Giantess Stories: Double Trouble from Twins  by  Rally Champion  The group of 20 people had finally decided to confront the two teenage girls who lived

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Double Trouble from Twins


Rally Champion

The group of 20 people had finally decided to confront the two teenage girls who

lived at the top of the hill. They were sure that they, who's names they didn't

know, had lured many of the village's men to their death. The teenagers had come

to the village two weeks earlier. And since then men from the village had been


The group who now travelled up the hill to the old mansion had each been a

witness of some sort. Each one had there own story but they all were very

similar. Each one reported seeing 2 beautiful teenage girls who they had never

seen before approach a man from the village. The man would seem to go into a

trance and follow them out of the village and up the hill to an old house.

When the women of the village found out that the men who left never came back,

they got together and enlisted the aid of the remaining men of the village.

Each time they tried to enlist help they were laughed at. Each and every man in

town thought it was all a big joke. The women of the village, on the other hand,

knew something was not right. After several meetings among only the town's

women, they came to the conclusion that the men of the village were under some

kind of spell.

20 people of men & women were eventually chosen in a election to go up the hill

to the old house and confront the two teenagers.

The group approached the door to the old house. The wood seemed to have been

polished and was shining. The house looked more like a mansion It was built of

red brick and had two towers at either end. There were a few windows and the

front door was big and sturdy, made of dark oak. Miranda was the first of the

group to reach the door. Using her fists she banged sharply three times on the

door. The other people stood behind her, waiting.

The door abruptly swung open, and in it stood two beautiful teenage girls who

looked to be twins. It indeed was the same girls that had lured the men of the

town away.

Miranda stood staring at them, the girls were very beautiful, the group of

people could not remember if they had ever seen anyone as beautiful as the girls

stood before them. The girls had long blond hair with eyes that were as blue as

the bluest ocean. Miranda noticed they both had perfect white smiles. The girls

had very smooth lips and looked very beautiful.

"Yes!" said one of the girls in the door way

"Oh" Miranda said. She then realised that she had been staring. She then

remembered why they were her and trying to put a serious tone to her voice said,

"We need to talk."

"Please come in." said the other girl, She ushered the group into the house.

They entered a big room, the only furnishings of which were a big oak table,

some chairs, and a fireplace with a pot hanging over the fire. There seemed to

be knickknacks scattered around the room; plates and bowls, books, and other

assorted items. The group sat around the big table in the centre of the room.

"What is it you want." asked one of the girls

Miranda stepped forward. She decided to get right to the point. "We want to know

what you've done with the men from our village!"

"What?" the girls replied.

"Don't try to deny it. We have all seen you luring them away. We want to know

what you did to them and what kind of spell you put on the rest of the men."

Miranda shot back. The other people then started to shout out their own


"What did you do with the?" one shouted.

"Did you kill them?" said another.

"You're are witches." said yet another.

At that last statement both girl's eyes widened. "We are not witches, We prefer

to think of ourselves as normal everyday teenagers. We are not witches who go

around scaring children. So you want to know what we did with your men?" said

one of the girls

The two girls gazed at the group of people sat round the big oak table.

The young teenager hesitated, then Miranda finally spoke up, "You killed them

didn't you?"

"Well sort of." one girl replied . "We ate them!" said the other girl with a big

lick of her lips.

"Oh lord!" One of the women shouted. She gazed at the cooking pot which hung

over the stove.

The teenager followed her gaze towards the pot. "I don't think you understand.

We don't eat like you. We don't chop people up and make stew out of them, We

simply shrink them down to a smaller size and eat them whole."

"Impossible!" replied one of the men

"My God, you are both evil!" Shouted Miranda. "You have to be stopped, even if I

have to do it myself."

Miranda lunged at one of the girls, grabbing her round the neck. The two fell

onto the ground in a heap. The other people in the group seeing an opportunity

joined the fight. Miranda had one of the teenagers pinned on the floor. The

other girl took a small device and pointed it at the girl holding her sister.

Miranda had one of the two teenage girls by the throat and began to squeeze.

The other teenager pulled the trigger on the device she was holding a big blue

flash shot out hitting the girl holding on to her sisters neck. Miranda started

to feel funny. The neck that she was grasping seemed to be growing larger and

larger until she could no longer maintain a grip on it. It took her only another

second to realise that she was shrinking! The teenager sat still and lifted her

head and shoulders off of the floor. She looked at the shocked little 3 inch

tall girl standing on her belly. She smiled at the little woman.

Miranda didn't know what to do. She was now standing on top of the teenagers

belly. She stared up at the giant breasts, and beyond was a giant smiling face

staring at her. A giant hand descended from above and grabbed her. "Not so

strong now are you little girl!" said the teenager

The teenager who had shrunk the girl holding on to her sisters neck had also

shrunk the rest of the group and had them imprisoned in a tin box. She placed

the box on the big oak table. The little people tried to run, but could not

escape, as the sides of the box were too high.

One of the teenagers brought over a plate and set it down on the table. She then

gathered all of the tiny people from the box and placed them on a big plate.

"If any of you leave this plate, I'll smash you." she said. The tiny group

stopped trying to run. "Now, take off all your clothes, anyone who doesn't gets

smashed." The tiny men & women, now thoroughly frightened, took off all of their

clothes, and stood naked on the giant plate.

"What are you going to do with us?" came a tiny voice.

"Why, we are going to eat you of course. But since you all had the nerve to

attack us, We're going to make this interesting and swallow each one of you

alive. Some of you we may eat but we'll decide. We will make the experience

horrible for you. Who knows how long it will last, we will hold you inside us

until we see fit to digest you. Remember you will have been conquered by the

most famous twins ever Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen. Now who is first?" asked


Ashley reached for the people on the plate, who had now begun to scream. She saw

the woman who had initiated the attack earlier. "Ah, you will do, you seem to be

the ringleader." She picked the squirming woman up off the plate.

The other girls were screaming all around her, but Miranda just stood in shock.

She was grabbed once again by the giant hand and slowly lifted up until she was

looking directly at the face of the giant teenage girl. She was brought to the

level of the girl's lips and then she was being moved closer...closer...closer.

The lips parted, and Miranda saw giant white teeth. The teeth parted, and

Miranda got a full view of the girls open mouth. The mouth opened wider. Miranda

saw two rows of perfect white teeth, she then turned her attention to the

tongue. The tongue looked very smooth and wet, she could even see little bumps

which must be taste buds. She looked down the length of the tongue towards the

throat and immediately wished she hadn't looked. As she gazed inside, the back

of the tongue lowered, giving a full view of the back of the throat and the

giant uvula hanging down over the chasm.

To her horror, Miranda noticed the tongue starting to move. The girl was

sticking her tongue out of her mouth. The tongue now extended out of the mouth

and ended right were Miranda was being held in the giant hand. Miranda could see

the glistening saliva on the tongue. Suddenly, the giant hand moved. Miranda was

placed gently on the outstretched tongue by the giant hand. Miranda felt the

soft and extremely wet surface beneath her bare body. Miranda was too scared to

move, she didn't know what to do. She just lay on the wet surface, gazing into

the warm cave, she could feel the hot breath as it went past her. The tongue

started to move. Very slowly, the tongue was being pulled back into the mouth,

with Miranda as a passenger. Miranda cried out as she was moving past the huge

teeth. Once the tongue was fully back in the mouth, the mouth slowly began to

close. Miranda screamed as the roof of the mouth came down, pinning her against

the tongue. She was kept there, for some time.Finally something began to happen.

It seemed that everything went into motion at once. Miranda was now completely

soaked with saliva and the tongue now began to move her toward the throat. She

was being squeezed from all directions, she could only watch in horror as the

tongue dropped, the uvula rose, and she was forced down the throat.

The women on the plate could do nothing but scream as they saw the lump go down

the giant woman's throat and disappear into her body. "Mmmmmmmm" exclaimed

Ashley "Now I think she needs some company, who's next? Actually you have some

Mary-Kate." she said to her sister

With that Mary-Kate reached for one of the remaining group on the plate. When

she got one she placed the tiny woman feet first into her mouth, such that her

head and arms were still outside. Mary-Kate brought her head down to the plate

so the group could see their struggling friend between her lips.

"Help me please!!!!" begged the girl from between Mary-Kate's lips. She had her

arms outstretched, reaching for help, but the others were too terrified to do

anything but watch.

In one quick movement, Mary-Kate sucked hard on the tiny woman, propelling her

all the way into the giant throat. She was held there for a few seconds, and

then swallowed. Mary-Kate opened her mouth in front of the shrunken people,

showing them that their companion was gone. A tiny redheaded woman ran from the

giant plate. "Oh no you don't," came Ashley's loud voice from above. A giant

hand scooped up the redhead before she could get very far. "Now you can't go

running away when it's your turn." She lifted the little woman in front of her

mouth and held her there. She waited as her mouth filled with saliva. The

squirming redhead gazed in terror as the giant mouth finally opened. She noticed

that the entire mouth was coated in an excessive amount of saliva. She saw it

glistening on the tongue, dripping from the roof of the mouth, and even puddles

between the lower lip and the bottom row of teeth. Then she was being moved. She

was brought toward the gaping mouth. She screamed until her face was pressed

into the wet surface of the tongue. She was lying on the giant tongue now, she

could feel the warm wetness all around her. She tried to crawl on the smooth

surface but it was too slick. She did manage to turn herself around enough to

gaze out of the mouth, which still remained wide open. She managed to squirm

towards the opening, she reached out trying to grab the front lower teeth,

anything that would help her pull herself out of this nightmare. The slimy

saliva had now coated her naked body all over, making movement more difficult.

She reached out, grasping the top of a tooth with one hand. If she could just

pull herself out...then the mouth began to move.

The giant mouth remained open, but now Ashley was very slowly tilting her head

back. The redhead woman screamed as the angle slowly increased beneath her. What

seemed like buckets of saliva washed over her as she hung on to the tooth with

all her strength. She looked down into the mouth and saw that the back of the

tongue had lowered revealing the opening to the throat which was waiting to

receive her.

Finally the angle was too great, the tiny woman could no longer hold on. She

lost her grip and fell screaming down the slick tongue into the throat. She was

squeezed from all sides as the powerful throat muscles took control...propelling

the struggling woman down a slick chute.... Abadía de Fontevraud

"That was fun, she really struggled, I think I can feel all her squirming in my

stomach right now," said the teenager as she smiled at the 18 remaining morsels.

The miniature group were now on there knees trying to beg for their lives.

"Hmmm, now I have to find something interesting to do with you." At this point

the remaining people started to run in all different directions. "Now you should

know better than to try and run," came Mary-Kate's giant voice. She stood up and

grabbed a piece of bread from the bread bin. She easily gripped two of the tiny

women from off the table and placed them on the piece of bread.. "Move and I

will squash you." said Ashley. A third girl had made it to the edge of the table

and stood looking down at the floor, which seemed to be a hundred feet down.

"Now what are you going to do little one?" said Mary-Kate "You cannot escape

your fate." She grabbed the girl between her thumb and forefinger and picked her

up. "That would have been a long fall, little one, but I have something better

in mind." She tilted her head all the way back and opened her mouth. She then

took the tiny girl and held her between her fingers high over her mouth. "You

are still in for quite a fall, but this one will not end with the hard floor,"

she told the tiny girl above her head. She opened her mouth and held the girl

for a moment, letting her victim's fear rise. Then she dropped her snack. The

shrunken woman fell through the air, twisting and tumbling until she landed in

the awaiting mouth with a *squish*. Mary-Kate closed her mouth and the swallowed

the girl down.

"This is so much fun, but I am getting full." said Mary-Kate "Ashley take some

and eat them with a peanut butter sandwich."

"mmm sounds tasty, I love peanut butter!" exclaimed Ashley as she licked her


"No, I don't want to be chewed to pieces?" shouted one boy

Ashley didn't listen and plucked 6 of the shrunken people and then spread plenty

of peanut butter on the piece of bread. She lay the 6 tiny people on the bread

and lifted it towards her mouth. She opened her mouth and the tiny people could

see her huge sharp teeth gleaming white, millimetres infront of them.

Ashley put the slice into her mouth and took a large bite out of the bread. The

tiny people had scrambled backwards to avoid being sliced in half by Ashley's

huge teeth. But they knew that they were destined to be chewed to bits by a

gorgeous young teenager.

Ashley took another big bite and the tiny people were all sliced in half as

Ashley's teeth came together. The blood was everywhere as the tiny people got

chopped up with every movement of Ashley's jaws.

Mary-Kate got a glass and filled it with Pepsi. She picked 2 of the shrunken

people from the plate and dropped them into the glass of Pepsi.

Ashley took the rest of the tiny people and dropped them in a big glass bowl.

"Now I need a volunteer to show the others what is in store for them." said

Ashley with a big smile. She brought her head down closer and closer to the bowl

and watched as the tiny people screamed and attempted to run.

The tiny people in the glass bowl watched as Ashley's face came closer and

closer. She laughed as they tried to run in all directions but could not get far

as the bowl was slippery and they kept falling over.

Ashley's giant face was now above them. She lowered her face right into the

bowl, her long blond hair touched the floor of the bowl. The shrunken people

could now almost touch Ashley's blue eyes, nose and lips millimetres above them.

Ashley opened her mouth and showed them her huge white teeth, then stuck out her

tongue and ran it around the bowl towards the tiny people who were now


The tiny people tried to run, but only succeeded in knocking each other over, or

sometimes running headlong into the giant tongue. One man, while trying to flee,

tripped and fell in the centre of the bowl. Before he could get back up, the

tongue was on him. It licked up and down his body, leaving a wet trail of saliva

over his naked flesh. He lay helpless as the smooth instrument ran up and down

his body. Warm breath hit his face and when he looked up he saw the tongue

extending into a deep, dark mouth. Then it was gone, and he lay wet and cold on

the floor of the bowl as Ashley continued investigating the rest of the

prisoners. As fun as it was chasing the tiny villagers around the bowl with her

tongue, the teenager was eager to eat them. Continuing to run her tongue along

her tiny captives...Ashley found one she really liked.

With one quick motion Ashley cornered a screaming woman against the side of the

bowl with her tongue. The woman that the giant teenager had trapped was young

and her soft flesh felt, and even tasted good against Ashley's tongue. Ashley

could even feel the young girls soft breasts pressed firmly against her tongue.

The other people, who had quietened down a little, stood cowering at the other

end of the bowl watching in horror. Saliva began to drip from the teenagers

mouth as she anticipated her meal. In one quick movement, she then pressed the

tiny woman against the side of the bowl even more firmly with her tongue and

then literally licked the girl off the side of the bowl and into her mouth.

Ashley lifted her head away from the bowl. The trapped girl squirmed around

inside her mouth. Using her tongue, the teenager moved the girl around inside

her mouth, coating her with saliva, then moved her head back down to the lip of

the bowl, and opened her mouth wide for the rest of her captives to see.

The tiny people could only stand and stare in shock at the sight. The giant

teenager opened her mouth in front of them and inside was a woman they all new.

She was the daughter of a very prominent farmer and she was very beautiful. To

see her as she was now was horrifying. She lay naked on a giant pink tongue, her

hair was matted down with saliva and her whole body was covered with the

glistening substance. The girl had ceased her struggles and could only look in

amazement at her surroundings. She looked out past the teeth and lips at her

townsfolk below. With a desperate plea she said, "Please help me." And then the

mouth closed.

The people watched as Ashley swallowed with an audible gulp, and they could even

see a large bulge move down her throat. Ashley then opened her mouth once again

for her prisoners. The tiny group saw that the giant girl's mouth was now empty,

the woman inside had been swallowed alive. Seeing the mouth in this fashion,

with its giant teeth and tongue and combined with the fact that they had just

seen someone they knew disappear down its throat, the people began to panic once


Mary-Kate picked a further 7 people out of the bowl and lay them inside a

lettuce leaf, she covered them with plenty of salad cream and then brought the

lettuce leaf towards her lips. She parted her lips and the tiny people in the

lettuce leaf could see her huge white teeth infront of them. Mary-Kate put the

lettuce leaf between her lips and then closed her mouth.

It was dark and the tiny people could see nothing, then Mary-Kate began to chew

and the tiny people were chopped and sliced up by her huge molars. Mary-Kate

swallowed and then licked her lips. "Delicious" she said "You people taste


Ashley then took two of the remaining 6 people from the bowl into the kitchen.

She pulled out a jar of salad cream. As she dangled the 3 boys over the small

jar she asked herself "Should I swallowed you whole or munch you into tiny


Ashley lowered them into the white sea, covering their legs in the cream. As she

put their tiny legs into her mouth, they started to scream. She sucked the salad

cream off and dipped them again and again.

Ashley shoved their lower body into her mouth and bit down. The little men could

feel that section of their bodies being ground between her teeth. Ashley shoved

the rest of them in her mouth and managed to bite off their arms.

The 3 men had no limbs left, and watched as Ashley mashed their arms into

oblivion and they were then swallowed down.

In that little time they had left, the two tiny men travelled through Ashley's

body and into the dark pit of her stomach. From what they could see, they came

to rest on the remains of their arms and lower body, which rested on the chewed

remains of a peanut butter sandwich and other people that had obviously been in

the sandwich when it was eaten.

Ashley felt a tiny belch roll up her throat and she released it. A wave of power

rushed over her, she felt her muscles grow a little larger and she felt a little

taller as well. "They added to me quite nicely," she thought to herself, "Very


Meanwhile, back in the kitchen the little man that had been dropped into the

glass of Pepsi, was screaming for mercy. Mary-Kate picked up the glass and

smiled down at the tiny boy swimming in the dark liquid. "Well their are just 3

of you left now, this is probably the easiest way to get rid of people leaving

no evidence. But for you it is the last you will see of this world and your

life." said Mary-Kate with a small giggle.

The glass rose through the air like an elevator. The tiny boy who's name was Joe

tried desperately to maintain his balance as the glass prison was raised.

Suddenly the upward motion stopped and Joe felt a lurch in his stomach. Looking

up he saw the huge blue eyes of Mary-Kate Olsen. 'Hey come on you can't do

this...please let me go,' he yelled up at her.

Joe received no response. Instead, the glass moved down until Mary-Kate's lips

pressed against the rim of the glass. Suddenly the glass began to tilt and at

the same time Mary-Kate's mouth opened. The glass tilted farther and farther

until Joe was staring directly into her awaiting mouth. Like a kid drinking the

last bit of milk from a cereal bowl Mary-Kate was tilting the glass so that Joe

would fall helplessly into her mouth.

A moment later the angle became too great. Joe lost his balance and fell towards

Mary-Kate's mouth. He bounced off her lower lip and his body flipped over her

lower teeth. He landed on the tip of her tongue. Her tongue then flipped him

like a catapult and Joe was thrown deep into her mouth. When his body finally

came to rest he found himself in a sitting position right in front of

Mary-Kate's uvula. To his right Joe could see the length of Mary-Kate's tongue

and the light of the room between her pink lips. Below him, between his legs, he

could feel giant taste buds which were sending information about how he tasted

to Mary-Kate's brain. To his left, below the hanging uvula were Mary-Kate's

tonsils and the dark chasm of her throat. Joe had watched all of his friends

disappear into the mouths of Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen and he knew that there

would be no escape for him either. So instead of delaying the inevitable, Joe

closed his eyes, shifted his weight and let himself fall into Mary-Kate's


"Two left, which one do you want sis?" asked Ashley

"I'll have the green eyed girl, she looks nice" said Mary-Kate as she smiled

down at the tiny girl in the bowl.

The two girls screamed as two huge hands came down towards them. Mary-Kate's

fingers gripped the green eyed girl round her waist and lifted her into the air.

The girl struggled but she was held with immense force and couldn't escape.

Mary-Kate tipped her head back, the girl closed her eyes as Mary-Kate lay the

girl on her teeth. The girl opened her eyes and could see the ceiling and felt

very scared. She turned her head to see she was laid on a set of huge white

teeth. Pink lips were not far from her head. Then two fingers came towards her

and grabbed her legs. She saw the lips part and could see right into Mary-Kate's

huge open mouth. The girl screamed as Mary-Kate put her snack into her mouth and

closed it. She held the girl there for a few seconds and then swallowed her


Ashley held the final prisoner between her fingers. The girl had watched in

horror as Mary-Kate had swallowed her friend whole and now she was going to be

Ashley's meal. Ashley brought her to the level of her lips to reveal her teeth.

The girl screamed and she was thrown between Ashley's lips. Ashley moved her all

the way round her mouth and pushed the girl to the back of her throat. She

gulped her down whole and then smiled.

"That was fantastic, I think of all the people we have eaten they rate the most

delicious. I've never tasted such juicy people." said Ashley

Mary-Kate took her sisters hand and they went into their bedroom to sleep of

their meal.

Giantess Stories: Double Trouble from Twins  by  Rally Champion  The group of 20 people had finally decided to confront the two teenage girls who lived

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