Giantess Stories: CUT DOWN TO SIZE By Friar Tuck     Don enjoyed his job as a company vice president

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By Friar Tuck

Don enjoyed his job as a company vice president, especially since his father was

the president of the company. Don could yell orders at people and know that

they'd jump, since he was going to inherit the business when his father retired

in the next few months. Don was a big guy, 6'2", 350# and balding. He smoked

cigars, and if an employee complained about Don's smoking, he just reminded them

that they could get a job somewhere else. None of the employees liked Don, but

they tolerated his arrogance because they didn't want to lose their jobs.

Don had trouble keeping secretaries, since he always tried to make passes at

them, and would frequently find ways to pat them on the fanny, or to fondle

them. One day, he had a knock on the office door. He said, "Come in", and a very

exotic, petite woman entered his office. She introduced herself as Connie, and

asked Don about the secretarial job. Don found himself incredibly attracted to

Connie. She was barely 5'3", and had blonde hair and blue eyes.

Don asked Connie about her previous job, and she said that she had worked as a

secretary to John Randolph. Don remembered reading about John's mysterious

disappearance. The police had only found John's clothes in his office, but had

never found a trace of John. Despite that, Don was intrigued by Connie, and

decided to hire her.

It wasn't long before Don started making moves on Connie. He'd pat her on the

fanny, or give her a quick grope when he could. One day, he asked her into his

office. He said that if she wanted to keep her job, that she'd have to sleep

with him. Connie burst out crying, and yelled, "Someone ought to cut you down to

size!" before bursting out of the office. Well, it's her loss, Don thought.

However, the next day, he received some flowers, with a note from Connie,

apologizing for her actions, and asking her to meet him at her apartment.

Don was excited, and watched the hours pass with agonizing slowness until his

rendezvous with Connie. He showed up at her apartment, and she let him in. He

looked around, and it was a nice place. He did notice what looked like a hamster

cage, but didn't see a hamster in it. "Do you have a pet?" he asked. "Not now,

but I hope to have one very soon", Connie said with a laugh. "Sit down, and

enjoy this Cuban cigar while I get into something more comfortable."

Don was surprised that Connie had been able to find a Cuban cigar, and knew that

he was in for a special night. He lit the cigar, and took several long puffs on

it. He began to feel a little light headed and woozy, but since he'd never had a

Cuban cigar, he just thought that he just wasn't used to it. He finished the

cigar, but still felt a warm, tingling sensation all over his body.

Connie entered the room, wearing a flimsy negligee that left little to the

imagination. Don stood up, and Connie started kissing him. Don was getting

incredibly turned on by Connie, and started kissing and fondling Connie. Don's

body felt like it was on fire, and he was really getting turned on by feeling

Connie's body next to his.

After a few minutes, Don's clothing began to feel a little loose. He mentioned

it to Connie, who suggested that he just take his clothes off, so that they

could go to bed. When Don started getting undressed, he noticed little things,

like the fact that the legs of his pants were dragging on the floor, and that

his long sleeve shirt not only went to his wrist, but covered part of his hand,

too. Don thought that he was just imagining things, especially since Connie was

urging him to hurry up.

Connie was already in bed when Don went into the bedroom. He got in bed, and

picked up where he left off, going after Connie with a frenzy. He really enjoyed Free Games for Mac, Free Games for ipad and Free Games for Iphone, without in app purchases or something like that Free Browser Games

feeling her body next to his. Because of the difference in sizes, Connie was on

top, and Don thought she seemed to be getting heavier. Connie also began to

become more agressive in her lovemaking. Don's cock was hard as a rock, and he

eagerly started fucking her. He thought of himself as well endowed, but he felt

somewhat puny inside Connie. She really went after it, and he felt more like she

was fucking him, rather than the opposite. She also continued to feel heavier

and heavier. When he thought that he couldn't take any more, he finally shot his

load inside her.

Don sighed, and said, "Wow, that was incredible! I've got to take a break and go

to the bathroom." He started to get out of bed. He wondered how big the bed was,

since it seemed to be a long way to the floor. Even though it was dark in

Connie's apartment, Don did find his way to the bathroom, even though it seemed

to be a long way from the bedroom. As his eyes adjusted to the light in the

bathroom, he looked at the toilet. He could barely reach the rim of the toilet.

He was wondering why Connie would have such a large toilet, when he heard a

voice above him say, "I came in because I thought that you might need help." He

looked over, and was looking straight at Connie's belly button! He looked up and

up to see Connie towering over him. "What - what happened?" Don asked.

"You're totally clueless, you know it?", Connie said. "My dad is a research

scientist working on a formula for miniaturization. He's tested it on animals

with success, but I decided to test it on a human guinea pig - or at least a

human who will soon be the size of a guinea pig." Don shuddered at the idea of

getting so small. "I put some of the formula in your cigar. I hope that I didn't

give you too much of a dose. That's what really happened to John Randolph. I

gave him the shrinking formula, but I accidentally gave him too much. He just

shrank until he disappeared." While the previous idea of shrinking to the size

of a guinea pig was frightening, the idea of shrinking into nothingness truly

scared him. "I got the idea when I told you that someone ought to cut you down

to size. I wanted you to be the one who had to jump when I say jump. So jump!"

Don jumped as best he could, and Connie laughed.

Connie picked Don up and put him on the toilet, holding him so that he wouldn't

fall in. Don found it difficult to urinate under the circumstances, but finally

did. Connie picked him up and took him back into the bedroom. Connie laid Don on

the bed, and started licking him, and fondling him. Don could only sit back and

take it, even though he found himself secretly enjoying being dominated by

Connie. Soon, Connie picked up Don in her hand. He had kept his eyes closed most

of the time, and was surprised to see how small he was now.

"I have a surprise for you", Connie said. She began to lower Don toward her

genital area, and began to use Don like a dildo. She first moved him back and

forth inside her, and then pushed him inside her. She began to squeeze him, and

increased the speed and strength of her thrusts. Don felt like he was trapped

inside a cement mixer, being alternately tossed, turned, and squeezed in every

direction. Connie soon came, and Don weakly crawled out. Connie picked him up,

and said, "My, you are a little man now. Remember how I said that I didn't have

a pet, but would have one soon? Well, you're now going to be my little pet."

Connie carried Don over to the hamster cage, and dropped him in. "I hope that

you enjoy your new home. I have a feeling that we're going to have good times

together." Don shuddered, as he began his new life as Connie's pet.

Giantess Stories: CUT DOWN TO SIZE By Friar Tuck     Don enjoyed his job as a company vice president

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