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Daisy's a Hazzard


It was like any other day in Hazzard County, in other words, mischief and

adventure were just around the corner. Boss Hog had heard a rumor about a secret

stash of moonshine somewhere, and he was aimin to get his hands on it. He knew

the moonshine would bring in the big bucks, so he spared no expense to hire

people to find it. However, Boss Hogs greed overcame him as always and he came

up with a less expensive way to locate the hidden moonshine.

"Rosco!!! Get yer lazy posterior in here!"

"Whats up Boss?" In walked Rosco with his goofy grin, wondering why Boss Hog had

called him this time.

"I want you to get a couple of our special associates together. Have them meet

Daisy Duke, and have them take her on a special date up to the old mines until

we get what we want."

"A special date Boss? Why are you actin as Cupid Boss?"

"No you idiot! I want Daisy Duke kidnapped until Uncle Jessie tells us where

that secret moonshine is. If anyone knows, it'd be him. Besides, if he doesnt

know where it is, Im sure he can get those varmints Bo and Luke to go and find

it for us...Hahahaha!"

Back at the Dukes farm, Uncle Jessie was having a friendly conversation with

Cooter. "You know, theres a rumor floatin around about a hidden moonshine stash

somewhere. The strange part is Im pretty sure its not my stash they're talkin


"Gee, you think its real?"

"I dont know, but if it is, I want to try and get a hold of it. If Boss Hog gets

his dirty hands on it Im sure hell use it is some troublemakin way. Thats why I

need for you to get the truck up and running again."

"Well, it should be ready by sunset."

Later that evening Daisy Duke was wandering around the farm looking to get the

chicken feed. Just as she was about to reach down for it, she felt a pair of

arms reach around her and carry her up in the air. Two big brutes were with her,

one looking around for trouble, the other keeping her from escaping. The brute

was way too strong for her to escape. "Just relax little lady, if we get what we

want, you wont get least, not too hurt..." She was unable to respond

because of the big brutes hand on her mouth. They dragged her off to their car

and drove off.

Minutes later that familiar orange car showed up at the farm. "Hey Luke, what's

that note say on the door?" Luke climbed out of the General Lee and headed to

the door.

"We have your the woman. If you want to see her alive, come up to the old mines

with the location of the hidden moonshine stash." Luke crumbled up the note and

banged his hand on the nearby gate. "This has the scent of a certain pig on it

if you know what I mean Bo." Bo nodded, since he was pretty sure Boss Hog was

behind it all. Just then Uncle Jesse arrived with Cooter in his truck.

After being filled in on the current events, Uncle Jesse decided to go along

with what the note asked, even though he was sure the moonshine he had stashed

away wasn't the one he was asking for.

"Why don't we give them a fake location, and then surprise them when they show

up?" asked Bo.

"It's too risky. It's not worth having Daisy get hurt over liquor. Sides, if it

isn't Boss Hog we're dealin with, it might not be so easy to trick whoever's

holdin her."

Bo and Luke agreed but still felt uneasy. Uncle Jesse handed them written

explanations on how to reach his secret stash.

Up at the old mines the thugs were trying to figure out which cave to wait by.

They noticed something shining in one of the caves, and decided that would be

the one.

The shining object turned out to be a piece of glass from a broken bottle.

Searching further they realized there were several crates filled with the

bottles of some sort.

"Hey Moe, ya thinks this is da moonshine stash?"

"No you idiot, why would Boss Hog send us to where the moonshine is, only to ask

for it!??" He smacked his partner and dragged Daisy into the cave. She was tied

up with an old rope so that the only part of her that could be seen was her all

too well known shorts, her great legs, and her beautiful face.

"Can't you boys have a little decency and get a girl a drink?" It was one of the

usual hot, dry days in Hazzard, and the ropes which were holding her weren't

helping any.

"Larry go find her a drink, I'm gonna keep a lookout to see if anyone's coming."

Larry nodded, but soon realized he had no idea where he could get her something

to drink.

"What are you doing just standing there, big boy? Aren't you gonna get me

somethin to wet my lips with?"

"Sorry, I don't know where I can get something..." Larry wasn't exactly the

brightest person in Hazzard, and that's saying a lot, since Rosco is a resident


"Look hon there's a bunch of bottles back there in those crates, why don't you

grab me one?" Larry smiled and soon came back with the bottle. After removing

the cork with a Swiss army knife, he noticed that it was indeed a moonshine


"Gee, I've never heard of a "ZZZ" brand..."

"Ah don't care what brand it is, just bring it to my mouth so ah can take a


Larry agreed and brought the bottle to her mouth and began to pour it. He

quickly became distracted when he noticed her cleavage in from her white blouse,

which was now being hugged by the rope around her. He kept on pouring the drink

into her mouth even though she gargled out complaints for him to stop. The

liquor was now pouring down her chin, sliding down slowly on her heavenly body.

Daisy felt a very strange tickling sensation throughout her body as the liquid

spread on top and within her. Larry finally noticed her struggling and pulled

the bottle from her mouth. As he did so he accidentally spilled some of the

moonshine on her tan curvy legs.

After a few moments of coughing Daisy looked up at the uncharismatic thug, "Are

you trying to drown me?"

"No, no uh..." He noticed how he had soaked her completely and decided to get a

rag to dry her off. He ran out of the cave and brought back a rag from the car

they had come in on.

Larry rushed over to her and began to wipe her legs. He noticed she was

fidgeting with the ropes. "Hey, any chance you might loosen these ropes a


Larry shook his head, "Sorry, I don't want to get in trouble."

Daisy nodded, "Well at least help me get my sandals off, they feel so very snug

for some strange reason." He agreed and slipped off both sandals. She sat on the

ground, and Larry went on with what he had originally planned. He took her foot

in his hand and began to wipe her luscious legs with his rag. As he began to

wipe her leg, he felt her foot get heavier in his hand. In fact, it not only

started to feel heavier, it felt bigger as well. He glanced up and noticed that

her shorts seemed even smaller on her. "Hon, these ropes are really getting

uncomforta..." The ropes started too look smaller on her as well, and her legs

were looking considerably longer. Now he could barely hold her foot in his hand.

The rope began to bulge out, specially around her chest. He let go of her foot,

and they both stood up. Before they entered the cave Daisy only came up to Everything about nails and manicure products Nails Trends

Larry's shoulder. Now however they were looking eye to eye.

"What's going on here..." asked Daisy, when suddenly she felt she couldn't

breathe because of the constricting rope.

"Moe is gonna kill me, but...just promise you won't run away?" Daisy nodded, and

he went up behind her and undid the knots on the rope. The ropes fell away, and

her now taller, even more attractive body was free to be seen. Half of her

beautiful cheeks could now be seen through her incredibly tight shorts. Her

blouse now fit her like a tank top. Slowly she filled out her clothes further,

and more of her beautiful firm bottom spilled out of her shorts. Soon they

reached their limit, and burst what little remained of her open seams. She

turned around to face him, and was now looking down slightly at his eyes. She

was at least a couple inches taller than him, making her somewhere around 6'2"

or 6'3." Her cleavage began to tear open the front "v" of her blouse wider, as

her large breasts enveloped more and more space in her decreasing shirt. Her

nipples looked larger and larger under her shirt as they expanded with the rest

of her bosom. Daisy's body continued to expand, and what little remained of her

well known shorts were shredded as her cheeks bulged out more, as well as her

waist. She was now standing there with a shirt that left nothing to the

imagination in terms of her breasts, and panties that looked like they would go

any second. And after a bit more growth, a tear formed down the middle revealing

her womanhood in its entirety, and the panties fell from her body as well. Daisy

now had a euphoric feeling overcome powerful a feeling she did not care

that she was half naked. Her breasts now overcame the tiny shirt completely, and

after a couple shredding sounds escaped her blouse, it too was no more, and the

newly formed amazon Daisy Duke remained standing there, completely naked. Daisy

glanced down and frowned a bit realizing that she had stopped growing. She put

her foot next to her sandal. They looked like a child's shoe next to her much

larger feet.

All along Larry just stood there like a dope, his eyes focused on Daisy's

incredible body.

"Mmm just when I was starting to like that feeling, it had to end...I wonder

how..." Daisy looked back to the ground and saw the moonshine bottle laying

there. "Hmmm..." Daisy ducked down to pick up the bottle and Larry was in awe as

he looked down at her breasts while Daisy ducked down for the bottle. Daisy was

huge now! She looked down at Larry who was now about a foot shorter than her.

"Think this is what did it? Only one way to find out..." Daisy brought the

bottle to her mouth and began to chug. After gulping down half the bottle she

poured the remaining half on her bare body. The moonshine slipped down every

curve and indentation of her body. She began to feel the strange tickling

sensation throughout her body again. She felt that same sensation inside her, at

the same time her feet felt as though the were rubbing against the granite

ground... Slowly Daisy's body started to rise higher, her breasts growing fuller

as well as her bottom...she giggled as she noticed Larry only came up to her

nipples...then her belly button...and her womanhood... "My aren't you the tiny

thug now."

Larry looked up at Daisy's tremendous new body. He enjoyed looking at her but

was also worried about what Moe would say. "I don't think Moe is gonna be happy

about this..."

Daisy gave Larry a stern look, then smiled. "Look sugah I'm a big gal so I can

take care of myself, but maybe I can stand to be a tad bigger ta prove it."

Daisy looked at the crates of moonshine, and decided to investigate further. She

reached for the closest crate and pulled it open easily. The bottle looked so

small in her hand, and it was a struggled to get it open. Daisy decided to go

for a faster way of opening it. She smashed the top off of the bottle, making

sure the glass remained on the wall rather than falling inside the moonshine

miracle. Daisy quickly poured it on her mouth and face. The liquid trickled down

to her now large breasts, and continued to roll down her entire frame. She

continued busting bottles open, then pouring the contents in her mouth and on

her incredible body.

She stopped after several bottles as she felt the tingle return ten-fold. Her

breasts instantly seemed swell, her body began lengthening once more, and the

cave started to look more and more cramp to her. She looked up and suddenly the

ceiling of the cave was on her face. Daisy was quick to get on her hands and

knees, but even then she still continued to grow. She started to crawl out of

the cave, but her body was now starting to hug the sides of the granite

enclosure. Larry was still mesmerized by the whole situation. He watched as the

now crawling Daisy reached the top of the cave once again, this time it was her

back and bottom pressing up against it. Daisy smiled, the moonshine obviously

affecting her mind so that she did not even begin to think about the oddity of

her situation.

Outside, Moe was walking around the cave openings when he saw the General Lee

approaching, fast. Moe started running for the cave entrance, but stopped as he

caught site of Larry running out, and then the biggest hand and arm he had seen

in his entire life reaching for Larry..."What in tarnatinons is tha...?!?!" He

didn't want to stop to find out. He moved as fast as he could to the car to make

a quick getaway. He didn't even wait for Larry. A quick start-up and Moe was on

his way. In the background Moe could hear what sounded like huge thumps against

the ground. He ignored it and continued driving as fast as he could. He was sure

he'd get away when suddenly the General Lee spinned out in front of him to cut

him off. A quick U-turn from Moe allowed him to escape, and he was soon on his

way back in the direction of the cave, Bo and Luke approaching close behind him.

Moe's was speeding away, looking back every once in a while to see if he had

lost Bo and Luke, and that was a big mistake. Had he been paying more attention

to the road, and less to the General Lee he would have seen the largest foot in

all of Hazzard set down on the road in front of him. It was too late for him to

stop, and his car smashed into Daisy's wall of a foot. Bo and Luke where shocked

by what they saw but had to think fast to avoid Moe's smashed car. Just their

luck, there was a small ramp on the side of the road, left behind from some old

road repair work. They made a move for it, and the General Lee soon leaped up in

the air, up over Moe's trashed car and Daisy's enormous foot. The familiar honk

of the horn, and they landed safe on the other side of Daisy's foot. They spun

around and stopped, only to look at their drastically changed cousin. They

couldn't believe it, Daisy was awesomely gigantic. So huge that she was holding

an entire man in her hand.

Daisy looked down and laughed. She smiled at Larry who wasn't even trying to

struggle while in her grasp. "SO BOYS, THINK BOSS HOG MIGHT GIVE ME A RAISE



Giantess Stories: Daisy

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