Giantess Stories: Eddie and Melissa by goldenbane Eddie came home from work

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Eddie and Melissa



Eddie came home from work, and hung his hat and coat up on the rack. He had a

great day, and was eager to rest and relax at home. He looked around the house,

and called out warmly, “Honey, I'm home!” His wife, Melissa, stumbled into the

hall, and looked at her husband. She had been drinking heavily, the wine bottle

was still in her hand. She staggered over to Eddie, and looked him in the eyes.

He smiled at her and gently bent down to kiss her on the forehead. WACK! To his

surprise, Melissa's hand slapped him sharply across the face. He rubbed his

cheek, feeling it turn red as her hand print slowly took form.

Melissa threw the bottle across the hall, watching it hit and break a nearby


She eyed her frightened husband, and glared as he started to move away. She

pushed him a couple times, his back hitting hard against the door knob, and

causing him to yelp out in pain. “You bastard, don't you ever ‘honey' me! If you

weren't a friend of my damn father, I'd divorce your ass right now! You are the

laziest piece of s**t I've ever seen! I wonder if other husbands have it as good

as you? Married to the most beautiful and *HICK!* richest woman in town....yet

you hardly ever put out for me! I can't stand you, you son of a bitch! I hate

you!” she screamed, as he quietly crept up the stairs. It had been like this for

2 years now. When Eddie first met Melissa she was drop dead gorgeous, the most

kind and generous woman he'd ever seen. It was those qualities he'd admired

about her...not how rich she was. He even worked his own job, so that he

wouldn't be spending her money. Ever since she fell in with those “friends” of

hers, Melissa had become a heavy drinker. She believed that the only way she

could ever have a good time was if she was stone drunk...but with that came

viciousness and cruelty.

It was becoming more and more often that she hit Eddie. She'd attacked him

with a baseball bat, tried to break his arm by slamming the car door on it, and

even pushed him down the stairs. She wasn't any nicer when she was sober either!

It was like alcohol ruled her life, and she hated everyone and everything. Eddie

knew he was living in an abusive relationship...but that couldn't be possible!

After all, he was the man and she was the woman. According to the media, only

men were the abusers, the drinkers. Women were always the victim, so how would

anyone believe him that he was being abused by his “much weaker” wife. His

parents taught him to NEVER hit a woman, under any circumstances! He obeyed this

rule to the letter, and had never even tried to defend himself against his

drunken wife, for fear he might accidently hurt her. His in-laws seemed to be

the only ones aware of his plight. They would come over often, and Melissa's

father, lovingly called “the Cowboy” by his rich friends would notice the dark

bruises on his face, and ask if anything was wrong. Never one to hurt his

friend's feelings, Eddie always made up some excuse and never tell him that his

daughter was responsible for his injuries...which included a broken leg, a

sprained back, and at various times, multiple black eyes! The Cowboy was never a

stupid one though...and hired a psychologist to take a look at his daughter. It

seemed at times that the doctor only made things worse...and once she left,

Melissa would take out her frustrations on Eddie.

As Eddie lay in bed, sobbing about his miserable life, he heard Melissa

stagger out the back door of the house and wander the nearby woods! He

considered chasing after her, but he was very upset at her abusive behavior and

just let her go. Outside, Melissa wandered about in her drunken stupor. She

bumped into trees, tripped on a few branches, and cussed out everything that

moved. As she attempted to stand up, she saw a bright light coming from a nearby

clearing. “What the f**k is that??” she slurred, stumbling over for a closer

look. The white glow engulfed her...and she disappeared!

The next morning, Eddie climbed out of bed. He shivered at the thought of

having to deal with Melissa was a weekend and he knew he couldn't

escape to his job. Slowly he trudged down the stairs, but a wonderful smell

caught his nose. He quickened his pace and was surprised to see the kitchen

table loaded with all sorts of delicious looking food! He licked his lips

hungrily, wondering why the maid had gone to all the trouble to cook this grand

meal....when he saw Melissa standing in front of the stove with a stirring ladle

in her hand! “Good morning, dear! It's good to see you up and about!” she said

cheerfully, smiling warmly at her husband, while lighting a pair of romantic

looking candles. Eddie didn't move...he just gaped in all at the incredible time

and effort his wife put into a meal! She NEVER cooked unless she was sexually

hungry...and it was never her husband that turned her on! Melissa beamed proudly

as her husband examined the food. She rushed up to him and grabbed his hand

gently in hers. She lead him to the main seat at the table and sat him down. She

sat across from him, and began to serve Eddie and herself the food. Eddie just

stared in disbelief...maybe even worry. He looked at his wife, afraid that she

was trying to “trap” him somehow so she would have a reason to punish him.

Melissa simply smiled and pointed at his plate. “Eat!” she said, almost


Eddie shrugged...he definitely didn't want her angry, so he dug in. The meal

was the best he'd ever tasted! Melissa refused to let his plate go empty and

every time he finished one portion of food, she would quickly replace it with a

new helping. The two ate for several minutes, until Eddie was so full he

couldn't even move. Melissa scooted her chair away from the table and slowly

approached her husband. She carefully sat in his lap and began nibbling at his

lips. Slowly but surely, Eddie came alive, and the playful kisses became a

passionate embrace. Melissa looked into Eddies eyes, as she ran her finger along

his chest. She smiled, and kissed him with all her strength. It was the first

time Eddie had EVER seen love in her expression. He wondered if the walk had

really done her that much good...he hugged her, trying to push all doubt from

his mind.

As Eddie watched televison, Melissa ran around busily. She cleaned the

kitchen, scrubbed up the bathrooms and tidied up the bedroom. Every time Eddie

offered to help her, she refused, telling him she had matters well in hand. He

flipped through the channels a couple more times, but became more and more

worried about his wife's strange behavior. He suddenly realized he could no

longer hear her moving about! He went upstairs to see if she was alright, and

found her, collapsed in the broom closet! Eddie gasped out and carried Melissa

down the stairs...she seemed heavier somehow, and her clothing seemed tighter

around her body. Melissa awoke, and grinned sheepishly. “Eddie, darling...I

think we need to have sex...” she laughed gently. Eddie pulled back from her in

alarm...she was growing before his eyes!

“What's wrong dear? Aren't I enough to fulfill you anymore?” she asked with a

flirting smile, coming closer and closer to her frightened husband...growing

taller and taller with every step!

“M...Melissa! What's happening to're getting bigger! This is

impossible!” Eddie gasped, watching as his wife came ever closer, now having to

duck down low just to avoid hitting the ceiling!

“It's my love for you, sweetheart! My feelings can't be contained any longer,

my body is growing to match my endless love! I adore you so much, Eddie!” she

called out poetically. Her long arms stretched out and picked up her panicked

husband as though he were a baby. She slowly walked...crawled to the sliding

doors in the back of the house and squeezed her way to the outside, growing

larger all the while. She held her beloved against her chest, kissing his

head...which seemed smaller to her every second. Within minutes Eddie found

himself in the palm of her hand...she had to be at least 60 feet tall! He

stared, frozen with terror, into her obsessed eyes...they seemed to

change...their sea green color slowly turning into a deep pink color. Their

round shape morphed before his very eyes...from perfect round circles

into...hearts! Hearts like he'd often seen on Valentine's day cards. Eddie wiped

the sweat from his brow, and clung to Melissa's thumb as her long index finger

gently stroked his side. He couldn't handle her when she was normal

was he supposed to deal with her now?????

“You seem frightened, lover! Don't be, after all, we're husband and

wife...sworn to protect and love one another until death do us part!” Melissa

quoted, pressing the frightened Eddie against her enormous chest. “Tomorrow,

Edward, you are going to call a construction company to come here. Have them

erect a giant house for me...I'm sorry....US to sleep in.”

“I can't do that! You're...your're a monster! No one will work for a giant

woman!” Eddie cried out, trying to get away from her and return to the safety of

the ground.

“I'll hide in the woods! No one will see me Eddie, and don't call me a

monster! I love you, and it kills me to hear you say such things.” She noticed

his futile attempts, and picked him up by the collar of his shirt. She dangled

him for several seconds before resting him back in the palm of her hand.

Eddie fearfully watched his wife, but curiosity got the best of him. He

slowly crawled to the ends of her fingertips and looked down at her glorious

naked body. Her large breasts were now like hills! Her powerful stomach was like

a pathway to her beautiful vulva. Her long awesome legs ran smoothly all the way

to her great bare feet, where the toes seemed to wiggle a fond “hello.” Melissa

noticed her snoopy husband looking at her. She smiled proudly after hearing him

gasp in awe. He was so funny and cute, sitting in her hand...she hoped he'd

never learn the truth.

“You like what you see, don't you?” she asked, knowing she'd humiliate him.

Eddie blushed and quickly turned his wandering eyes back upon his wife's

beautiful face. “Don't be so modest! I know what you're thinking...believe me, I

feel the same way! Why don't you have a closer inspection, hhhmmmm?” she

giggled, slowly lowering him in front of her chest. Eddie couldn't help

himself...he gaped in awe at her perfect tits. Melissa kept bringing him closer

and closer...until he was being hard pressed into her soft flesh. Eddie felt her

hand give way, and he was left clinging to her nipple for dear life. He screamed

and kicked, trying to climb up, but she was so soft, it was impossible to get a

good grip. Eddie felt her nipple become hard as she was turned on by his

struggles. He could hear her laughing at him, playfully purring each time he

kicked around to climb.

“Melissa! Please, you're scaring me, let me down!” he cried out.

“Not until you give it the proper greeting. There is a sweet reward inside

for you my little lover! Stop whining and get some!” she laughed. Eddie saw no

other alternative...he carefully engulfed the gigantic tit inside his mouth, and

suckled gently. Warm milk came gushing into his mouth, strangely it tasted very

sweet and melted white chocolate. Eddie drank a bit more, imágenes de gorditas

harder this time, and listened as his wife moaned with pleasure. Her hand

finally raised up, and gave Eddie balance again. “There's plenty more where that

came from...but first, you have many more places to visit.” she chuckled,

pulling her hand away, and lowering it even further.

Next stop were Melissa's legs. She didn't stop her hand, but very slowly

carried her husband between them. Her heart shaped eyes gleamed at him with

absolute love. “Reach out and touch somebody, Edward!” she chortled. Eddie

fearfully reached out his hands and touched the smooth skin of her legs. He

could feel the power of Melissa's leg muscles, as they tightened upon his touch.

If she so desired, she could crush him between her thighs like he were nothing.

She moaned softly as Eddie's hands rubbed her legs. Eddie was perplexed, he

thought for sure that he'd feel the stumps of her finely shaved leg hairs, but

instead he felt nothing. They were even more perfect giant size, then they had

been when she was small. He watched as her hand came to the end of her legs, and

lowered him at her enormous feet. Her hand started to slant, allowing her

husband to walk off a bit easier. Eddie carefully stepped down and saw Melissa

smile down at him. She scrunched her toes, and she watched expectantly. This was

new to Eddie...he didn't really have a foot fetish, but liked to try new

things...however Melissa virtually hated being touched...let alone having anyone

mess with her feet! The cowering man simply stood there and gazed up at the

feet. Melissa crossed her arms, growing impatient.

“Eddie!” her voice sang out, half giggling, “I'm waiting! I want a massage,

and I want one now, please!” Eddie shivered, he believed that if he didn't do as

she asked, she'd surely punish him! If she was so cruel regular, giant size

punishments would be awful! Quickly he rushed to her foot, and pushed his arm

between her enormous toes. Melissa laughed hysterically, and jerked her foot

forward, sending Eddie flying to the ground. She moved her foot so she could see

him, and smiled apologetically. “I'm sorry, lover! You tickled me! I didn't mean

to hurt you, I love you too much!” Eddie smiled, frightened, and got to his


“Um, that's ok Melissa...I'm sure you didn't mean it...” he quickly said. He

backed away, still afraid as her long arm reached down and snatched him up! She

held him up to her face and smothered his head with a giant loving kiss, then

she stood to her full height, with him still in tow, and quietly walked to the

house. She knelt down, and carefully opened the windows to the bedroom. Melissa

reached her enormous hand inside, which held her precious Eddie, and gently set

him down. She pulled her hand out and looked at him adoringly. Eddie began to

feel better about the strange situation...he walked to the window, and smiled at

his giantess bride. Melissa stood up to leave, when Eddie quickly called out to

her. “Uh...Melissa...No matter what happens...I'll always love you!” he said,

hoping to not get himself in trouble. He ran to the window and extended his neck

out, kissing her passionately on the lips. Melissa giggled and returned his


“That's so sweet! I love you Eddie, goodnight!” she sighed, standing and

walking away. Eddie sighed and watched her retreat into the darkness. He slowly

walked to his bed...every thought in his head filled with visions of Melissa.

The next day, Eddie watched as the construction crew erected an enormous

structure...resembling someone of a gargantuan dog house. Every now and again,

Eddie would check the woods to see if he could find Melissa...strangely she was

nowhere in sight. The ground was unmoved, so she didn't bury herself, there were

no caves around the area, so that couldn't be her hiding place...and he knew

that Melissa was still around...somewhere. Evening soon drew near, and while the

crew finished their work, Eddie went inside and fell fast asleep on his favorite


He awoke just in time to see Melissa's enormous hand pick up the television

and carry it outside. Eddie gasped in amazement as he got up and looked around

the now empty house...he'd only been sleeping for 2 hours, and Melissa had the

entire house empty of all the furniture, pictures, and other such things! He

trudged upstairs, trying to fathom all the work it originally took to decorate

the house...his giant wife got it all in only a few hours! He collapsed into his

recliner and began to think about everything that was happening...when he felt

the recliner lift up from the ground! Melissa had picked it up, with him still

in it, and was now holding it in the palm of her giant hand...carefully bringing

it out the window! She looked down upon him, and smiled sweetly, then gently

kissed him. Eddie felt his member erect as Melissa stood to full height, and

carried him off to their new home.

She ducked into the strange house, and Eddie held on tightly to the chair as

she set it down in an area resembling a living room. Everything was

strategically placed...the new house was multiple rooms with no walls to

separate them...Eddie noticed the doors of the shower had been torn

off...probably so she could watch his every movement. He knew there would be no

privacy from his bride now! Melissa opened her palm and laid her huge hand next

to Eddie, as if ordering him to climb aboard. He obeyed and soon found himself

being kissed and loved on like a toy doll. Melissa smiled mischievously and set

him at her feet again.

“I believe I asked for a foot massage last night...I never did get it!

Hahahaha!” she wiggled her large toes, and Eddie promptly massaged her massive

soles. Melissa moaned with delight as he rubbed and caressed every wrinkle of

her feet. He massaged the toes much more carefully, making sure not to tickle

her this time...she still giggled a bit, but she didn't bowl him over this time.

He paid extra care to the area around her nails, making sure all was soft and

well cared for. Her crevices were filled with toe jam and other foreign

material, but he easily brushed it out, and cleaned them. Once Eddie was

finished he tenderly kissed the tips of each big toe and smiled affectionately

at his wife. Melissa smiled and picked him up, pressing him firmly, but

carefully into her soft mounds. He found himself in ecstasy and started to drink

from her hardened nipples. Melissa purred warmly and held him ever tighter,

filling him with feelings of love...he knew the change had turned her into a

completely different woman, and he was all too happy to satisfy and return her

love. Her huge fingers began to stroke and fondle him, as he lay against her

chest. Her breathing slowed as she began to fall into a blissful slumber.

In her half sleeping state...she muttered to her prize...the only thing that

mattered to her now...her husband... “Oooooohhhh, Eddie....I love you so

much....ever...ever since I first saw you I fell in love with....” she awoke and

covered her mouth fearfully! She looked at her chest and saw Eddie staring

almost angrily back up at her. He squinted a bit, as if trying to see through

her....he stood to his feet and walked down her powerful stomach and hopped to

the ground. “EDDIE! Wait Eddie, let me explain...I, I was

just....please....” but it was too late, she'd blown her cover!

“Who are you??” Eddie yelled at her. He knew now that she was definitely NOT

his wife! When they first met, Melissa was dating a very scummy young man that

her father did not approve of, to her Eddie was just another friend of her

father's....someone he was trying to force on her. Eddie was innocent....he was

the one that fell in love with Melissa when he first saw her...she was

rebellious and wild like a cat. Her boyfriend dumped her after having been with

her for a few more months since she and Eddie first met. Eddie had been a rock

for her to lean on...he was strong when she was weak...and in a moment of

weakness and fear of not having Eddie around to turn to in times of crisis,

Melissa finally agreed to marriage. At one point Melissa MIGHT have truly loved

Eddie...but she found a new love....alcohol, it did things for her and took her

places Eddie could never she virtually “dumped him” for it, and their

marriage had been a living hell for Eddie ever since. This giantess...this

strange woman who looked, smelled, and sounded exactly like his wife...had come

into his life. She was too soft, too tender....she certainly was not the monster that Melissa had been.

“I asked you a question, who are you?” Eddie reiterated, this time with more

firmness and less anger. The giant creature bowed her head and stared at the

ground...seemingly unable to face him. “Look...whomever you are....You blew

it...I know now for a fact that you aren't my wife....but you've been so kind,

so thoughtful, and loving that I can't seem to be mad at you...tell me the truth

and we can work this that understood?” The huge woman finally looked at

him very sadly and shook her head in agreement.

“E...Eddie please understand that what I've done was all in the name of


“Ok...fine, but what have you done? Who are you? What are you, and why did

you choose me?

“I...I'm an explorer from another planet. I was sent to this world to see if

the natives were compatible with my own people. By mere chance I saw you and

your broken home and felt pity for you! I watched for your wife hurt

you, hit you, and abused you until I could stand no more...I felt my pity melt

away into true love for you...and unequaled hatred for your wife. I decided to

capture await trial for her crimes. I knew I'd make a great wife for I put her in a cell and genetically altered myself to be like her...but

it didn't last for long and I've been slowly changing back into my true form. didn't say anything, so I figured I could fool you...and spend

eternity as your spouse!”

“Where is Melissa?” Eddie asked, less firm and much more relaxed.


“If you'll love me, you'll tell me. Now, where is she?”

“S...she's aboard my ship....she's frozen until I return and pass a judgement

on her....”

Eddie folded his arms and nodded in understanding. “She needs a fair

trial...despite all the terrible things she's done. I'll cross examine her, and

you will act as judge....I'm sure after all that's happened, she's been scared

enough to become a different woman.”

The giantess smiled and agreed. She laid on her stomach and reached to kiss

Eddie...who to her surprise...returned her kiss! She couldn't help but

think...she'd won! Eddie was falling in love with her, not Melissa! “O..ok,

Eddie. I'll take you to my ship tomorrow morning, and we'll decide whether your

wife has changed, or not!”

Eddie smiled. He couldn't believe it...but he'd fallen in love with this

strange alien creature. The giantess seemed to have truly deep feelings for him

as well. As far as he was concerned...Melissa could rot in hell....but that

wasn't the type of person he was, Melissa deserved one more chance for

redemption. However...she could wait....making love to this kind and considerate

giantess was all that concerned Eddie for the moment.


Giantess Stories: Eddie and Melissa by goldenbane Eddie came home from work

Eddie came home from work, and hung his hat and coat up on the rack. He had a goldenbane goldenbane by by Eddie and Melissa Eddie and Melissa



Giantess Stories: Eddie and Melissa by goldenbane Eddie came home from work

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Giantess Stories: Eddie and Melissa by goldenbane Eddie came home from work


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