Giantess Stories: Death and Rebirth

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Death and Rebirth




Act One: Death

Chapter One:

Introduction to Chaos


            Death, the ultimate fear, the only thing people

hate yet do not understand. Since the beginning of time we have fought to

understand death and why it happens. Some things we are just not meant to

understand. This, my story, my life, is not for to be understood, It is just to

be known that it happened and I James Swenson happened, and that I had a

history, a family, and a dream.


            I lived in the Minneapolis, St. Paul area for

most of my life. It was one of triad cities for graphics design. You have New

York, Los Angeles and Minneapolis/St. Paul. I never really was a great Graphic

Artist but a fair one. I did my job, I worked hard and I went home. There was

honor in that. My dad raised me right before he died. I remember I was eleven

years old when he died of cancer. The last time I saw him he told me that there

is no disgrace is going to work, working hard and going home. Even if you never

make your millions there is honor in doing your best. I guess that stuck with me

as I got older. When I was younger my dad was just my dad but as I got older I

grew to respect him more and more even if he wasn't around. He worked hard at a

job he didn't like just to support mom and I. But, there's no use living in the

past I guess.


            I had graduated high school and went to college

at University of Southern California for Computer Graphics. I was the first

person in my family to ever attend college let alone graduate. It was a proud

day for my mom. So when I was offered a job in Minneapolis/ St. Paul where I

grew up I immediately scooped that job up right away. The chance to be close to

my family was too good to pass up. So I packed up my bags and moved back to the

twin cities. I got an apartment near the University of Minnesota. (GO GOPHERS)


            That was about 5 years ago. I have settled into

my job and my life. I am not an out going guy. It's just not my personality. I

am a shy quiet guy. I get through life by blending in and not making waves. It

is a safe way to go through life. It got me a decent apartment, a good job, and

a lot of money in the bank. Why complain about what works I say.


            Over the past 3 or 4 months I had developed a

cough. It started out as a just a small cough, but it grew into a painful one. I

had gone to the doctors several times but they seemed to say the same thing.

Take this and see me next week if it doesn't get better. Weeks turned into

months and now each cough felt like it was ripping my body apart. I was only

going into work a couple times a week now and my savings was taking a hit. I was

beginning to get ulcers from the stress of the situation. When I went to bed

that night I felt worse then I ever had before. I got up and went to my medicine

cabinet and took a double dose of pain killers hoping that I would at least feel

a little better in the morning.


            I awoke at what I thought was the next day but

as I looked around I was completely dumbfounded. I could see my breath inside my

apartment. It was so cold. Being the dead of winter you are never without your

heater on in Minnesota. The second thing I noticed as I stood up shivering with

my teeth clattering is that all my stuff is gone. I circled around and around

blinking again and again hoping that this was just some kind of mistake or a

dream. I began to take deep breaths trying to calm myself. I tried to think

rationally. It was then I realized something else was very much out of whack.

Either my senses and depth perception are completely array or else my apartment

grew over night. The bare white walls extended up infinitely like the expansive

blue sky. I turned around and couldn't see the other side of the room. My low

shag carpeting was up to my armpits. This is when panic set in. I took off

running not knowing what else to do. I just ran for the longest time. I always

thought clearer and felt better after a nice long run.


            A good two hours later I had made it into the

hallway. I noticed a newspaper lying on the floor next to frame of my door. I

began to walk over towards the newspaper huffing and puffing a little. I climbed

onto the newspaper while wiping the sweat from my face I began to read what I

could of the headline on the page. 


            The words on the page looked massive. I had to

look at each letter independently and then put them together. I found myself

looking at the obituaries. As I looked down the slope of the page I saw my name Ejercicios para hacer popo

towards the bottom of the page. I looked again and then I ran towards it. I once

again put together each letter and it was no misprint. I'm dead. I sat down

breathing intensely with tears streaming down my face. How could this happen.

Wait? If I am here how can I be dead? This can't be real.


            I sat on the edge of the newspaper for the

longest time hoping that I would just wake up from some badly thought out dream.

As the day turned to night and my apartment grew even colder I found myself

looking for food and shelter.


            The tile floor of my kitchen sent shivers down

my spine. I convulsed with every step. Luckily I was never exactly a neat person

so I easily found some crumbs on the floor. I grabbed onto the first bread crumb

I saw and bit into it. It was stale and hard but it was nourishment at least.


            I walked back across the tile floor and curled

up in the carpet. I shivered myself to sleep. That is how next two weeks went. I

would spend my morning searching out for crumbs which I stored in a bottle cap I

had found. I had a nice growing supply of food. I had ventured into the hallway

and pulled in some Kleenex that I used for a bed and provided some protection

from the cold air. However, as I began to get settled I began to miss human

companionship. I was only 27 years old and in the prime of my life. I now longed

for what I squandered before. All the times I could have gone out dancing or

partying. All the things I could have done but was too scared to do. I wished

that I could have those opportunities back. I wish I just had one more chance

but I was beginning to accept the fact that this is my life now.


            A few more days had passed by. Some days were

better then others. Some days I was happy but some days I was sad but everyday I

was lonely. However, this day was different then the others. I heard the door

knob began to rattle. There was no way I could miss something that loud. I

bolted out of bed to see Mr. Tripper the landlord walk into the apartment.


“Excuse the cold ladies. The apartment has been vacant for

a couple of months now so the heat and utilities are all off.”



”Well as you can see the kitchen is quite spacious. 2 or 3 people can easily

work away in it at the same time without feeling cramped.”


            I couldn't believe what was happening. My

apartment was being rented out. It felt like an invasion of my home and my

privacy. The prospective tenants walked into the living room. The only one I

could see was a young girl. She looked to be college aged.  Her brown hair was

pulled back tightly. Her dark blue denim pants hugged her frame. I followed her

long legs all the way up her perfect frame. Her ass was big and firm. She had

JLO booty I guess you could call it. It was a nice firm ass that was a pleasure

to look at. As she strolled about the room she was like a god meandering about

the kingdom she had just built. That is when it happened. She started to walk

directly towards the corner I was in. I ducked into the Kleenex and tried to

hide as best as I could. The rumble of her foot steps rolled over the floor

constantly reminding me of her power. Finally it stopped and I mustered up the

courage to peek my head up and see what was going on. I was face to face with a

brown hiking boot. The heels of the shoe were taller then I. Her shoe stood out

like a monument to me. I found myself walking towards hiking boot. I placed my

hands on the rubber heel of the shoe. The heel alone had to be 3 inches tall.

The heel looked more like a medium sized building then it did a heel.




            I just had to try yelling to appease my

consciousness. I knew it was utterly useless but it made me feel better. She

then lifted her foot up and stomped down a good mile away from me but I could

still feel the earthquake like rumbles.


“I guess we will take it. Can my roommates and I move in



“Sure, I will turn the heat on.”




“Well let's sign the papers”


“Mr. Tripper no you can't rent this place out, It's my



            As they walked out of the apartment I was left

in paranoia and shock. My apartment was being rented out too by some girls.

What's going to happen to me? Where am I going to live?


Giantess Stories: Death and Rebirth

            Death, the ultimate fear, the only thing people     Introduction to Chaos Introduction to Chaos Chapter One: Chapter One: Act One:



Giantess Stories: Death and Rebirth

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Giantess Stories: Death and Rebirth


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