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Dawn, Go Away (I'm Too Small for You)

By Poco

Dawn and I worked for the same company, in different departments. I was

enchanted with her from the first, but I mentally beat down feelings that seemed

to rise up from the thoracic region. The feelings that made it to my lips passed

for a pleasant smile, and Dawn always smiled back.

I mustn't even try to initiate a workplace romance. Nothing good ever comes of

those, and the one time it happened to me before, it led to an awful,

short-lived marriage.

I've been single for 10 years now, and that short of thing shan't happen again.

But Dawn seemed to find ways to meet me in the hallways, looking up at me,

smiling and saying something nice. She had to look way up; she was a petite

thing, maybe 4 foot 11, while I was a towering 6 foot 7. No matter what her lips

were saying, her eyes always seemed to say: "take me home with you, and let's

enjoy one another as only we can."

I wanted to take her home, but desire was still wrestling with uneasiness.

"Dawn," I said at the end of our third restaurant dinner, "I believe I'm falling

in love with you."

She looked up at me with that face that had been making my insides get all mushy

for weeks.

She winked. "I know."

I was starting to be amused by this tiny little lady. I reached for her hand,

which was utterly lost in a bear-paw like mine.

"You sure about that, little one?"

She laughed. "'Little one' is a strange thing for you to say, given what happens

to you after midnight."

She knew. How could she possibly know? "Dawn, I don't know what you're talking


She smiled again, looking around to see if anyone occupied nearby tables. No one

did; it was late.

"I'm Zandora's cousin. She told me about you."

There it was. A few months ago, I went in lonely hopelessness to Zandora, a

Gypsy woman, who gave me a potion "guaranteed" to attract a woman who would be

as enamored of me as I was of her.

Dawn's eyes held mine transfixed. "You'd better take me back to your place now,

because you soon won't be able to."

"You know it all?"

"I know it all. And I'll help you, if you'll let me. You'll be needing a friend

in an hour or so, won't you?"

I looked down into those shining brown eyes, that angelic face, and slowly

released the almost doll-size hand I had cradled in mine. She urged me on.

"The check is paid, big guy. Let's go."

Dawn had heard my "little secret" from Zandora some time ago. Seems the Gypsy

woman I went to for help with my love life had other things in mind. Her "love

potion" was designed to bring us together eventually, but the side-effect caused

me to shrink from six feet, six inches to about 4 and 1/2 inches on the

weekends. This, Zandora reasoned, would keep me out of the "meet market," and

cause me to focus my eyes on little Dawn. Well, it worked.

We were back at my home for only a few minutes, enough time for a nightcap, when

it began.

"Dawn, my clothes are getting looser. Maybe you should go."

"Not a chance. First, I want to see my cousin Zandora's whole effect. Second, in

an hour or so, you're going to need a friend. It wasn't too pleasant these past

few weekends, was it?

"Not really. The phone would ring like the bells at Notre Dame, and I couldn't

even answer it."

"This time, I'll take care of you, OK?"

It was very much OK. I pulled Dawn closer. She wasn't quite the Munchkin this


"I liked your feel before, but I like this even better. Let me snuggle up to

you, while that's still possible."

I must have fallen asleep for a few minutes. That was enough for me to fit into

Dawn's arms like a 2-year old.

"Last chance to steal a kiss from me! You'll be too small in a few more


Standing on Dawn's lap, I managed to stretch myself to receive the most

passionate kiss I had ever imagined. While she held that incredible kiss, I

shrank three more inches.

I was still reeling from it all, when Dawn suddenly set me down on the sofa and

strode into the kitchen. She returned a few minutes (and a few inches) later

with two glasses, one her size, one my size. The smaller one she presented to me

in her fingertips.

"What's this?"

"It's a Manhattan. I mixed a couple and poured a small amount for you."

"Dawn, where'd you find a glass my size?"

"Look closer. It's a shot glass. You're about 19 inches tall now, and if you're

still thirsty later, I'll have to find a thimble," she giggled.

"It's delicious. Thanks for taking care of me, Dawn."

By the time I finished the drink, Dawn could pick me up in one hand. "Hope the

alcohol shrinks with you, little one. Otherwise you'll be one drunken little


I was fine, but, of course, a bit smaller. "Dawn, will you really take care of

me, no matter how small I get? As near as I can figure, I get as small as 4 1/2


"'Course I will, squirt! Remember, in the big world, I'm a tiny woman. It's

frustrating sometimes, when others treat me as a child, simply because I'm

smaller than most adults. Even women do this. You did, too, patting me on the

top of the head as if I were a plaything for your amusement. Well, now you're a

plaything for MY amusement, and I will play with you all weekend!"

"Dawn, come Monday morning, I'll grow back to normal size, and you'll be a

little kitten in my arms again."

"I don't think so!" she laughed. "In a few more minutes, you'll be pocket-size,

and that's where I'll put you. You see, in your drink was something else from

Zandora. Once I had my eye on you, she gave me another potion, one that will

keep you tiny forevermore!"

"You mean, I'll never be....."

"Never ever. You wanted me from the first, and I wanted you. When Zandora was

helping you, she was really helping me. Now we will have one another, but on my

terms, not yours. Don't worry, little one. I've been tiny for all my life, but

now you'll be tiny for the rest of yours, cared for by me. You WILL be nice to

me, won't you?"

Now I'm 4-1/2 inches tall. Little Dawn is now Dawn the Goddess. She takes good

care of me. I was given a 3-foot pencil stub and scraps of paper, on which to

write reasons I'm so lucky that Dawn will pick me up and hold me occasionally.

Sometimes, when she's dissatisfied with my writing, she squeezes me. But not too

hard, and I recover, and try all the harder to please Dawn.

My lesson was learned too late. A woman who is childlike in size, is still a

woman in thoughts and feelings. Men who don't treat them with the respect they

deserve are small men indeed. My stature now matches my past behavior. Maybe

someday, Dawn will give me a second chance.


Giantess Stories: Dawn

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