Giantess Stories: Death By Sisters foot

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Death By Sisters foot



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Harry Hillmore awoke to a loud thud near him, he had passed out a

short time ago. He got up and froze, staring straight ahead. They

were huge: Two black high heels infront of him!

He looked upwards, to find two legs in Nylon stockings and, to his

surprise, his sister Pamelas face!

She was talking into her Cellphone. Her huge breasts lookd great from

here, he always had liked his sisters chest. What a view he thought.

"Pamela, I'm down here", he shouted.

She did not move an inch. He realised that he's voice must be

inaudible to her.

He had to think of another way.

She suddenly finished the call and looked down. At last thought

Harry: She has seen me.

She lifted her right high heel over Harry and lowered it slowly, he

stared in disbelief at he huge black sole.

The high heel slowly lowered down pushing him into the hard wood of

the floor. He was nothing compared to the his sisters weight. He's

lungs started to hurt, then his ribs started to break. Suddenly the

high heel stopped. Had he been saved? Then again suddenly it started

grinding him into the ground until he was just a red pulp on the


"Bye Jackie, talk to you later", finished Pamela as she

finished her call.

She looked downwards to see something moving on the floor: It must be

a bug she thought.

She then remembered how Harry liked her to grind bugs into the floor

when they were younger.

"Might as well", she thought.

She lowered her high heel onto the bug and then stopped once she

heard a few cracks from below her high heel. She then started to

grind it into the ground until all she felt all resistance die out.

"Ooooooooh!" she moaned softly as she got wet.

The End!

Giantess Stories: Death By Sisters foot

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