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Daisha, My Big Prom Date

by Icedragon

Three weeks before the prom, I decided to finally ask someone out. Her name was

Daisha, and while a little plump, she had really big tits and deep, dark

cleavage. She was also known to put out quite alot. So, I mustered up all of my

courage and asked her to the prom. She stepped in close and whispered in my ear

"I was hoping you would ask me. You know, you are on my top ten

want-to-fuck-list." She then licked my ear and began walking away. I couldn't

help watching her extra helping of ass sway back and forth in those tight jeans

as she moved. I guess I wasn't going to have any problems getting laid that


The night of the prom, I picked her up from her parent's house. She had on a

low-cut purple dress that showed generous cleavage and a slit up her leg that

just showed the top of her stocking, attached to a garter belt. With her 5 inch

heels arching her back and sticking that big round ass out, I thought I was

going to get my world rocked tonight. How little I knew! She got in the car, and

set an oversized purse down on the floorboard.

I asked her "What's in the purse?" thinking that something big or a lot of

something little was in the purse.

"You will find out later, if you are lucky, sexy" was all she replied.

I thought to myself that I was excited at the thought of what was in that bag

almost as much as getting to fuck her. Ya know that warm feeling you get all

over, but you shiver anyway? The blatently being told that she is in no

uncertain terms she is going to fuck you feeling? Well, that feeling had been

commonplace everytime I saw her in the halls over the last three weeks, but now

it was seeming to hit me tenfold since she got in the car.

As we drove to the prom, she reached over and started stroking my cock through

my pants. I don't mean to brag, but once she got it hard and throbbing it was

halfway down my pant leg. I looked over at her and saw her mouth with those

pouty lips "oh my god".... but didn't make a sound. With her hand gently

squeezing my dick but not moving up or down, she leaned over and whispered in my

ear; "pull over, I want to get you warmed up for later"

With out a second thought I pulled over. She pulled back the left side of her

dress top and her massive tit popped out of its holster. Dear lord, It was way

more than two handfulls. To top it off, she had to have had aureole the size of

a baseball with nipples the size of marker caps. They were huge!

Daisha snatched up a handful of hair on the back of my head and pulled me to it.

Forcefully, she told me to "suck and drink", whatever that meant. I got the suck

part anyway and dutifully did my best job. after about ten seconds of sucking, a

warm, sweet liquid shot into my mouth. I tried to pull away, but she held me


"Keep drinking, don't you like it?"

As I thought about it, I felt better than I ever did in my previous 17 years of

life. So, I kept drinking. After only a few minutes, she moved me to the other

breast. A few more minutes, and it seems we both had our fill for the moment.

She pulled my head away and frenched me hard. Damn she had a long tongue!

Fifteen minutes of making out and we were on our way. My Dick was so hard and

throbbing, I felt like I was in junior high again.

"I don't think I can walk in like this, Daisha"

"Its alright honey, Just walk behind me into the gym, and I'll tame it for you

in the bathroom, k?"

Seemed like as good an idea as any to me at the time. I mean, blowjobs felt good

and all, but I never could cum from one. So, aside from fucking in the car (Ford

Probes don't have much of a backseat) this was my best bet to take the grand

march without everyone staring at my wood.

As we walked in, I follwed so close my jock was pressing into her ass crack. God

it felt so nice, warm, and soft. I was still amazed at how long this hard-on had

stayed.... could it have been the milk? Do I have some secret even to me

lactation fetish? that must be it I kept telling myself.

We made our way to the women's bathroom, which was surprisingly empty. Everyone

must be gathered waiting for the start of the grand march.

"We had better be quick, Daisha, or we will miss our march with all the other


"Don't worry about it sexy, you won't miss anything"

She pulled me into a stall and pressed me against a side wall, sticking her long

tongue down my throat and frantically trying to free my engorged prick. Jesus

she was strong, I almost felt like I was being raped, if you could rape the

willing that is.

Daisha finally got my dick free of my pants and pulled back long enough to see

it in all its glory before grabbing me by the waist and turning me UPSIDE DOWN

against the wall! I know I don't weigh a lot, but man that was a feat I doubted

anyone short of an all american football player could do.

Leaning into me to keep me in air, she pulled her dress up to reveal that

although she had stockings and a garter, there was nothing covering her moist,

hairy pussy. I could see why she had two garters on, the was trails where some

wetness escaped her muff and ran down her thigh, only to be caught by the

garters. Crafty, I thought to myself.

"EAT ME!" was all she said before grabbing me by the waist, supporting my weight

with just her arms, by the way, and deep throating an eleven inch dick.

Who was I to argue?

I buried my face in her jungle of love, past the cold wet perimeter of hair to

the warm, gooey center. I had barely licked three times when she stopped

sucking, shuddered, and nearly dropped me. She (probably for the best) turned me

upright again while she finished climaxing.

"How the hell did you lift me?"

"Less talk, more fucking" she said with a smirk.

She turned around, pulled her dress up and over her back until completely off

and there it was. A vision of beauty, two big, round ass cheeks that defied

gravity. There was no sagging, no dimpling, and it looked and felt even bigger

than it does in clothes.

Daisha reached between her legs and put my cockhead into her pussy opening, then

pressed all the way back, taking it all in and pinning me once again to the

stall wall. I was surprised in the least. No other girl could hope to take it

all in, even if they got past the fear of the sheer size of it. I've lost more

fucks that way than I can count.

Anyway, She began moving back and forth, driving the entire length out, then

back in. All out, then all back in. In no time at all she reached a feverish


"Come on, Motherfucker, Cum in me!"

Okay, two screwups at this point. A.) I didn't have a condom on. In this day and

age, You don't fuck without a condom. Period. B.) I did what she told me. I Blew

my load deep in her cunt and she just pressed me extremely hard into the wall.

The most amazing orgasm I have ever had! I just kept cumming and cumming, and it

was so intense my eyes were squinted shut. I thought I felt my feet leave the

ground and I thought that my hands, kept on the top of her ass, kept getting

higher. I still couldn't open my eyes no matter how hard I tried. The convulsing

in my penis while I came now was a full body contraction. I was now getting

afraid. When my socks fell off my feet and my arms couldn't reach through the

sleeves anymore, I knew I was in trouble. I snatched my eyes open, and was in

shock of what I saw! There was Daisha's big beautiful ass, Half way up my chest

and me halfway inside her ass crack. And her ass just kept getting bigger! Or

that is what I thought until I noticed I was sliding down the wall. It was me! I

was getting smaller! I finally stopped cumming as my entire upper body was

inside her ass crack, with my face pressed against her asshole and my dick still

rock hard inside her pussy.

She straightened up, Tilting me to a curved horizontal position resting between

her hairy muff and the tops of her thighs. She stretched, then bent back down

and fumbled around a bit. A white thong was pulled up, securing me in place (not

to mention pressing my still-hard dick deep inside her and my face just barely

into the opening of her asshole.)

A second garment went on, and everything went pitch black.

As I drifted in and out of consiousness, I noticed a few things. One, that all I

could smell was her asshole with a faint hint of pussy in the air. Second, the

heat! A woman must lose 90 percent of her body heat through her pussy, not her


I awoke just as she was fumbling around in her pussy for me. She grabbed me by

the waist and pulled me down, then finally up and to face her at eye level. She

was enormous! and I don't just mean the height factor. Her proportions were

different than when I picked her up earlier that evening. Her tits were twice as

big, Nipples and Aureole and everything, but now they were split apart, lying

along either side of what looked like a big pregnant tummy. You could see the

sides of her ass looking at her from the front, not to mention gigantic thighs

that seemed just in proportion to her tits and and ass. She also seemed to gain

just a little bit of weight all over.

"Bet you would like to know what happened to the two of us, wouldn't you?"

All I could manage was a slack-jawed nod.

"Before we get into that, why don't you take a good look down."

I did as she bade, and got the biggest shock of all. While the rest of me had

been shrunk to about 5 inches tall as best as I could estimate, My dick and

balls hadn't shrunk a millimeter.

"You see, there is a peculiar aspect of my breast milk. When ingested, it

modifies most of your body mass so that it can be transferred through your dick

and into my own body, and into all the right places as well. My tits, ass, and

thighs will be even more voluptuous once it finishes transferring from my cunt."

She put a hand on her tummy and jiggled it up and down a bit. "Heh heh, Say

goodbye to your life as you know it."

"Don't I get a say in this?" I asked her.

"Well, let me think about it...."

Daisha then stuck my upper body to my waist into her asshole and used me as a

dildo. There is nothing quite as humbling as having shit smeared all over your

body. She pulled me out, washed me in the sink with some damn cold water and

soap, and pulled me what seemed five stories into the air until I was eye to eye

with her.

"Still think you have a say, little fuck?"

I managed a meek "no"

"Well, now that you see how things work here, I am going to let you in on a

little secret. I have made you into a living dildo. You recieve nutrition

through pussy juices, so you better drink up while I use you to service me... Oh

yea, once I get tired of you and need to get myself a new one, you will probably

be either eaten or sold over the internet to some lucky, lonely woman. However,

11 inchers are hard to come by, so I wouldn't worry about being eaten. I can

probably get half a million for you, so don't make me do something I will

regret, like kill you. I really do want to keep you alive......"

to be continued?

Giantess Stories: Daisha

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