under a

women's foot. I began to look at these two feet on either side as me not as my

sisters feet, but representing all women's feet around the world. That she was

no longer my sister because I was now just a bug and people step on bugs with

not regard for there well being. I realized, finally, that I should be stepped

on by these feet especially, because as a bug I was inferior not to just Susan,

but also inferior to the lowest part of her body, the sole of her foot. I stared

at her right foot and longed to be crushed beneath it.

My sister looked down upon me with an evil smirk saying, "just tell me when to

start". Just then, Janet's bare foot landed near me. There in full view was the

feet I longed to be crushed by but would never be. Janet's right foot compressed

on the platform about four inches away from me. Her perfect toes flattened

against the platform and the underside turned white as each toes now received

her body weight. I then looked back up at Susan.


The director told Susan, "I want you to raise your foot over the bug and bring

it slowly down on it" - I couldn't hear what else they were saying as they

talked amongst themselves. What I did hear was the words - "Action!".

"Oh Look, a bug, I hate bugs, what should I do", said Susan. Crush the worthless

thing under your foot!, said Janet. Those words hit hard, even Janet had called

be "worthless" - she was right. I felt the platform begin to shake as Susan's

began to shift all her weight to her right foot - this was it, the beginning of

the end. Her right foot began to compress even more, the skin grew whiter at the

heel where it contacted the platform, her long skinny toes grew whiter as they

tried to adjust to the ever increasing pressure, the weight shifting from toe to

toe, and the upper half of her foot became red as the blood from her sole rushed

to the upper foot where the pressure was less. I would know what this enormous

pressure felt like on me soon enough. The intensive crush on this foot caused a

small chuck of toe jam to dislodge from under her big toe nail and fall to the

platform below. A sudden breeze blew the toe jam right beside me. To me the jam

was as large as a football. I opened my mouth and placed this gift in my bug

mouth and chewed her filth, a mixture of dead skin, dirt and sweat until it was

all gone - it was my last meal and I was thankful for it!

I then felt her left foot shift. This would be the foot that ends my miserable

life. The foot began to leave the platform. There was a loud suction sound as

the sweaty foot, that clung to the wood, pealed itself off the ground. I could

see that most of the sole was still white as the blood had still not had time to

return to it. I looked up at Susan for the final time. I could see in her face

that she had no feelings for me, that I was nothing, and this was just another

foot step to add to the millions of steps she had already treaded in her life. I

then remembered her cruelly crushing bugs on the pavement in front of our house

when she was a kid - this would be no different. Her left foot then came into

view, its sole blocking out Susan's face forever. The foot slowly started to

move down towards me as the sole began to regain its pink color. It then stopped

within a few inches of me. I studied the sole of this foot carefully. It showed

signs of it's 23 year use. Parts of the heel was dry and partially cracked from

the dryness and years of crushing force applied to it. The long toes I had

disliked for years didn't look to bad from this angle. The long toe nails and

toe jam underneath was more apparent. The entire length of the sole was damp

with sweat and the smell of feet was increasing. The entire sole was soiled with

dirt from the floor of the Karate dojo, I suspect. All along the sole was debris

from the dojo floor; dust, sock lint and what looked like specks of crushed toe

jam - all probably falloff from the feet of the other Karate students from

tonight's class. I was about to be added to the collection on the bottom of this


The foot then lowered itself further until the sole gently touched. I was caught

under the ball of her foot and the underside of her big toe where the pressure

would be most intense. Everything was now dark except the light shinning in from

between the sole of her foot and the platform. Through the light, I could

clearly see Janet's right foot still firmly compressed on the platform. The

smell of feet was now unbearable, a strong cheesy smell mixed with dirt and toe

jam - obviously from those used sneakers of hers I hated. I could feels Susan's

foot but couldn't really see it that well now. So I looked to Janet's foot in

the distance for inspiration in my last moments. It had taken 9 years, but I was

now the most content I had ever been. I finally realized that I belonged under a

women's foot, it was my purpose in life and that if I was lucky that after my

death I would be reincarnated as something used by a women's foot.

The sole of the foot began to press down as I stared at Janet's foot. At first I

almost felt I can support this foot if I try. However, within seconds the

pressure began to become unbearable. The view of Janet's foot began to get

narrower - I was being crushed. For a second, the downward movement of the sole

stopped. Then I heard my body shell start to crack. I could see the big toe

start to turn white as she shifted her weight to it. Pain was all I felt next

and the unmistakable sound of a body breaking apart. My last meal of toe jam was

forced out of my mouth and Janet's foot disappeared forever as the foot

flattened against the platform and the sole went white from the intense pressure

above. The foot stopped moving, all the weight of her body was on me. I had been

completely crushed beneath her foot.

My life was over, or was it? I could no longer feet pain but I did feel the

overwhelming pressure of her body crushing down on me and the intense smell of

feet still surrounded me. The potion must have also prolonged my existence but

not in the human afterlife sense but allowed me to experience my existence as a

squashed bug. Susan raised her foot up so that the camera could record what was

on the sole of her foot. I was firmly crushed into the ball of her foot with all

the other dirt. The director said, "Cut!". Susan was laughing saying to Janet,

"See, it wasn't that bad, was it?" Janet said, "Ok, wipe it off your foot, let's

collect our money, and get out of here". "Not so fast", said Susan. "I think I'm

going to leave it on my foot and show it to my brother when be get home". I

could see the platform coming up to me real quickly as the foot re-compressed on

the platform below - everything went black. While Janet talked to Susan above, I

could feel the enormous pressure being crushed down on me by her foot.

The pressure then suddenly released and the foot raised above the floor again. I

almost fell off! Fortunately, the sweat from her feet had pasted me to the sole

firmly. Then I found myself being lowered right into Susan's sneaker. "Oh god",

not this, not the sneakers I hated. The stained insole came up to meet me very

fast, and so did the smell. The insole was wet and still warm from earlier use

and within seconds, I was crushed into it. Susan and Janet started to head back

to the dorm. I loved my life now. I must have been crushed underfoot hundreds of

times on the way home. However, the smell was awful, and I couldn't wait to get

out of the sneaker. It was getting very hot and Susan's foot was beginning to

sweat a lot, adding to the stink. All of a sudden, I felt a piece of my body

break off and dislodge from my owners foot. As each foot step progressed, my

body was being pulverized into small particles that was mixing into a ball made

of sweat, dirt and toe jam from my owners sole. Then the toe next to her big toe

caught me and crushed and smeared me into the insole below it. The girls arrived

at their room and Susan immediately kicked off her sneakers, as she always does.

She looked on the bottom of her sole for the bug remains but it was gone.

Susan: "The little piece of shit bug, fell off my foot", said Susan.

Janet: "Look in your shoe for it, it probably fell off there".

Susan opened her shoe and looked inside. "Peuwwww…", my brothers right, these

sneakers do stink". She looked and looked but couldn't see anything. I was still

there but now was only a piece of smeared dirt in the toe portion of her sneaker

- not even recognizable. Susan put her sneaker back to the floor and all was

silent for along time. I pondered my new situation. I looked down the length of

the insole from my new position and realized that now I was no longer a bug but

had been transformed into the insole of my owners shoe. Now, my sole purpose in

life was to serve the foot that uses this shoe by providing a comfortable

surface for her to walk on, to absorb the crushing shock of her foot to protect

her body and absorb sweat and dirt from her feet. I had no other purpose in

life- I was finally content.

Just then I heard Janet's voice, "Susan, do you mind if I borrow your sneakers

to quickly run down to get our mail". "Go ahead", said Susan. At that moment,

Janet's foot appeared at the entrance to the shoe and my heart (?) raced with

anticipation…… (that's another story).

Crushed Underfoot - Part 2

Susan put her sneaker back on the floor and all was silent for along time as I

pondered my new situation. I looked down the length of the insole and realized

that now I was no longer a bug but had been transformed into the insole of my

owners shoe. I no longer belonged to the world of human beings but existed now

only in the world of "FEET", female feet. None of the problems of day-to-day

life concerned me anymore. Now, as a shoe insole, I studied my new form very

carefully as the sunlight lit up the interior of the shoe. My entire body was

now shaped to the mirror image of the sole of Susan's foot. Her wet toe prints

surrounded my head and the location where the ball of her foot and heel contact

me had crushed the insole foam thinner then the rest of the sole liner. My whole

body was drench in sweat and covered in dirt and funk that had be deposited from

her foot. The raunchy smell of strong cheesy foot odor filled the air. This was

my new world, a world that always smelled like feet! I only existed to service a

female foot, to provide a comfortable surface for it to walk on, absorb the

crushing weight of my owner and to absorb the foots daily ration of sweat and

dirt. I had no other purpose in life.

Just then I heard Janet's voice, "Susan, do you mind if I borrow your sneakers

to quickly run down to get our mail". "Go ahead", said Susan. At that moment,

Janet's bare foot appeared at the entrance to the shoe and my heart (?) raced

with anticipation. Janet's foot looked different from my new "point of view".

The sole of her foot was damp with sweat and the skin covering the bottom

surface of her heel had been crushed flat from years of absorbing and supporting

the crushing weight from her body. Sock link was trapped between several of her

toes and small pools of greasy sweat accumulated in the pockets between each

toe. As the foot neared I began to feel it's warmth. If her feet smelled, I

couldn't tell because the strong smell of Susan's pungent feet radiated from me

- in the absence of Susan's foot, I was now the source of the foot odor that

filled the shoe.

I wanted this moment to last as long as possible. At first, Janet's foot gently

made contact with. Her foot was beautiful and soft as I cradled it in my new

form. However, this somber experience was soon overshadowed by the brutal

reality that her foot was about the use me as the ground beneath it! Her heel

quickly turned white and bulged outward under pressure as Janet started to apply

her body weight to the interior of the shoe. I felt the air being forced out the

insole foam in a similar manner that air would be forced out of one's lungs - if

one was human. The crush of the foot moved quickly from the heel along the

instep of her foot, then to the ball of the foot as the sole grounded out on me.

Her toes then crushed down on my face as I tried desperately to support them

from underneath. The foot then rolled forward onto the ball of the foot and the

toes crushed forcefully against my face as Janet securely tied the smelly shoe

to her foot. She then stood upright delivering all her body weight to her foot

and to me underneath. The sole of the foot was white at every location where it

came in contact with me as I fought to support the crushing weight of her body

above. I was now only the ground under her enormous foot, something to be


As Janet walked out of the room I received the punishing blows from her foot as

her body walked on me. The foot rose above the ground and then the heel crashed

to the ground. The foot then rolled along my body as her body weight shifted

forward along the instep to the ball of the foot. Then, for a moment, I would

feel her entire body weight shift to the toes as each toe bent downward and

turned red as it struggled to support and balance her great body above. This

crush was quickly followed by a sudden violent push downward by the toes against

the ground as the foot propelled her body forward. The process then repeated

itself, over and over again for each and every footstep. I must have been

stepped on two hundred times while she traveled to get the mail.

It felt a little strange as I still tried to cope with the fact that Janet was

unknowingly trampling me and that I existed only to serve as the ground under

the sole of her foot - the lowest part of her body. During the course of our

journey, I slowly absorbed a small amount of sweat from the bottom of her foot -

there wasn't much room for Janet's sweat as I was so completely saturated with

Susan's foot perspiration. Nevertheless, this small amount of sweat accompanied

by small pieces of toejam and dirt would be absorbed by me and become part of me

and would serve as a memento of this encounter. Upon returning to her dormatory

room, I was quickly kicked off her foot, as though I were nothing, and her foot

disappeared forever. Her foot had finished using me. I would forever have to

face the reality that from now on my purpose in life was to be used by any foot

that desired to use this shoe.

I felt a certain emptiness when Janet's foot left me. However, I was soon

comforted by the fact that there was a another foot in my life that demanded

that I service it daily and would continue to use me until I was worn out and of

no further use to it. That foot belonged to the women that was once my sister

and it would faithfully dominate me for the remaining day's of my existence. It

felt good to be needed!



Giantess Stories: Crushed Underfoot

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