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A Small Weekend


This story contains adult content and should not be viewed by anyone under

the age of 18 or the stated limit of whichever country you live in i.e. some

places have a minimum age of 21 for adult explicit content. If you are under the

age set by the laws of your country, please stop reading. Also this story

contains GTS and SW themes, so if you are not in to this or offended by it

please stop reading. Also this is not to be printed anywhere without the express

permission of the author

The Small Weekend

Part 1

Its been a few weeks since the events I am about to relay to you occurred.

All I can say is that it has to rates as one of the experiences of my life.

Whether this was a good or bad experience, I will leave up to you, ( no point

spoiling the story). First I suppose a bit of background would be in order

before I tell you what happened. I know this bit is boring, but necessary.


My name is Joe. I work at a small but very well funded research/engineering

company. We have all sorts of contracts going on from the privately funded to

state funded. I had co- founded the company 2 years ago. Even though I am not

technically minded as the others were, my business skills were needed to make

the company a success.

My wife, Kerstin and I had been dating around this time and got married a

short time after. She worked as the Projects manager now. At present we were

working on two projects, one being a military one, which unfortunately I cannot

discuss even here

( Sorry Folks, as they saying goes, I can tell you, but then I would have to

kill you!). The other was researching into matter conversion technologies.

Unfortunately this one had not been going to well and little progress had been

made, until one day they made an accidental discovery. They shrank something!

Once this was discovered extra funding poured in and progress on creating a

stable means to replicate this proceeded. They soon succeeded and created a kind

of ray gun type device that could be used to target an object or objects and

reduce it in size. The same device or one like it could then be used to return

it to its original size. In addition they discovered that by doing stuff that is

still way beyond my understanding they could also control how long an object

remained at that size. Unfortunately, there was an upper limit to how long an

object would remain shrunk. If the process was not set for an indefinite period

and object would return to its original size after 24 hours. The shrinking

process could also be made to happen gradually and once an object hit its final

size the counter would being. Security for the project was to put it mildly high

with only people working at our company knowing about it. We finally reached the

stage of live testing and managed to shrink a mouse. It was a success with no

negative effects caused by he reduction. Breathing and all the rest of it's

functions were not impaired because of whatever the shrinking effect did to the

object. Finally they moved on to human trials, and behind closed doors shrank

one of the lab technicians and restored him to his normal size. Several dozen

tests later it was confirmed that the device was safe to use and progress began

on what to use the device for. The possibilities for its application were

staggering and I'm sure you can probably think of many of these yourselves, and

possibly even some we didn't think of. However, there were also concerns about

how this technology could also be mis-used. The more right minded ones on the

team wanted to explore this and possibly ways of preventing this happening.

Which brings us almost up to date.

Right, so there we were with a devise that could shrink someone or something

and we were stuck on the morality of how to use this device. Don't get me wrong,

I agreed that we needed to be more than careful. After a long day at work, I

returned home, and my wife Kerstin, who had been having a long lunch with some

work colleges, returned soon after. The topic of the device surfaced during the

evening and the implications of its use. Towards the end of that conversation,

my wife turned to me as we sat in front of the TV and asked me, a question that

I suppose started the chain of events I am about to describing to you.

" Darling, have you thought about what it would be like to be shrunk by the


My wife was a beautiful woman in her early thirties, with dark brown hair and

brown eyes. Although she was quite short at only 5ft 5", she was well

proportioned and had very shapely body, with the curves in all the right places

and she has an impish side to her nature that frankly, was what caused me to

marry her.

I stared at her for a moment and then answered

"Well to be truthful I have. I've been wondering what it would be like since

we went ahead with shrinking that technician Simon. To tell you the truth, It

intrigues me, I mean, I've tried to imagine what it would be like to be shrunk

here with all the furniture towering above me, to be able to explore what is to

us every day objects from a completely different perspective, or at the office."

"Me to", she replied

"Really", I said

"Well yes, I wish that the techies had allowed us to view the process when

they shrunk Simon, but I suppose that they needed to keep it to a minimum of

people, otherwise everyone would have wanted to have been there".

"True" I replied " I wonder how many of our friends at the office have

thought about this as well".

"Oh quiet a few," she said with that Impish grin she has.

"OK spill the beans," I said. She smiled and curled up next to me.

"Oh I've been dropping the question into conversations for a few days now to

see what peoples responses would be and I think you would be surprised. Most of

the people I've spoken to are interested in the idea even if some of them

pretend not to be. Most said they would like to try it at least once, you know,

to be able to say that they had tried it. Some of the girls have said that it

might even be exciting to do it. For instance, you know that I went to lunch

with Karen, Jenny and a few of the girls today, well I mentioned it to them and

we began to wonder what it would be like and what we would do if we were shrunk.

Believe me some of the thoughts they had today were intriguing to say the least,

especially after we had all had a few drinks".

She reached over me to pick up to remote for the TV and began channel


" Go on" I said.

"Oh, you wouldn't be interested" she replied with a grin

"Oh, I'm sure I would and you know it" I said

"No I couldn't tell you that, after all some of it is girlie talk"

"Which means that it was juicy gossip and you have never been one to not

gossip so like I said earlier, spill the beans, Or am going to torture the

information out of you as I usually do?"

"Oh torture me will you" She said with mock indignation.

With that I playfully grabbed her and began to tickle her feet. This lead to

a fit of laughter from her and a play fight that ended in only one possibly way.

Us kissing like crazy, and well, as they say, one thing led to another.

A few hours later as we lay in bed with her snuggled in next to me, I asked

her again what the girls had discussed that day.

" Well, I think you earned that information tonight",

I grinned at her an kissed her on the forehead .

"Well, most of them expressed an interest in trying it out as I said. We

talked about what it would be like to be small and what we would like to do if

we were small. Simple things like exploring our houses is how it started out. We

began speculating one how small we would like to go, you know, whether we would

like to be half our size, to barbie doll size or smaller. But it was Karen who

got the conversation really going. She had a fair bit to drink at this point and

blurted out that she would love to have sex with a guy, with her shrunk to the

size of his cock".

"WHAT" I said

" Yes, she said that she had tried to imagine what it would be like to have

sex with such a guy and began to describe all the sexy and sordid things she

would like to try with him, jerking someone off with her entire body, that sort

of thing".

"Whew, I knew the girl had an imagination, but..." I began, but she


"Oh that was only the beginning, believe me, and with a few drinks in us,

some of the stuff we came out with would amaze you. I mean think about it, there

are so many things that you could try if you were small. Imagine making love to

me if you were only a few inches tall and I was a towering 100ft woman or


" I hadn't thought about it" I said

"It could be very exciting, you know. You could play with tits that were

literally bigger than you, hell, Karen even said that she would love to shrink a

guy down and use him as a living Dildo".

" Could someone survive that I wonder" I said

" Is that referring to the fact that the guy is shrunk or to having sex with

Karen?" She quipped.

"Funny". I said.

Karen and I had been an item 10 years ago when we had both been at

university. In fact, it was Jenny, Kerstin's best friend who had introduced me

to both Karen and Kerstin. Kerstin, always teased me about Karen, who was after

all one of her closest friends. Karen was a blond who pretended to act like a

stereotypical air head, even though she is one of the brainiest people I know.

She was also a beautiful woman, slightly taller than my wife at around 5ft 8".

She was also comparatively skinnier than Kerstin, with smaller breasts, but much

longer legs. She had been one of the first people I had recruited to work for me

even though we had broken up by then. We had ended the relationship on friendly

basis and by the time I recruited her I was going steady with Kerstin. We were

still very good friends. Jenny on the other hand was someone I had known since

my university years and although there was no sexual chemistry between us, she

had become a great friend and had helped me co found the company 2 years ago

with some other friends. She also knew me better than most people, which

probably explains how she set me up with the two women I have loved in my life.

She was also one of the technical engineers at the company.

"But seriously, could some one survive that?" I wondered.

"Well yes, they could according to Karen. Oh they might get a little bruised,

but they would survive", she paused "Actually, that might actual depend on how

small they were. Someone who was a fraction of an inch tall wouldn't survive,

but someone who was, I guess anywhere from 1 1/2 inches tall should survive".

I tried to imagine what it would be like to make love to a woman at that size

and as I was thinking this a thought struck me.

"What did Jenny make of all this" I asked, " she might be a really good

friend, but I bet she wasn't that excited about this".

"No she wasn't. In fact she said she had no interest in shrinking someone or

being shrunk, and that the idea of doing it, wasn't her thing".

We lay in silence for a little while and just as we were getting reading to

go to sleep Kerstin looked at me again for a moment and then asked.

"If it became possible for me to shrink you, say in the privacy of our own

home, would you let me do it to you?"

I stared at her and pondered what she had just asked. As I did, this and I

mulled over where the conversation had been going this night, I suddenly

realized that the thought of being shrunk by my wife and played with in a erotic

way was turning me on because I began to get a hard on. She must have noticed

because she gave me that Impish grin and said

"I think I have my answer", and then kissed me good night and put the lights


Part 2

The next day as I went about my job at the office, I mulled over what we had

discussed the night before and the more I mulled it over the more the more the

thought of being shrunk by my wife excited me. I also thought that it might be

fun to shrink her as well. Both of us had played around with mild bondage and

domination in our relationship and in others. We both had an open opinion on our

sexuality and during such sessions, I had enjoyed being at my wife's mercy. Even

though I trusted her implicitly, she still had that cheeky nature that could

make such lovemaking sessions extremely exciting. Thinking, about being shrunk

by her reminded me of these and I began to wonder what it would be like to be

small and helpless in front of my wife.

Out of curiosity that night I accessed the Internet and began to search for

adult sites that might have a leaning towards shrinking. It didn't take long to

find some, and as I began to peruse the sites, I began to learn of this Fetish

called GTS and SW. The more I learned, the more I began to realize that the

thought of being shrunk aroused me and that I really liked the thought. As one

author who work I had read said in one of his stories, unlike those on the

sites, I knew shrinking was possibly and knew where such machines existed. It

also dawned on me that as head of the projects I could gain access to such a

device and potential borrow one. My heart was pounding as I came to that

conclusion. I could get my hands on one of the devices at the labs and borrow it

say for a weekend and have it back with no one being the wiser. Sure security

would be a problem getting around, but since I was a co. founder of the company,

I could blag that. I began to plan how I could do it in my mind and soon came up

with a plan I was confident would work. It was a Bank Holiday at the weekend so

if I did do this I could have the device from Friday until Monday. We had a

number of prototype devises in storage and getting one of these was my plan.

I paused as I realized what I was about to do and the implications. Sure even

if the other partners at the company found out they wouldn't fire me. They might

find it strange, but that would be all. I would also probably be lectured on the

need for security, bla blaa blaaa. Hell one or more of them may have already

tried this for all I knew. My wife and I were going to spend some time at a

small house we owned in the county and we had planned a quite weekend together

which would give us ample time with the machine. It also suddenly dawned on me

that my wife might have reached the same conclusions as me and that our

conversation the other day may have been her way of sounding me out about this

and getting me thinking enough to plan something like this. My wife could be

very devious if she wanted. I thought about this and realized that it would

still make an excellent surprise for her, so I decided not to mention this to

her and indeed surprise her with it.

Friday approached and I planned things so that I could leave the office

early. Since it was only a hours drive to the house, a bungalow arangement, and

my wife always left late we had agreed to arrive separately. Getting the

shrinking device and getting out of the office with it proved to be fairly easy,

which made me think we needed to beef up security to prevent what I was doing. I

quickly drove to the house and went up to my study where I set up the machine.

Operating one of these things was relatively easy and I had over the last few

days got instruction from some of the staff on how to operate it.

It was just after 1pm when the phone rang and I heard my wife on the other


"Darling, I hope you don't mind but I need to change our weekend plans


My stomach churned when I heard this.

"Jenny, Karen and I have been talking today and we thought that since we

rarely get the chance to get together outside of work, this weekend would be a

good time to do so" she continued

"But Kerstin, this weekend is supposed to be a quiet one for us". I moaned

"I know honey, but it would be nice to get together with them. Please" she

said in her nicest voice, a voice she knew I usually couldn't resist.

The conversation at that point continued with her trying to convince me to

agree and in the end as she knew, I gave in. As I said my wife can be devious

when she wants to be. She told me that they would be there in 3 hours time. I

put the phone down and looked down at the shrinking device.

"I guess I won't be using you today".

I then stopped. Maybe I could use it. I could shrink myself now and at least

experience being small before my wife and friends arrived. I may not get to be

shrunk around my wife this weekend, but that could happen another time.

I quickly set the machine up to shrink me for an hour. But how small should I

make myself? Well if I was going to do this, it might as well be fairly small,

so 1 1/2 inches is what I chose. So I could get a good idea of what it might be

like to be around my wife if she was a giantess, I quickly grabbed one of her

nice Red high heeled shoes that have 6 inch heels on them and one of her bra's.

Sad maybe but it would give me some idea of how it might feel to be small around

my wife.

All set and with my heat pound as loud as I have ever heard it, I set the

timer to fire the beam in 5 seconds and hit the enter key. I quickly got in

front of the device. As those last seconds ticked by I had second thoughts. The

excitement at what I was about to do was unbearable, but the fear was there as

well. Too late. The beam shot out and hit me.

A warm glow encompassed me and I began to feel dizzy, my vision blurred and

my body felt like it was compressing. The effect only lasted a few seconds

before passing and my vision cleared quickly. I looked around and gasped. It had

worked! I had shrunk myself. Towering above me like a huge skyscraper was the

shrinking device. It was at least 150 ft high, more. I gulped, I was tiny, no

really tiny. I must admit I almost panicked seeing the device which until a few

moments ago had only been just over half my height. I glanced at the floor which

was made of solid wood tiles. Each small panel square that made up the floor was

now bigger than the room had been. Looking up again, the ceiling towered what

looked like a mile away from me. My desk, chair and sofa in the room made

buildings look tiny in comparison. The door behind the device soared into the

distance. The handle was 200 ft away from me. I gulped again, but with the fear

came excitement, I was tiny. I glanced over at the bra and shoe I had brought in

with me and again was staggered by how big they appeared to me. I began to move

towards them. As I did I looked at my watch to see what time it was. I had just

over 55 minutes left. It took a few moments to reach my wife's shoe. Standing by

the heel was amazing. It towered over me dwarfing me in its size. The heels were

4 times my height, and the smell from the shoes was palatable I climbed onto the

shoes at the front and stood in the indentations made by my wife's toes. God

they were big. At my size my wife's big toe was bigger than I WAS! Staring at

the monstrous shoe I suddenly realized, was turning me on. Before trying this I

had thought the idea of shrinking in front of my wife to be erotically exciting,

and now having shrunk myself I realized that I did indeed find being this small

exciting. With that I just had to relieve myself and I stripped as fast as I

ever have and lay down in my wife's shoe and began to jerk my self off into the

indent of her Hugh big toe. I came very quickly and lay there for a few minutes

just taking in my surroundings. I glanced at my watch and saw that I had little

over half an hour left. I jumped of my wife's shoe, not an easy task when you

are only an inch and a half tall. I walked over to my wife's bra. The other day

when she had joked about making love to tits that were bigger than I was came to

mind and I grinned. Climbing into it would be a chore but I first wanted to

explore my surroundings. For the next 15 minutes or so, I wondered around this

giant room staring up at all the huge items that until recently were normal

sized to me. Dust balls and little things that I would not normally notice were

now football sized or bigger to me. I realized that had I shrunk myself any more

that I already had, I may very well have had to walk around the objects rather

than just set over them. Imaging I thought a dust speck the size of a football,

or my head! With time running out I made my way back to my wife's bra and

climbed up a strap that was as wide as I was tall. Again it brought home to me

just how small I was. At the top I stared into the bra cup. My wife does have

large breasts, although don't ask me to tell you sizes, as I could never get my

head round those. Staring at it I smiled and launched myself into what I can

only describe as a small water shute ride, similar in feel to those amusement

part rides you can get at large outdoor swimming complexes. I slid to a stop

where my wife nipple would normally rest. I could smell my wife on the clothes

and at my size the smell was greatly enhanced. I loved it and again felt myself

getting hard. I jerked off again in a indented cavity left by my wife's nipple

as big as me.

Moments later I felt dizzy again and my body started to expand. My vision

cleared and I found my self back to my normal size and crushing the bra which

until a few moments ago and been house size to me. My clothes had also expanded

and lay on top of my wife's shoe. I sat there naked and still sporting a hard on

with only two thoughts on my mind.

1) I had better clean up before my wife and friends arrived.

2) I wanted to experience this again, but this time in front of my wife, this

weekend. How was I going to accomplish that?


Part 3

I cleaned up and locked the study door. All the while I ran this thought

through my head. How was I going to shrink myself for my wife with Karen and

Jenny here for the weekend. I trusted Karen and Jenny implicitly, so even if

they found the shrinking device, I knew that I could rely on them to keep it

quite. From what Kerstin had said Karen would probably jump at the chance to try

it out. Jenny however would not, although I reasoned that she would probably

scold me for taking the device, but not say anything to her work colleges. A 200

or 300 ft women scolding me however was not exactly appealing to me. I was

probably safe if they found the device, which might very well happen if they got

into the study.

Then again if I could keep it secret, the girls would be spending a lot of

time together, maybe I could use the device in secret. I could wait until they

were busy, pretend to go out on an errand and then secretly shrink myself and

spy on them while small. I might not be able to interact with my giantess

friends and my wife, as I needed to keep this secret from my friends, at least

for the moment, but at least I might be able to see them at that size. The

thought of that alone was turning me on. I would have to be careful of course.

It could be hazardous for me. After all they might not see me and accidentally

step on me. And what if they discovered me at that size? I decided to play this

weekend by ear and if an opportunity arose to do so I would, or if I could get

my wife aside long enough to let her in on the secret, there was the possibility

we might get to play out what was now my main fantasy, being shrunk by wife and

shrinking her.

My wife and her friends arrived a short while later and we all settled in to

have a good meal. I had gotten a take away, because we all didn't feel like

cooking. Since work was a large part of our lives some of the conversation did

resolve around the shrinking device. As the evening went on and we drank a

little, I guess my tongue got a bit loose beacuse I brought up the conversation

that my wife and I had had regarding shrinking. Karen perqued up immediately.

"Really" she said, and turned to Kerstin " you discussed this with Joe did

you, and how much did you discuss".

"Oh I told him most of what we discussed" Kerstain replied.

Karen turned to me "So Joe, what do you think about the idea of being


I smiled, little did they know! I decided to be a little quoy and see where

this would go.

"I find the idea intriguing. And yes I might try it out before you ask. After

all it would be a massive experience. But I would only allow myself to be shrunk

around people I trusted, Kerstin for example".

"Oh really, and would you let me shrink you, would you trust me?" She cooded

at me

"I might although having heard what you intend to do to a shrunken bloke

might give me pause, or maybe not" I replied with a grin

"Traitor" My wife said and punched my arm

Jenny laughed at that. "I have to admit I still cannot get my head round you

all wanting to be shrunk. It seems, I don't know, kinda scary to me, and I

really cannot see the excitment of being reduced to only inches high."

"Well, "I said, "I guess thats part of the experience, being so small is

scary, especially if you are around other people who would be giants and

giantesses to you. Its like bondage, scary but exciting at the same time if you

get my meaning. Or consider it this way, people do dangerous things all the

time, sky diving, bungey jumps and so on. Why? Because of the thrill they get

out of doing it. This is no different really."

"Oh I understand, but I get something out of bondage, I just don't get what

you get out of being small. I mean imaging coming face to face with some sort of

animal, bruuh" Jenny said with a shudder.

"You'd have to be careful sure. Hey what about having someone shrunk around

you". Karen said. " Imagine Joe here was shrunk to say 5 or 6 inches tall.

Wouldn't that be something. I know I would love to shrink him down to size and

steal him away from Kerstin for a while and have him at my mercy.".

"I bet you would, but then I would have to shrink you down Karen and keep you

as a pet."Kerstin replied with her impish grin.

"Oh yes please!"Karen said laughing

Hearing this made me think that maybe I should suprise them all with my

secret. But there was still Jenny. I wasn't sexually attracted to her even

though she would be considered good looking in a bookish way. She was a good

friend and I had not wanted to ruin that. She was nearnly 6ft tall and I knew,

shapley under her clothes.

"Do you like the idea of being shrunk Karen" I asked

"Yes I do, isn't that obvious. But I also like the idea of shrinking someone

and towering over them and having them at my mercy".She replied.

"Why?" Jenny asked

"Oh I don't know, but the thought of having sex with a giant man or a man who

is tiny just gets me really excited. Like Joe said, it's the thrill of it, maybe

combined with the sexual content" Karen respond.

"Lets say hypothetically" I began" If we had a device here now and could use

it, would you prefer to shrink or shrink someone else".

"Shrink" she replied" "Or shrink someone else I don't mind either".

"How about you two" I said directing the question at Kerstin and Jenny"

"I might try shrinking, but I must admit, I'd rather shrink someone else, say

my lucky darling husband. "Kerstin said

"You can count me out, I wouldn't take part. Sorry, but I just don't see the

interest in this beyond the scientific." was Jenny's rely.

"Anyway, we don't have a device or the means to get one out, unfortunately"

Karen commented.

"Oh I don't know", Kerstin relied with that Impish grin "I reckon either

Jenny or Joe here could probably get a device out without to much hassle if they

thought about it."

I knew it. I had been set up by my wife. She had planted the idea in my head.

But did she know that I had the device already or was it idle wishing on her


Jenny looked stunned. " Don't be silly, security is tight, we wouldn't get

away with it, and even if we could we shouldn't. If those devices got into our

competitors hands or the wrong hands they could cause havoc".

I took a chance " Oh I don't think it would be all that difficult Jenny and

no one would ask questions unless one of the partners saw you."

Jenny looked at me and the two girls,

"OK, let me say this once. If you do consider doing this, I wouldn't stop you

and I wouldn't tell anyone, but do not include me in it. I think its dangerous

and a bad idea". She paused. "But I know you too well and if you set your mind

to this I probably couldn't change your mind."

"Oh would you get one of the devices out for us Joe" Karen said looking very


Yes, I thought, maybe I can experience my fantasy after all. Karen and

Kerstin by all sounds were up for it. I would take some planing again. How to do

it though. I must admit I was beginning to think that I would really like to be

shrunk by my 3 female friends, even if Jenny didn't like the idea, she might

come around once she had experienced it. But how to do it, I wanted to surpirse

them not just say "hey I've a machine upstairs, shrink me please". I needed to


Playing it coy, I said " Oh I don't know. It's one thing to fantasize about

this, it's quite another to do it. I'd needed to think it through."

"Oh Joe" Kerstin and Karen said together.

"Don't look at me" Jenny said.

"I'll think about it" I said, "now lets watch the video I rented OK."

"What did you get" Kerstin asked

"Attack of the 50ft women"I replied with a cheeky grin.

We settled down to watch the movie which was the more recent one with Darryl

Hannah in it.

"I always wanted to see this movie at the cinema" Kerstin said. "It'd be

better on a big screen"

"Well if Joe here could get a shrinking device out, we could watch it on the

big screen." Karen quibbed. Free Games for Mac, Free Games for ipad and Free Games for Iphone, without in app purchases or something like that Free Browser Games

"Cute" repied Jenny.

The film was a good one that I remember seeing some time ago. During it I

mused on where the conversation had gone this evening. My wife and Karen were

both definately up for trying out the device and Jenny, although not liking the

idea had said she would keep quiet. I decided that I was going to let Kertsin

and Karen in on the secret, but I still wanted to suprise them by shrinking

myself, or possibly them as well without any notice or warning. Seeing their

expresions upon seeing me or them shrunk would be great. Then I thought, don't

be subtle invite them into the study with the device set to shrink them and me

when we entered the room. They would get no warning. It would take planning and

I needed a good story to get them there. Hmmm

By the time the film ended it was late and everyone was getting ready to go

to bed. I said good night to Karen and Jenny and went to my the study. I quickly

set the machine to shrink myself and two others to roughly 1 1/2 inches tall ,

give or take the differences in or heights for three hours. I thought let them

experience what I had.

Then I went to our bedroom where my wife was already getting into bed.

"Darling", I began. "I have a surprise for you. I had planned to give it to

you this weekend since we were going to be alone. Since Karen and Jenny are here

I've had to wait until now to give it to you."

"Oh " she said " I've ruined your surprise haven't I by inviting Karen and

Jenny here, . I'm so sorry". She got up from the bed and kissed me.

"It's all right darling" I insisted. " In fact, Karen helped me choose it.

Don't tell her I told you though".

"My lips are sealed" she said making the motion of sealing her lips with her



"Good, it's in my study. I hide it there earlier today" I said

"So that's why your study was lock. I had meant to ask you about that" She


"Yes, I didn't want you seeing it until I could give it to you." I said with

a smile

"Oh that's so sweet" She said and gave me a hug. We kissed for a few moments.

"I'm sure Karen would like to see your face when you see it, so do you mind

if I invite her to come as well." I asked

"Oh no, of course not" my wife said.

"Good, wait for me outside the study and I'll meet you there in a moment." I

kissed her again and went to Karen's room. I knocked on the door and Karen

opened it.

"May I come in for a moment." I asked

"Sure" she said.

I closed the door behind me. Karen had already got her night gown on and was

ready to sleep.

" I have a little surprise for you. Kerstin and I had planned on giving it to

you in a few days, but since you are here, I thought we might give it to you

now." I said

"Oh," she said. " You've stolen a shrinking device already and plan to use it

on me" She said with a grin.

" No" I said. She couldn't possibly know I had a device, she must be teasing


"Pity" she said. "Let me just put something on over this nighty, or you wife

might feel jealous". She grabbed a robe and put it on.

"I doubt that" I said.

" Oh I know, besides", she lent close to me " she once told me that the two

of you had once considered having a threesome with me once"

I looked at her in shock and she grinned cheekily at me an walked out of the


" Coming" she said. My wife and I had considered it. I never thought she

would actually tell Karen.

We both went to the study, where my wife was waiting and she smiled a Karen.

Good they both seemed to believe me. I unlocked the door to my study and turned

to them.

"Just give me a second to set it up and then come in." I said

I slid into the door, keeping the contents out of their view. I closed the

door and set the machine's delayed timer. Everything was ready. I hoped Jenny

would stay in her room and even if she didn't, there was little chance of her

coming into the study, so she shouldn't discover us.

I hit the enter key on the pad on the machine and moved in front of the

device. I paused counting and at the right moment said,

"Come in, but keep your eyes shut", too the two women outside. The door

opened and they stepped in, I closed the door behind them and stood with them.

"OK" I said "You can open them now". The beam shot out of the machine as I

said this and I again felt the sensations of shrinking. When my vision cleared,

me, my wife and friend were shrunk.

Part 4

There was a stunned silence as my wife and friend took in what had happened

to them and their surroundings.

"Well ladies, how do you like my surprise." I said

" Oh my God, " Kerstin said and I heard her voice quaver. I looked at her and

saw that she was looking around wild eyed at the massive room and it's now huge

contents. Karen turned to me and I could see that she was almost as shocked as

my wife appeared.

" You shrunk us! You actually took one of the devices and SHRUNK US!" she

ended yelling at me.

I looked at them and said, "but I thought you wanted to try this out".

"We did" replied my wife sarcastically, " But a bit of notice would have been

nice". She looked around. "God, everything is so BIG."

"Take your time and get used to it. Trust me were fine and once you get over

the surprise you'll be OK". I said

The ladies continued looking around in amazement at my study, at the sofa

that was now 150ft or more high, at the desk and chair that were bigger than

several city blocks, to the light bulb far up in the distance that was shinning

down on us like a sun.

"This is so amazing" Karen suddenly squealed out. She turned to me and gave

me a hug. "Thank you for letting me in on this".

I looked at my wife and saw that she was beginning to get used to it.

"Wow, I hadn't realized how much dirty we miss at our normal size Joe, this

place is a mess". She said and began to wander around.

I approached her and took her in my arms, " I did this for us you know" I


" Besides I think you set me up for this by making me think about it didn't


She looked at me and gave me a lopsided smile. " Well sort of, but I didn't

expect you to do this so soon, and I thought you would tell me about it before

doing it".

"I wanted to surprise you " I said.

"That you did" She said. She then kissed me " Thanks, this is truly

incredible. I think I will enjoy it".

Karen turned to us and said " Joe, just how small are we anyway."

"Oh 1 1/2 inches tall give or take a millimeter or two, for the next three

hours." I said nonchalantly. " I must confess, that this is the second time I've

used the device. I shrunk myself while you were at work to try it out,"

The girls looked at me in surprise.

"Really?" My was asked. We sat down and I told them of my experience earlier,

leaving out a few details that I didn't think they needed to know, like me

jerking off in my wifes shoes.

Then Karen stood up, "I want to explore" she said. " Come on ". And with that

she ran off heading for my desk. I looked at my wife and we followed. We spent

the next hour exploring the study at our new sizes. In our exploring we looked

around my desk and discovered my office bag which was to us bigger than a house.

It was a satchel type arrangement and was lying on it's side. With some effort

we managed to climb into the satchel and were confronted with my work things. We

stared in awe at my pen which was now several time longer than we were. At the

girls insistence I tried to move it and found that I couldn't budge it from its

resting place. It was like trying to move a steel bar 15ft long. I found a paper

clip that was nearly as big as myself which I could just lift onto its side. The

girls were giggling watching my efforts to move a simple object that at our

normal sizes would have been so light. We stared at some of the papers in the

satchel with letters on them that were almost knee high to us.

After an hour or so exploring we were all fairly tired, so we sat down on the

edge of the satchel.

"Well what next" Kerstin said. " It's a pity were shrunk for three hours. An

hour has been enough to explore this room. I was kind of hoping to see you

shrunk while I was normal size"

" So am I darling" I said " But there's still the rest of the house to

explore " .

" The rest of the house " Kerstin said. " I don't know. Jenny is out there

and could leave her room at any time".

Karen suddenly sat up and I could see she had just thought of something.

" You know, we all want to see someone who is normal sized whilst we are

shrunk. Why don't we go spy on Jenny. At our size she'll never know we were


I looked at my friend and wife and from the looks on their faces...

"Lets do it." I said.

Getting under the door didn't prove to be a problem. We were able to slide

under with some room to spare. What confronted us as a huge corridor that seemed

to streach on into the distance. My study was around the corner from our

bedrooms. Being in the study, although vast from our perspective had been one

thing. At least it seemed to have an end and was quantifiable. Out here we

truely began to get an idea of just how small I had shrunk us. Carpeting that

was like a large swath of tall grass streached out in front of us leading to

walls covered by painting that were bill board sized. A huge cabinet was on one

side dwarfing everything else. We began walking, keeping to the edges of the

corridor. Kerstin's point about Jenny had been justifiable. Had she come walking

down here and we had been in the middle of the corridor, we probably could not

have gotten out of the way in time. She would have covered the distance here in

seconds. But it took us considerably longer. We eventually rounded the corner

and began approaching the vast door to her room. We quickly crossed the corridor

to the door and stood looking up at it. My heart was pounding as I reaslised

that I was about to come face to face for the first time with a huge giantess. I

looked at the ladies and saw that they too were considering this and probably

like me wondering if this was such a good idea. Jenny would not know we were

there which made this potentially very dangerous. Getting control of myself, I

signalled to the ladies that I would go first and got down and crawled under the

door. The ladies followed. What greeted us was staggering. My first glance of

the room showed the huge bed in the corner of the room. It was more than a 100

ft high and longer than several football pitches. To the left just inside the

door, a desk and a chair towered over us and sitting in the chair working on her

lap top was Jenny!

I stood there staring in wonder at her. To say that she was immense in size

is an understatement. Even though I knew she would be huge, the reality of it

was some thing else. She was sitting there in only her under wear, which was

from what I saw a nice sexy white combination. In reality she was only a few

feet from the door, but to us she seemed to be several hundred feet away. I

stared at her feet that were now longer that a long lorry. Slowly looking up, I

followed her legs up and up until the reached the edge of the chair some 70 ft

above me. I could make out massive thighs that were some 20 or more ft wide. My

eyes wandered up past her hips, past an expanse of skin that made up her stomach

and chest to breasts that were like small hills to me, held in place by a form

hugging Bra that really accentuated the shape of her breasts. Although not quite

as big as my wife's they were still superbly formed. Not as big as my wife's I

mussed. At the moment they were dozens of times bigger than my wife! I finally

saw her face. She was wearing her glasses, which always made her look sexy in

that bookish way. Those glasses alone were massive. I looked at her face, at

lips that were large enough to swallow a car, length ways, to a nose that was

twice my height, to eyes that were almost as big as I was tall. I could hear her

tapping at the keys, and the sound was to us very loud, magnified by our

differences in size. As, I stood there watching here she slowly swiveled her

chair back and forth and was gently tapping her huge foot on the ground. Each

time her foot hit the ground we heard a large whompf and I could feel slight

vibrations in the ground. Up until now everything we had seen had been

stationary. Watching something this big move was a little scary, but an

unbelievable sight never the less. We must have stood gaping at Jenny for

several minutes just taking in her huge size. I must admit I briefly felt bad

about seeing her in this state of undress, but reminded myself that I had seen

her naked on a few occasions at university. All this thinking was swept away

however when Jenny suddenly pushed her chair back and stood up. The chair

rumbled back causing vibrations to surge through the carpet. As she stood I

suddenly realized that sitting down had not prepared us for her at her full

height. She was staggering, at least 250 - 300 ft tall. She turned towards the

door and began to walk towards her bag lying near the wall. Each of her steps

covered a hundred feet in a fraction of a second and as her feet hit the ground

they sent shock waves through the ground. I had not really expected that. We all

staggered a little and she passed, to her only a few feet away from us. She

reached her bag and picked up the massive object. Seeing her lift something that

must weigh several hundred tones or more was again a little scary. I realized

that should she discover us, we really would be at her mercy. There was no way

the three of us could compete with such power. She took a note book out of the

bag and dropped the bag on the ground about a foot from us. The displacement of

air from the bag hitting the ground knocked the three of us off our feet and a

few feet through the air. I landed on my back in the soft carpet that cushioned

my landing. I glanced at Karen and my wife to make sure they were all right and

then moved towards them. Jenny had moved back into the chair and was looking at

something on the Internet I think.

I reached the ladies and helped them stand. I was beginning to think coming

in here was not such a good idea, considering how we had been flung about by

Jenny's simple actions.

"Are you two all right" I said

They nodded to me, their eyes not leaving their gigantic friend. Karen

whispered in awe under her breath,

"That was so awesome".

I stared at her as did my wife,

"That was frightening" Keratin said, " I mean seeing her move and handling

that bag. Whew, and the way we just went for flying lessons".

I nodded, but part of me was agreeing with Karen. It had been scary, but I

also found it arousing as well. I guess being so helpless was bringing out the

submissive nature in me.

"If you two don't want to stay, I'll understand" Karen said, "But I'm staying

for as long as I can. I really like seeing her like this.

"If you stay, I stay" I said and I looked at my wife and saw that although

frightened she was prepared to stay as well.

We decided to keep to the wall and moved towards the desk and Jenny. As we

got closer and Jenny continued to loam over us more and more I was suddenly

really pleased I had done this. We hid under the desk staring up at Jenny as she

gently tapped her foot on the ground again. She was obviously engrossed in what

she was looking at. We moved over to one of the legs of the table, a massive

towering pole so that we could watch our giantess friend better. We sat the for

a while just staring at her as she sat there. Suddenly she stopped leaning

forward and leaned back into the chair causing a vast creaking sound to us. As

we watched she slowly started to play with her breasts through the material of

the Bra and her other hand with tree sized fingers went down to her crotch and

began to rub herself. My God she was starting to masturbate herself. I felt my

face redden and turned to my wife to suggest we leave. After all, while my wife

might consider having a threesome with Karen, she probably wouldn't enjoy me

watching Jenny getting herself off. My wife's face however stopped me. She and

Karen were watching with rapt attention as Jenny slowly played with herself.

"Kerstin" I whispered.

I had to repeat myself before I caught her attention.

She looked at me and moved over.

"I don't mind looking if you don't. Besides Jenny will never know".

By now, Jenny had pushed her Bra off and was undoing it revealing those

massive breasts in all their enormity. I stared at them and had to admit that

the sight of Jenny masturbating herself was arousing. Her fingers were now deep

into her panties and she was slowly writhing around in the chair making moanning


"We really shouldn't" I said. " Come on let's leave. Besides we only have an

hour or so left before we re enlarge. It's going to take most of that to get out

of here and back to the study."

"You always wanted to see another women playing with herself darling. If this

is about you concerns over me, I don't mind. Honest." She leaned close to me and

said, " I've always wanted to watch another women masturbate. Please honey, this

can be another fantasy fulfilled tonight.

Well who was I to argue, so we sat there and watched Jenny.

By now she was moaning loudly and was writhing around the chair. Watching

this vast shape please herself was unbelievable and made me think that I really

did want to experience sex with my wife on this scale. Although, maybe I should

be slightly bigger than we were presently. By now I had a huge hard on and my

wife smiling at me let me know that she knew this, by gently placing here hand

on my groin and squeezing and massaging me. If she was not careful, I was going

to come in my pants.

Jenny came with a loud gasp and collapsed back into the chair. She lay there

for a moment before hauling herself up to the desk again. She was doing

something on the computer. I suddenly realized that whatever had caused her to

become aroused was on the Internet. An Adult site perhaps. Maybe I had misjudge

Jenny as I had always believed she would not do something like that. Jenny had

finished with the computer and was shutting it down. She stood up, giving us

another chance to view her in her full glory. She pushed the chair back with

another vast rumble, and then reach for her panties and began dragging them off.

She let them slip off her and flicked them away with her foot. I don't know,

fate or whatever caused it to happen, but the panties hit the leg of the desk

and fell down right on top of us. I struggled to move the cloth that was soaked

in her juices and was now soaking me. Suddenly the world lurched and the

material of the pants contracted, scrunching up on me. OH MY GOD, she had picked

up the panties and with it me and probably the girls as well. My stomach lurched

as I went several hundred stores up in a fraction of a second. I was almost

sick. We were moving and I couldn't move. I could just make out one of her

fingers that had picked up the panties right next to me. I was lying next to

this finger that was 3 times my height in length and almost as tall as me. Where

was she taking me. Suddenly I felt us move down and the panties were dropped

landing around and on top of me. The world suddenly became black.

I lay there stunned by what had happened. I replayed in my mind the last few

event. How she had stripped revealing her pussy, how she had dropped her panties

on me and possibly the girls and then picked us up. We were nothing to her. She

had not even noticed us and our negligible weight. What an experience. I

remembered her saying this could be dangerous, and she was right. But it was

also immensely exciting. The girls, what had happened to them and where was I. I

called out the girls name but got no response. Had Jenny Killed them? I

struggled to free myself from the panties and after some huffing and puffing

managed to get out of the heavy material. It was dark wherever I was, but there

was enough light to see. I was in Jenny's bag. I glanced at my watch. I had

about half and hour before I enlarged. That might get me out of this, but into

another whole lot of trouble. All things considering I would rather have stayed

in here forever than face Jenny, if she found out what we had done. A quick

search of the panties seemed to show that the girls were not in here with me.

But how was I to get out. And get out I needed to do, so Jenny didn't catch me.

I looked around at what was in here. She had several changes of clothes and

shoes as well as a few books and sundries. The bag was not closed so if I could

get to the top, I could get out. I started clambering over the clothes and shoes

and finally managed to get to the top. Staring out I realized I was in luck.

Some of her clothes had fallen over the edge and I used them to climb down. As I

got to the bottom, I suddenly realized I should make sure I knew where Jenny


I glanced around and saw that she was in Bed reading a book and not looking

in my direction. Good. Now where were the girls. Suddenly I saw them, they were

moving in my direction and were nearly at the bag. I ran towards them and when I

reach them I grabbed my wife and hugged her.

"Thank God, we thought you were a goner there" Karen said looking slightly


" So did I for a moment". I said.

My wife let me go and looked at me, " You really scared us there. When her

panties fell on us and she reach over to pick them up, I thought she had spotted

us and we were all in trouble. And then she pick them and you up. Damm, what are

you covered in."

I looked down and suddenly realized I was still covered by Jenny's juices

from her panties.

Karen giggled " Don't you recognize the smell"

My wife suddenly blushed. " Oh...OHH."

"Let get out of here, before she does discover us." I suggested

They agreed and we quickly made our way back to the study. We got there with

only a few minutes to spare. During the journey there we discussed the recent

events. My wife was more than a little concerned about how easily a normal sized

person could put us in harms way, but she was also extremely turned on by

watching Jenny.

" It was amazing. There's no other way to describe it", she said as she

crawled back into the study. " And to be honest it got me a little horny, and

smelling her on you was incredible"

"Me too" Karen and I said at the same time.

We stood insilence for a few minutes and then suddenly, we enlarged back to

our normal size. The girls collapsed on the sofa, but Kerstin took one look at

me covered as I was in Jenny's juices and said "Not you. I don't want that stuff

on every thing. Your clothes and you are covered. Strip. Get them off and Ill

put them in the washing basket so that Jenny won't find them. Ignore Karen,

she's seen it all before many times."

I took my clothes off and my wife picked them up. Looking at me in the nude

she saw that I had a raging hard on. " Did the experience really turn you on


I looked down sheepishly and nodded. " I've never experienced anything like

it" I said. " And strange as this may sound considering what happened and what

could have happened, I do want to try it again. Although, I think I do owe Jenny

an appology. This could be very dangerous".

She smiled at me as she began to ease herself out of the room. "Well tiny, be

a good boy and when I get back I'm going to shrink you for the rest of the night

and use you to satisfy myself".

I just stared at her, with my heart pounding and if possible my hard on

getting even harder, which caused Karen to laugh. I had almost forgotten she was


"Well, I guess I'm going to see you small after all". Karen said.

I stood there think about this and what had happened. I was about to be

shrunk by my wife, possibly in front of another of my friends, who just happened

to be a very good looking woman, who herself had some interesting ideas about

what to do with shrunken men. I wondered if my wife was thinking of lending me

to Karen, and considering previous converstaions regarding Karen, that was not

as far fetched as it sounded. It also appealed to me. Kerstin had an adventurous

streak, which made sex with her exciting, but Karen had one as well, which if

anything was more pronounced. Sex with her could litterally mean anything


" Or maybe, I'll let your wife shrink me and play with me instead, and tease

you by watching us together". She quirped suddenly with a dirty little grin.

"What," I said

" You heard me, and then after that I think she should tie you to a bed at

your normal size and then we should shrink ourselves and have our way with you".

She commented in a very sexy voice.

My hard on was now standing at attention like a parade pole and Karen was

looking at it with lust.

Just then my wife returned, with some cloth and water. " Hear clean yourself

up and I hope the two of you behaved yourselves".

I just looked at her helplessly while Karen grinned.

"Oh, I just gave him an idea of what we had talked about if we ever got the

chance to shrink him." Karen said polishing her nails in an innocent manner.

"No wonder he's so hard", my wife said laying her hand on my cock and rubbing

it. "Clean yourself quickly because its time to become small husband." She said.


Part 5

She moved over to the shrinking device and began to program it.

I stood there naked in front of these two women. " How small are you going to

make me" I said.

"Not as small as we were a little while ago, maybe 4 inches tall". she


" For how long" I asked

" Well let's see, it's 1 am about now, so I want you for the rest of the

night, so 8 more hours, I think. Or should I shrink you indefinitely" She

replied impishly

What was I about to let myself in for? I was about to let myself be shrunk by

my wife and friend, and this time, unlike with Jenny they knew I was there. My

throat was feeling very dry and my heart was pounding away so loud that it

should have woken the dead.

"Finished darling, see you in a sec" She said and hit a button.

I didn't even have a chance to say anything as the beam speared out and

shrunk me.

My vision took a few seconds to clear as I had got used to it doing. When it

did I felt the ground shaking and stumbled about a little. When I looked in

front of me, the sight that greeted me was that of four huge feet. Karen and

Kerstin had moved to stand right in front of me. After seeing Jenny at 1 1/2

inches, there feet were not quite as big or intimidating. Intimidating enough

though. I barely reached their ankles in height. I slowly let my eyes wander up

and saw the two girls towering over me with huge grins on their faces. My wife

was at towering 100ft tall, and Karen was slightly taller than her. I gulped as

they stared down looking at me.

"HI TINY" Karen said in a voice that boomed down to me. Kerstin slowly knelt

down to me and I had to back off as she did so. She was huge and watching her

move at that size was as intimidating as Jenny had been regardless of the

differences in size.

"RELAX JOE" she said. She lowered herself down until she was lying on the

ground looking at me. Karen followed her suit and I found myself looking

directly into the faces of these two women. Kerstin's head was bigger than me,

at least twice my height and beautiful. He lips which were full and best

described as pouting lips pursed and she smiled at me, a smile that was as long

as I was.

" YOU ARE THE CUTEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN" she said. She slowly examined me

with her eyes taking me in including my now minuscule Dick. Her smile broadened

as she saw that .


With that she raised herself up. From her kneeling position, she slowly

stretched out her hand. I watched in awe as this huge appendage slowly

approached me. Her hand came to rest on it's edge and she slowly moved it until

it was surrounding me. I looked at her palm which was as tall as I was and

gulped. Here we go I thought. My wife then slowly wrapped her fingers around me

and I found myself in a prison of flesh, barely able to see over her hand. Just

before her hand closed on me entirely I quickly stepped up on one of her fingers

and grabbed the edge of her hand so that I would be able to see over it. I heard

her gasp as I did this and her hand contracted out of surprise. She didn't crush

me, or anything like that, but as the fist closed I suddenly found myself

immobile in it. I tried to move slightly and found that she was, at this size,

simple to strong for me. I couldn't move. She must have felt me trying to move.

" OK DOWN THERE" She asked.

I nodded. She then brought her fist up and my stomach went through a roller

coster ride as she did so. I found my self suspended in the air in my wife's

hand and unable to move or do anything about it.

She looked at me , with amazement in her eye, and tilted her hand and opened

it so that I found myself lying in her palm looking up at my wife and Karen. Oh

I was going to enjoy this.

They both just stared at me, marveling in this small man lying in the palm of

Kerstin's hand. I in turn lay there looking up at these two beautiful women. I

looked at her hand that held me, marveling in the size of it and the fine detail

of it, that was magnified to me at this size. I could now make out every mark on

her fingers and palm. The surface of her had was still as soft as every, just a

lot bigger. It felt like I was lying on a huge warm soft

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