Diane's Actual Bizarre Adventure - Giantess Growth

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Fantastic art by Charlydibu: https://mobile.twitter.com/NCharlydibu/status/1264984192171065349

Edit (he did it again): https://mobile.twitter.com/NCharlydibu/status/1273094843493953537

Edit: and again: https://twitter.com/NCharlydibu/status/1285046777205460992

Wonderful art by AlloyRabbit!: https://mobile.twitter.com/AlloyRabbit/status/1269824028207955968

9 minutes in 3 months is a new record for me! I'm pretty darn happy with how this finally came out and I can finally move into the Marin vid ready to make more adjustments to my style.

My experimentation with stepped/limited animation is paying off in how long this vid is but going from a small hotel room to the big outdoors was massively challenging! So many shots I defaulted to smooth motion because it just doesn't work in limited animation.

You're probably thinking, why do this technique? Just do smooth all the way.

Well this video wouldn't be done for another 3 months if I did. Smooth requires checking every single body part multiple times because your brain picks up on stiffness. Limited animation allows me to take a BUNCH of shortcuts previously impossible!

I'd input more but I may as well just continue the tutorial series if I got so much to say.

Also, whoo! Happy birthday to me on May 23rd coming up!

My music composition for this video: https://mega.nz/folder/ObYhmYBI#NOKCipnufgCvXK4BlZ4A5A

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