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Don't Mess with Grandma

Setup: two young pranksters have shrunk themselves to 4 inches tall, and using

two tiny helicopters, are wreaking havoc on their babysitter, who is the

grandmother of one of the youngsters, Timmy. She is a young grandmother in her


xxxxx: Timmy is having a ball. He yells over to Bobby as they laugh at the mad

look on Grandma's face

yyyyy: with bobby in the lead, they make a pass at grandma, bobby spits into her


yyyyy: hehe

xxxxx: 'Hey Bobby, my turn I want to do that too....hehe'

xxxxx: Grandma is a petite woman, she has very dark hair, as she colors it to

hide those pesky grey's as she says.

xxxxx: She tends to wear a little too much makeup...and today has bright blue

eye shadow on

yyyyy: (long hair, what is she wearing, and how is her skin toned)

yyyyy: (neat description, sue)

xxxxx: Her dark red lips are pursed together in a frown, her medium skin tone is

a little redder at the moment since she is angry with the boys

xxxxx: her hair is cut rather short and curly

yyyyy: timmy zooms in and drops a spit ball on grandma's hair, 'direct hit' he


xxxxx: and she is a little plump, with really large breats

yyyyy: (I love it)

xxxxx: Bobby yells 'Woooo hoooo! Good one man'

yyyyy: (how is she dressed, fingernails painted?)

yyyyy: (by the way, sue when you get to eating part, feel free to chew)

xxxxx: She swatts at the boys as they fly by, with her dark red fingernails that

match her lipstick. She has on a tank top and pair of shorts, and is barefoot

xxxxx: (ok sweetie...hehe)

yyyyy: timmy notices a sputtering sound coming from bobby;s chopper

xxxxx: 'whats the matter Bobby? what's happening?'

yyyyy: (this is soo cool, sue)

xxxxx: Bobby's plain starts to take a nose dive right towards grandmas

chest....the tank top is cut low and her cleavage is a perfect cusion for his


yyyyy: timmy hovers in the air nervously

xxxxx: Grandma jumps and looks down at the small boy situated right between her

large breats and smiles for the first time since the boys started the annoying


yyyyy: by the way both boys are wearing jeans, tshirts and sneakers, for the

moment, hehe)

xxxxx: Bobby looks up at Timmy in horror and yells do something!

xxxxx: Timmy is too scared to help, and stays safely at a distance

yyyyy: (great stuff, sue)

yyyyy: (is grandma braless?)

xxxxx: Grandma brings her hand up and grabs Bobby by the back of the shirt, in

between her thumb and first finger and brings him up to eye level

xxxxx: (yes she is braless)

xxxxx: You my little friend just made a very big mistake, she giggles

yyyyy: miss smith, please let me go

xxxxx: Oh no no.....where is the fun in that...I'm going to teach both of you

boys a lessen. You should torment your elders like this, you know

yyyyy: granmda, he is very sorry, timmy stammers

xxxxx: I always thought you were such a sweet boy Bobby, guess Timmy's bad

influence got the best of you

yyyyy: timmy, check his fuel gauge and notices he has plenty of gas, bobbby must

have forget to refuel

xxxxx: Timmy yes, he IS going to be VERY sorry.

yyyyy: (I love the sweetness in grandma as she prepares this punishment)

xxxxx: And you should be very sorry for getting your little friend into so much


yyyyy: (does bobby kick his little legs?)

xxxxx: (yes he does)

xxxxx: Grandma has been oblivious to this, until now

yyyyy: are you going to spank him, grandma, timmy asks nervously

xxxxx: Bobby, stop that kicking. Everything will be just fine, once the

punishment is over, you won't have anything more to worry about

xxxxx: why yes Timmy I am going to spank him....but as you know I have to do it

bare bobby lets get you out of those jeans

yyyyy: miss smith nooo, bobby pleads

xxxxx: With a little flick of her long fingernail the jeans come unsnapped, and

she tugs at the pant leg until they slide right off

yyyyy: (could you use a kitchen implement for spanking and also drape bobby over

grandma's legs)

xxxxx: oh what cute little undies you have on...those are superman aren't

they...she laughs as she works them down

yyyyy: can, I keep my underpanst on, miss smithh

xxxxx: nope sorry sweetie

yyyyy: bobby is blushing furiously and hoping grandma does touch him too much

xxxxx: now lets see, I need to grab something here...she walks into the kitchen

and back out very quickly, with a wooden spoon

yyyyy: (still dangling bobby now ?)

xxxxx: yes

yyyyy: booby looks nervously at the spoon

xxxxx: Grandma sits down and puts Bobby face down on her leg

xxxxx: he notices how her skin is shiny and little oily, and that it feels so


yyyyy: (describe grandma's legs)

yyyyy: lol, thanks

xxxxx: It feels very good against his skin, and he can't keep his cock from

getting a little hard too


yyyyy: timmy buzzes around not knowing what to do for his friend

yyyyy: (is bobby completely naked)

xxxxx: Grandma positions the back of the spoon right against his little tushy

xxxxx: (no still has his shirt and socks on

yyyyy: (mmm, more humiliating)

xxxxx: Bobby you are going to get 5 licks with this spoon, 4 for the flight

session....and 1 for feeling something poking against my leg....she can't help

but bad little boy

yyyyy: bobby is morfified

xxxxx: Bobby is suprised how much the first one stings, and is so embarassed

that she noticed his little cock, he burries his face against her leg...wishing

it would be overwith..nothing could be worse than this, he thinks to himself

yyyyy: timmy feels a sense of hope that bobby is just getting 5 spanks, and

expects him to be up in his helicopter soon

xxxxx: The next three hits are a little bit quicker...pop pop pop

xxxxx: Then the last one, she really lets him have it. whop!

yyyyy: (did I ask, are grandma's legs pale?)

xxxxx: She is a medium brown as she is out in the sun a lot, gardening and such,

and loves to go fishing

yyyyy: bobby is almost sobbing but he remains brave, and a 'that wasn't so bad

look comes over his face)

xxxxx: Bobby's little tushy is very red and sore now, but he doesn't want to

show that it got to him

yyyyy: can I have my pants back now, bobby ask a little rudely

xxxxx: Grandma stands him up on the coffee table....look how silly you look in

your little shirt and socks and nothing covering that little cock, which is

still hard I might add...and no you may not have your pants back, do not be rude

little boy.

xxxxx: We are not through yet

yyyyy: bobby covers his privates

yyyyy: 'grandma, that was quite a punishment, can't bobby go free now? ask timmy

xxxxx: awwwwww what's the matter, are you embarassed...she laughs as she pokes

his stomach and sends him sprawling back onto his sore rear end, exposing the

tiny little cock once again

xxxxx: No Timmy we are not finished yet. Bobby's punishment has only just begun

yyyyy: bobby helplessly remains seated on the cold coffee table

xxxxx: Why don't you fly into the kitchen with us, she wraps her

whole hand around Bobby's little body and begins to walk there herself.

yyyyy: timmy follows very nervously

xxxxx: Bobby is mortified to feel his little cock bouncing up and down as it

hits the bottom of her hand everytime she takes a step

yyyyy: (how do grandma's hands feel)

xxxxx: grandma's hands feel kind of warm, and are very soft, they are very

tightly wrapped around his little body

yyyyy: (very nice, sue, very nice)

xxxxx: Now lets see, I need to get supper on for you boys, and send some home

with your mother when she gets here too

yyyyy: bobby wonders why he is not getting his pants back

xxxxx: She sets Bobby down on the counter and gets some ground beef

out....onions....kidney beans...and such

xxxxx: Timmy is watching from his safe distance....oooh Grandma is going to make

her yummy chili....I just love her chili...his mouth starts to water

yyyyy: (can you make it a very thick chilly, sue)

xxxxx: Grandma gets out a frying pan, and begins to cook the ground beef

xxxxx: (sure sweetie)

yyyyy: timmy flies over to bobby's pants, picks them up and then drops them next

to bobby who begins to put them on

xxxxx: Grandma's chili is almost like a johny marzetti as she even puts macaroni

noodles in it too...that's why Timmy loves it so much....sometimes she puts in

the funny shaped ones, he hopes she does that this time

xxxxx: Grandma doesn't notice at first as she stirs the ground beef and then

drains the grease

yyyyy: (neat)

xxxxx: She gets out a big pot and fills it with water and dumps in some noodles

to cook

xxxxx: as she turns around she sees that Bobby has put on his pants....'hey! who

said you could do that'

xxxxx: what am I going to do with you?

xxxxx: she picks him back up between her fingers just like the first time and

works them back off again. she then flicks that little cock with her

finger.....what a bad little boy you are

yyyyy: (she lets him keep his shirt on?)

xxxxx: (not anymore...hehe)

xxxxx: just for that I want everything it now or I'll flick your cock

again...and harder this time

yyyyy: bobby races to pull them all off

yyyyy: grandma, you are embarassing him, shouts timmy

xxxxx: grandma smiles...that's better sweetie...thank you

xxxxx: oh you hush...i don't see you coming down here to help him...wanting to

save your own butt, and willing to sacrifice your friend's huh?

yyyyy: (sue, you'll finish right, even if we go a bit over?)

xxxxx: yes sweetie

yyyyy: timmy remains in the air

xxxxx: uh huh...that's what I thought Everything about nails and manicure products Nails Trends

xxxxx: She turns back to her cooking now, after setting Bobby back onto the cold


xxxxx: She takes a big pot and dumps all the ingredients into it now

xxxxx: stirring with the same wooden spoon she spanked bobby with

yyyyy: bobby looks up at grandma, why do I have to be naked, miss smith?

xxxxx: She stops and looks at Bobby for a second and then turns back to her

cooking ignoring his question

yyyyy: (is bobby sitting on the counter? hows so)

xxxxx: He sits down indian style and he has gotten tired of standing there

yyyyy: (cool)

xxxxx: the cold feels good on his sore butt

xxxxx: Timmy is salavating at the smells coming from the stove

xxxxx: but is disapointed when he sees the noodles aren't the funny shaped ones

just the boring regular ones...and he lets grandma know it

xxxxx: oh but Timmy this is going to have something even better in it...hehe

xxxxx: she says

xxxxx: Timmy wonders what in the world she could be talking about

yyyyy: (so cool)

xxxxx: She's already got all the things she normally puts in

xxxxx: She puts down the spoon for a second and turns to look at Bobby and claps

her hands, and smiles...ok bobby now's where I need you

yyyyy: bobby looks confused

xxxxx: here hop into my hand sweetie

xxxxx: Bobby does as he is told...he has to admit he is starting to get a little

hungry and is hoping she is going to set him at the table and get him a does smell scrumptious

xxxxx: but instead she positions her hand right above the thick chili and drops

Bobby right in the middle of the pot

xxxxx: there you go...that's going to be just perfect...hehe

yyyyy: (mmm, does he sink or try to tread water?

xxxxx: It is so thick that he kind of sits on top of the noodles and chunks of

beef...but grandma takes the spoon and works it around

yyyyy: grandma, yells timmy, why did you put bobby into the chilli?

xxxxx: covering his little naked body with the mixture

xxxxx: Grandma now ignores Timmy too entranced in what is going on in the

pot....I am so hungry she says to herself...time to eat..hehe

xxxxx: she gets a bowl and spoon some of the thick mixture into the bowl, and

makes sure to get bobby as well and drops him into her bowl

yyyyy: (mmmm)

xxxxx: she walks over to the kitchen time for the taste

too bobby take a little bite and tell me what you think

yyyyy: miss smith exlaims bobbym is this how you want me to eat supper, he

giggles nervousluy

xxxxx: she dips the spoon in and draws it up to her mouth

xxxxx: yes bobby isn't it fun...she giggles

yyyyy: bobby nervously takes a bite

xxxxx: wow this is delicious he says

yyyyy: I am sorry I spit in your hair, miss smith

xxxxx: I'm so glad you like it sweetie...and eat a bunch now hun...cause i bet

you're going to taste even better with that in your belly....hehe

xxxxx: oh that's alright sweetie....I know its all Timmy's've always

been such a sweet boy...but i'm afraid its too late now

yyyyy: bobby stops as he ponders grandma's words

xxxxx: as she scoops him up with the spoon

yyyyy: you mean, you are going to eat me, miss smith?

xxxxx: why yes bobby I am....and with that she plops him into her mouth

yyyyy: grandma, you can't eat my friend

xxxxx: she begins to chew him up, working him slowly between her teeth

xxxxx: mmmmmm Bobby you taste suprisingly good sweetheart

yyyyy: can we play for 15 more minutes and try to finish, sue?)

xxxxx: she swallows....Timmy you don't know what you are missing....I think this

is my best batch yet

xxxxx: sure sweetie

yyyyy: (I can't wait to see how she captures timmy)

xxxxx: I need to run to the bathroom sweetie....I'll be back in a minute

yyyyy: mommy will be home soon, grandma, I will tell her everything

yyyyy: ok

xxxxx: Timmy's little stomach is growling...he peeks around the corner and

doesn't see her...maybe I could just pop down for a couple of bites and be back

up in the air before she even gets back

xxxxx: with that he lands on the table and walks over to the bowl. He is

thinking about poor bobby and eating away as he feels a netting come down over


xxxxx: hey what the?

yyyyy: (nice work)

xxxxx: Grandma giggles....I never was very good at catching butterflies but it

sure worked on you....I knew you couldn't resist my chili

yyyyy: mommy will save me, you meanie

xxxxx: you think so do you?

xxxxx: we shall see about that

xxxxx: but I think that its time you took your place sweetie...she grabs him and

undresses him just like she did bobby

yyyyy: hey, stop

xxxxx: what a naughty little boy you are...letting your friend get eaten all up,

and just staying nice and safe from the air

yyyyy: but he put me up to it, grandma, I swear

xxxxx: She walks over to the stove and lets Timmy plop right down in....your

mother is going to be nice and hungry when she gets here...I bet she'll have to

eat here instead of taking it home with her

yyyyy: (is timmy in the chilli now?

xxxxx: awww Timmy that's too bad....but you still shouldn't have let him take

all the blame you were doing it just like he was

xxxxx: (yes he is)

xxxxx: Grandma stirs him up and turns up the heat a little

xxxxx: he is completely immersed up to his neck

xxxxx: he can even feel the stuff between his butt cheeks

yyyyy: (nice)

xxxxx: ewww grandma I like to eat the stuff not be drowned in it

xxxxx: she just stay right there....not that you can get out

anyway...I'm going to finish my dinner

xxxxx: she goes back over to her bowl

xxxxx: and finishes....mmmmmm yes I outdid myself this time

yyyyy: timmy hears the door, and sighs a sigh of relief, his mom

xxxxx: oh! We are in here...she yells

xxxxx: Mommy asks how the boys were and timmy can hear them whispering but

doesn't know what is being said

yyyyy: mommy, I am in here, timmy screams

xxxxx: Mommy goes over to the stove and peers down at her little boy

xxxxx: Why Timmy how in the world did you get in there?

yyyyy: thanks god you are here, mommy

xxxxx: awwwww you poor thing

yyyyy: grandma ate bobby

yyyyy: (tell me about mommy)

xxxxx: well then its a good thing i got here when I did huh?

yyyyy: yes, he nods

xxxxx: Mommy is very pretty with blonde hair and blue eyes very skinny since she

works out a lot...she was at the gym today and her hair is pulled up into a pony

tail...she is very young looking and he sees her get hit on all the time

xxxxx: she's not wearing any makeup but she doesn't need it anyway

yyyyy: (how is she dressed)

xxxxx: she's got on a tank top as well and tight spandex shorts

yyyyy: timmy reaches out a tiny hand to mommy

yyyyy: (I bet she kicked her shoes off to get comfy)

xxxxx: awwwwww here sweetie let me help you out

xxxxx: (yes she did...esp since she is staying for dinner now)

yyyyy: (is mommy tanned)

xxxxx: she grabs his little hand and lifts him up and he is shocked to see the

bowl in her other hand

xxxxx: yes she is...she likes the sun just like her mom does

xxxxx: she lets him fall right into the bowl

yyyyy: (I'll let you finish, mmm)

xxxxx: awww I don't want you to get cold sweetheart...let me add some chili to

the bowl

xxxxx: she covers him with the thick mixture covering him...even his face is

burried for a minute

yyyyy: mommy, you won't eat me will you?

xxxxx: she takes the spoon and mushes the stuff in between his legs and around

his little exposed cock

xxxxx: why sweetie....mommy is very hungry and mom told me how good bobby

was....and besides you've been so bad need to be taught a final

lesson...once and for all

yyyyy: you can;t eat your son though

xxxxx: she carries the bowl over to the table and sits down. Grandma tells her

Bobby tasted even better because he ate some of the chili before she ate him

xxxxx: why of course I can sweetie...who better to eat you all up then me?

xxxxx: now why don't you enjoy some more youself

xxxxx: grandma told me you had a little until she interrupted you

yyyyy: you just want me to be more tasty, no fair

xxxxx: yes sweetie...but hey it is your favorite dish and this is the last time

you will be able to eat it

xxxxx: why not enjoy it?

yyyyy: (how is mommy sitting, does she play at all with her feet?)

xxxxx: yes she is sitting with her legs crossed at the table and has the leg of

the table between her toes

xxxxx: working it up and down

yyyyy: reluctantly timmy scoops up some chilli and eats it, but some gets on his

lil face

xxxxx: mommy're such a messy little boy aren't you...don't worry

I'll clean you up

xxxxx: she scoops him up with the spoon and sticks out her tongue and licks it

off of his face

xxxxx: mmmmmm

yyyyy: (does mommy smell in any way, her breath? not bad though)

xxxxx: I can't wait any see how my rotten little boy

tastes...hopefully better than he acts...her and grandma timmy smells

the navy perfume she put on after her shower at the gym and her breath smells

like the chili she's been eating and is hot on his skin

xxxxx: she opens her mouth wide and slides timmy right in

yyyyy: mommy, he cries

xxxxx: mmmmmmmm she chews him up nice and slow savoring the taste

xxxxx: I know baby...I hate to do this...but you must learn your lesson

yyyyy: (can she say somthing smart to grandma)

xxxxx: but mmmmmmm you taste so good

xxxxx: she looks at grandma as timmy makes his way down to her belly....guess

those boys won't be disrespectful to there elders any more....and they both fall

into a fit of laughter


Giantess Stories: Don

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