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By Scott Grildrig

02-Jan-2000Disclaimer: Hey, welcome to the new Millennium… It's time to celebrate the

beginning of the next thousand years. Folks over eighteen may opt to do so by

reading this story. Folks younger than eighteen may not opt so…and don't think I

don't know if you do opt to opt when you oughtn't…

The ship landed with a roaring splash of fire, its wide landing pads sinking

heavily into the soft ground. White vapors wafted into the blue sky, hissing

noisily as the vessel creaked and settled. A bright red line drew itself upon

the hull of the ship and resolved into the shape of a slowly opening hatch,

which dropped forward into a sloping ramp. A long moment passed. There was an

ominous thump, and an electric blue ball appeared in the opening and rolled down

the ramp, coming to a halt as it sank into the dirt at the bottom.

A dark, curly haired head poked out of the hatch and glanced around. Sunny

spotted the ball and gave an exasperated growl, then traipsed out the ship.

Everything about her bounced, her hair, her breasts, her entire body, as she

skipped down the ramp. Her denim shorts clung seductively to her hips, her

generous bosom strained at the fabric of her beige blouse, threatening to spill

from the ultra low cut in the front. She paused to flick something from her

white socks and to retie the laces on her left shoe, then she scooped up the

blue ball and looked at the place where she had landed. Her blue eyes took in

the crowded buildings, the twisting roads, the myriad tiny things filling this

hated place. She was glad they had used the Sportisizierâ„¢ on this world, the

puny inhabitants deserved no better for their atrocious crimes. When would

people learn that you just can't broadcast Howard Cosell to an unsuspecting

galaxy? She spoke a word of command. Another hatch opened in the side of the

ship, and with a subsonic rumble the Machine trundled forth, hovering over the

ground. It turned on ponderously, and headed towards the buildings.

Sunny followed after the Machine, carrying her ball on her shoulder, her feet

carelessly stepping on suburban homes, leaving a trail of crushed wood and

masonry in her wake. Cars with stunned drivers flattened noisily under her

heels, and the rayed splotches on the roads and lawns marked out the people too

slow to escape from her strutting stride.


Doug leaned against the window and stared. The view from the seventy-seventh

floor of the Lincoln Building was appallingly clear, as the colossal spaceship

dropped from the heavens. His stomach knotted at the sight of the enemy vessel.

He cringed at the rolling, electric blue ball, thinking that it was a bomb. But

the appearance of the scantily clad giantess warned him that they wouldn't be

getting off that easily. He felt suspended in a surreal dream as the gigantic

woman approached the city, strolling beside a machine of mind boggling

proportions. It was long, most of its length consisting of incredibly long

wires, three on the left and three on the right, with red disks at the farthest

end, affixed to the inner sides of the device. The nearer end was even more

bizarre, a towering conglomeration of hoops and rods attached to an assembly of

shimmering gears and levers. Doug shook his head and closed his eyes. His heart

raced in his chest. For a moment he convinced himself that none of this was

happening, none of this was real. But upon reopening his eyes it was all there:

the spaceship, the machine, the towering woman.

The giantess spoke a word of command, and the window glass vibrated against Doug

with the power of her voice. He licked his lips nervously. She was a few miles

away, and he knew he wasn't safe here, but it was impossible to stop watching

the unfolding tableau.

The machine slowly came to a halt. The was an ominous thud as the device

prepared itself. Lights lit, hoops moved, the disks flickered and glowed redly.

The giantess smirked with satisfaction and moved. Doug swore under his breath…


Sunny looked down at the helpless city before her and lightly bit her lower lip.

It was time to savor the sweet taste of revenge. Time to have her revenge for

all those hours sitting stunned in her chair, monitoring the shows from this

planet. Lifting the ball she glanced down the lane formed by the two ranks of

wires and sized up her target. Moving fluidly she took three step, trodding upon

a school as her right arm reached high behind her and swept forward. The

electric blue ball hit the ground with a ponderous whump, and rolled directly at

the buildings before her…


Doug's jaw hung open as the titanic ball hit the wires on the left, about

halfway down the huge machine, and stopped dead in its tracks. The giantess'

face showed disappointment as the ball levitated and returned to her. She waited

as the machine whirred and ground, the hoops closing gently around the

buildings, lifting with irresistible force, ripping them from their foundations.

They hung suspended for a long moment, chairs, tables, papers and tiny people

cascading from their bottom-most floors. Then, with a loud crunch, the machine

set them back down, the hoops lifting out of the way. The giantess lifted her

bright blue ball, wiggled her hips, and set the destructive orb rolling again.

Tiny homes were flattened by the passage of the ball. Cars became bright

metallic smears on the shattered tarmac. A bus turned thin as a stick of gum,

edged with the soupy remains of its passengers. The massive ball lumbered on,

slammed into the leftmost three buildings, shearing through the first twenty

stories as if they were made of rice cakes. Stone blasted into dust plumes of

raining debris. Shattered glass arced high, glittering in the light as it too

descended. The giantess clapped her hands and bounced happily while she waited

for her ball to come back to her…


It wasn't how she had pictured it. Sunny's visions of her perfect game melted

away as she tossed her third ball straight into the right gutter wire. Her

pent-up yearning for vengeance suffered another blow as the ball slipped from

her grip on her fourth throw, the blue globe flying backwards, slamming with

moist crunching sounds into a crowd of people who had gathered to watch the

rather inept show of athletic skill. Sunny fetched her ball, pausing to rudely

grind the tiny men and women into paste under her bowling shoes. Returning to

her game she slipped her fingers into the holes, only to discover that some of

the little people were in there. Pursing her lips she slowly pressed her fingers

in deep, feeling the minuscule bodies burst and pop, hot gore oozing thickly

from the holes – that would teach the bastards to interfere with her game.

Unfortunately, the slick mess caused her to drop the ball again, and it creeped

along at about five miles an hour and bounced off the foremost skyscraper.

Sunny tapped one foot impatiently as the ball returned. This wasn't at all

turning out the way she wanted. Hefting the ball she danced forward with her

fifth shot, and was rewarded by a rending crash, as the ball blasted into the

head building, ripping through it with satisfying savagery, the other

skyscrapers toppling and falling in a rolling gray cloud, leaving only one of

the structures standing. She polished her fingernails on her right breast as the

ball rolled back. That was more like it. The delicious sense of power, the joy

of revenge. Thinking of the terror of the tiny people, as her ball bore down

upon them like a blue juggernaut, their puny lives snuffed out as it careened

through their proud buildings.

Lining up her shot, she fired the ball at the remaining building. The rolling

globe nudged it, tearing away the facade. The building rocked, teetered,

wavered. Sunny clenched her teeth and leaned to the left, straining, urging it

to fall. It leaned, hung on the verge of falling, and she began stomping her

feet, bouncing up and down more and more vigorously, her fists clenched as she

made every other skyscraper in the city rock with the pounding violence of her

jumping. It was no use, the building came to a standstill. She stared at it,

then squinted. On top of the tiny building there was a tiny man. As she looked

closer she saw him give her the finger…


"Bill, you're an asshole, but I gotta admit, you have balls," murmured Doug. He

could tell it was the marketing executive for Ucuph Automotive from the neon

plaid suit that he was wearing. Doug watched as Bill dropped his pants and

mooned the giantess. You could tell from her expression that she was getting

pissed. You could tell from her game that getting pissed wasn't helping. She was

hurling the ball into the gutter time and time again now or crossing the foul Frases de Motivación

line, flinching as the machine buzzed loudly. Her body visibly tensed with

building rage, the frustration growing on her lovely face. Doug watched as she

glanced to one side. He couldn't see from that angle, but her voice reached him

as she told off some tiny people in the streets beside her. Reaching out with

both hands, she dropped the electric blue bowling ball on them, whoever they

were. Picking it up, he could see something dripping from it, and realized that

she had just crushed a large group of people.

She lifted the ball, eyeing Bill, who was blowing raspberries at her. She paused

as she noticed the blood on her bowling ball. She grinned wickedly, and parting

her lips she swept her tongue up the side of the ball, slowly, sensuously

licking it clean. It had the desired effect. Bill stopped dead in his cavorting.

Unfortunately, like the after first time the ball slammed through a crowd, there

was some slippage, only this time she dropped the ball on her foot…


Sunny used her bowling ball to accept the surrender of the tiny military men and

their puny army. It splattered in a most gratifying way, but it wasn't enough to

assuage the growing anger she was feeling at the puny asshole who dared to moon

her. She lifted the ball, eyeing him over it. The scent of blood filled her

nostrils, and she hesitated, then grinned. The ball was cool against her tongue,

but the blood was hot and salty. It tasted good. She felt an electric tingle in

her nipples and pussy. She was going to smear that tiny man on her bowling ball,

and then she was going to lap up his remains.

She moved with grace and power…and dropped the ball on her toe…

Sunny shrieked with rage, reaching down she hefted the ball and hurled it. It

arrowed wide of the tiny buildings, bouncing into the river, and rolled out of

sight. For a stunned moment she stared at when it had gone. Then she heard

it…faint, but discernible, coming from the tiny man: ha ha

Enough was enough…


Doug shook his head. That was always Bill's number one problem: remembering when

to stop. He watched as the giantess sprang forward, hurling herself into the

buildings. Snatching up luckless Bill in her right hand she growled deeply, then

bobbled and lost him as he fell between her titanic breasts. You could see in

her face that she wasn't going to let this stop her. Cupping her tits in her

hands, she slowly began to grind them together, rolling them inside of her tight

blouse. Doug mopped his brow as he saw her nipples rise and strain against the

material. A little spurt of crimson announced the squishy end of Bill, and the

giantess massaged his messy remains into her warm flesh with her fingertips.

That was just the beginning, though, as she purred and undulated. She spoke a

command, and the machine lifted away from her, higher and higher, until it

cleared her. She ignored it as it turned and floated back to the ship. Her

attention was on the buildings around her. Stone and steel bent aside as she

peeled open some of the buildings, lifting out fingerfuls of little screaming

people, tugging open her shorts and dropping them inside. She looked down at

them, nestled against her pussy, and Doug trembled as she spoke in a low, husky

voice, blowing her tiny playmates a kiss, then letting the denim snap back

against her tummy. She rubbed her ass against the ground, her hips rolling, her

eyes half-lidded as she used the tiny people for her pleasure. Tugging on the

shorts, she slowly pulled them tighter against her sex, the bulging of her

nether lips showing through the material. Doug could just make out the tiny

people wriggling frantically, but it didn't last long. The giantess groaned, and

moist spots appeared on the denim, each one spreading from one of the puny

little bodies. She fingered herself through the fabric, then she began to peel

it off, stripping naked in a rush of hedonistic anticipation…


Sunny decided that revenge was a dish best served warm and sticky, as she felt

the tiny people burst and break against her hot pussy lips, the warm wetness of

their crushed little bodies pooling around her clit, driving her crazy. She

wanted them all, and she pulled at her shorts, yanking them down her legs,

pulling them off and tossing them away. She ripped her blouse off, revealing her

gigantic breasts, kneading them with her fingers. Two kicks sent her bowling

shoes flying. She tugged her socks off and pulled them down a pair of

skyscrapers, as though they were white cotton condoms. Then, naked and horny,

she began to fuck the insignificant little people. Crawling on all fours,

deliberately using her tits to slam buildings into rubble, her pussy wet with

lust, her body glowing with hunger. She drove the people from the skyscrapers,

sent them howling into the streets. Then she began to play, dragging her fingers

though the fleeing crowds, leaving trails of splattered and exploded bodies.

Lifting some between her thighs, she licked her lips as she fed them to her cunt,

her hips wiggling as she savored their minuscule struggles. Leaning down, Sunny

dragged her chest over the crowds, her tits effortlessly caving in the lines of

buildings, her hard nipples grinding over the packed crowds, plowing through

them, crushing them into paste.

She grinned fiercely, tossed her hair back and lowered her head down, running

her tongue up the street, leaving a dark stain on the tarmac, but no people. Her

tongue danced in her mouth, savored the taste of terror, which became salty and

metallic as she slowly chewed, mercilessly crunching the little men and women

between her teeth. She swallowed and licked her lips. This was more like it. Her

naked body sang with delight as she used it to smash and crush, rolling across

the city, feeling the buildings shattering against her warm flesh. She only

paused to spread her thighs and press more hapless little people between her

pussy lips, filling herself with a squirming, struggling mass of humanity. Her

juices coating them, drowning them, her clit throbbing with delight as she

tensed her muscles, squeezed them cruelly.

She demolished the city with her sexy games, all but one building. She only

spared it because she was too close to orgasming to care. She cupped a handful

of people to her right breast, looking down, watching as her nipple slammed

through their insignificant little bodies. Finger fucking herself she felt the

tiny people jerking and kicking, punching and struggling, trying to fend off the

insatiable power of her sex. It was too much, and with a scream that shattered

every window in that last skyscraper, Sunny came. Her hand closed on her tit,

and tiny bodies squirted between her fingers. Her gigantic cunt tightened with

unstoppable glee, and the tiny men and women were crushed and smeared within

her, their bodies popping against her flesh like little beads of pleasure,

slurping wetly as her finger pumped in and out, stirring them into her sweet

juices. Her mind blanked out with the power of her own cum, and she dropped down

atop the rubble of the city…


Doug sat in the middle of the room, the wind rustling his hair, his eyes fixed

on the titanic pussy spread before him. The giantess' finger lolling

absently-mindedly in the gooey mess, the mingling of her juices and her victims,

smearing it playfully over her gigantic clit…

Doug stared and stared. An hour passed, and the giantess roused, rising to her

feet. The floor trembled and bounced beneath him as she returned to her ship.

Night fell. Doug stared…


The ship landed with noise and fury, rocking the world with its weight. The

red-limned hatchway opened into a ramp, and an impossibly gigantic woman

sauntered down it, shouldering an electric blue bowling ball . She looked down

at a new city, one with intact buildings, millions of delightful little play

toys. Her bare feet stepped on little homes with impish impunity, as she

strutted naked to the verges of the tiny city. Sunny licked her lips, and tossed

the bowling ball into the middle of the packed skyscrapers, then she sauntered

after it, her breasts swaying heavily, her hips swaying saucily, her cunt

dripping with anticipation as she began to crush and squish, smash and crunch

the tiny city and it's puny people…


On the far side of the city Doug sat in a lounge chair on the roof of the

Randall Tower, munching popcorn. He checked his flight itinerary as the shrill

screams wafted in faintly from where the giantess was slowly grinding her hips

against a skyscraper. Reaching to his side he waved a little red and white

pennant and cheered as he watched his favorite sport.

Now, if only Cosell was here to do the commentary…



Giantess Stories: DARK ALLEYS By Scott Grildrig 02

02-Jan-2000Disclaimer: Hey, welcome to the new Millennium… It's time to celebrate the By Scott Grildrig By Scott Grildrig DARK ALLEYS DARK ALLEYS



Giantess Stories: DARK ALLEYS By Scott Grildrig 02

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