Giantess Stories: Divorcing Tasha     Oliver was finally free

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Divorcing Tasha

Oliver was finally free. His ex-wife Tasha, was a little bent out of shape.

Tasha was a big time Real Estate agent while Oliver was the owner of a Cosmetics

line. Tasha battled him for the company. She lost of course. It was indeed a hot

summer and court was now entirely over for the both of them.


Oliver truly enjoyed his sleep. He had a thought before going to bed. No more

complaints or phone calls from his ex wife. No more troubles at all. He even was

satisfied that he no longer had to deal with his wifes sneaker odor. He wanted

more than what he was awarded in court. Tasha owned a shoe store which did very

well. This was just one of those possessions. This was the one that Oliver

wanted. Oliver awoke very well rested. Right when he was about to stretch….he

found that he couldn't. Oliver could not even move any of the other extremities.

This was really beginning to irritate Oliver. His position was rather

restricted. Oliver felt that he wasn't crazy but even with his eyes open he saw

darkness. As Oliver continued to ponder, he noticed a very awful stench.

“Damn…where the hell am I? What the hell is that smell?”, Oliver asked in panic.

He knew that he was lying on his right shoulder but was very unaware as to in

what he was lying inside of. He couldn't even roll over.

It was 8AM. Tasha was just walking into the shoe store she owned. She was also

talking on her cell phone. She was suppose to be off for today but found that

her shop was a disaster. At the moment, Tasha was speaking to her mom. “ I know

mother but Im still thinking about selling this shoe store. Damn this place is a

mess!”, Tasha said. Tasha had decided to straighten the shop up. You really

couldn't say she wasn't dressed for the occasion. She had on a black shirt with

jeans on and happened to be wearing stockings and new sneakers. She did not want

to mess her brand new white sneakers up, so she began looking for her work shoes

which are a pair of cloth like Mary Janes. Tasha had gone back into the

stockroom and cut the lights on. There by the door, Tasha found her shoes side

by side with one of them lying on it's side. Tasha had these shoes for sometime.

She did everything in them. The shoes were so dirty that they were like dirty

“standing” (hard) socks. The insoles which came with them were blackened by

Tasha's foot grime. The shoes are only two years old. This was a lucky day for

Tasha, however a rather unlucky day for Oliver.

Oliver's eyes began to burn a little bit. It was due to lights. Tasha kicked her

shoes over in preparation to put them on. Olivers prospective changed. To him it

was a terrifying scene. He found himself lying inside an object looking up at

his ex wife who was now giant in size. He saw her talking on her cell phone. “Oh

mother, you know those Mary Janes that I always wear? I cant believe the insoles

are that dirty. Im pretty sure that Oliver believes it. Mother, I think that

Oliver may be the last man I will use as an insole….in these old things anyway.

I am looking into my left Mary Jane shoe right now in which all I see is a black

insole that was once clean white. However, it's Oliver. The other insole mother

is that bullshit lawyer of his. Oh well!”, Tasha said. Oliver couldn't believe

his ears. Tasha was indeed looking down at Oliver. To Oliver's surprise, he

found something even more terrifying than what he encountered so far. Tasha's

stockinged left foot was heading for him at an extreme speed. There was no where

to run and no where to hide.

Oliver's heart was racing. By now he was in great pain and unfortunately now

reunited with Tasha's smelly feet. Tasha in fact had both shoes on. The two men

were in hell. The stench, the pain. The lawyer had already had it. Oliver could

not take anymore either. What choice did they have? They felt humiliated even

with Tasha being the only one that knew anything really of their new existence

as a woman's insole. Oliver nor the lawyer was getting much air at all. Tasha

did not really care. She just went about her day. This of course was not the

first time Tasha had two human insoles at her feet. There was this man named

Roger who robbed Tasha at gun point. His attempt was successful but his joy did

not last. Roger only got so far until he instantly became an insole of one of

Tasha's sandals she had on that evening. He is now brain dead. This came from

years of being worn. As Roger was worn all last summer, his mouth received much

of Tasha's salty foot sweat his face and head always smacked against Tasha's

heel.. His face and head was the inner heel section of Tasha's sandals. Roger

doesn't even know who he is anymore. The only thing he does know about is the

bottom of a foot that has terrible dead skin. Skin in which he has swallowed.

Rogers face was seen as the inside surface of Tasha's sandals. Oliver is a

different case. He cant be seen at all. Oliver was still trying to get use to

the swaying of Tasha's footsteps. Maybe it was her walk completely. He now had

imprints on his lips. It was funny. The toe section of the Mary Jane that Oliver

occupied was white. Now the toe section that is part of Oliver's insole body is

brown with parts of the toe section being “grime black”. The stench was on a

severe high. Oliver could not really take too much more of this. Of course this

was all done for a reason. Oliver wanted out. Tasha wanted him dead. She figured

this way she could kill him and enjoy doing it. The only thing she could feel of

Oliver is his heart beat and attempts to breathe. She enjoyed his breathing

attempts. It was like having a AC unit built inside of her shoes. Both the

lawyer and Oliver offered great service to her nasty smelly feet. She did not

want to see either of them or even hear a single complaint.

“What the hell is this? Come on Tasha let us out of here!”, Oliver screamed.

Tasha heard nothing. Anyone could see clearly when she would take her shoes off

that there were nothing but normal looking dirty insoles inside of them. There

had was indeed a problem though. Tasha had the intent to kill Oliver and the

lawyer this way…..but she only has the intent to kill them both slowly. Tasha

was still at work. Her foot sweat began to build. The constant walking around

the store both from the front of the store and back into the storage room of the

store got heavier to Oliver and his lawyer. Every step was a feeling of grave

pain and pressure. Usually as some women do, Tasha took the shoes off. She began

walking around the store in her stockings getting them even more dirty than they

were. Tasha was covering her own nose due to the sudden upwind that came from

her shoes. The aroma stunk up the whole storage room. “DAMN….YOU TWO CAN USE A

SHOWER!”, Tasha said. Oliver found no amusement in this at all. Not only was he

tired but he was also growing very hungry.

Tasha was done with her store. She was not done with her specialized work shoes

though. Tasha put her sneakers back on. It was time for her to go back home and

freshen up. As she was leaving she made sure that she grabbed her heart beating,

AC installed Mary Jane's and placed them in a bag. She then left the store in

route to her car and then on to make it home for a nice hot bath. Both the

lawyer and Oliver began to find it hard to breathe. The two men only had Tasha's

foot stench to accompany them inside the plastic bag that held them captive.

Both men would eventually pass out thanks to Tasha's carelessness. Tasha finally

reached her home. As she got out of the car she grabbed her bag of goodies and

went into the house. She went up the stairs into her bedroom and rudely tossed

the shoes into the closet. They both hit the wall then the floor awfully hard.

“OOPS…SORRY YOU TWO!”, Tasha said laughing. She did not really care though.


Oliver awoke from inside this evil womans shoe. Oliver could barely see

anything. All he could see was a bright light. In a funny way, this sent relief

to Oliver. He thought that he must be dead. “Great. I would rather be dead than

be my ex wifes insole of joy.”, Oliver said. He was wrong. He was alive but far

from well. He was alive and still part of Tasha's Mary Jane shoe, he along with

his lawyer. Tasha was just getting out of the tub and she made sure she did not

wash her feet for two obvious reasons….her living insoles. She walked into her

bedroom and then cut the closet light off. Oliver's light was now gone. He could

now see clearer to where he found the most terrifying words any human insole

could find. The words read:


Oliver couldn't take it anymore. These were the sandals that he bought her a

year ago that he was facing. They were black, both inside the shoe and out. They

made the bottom of Tasha's feet black. He was lying with his face exposed to the

inside of another shoe. Oliver's train of thought completely left him when Tasha

finally approached her closet. “WELL YOU TWO IT'S OBVIOUS THAT I CANT SEE BUT




BOYS!”, Tasha said. She shut the closet doors leaving Oliver and his lawyer

alone in darkness. Oliver was still face to face with the smelly insole of the

sandal of the other shoe. No escape and no break from the horrible stench at

all. Oliver and his lawyer was nothing more than insoles just being a sitting

duck to be worn again. He only had one thought with this….how disgusting.


Giantess Stories: Divorcing Tasha     Oliver was finally free

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