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Denise's Secret

Denise was a senior in high school but, this was no

ordinary senior year. Her father had just accepted a new

job which required the family to move out of state. Denise

was going to miss all of her friends and was dreading

being the new kid in school all over again. This wasn't

the first time her father had to relocate but, that didn't

make the situation any better for her. She had gotten over

this before so, there was no reason she wouldn't make it

through this time.

Denise said good-bye to all of her friends as she drove to

their new home. Everything was already set for her

family's arrival, including a house that was built in the

1800's. The person that lived in the house had fixed it up

beautifully. The papers said that the woman who owned the

house just suddenly disappeared and nobody knew where she

had gone. It was like she had vanished into thing air.

Denise didn't think about it much and went on with the

move. Denise was tired from carrying boxes inside all day

so, she decided to look around the house. The house was

enormous, it had many rooms and Denise was determined to

examine all of them. As she was looking in the basement

she noticed a box hidden in the corner. She decided to get

a closer look. The box was dusty and filled with papers

and books, as well as some old bottles with some sort of

liquid in them. Denise dusted the books off and discovered

they were magic potions. She flipped through the pages and

noticed the book had recipes in them. She read through

some of the titles: Human to Animal, Levitate, Raise the

Dead, and Shrinking Powder. She decided to look on

when..."Denise are you down there?" Oh no, it was her

father. "Come upstairs honey, it's getting late. You have

school tomorrow." Denise put the books away and covered

them up with a sheet. Tomorrow was another day and she was

not finished looking at the books yet.

She had arrived at school early because she wanted to meet

some people and maybe make some new friends. She walked

into the cafeteria and she noticed a boy sitting at one of

the tables doing homework. Denise walked up to the boy and

introduced herself. "Hi, my name is Denise, I am new to

this school, what is your name?" The boy looked up and

smiled, "My name is Eric, pleased to meet you." Denise

looked at Eric with a gleam in her eye, she thought he was

gorgeous. "Do you mind if I sit here?" Denise asked. "No,

please..." A girl suddenly pushed her way between Eric and

Denise. "Yes, he does mind. Who do you think you are

flirting with my boyfriend?" Denise stood up because she

didn't want to cause any problems. Denise looked at the

girl. Eric said, "Denise, this is my girlfriend Lisa."

Lisa was a tall girl, about 5'10". She had long beautiful

blonde hair, looked like a super model. Denise was only

about 5'3" so, the girl was looking down on her when she

spoke. "Listen, I don't want to see you with my boyfriend

again. If I catch you talking with him, I am going to

squash you like a bug." Lisa's friends were standing next

to her and laughed at what she said. Eric's face turned

red and said softly, "I'm sorry." Lisa grabbed Eric's arm

and said "Come on Eric, let's get away from this loser."

Denise just starred at Lisa, no way is she going to get

away with humiliating her in front of Eric and her

friends. Denise knew she had to do something.

It was lunch period at school and so far Denise didn't

really meet anybody except this one girl Tracy, who wasn't

really one of the popular girls in school. Denise and

Tracy sat down at the table with their lunches and began

to talk when suddenly. "Why look who it is little miss

flirt with her geek sidekick Tracy. This is our table so,

you better move or we'll have to move you ourselves" said

Lisa. "We aren't moving so, you better find yourself

another table," Denise said. Is that so?" said Lisa. "Yes,

it is!" said Denise. "Well, we'll just have to see about

that, ladies." As Denise and Tracy went back to eating a

plateful of soup was dumped all over them. "What the hell

do you think you're doing?" yelled Denise. "Next time move

when I say to and things like this won't happen." Lisa's

friends continued to laugh and that made Denise more

angry. "You will be sorry you ever did this, I will get

you back if it's the last thing I do." Denise said to

Tracy, "Don't worry about a thing Tracy, they will be

sorry they ever messed with us." Denise looked back at

Lisa and her friends and smirked and evil smile, she knew

exactly how to get them back. "Come over to my house

tonight, here is my address, I have a plan."

The doorbell rang and Denise answered the door, "Oh, hi

Tracy, I'm glad you're here. Come downstairs I have

something to show you." The two girls went downstairs and

uncovered a box that was hidden in the corner. "I found

this box of books the day we moved in, it has magic

potions and recipes in them. "What does that have to do

with anything, Denise." said Tracy. "It has a lot to do

with everything, don't you get it? Have you ever wanted to

do something so evil to someone but, you never had the

chance." said Denise. "Yes, I guess so, but, how will this

book help us?" said Tracy. "There is a magic spell in this

book that will make a person shrink. It is called

shrinking powder. I read the recipe before you came over

and we have all the ingredients. We are going to shrink

Lisa and her friends and nobody will ever know. You have

to keep your word, we won't get caught unless you say

something, because I sure won't tell." said Denise. "I

promise. I would like nothing better than to see Lisa

pleading for her life while I dangle my foot above her

before I crush her like a little bug." said Tracy.

"Exactly, but Lisa is mine. She humiliated me and I am

going to make her squirm." said Denise. Now I have come up

with a plan, here it is...

It was fifth period and Denise followed Lisa out of class

to the girls room. Denise watched Lisa enter the bathroom

and then she entered herself. Denise made sure there was

nobody else in there with them and she locked the door.

"Hello, Lisa! Do you know who this is?" said Denise with a

sarcastically evil voice. Lisa opened the stall door and

said, "What do you want half-pint?" laughed Lisa. "Oh, I

just wanted to ask you a question." said Denise. "What

would that be, and make it quick." said Lisa. Denise took

out a bottle and sprayed it in Lisa's face. "What the

hell!" Denise put the bottle back in her purse, crossed

her arms and smiled at what was taking place. Lisa began

to shrink by the second. Denise walked up to her and stood

next to Lisa. Lisa was soon a foot shorter than Denise.

"How does it feel to know you'll be an inch tall in just a

few minutes, he, he, he!" laughed Denise. "This isn't

funny, what are you doing to me?" cried Lisa. I am paying

you back for humiliating me in front of Eric and your

friends. You messed with the wrong girl." Lisa was now no

taller than Denise's knees. "Just a couple more minutes

and you will fit in the palm of my hand." Lisa was very

scared and apologized many times over to Denise but,

Denise just laughed. Denise looked down at Lisa who was

now ankle height. She smiled and bent down to take off her

shoe. "I thought since you're down there you could kiss my

foot since I can make you do whatever I say. You will obey

whatever I tell you." She took off her sock and wiggled

her toes in front of Lisa's face who was now only an inch

tall. "How do my feet smell slave? I can see some lint

between my toes, clean them." laughed Denise. "If you

think I am going to clean your toes you're crazy." said

Lisa. Denise cackled, "OK, if that's how it is going to

be." Denise lifted her barefoot and placed it above Lisa.

Lisa starred at Denise's wrinkled sole with fright. "I

will crush you under my foot at the count of five unless

you tell me you will clean my"

"OK, I'll do it, I'll do it!" cried Lisa. Denise smiled,

and said "I'm glad you decided to cooperate but, there

will be time for that later, I have to meet with Tracy."

Denise picked up Lisa, laughed at her, and put her in a

jar. "I thought you said you had to ask me something,"

said Lisa. "I did, is there enough air in the jar? He, He,

He," cackled Denise. She put Lisa in her purse, unlocked

the bathroom door and walked back to class.

School had ended and Denise met up with Tracy in the

Senior parking lot. "Did you do as I asked of you," said

Denise. "Yes, they are all in my purse, the plan worked,"

said Tracy. "Meet me at my house, they are all in for the

surprise of their lives...ha ha ha ha," cackled Denise.

Tracy met Denise at her house and they both went to the

basement to look at their little captives. They took all

of the girls out and set them on the table. "Well, look

what we have here. Are you scared of us? You don't seem

that threatening now that you are only inches tall," said

Denise. "You girls have tormented me for years and now it

is payback time," said Tracy. Lisa looked up at the

giantesses and said, "Please, we will do as you say,

please, just let us go. We will never bother you again."

"Too late! You are our prisoners now and soon you will be

no longer," said Denise with a serious look on her face.

Denise picked up one of the girls and placed her on the

floor. Denise stood up and said, "This is a demonstration

to all of you for what you have done to Tracy and me...ha

ha ha ha ha." All the other tiny girls were watching in

horror as Denise lifted her foot above little Jennifer.

"No please, I beg you, don't step on me," screamed

Jennifer. "I will do whatever you say, please, somebody

help me." "Ok, this has gone far enough, stop it Denise,

this isn't funny," said Lisa. "You have no say in the

matter, I am so much bigger than you, how will you stop

me?" said Denise. Denise looked down at the little girl

who was screaming in terror and said, "Good-bye little Notas para flauta (ES): diciembre 2011

bug, you are bothering me." Denise put her hands on her

hips and smiled. She slowly lowered her foot on top of

Jennifer's tiny body and soon her screams were muffled.

The screaming stopped and was replaced by a crunching

noise as Denise squashed the little girl under her foot.

She twisted her foot back and forth like she was putting

out a cigarette. She then dragged her foot across the

basement floor smearing the remains all over. "Poor little

thing," Denise said with an evil smile. "Too bad she was

not nice to me, I don't like to be mean but, she had to

pay." The other little girls began to scream and cry, one

of the girls had fainted from fright. They knew they were


Denise was excited to continue and said to Tracy, "Are you

hungry?" "A little," said Tracy. "Me too, I think I will

get us some soup." Denise went upstairs and soon came back

down with a steaming bowl of chicken soup, and a spoon.

She set the bowl down on the table and smiled at one of

the girls. "Do you like chicken soup Brooke?" "What are

you going to do to me? You are crazy Denise, stop it right

now," said Brooke. Denise laughed and picked up Brooke

like a little toy. "Here Tracy, there is not much chicken

in this soup. I think it needs something," said Denise.

"No, please, put me down. You are not crazy enough to eat

me are you? Don't do it, please, I promise I won't tease

you ever again," cried Brooke. Denise just laughed and put

Brooke in the bowl of soup. "It's not too hot for you is

it, Brooke?" said Denise. "Oh, no. You can't be serious,

don't do this," screamed Brooke. "Remember the soup you

threw on us? Well, now it's your turn to have soup all

over you," said Tracy. Tracy picked up the spoon an dipped

it in the soup bowl, slowly lifting the spoon next to

Brooke but, not picking her up. Brooke screamed in terror

as Tracy put the spoon in her mouth. "This soup tastes

great but, I didn't get any chicken," said Tracy. "Try

again, there is a nice piece right there," said Denise,

pointing at Brooke. Tracy lowered the spoon into the bowl

again and placed it under Brooke. She lifted the spoon and

picked up Brooke. "Got you," said Tracy. "No, don't eat me

Tracy, please, I beg you," cried Brooke. Tracy brought the

spoon to her lips and sucked the soup into her mouth,

leaving only Brooke on the spoon. "Have you ever seen how

beautiful my teeth are Brooke? I had braces for four years

and my teeth are nice and straight and strong. Would you

like to get a closer look?" laughed Tracy. "Oh no,"

screamed Brooke. Tracy opened her mouth wide and put

Brooke in her mouth. Brooke tried to stop from entering

but, it was to no avail. When Brooke was in her mouth she

closed her lips and pulled the spoon out. Tracy could feel

Brooke kicking and hear her muffled screams. She smacked

Brooke around with her tongue and even held her between

her teeth pretending to bite down to scare her. Tracy had

enough fun and games so, she flicked her to her throat

with her tongue and swallowed Brooke alive. Tracy could

feel Brooke going down her throat to her stomach. She was

really turned on by this and even had an orgasm from it.

Denise knew she enjoyed it and said, "I told you this was

going to be fun." "Ummmm," said Tracy. "That made me so

hot. Burrrrp..., excuse me..he he he," laughed Tracy. Can

I do that again?" "There are only two left, Karen and

Lisa. I will take care of Lisa and you can do as you

please with Karen, said Denise.

Denise picked up Lisa and said, "I have a surprise for

you, I'm sure you won't enjoy it, ha ha ha ha!" Tracy

walked over to Karen and said, "Well, well, well, if it

isn't Karen, the one who always used me like I was a

little doormat to walk all over. I don't appreciate how

you've been treating me and I think you should be

punished." Karen was trembling with fright she couldn't

speak. Tracy picked up the little girl and notice a yellow

puddle on the table. "My, my, you had and accident. Poor

Karen, well don't worry, it will all be over soon." Tracy

took off her shoe and put her foot on the floor. She was

wearing flats barefoot and her feet were sweaty and smelly

from being in her shoe all day long. She put Karen on the

ground next to her foot and wiggled her toes in front of

Karen's face. "Breath in my wonderful foot odor Karen, I'm

sure it is very intoxicating, he he he." laughed Tracy.

"Please stop, I can't take it anymore," cried Karen. "Have

you ever heard of the story, The Little Old Lady Who Lived

in a Shoe, Karen?" asked Tracy. "Yes," Karen said

reluctantly. "Well, you are that lucky lady but, unlike

that lady, you have no children and you have to worry

about an evil giantess like me putting my foot in the

shoe." "No, please don't do it, Tracy. I will kiss your

feet and even smell them if you want me to but, don't step

on me," screamed Karen. "Don't cry, Karen, it is going to

be a lot of fun, you'll see," smirked Tracy. Tracy got

some tape from the shelf and ripped a piece off. She

picked up Karen and taped her to the inside of her shoe.

Karen was stuck and only her head was able to move. Tracy

wanted to make sure she could breath her smelly foot odor

when she put her foot inside. She put the shoe on the

floor and slowly raised her foot above the shoe. She

looked at Karen and smiled as she wiggled her toes at the

little captive. "Hello Karen," said Tracy talking in a

high pitched voice like it was her toes talking to Karen.

"Ha ha toes say hello, it looks like they like

you." "I am begging you Tracy, please don't do this,"

cried Karen. "It looks like you picked the wrong shoe to

live in Karen, you should be more careful...he he he."

Tracy slowly lowered her foot in her shoe so Karen could

stare in horror at the underside of Tracy's foot,

descending on top of her. "Nooooooooooooo....," screamed

Karen as Tracy's foot entered the shoe. Tracy's foot was

completely in the shoe and she wiggled her toes and moved

her foot around to get comfortable. She could feel the

warm breath from Karen on her foot and could tell she was

trying to squirm out. Tracy just smiled knowing that her

foot must smell and Karen was in agony losing air by the

second. Tracy's smile turned to a evil smirk as she lifted

her foot and stomped down on the ground smearing poor

little Karen against her barefoot. Tracy took off her shoe

and saw the remains of Karen smeared all over her insole.

"Mmmmm, oh my, that is unbelievably stimulating," said

Tracy. I can't believe how much this turns me on." "You

are really enjoying this aren't you?" said Denise. "Well,

watch what I have in store for our little friend Lisa."

Denise walked over to Tracy with her hand closed. She

slowly opened her hand to reveal what looked to be a

spider. "Oh, my god where did you find that spider,"

screamed Tracy. "Relax laughed Denise, this is no spider,

I dressed Lisa up as a spider and I am going to put her in

the kitchen upstairs. My mother hates spiders and when she

sees Lisa, she will surely squash her underfoot," said

Denise. "Awesome idea Denise," said Tracy. "No, Denise.

This can't be happening. I will let you have Eric if you

want. I know you like him and I was going to dump him

anyway. Please let me live and I won't ever bother you

again," pleaded Lisa. "In case you have forgotten, I am

the one who makes the decisions and I will have Eric to

myself anyway once you are gone," said Denise. "You won't

get away with this, someone will find out. Please, I am

begging you, don't do this to me," begged Lisa. Denise

laughed and said, "You poor little bug, I hope my mother

doesn't find you or the last thing you will see is the

underside of her shoe. "Oh no, please don't," cried Lisa.

Denise took Lisa upstairs and placed Lisa on the floor,

she looked just like a spider and nobody would suspect

that a tiny woman was dressed in a spider costume.

Denise's mother came downstairs and walked into the

kitchen. Lisa could see her coming but, there was no way

she could move out of the way in time. Denise's mother was

barefoot and Lisa could see her large feet walking right

for her. Boom....boom...boom, every step shook the floor

as see came closer. Lisa knew it was all over. Denise

watched from the kitchen chair as her mother was just

about to step down onto Lisa when...

"Eeeeeek...Denise come over here and step on this spider I

have no shoes on, please it is huge." Denise smiled and

walked over to where Lisa was on the floor. Both women

looked down at her but, only Denise knew who she really

was. "That is one ugly spider, step on it Denise. What are

you waiting for, Christmas?" said her mother. "With

pleasure," said Denise. Denise looked into Lisa's eyes and

smirked. She lifted her foot and heard a faint scream as

she stomped on the so called spider and Lisa was squashed

like a bug. "Wow, that spider's guts went all over the

place. I didn't think spider's had red blood?" Denise

panicked, "Um, must have eaten something, that is

what the blood is." "Oh, your probably right. Clean it up

and flush it down the toilet, ok honey?" said Denise's

mother. "Ok mom, right away." said Denise. "I wonder where

those things come from?" said her mother. "I don't know

but, don't worry, they won't be bothering us anymore,"

laughed Denise. Denise picked up the remains of Lisa's

body and flushed them down the toilet along with Karen's

that Tracy brought up from her shoe. "That was a lot of

fun Denise," said Tracy. "We must never say a word about

this to anyone, this is our secret," said Denise. "Don't

worry Denise, it will never be told. I'll see you tomorrow

at school," said Tracy. "Ok, have a good night," said

Denise. After Tracy left, Denise went to her room and

picked up the phone and dialed it. The phone rang and a

voice answered, "Hello." "Hi Eric, this is Denise, do you

want to go out tonight................."

The End

By Tiny Todd



Giantess Stories: Denise

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