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By Pendragon


"Crap!" Ed muttered. "I forgot to study for the inorganic-chem lab today. I

can't do this!"

As a college student, Ed was a failure. The only reason he hadn't been thrown

out was his parents were alumni with a considerable amount of money. Although

that's really not fair, that's how the world works. After a quick shower Ed went

to class and did what he was extremely good at. Pretending to pay attention.

Unfortunately, this was a day he should have paid attention for real.

"Now class," said the old hag of a teacher Mrs. Pugh. "We will be handling very

dangerous substances. Please mix in the order I'm showing you now."

Ed woke from a beautiful dream just as Mrs. Pugh poured nitrous- chloride into a

big test tube of other chemicals. Ed, not wanting to look stupid, poured all the

chemicals at his station in no particular order. There is an old saying. It is

better to be silent and look stupid than to act and remove all doubt. Ed just

broke that rule.

A huge explosion of foul smelling chemicals filled his station and Ed's lungs.

He coughed and spasmed and blacked out. After what seemed like forever, Ed awoke

only to see Meredith, the hottest girl in the class, looking down at him on her

hands and knees. No that wasn't right. She seemed to miss his presence entirely.

Ed looked around.

"Oh my holy God!" he screamed.

Meredith, usually a tall 5 foot 10, was ridiculously huge. He looked up as high

as possible. She was about 1600 feet tall from what he could tell.

He did the math. He was ¼ an inch tall.

"MRS. PUGH," shouted Meredith (or what seemed like shouting to Ed) "I Don't SEE


If only she knew.

Meredith began to sit with her legs crossed and started to pick up the shards of

glass and chemical into a sterilized bag. Unless he wanted to live his life in a

toxic waste dump, he would have to act fast. Running with all his speed, the Ed

sped to the 17 year old giantess into her shorts, the only area he could reach.

Meredith was somewhat of a child prodigy, graduating from high-school at age 16,

but that info didn't help Ed much. Realizing he wouldn't have any thing to stop

him from falling if he lost his grip, Ed went to the safest place and the place

he has wanted to be in since he first saw her. Her panties. Using all of his

strength, Ed pushed the sweet smelling fabric up so he could fit in. No sooner

was he in when Meredith stood up.

Ed fell from Meredith's upper thigh to her pubic hairs. When the living walls to

his right and left moved when Meredith walked, Ed lost his grip from the hairs

and went through a large mouth like area 10 feet beneath him. Ed was trapped in

the vagina of a teenager. Worse yet, she began to get extremely wet. It was

going to be a hell of a day.

Then something struck Ed.

Next class, Meredith had Soccer practice. And her legs would be in over charge.

Her movements would surly crush him! Or would they? How was he supposed to know?

He had never been in this situation before. He would just have to wait it out.

As Meredith walked across campus, she started to feel warm inside. She went into

the ladies room and into a stall. She took off her mesh shorts, T-shirt, sports

bra, and panties and sat on the toilet. She then felt extremely... well,


She had no idea why; she had given up fingering at age 15. Suddenly an orgasm

broke out and her milky juices filled the toilet. She kept this tidbit to

herself, put on her clothes, and thought nothing of it. Someone else did.

Ed had been nervous when the giantess took off her clothes and sat on the

toilet. He thought he would be thrown out by a stream of piss and pay his last

respects to the porcelain god. He decided to climb out of the vagina, slowly so

Meredith wouldn't notice and secure himself in her belly button, which was now

like a walk-in closet to him. This didn't work. If he had paid attention in

anatomy, he would have known the piece of flesh he used as a foot hold was the

clitoris, where Meredith would feel him the most. As he hopped on it, trying to

get a grip on the now soaked pubic hairs, a huge gushing of orgasm blasted out

of the cavern below him and sent him flying past the toilet. He landed on a gray

piece of material and looked up.

He couldn't believe the towering person before him was two years younger than

him. He thought looked and saw his member go straight up. It was then he

realized how attracted he was to her. He saw her wipe the milky substance off

her and put her panties and shorts on. He then saw her 36C size breasts (the

size of a house to him) come closer and closer and closer until he was on her

nipple. Then he remembered soccer practice. He may not get crushed by her raging

vulva, but he could get jiggled to death on her towering right tit. He moved on

top of the nipple so he had a bit of maneuvering space and threw his now soaked

clothes down the bra and saw them land a thousand feet below.

As he moved, the nipple became rock hard and Ed stopped, not wanting to become

noticed. As Meredith walked down a flight of stairs, the jiggling knocked Ed to

the top of Meredith's jersey. He could now get a good idea of where he was.

The two had finally reached the soccer field and Ed had almost been thrown of

the shirt after losing his grip. After all, they were going what, 3 hundred

miles an hour? When Meredith reached the field, she sat on a bench. There, Ed

found a way to avoid being thrown about on the soccer field. Below him was a

large gym bag totally unzipped. Although he hated to leave Meredith, he also

didn't want to be trampled to death. Ed leaped into the bag...

...right into the inside of a pair of pantyhose. He rolled his way all the way

to the bottom of the pair. He was stuck. He felt the fabric, soft and silky. His

thoughts were interrupted by the closing of the gym bag. He was ¼ an inch tall,

sticky, scared, and in darkness. What else could go wrong.

* * *

My name is Ed Bard. I'm 19 and in a unknown girl's pantyhose. It's not as fun as

it sounds. Especially when you're cold, sticky, and in the dark. After an hour

of two of listening to girls grunt while playing soccer, a musky, sweaty smell

reached my nose and I was elevated a few hundred feet in the air. My ears popped

and I fainted. I awoke as light flashed in my eyes as the gym bag was opened. I

saw a 1600 foot red head, about 21 or so, pull the panty hose out upside down. I

tumbled out of the hose into a rough but soft squarish piece of cloth. A


Knowing I couldn't possibly get out of the cloth fast enough I studied the girl.

She was older than I was, that's for sure. Her breasts must have normally been a

DD, huge even if I was 1594 feet taller. I wanted to get her attention but it

was useless. Even if she could hear me, how would I get normal again. I was

doomed. The girl's roommate entered. She looked exactly like the other girl.

They were twins. Cool. The naked girl who had given me transportation was Kelly.

Her sister was Shelly. Before I could hear much more, I was lifted up and

brought to the showers. Kelly made the water just right and stepped in. After

lathering with soap, the cloth and I were brought in and I landed once again in

a girls vagina. I ran deep in so I wouldn't get flushed down the whirlwind below

into the campus sewers. I heard a moan as I did so. Walking in was easy. Because

she was standing straight, the "road" was flat and easy to walk on. Silly me, I

forgot most people don't stand all day. They sit, curl and lie down.

After Kelly dried off she did the latter of the three. I looked up and saw the

exit to my prison about 50 feet up. I was trapped. After a half hour or so,

through the vibrations of sound resonating through Kelly's body, I learned

Shelly was going to shower before lunch to. I also learned Kelly had a boyfriend

coming over in two hours or so after her psychology class. When Shelly left, I

slept. What else was I supposed to do in a woman's vagina? I didn't want to fool

around; her orgasm could kill me this far deep. I saw her vaginal lips open

after I had awoken. Since I had lost all track of time, I didn't know if it was

the boyfriend knocking to say hello to me. I was getting grossed out. When the

lips opened totally, I saw a finger and heard a groan. Kelly was fingering

herself. She strained to go deep into herself and I found my way out. I grabbed

her 5 foot long fingernail and jumped off when the finger took itself out of

Kelley's labia.

When I jumped, I landed on the bed...

...just as Shelly, stark naked, jumped onto it, still wet from her shower. As I

was bounced the air I was satisfied. I knew It wasn't lunch yet. I was hungry.

The twins talked for a while. Because they grew up together, they probably were

comfortable with each others bodies. After I had been bounced, I became

comfortable with their bodies. Both of their bodies. Up close and personal.

I had landed on Shelly's clit and grabbed on with all my might so I wouldn't

fall in the sweet smelling pit. I paused. Although these girls were identical

twins, their musky scents were rather different. Interesting. Shelly was

obviously aroused by my presence. She got wet and, hundreds of feet away, I saw

her nipples become hard. Kelly, smelling her sister, went to her drawer and

pulled out an extension cord and to large cylinder-like objects.

Vibrators. This would be interesting. The toy's to them were heavy machinery to

me and stood 50 feet tall. The humming noise they made was deafening. Then Kelly

put her humming loins to Shelly's face and her face in Shelly's clit. A huge

tongue picked me up and tasted me. I ran to her lips knowing if I was swallowed,

the burning stomach acids would provide me with a very painful death. As her

mouth opened again I jumped out and landed on Shelly's vibrator. I lost my

balance and fell...and fell... and fell... and landed in a place all to

familiar. The female vagina. But this time, I couldn't keep my footing with all

the vibrating. I bounced around her vagina and pleasured my unwitting captor


After a few minutes, she orgasmed. The raging waters pushed me up to the

vibrator and I couldn't bear the vibrator for much longer. Luckily, I saw a

switch about as big as me. With the last ounces of strength, I pushed it down

and grabbed on. The twins, realizing something was wrong, pulled the dildo out.

I thought I was free. I was wrong. After examination, the twins saw the power

switch was off. Luckily, they didn't turn it on again. I would have jumped then,

but the drop would have killed me.

Instead, I stayed on... as Shelly put the dildo to her mouth and licked her

juices off. I was being swallowed and found no means of escape. As I came to her

throat, I leapt and grabbed her uvula (the dangly thing in the back of the

throat). She began to choke and spewed me out to a small box of cushiony things.

Maxi pads. God, why do you hate me?

Shelly and Kelly, being twins, I suppose had periods at the same time. As I was

investigating my new surroundings (and finally being able to read the unknown

small small small print on the packages, four hands reached in and pulled out

two maxis, one I happened to be climbing on. I mean come on, what were the

chances. As the wrappers were undone, I slipped and fell in a tiny hole in the

maxi. Manufacturers error, but it was safer and drier.

I realized I was in Shelly and had no idea what class she was going to. I also

realized lunch was out of the question so I would have to wait until dinner.

During lunch I found some things about the girl I was so close to. She was 21

and 5 foot two. She was also going to gymnastics practice next. Because she was

so little and, unlike her twin, had a small bosom, she was able to continue

flipping and tumbling to this age. During lunch, I guy named Mark came up to

Shelly. Shelly was wearing some thin shorts and no panties and told Mark that.

Almost automatically, his hand went under the table and to her pussy. He bumped

my head and obviously thought my head was only pubic hair. As his hand came

again and stroked my surrounding area, I bit him. That was VERY stupid.

Mark threw his hand back and I flung out of the maxi and onto his hand. I hid as

best I could, between his fingers.

Mark, the horny little perv, then put his uninvited hand on Shelly's cleavage

shown by the v- neck shirt she wore. I slid down her breast and hung to her

nipple. Her aerolae crinkled. I thought I might as well get some food and

suckled her.

Although it isn't the best way to be fed, when you're hungry, almost anything is

edible. The warm milk felt good and made me drowsy. I awoke as a locker slammed

open. I stood on the bra-less breasts and saw the shirt and shorts come off,

exposing the hungry cunt that nearly drowned me. I cowered in fear as I saw a

skin tight uniform come on. Because I was on her nipple, everyone would simply

think I was part of her tits.

When she put her leotard on fully and warmed up, I was glad I wasn't in her

maxi. As she got on the balance beam, she lost her footing and the bar went

between her legs. She screamed. If I had been in the maxi, I would have been

crushed. She got up and loosened up. She then went to some mats to do floor

exercises. Some time during a flip, I fell between her mounds of flesh and that

too was good because on the next flip, she fell on her chest. This time, her

bountiful bosom protected me from harm. I was lucky.

Age was definitely getting to the 21 year old gymnast and she went to the locker

room to shower and get her clothes.

Not wanting to be in her gym locker, as the leotard came off, I jumped to the


...into the pantyhose of another giantess. A giantess who had just dried off and

was about to get dressed. Oh dear...

As the girl came closer, I recognized her. She was in my French class. Her name

was Yvette Mociano. She must have just came from Tennis, I saw her racket in her

hand. She set it down and put on her panties and bra. Then, the pantyhose. At

first I was sure I was dead. I thought she would have her entire foot on me and

crunch the life from my insignificant shell. But, somebody up there liked me. I

found myself under the arc of her foot, inches (on my scale) from her foot. I

had always found feet unattractive but the scent was uncontrollable. I began to

lick her foot. She definitely felt it, her foot began to shake, but I don't

think she wanted me to stop. After she put her mules on and walked to French, I

came to my senses. I was ¼ an inch. Stroking a foot of a giantess. A giantess

who could kill me with no problem whatsoever.

However, I was trapped. After an hour of Madame Schenk rattling on about

different tenses of verbs, class ended and Yvette went to her dorm. Now it was

about 4:00 PM on a Friday and she probably had nothing to do until... 7:30. The

sorority party. Fun. Yvette was Pi Gamma Alpha, the hottest group on campus.

Were I 6 foot, I never would see what goes on at one of these parties. Now I

would know every kinky detail. When the 20 year old reached the house, she

undressed and threw her pantyhose on the bed to investigate the peculiar

feeling. When I realized she would do this, I decided to stay on her foot, I

found a flaking piece of skin to hold on to. I was able to jump on the bed

before I became a red mess on the carpet. I hid under a fold of sheet and looked

at Yvette. She was tall for a girl. Six foot four.

A giantess to many men anyway. That's one of the reasons she was excepted into

the sorority. She had smallish breasts, dirty blonde hair, and the leanest most

athletic body you could ask for. After she thoroughly searched her hose, she

finished undressing and began to read some pages she got off the Internet.

As I climbed on her nipple cautiously to read the six foot tall letters, I saw

she was reading a story called "Faeries" and her nipples became rock hard. I

heard her mumble, "I wish I had a small man to play with." She finished reading

and got the idea to suckle herself when she saw me. I froze.

In the sexiest French accent she said, "Why Edward! You have come as an answer

to my dream. I shall ...reward you." She brought me to her mouth with the

greatest of care and softly sucked and licked. I came time and time again.

She then set her alarm to wake at 7:30 for the party. She slept with me in her

cleavage. I silently stole away, hoping she would think I was a dream brought on

by erotic literature. I climbed the alarm cord to the desk in between two beds.

I slipped on another pair of panties and landed on a garter and got caught. At

six or so, I watched in horror as I was put on by Yvette's roommate. It is not

that I don't find her attractive, I like red heads, but I knew for a fact a she

had boyfriend and the sight of a boy's prick 20 or so times bigger than I am

disgusted me. Luckily it was an all-girls party. Unfortunately, as I was going

to find out late, the girls were prone to experimentation...

I watched as the girl put on her panties and nightgown. I saw her bra-less

breasts jiggle whenever she moved. I scrambled out of the garter after much

trouble and found something safe I could stay in. The girls panties. I knew I

was wrong before but how much trouble could I get in this time? Then I

remembered something. Meredith was part of this sorority. Maybe if I could

survive until Wednesday (the day of our next lab) and find a way to tag along, I

could alter my size. It was fun at first but way too dangerous. Soon it was


All the doors were locked and all members present. The girl I was in, Sarah,

then brought out some type of women's porno flick and they crowded around the TV

and watched. From what I heard, It was a bunch of girls playing twister, getting

tripped, and ended with a mass orgy. Sarah got wet. Not just damp, but soaking.

Her panties (and me) were taken off and put in the middle of the room.

She said, "By the end of tonight's party I want everyone to have panties as wet

or wetter than these. Now, I have a twister game. Who's in?" I saw all the girls

raise their hands.

First though, Meredith, being the youngest, picked up the panties and me. Seeing

this as a way out, I jumped and landed in her panties. I struggled to hang on to

her panties but the porno flick got her wet and I slipped into her vagina. The

scent was familiar and sweet. Then I heard like a shout through a thousand

microphones, "LEFT FOOT GREEN!!!" Meredith did. "RIGHT LEG BLUE!" again Meredith

did. I found her vagina opening and fell into a tangle of wet hairs.

"my panties are wet and their coming off." said Meredith. she obviously felt me.

I jumped from the panties so I wouldn't get trampled... and landed right into

the back of a Asian named Charlene's panties. As the game continued, I was

shoved farther into firm young an round ass. (She was 18) Then I heard Sarah

scream "ORGY!!!"

Uh oh!

The earth quaked as 20 amazingly beautiful 1600 foot girls stripped off all the

remaining clothes they had. I saw a giant tongue come into my hiding place in

the ass of one girl and I was transferred from the tongue to a vagina of an

indeterminable girl. The walls around me went into overdrive as the girl kicked

and screamed and wiggled and moaned. She came and so did another girl who wad

straddled her. I was trapped in a flood of cum and found myself on a breast. I

looked up and saw another pair come on me at the gentlest of ease. I saw the

giantesses milk and toy with each other and I was finally able to rest between

the rock hard nipples of two girls, one a voluptuous Hispanic, the other a lean

but supple blonde.

Then the blond got up and went to the shower. I awoke as a washcloth knocked me

into the girls belly button. The soap lathered and I dried the sticky mucus like

covering from my body. By now it was midnight. I slid onto the girls hand to get

her attention and she immediately sat on the toilet, landing on the all too

familiar pubic hairs. I did my best and succeeded to stray from her clit, not

wanting to have her orgasm. If she did, I would surely fall into the toilet and

drown. I tied myself to a hair as big as a sailing rope and watched the acid

splash into the cavern below. I was very disgusted. I also saw my chance and

emptied the waste I accumulated through the day. I then saw the naked girl put

on her socks and shoes, and with about 5 other girls, stepped outside. They were

going to streak. The cold wind blew against me and I felt the girl shiver.

The six began to run and run and run. My host, whose name was Josephine, got

lost from the others and walked into a nearby forest. There she put on a her

clothing she had hidden and walked to her car and drove away. I saw nothing and

realized I had to survive a weekend in a foreign place.


On the drive I untied myself and fell into the panties below. I heard these

words, "Hey sis! You're here for my birthday. All right. You are about an hour

late though for the actual day. It's about 1 AM. I hope you got me something

nice." The voice was towering and sexy. "Happy fourteenth Katie!" Josephine

said, and the two embraced. "Now I'm going to change. Put my clothes in the

wash, OK?" I jumped out of the clothes as soon as I could...

...and landed on the breast of a gigantic fourteen year old girl. All I could

say was, 'this is going to be interesting' as the girl undressed and slept. I

awoke dazed. I thought of what had happened yesterday. The shrinking. The clits.

The orgy.

The trip. I remembered where I was. Below me I saw a 14 year old girl with red

hair, emerald green eyes, and giant heaving brea...what was I doing? I was

fantasizing about someone 5 years younger than I was. As she awoke to shower, I

jumped off her bosom onto a bottle below. It was cough syrup. The girl came to

me and picked the bottle up. As she drank a cap full, I was hit by a drop. Then

I felt funny again. I blacked out.

I came to my senses and everything was wrong. The world had doubled in size. I

was 1/8 an inch tall, and found myself on some fabric by the bottle. I looked up

and read the ingredients. I noticed nitrous-chloride and many other items that

had been in my science project. The syrup must have stimulated the shrinking

again. I was so engrossed with reading I didn't realize the girl was getting

dressed until I was lifted several hundred feet in the air. I was then thrown in

circles and encased in a tangle of cords. I was in a scrunchie, in the hair of a

several thousand foot tall giantess. As she combed her hair, I was hit into the

girls ear and could see where we were going. On a Saturday. at about three in

the afternoon (she was a heavy sleeper, I like that). I saw her embrace her

older sister and I would have jumped to her to get back to the campus, but I

learned she was going to Canada for the next week. I wanted to stay at least

local in a place I was semi-familiar with.

The girl caught a quick bite to eat and began to make final adjustments to her

clothing and the decorations. Party decorations. She had just turned fourteen.

As her guests arrived I was relieved to see all of them were girls. Watching a

guy giving my host a real "birthday present" was something I could do without

seeing. After an hour of talking about relationships and make-up and everything

a teenage girl talks about, I heard Cynthia, my captress, yell a deafening cry.


The girls (about eight of them) began hitting each other. It was about four and

Cindy's parents wouldn't be back until after midnight. They were at a dinner

party. They were a little too trusting to leave a group of teenagers alone

unsupervised. As the fight became more intense, I was hit out of Cindy's ear and

fell backwards. Down. Down. Down.

Into the back of Cindy's panties.

After another ten minutes of blows hard enough to sink an ocean liner, Cindy sat

down to watch the movie she rented, "Clueless". As she sat and as I was shoved

far into her ass, I realized how clueless everyone had been to my existence.

The warm flesh and musky air was pleasant, but very tight. Midway through the

movie, Cindy called the pizza man. When he arrived, I could tell she was

attracted to her as her scent became stronger. Then he left and she went to the

bathroom to freshen up before she ate. She pulled off her panties and I once

again saw the great porcelain god. Only this time I couldn't escape.

Or could I...

As Cindy began pushing out her log, I jumped out of her and was able to reach a

stray hair hanging a few hundred feet above the toilet. As the foul smelling

substances passed by me, I closed my eyes and waited. After an eternity, she

wiped and I was thrown off by a huge white cloth. As it made it's sweeping

motion, I grabbed on to her lips and climbed inside. Although I was scared at

her size and my possibility for drowning, it was safer then the toilet. When I

heard a thunderous flush, Cindy put on her panties and returned to the party.

She got horny as all the "cute guys" in the movie came on screen. So horny, a

mini orgasm flowed me into her panties and I could not get back up. I saw the

blood flow through her legs and the drips of her juices drooled and cover me.

Finally, she got up and shouted, "TRUTH OR DARE. COURTNEY, YOU GO FIRST. TRUTH











I was horrified. This was not the death I had expected. This was also not the

day I had expected. As Cindy took her panties and me to the freezer, I stared at

her stunning beauty. Then the freezer opened, huge blocks of ice nearly crushed

me, then there was only silence. I chattered and almost stopped moving. I

realized if I did stop moving, my temperature would fall to much so I ran for a

minute. I was at he edge of the panties when the door opened. The cubes were

thrown in the sink and a giantess, Courtney I think, brought out the frozen

treat. She brought them to her breasts to test how cold they were and shivered.

That shivering threw me off balance and I landed in the bra of a fourteen year

old. A very attractive fourteen year old. But now, I was certain I could not

ever be restored to my original height. The breasts warmed me and I fell asleep,

worn out after all that running.

I woke in the middle of the night and saw Courtney was lying in a big heap. Let

me rephrase that. She was part of a big heap. The mountain of girls around her

left me at an incalculable height. Right below Courtney's thighs I saw Cindy's

breasts. I carefully climbed out of the bra I was in and began to climb down her

cleavage. I had just reached the edge of her panties (which were rather wet)

when I heard a door slam.

Cindy's parents. The girls hustled off each other and went to their own pile of

covers and clothes. I was sent into the air and landed on the can of whip cream

the girls had used for sundaes a hour or so ago. The two adults who were about

forty or so picked the can up.

The wife, Janet whispered (to me it was a shout),



The two lifted me up and I was dragged to the parents bed room. I had secured

myself to the can because a could tell what was going to happen. All of a

sudden, a stream of white foam shot out and I was thrown into the belly button

of the stunning woman. She was very athletic, she had to have been working out

and her brown hair had only a few spots of gray. What was I thinking? This woman

was not only married but twice my age! I closed my eyes as moisture came all

around me. Then, ten or so minutes later, a huge bulk came closer, then popped a

hundred feet away, then crashed down again. I heard moans from the married

couple and saw Janet's juices flow toward me.

The couples were having sex. Then I realized I was nothing to the outside world.

The inhabitants could do anything, even the most intimate, and wouldn't care if

I was around. How would they even sense my presence. The couples then went to

sleep after ten minutes or so. I guess if they were ten years younger, I

wouldn't get any sleep all night, but that's a different story. The three of us

slept and I listened to the blood flow around me as it lulled me off to



I was awoken with a jolt as Janet got up to shower. Jeez, it was seven o-clock

in the frickin' morning. Then I realized they were going to church. The thoughts

of God made me wonder if my enjoyments of my situation were evil or sent by the

devil. I decided that it was God's idea to give us sexual bliss. If he hadn't

wanted us to enjoy such dreams and experiences, then we would mate like almost

all other creatures and gain no feelings from it.

I pondered this as the water was turned on. As her washcloth passed by, I saw my

chance. I jumped onto her hand and jumped again so I could grab onto her

shoulder length hair. As I tied myself in, I thanked the Boy Scouts for teaching

me the safest and most secure knots. As Janet dressed, I realized how beautiful

she was. After she finished, Cindy rushed in to get her shampoo and bumped into

Janet. The extreme force broke my knot and I fell into the section between

breast and towel (Cindy had wrapped the towel around herself for modesty.) I was

going to get a second shower. I tried my best to hold on to her huge nipple as a

geyser of water splashed over me and I fell onto her passing hand. After being

thrown about her body and noticing how truly beautiful she was, I came to rest

in her vagina.

I had to stay somewhere until her sister came back from Canada. Besides, it

wasn't by my own volition I was there. It was just some freak accident. An

accident I planned to correct.

The Return of Ed!!!

(Cue applause ) Everything about nails and manicure products Nails Trends

Ahem... where was I? Oh yes. To sum up. I'm Ed. I'm 19, a sophomore in college,

hanging in by the power of my Dad's wallet. I messed up in inorganic chem with

some reaction to Nitrous Chloride and shrunk to ¼ of an inch tall. I was then

picked up by this hot 17 year old, Meredith who I think I'm in love with. I was

reluctantly passed on to the Quinn twins, Kelly and Shelly. I was... er vibrated

and "maxed" out. Later, a real jerk named Mark began to touch her and I was

flung to her breast. She went through gymnastics practice which I barely

survived and I left in the locker room with this girl Yvette. She fantasized

about small men and had her way with me, thinking it was just a dream. I then

survived Yvette's sorority all-girl party and was passed around more (including

back to Meredith. ) I left the house with Josephine, who went to her parent's

house to wish her sister Cindy a happy birthday before leaving to Canada. I fell

into a container of cough syrup, containing none other than Nitrous Chloride and

shrunk to 1/8 an inch tall. I survived the 14 year olds slumber party (

including a quick stop in the freezer ) before landing on a can of whipped cream

and being taken to Cindy's parents room and being sprayed onto her mom, Janet. I

stayed on Janet and showered with her the next morning before being dropped back

onto Cindy. So survive the ordeal, I had to find safety in the lips of her

virgin canal. And that brings you all up to date.

OK, I watched from my vantage point as Cindy wrapped her towel around her and

left for her room. There, she threw her towel onto her chair and began

stretching in front of her mirror. I saw her stretch her arms into the sky. She

picked up her left foot with her right hand and stretched behind her. Vice

versa. Then she did the splits.

The sudden opening of her vaginal lips was unexpected and I tumbled down to the

carpet below. She then preceded to get up and dress for church. I tried running

to her, but she went far to fast. By the time I got half way to her, she was

already off in a nice blouse and skirt. Seeing as I finally had a good 2 or 3

hours of no danger, I relaxed and took a snooze. Avoiding certain death takes a

lot out of you.

I got up and, judging by the lack of noises, nobody was home. Seeing as the

carpet was about twice as tall as I was, I decided to get a higher spot. I could

get stomped on and no one would notice. So I saw the telephone cord from the

jack, you know, the cord with that indentation down the middle? And, just my

luck, there was a little pile of trash that I could climb on to get to it. So I

climbed up it and finally reached her desk, which was in one corner of her

massive room. Adjacent to the desk was the bed, it's shorter end next to the

desk and the longer end next to the wall. Above the desk was a window, slightly

open. Across the room was the hall door and her dresser. And to the wall next to

her desk was the bathroom door.

It had just struck me that I had no plan of getting back to normal. Wait...


Why would I want to go back to normal? Over the last few days I had gotten more

woman than I had my entire life!!! Times one million!!! At school I was failing

all my classes, getting threats from my parents, and my roommate lacked decent

hygiene. Here, every female member of this household was gorgeous, and the

dad... well let's just hope he takes a lot of business trips.

But what about Meredith? Sure, she doesn't know I exist, but I'd like to get to

know her. Besides, I think she's the type of girl who'd dig this low-maintenance


In any case, I still had until Josephine returned from Canada, which is about a

week, I didn't really catch when. So until then... well, Cindy was a little

young, but Janet seems like the classic sexually repressed housewife. Perfect.

It should keep me busy for a week, and I'm sure over the course of the week I'll

learn the exact date of Josephine's return. So Janet it is.

Only a few moments after I was sure of my plan of action, the hall door swung

open and Cindy tore off her church clothes, muttering something about how she

just wasted 2 hours of her life. Classic teen angst, junior style. Her mother

walked in, obviously angry with her.

"Young lady, you acted horribly at church today. You kept wriggling around and

making such a fuss I could barely hear Pastor James' sermon on forgiveness. I

don't care if you are the birthday girl. Now, do your homework. No TV until I

see that book report."

With that, she slammed her hand down on the table, leaving it there for a few

moments. Seeing my chance, I flung myself on her hand, grabbing on to her ring.

She then left the room and went back to her room, where I saw her husband

packing. (Yes!!!)

"Are you sure you have to go?" she asked. "With Josie gone and now you, I don't

know how I'll keep Cindy in line this week."

"Don't worry about it. I'm sure you can handle it. Don't be afraid to spank her

spoiled ass, you hear? Besides, Josie'll be back on Saturday and I'll be back on

next Monday. And Cindy'll be at school. What could happen? Relax, watch some TV,

go to the spa. You'll be fine."

And with that he left for god knows or cares where. Janet then tore off her

Sunday dress and stood there in her white cotton panties and bra. For a woman

who's popped out two kids, she didn't look bad at all. Very lean, toned. Like a

sexy Hillary Clinton, if she was a soccer mom. She tossed on a tank top and

shorts and checked in on Cindy, who was doing her homework with the stereo at

the full. Sighing, she went downstairs to the couch and watched her husband

drive off. She then closed the blinds and laid down on the couch. She looked

over her shoulder and then slipped her hand (with me on it) deep inside of her.

All the other girls I'd been with were either virgins or had only had a few bad

sexual encounters. But this woman had probably had sex with her husband dozens

of times. Plus she was all stretched out after pushing two kids out of her.

When her ring moistened and I lost my grip, I nearly fell all the way through

her. Now, with an actual plan for the next week, I didn't worry about where I

was or where I need to go. I was finally able to enjoy the unique position I was


I began to crawl up her slick walls, avoiding her gigantic fingers. More than

once her ring threatened to impale me on its diamond. I began to beat her sides

but realized, with her fingers doing the walking, I was not even a drop in the

bucket. So I slid back down and waited for her to fall asleep.

After hours of self-gratification, she finally dozed off with her hand resting

on her breast. So I began to influence her dreams. Slowly but surely I climbed

up her walls. Because of the internal temperature, the thick mucus hadn't

hardened and I still had much maneuverability as I finally reached the fold of

skin which I had learned over the past few days gives much pleasure. I slowly

began to massage it, slowly building into a rhythm. I straddled it with my legs

and ran my member up and down. Droplets of fluid began to surface and her lips

began to distend. Her mother vagina became moist and open. I saw one leg was on

top of the couch and the other on the floor with her panties and shorts hanging

from the foot on the couch.

I was definitely influencing something as moans began to softly permeate from

her lips. I then heard a gasp. At first, I thought it was Janet, but it was

higher and from farther away. I looked up and saw Cindy on the staircase, her

mouth agape and high eyes wide open. This was definitely not something you want

to walk in on your mother doing. She then ran upstairs and shut her door with a

slam. I had a feeling she wouldn't be saying much this week. But in a few years,

she might say a lot to her psychiatrist.

Nonetheless, I continued my task. I saw her huge hands rub her nipples through

her tank top and sweat build on her brow. She finally awoke, too hot to sleep,

but too groggy to be fully awake. She was horny as hell. I held on as she

stumbled around, looking for something to fulfill her lust. In the corner of her

eye, she saw her daughter Cindy's LAX stick, a large 2 and a half foot wooden

pole with a net at one end. She grabbed it and began to furiously pump it in and

out of her, while still standing. In her massive climax, I was washed out into

Janet's pubes, lucky not to be stuck to the stick. Now that the lust was gone,

Janet went to the sink, washed off the stick, pulled on her shorts, and went to


And me, finally exhausted and happy that I was finally being noticed for

something, fell asleep plastered about five inches from her sweet smelling hole.


Janet woke up early and got Cindy out of bed, dressed in a bathrobe. Cindy,

quietly, went out of her room and showered and ate and left to catch the bus.

She still hadn't gotten over what she had seen her mother do.

I found myself unable to move. If she were to shower now, I was a dead man.

Luckily, she felt a little morning lust and her fingers drifted, absentmindedly

hitting the mucus off of me. I grabbed onto some of the gigantic threads of the

bath robe and held on as she stepped out and showered. Sure I smelled, but I

didn't have a death wish. A few minutes later she got out and put her towel on.

I grabbed onto her clean hairs and smelled in the clean mixed with a faint smell

of musk. She took off the robe and began to go through the clothes she was going

to wear. Eventually she picked out a little sweater and blouse with a short

skirt. Under it were panties and hose and a nice lace bra. I found myself under

two layers of cloth and was starting to sweat. Air was pretty thin as well, so I

forced the elastic open with all my might and began the long climb up her taut


Luckily, she wasn't moving all to much, probably applying make-up, shaving legs,

normal woman things. Before she began to do much, I had reached the top of her

belly button. I could hear her mumble something about reading the paper and all

of a sudden, the wall of her stomach became the floor as she laid down on her

back to read the paper.

After I regained my bearings, I began to run up her body and up to her last

button on her blouse, so I could see out. She got up and bent over to write a

note. In giant billboard letters it wrote:

"Dear Cindy-

Off to spa to relax. Left you money for pizza. Don't forget to do your homework.

See you late tonight.

Love, Mother"

Well, it looked like this day was going to get interesting.

Janet got into her black Mercedes SUV ( why do all middle aged woman drive

SUV's? It defies all natural logic!!! ) and headed off to what I assume was the

spa. A strange thing about being so small, even though I'm so tiny that it seems

like we're going in hyper-speed, because of the size of all the objects outside,

I was able to actually see what was around me. The world was so big. And I was

smaller than anyone around.

It was kinda a downer. I mean, I never expected to be much of anything, but I

always hoped people would know of my existence. Here I was, a mote of dust on a

gorgeous woman old enough to be my mother.

She stopped at a red light and, to my horror, began to adjust her shirt. I had

to avoid the massive fingers, so I let go and dropped down, destroying any

progress I had made prior to that. At that moment, the light must have changed

and I was pressed in against her skin. In fact, the power was so great, I felt

her skin begin to mold around me. When she finally slowed to a stop and got out

of the car, I was stuck to her skin.

She went into the spa ( I assume ) and I heard some loud rumblings. I guess she

was checking in. Before I could pry myself from her skin, she was moving again.

All of a sudden, she stopped and tore off her sweater, shirt, and skirt,

standing in her bra and panties. Locking around, she was in the locker room and

I was about 2 inches above her belly button. Next, she grabbed a clean towel

and, after taking off her undergarments and hose, wrapped it around her

cleavage, putting me in darkness yet again. She was moving pretty fast now and

the temperature was rising all around me. Then, the towel was lifted and to my

horror I saw a hot tub.

Filled with women. Naked women.

Well, maybe horror was too strong a word.

As Janet seeped into the water, I was afraid of drowning. But as soon as I was

hit with the steamy water, I felt her skin relax and I swam for the surface.

Gasping for breath, I saw many figures all around me, slightly obscured by the


Knowing I had to find Janet to ever make it back to campus and find Meredith, I

started swimming to the first figure that looked vaguely like her. But, just

when I had gotten close enough to realize it was someone else, the jets turned

on and I saw tossed and swirled about the gigantic tub, hitting various limbs

and body parts. Finally, the jets turned off and a woman stood up. The waves

from the huge mass displacement pushed me back and I lost myself under the


I thought to myself, "this is it. You've had you're fun, now you're going to

die." But then, another three woman, all rather "large" in stature stepped in

and the water level rose above the container. I was washed out in the overflow

and found myself on the concrete next to the hot tub. To my right was a swimming

pool. If it was Olympic sized before, it was now Titanic. (Reference to Greek

mythology. You see the Greek gods were from Olympus and the titans... oh,never


My observations were halted when around me, giant women in small bikinis

continued to stomp around me. Realizing it was impossible to go back in the hot

tub for Janet, and knowing if I waited for her to get out, I would get stomped

on, I decided to leave Janet and her family and find a new host. I dodged the

huge feet of some rather old and unpleasant ladies and then I saw her. She was

no Meredith, but hell, she was hot. Probably just out of college.

Her legs were incredibly muscled. Probably a dancer. Short black hair, athletic

build, small bust, full lips. Plus, she had stopped only a few yards from me to

talk to some other woman, so I took the chance and leaped for her foot. I

climbed up her pinkie toe and secured myself under the nail of her second toe

next to the pinkie. I guess it's the index toe? Who knows?

She had just taken a swim, judging by the smell of Chlorine coming from her. My

guess was she was going to hit the showers. So, to protect myself from the

water, I lifted her nail a little and stuck my body under it. It was pretty

painful, but not as painful as drowning in the sewers. I heard her whistle a

little pop tune, Brittany Spears or something, and she turned the shower off and

dried up. I crawled out from under her toe and saw her massive self sit down and

begin to dress. First a sports bra. Then one of those tight spandex things that

cover the pelvis and go down half of the thigh. You know what I'm talking about.

Then a T-shirt. Then socks.

I had been so into her dressing I forgot that most people Don't go barefoot all

day. I began to hop off of her toe nail, but I was too late and fell into the

coming sock, tumbling down to the toe. Before you could say "Goddamn!!!" there

was a foot the size of an office building with toes the size of tractor trailers

envelop me in the darkness.

Even though she had just showered, the smell of her foot was overpowering. I

think I was somewhere under one of the toes, but my senses were all screwed up.

All I could feel was the soft pads of her toe. All I could smell was the musky,

sweaty odor, which was also all I could taste. All I could hear were the

movements of her bones and muscles. And, in the little light I had before her

sock went into her shoe, all I could see was her foot.

But when she began to walk, my senses were filled with something new. They were

overloaded with pain. Lots of it.

After what seemed like an eternity, she got into a car. And I, of course, was in

her right shoe, so a constant pressure was forced downward, on me and the gas

pedal. The car's rumblings were like a constant "10 on the Richter scale"

earthquake while the skin of her toe wiggled around me. Eventually the woman got

to where she was going, walked again, and finally stopped, giving me a moment of


Oh, by the way, I forgot to mention where the heck I am. The college I used to

attend was Harvey Mudd, out in Claremont, California, near LA. It's filled with

bunches of rich and famous people, which explains the big house that Josephine's

family had. Judging by the distances I've traveled, I doubt if I've left the

greater LA area. I'm explaining this now so the next section makes a little more


My current host began to walk, once again putting an amazing pressure on my

small body. I felt like I was going to be a spot on her sock in a moment. My

short pause had been too brief to find a better place to stay in her sock and,

to make matters worse, her feet were beginning to sweat after her shower a half

hour ago. I was felling my entire body get drenched with sweat and odor. If I

had hated feet before ( which I did ) I now despised them with every fiber in my

body. Eventually, she stopped again, and I took advantage of my situation and

climbed under her long big toe nail, where at least no more pressure would be

placed against me.

Through the fabric of her socks and the material of her shoe, I could hear a

muffled voice. Something about MTV, song, video, Brittany, dancing... that was

all I could make out. I was thoroughly confused. My host began to walk again and

her sweat built up, but I was relatively safe. In a moment, she sat down and

tossed off her shoes. I could see glimmers of light through the fabric of the

sock. Then the sock was flung off and I finally got fresh air as the light

assaulted my eyes. When they finally adjusted, I looked around and saw dozens of

girls in their late teens/early twenties in various stages of undress, some

putting on catholic school girl uniforms. Perhaps I had stumbled on some secret

school girl fetish porno flick? Naw, I'm lucky, but not that lucky.

In one corner, I saw a clump of the girls surrounding one girl. I couldn't make

out her face, but I could hear bits of the conversation.

"love your songs"

"hit me baby"

"thank you, I was a mousketeer once"

I still couldn't figure out where I was. Then, a man dressed in black jeans, a

black collar-less shirt, with a red beret and a pink scarf entered. "Ok, girls,"

he said, "leave Miss Spears alone. She needs to dress, too."

Then, the circle of girls dissipated and I saw Brittany Spears. In her bra and


Let's see... in California... I'm 19, she's 17... YES!!! It's legal!!!

Scratch what I said about not being lucky. I was the most damn lucky guy on the

face of the planet.

My planning of things too dirty to be repeated were interrupted when I heard a

loud voice come barreling towards me. "Jacqueline? Can you show me that kick

again? I've been trying to do it for the past week, but all I've wound up doing

is straining my pelvis. Show me!!!"

To my astonishment, it was Brittany herself who asked the question. No teenage

singing sensation knows all the moves, I guess. But I was more astonished when

Jacqueline turned out to be the girl who's foot I was precariously resting on.

Before I could react, Jacqueline kicked her mighty leg up at tremendous speeds.

Even if I had an hour to prepare, I bet the outcome would have been the same.

Call it fate.

As the dance coach's foot extended to it's fullest, and every muscle below her

belt tightened and rippled, I felt my tiny body get caught up in a huge gust of

wind. Numerous cross-winds from girls breaths and a/c units darted me across the

locker room as all eyes were on her super-toned and flexed leg, as it kicked

over her head. But, something that I guess was not supposed to snap snapped, and

Jacqueline fell to the floor in pain. And, at the sight of her teacher and

friend falling to the ground in agony, Miss Spears gasped. And the sudden intake

of air pulled me close to her. Before I knew which direction was up, I crashed

against her and blacked out.

When I came to, I heard a voice echo through my head. Even though I was groggy,

the words were still intelligible. I think I can even remember them verbatim.

"mom? Hi, Brittany. Yeah, the shoot was canceled. Jacqueline hurt her groin and

got taken to the Hospital, and because we didn't have insurance, or something,

they closed down the set. Expect to hear about it on Entertainment Tonight.

Yeah, so I'm just going to continue the tour. Next stop is Claremont, for some

college gig. Cya later, mom."

Could my ears be hearing things? I was headed back to Claremont! And, if I'm not

mistaken, Meredith loves Brittany Spears... wait.. where was I? All I knew was

that I could hear, and in the excitement of a chance to get back to the college,

I forgot to discover where I was. I slowly opened my groggy eyes and saw that

everything was dark and moist. Moving around, I began to feel large sticks

brushing into me, and the ground trembled with my subtle movements. The smell

was unlike any I had encountered. It smelled'like my trash-can in flu season.

Wait a second'this meant I was in... oh God, no!!!

I was in Brittany Spear's nose!!!

And, stupid me, my experimenting and movement did not go unseen. Sudden intakes

of air through her nose were soon followed by the sound of a jet engine fueled

with diesel, amplified by more speakers than a Prince concert. I went shooting

downward out of her nose as Miss Spears sneezed, without the time to cover her


At some of the most interesting times of your life, the world seems to slow

down. As I came hurtling towards Brittany's gigantic, uncovered breasts, my

world seemed to slow down to the pace of the Letterman show. (That's pretty

damned slow.)

When I hit the mountain of soft tit-flesh, I looked above to see her face

contort and her nose wrinkle in the after-effects of a sneeze. As she reached

for a tissue to wipe her nose, I realized she was completely naked, telling me

she was somewhere private. From the looks of things, she was in a 5-star hotel,

probably unwinding from her tour and taking some down-time before the show at

Claremont. She tossed the Kleenex in the trash-can ( silver, it was even

engraved'damn rich people"oh wait, I'm rich" ) just as there was a knock at the

door. Brittany rushed to the door, giving me quite the jiggle ride. Hell, I

Don't care if they're real or not, they felt fine from where I was.

"Who is it, please?" asked Brittany.

A male voice, probably a bodyguard, replied, "Masseuse. Says she's got an


"Let her in, Jake."

Hastily, Brittany ran to the bathroom of her two-story suite and grabbed a

towel. As she stood by the wall-mirror, I ogled her. Man, she was hot. You know

how that issue of Rolling Stone came out and people complained you could see her

happy trail. Lets just say It gets even harrier the farther south of the equator

you go. It was pretty damn near a rain-forest. But I digress...

Brittany threw the towel around her chest, covering me, and opened the door.

There was a quick exchange of pleasantries and the masseuse set up her table.

Soon afterwards, Brittany straddled the table and lifted her body on top of it.

She then untied the towel and left it on top of her back as she laid chest down

on the table. Incidentally, I was pressed deep into her breast as it was pushed

into the soft, sweet-smelling leather.

Without the interference of the towel. I could hear the conversation pretty

well. And I'm not ashamed of saying I really enjoyed my position as a part of

Brittany's finest assets. I could feel her skin mold around me as the masseuse,

Scandinavian, if the accent told me anything, pounded her hands into her young


"Miss Spears, would you like me to rub some of this lotion onto you? It really

helps loosen you up."

"I don't know, Hilda. Is it tested on animals?"

"No, no, no, Brittany. Even Madonna uses it. It's very relaxing."

"What's in it?"

"Oh, aloe vera, some perfume, oil, and a little pinch of nitrous chloride as the

active ingredient."

My heart panicked. Nitrous Chloride? Isn't that what has been making me.. oh god

no, not now! Not when I'm so close...

"Sure, Hilda. Sounds good."

"Excellent, sweetie. But I must tell you, it is most effective as a full body

massage. You may need to turn over so I can give those implants you call breasts

a good rub."

"Hilda!!! You know very well that those are my real breasts!!!"

"Whatever you say, dumpling."

With that, Brittany turned over and for the first time I saw the masseuse. God,

was she hot. You know the nurse from the Blink 182 video, "What's My Age Again?"

Like her, but with no tattoo and a cute little accent. She couldn't be too much

older than Brittany. I saw the masseuse get out a red lotion bottle from a bag

she placed on the couch next to her table and saw as she began pouring it on

Brittany's body. Luckily, it had missed me. However, with each drop, Brittany

shook, surprised at something.

"Hilda! That lotion! It's so cold."

"It has to be refrigerated over-night, darling. And you happen to be my first

client of the day." With that, she began to rub the cold red goo all over

Brittany's body. First slow, sliding it all over her stomach, her shoulders, her

neck. Then, the masseuse began to rub the lotion all over Brittany's breasts,

and me.

The goo covered my body and I was lathered into the Masseuse's hands as she

continued to rub them all over Brittany's upper body. I could feel the dizzy

sensation set in as the lines in the Masseuse's hand became more and more

defined. And, considering the current trends in my mass reduction, I was 1/16th

an inch tall. Even a woman's clitoris seemed to be 50 feet long!

The Masseuse's trained hands continued to glide up and down Brittany's body. I

could hear little gasps of pleasure rumble through her body, so soft I doubt the

Masseuse could hear them. Then, like a rumble of lightning, I heard the words,


The Masseuse raised her hands off of Brittany's body, with me attached to the

slimy goo on the palm of her hands. I saw the perfectly tanned and toned body

raise it's pelvis, then swiftly flip her ass into the air before once again

laying stomach first on the table. From what I could see of her nipples, she was

really enjoying it.

Before I could drink in the moment, the hands once again began to probe and rub

and knead Brittany's soft flesh. It started with her shoulders, then moved onto

the small of her back, then to the soft ass-cheeks. The hands began to gently

pinch and knead the flesh there, and I slowly felt my body become aroused. As my

member stuck out and was harshly rubbed against Brittany's ass, my prick felt on

the edge of explosion. Finally, as the Masseuse gave Brittany's ass a good final

slap, I fell off of the palm and orgasmed as I dropped into the space between

her cheeks. Brittany stood up and clenched her ass, stuffing me tightly up, near

her anus. She thanked the Masseuse and showed her out.

At the door, the Masseuse said, "Good luck tomorrow at your concert at

Claremont. I'll be in the audience, so you better kick ass."

"Don't worry, I will, as always."

Tomorrow? So that meant I had at least another 24 hours with the hottest teen on

the planet. I had to use them to their fullest.

to be continued...

For those of you at home, here's a quick recap. I'm Ed, a college stupid who

f-ed up pretty badly and has shrunk whenever I have come in contact with a

chemical called Nitrous Chloride. Since my shrinking, I had been traveling from

women to women, getting reacquainted with the female species. I had managed to

not shrink for about 48 hours, until I got massaged into Brittany Spear's ass

with a potent lotion, which is where I am now.

Brittany, fully relaxed from her deep and thorough massage, took off her towel

and turned on the big screen TV and laid on her stomach on her king-sized bed.

From the sound I could make out, she was watching MTV. As she began to hum

along, her entire body began to vibrate, which made my current hiding place

very... interesting.

Seeing her preoccupied, I began to climb out of her less tense butt-hole. Even

though she was completely oblivious, her skin still trembled as I slowly made my

way onto her back. Finding a vertebrae popped out just enough to serve as a

stool, I sat down and tried to organize my thoughts. I had two options. To stay

with Brittany, or to try and find some way to get back to Meredith, a girl who

hardly knows I exist. On the one hand, Brittany was a super hot, incredibly

talented girl. But I was in love with Meredith. Something about her radiated, I

Don't know, goodness and kindness. And what a figure she had. Besides, most

child stars wind up getting knocked up, fat, and fucked by many numerous guy

partners. Meredith, I know, is single and, from my short visit to her... nether

regions, is still waiting for Mr. Right. On the other hand...

Ah, hell with it, there is no other hand! I was going to find Meredith Dawson if

I had to die trying.

Which was probably the most likely outcome.

Negativity aside, I had to formulate a plan. A strategy. Some way to get to

Meredith. Here were the facts. Meredith almost definitely would be at the

concert the next night. If I could find some way to single Meredith out...but

that would take a miracle. Divine intervention...

Ed, me boyo, you are a genius.

I had a plan. Not the greatest of plans, but a plan nonetheless. And I had to

start it immediately. I began to walk up the huge landscape that was Brittany's

back, making my way right next to her back bone. A few times, her hands moved as

if to swat at me, but I was able to duck out of the way each t

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