Giantess Stories: Dollhouse Blues

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Dollhouse Blues


By Littletoy


September 23, 2002, Hidden Valley High School.



day of the school year, 3:00 PM, ninth period. Mr. Ryan Wilson's Shop Class.






Montgomery, the captain of the Cheerleaders and arguably the most popular girls

in school, folded her arms across her ample chest and pouted. She tossed her

brown hair from side to side and stood her 5' 4” frame up off the chair and away

from the table. On which was spread out what appeared to be blueprints.



Allison Heath, another cheerleader, agreed.



can't we make something cool like a nightstand?” Kimberly Matthews suggested.



Piped Betsy Reynolds, Julies best friend, a stunning redhead who was the star of

the Field Hockey team.



can't believe we got stuck in Shop this year! This is SO for losers.” Said Sarah

Black. She got up and stood over the table, her slender 5' 9” frame towering a

few inches over the other girls.



at least its just the 5 of us and Mr. Wilson.”



up you girls a nightstand would only take a few weeks and we have all year. When

it's done you will thank me. I think this is going to really be Neat-O!”


“Did he

say Neat-O?”


“What a




here girls, get around the table and look at your project this year. I choose it

specially for you.”



hate it.”



then Julie you're the team leader in charge of making sure we are on schedule.”



why me/”


“Because I say so. I am the teacher and you have to do what I say.”



Mr. Wilsoooon.”



want some cheese with that whine?”




“But I

thought you gals would like building this.” That was not entirely true. Ryan

loved the idea of teaching a small class of hottie girls, and he got his wish.

The iron of these girls taking shop was not lost on him. They were only here

because they needed an elective to graduate, and home economics was closed out.

Almost all the shop students were in the morning class except for the five

girls. Ryan had seen the plans for a 1/12 scale model replica of a split-level

home on the internet. He decided that he would allow the girls to spend a lot of

time decorating the rooms and outfitting the house with furniture to scale.

There are even plans for wiring the house with electricity and plumbing by means

of a hose that extended out of the bottom of the house to a sink and faucet/



don't want to build a stupid dollhouse.” Snapped Allison in a nasty tone.



that's detention after school for the next week.”



can't make me I have cheerleader practice right Julie?”


“OK you

can come in before school then.”



fine be that way Ryan.“



me Mr. Wilson, OK Allison?”


December 5, 2002. Hidden Valley High School. 3:00 PM, ninth period. Mr. Ryan

Wilson's Shop Class.



house was starting to take shape quite nicely. The walls were up and the

dividers between the rooms were as well. The first and second floors were apart

next to each other on the big worktable. They would be joined together later on.



leaned far over the second floor, peering in to the little unfurnished bedroom.

She giggled to herself at how flimsy the walls felt under the pressure of her

fingertip. Julie slapped her hand away.



we haven't glued the wall in place yet.”



sorry, I guess I didn't know how flimsy it was.” She laughed and glanced over at

Betsy, who was having a hard time keeping her long red tresses from getting in

the way as she glued too pieces of wall together.



is such a waste of time. What good is this anyway? I'm too old to have a




not a dollhouse Betsy, it's a scale model of a real suburban dwelling.” Mr.

Wilson was always quick to correct Betsy in everything she said or did. She

hated the fact that it made her feel small sometimes.


“Whatever. We should have some dolls for it too.”



idea Betsy.” Allison said. 



15, 2002 3:00 PM, ninth period. Mr. Ryan Wilson's Shop Class.



the structure is completed. Girls you should be proud of yourselves you have

really accomplished something here.” Mr. Ryan said in congratulatory tones. The

girls were not impressed.


“Can we

go to the mall now that the stupid dollhouse is done?” Kimberly asked sweetly.



five of them peered through the tiny glass windows into the empty house. For the

first time all year their faces actually showed a spark of interest in their



“No you

can't go to the mall. It's not done yet Miss Matthews. The rest of the year you

will spend decorating the inside now that the outside is completed.”



if we don't want too?” Allison predictably challenged.



you can spend another week in detention Allison.”



that is SO unfair Mr. Wilson.”


“Oh, I

suppose I will let it go this time but you better be on your best behavior Miss

Heath.” Ryan turns his back on Allison, who sticks her tongue out at the teacher

behind his back.


A few

minutes later Sarah and Julie came up to Allison as opened the house in the

middle and looked inside. The house, roof and all, separated in the middle by

way of a hinged back for easy access.



know this is turning out to be kind of cool actually. Someone could almost live

in here with the plumbing and wiring.”





That would be cool!”  All three of them giggled to themselves as they headed out

the door.



rolled his eyes as the girls left without even saying goodbye to him.



was only 26 him self but being in the presence of these five hotties all the

time made him feel older. None of them showed him any kind of respect as a

teacher, and it was only through the constant threat of detention or flunking

his class that he was able to motivate them to actually accomplish something. He

was proud he could do so and decided that at the end of the year the girls would

have a drawing to see who kept the house for good.


May 30 

2003. Last day of the school year 2:00 PM Mr. Ryan Wilson's Shop Classroom.



It had

been done for a week now. The girls had completely done a great job finding

miniature furniture perfectly to scale, and had decorated the house tastefully

in realistic color patterns and window treatments. There was lighting, but they

never could get the plumbing to work properly. It was still a marvel, and the

whole school passed through to see it during the final week.



in just a half hour he would pull the prepared slips of paper out of the coffee

mug on the table next to the assembled house and reveal which of them got to

keep it. The girls had all agreed to this readily. They had gotten attached to

the project over the months and where they had hated the idea at first they all

grew fond of the house and loved re arranging the furniture time and time



He had

already told all of the girls, even Allison that they had earned an A for the

year. When he told them they all jumped up and down excitedly around him. Sarah

even leaned in and gave him a peck on the cheek.



had decided to put one more coating of shellac of the unpainted wood exterior

before the final class and the drawing. The shellac had gone on smoothly. It was

a new kind he had never tried before. Unfortunately he had failed to notice the

warnings inhaling the fumes until it had dried for an hour.


jumped up and sat on the table next to the house. The table shook under his

weight but held firm. He grabbed a brush and dipped a little shellac. He had

noticed a spot near the roof he had missed. He was leaning over the house from

the side when the powerful fumes hit him full on. He gagged as a puff of vapor

shot around his body. His eyes rolled back and the next thing he remembered was

looking up at the ceiling as he lay gasping on the table….


May 30 

2003 Last day of the school year 2:00 PM



Wilson woke up to a deafening ringing sound. He knew instantly what it was; the

last bell for the last period for the last day of the school year. He groaned as

he sat up and looked around. He was on a cold hard surface that stretched out

for what seemed like forever. The walls of his classroom seemed familiar, yes

strange too. Then he looked to his right and saw a really nice house, with

natural wood stain on the siding and two stories, only something was wrong. Then

he realized it. The house seemed split open down the middle as if sawed in half.

As he looked up at the structure he wondered who would build such a crazy house

and why. Then it struck him: It was the Model the girls had built! It was huge!

No, wait it wasn't huge at all, he was SMALL. Somehow the fumes from the drying

shellac had…had…SHRUNK him, and his clothing as well! The house looked to be a

full sized house now. Since the scale was around 1/12 he figured his height at

about only six inches!






sooner had he gotten to his feet and made several steps closer to the house than

the door to his classroom burst open and the girls piled in, laughing and

talking and obviously happy to be in the last class of their High School days at

Hidden Valley. Betsy and Kim and Sarah were all headed to Fresno State in the

fall, and Julie and Allison were both accepted to Stanford, where they hoped to

try out for the cheerleading squad together.


For a

brief second he thought about shouting for their attention, but then he thought

better of it. He didn't want to be seen by these giant girls, and besides maybe

the effect was only temporary. What to do….


As the

girls sauntered in lazily Ryan panicked at seeing their towering forms. He ran

as fast as his little legs could churn toward the house. The girls were heading

across the room straight toward the house. From his position on the table he

could see them looming closer, closer, ever larger, hips, waists and bosoms

filling his field of vision. He barely had time to admire Sara's exposed flat

belly (she had on a very short T-Shirt) as they were almost upon him. Ryan

dashed inside the dollhouse, as their heads were turned toward each other in

casual conversation. He managed to hop unto the house at the split. He was glad

he knew the floor plan so well. He headed right for the master bedroom on the

second floor. On the left side was a small closet with a real door.


Once in

the safety of the closet he turned to shut the door and saw Betsy's eager face

bending far over to look in on the ground level. Her face passed below Ryan's

line of sight and he could see the tangled hairs at the top of her head hover

and brush against the window of the master bedroom. In the far distance he could

see Allison, Julie, Kim and Sarah standing in front of the table.



can't believe this is it!”



the last class!”



and we aren't gonna do anything today but draw for the house.”



really don't want it.”






cool I guess but what good is it?”





could just dump it.”



don't want to hurt Mr. Wilson's feelings.” Said Sarah.


“Feelings? Gimme a break he's a shop teacher.”


“So? I

saw him reading a book the other day. It was kind of cute. At least he's not

gross and old like Mr. Bumford.”





then the drawing will be for who HAS to take it.”



his hideout in the closet Ryan sat in the dark, cowering and listening to the

booming thunder of their voices overhead. They were talking about him like he

wasn't even there! He had to remember that he really wasn't in the normal sense.

He was a doll, a toy, and an action figure. A tiny little palm sized man. It was

if he were in the presence of goddesses, only these goddesses were 17 and 18

year old high school students and appeared to be almost 60 feet tall. Their once

soft and feminine voices, enticing music to the ears, now pounded his brain to

the point where it was hard to concentrate on the words. Allison in particular

had kind of a soft slightly raspy voice that was somewhere between adorable and

annoying. Now it was just plain terrifying.  Then one of them brushed her arm

against the house accidentally and the half Ryan was in swung open a little

more, shaking the house and Ryan with it. He fell back to the floor of the




the fuck is that ‘tard? He's gonna make us wait on the last day of the year?”


“I am

SO out of here!”



There's a coffee mug with some paper in it. He wrote our names on slips of




for the drawing. I think I heard him tell me. I can't be sure I wasn't paying

any attention to him.” Kim brags.





In the

closet Ryan finally found enough courage to get up off the floor. He stood up

and slowly and carefully opened the closet door a tiny crack. Thru the dollhouse

window, the sight of a gigantic brown eye startled Ryan. It was staring right

back at him, blinking, long eyelashes fluttering as Julie peered in. He could

see strands of her hair falling just over her eyebrow. Ryan was sure he had been

seen, but the eye soon moved up and too the left, revealing a little at a time

Julie's cute face as it passed by the window. He quickly shut the door and

sighed in relief. She hadn't seen him.



not going to wait here forever. This is ridiculous.”



the tem minute rule is in effect.”



minute rule?”



if the teacher doesn't show up by ten minutes after the bell then class is

cancelled and the students don't' have to wait around.”



never heard that before Betsy.”



‘cause I made it up.”(Giggles)



should we do?”



get this over with.”


For the

next minute or so there is silence as the mug is shook up and the girls briefly

argue over who gets to pick the winning name. Finally Ryan hears Kim say she's

picking and there are no more protests. Then the sound of four losers squealing

in delight and one annoyed Allison making whining noises




“Hahaha, maybe your little sister will like it.”



15 she's not that little.”



we did put all that work into it. Seems a shame to just toss it.”


“Yeah I

guess. Help me carry this thing out Julie.


Ryan is

beside himself. He wanted to cry out for help but he was paralyzed with fear. He

was trapped! The house was going to Allison's house and he right along with it!

What would she do when she found him in the dollhouse?” Little sister?



thought were rudely interrupted by a jolting that threw him to the floor as

Allison pushed the two sides of the house together and locked them in place.

Another lurch as Allison and Julie slid their hands under the base of the house

on opposite ends and lifted. The house was bulky but not that heavy. As they

carried the house out of the classroom and down the hall to the school entrance

Ryan could hear the elated shouts and cheers of now gigantic young men and women

proclaiming the school out for the summer. 


As they

carried his prison out the front door and to Julie's mom's minivan he heard Kim

mention something about a party at her house and the other girls acknowledge

going. Once again he opened the door a crack and stared out across the bedroom

at the window. What he saw this time awed him. Not an eye or a face or long,

lush ropes of hair, but pressed up against the window a massive swell of flesh,

He could see the pile of flesh angle away from the window and change color from

red to flesh. Then he saw the pendant and realized he was staring at one of

Allison's impressively firm 34C cups pressed up against the window. Her breast

was so big it effectively blocked all light from entering the bedroom. He

shuddered when he realized that a girl's bosom was able to block the world from

his view. It reminded him of how tiny and insignificant he had become.



steady rocking of his house as the girls carried him to the car was stopped

abruptly as Julie fumbled with the keys. She unlocked the rear hatch of the

minivan and lifted it up, and then she and Allison carefully set the dollhouse

down so the front of the house was facing out the back of the van. Ryan looked

out once again from the closet. Up and away from the dollhouse Julie's rear end

hovered out in space. He stared at her ass she faced the other girls. Her long

tan legs extended out from her short shorts down well past his view. He could

make out Betsy's athletic form next to Julie and tall slender Sarah with her

close-cropped black hair was facing him directly. Not that she could see his

minute peering face from the tiny closet.



I'll see you guys tonight at the party.”






Sarah, bye Betsy, bye Kim. Later.”



suddenly saw the hatch crashing down on him with blinding speed. Julie closed

the hatch and walked around to the driver's side and got in. Allison got in on

the passenger side. The roar of the car drowned out their voices as Julie pulled

out of the High School parking lot for the last time. Ryan ran out of the closet

and down the stirs to the ground floor. If he could get out of the dollhouse he

could at least wait in the car under the seat and sneak out when the Julie's mom

went on errands or something.  He ran to the front door of the dollhouse and

jerked it open, only to be crushed at seeing the hatch of the minivan almost

flush with the front of the dollhouse. There wasn't even enough room to squeeze

out between the front of the house and the hatch. He was still trapped!

Dejected, he walked up the stairs and went back into the closet-hiding place. He

was going to be a doll in a dollhouse belonging to a giant girl in a world of

giants. He was six inches tall.


May 30 

2003  After School 4:30 PM


Ryan crept toward the second floor window again. Julie

and Allison had carried the house straight up to her room and set it down not on

the floor as he had hoped, but rather they had cleared off Allison's nightstand

and set the dollhouse on top of it next to her bed. The house was too big,

however, and it hung over on all sides. Ryan crept to the window and looked out

at the two giant teens as they sat on the bed and read magazines and watched TV.

For the next hour and a half the girls did nothing else. At one point Julie did

walk over to the dollhouse while Ryan was out of the closet. He had to hide back

against the wall next to the window as Julie bent over and peered into the

second floor window.


“It looks so comfy and cozy in there. I bet your sister

will end up breaking the furniture or something.”


“Yeah she's such an idiot sometimes.” Julie stood back

up, her small bosom catching the overhang of the dollhouse roof, causing the

house to shift on the nightstand. To Ryan it felt like a train derailment. He

fell to the floor and rolled over to near the king size doll bed was.


“Hey, Julie be careful, your boobs almost knocked the

house over.”


“Oops, sorry.” She peered back into the bedroom where

Ryan was. He had looked up to see the fabric of her T-Shirt descending. He

managed to stumble back into the closet just as her smooth neck came into view.

By the time her amused face was back in the window he was back in safety of his



After that the next hour was uneventful. Julie left

around 5:30 just as Stacy, Allison's little sister came home for dinner. Julie

went downstairs for dinner about 5:45 and for the next 45 minutes Ryan was alone

in his dollhouse. He dared not venture far from his hiding place as of yet he

was still terrified of his surroundings. Allison was a beautiful girl but

completely spoiled and headstrong. Could he depend on her for help?


May 30 

2003  After Dinner 6:30 PM



About 6:30 he heard the phone ring. Allison's heavy

footsteps got louder she burst into her room and grabbed the cordless phone from

the bed. Ryan could hear her talking and it sounded like she was making plans

for the evening. That at least would allow Ryan time to make some sort of plan.

He was trapped in a dollhouse 25 feet off the ground in a girl's bedroom. And

unless he could come up with something it was only a matter of time before he

became a permanent prisoner here.


Allison hung up the phone. She wasn't sure why but she

had the oddest feeling, that she was being observed. She knew that wasn't

possible as she stood next to the dollhouse and slid her shorts down her legs.

Maybe there was something creepy about the dollhouse, she thought. Maybe she

should get rid of it, try to sell it. She'd tell Stacy about it before she left

for the party.


Ryan could only look on in awe as miles and miles of tan

thigh in twin pillars swayed to and from before him. He looked up and followed

the curve of her rear up to the small of her back as she lifted the T-Shirt over

her head. Now from the window he could see her backside towering up in front of

him, her straight blond hair cascading down her shoulders over her upper back.

Then suddenly she turned and whipped the shirt out over the dollhouse,

effectively blocking out Ryan's world just has he could hear the clasp of her

bra being undone. He was going crazy but there was nothing he could do as he

heard Allison's footsteps leave the room for the bathroom. He heard the door

close and then the distant sound of water running. It seemed like Allison was in

the bathroom for hours, He thought. He was still disappointed at having his free

peep show cut off so suddenly. He could hear her moving around the room and back

to the bathroom and then back into the room again and again. Obviously she was

getting dressed to go out and was selecting outfits, makeup and stuff like that.

Ryan was itching to get a view of the now almost 60 foot Allison. He wanted

desperately to see that perfect cheerleader toned body but her shirt was

covering the entire front of his dollhouse where she had tossed it so casually.

By 7:30 she was out the door and the room went dark as she snapped off the



Ryan could hear her stop and talk to someone in the hall

on her way out. It was another female voice, softer and higher pitched, younger



“Allison can I borrow your glitter nail polish? Tori and

Christie are sleeping over tonight and I want to show my nails off. Pleaaaaaase?”


“Yeah just don't use it all up or you're buying me a new

bottle. It's in my nightstand drawer. Be careful of the model home I brought

home from school. You can look at it but don't break it ok?”


“Model home?”


“Yeah the one from Mr. Wilson's shop class. I won it.”


“Oh cool, you should have won Mr. Wilson too, he is such

a cutie!”


“Oh he is not. He's OLD! He's almost 26.”


“That's young enough to be cute. Bye Al”


“By Stace, see you later.”


“K. Bye.”


Ryan heard steps going down the stairs, getting more and

more distant. Then to his horror, he heard the door to Allison's room open up

and the light switch snap back on. Then footsteps, soft and steady, approaching

the dollhouse…


Dashing as fast as he could into the closet he slammed

the door shut behind him. The dollhouse shook violently as Stacy braced one hand

against it, trying to hold the perched dollhouse steady as she opened the

nightstand drawer underneath. Ryan heard the giant teen girl remark on how cool

looking the little house was as she rummaged through her older sister's drawer

looking for the nail polish, not even bothering to remove the shirt that still

partially covered the house. The Ryan was shaken once again as Stacy slammed the

drawer and quickly left, snapping off the light switch as she scurried out. Now

in total darkness, Ryan stumbled out of the closet and sat on the doll bed on

the other side of the room. Thankfully the bed was soft and the sheets were made

of real cloth. For the first time since he had first shrunk his world was quiet.

Had the electricity been turned on he might have explored the house but with the

lights off in Allison's room and her shirt draped over the windows it was black

as coal in the house. Ryan was still terrified beyond belief, but now finally

exhaustion took over. He flopped over on the bed and in minutes was sound



May 30  2003  Stacy's Sleepover 10:30 PM


Ryan was fast asleep for what seemed like days. In his

dreams he was a giant, grabbing whole handfuls of women and rubbing them all

over his enormous naked body. They were screaming in protest and he was laughing

maniacally. He saw a tiny Allison and Sarah at his feet and brought his foot

down on them without thought, sending a spurt of blood and guts in an

asymmetrical pattern from the sole of his foot. Whole populations trembled

before his enormousness. Armies and arsenals were powerless to stop his might.

From his towering height he could see halfway across the city, he was growing

bigger, bigger every second, 100 feet tall…500 feet tall…1000….5000…


He woke up suddenly just as the fabric of Allison's shirt

slid across the window as Stacy lifted it up and tossed it aside. His window was

suddenly uncovered before he could run to the closet. He looked out to see the

midsections of three females standing over the house.


“My sister is such a slob. Look at this.  It's a

miniature house. Allyson brought it home from her shop class”.


“Oh yeah Sarah told me about that. She said the teacher

was kind of cute but dorky.”


“Your sister has a crush on all the cute teachers.”


“Yeah, that's true Tori.”


“Allison says he thinks his shit doesn't stink for a shop



Ryan decided to take a chance. He ran to the closet door

before they had a chance to get any closer. He turned the knob and the door

didn't budge at all! It was stuck! He tried pushing and pulling frantically but

nothing would work.


“Look it opens in the middle. You can see the seam where

the two halves come apart.”


“Good eye Christie.”


“Where's the latch…here it is!”


Ryan had his back turned to the window, he was

frantically pounding and pushing in vain against the closet door. The sound of

the metal clasp made the hairs on the back of his neck stand straight up. A

shaft of light suddenly tore down the middle of the bedroom, getting wider and

wider as the two halves of the house separated and the floor of the room parted

in a chasm 40 feet deep and fifteen feet wide. Finally he turned around to face ¿Cómo saber si alguien te bloqueó en messenger? (Rapido y facil)

the inevitable. He had just been seen and was now at the mercy of giant young



“Hey! Look a doll.”


“Awww who put him in here?”


“He's a cutie.”


He looked up to see on either side of him pillar like

arms that stretched out on either side of him to the open halves of the house as

she opened up the dollhouse in the middle. The arms were attached to a young

female body that dwarfed him with its bulk and size, even though he was sure the

girl couldn't have been much taller than 5' 2”. 


Ryan could see it looked like a smaller version of

Allison. She had the same blond hair only she wore it in a pigtail. Her breasts

were small but firm. They pressed out against her Dallas Cowboys nightshirt.

Behind her were two more girls one on each side, roughly the same height and

age. One of them was rather slight, thin with long black hair, and the other was

shorter and heavier, though not fat by any means.


“Kind of funny looking for a doll” Tori, the skinny girl

with black hair said.


“He has the weirdest expression on his face:, said

Christine, “It's as if he were actually looking up at you Stacy.”


“Allyson must have put him in there for a joke.” She

extended her fingers toward the Ryan-doll standing by the closet door. At the

last minute he flinched and threw himself over the other side of the bed, just

narrowly missing Stacy' capturing fingers.








“He did not. You just knocked him over.”


“I did not he moved I tell you.”


In a flash Stacy's face was taking up the whole gap

between the two dollhouse halves. Her blue eyes sparkled as she peered in

excitedly at the little figure laying on the floor. He was so realistic looking

she could have snatched him up right then and there. Instead she gently extended

her index finder toward the little figure and gently poked it in the stomach.


Ryan tried his best to play dead as the three giant teens

peered in at him. This was the worst of all possible scenarios. Not only had he

been found, now he had to deal with three young girls instead of at least the

older Allyson.  He cringed as Stacy's once dainty index finger extended out

toward him. He could see the glitter in the nail polish as it pressed him in the

stomach a little. The pressure of her finger holding him down against the

dollhouse floor was terrifying. He was totally incapacitated by one finger. It

was the size of his leg. Finally after a few seconds she removed her hand. As

she did so he sprang to his feet and began moving his arms wildly shouting at

the top of his lungs.


“Girls please you've got

to help me!”


“Ohmigod! Ohmigod! Ohmigod! Did you hear it? Did you hear

it? It spoke!”


“Get out!”


“No he did I swear! You heard it didn't you Christie?”


All three girls now looked down into the second floor

bedroom in wonder. There standing to his feet was what appeared to be a living

person, a teeny tiny man. They could see his eyes dart back and forth and his

chest heaved with each excited breath. As they leaned close Ryan instinctively

flinched back against the wall. He could feel their breath as they leaned in

close, their eyes ablaze with wonder and curiosity.


“You girls get help!

Please can you hear me? Something terrible has happened to me!”


“I hear him now. But just barely. Listen to his voice,

its so squeaky!”


“Wow! Where did your sister get him?”


I can't believe this! How the fuck can a doll be alive?”


“Hey I'm no doll. I'm a



“Yeah, he is so Cooool!” Tori loomed close over Ryan; so

close her dark locks almost brushed his feet as she studied him.


“Now see here young lady,

she didn't ‘get' me. I was somehow shrunk in size so I hid in the house. I need

to get to a hospital. Can you get your sister for me? She can take me to the

emergency room.”


“Oh, she is at a big party with all the graduating

seniors. She probably won't be back till late.”


“She said we could check out the dollhouse, I assume she

meant you too!” (giggles)


“No, she doesn't even know

about me yet!


“And she may never!” Teased Christine. All three girls

broke out in laughter at that.


“Christie be nice. He was in my sister's dollhouse.”


“Well, I was just saying we could keep him a secret.”


“Miss megaphone keep a secret? As if.”


“I can too. I kept it secret that you and Jimmy Howard

did it.”




“Ewwww Stacy how could you? He so like, into himself”


“Thanks Christie, now the whole school knows.”


“We're done with school for the summer remember?”


“Well I don't even like him anymore.”


“I said please, help me

get to a hospital!”


“He wants us to help him.”


“But he's so tiny! The little thing is kind of adorable

in freaky way. He looks so frightened.”


“Yeah he's like a little doll!” (giggles)




“Hey this isn't funny! I'm

not some joke!”


“Well Allison isn't here to drive you anywhere little



“Oh no. Well can one of

you girls drive me then?”


“Sorry I don't get my learners permit till next month.

You stay with us until Allison gets back ok?”




Stacy and the other girls then stood back up straight.

Ryan stared up to see the girls smiling down at him over their chests. The teens

towered over Ryan, even though they were only 15 years old.


“Hey Stacy, lets take him out of there so we can see him

better.” Suggested Tori as she eyed the tiny Ryan with eager anticipation.


“Yeah, lets see him.”


“Ok. I'm going to take you out of there ok…do you have a

name little doll?”

”My name is Ryan Wilson and I am NOT a doll don't

you girls get it?”


“Alright Ryan let's get you out of there.”


“No way! You girls leave

me alone do you hear? Leave me alone until Allison gets back.”


“Nooooo you're cute and we like you like this. Don't

worry, we won't do anything will we?”


“Ummmm no…I guess not.”


“Yeah sure.”


“Get away from me NOW! I

am not some toy!”


“OK come here then.”


“I said NO!”


“Listen to him, Stacy. He thinks he is in control.”


“Ha ha ha ha ha. Control this then, little Ryan doll…”


Stacy's hand reached down into the dollhouse with blazing

speed. Ryan looked up to see her fingers extending toward him, and he glimpsed

the amused look on Stacy's cute face, high above. The next thing he knew he was

scooped up in her soft palm. The dollhouse dropped from view as Stacy's torso

loomed ever closer and closer. He got dizzy and queasy at the rate of ascent.

She brought him up to chest level as Christine and Tori closed ranks, their

massive young chests surrounding him on either side.


“Help! Please! Young lady

put me down! Put me down I say! Put me down at once do you hear! I did not give

you permission to hold me! Put me down right now! Put me down! Put me down! You

can't just pick me up like this it's not fair! PUT ME FUCKING DOWN I MEAN IT!!!



“Awwww, don't be afraid little doll. We just wanted to

see you.”


“Put me down!”


“He sure has a lot of demands for a little toy doll.”


“That's not nice Tori, He might have feelings.”


“I know some places he can feel.” (giggles)


“This is crazy! You girls

put me down and let me go do you hear!”


“But you're so little! You have to do whatever we say.”


“Yeah tiny people don't get to say where they can go or

do.” (giggle)


“Lets sit on the bed with him.”


“Yeah good idea.”


Stacy smiled down at her little captive even as her

fingers closed firmly around him. She brought him close against her bosom, which

seemed to thrust out to receive him. He began struggling and wiggling as she

walked over to the bed. His tiny legs kicked and churned from the bottom of her

clenched fist. She could see him moving his shoulders back and forth in a vain

attempt to free his arms from her constricting fingers. His puny struggles made

the girls laugh teasingly.

The room spun around wildly as he was handled. It was all

he could do to close his eyes and not pass out from the speed of her movements,

even though she was trying to be gentle and was walking slowly over to the bed.

At the bed she held him out in her outstretched fist, admiring his tiny form.

Then she gently set him down in the center of Allison's bed.


For Ryan It was an equally disturbing trip downward as

the little blonde girl set him on the bed. The surface seemed to come up to

greet him and he almost fell over as she opened her clenched fingers and

withdrew her hand.. He looked up to see the three young women hop up on the bed,

surrounding him from three sides.


“Just look at him!”


“He's sp tiny I can't believe he's real!”


“This is too cool. Come here you little man.”


The voice that said that was Tori's from behind him. He

had no time to turn around as Tori simply seized him up like a trinket. She was

fascinated at the tiny details of his flailing body as she plucked him up.


“Listen here miss! No

don't put me down put me down put me down! Let me go, girls tell your friend

here to put me down please.”


“You are so cute I may never put you down. I could just

eat you up mmmmm…”


Tori was having a blast. Here in her fingers was a real

tiny man! She held him so easily, pinching his little arms and legs with the

fingers of her free hand. She upended him for a minute and drew a gasp as his

little legs started churning  while pointed upward. Only inches from her face,

Ryan felt her minty breath wash over him. The sound of her teeth chewing the gum

in her mouth made him nauseous and scared.


“Now quit that kicking little thing. You can't get free

you hardly weigh anything. Be nice and let me look at you, I don't want to hurt

you, I just wanted to see you ok?”


Tori crushed him against her breasts, using her free hand

to stroke his still upside down body. Ryan sank into Tori's soft chest. He

smelled her scent, close to her skin as he was. Her fingertips pressed against

his back and rear, as he was held face first against Tori's chest. He felt

himself being righted and slid high against her smooth neck as she cuddled him

against her.


“You're like a pet. You and Allison are so lucky Stace.

Wait until Sarah sees him. She's gonna flip when she sees you doll.”


“The Sarah in my shop

class? Take me to her at once! She'll help me I know it. Put me down and call

her on the phone right away. Please this is embarrassing.”


“She's not at home silly she's at the party with Allison.



“Stop hogging him Tori.”


“I am not. He likes me.”


“So that's why he tries to get away from you?”


“He does not. Do you little dolly?”


Tori closed him in a tight fist and held him out at arms

length, squeezing him as hard as she dared to suppress his struggles against

her. Christine giggled at her friends' obvious attempt to make it look like it

was the truth. She quickly snatched little Ryan away from Tori's grasp into her



To Ryan the great pressure of Tori's fist was eased only

to be followed by another jolt of tremendous pressure as he was slammed into

Christine's palm. Her fingers curled then encircled his body like a boa

constrictor and he felt a tug of gravity as she pulled him close against her

bare stomach. The plop of his flesh hitting hers made kind of a quiet tiny echo

throughout the room. The girls all laughed as they heard it. The only other

sounds in the room were Ryan's continued and unheeded protests.


“Dammit- Ooof!”

Ryan squeaked as he was slammed against Christine's firm tummy. Her fist opened

up and spread out, trapping him between her now opened palm and fingers and her



“Careful with the doll Christine. He looks so breakable

held against your tummy.”


“Don't worry Stacy I won't hurt him. It's OK there little

man, I won't bite ya!”


“But you are hurting me.

You slammed me against your stomach so damn hard I'm all bruised. You don't know

your own strength now. You say you girls are fifteen? You're more powerful then

any thousand men to me. Now you listen here, young lady, you are not to treat me

this way, do you understand? You are not to toy with me like this, none of you.

Now put me down at once and“


Christine brought him up to her face again, her fingers

holding him in her fist once again, only gentler this time. Her free hand came

up to stroke the little tuft of hair on his tiny hair. She was absentmindedly

mussing his hair up and then smoothing it out again and again. Ryan was

intimidated. Her open mouth was only a few feet away. Her moist lips were in a

pout. Another equally intimidating sight just a few feet below was her ample

breast pushing out from her short cutoff T-Shirt. To Ryan it seemed that If she

were let go her grip on him that he's be saved from sure death by the shelf of

soft flesh below.


“Oh, stop the more you protest the cuter you make

yourself. I thought we told you, you have to stay with us and be our little doll

man. It must be scary to see be in a world where everything is so big but you'll

see it won't be so bad, poor little thing. Oops!”




Ryan's cry reverberated through out the room as Christine

suddenly had let go of him, allowing him to fall straight down her shirt. She

pulled away from her at the opening for her neck and he dropped straight

through. He felt her breasts come up fast on either side of him, slowing his

decent and then stopping if completely when he was wedged up to his shoulders.

His legs hung helplessly underneath her breasts. The fabric of her shirt covered

his view, no matter how far back he craned his neck upward he couldn't see

through the neck hole.


“Christine that is so mean. You might scare him to



“I think suffocation is more likely Tori.”


“You couldn't suffocate a flea in those B cups



“You should talk, You probably don't even wear a bra your

tits are so tiny.”


“I do so. It's a Playtex cross your heart bra for junior

misses. I'm just not wearing it now.”


“Well you cracked on my boobs first.”


“Did not!”


“Did too bitch.”


“Stacy tell her to stop. She's being mean.”


“She started it.”


“I don't give a shit. Take him out of there and give



“But he hasn't touched my nipples yet.”


“I don't care give him back he is mine and Allison's.”


“Girls please stop

fighting over me! I am not anybody's. Get me out of here right now. Please take

me out! Put me down and let me go!”


“Here take him I guess Stacy.”


Stacy reached into Christine's shirt and pulled him out.

She held him up high overhead, watching him struggle as her friends looked on.


“Please you put me down

I'm afraid of heights!”


Just then the girls heads turned at the sound of

Allison's door opening, In walked Allison and Sarah. Tori said hi to her older

sister as the girls entered.


“Allison I thought you were going to be at the party.”


“I forgot my purse so Sarah and I came back for it. Hi

Tori hi Christine.”


“Hi Allison”


Ryan blanched at the sight of a giant Sarah and Allison

announcing their presence and striding in. He almost passed out as Stacy swung

him down and out toward he older sister. She held him out in front of her from

her place on the bed.


“You were right the model house was cool Allison. Look

what we found inside. He is sooo awesome isn't he?”


Sarah dropped her purse to the floor in shock as she

spotted the tiny figure dangling between the 15 year olds thumb and forefinger.

I was Mr. Wilson, her shop teacher!




Allison froze as her eyes caught the sight of her

helpless shop teacher.


“Oh my god Allison, Sarah

thank god you're here. Please help me I got shrunk today and was in the

dollhouse and I need to get to an emergency room pronto but your sister and her

friends won't put me down they won't let me go. Please Allison, Sarah tell them

to let go of me! Tell them to put me down! Help me! Please.”


Allison was absolutely amazed at the tiny sounds coming

from the equally amazing sight of her teacher dangling from her younger sister



“Mr…Wilson?” She gingerly took a step toward the bed.


“It's me Allison, you've

got to help me please. I got shrunk somehow and trapped in the model house. Your

sister and her friends found me, I've got to find a way to get back to normal.”


“Humph. After al that detention you gave now you want my

help? Maybe I should leave you with my sister permanently.”


“No please don't I'm sorry

for the detentions. I did give you an A remember?”


“Oh yeah I suppose you did. Still you made us build your

stupid dollhouse so I don't see why you shouldn't have to live in it forever.”

Dollhouse Blues, Part Two


Copyright 2002 littletoy


May 30 2003 Allison and Sarah stop back 11:00 PM


Sarah dropped her purse to the floor in shock as she

spotted the tiny figure dangling between the 15 year olds thumb and forefinger.

I was Mr. Wilson, her shop teacher!




Allison froze as her eyes caught the sight of her

helpless shop teacher.


“Oh my god Allison, Sarah

thank god you're here. Please help me I got shrunk today and was in the

dollhouse and I need to get to an emergency room pronto but your sister and her

friends won't put me down they won't let me go. Please Allison, Sarah tell them

to let go of me! Tell them to put me down! Help me! Please.”


Allison was absolutely amazed at the tiny sounds coming

from the equally amazing sight of her teacher dangling from her younger sister



“Mr…Wilson?” She gingerly took a step toward the bed.


“It's me Allison, you've

got to help me please. I got shrunk somehow and trapped in the model house. Your

sister and her friends found me, I've got to find a way to get back to normal.”


“Humph. After al that detention you gave now you want my

help? Maybe I should leave you with my sister permanently.”


“No please don't I'm sorry

for the detentions. I did give you an A remember?”


“Oh yeah I suppose you did. Still you made us build your

stupid dollhouse so I don't see why you shouldn't have to live in it forever.”


“Allison, stop being so mean to him. Can't you see he

needs our help?”


“Figures, Sarah, you always did have a crush on him.”


“I did not. Leave him alone the poor thing.”


Allison was about to snatch the shop teacher away from

her little sister, but Sara, quickly stepped forward and grabbed Mr. Wilson

first.  Her long slender fingers quickly wrapped around his midsection,

squeezing him firmly in her grasp. Again he kicked and fought with all his might

but the young women only smirked in amusement at his struggles. She held him up

to her face her lips parted in amazement at the figure in her clutch. He really

was Mr. Wilson; only how tiny he was now!


“Please Sarah, help me

please god help me. You've got to help me get to a hospital! Sarah, no! You're

squeezing me please!”


“Oh Mr. Wilson is it really you? You're so small! I can

hardly hear you your voice is so soft. And I can barely feel you in my hand, you

weight like nothing.”

Allison was standing next to Sarah smiling down

triumphantly at her former teacher. She wondered what they should do with him.

Her sister and her friends were crowded around her friend, reaching out to grab

him from Sarah's grasp. Sarah however wasn't having any of it.


“You girls leave him alone, you scared him already.”


“We did not. We found him and were just playing with

him.” Tori defiantly said to her older sister.


“Sarah please take me away

from them please.”


“It's ok Mr. Wilson, you're safe now, isn't he Allison?

We promise not to hurt you don't we?”


“Speak for yourself. I say we flush the little shit!”


“What? NO!”


“Heh just kidding little guy. You're too cool to flush/”


“Allison! Stop teasing him I swear you are so mean



“I am not. He gave me a detention. Remember?”


“SO?” Sarah instinctively brought the little man against

her slender torso. She had on a knee length thin black coat, open in the middle

to reveal her black belly shirt and blue jeans. Ryan could feel her small but

nicely shaped and firm B cups press against his back as she hugged him like a

stuffed teddy bear against the expanse of her chest.


“Look Sarah he makes your breasts huge in comparison!”

Giggled Stacy.


“Like you should talk girl.”


“Yes but I'm younger than you. When I'm your age they'll

be bigger right Allison?” Replied Stacy.


“My breasts are now the biggest in the world.” Coos

Sarah, looking down at the tiny figure buried between her hands and her bosom.

It was only if she concentrated on it that she could feel his tiny struggles

against her young slender torso.


Ryan looked around from his position hugged to Sarah's

chest. The soon to be college freshman was practically squeezing the air from

his lungs she was holding him so tightly. He could see the smirking face of

Allyson just above him, laughing at his predicament. The three younger girls

also were close, their fingers reaching in periodically to poke and prod his

tiny wriggling figure. For several minutes the room was again silent save for

his screams and their giggling response.


“Hey I almost forgot the party!” Said Allison.


“How can we go now?” Replies Sarah.


“Leave him with us, we'll take care of him!” Offers

Stacy, Tory, and Christine in unison.


“Sorry, Mr. Wilson belongs to us.” Asserted Allison.


“We found him.”


“In MY dollhouse.”


“He can come with us to the party Allison.”


“Yeah, good idea Sarah.”




Suddenly Stacy reached forward and plucked the little man

from Sarah's embrace. He gave out a tiny yelp at the swiftness with which he was

snatched up. Stacy held him aloft out of Sarah's desperate reach, high over her

head. Not high enough however.


“Dammit Stacy! Let go you'll hurt him!”


In a flash Stacy felt the tiny teacher removed from her

hand, then she was pushed down on the bed as Allison grabbed him away from her

little sister. Stacy got off the bed and bolted out of the room sobbing, Tory

and Christine in tow trying to console her. The there was the sound of a door

slamming down the hall, and Ryan was left alone in the presence of the two

smiling 18 year olds. For the first time Allison held his struggling, kicking

form up to her excited face. Her fingers constricted slightly around his middle

and he hovered uneasily in front of her.


“Well now Mr. Wilson, you seem to need our help. Come

with us to the party and well protect you. Later you can go back in your little

house and sleep, ok? I bet when you had us build that dollhouse you never

thought you'd be an occupant huh?”


“Please Allison, put me

down!  Help! I don't want to go to a party like this!”


“But it'll be fun. There'll be beer and music and boys



“Allison are you sure it'll be alright?” 


“Why not? Why don't you give Mr. Wilson a ride to the

party in your coat pocked Sarah?”


Ryan felt like a trinket as he was handed nonchalantly to

Sarah. Once again he felt one set of fingers loosen their grip on his torso just

as another set tightened theirs. Sarah held him in front of her lips and

regarded him. He was begging, pleading, demanding to be put down, but she paid

no mind to that. He seemed so easy to posses like this. She could get used to



“Where are you girls

taking me?”


“We told you. To a party. Now be a good doll and stay

quiet ok? You can ride with me little doll. I'll carry you in here…”


Against his protests she pulled the left side of her coat

away from her. She gently lowered him into the inside pocket, amused at how

nicely he fit, the top of his head just under the lip of the pocket. He looked

up forlornly at her from inside the pocket, the black cloth of the coat making

him seen lost in shadow.


“You look so cute in there! It's like you were made to

fit in my pocket you cute little thing.”


“Let me out.”


The light of the room soon was blotted out as Sarah swung

the coat back against her. Her bosom quickly filled the opening, eclipsing the

light, then smothered him in its soft firmness. He felt shaking thuds as Sarah

and Allison headed downstairs and out the door. As they headed down the stairs

Ryan felt the pressure of Sarah's open palm against his back, pushing him face

first against her breast. There was room for him to breathe as long as he kept

his head to his side, but otherwise the black-haired 5' 9” slender beauty

effectively immobilized him. He felt a severe lurch as she got in the drivers

seat of her car. Then the engine started and the vibrations were transferred

from Sarah's breast to his body. He felt her nipple becoming erect right next to

where his face was. He tried to reach for it but his arms were pinned down by

the side of her jacket stretched against his back. Ryan sighed and pressed his

face deep into her soft breast. At least he could try to enjoy the ride…


May 30 2003 11:12 PM The Graduation Party


When Allison and Sarah got back to the party it was in

full swing. There must have been several hundred people there; graduating

students, parents, a few teachers even. The party was at Rory Stillwell's

parents house. Rory was class president and one of the most popular young women

at school. As a reward for having a straight 4.0 GPA and getting into Stanford,

her parents let


Giantess Stories: Dollhouse Blues

day of the school year, 3:00 PM, ninth period. Mr. Ryan Wilson's Shop Class. First First     September 23, 2002, Hidden Valley High School. September 23, 2



Giantess Stories: Dollhouse Blues

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