Giantess Stories: Deep Freeze Birthday  Prologue

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Deep Freeze Birthday

Prologue: (If you're familiar with the other stories skip it) 100 years in the

future the people from our time who have been cryogenically frozen are being

sold as slaves. These people were shrunk down to 1 inch tall as a cost efficient

way of storage when they were frozen, now they are waking up to find themselves

in a gigantic world where they are nothing more than toys for giant women.

        “Mom can't I open my present now?” Amanda whined. Her mother a striking

woman 36 years old only sighed. Anything Amanda wanted, she got. She was a

beautiful girl, about 5'9” with shoulder length blond hair. She had blue eyes

and a very athletic build. She had the face of an angel but that was where the

similarity ended, she had been spoiled her entire life by her single mother.

When she was old enough to care about boys, they had always caved to her every

whim also. What she was bugging her mom about today was her birthday present. It

was wrapped up in a little box on the table. Amanda already knew what it was,

she had been dropping hints for the last 3 months and she wanted to play with it

now. Her mother, Jean, told her she would have to wait for her friends to

arrive. “They'll be here in a few minutes Mandy, you can wait that long. Amanda

gave her a look as if she were the worst mother on the planet and when into the

other room to pout. Jean walked over to the kitchen table and eyed the little

box. She jabbed at it with her finger; “I wouldn't trade places with you for all

the money in the world my little friend” she told the box with a smile. She was

looking forward to Amanda's friends arriving because she had also made a

purchase for herself this afternoon and was looking forward to getting

acquainted once Amanda and her friends were settled down for the night. The

doorbell rang.

        Amanda jumped up and answered the door “Hey common in.” The 3 girls at

the door were all carrying presents and they exchanged greetings as they

entered. “Wow your finally 16” said Janet who had turned 16 only 2 months ago

and other than Amanda was the youngest of the bunch. Like Amanda she was tall,

about 5'8” and a stunning young woman, she had long straight red hair and green

eyes. She was a nice girl but she had a temper, all the girls knew to stay away

from Janet when she was angry. Like Amanda she was a Cheerleader. She was one of

the smartest people at school but tried to hide it when she was with her

friends. The second girl in, Laura was about 5'4” She had brown hair and brown

eyes. She was the oldest at 18 having failed the year before, she was even more

spoiled than Amanda coming from a wealthy family, and it was her who had driven

the girls. She was on good shape but not athletic like the other girls. The next

girl in was Tori. She was 17 and another blond haired blue eyed goddess, she had

done a few modeling jobs and was the tallest girl at 6' even. She was a bit of a

snob who enjoyed toying with guys she considered below her. They set down there

presents on the table, careless of the little box already there and all the

girls sat down in the living room to talk.

        Meanwhile inside the box Joe was scared, the last thing he remembered

was being hit by a truck, then waking up inside this box tied down. He thought

he might be dead because he seemed to be ok, not even a cut or bruise on him. He

had tried shouting until he was hoarse but to no avail. When he strained he

thought he could hear voices outside the room he was in, but he wasn't sure. He

tried to collect himself and figure out where he was. If I'm not dead, maybe

this is some weird room in the hospital, its way too big to be a coffin at

least. Just then the top of the box caved in, so that it was only a few inches

from Joe's face. “I've got to get out of this room, nothing could be worse then

this” He thought to himself. Little did he know he was about to find out how

wrong we was.


        “Yea He was such a dork but it was fun” finished Tori. All the girls

laughed at this. “So what are we going to do tonight?” asked Janet, who looked

as if she already had a few things planned. “We're going to play with my mothers

present” beamed Amanda. “What? That little box, I almost crushed it when I put

my gift on it” Laura said offhandedly, “your going to love my present girl.” “If

you crushed it I will hate you forever!” Amanda replied. Just then cutting off

any further argument Amanda's mother entered carrying a cake. All the girls

broke into a chorus of happy birthday. When they were done and Amanda had blown

out the candles Jean started cutting the cake. “Can't I open my presents yet

mom?” begged Amanda. “Let's eat the cake first dear, then you can open your

presents.” Jean answered. Amanda would have thrown a fit to get her way but she

was too excited. The girls hurried and ate the cake and ice cream so Amanda

could open her presents. She hurried through her other presents muttering out

thank yous and then picked up her mothers present. She smiled broadly as she

shook it. “Hmmm I wonder what it is.” Then she began tearing the paper. Inside

Joe was changing his mind as to whether it would be better to stay inside, he

had just been shook badly, only his bonds had kept him from slipping and sliding

around in the box. Finally he heard paper ripping and the roof of his room start

to rise.

        Joe would have pinched himself had he not been tied down. If front of

him was the smiling face of a beautiful girl, she looked about his age, (he was

17) normally this would have been a good thing, Joe was always popular with the

ladies. But she was enormous. Her lips were bigger than little Joe. HE strained

against his bonds but they were not budging. This seemed to make the giant girl

laugh. “Look he's trying to get away” She said. “He's so cute thank you mom.”

Her breath rolled over Joe it wasn't bad just overwhelming. He heard another

girls voice say, let me see. And found him being passed around to the other

girls. Each looked at him and smiled. Finally he was passed back to the original

girl who put the cover back on the box. Joe started to cry.

        The girls quickly helped Jean clean up and carried Amanda's gifts to her

room anxious to play with the little man. When everything was all set Amanda

opened the box again and told Joe to hold on a second. Amanda hurried to her

mother's room and after a quick knock walked in. “Her mother was in her bra and

panties sitting on the edge of her bed. Jean kept moving her feet back and forth

a few inches. She looked flustered. “What do you want honey.” She asked in a

lower than normal voice. “Ummm I need some scissors. “They're on my nightstand

dear” Jean relied. Amanda grabbed the scissors and left thinking how strange her

mother was. After she walked out, Jean raised her foot and peered at the little

man underneath it. “That was close” she told the little rug burned man. “Now get

back to that foot massage, you have a lot of work to do tonight.”

Amanda returned to see her friends were already in there night clothes, they

just wore bra's and short shorts. She quickly changed herself and then cut

little Joe out. “Hello little man. My name is Amanda but you can call me

Mistress” She introduced her friends to Joe and told him “your new name is TJ.”

“But my Name is Joe” Joe replied. “Where am I, how did I get here?” “First your

name is TJ; don't make me punish you already. Say your name” Joe was more angry

than afraid by now, “MY name is JOE and my father is VP of a very big Cryogenics

company, he's very important so you better watch out.” “Guess I have to punish

you TJ” Amanda said with a great big smile, “Do you know what TJ stands for? Its

Toe Jam. With that she stuck little Joe in between her big and second toe. “So

Janet how was your date last night” Amanda asked. Joe couldn't believe it, this Cancer Sun Aries Moon

giant bitch had stuck him between her toes face first and then she was talking

to her friends as if he didn't even exist. Amanda began curling her toes, even

though the girls were talking all of them had there eyes on her feet. Tori were

covering her mouth to keep from laughing out loud and Laura didn't even try to

hold her cruel laughter in. After about 3 minutes Amanda reached between her

toes and took out little Joe, “What's your name?” she asked. Joe wasn't stupid,

“Its TJ mistress” he conceded. “Good you're not as dumb as you look TJ” Amanda

said. Now its time to play a game, do you like games TJ?” Joe was about to cry,

he tried to answer but Amanda cut him off “It doesn't matter what you like!

We're going to play truth or dare, do you know how to play?” Joe told her he did

and all the girls sat on the floor in a circle with little Joe in the center.

“I'll start” Amanda said. “Laura Truth or dare?” Laura said dare of course. “I

dare you to stick little TJ in your sock for 5 minutes” Laura smiled and grabbed

Joe she peeled off her sock and dropped Joe in. She then put it back on. “I can

feel him under my toes.” Laura announced “Ohhh I can feel him squirming” She

then began flexing her toes, much to Joe's discomfort.

        Meanwhile inside the girls sock Joe was in hell, that's all he could

think, was he was dead and in hell. The flexing started to get faster. Joe's arm

was painfully pinched between Laura's toes and with every flex; it was bent at

an awkward angle. Laura was getting excited. She didn't mean to but just

thinking about the little man beneath her foot, Describing the feeling to the

others, was making her hot. She knew if she didn't take him out soon it would be

a mess. Laura knew she had to get a little man of her own. “I think he has been

in there long enough I'm going to take him out” Laura said. None of the other

girls objected even though it had not been 5 minutes, they all wanted there

turns. Laura took him out and Joe was grateful. He prayed for time to recover as

he rubbed his throbbing arm, but heard Laura's voice “Janet truth or dare” Janet

said dare as Joe knew all the girls would be doing now. “I dare you to stick TJ

down the back of your pants. Joe looked up in horror as Janet's giant hand came

down on him. “I feel kind of gassy” Janet confessed as she pulled the waistband

of her panties and dropped hapless Joe inside. She then shifted to get a better

position and Joe fell down to the bottom, her panties were so tight Joe was held

against the crack of her butt. As Janet began describing the feeling she felt a

rumbling in her stomach. “I have to fart” she announced, and all the girls

laughed and told her to do it. Janet felt bad about it but just cut loose, it

was the silent but deadly kind. Joe, got it right in his face, and couldn't

breathe, he was actually relieved and thought he might die, but Janet pulled him

out and dropped him on the floor. As Joe recovered Amanda picked him up, “Ewww

he stinks” she took him to the bathroom and held him under the faucet while she

turned it on full blast. Joe was drenched. She went back to the others and

dropped Joe onto the floor where he was sputtering and coughing. Then the girls

shocked him more than ever when Janet asked him “TJ Truth or dare”

        Joe wasn't dumb; He knew to pick truth and told the girl so. “OK then”

Janet said with a devious smile, “which one of us looks the skankiest?” Too late

Joe saw the trap. He looked at the girls' one at a time trying to think of a way

out if it. Amanda poked him with her toes from behind knocking him down. “Hurry

up TJ or it will just be worse for you.” Finally Joe said “None of you are

scanky at all but if I must chose which one is the skankiest, I chose her” and

he pointed at Tori, praying she was nicer than her friends. The other three

girls laughed and then simultaneously asked Tori Truth or dare? Tori who had not

laughed said dare tightly. Amanda then shushed the others and said “I dare you

to stick TJ inside your shoe and walk around on him, but don't you dare crush

him. Joe tried to run while Tori grabbed her shoes but Amanda pinned him under

her foot. Tori slipped on her right shoe, a black mule with a 3 inch heel, then

grabbed Joe. She dropped him carelessly into her left shoe and he rolled to the

toe section. The odor down there was the worst Joe had ever smelled. He could

tell by the grooves where her toes sat that there shoes were well worn. He tried

to climb back up to the heel but Tori's toes were coming at him like a steam

roller. The pushed him mercilessly back down where he settled in the crevice

under the joints in her toes. She began to squeeze him with her toes hard and he

cried out in pain. As Tori took her first step the pressure increased tenfold

and Joe thought he was going to pass out. The girls meanwhile were all dying

with laughter as Tori did a slow model stroll around Amanda's room. She made

sure to pause for half a second when her weight was on the foot with Joe

underneath. Finally it was over and little Joe was taken out of the shoe. He

collapsed when placed on the floor and didn't move. Amanda poked him with her

foot a few times and he moved a little. “TJ Truth or dare” Joe looked up at her

pathetically, and seeing the look on his face Amanda burst out laughing. “Answer

me TJ or you'll be very, very sorry” Joe already was very, very sorry but

muttered truth. “What's that TJ did you say dare? I dare you to lick all of our

feet” “But I said truth mistress” Joe pleaded “Too late now TJ” Janet told him

as she placed her foot heel down in front of him, “Now get to work you little

worm” Joe crawled over to her foot and began licking knowing he had a very long

night ahead of him.

        As Joe licked both feet of every girl they had a typical chat. They

discussed boys and other things. They seemed to ignore Joe but every time he

stopped or even slowed down he was knocked to the ground by the foot he was

cleaning. Finally hours later He was done and to Joe's horror the game

continued. Joe was put in every girl's panties, bras, socks shoes and even

mouths. He licked the insoles of every girl's shoes. They never tired of

torturing him. Finally at about 6am the girls fell asleep with little Joe inside

Amanda's slipper. It was one of those big furry slippers; the sides were way too

tall for him to climb out. When the girls awoke Amanda slipped her feet in the

slippers without even thinking about little Joe, she remembered him when she

felt the bump under her toes. She wore those slippers the rest of the day long

after the other girls left. Her feet of course sweated, but she just smiled

thinking the little discomfort to her was magnified 1000 times to TJ. When she

finally took her foot out, she was amused to see the poor little man was

actually stuck to the ball of her foot. “Why TJ I had no Idea you enjoyed my

feet so much. For being a good boy all day I'll let you lick them clean” Joe

could only start licking and hold in the tears.

        As the days turned into weeks into months Joe got used to his new life.

He soon couldn't remember ever being anything but TJ. His old life was like a

dream now. It was a defensive mechanism; He had to be this way to keep his

sanity. He began to worship Amanda like a Goddess and truly believe she was a

higher life form. His days were all the same, consisting of licking Amanda's

feet and cleaning her toe jam. He enjoyed it. The only change was when every

once in a while he would be switched off with Amanda's mother's toy and he would

serve Jean. If you asked him, (With Amanda never did she only ordered, never

asked) if he was happy he would have said yes. If when nobody else was there you

had asked him his name, He would have said TJ and wouldn't even look at you if

you called him Joe. He was TJ now and he liked it.


Giantess Stories: Deep Freeze Birthday  Prologue

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