Giantess Stories: DEAREST FEAR by Eraxel      It happened a long time ago

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by Eraxel

It happened a long time ago, when I was about six or seven years old. My weird

older stepsister, who was fifteen by then, always picked on me, making fun of my

size and mocking me for being so short. Indeed, my head barely reached up to her

upper thigh, but when I said that I was much younger than her and still growing,

she would just laugh and tell me that she had magical powers and that if I don't

behave, she would make me even smaller. At that age, I was easily scared and

believed her, of course.

I also did not know much about girls at that time. She took advantage of that in

her very own special way. One day, she walked into my room, having just stepped

out of the shower and wearing nothing but a towel, muttering some excuse about

having to see if the window is closed or something like that. As she reached for

the handle, her towel which she must have had slung around her body sloppily by

purpose, fell off. "Whoops", she turned around, grinning. Slowly she reached for

the towel, not missing my eyes stuck to her crotch. Up to that day, I had never

seen a girl naked, and was quite shocked, as you can imagine.

"You see, shrimp", she giggled, while pointing at her vulva, "this is what we

women have...not some little worm between our legs like you do. And this is

where I put little boys who don't listen to their older sisters! In they go!"

And as I watched how easily her finger disappeared inside this strange and

dangerous looking cavern, I once again had no doubt that she was speaking the

truth. Yet, I couldn't conceal before myself that within my fright, there was a

strange fascination for what she described. Somehow I was scared and attracted

at the same time...

Another incident followed shortly after. It was summer, and she had been running

through the house for a while, looking for something she couldn't find. A little

lost and with nothing to do, I stood just there, and of course got in her way

quite often. Finally she couldn't take it anymore and stood before me rather

menacingly. Craning my neck, my head not far from the top of her skirt, I looked

up at her, expecting yet another load of mockery. Instead, she just whispered:

"I told you what happens if you don't behave...! In you go!" and giggling, she

slowly began to lift up her skirt in front of my frightened face. I was in

complete fear, and turned around running off. In panic, I stormed out of the

front door, being followed closely by my stepsister who yelled something about

me being a stupid brat and that I should stop. I didn't listen to her, and in my

state of utter confusion ran over the street, barely missed by the cars that

honked wildly at me. I had just reached the other side of the street, then all I

remember is a disturbing screech of brakes, and a hard beating noise.

My stepsister didn't make it. My father and his wife just kept looking strangely

at me sometimes throughout the years that followed.....


Today, I'm a young man of 26 years. As you might have guessed, my childhood did

not exactly help me in getting aquainted with the other sex, and yes, I'm still

a virgin. I haven't seen any naked girls ever since, as well, not that I had

wanted that too much.

But...I got to know a really great young woman. She's tall - almost a head

taller than me. But that's not too difficult, I'm just 5'5. Anyway, we both had

a good time in the last weeks, listening to music, going to the cinema and

having dinner.

And now is the moment...

She's lying on her bed, wearing nothing but a bra and panties. I'm completely

naked. Smiling at me, she motions at me to come to her. I gladly follow the

request and we both hug each other, kissing and stroking each other, while she

disposes of her underwear. Then she slowly takes my head into her hands and

gently, but firmly pushes it downwards...and to my horror, I'm face to face with

her vulva...pulsating, alive...hungry for me....

"In you go..." I hear, and I look up in utter disbelief. She grins dreamily but

also in a wicked way...and I feel myself shrinking. Becoming smaller and

smaller, until I am small enough for her vagina to lurch out and swallow me


In the darkness I kick and scream, until something hits me hard, perhaps her

finger, and I faint...feeling the slick, warm walls pulling me deeper and deeper

within them...


...I wake up in a strange, dark world. It is warm, cozy...I feel safe. And the

soft walls gently bounce me back when I hit them, running around in the womb of

my girl friend.

There are other people here sometimes...I'm not the first and not the last one

she swallowed, it seems. For one strange reason, I keep staying, while those

other people disappear after a while, only to return some time later. They also

wear strange clothes...funny, white coats. Worst of all, they don't seem to know

that they have been drawn into a woman's womb. When I tell them, they just smile

or ask me some strange questions, before they leave. A few days ago, with the

help of these strange people, I remembered a bit of what happened immediately

after I got swallowed by her...I regained consciousness while being drawn into

the womb. As I woke up for a short time, I heard voices, as if they were far


"Maria...! What the hell happened? Where's your boyfriend?"

"Oh, that creepy jerk! He suddenly tried to rape me or something, mashing his

head into my pussy as if he was going to crawl in there! I hit him on the head

with the phone and ran out, now he's hiding somewhere under the covers. I tell

you, he's completely nuts!"

She lied to her friend, and I couldn't do anything about it. She trapped me

inside her, and I'm hers to keep. But it never gets boring in here, and I have

to admit - it's what I've always wanted.


"Georgy Porgy" is a short story written by Roald Dahl. To say it had inspired me

to write this one would be a large understatement. - Eraxel

Giantess Stories: DEAREST FEAR by Eraxel      It happened a long time ago

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