Giantess Stories: Elricond By Hedin      Once upon a time and hidden deep in the forest there was a little town named Elricond

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By Hedin

Once upon a time and hidden deep in the forest there was a little town named

Elricond. It was on a clearing that was surrounded by rocky mountain walls and

dense forest. Protected from wind by rocks and the forest it was a warm place in

the isolation of the mountains. And there between the small grassy plain and the

blueberry plants was Elricond. A wall of fir-needles protected the houses that

were hidden beneath the leaves of trefoil or daisys.

In the center of Elricond there was an upturned pineapple and between its strong

wooden shovels were the store chambers and the small quarters that gave

protection against too heavy snowstorms. Now in the first days of August the

little town was full of life. The smith and three men were returning with pyrit

and other kinds of ore they found in the surrounding rocks. He and his three

guards were loaded with large sacks of the valuable ore. One of the guards had

one precious piece of ore in his hand. There the iron ore had been mixed with

enough gold for a bracelet that he would give his daughter as a christmas

present. The smith returned to his hut and started to fill a small stone-oven

with dried fir-needles. He wanted to melt the ore.

Next to the smith´s house the taylor´s wife sat in the sun with some daisy

flowerleafes that she used to gain a fine thread for warm winter-clothing.

Behind her one could see twelve men rolling a blueberry down the small hill

behind the village. Last wednesday they had lost control over one and it had

rolled down the hill, broken through the fence and smashed Hank´s stables.

Luckily all the snails had survived because Hank´s special mixture of herbs and

grass made the best tasting snailsteaks in town. Around noon a ladybug had tried

to walk into town but the fir-needle wall had kept it outside without much

damage. The guards had already manned their lance catapult but the red insect

had unfolded its wings and hummed into the sky were a small gust of wind had

taken it far away from the endangered town. The men had no worry because the

ants had finished their swarming without coming near. Last year the had to fight

against a new nest. But they had successfully burned it down after paying the

price of two men dead and four wounded. Luckily they were living to high for

wasps that had been too dangerous to the brave heroes who had ever dared to make

a journey towards the valley.

The eagles had been breeding near their village for centuries which kept away

the smaller birds and allowed them to leave the protection of the trefoil

without taking a lance catapult with them. Marc was guarding a herd of snails

outside of town and Herb was there in a small distance gathering plants he would

dry for the winter provisions. With his small axe he was falling a young leaf of

trefoil. After seven or eight minutes of heavy work the green trunk groaned and

crackled. Herb was quickly jumping out of the way because a sudden blow of wind

had turned the mighty trunk towards him. A moment later it smashed down where

Herb had been standing. The young man was panting and sat down in shock. Moments

later Marc arrived in a run but was reliefed that Herb was obviously OK. He

looked at the mighty trunk that lay there, higher than his head. Five men were

needed to reach around a trunk of trefoil. For minutes Herb just sat there,

freightened. Then Marc shouted 'My snails! Help! They are breaking out!. It was

true. Between the towering leaves of grass they saw the glistening housing of a

snail in a place were it definately didn´t belong. The boys ran to get it before

it could get up on the grass. When it got there it could climb out of reach

because the grass was to slippery and dangerous to be climbed. 'Wait, Ernesto,'

Marc shouted and they arrived at the snail. It was a young snail, only three

days old, but the shiny housing was already as high as Herb´s head. The people

of Elricond held their snail´s only for two weeks. By then they were getting too

large to be held and it got difficult to slaught them. And their flesh was best

after ten days.

The boys knew what they had to do. Within two minutes the snail turned towards

the others. They didn´t even use the snailpoker, a small sharpened stick that

could poke through the slime layer. The next morning live looked quite the same.

In Elricond the people continued with their work. Laughing and shatting filled

the tiny streets beneath the leaves. A little bit after ten all of them were out

of their houses as the sun had warmed the ground enough for them. But then the

sun disappeared. And it happend much to fast for a cloud. A shadow fell over the

village. But only for a second. Then the shadow disappeared and all eyes that

had rised to the sky were blinded by the returning sunlight. At the same moment

the ground shook under a mighty BOOMM!

The largest creature the people of Elricond knew was a black runningbeetle. It

was nothing compared to the creature they spotted as their eyes had adapted to

the sunlight again.

It was a giant. And it looked just like them. Only thousands of times larger.

And it was a female. Strangely dressed for the Elriconds. A black skirt but cut

so short that it barely reached her tighs. The figure towered so high above them

that they could despite the distance easily see under the skirt. The ashamed men

looked quickly up to the bright blue top that looked like it was molded around

her body. Except for the sleeves because it had none. The women who didn´t need

to be ashamed to look under another woman´s skirt saw a black kind of underwear

but they didn´t understand it. It looked totaly intact but was covered with

hundreds of holes that couldn´t give much protection against cold wind or dirt.

But the holes looked definately like made on purpose.

Dark blonde hair fell in long cascades over the clearly visible forms of her

breasts and a young face with green eyes could be seen.

The giantess was looking up. Up towards the top of the mountain. To her it was

just a small distance away. The people could see that she looked over them. But

relief turned in fear again as her eyes lowered towards the clearing of Elricond.


loud enough to shake things from the shelves inside the small huts. People

pressed their hands over their ears in pain.

Then the titanic woman lifted a foot. Shouts of terror rose as it looked like

she was coming towards them. But the next moment they saw that she was just

turning around. With another noticeable crash she dropped her backpack and bend

over it. Men and woman turned away. Only some boys stared in disbeliev at the

mighty ass that was uncovered by the upsliding skirt. Searching through her

stuff the titaness bend her knee and raised her right foot. And the people saw

some kind of footwear they had never seen. It was black with only a few white

markings. It covered her ankles and it had mighty laces. Just like the shoe of

an Elricond. But the material was so very different. Parts of it were made of a

kind of cloth. But the shiny threads didn´t look like spun. Even from their

distance they could see that the threads that were almost as strong as the trunk

of a young trefoil were made of one piece. Other areas were made of a more rough

material that was sewn around the edges. And the rough edges revealed that it

was as thick as the shovels of their pineapple.

But the sole was the strangest part of it. It was also black and it looked like

it was molded of a meterial that could flow like iron but was much softer and

still strong at the same time. It was formed into a labyrinth of blocks and

walls that very easily larger than their lance catapults.

It didn´t occur to the tiny people what kind of happening a step of this girl

titaness meant. They were just used to step onto anything without doing any


They were just astonished with only a little fear about the size. Then the girl

raised again. And with her hands she brought up a large blue and white cloth. As

she turned around with thundering movements they recognized it as a towel or a

small cover.

Two steps that braught her with amazing speed towards the little people followed

and with a really big motion of her arms the towel suddenly spread over the sky.

Then it came down in a distance to the right of the watching people. Before the

people had realized that the giantess wanted to rest on the towel the impossibly

large creature had already dragged her shirt over her head and pulled one foot

out of the shoe in one motion. The other shoe followed while the skirt dropped

and a lazy kick sent both items sailing towards the blueberry bushes. The loud

crash of breaking twigs and groaning trunks tore the men´s gaze from the display

of the bare and mountaineous breasts.

For a moment they felt a hind for the destructive power of the creature that had

been thought of as impossible.

Now it was there. And with the ease of feeling undisturbed another kick send the

black underwear sailing through the air. It landed in another blueberry bush.

Before the men could gasp at the view of this mighty pussy the titaness stepped

onto the towel and layed down.

A thunderous sigh followed and the giantess remained motionless.

Shouting and asking started in the little village. Why had they never known of

that large creatures who looked otherwise as human as themselves?

The minutes passed. Then the smith took two men with him. He was interested in

the strange kind of material on her shoes. And the nearest shoe was just were

she had pulled her right foot out of it. Next to the towel facing her head. The

men went out. They marched quickly. It was a long way. An hour at least. Just a

step for the titaness.

The titaness fell asleep. Obviously she had nothing else in mind for today.

Sometimes she stirred in her sleep but the small people were too unexperienced

to realize a threat in it.

Then they reached the shoe. They reached it from the outside and it was standing

upright in front of them like a black mountain.

From the distance they saw through the grass that the sole was too smooth to be

climbed on this side. So before they reached the shoe they made a turn and

surrounded the heel of the shoe to reach the other side. Then they marched

towards it. But suddenly they stopped. They stood at a clearing in the grass. A

clearing that had not been there before. All of them gasped in shock at what

they saw. Everything in front of them was - flattened. Just flattened. The

indestructable trunks of grass had been smashed down and ground into fibrous

mash. The firm ground had given in and sunk. And everywhere was the labyrinth

they new from the view under her shoes stamped into the ground. It was an area

of total destruction. Within a second the men realized the destructive power of

a simple uncared step of the titaness. They were people who lived in harmony

with the surrounding nature, who only killed to life and payed their price of

lives for the survival of their community. To them the unresistable and

obviously careless amount of destruciton for an action as small and

insignificant as a step of that giantess was a realisation that could kill their

whole understanding of life.

The smith looked towards the shoe next to the field of death. Leaves of grass

half smashed and torn away with the rising foot were sticking to the sole. And

with another look the remains of a ladybug. Something so large and heavy

armoured they could only drive it away, hardly kill it. Just crushed. Surely

unnoticed. But not small enough to remain unseen. They knew they could place

their feet without watching. She obviously did without care.

'That footprint is larger than the village.' The smith turned at the other men

as he heard it. And the movement made all of them realize.

They turned back. They didn´t march. They ran. Each of them ran as fast as

possible. They didn´t stay together. They knew every second was valuable. Soon

the smith was the last. Strong but heavy build he had not much speed. But

endurance. Five minutes and he was in second place again. He didn´t care. In his

mind the bottom of that unstoppable sole and the fragility of their village.

What was their fence of fir-needles against the crushing power of that shoe?

After a moment he fell. It was dark suddenly and he rolled and tumbled over the

ground. And he felt the ground move. A hail of splinters and stone came over him

and through the dust and the chaos he could suddenly see somebody. A body - more

like a corpse. The torn and mangled remains of his comrade flying with the

debris and crashing into a leaf. The impact splattering the body over the leaf.

Then the sunlight returned and he saw a hand and an outstretched arm

disappearing into the sky. A pleased, almost lustful moan accompanied the death

of the helpless man.

The smith realized even more how endangered all life on their clearing was. He

came up and continued his run.

He knew their territory. And he knew that there was not a single creature large

enough to cost the titanic threat more than a smile. And the most important

thing he knew was - she was awake. After a minute he arrived at the destruction

left by a casual stretch of the giantess. The grass was not so brutally crushed

but the flattened trunks were an obstacle difficult enough and forcing him to

surround the area.

His thoughts were with the others. He knew they could impossibly have realized

the danger they were in. The hand had not come down near enough.

And then he realized the change of the light. Somehow everything changed it´s

color within a moment. And he turned. And froze.

He had never realized they had been so near. Now he saw. Like a mountain she sat

there. Towering over everything. Her presence mighty enough to tint the light

with the color of her tanned skin. And he heard the sounds in the distance. The

sounds of ground giving in and compacting under her weight. Fear gripped his

heart. He stood there for a minute.Then realizing how futile it was. He was

still twenty minutes from town. And the most protective thing they knew was

their pineapple. A pineapple that was much smaller than her fist. What

protection could it give when it was crushed under her weight?

His comrade passed some steps in front of him. He didn´t notice. The other one

didn´t care. The eyes of the titanic woman wandered over the grassy clearing. A

small daisy getting her attention. lazily she rolled over halfway and used her

left hand to plug the flower. She took it towards her nose and smelled a smell

of freshness, nothing more. Rolling over completely she rested on her stomach

with her upper body supported by her elbows. Rolling the soft stem between her

thump and indexfinger she made the little flower turn. On a whim she grabbed

some petals with her other hand and pulled them out carefully. Just like to feel

the futile resistance.

She dropped about six petals to the ground, torn from the flower and the

untouched white crushed into a grey tissue by her fingers. Then she just

squished the whole flower between her fingers and dropped it as she lost her


As the hand crossed the sky over the smith he covered in fear. But still he had

to look at the giantess. And before he could fear to be caught by the body

rolling towards him he spotted it. It was soft and firm at once. It was mighty

and tender. It was so well colored and formed. Her nipple so delightfully large

and towering . Higher than two ladybugs. Surrounded by the dark aureola as large

as the pineapple. And the whole breast that was majestically displayed in the

sky above him would cover more ground than his town.

And now as he barely noticed the returning hand it came even nearer. The

mountaineous and voluptous forms sunk from the sky towards him and he raised his

arms to welcome the absolute sign of feminity. A crash flung him through the

air. Wind and dust hit him. The sounds of nature being flattened and the

compacting ground were overwhelming and so much nearer. The wall of the stomach

came towards him. Rolling over the countryside and everything got pressed flat

beneath the lowering mammoth body. And again another shadow that made him look

staight up. The forgotten breast. A tit of monstrous proportions coming down

from the sky. A mountaineous boob that would squish him in a moment. A heavy

concushion went through the ground. The smith fell but his eyes still glued to

the lower roundure of the heavy breast. A last mighty stretch towards the ground

and then the elastic flesh moved back into shape and hovered some ten

bodylengths above him while effortlessly bendign and creasing the grass that

dared to offend such masses.

Disbelieving the fact that he had been spared he turned and looked up the

cleavage between the titanic tits. And there between those masses of flesh that

were so large and yet existed twice he saw her chin. And her hands. And the

mangled trunk of the daisy. Squashed between her fingers. Her fingerprints

pressed into the once so mighty stem.

And he watched as she rubbed the fingers that held the stem. With gruelsome

noises the stem was further mashed between her fingers while the flower turned.

Then she grabbed the petals. He saw the ridges of her fingerprints as the tender

petals were squashed between the brute skin and the fight of the weak joints

that were torn so easily. As she then simply crushed the whole flower that

seemed so mighty to his kind he felt his heart break. And as she dropped the

mangled remains he looked up at the tit. The tit that he had considered to be

tender and soft. Soft like a girls heart. And now this girl had proven how

careless and playfully cruel her heart was. And at the same moment the titaness

moved her elbows after she had dropped the plant. She rested her head on her

skin and enjoyed the feeling of the cool ground as she lowered her breasts. As

the movement was slow the small body beneath her right breast had time to

struggle a little as its ribs broke. But without enough strength to be just felt

the body was flattened and compacted along with the soft ground under the firm



Feeling no need for another nap Julia raised a moment later. As she stood she

brushed a few pieces of grass from her belly and looked over the clearing. She

was glad she had found such a sweet place where no one suspected it. Just ideal

for nude sunbathing. She enjoyed being nude but with her truly voluptous looking

body she didn´t enjoy peeping Tom´s in the bushes or elsewhere. Here up on the

mountain she was save. Enjoying the soft green grass she stretched out her right

barefoot and stepped down so she caught a small daisy between her big and second

toe. She enjoyed the untouched nature as she playfully squashed it between her


Swinging her arms she walked around a little. After her nap it was around noon.

It was getting quite warm today. But the cool and fresh grass made it


'Ouch!' Balancing on her left foot she tore the fir-needle from her pinky toe.

The friendly looking grass had betrayed her and it had been a painful

experience. With a burst of anger she kicked the small pineapple, hardly larger

than her big toe. It flew towards the small blueberry bushes and shattered on

the rocks behind. Still angry she stomped her foot and turned towards her


Five seconds later she shoved her barefeet into a pair of multicolored flipflop



As easy as the last moments had been for Julia the harder the time was for the

little village Elricond. The distant mountainrange - the titanic skyline of a

nude female body suddenly moved. The people in the village were still watching

the most enormous living being they had ever seen. Some of them were searching

for an idea what they should think of her. Was she an enormous person? Or was it

just an erotiv display of enormous proportions. As the well formed leg rose and

exerted a mighty power to turn the gigantic female body the thoughts tended

towards an erotic artwork presented by nature. Even more as the turning body

allowed the view on the mountaineous breasts and the voluptuous forest of a

crotch. But quickly the thoughts changed to something completely different

because the mighty body shook the earth heavily as it came to a rest on its

stomach. And up in the sky there suddenly was a foot. Monstrously large and

frightening near. And the people froze in a shock as the big toe came rushing

towards them. Shouts of terror unheard in the thundering boom. The fir-needle

fence flattened instantly and a storm of stones and dirt mawing helpless people

down. Then grinding noises and more vibrations in the ground as the heel high

above was rocked lazily to and fro on the supporting big toe.

And the people who had it difficult to stand up on the vibrating ground saw as

the toe sunk so easyly in the ground. And the ground tore into large clods as

the toe forced the ground aside. Some people caughed and others wimpered. But no

one spoke. And all of them stared at the toe. And at the sole that stretched

above. And they saw the heel. And after they had never learned to know anything

small enough to be broken if they trod on it they realized now that nothing

things they knew would be sturdy enough to survive being stepped on.

They stared for a minute. Then suddenly a woman shouted out. "We must hide. What

can protect us?"

"The pineapple. We must hide in the Pineapple!"

But quickly a few men stopped the women. They knew that the pineapple wouldn't

give enough protection.

"A snail housing! Let´s find a snail housing!"

The house of a grown snail was the most safe cover they knew. But the ones who

thought clearly knew that it wasn´t enough against such weight. They saw the

fir-needle fence. The needles had pointed outward not upward. But the men

weren´t sure if it mattered against such a mighty layer of skin that stretched

out in front of them.

And then as they wanted to hold back the fleeing people the foot raised back

into the sky. Had the impact been a bad thing this was worse. Even the fastest

thinkers had a thought of relief in their mind as they saw the massive foot rise

into the sky. But the next moment they realized what had really happened. For

the titanic woman it might have been nothing more but a flick of her big toe as

she raised her foot. But the tiny people suddenly found an avalanche of rocks

and dirt roling towards them. Everything happened so quick and no one had time

to cover. More than ten people were smashed down and buried under the deadly

mass. Then the remaining earth rained from the raising toe and it came over them

as a hail of bombs. people were knocked to death under the heavy pieces and

houses exploded under the impact of some larger pieces. Everyone had survived

the impact. Eighteen got killed as the big toe left. And now as they had

realized the deadly power of this titaness it was continuously displayed to

their poor frightened souls. The gigantic girl stood and started to walk around.

For her it was a lazy and aimless sounter. For the tiny people it was a

demoralizing series of heavy concushions that rolled like earthquakes over them.

And it was a painfull, deafening cascade of noise all made worse by the display

of a body that was so perfect, so female, so voluptuous and so titanic and


As she turned towards them the ground heaved more and more with each step. The

crunching noises from the movements of the foot on the ground made the painfull

wimpering unheard. And then they all shouted in terror as she finally guided her

right foot through the air at them. All toes raised high and the mighty ball of

her foot larger than their whole village the titanic foot came down from the

sky. Far away the impact of her heel. Much heavier than anything they had felt

before. And then above them the reddish ball of her foot. Crushing down the

trefoil. The toes. So quick. So few time to cry out. The ball flattening the

fence so easily. The toes above. And lowering so fast. A labyrinth of canyons,

the lines of her toeprints and with the deadly crunch hundreds of small bodies

wedged between the toeprint lines or sqashed in halfes by them. Houses bulldozed

flat under the masses. Then the last remains of life squished on the skyn even

before the foot had found enough resistance to report the feeling of ground.

Some lucky ones somewhere between the toes or in the cave between toes and the

ball of her foot. Then the transfer of weight onto the foot. The toes splaying,

squishing the survivors between them. The ground giving in even more. The foot

sinking. And the ones under the toes crushed so very unfelt into the ground -

soft by giantess standards. With half of the town disappeared and wiped out

under her toes the titaness big toe towered as high as the small pineapple in

front of it. The other half of the town was devastated by the concushion and the

hailstorm of dirt around he foot. And there between the knocked down trefoil and

the huts sunk into ruin there was the young man. More like a boy. Right of the

pinapple. And the lance catapult. As fast as a step of the titaness was. As fast

was he as he released the lance.

He regretted it. The lance hit and as fast as a thought came the counterstrike.

But much different than expected.

"OUCH!" So near. So voluminous. So deafening loud. And so unexpected. Whoever

was left alive in the area behind the pineapple. They all were now deaf und some

dropped down unconscious. The remaining ones saw the giantess handle the attack.

They watched her right tit pressing against her right knee. And they saw how

easily she tore the lance from her foot. And then they saw the real

counterstrike. The just cured foot came back. Back with the highest speed they

ever experienced. Faster than the flight of the eagles. And it hit. Plunging

through the ground in the already flattened parts of town the big toe hit the

pineapple. Unslowed it went on and dragged the pineapple along in an apocalyptic

kick. Whatever had hidden in or behind the pineapple was squashed from the

impact´s acceleration. The mighty shovels were fragile against the mighty toe

that penetrated and crushed it.

To the giantess it was a fingertip of crumbling earth that was forced aside as

her big toe made a tiny dent in the soft ground. But to the tiny villagers the

monstrous big toe dug a tench, a valley of a tench into the ground and squashed

avalanches of rocks and dirt aside with titanic ease. As the pineapple was

already kicked away the big toe continued it´s destructive path with the tip

lowered so the toenail was an even more mighty shield. The people that saw the

toenail had thoughts of disbelieve as they had never seen a toenail as firy red

as a strawberry and as shiny as a water surface. And then they splattered

against the advancing surface that was thicker than a full grown man´s height.

Ten, fifteen, thirty men squished on the impact until the tench started to

flatten out. Two more turned into bloodsquirts on the dirty skin beneath her

toenail before it finally raised from the ground and disappeared into the sky.

Before they could see the giantess retracting her foot and turning away the

storm came. Forcefull torrents of displaced and compressed air raced over the

ground to return into balance. The last minds that had been able to watch were

now sent into painfully rumbling unconsiousness. The giantess hardly noticed the

ruinous crash as the pinapple hit the rock behind the blueberry bushes and

shattered into pieces.


Panting he reached the field of destruction. He saw the ruinously crushed plants Sudadera ADIDAS FUTURE ICONS Negra

of trefoil. It had looked so protective. So strong against everything. So

elastic when the leaves had deflected raindrops. And with the hairs on the stem

climbable if a heavy rain flooded their land.

Now these symbols of power laid flattened on the ground. Malric knew the village

to be somewhere here. But he couldn´t find the pineapple. Purple fog danced over

his field of vision. And in his exhausted body he knew somehow that he was too

late. Wherever this naked female colossus had stepped down the people would know

how deadly she was. But he had to be sure about the village. He stumbled into

the broad and deep valley that he knew was a footprint.

A completely knew kind of footprint. The footprints they knew were wet spots on

the ground. These footprints were dead spots on crushed and compacted ground.

Knowing that there was less need for hury his body recovered. Still stumbling

his brain started to work again. He saw that he was walking in the heel part of

the footprint. From time to time he saw corpse of the small earth bugs. They

were twice as long ashe was tall. Harmless, living from plantrests. He saw a

breastshield here and a limb there. But the remains were crushed and ground

apart over more then ten of his bodylenghts. Walking on he thought about it. He

had seen the heel coming down as the giantess had stepped here. He figured out

that the forward motion of the foot had caused the heel to slide over the ground

as it came down. He thought about how the remains of his people would look if -

but a sharp burst of pain in his heart pushed the thought aside.

It took him ten long minutes to pass through the rear part of the footprint. A

little bit later he saw the remains of the fence. The ground had been softer

than the fir-needles. But the needles were broken into small fractions that were

embedded into the compacted ground. His bad feeling came back as a cold burst of

reality racing through his spine. He stood in front of the remains of his

village. The needle fence was flattened. It could´ve never been any kind of

protection against a creature of that size. The area of crushed green was behind

him. Only a few trefoil plants had protected the village. The footprint lines

that he knew from his own feet had also been on the sole of the titaness´ foot.

And she had crushed the labyrinth of curvy lines into the ground. Each line was

a trench as deep as his arm was long and the same length across. Jumping over

trenches and following the raised paths between them he had a hard way into the

place where the village had been. Soon he found debris of huts crushed into the

footprint. And then he found them. Two. Three. Five and more and more. Dark gory

spots. The smell of raw flesh and guts was there. And the smell of foot got

stronger the nearer he got to the end of the imprint. Crying he climbed the

slope out of the footprint. He had recognized no one of the gore spots. They

were all just - pulp. He reached the edge of the footprint but only to find that

he was still deep inside. It was only the hills between the toes and the ball of

the foot. The footsmell was strongest here. But still the debris and the gore

spots were there. And it looked all the same. How unthinkable her weight was if

the debris or remains of corpse looked all the same regardless off how deep the

ground had sunk and compacted under that foot.

He realized that the pineapple was gone. Walking on the high grate between two

of the toeprints he found the first recognizable remains. A hut had been crushed

between the toes here. Most of it´s parts had been dragged away with the leaving

foot. But down in the toeprint he saw boards that were crushed and ground into

paperlike bunches of fibres. And in front of his foot he saw blood. And a

sleeve. He knew the sleeve. It had been Hank´s.

The tip of the toeprints was a chaotic pile of rocks and dirt. Even some debris.

It had all been squashed away from the settling toes. With two jumps he grabbed

the twitching arm that stuck there. Three mighty pulls freed Marc. The boy stood

there. Wordless. He looked around. He had had time to think while he was buried.

Malric moved on and the boy followed. It looked no better here. A storm had

blown everything away. The few protective plants laid flattened. Some spots

marked the position of huts that had also been blown away. And there in a

distance they saw the trench. The deep valley were their pineapple had been.

"She was so...big!" Marc finally said. The words sounded strange in the dead


Malric thought what to say. There wasn´t anything. Finally he stated "She has

kicked away our pineapple."

"Was this her big toe?" the boy asked. He was more a boy than a young man now.

"Yes..." Malric mumbled.

"But why did she do this to us? She can´t eat us, we are too small. And we

didn´t fight her. She just came so quick and we couldn´..."

"SHUT UP!" Malric shouted. The boy shuddert and sunk on his knees in defeat.

Malric made some steps, then turned. "She never noticed us, boy" he mumbled

quietly. The two tiny survivors walked on. They passed around the trench and as

they neared its end the devastation got less complete.

"How could someone do something this ... this... BIG and deadly on purpose? If

she brakes so much with her foot she must watch it!"

Malric gave no answer. Instead he searched a pile of debris for anything living.

Nothing living was there but at least nothing dead.

"Do you watch your step?" Malric finally answered.

"But I..." the words stuck in his throat. His young brain realized how

insignificant he and his whole world suddenly turned out to be. He started to

run as if he could escape his insignificance. He ran with closed eyes until he

fell. In front of him stood one of the catapults. Intact. But unloaded! And

there behind the fallen leaf of trefoil shivered something. He walked over and

found - Targos. He shouted at him but there was no reply. He shook him and

suddenly the boy started to throw punches everywhere around. Until he opened his

eyes and recognized Marc.

"Marc...?" he said.

"Did you hit her?"

But Targos shook his head.

"I can´t hear you" he wimpered, "she blasted my ears."

Marc pointed at the catapult.

"I wish I hadn´t" Targos answered. "It stung her, at least a little. However

enough to make that shout. I´m deaf. Forever."

Marc dragged Targos back towards Malric. The boy told some more.

"It was my fault. I wanted to defend the village. But instead she took revenge

and kicked our pineapple! Where will we spend the winter? And look over there.

Do you see that trench? That valley? As she kicked our pineapple she made it. It

was so... horribble. That toenail. It was so fiery red and shiny. Almost like

wet. But it was so hard and I could see how they couldn´t get out of the way.

Their bodies were bursting as they hit the toenail. My fault..."

With that he slumped down and shivered and twitched in the pain of his soul.

Slowly they came from the green jungle. Lonely people. A group of ten had

surrounded Malric after five minutes. Some pointed up. Malric turned. There was

the giantess. Majestic and thoughtless she sat on one of the equal mountaineous

rocks that surrounded the clearing.

But Malric had no time for more fear. He wanted to save his people. He learned

quickly that most of them were deaf. He remembered the ear tearing onslaught of

her voice. They had been nearer. Somehow he managed to send them on a search for

helpless and wounded villagers. Marc dragged Targos towards him. Targos was so

full of guilt that he didn´t want to move.

Malric shook him. Fear was in the boys eyes. But Malric pointed at the catapult

and made a movement of loading. The boy obeyed. It took a while until he rolled

the catapult to Malric who was already surrounded by four badly wounded


As they brought Herb towards them Marc broke in tears. At first of joy but then

he saw Herbs mangled body.

Both legs were missing. Crushed stumps. Flattened cruely enough to keep the

blood in his body.

"Marc!" he stumbled " Marc, take that toe of me! Help me! She´s so heavy and I

am stuck under that big toe!"

He was in fever. Marc took his head. But it was all too late. Minutes later he


Then Malric looked up at the giantess again.

With words and sign´s he told them "Let´s move. The blueberry bushes will

protect us! Take the catapult!" Suddenly a woman grabbed Malric "Janson! Janson

is out there with the snails! Don´t leave my son!" Malric looked at Marc. The

boy understood. He took off running.


After an hour of quiet sitting Julia started to think of going home. She slid

herself from the warm rock and walked slowly towards her towel. She bend down

and grabbed it. For a moment she thought of folding it up - but then she just

stuffed it into her bag. Raising her arms and stretching she let out a yawn.

After thinking it over it was much too early to leave this neat place. The

shadows had grown longer so she moved a few steps aside. Lazily she decided that

the soft grassy ground would do without a towel and simple lowered her nude body

where she stood. The sun caressed her tits and she made another nap. After half

an our she felt suddenly cold and woke up. But it was just a small cloud.

Feeling fresh from her sleep she raised and decided it was finally time for the

way back.

She got up and started to look for a good spot. There on her right were some

bushes. She walked over there. At one step she heard a little crunch from under

her foot. She knew why she was wearing her flipflop sandals. With a smile she

turned back as she walked on. But she couldn´t see anything that could´ve caused

it among the flattened green in her footprint.

Then she arrived at the bushes. Some instinct told her she was still to much in

the open. Her sandals made her careless and she easily crushed a few bushes as

she stepped forward. Then she squatted down and spread her legs. Seeing the last

blueberry of the year she plucked and ate it before she finally did what she

really intended to do here.

It felt good to let loose. She suddenly knew she wouldn´t have made it home.

Luckily there was no one around. The yellow creek was flowing towards the rocks.

She smiled a little as she saw some bugs trying futily to evade the tiny flood.

But the squirts caused by the jet splattering on the ground hit them again and

again. She saw how nervous the insects got. So with a strange kind of self

pleasant mercy she rotated her hips and pissed directly on them. One after the

other was sunk in a mixture of piss and mud until finally the stream ebbed. A

few powerful squirts finished her duties and she got up and walked towards her



Marc kept shouting and cursing. Janson was just lazily raising from the ground.

He had done the usual thing: sleeping instead of guardingthe snails. But somehow

and miraculously the snails always stayed close when he was on guad. Or on

sleep. No difference today.

But this time it was really dangerous. Marc was out of breath so he simply

grabbed Janson´s head and forced him to look at the silouette that had just

appeared at the horizon.

The titaness had just raised from the ground and Janson was shocked to see her

for the first time.

"Run!" Marc finally commanded. But Janson turned and tried to direct the snails.

Marc violently pulled him away. "RUN!" he commanded again. This time the command

was accompanied with the first earthquaking step of the titaness. Marc looked

behind him and found that one of the lazy giantess steps gave them enough time

for six fearfull jumps. But the boy saw that she was just too near. Relatively

far away he saw her left foot raising above the grass and he calculated the

movement. The foot moved towards them. Fear of death made his steps even faster.

Janson realized the change of light. He whirled around for the first time

feeling real fear. And he froze in terror as he saw the foot with that strange

kind of sandal coming down on him. Marc had already passed him.

First a multiple CRRRUNCH! and then BOOOMMM!

The impact was too heavy. Marc fell. The speed from his run made him roll and

tumble over the ground. And during his turns he saw Janson.

Janson stood still. Nothing could explain how he could be still standing in the

same place. But he did and he stared right at the wall of black sandal sole. He

stood shocked and terrified in front of the brutal piece of footwear. His brain

could do nothing more than gather the information about the chaos around him.

Around him was a storm of flying debris. Plant scraps and dust hit him or passed

him as the torrent of displaced air tore at his clothes. At the last moment the

force tore away his clothes and he stood naked as the mighty sole settled on the

ground right in front of him. He felt the ground fall away under him as it took

the weight of the giantess foot.

Then the ground returned with a power that forced him down on his knees. He saw

the wall of sandal sole sinking into the ground. The black part of the sole

disappeared. Each moment another sole layer of five body heights and each in a

different color sunk into the compacting ground. And Janson watched on his knees

without any idea what to think.

Slowly his gaze moved up and he saw the edge of the sole high above his head. He

didn´t notice as the ground around him tilted and broke into large crumbs as

cracks radiated out from the sinking sandal. But still the crumb he sat on

remained unharmed.

Janson saw the mighty round shape looming above the edge of the sole. Somehow he

had the possibility to realize it as the big toe of the titanc girl. The too was

too large for the sandal and it stuck out over the sole. And as the giantess was

already taking her next step the movement of the foot caused the toe to sink

further into the ground. With all the weight resting on the toes the ground

suddenly sunk much more. From one moment to another Janson was dragged downward

in a chaos of crunching crumbs and earth beeing squashed out from under the

shoe. He waed his arms in a futile attempt to regain his balance and then the

bare sole of her big toe was there. With an insignificant and unfelt squish

Janson was instantly flattened by the unaware giantess.

Marc lay there on his back and had watched Jansons fate. Now he saw the black

sole of the sandal passing over him. Right next to the place where he saw the

giant big toe looming over the sole he saw a small area covered with slime and a

few sparkling pieces of shell. With a powerless sigh he recognized the remains

of their last herd of snails.


If they survived this titanic girl - what should they eat? The snails in the

village had been flattened. Their last herd had just been trodden flat and

turned into grease. And Janson?

Marc wanted to jump up but could only manage a tumbling raise from the

devastated ground. Too many stones and dirtcrumbs hat hit him. But he waked on.

No help, no cure was possible. He knew it. But he wanted to see what was left of


His tumbling steps took him towards the frightfully deep imprint left by the

giant something of a footwear. Something he knew the girl would casually refer

to with a word like flipflop sandal. In the distance he heard the thundering

noise that surrounded her presense.

The ground was torn and broken. More and more the nearer he came. A broken range

of small hills surrounded the footprint. Squashed out material that had piled up

next to the wall of the sole. Jumping over deep cracks he reached the edge.

Passing along he found an area where the hills had fallen back into the imprint

after the sole had been lifted away and he took a glance over the footprint

lowlands. Green mush where moss had been and the crushed and torn remains of

leaves of grass. And all of this covered by a pattern of lines he already knew.

The pattern beneath the sandal sole.

BOOOMMM! This time he froze, too. He hadn´t watched her. Now all he could do was

turn his head and see her coming back in her path. Still frozen he let out a cry

of fear and BOOOOMMM! the giantess had just stepped over him. In a short

distance he saw her foot. The sandal sole of that strange material hanging from

her foot and touching the ground first. He saw as the heavy piece of footwear

hitting mighty grass leaves that got easily pushed over and finally crushed flat

as the rear part of the sole touched down. And at the very same moment the bare

heel of her foot came down on the sole. And with the unbelievable weight of the

giantess behind the heel everything under the sole was flattened even more. The

sole was crushed into the ground and also dragged forward for a moment leaving a

SICHEL-shaped valey that was completely ground into mush. And then with the

already painfull chaos of noise came a crackling and thundering from the deepest

earth as the weight upon the sole forced it to a halt. Even more tortourous

noise washed over him as the ball of her foot hit the ground and then the noise

ebbed into a cruel grinding and smashing from under the mighty sole as her toes

settled down and the weight was transferred onto the tip of the foot. A last

hurricane of noise as the heel lifted and dragged the rear part of the sole

along. More grinding as the giantess pushed her mighty body forward with this

very foot and it slipped a relative little bit in its own imprint before the

toes left the ground.

Marc stood still. Death passed over him again. With sick thoughts in his head he

moved on. Crack after crack he had to surround or climb through. And then there

was the place he wanted to find. A round valley sunk down in front of him.

Covered with curving walls that were somewhere deleted by some grinding motions

and somewhere extremely high. The toeprint. Stumbling he walked on the top of a

toeprint wall. He had to follow the curves and find places to change to another

wall. Otherwise he would have been inside of the labyrinth of canyons with no

view and no orientation.

So he stumbled over the steep clifts with the frightfull knowledge of its

origin. It was not easy to reach the position where he estimated Janson. After

ten minutes he stumbled onto a plain where the grinding motion of the toe had

wiped out the imprint. He walked over dry mud and came finally to the edge of

the sole imprint. Here everything was a chaos. Mud had been squashed out from

under the sole and obviously been squashed down again by the toe. Cracks in the

ground had been filled by the ravines of displaced material and the lifting

motion of toe and sole had heaved tons of earth and dust onto the toeprint. He

was climbing in the debris for any trace of Janson. An hour passed until he

stood in front of a mighty crumb of earth. A trace of toeprint on one side that

rose like a house in front of him was a darker area. Climbing the slope he

reached the spot. Within the remains of once tender moss leaves and some mud he

could pull out something leathery. It was skin. Drenched with what he figured

out to be a bloody fleshpulp. Janson. Marc simply stopped himself in sickness.

His powerless body slid down the crumb and slumped into a small crack in the

ground where he remained stuck and without any clear thought in his brain.


The small group of people had meanwhile moved a good part towards the blueberry

bushes. Two groups had been made. The injured people were slower and fell behind

automatically. Others stayed with them to help. The healthy ones had advanced

much faster. They had already reached the bushes so they had time to build some

shelter before the evening. They knew that a dangerous trip lay ahead of them.

When the heat of the day was gone there would be many large insects in the

bushes. Earthbugs and even large Spiders. And they had only one catapult. A few

of them had created a small amount of eyepickers. That was how they called small

arrows with a tip from a fir needle. The arrows couldn´t kill an insect but a

few shot´s that broke the thin eyeshell would blind a bug. Of course that

wouldn´t help much against spiders. Their only hope against those beasts was

blinding them first and then remain totally still because the spiders would go

after the vibrations of their steps. And then their only hope was the lance

catapult. And the seven lances it carried. But it was heavy and the injured

people needed even more protection. So the catapult was with the slower group.

They all knew that their town might´ve been saved if there hadn´t been this

ridiculous lance shot. It had cost so many lives and the last shelter they had.

It was at the moment when some of the men discussed how vital their last snail

herd was. Young snails were hard to find. They estimated that once in a week

there would be only one nest of snail eggs. But no one knew where in the great

jungle of grass.

And at the same moment they saw her again. Her mountaineous body had been hidden

in the grass jungle. But now she stood. And she suddenly turned into their


It was the noise of her second step that was different. Sighs remained unheard

in the mighty thundering noise of her advancing steps. Most of them had figured

out the source of the deadly crunch that had been loud enough to cause the

giantess to turn her head. They knew their snails were gone. And they saw how

heedless the giantess was about the crunch as she turned her face to the

blueberry bushes again. The injured men had the time of two steps to watch the

sexualy attractive nude. Then the threat was all overwhelming. Again the foot of

the titaness advanced. This time they could see the new kind of footwear. And

faster than a thundercloud it came over them and darkened the sun.

Most of them stood and stared at the crushed things that stuck to the sole above


"Shoooot!" was Olof´s voice somehow heard through the hurricane of noise. And

Targos stood there with the catapult. Knowing how deadly his last shot had been.

And yet he knew that he had to defeat the giantess if they wanted to live.

Defeat meant nothing more than keeping her from lowering this monstrous foot

that had its heel already on the ground.

The shouts of terror couldn´t rise any louder than a sigh before the titanic

woman stepped on them. Their puny bodies unable to give more resistance than

tiny squishes.

Targos saw as Olof was suddenly blasted away by flying debris. A spray of blood

splattered him as the tip of the sandal came down in front of him.

"The toe is too high above that sole," he shouted without time to notice that he

was already the last survivor.

Then the ground suddenly turned into waves of tearing earth as displaced mud

squished from under the giantess´ sandal and buried Targos with the remains of

this catapult.

He was still alive as the flipflop sandal rose and dragged the crumb of earth

around him into the air. Feeling the mud chocking him under the mighty

acceleration as the movement kicked the crumb from the tip of the sandal. His

pain was cut short when the crumb splattered on the ground.

Under the blueberry bush the remaining men wittnessed another step and the

stopping movement that brought both feet under her body. They had seen the

broken lance in the mud at the tip of the footwear. But they couldn´t care about

it. The ones who could hear again had panicked and fled since they had heard the

first noise. The ones who were still deafened had taken too much time to realize

the danger. Then they all looked at the pair of towering feet and the even more

towering body of the titaness. And they saw that she looked down. They couldn´t

know why. They feared that she had found them. At first they thought that the

mighty blueberry bushes would protect them. At least the bushes were larger than

her feet. But then suddenly the giantess lifted her right foot.

They couldn´t believe how easily the bush was flattened under her sandal. They

would´ve died from terror but they had not enough time before the last branches

were crushed and their squished bodies were compacted with the ground under the

tread of her sandal.

Her left foot destroyed another blueberry bush but far away from the fleeing

men. But the right foot rose one more time.

Again tiny ones got squished. This time along with bugs and mites that hid among

the bushes. And finally the unstoppable grinding and crushing noise subsided

with a rumble of compacting ground from beneath the resting feet.

Four men were left. The fastest runners. They looked up and saw they skin

colored sky fall down on them. After all the terror they didn´t notice much of

the returning grinding and crushing noise from the sandals twisting over the

ground as the mighty legs parted. But after all this terror they were unable to

fight against their sexual arousal that rose at the sight of a sky filling young

cunt above them. Then they saw the hand and they howled helpless as it took the

last blueberry. Thier last supply. Food for ten of them to come through the

winter. Turned into less than a snack for her.

Hell broke loose without warning. Suddenly it was there. A yellow jet of piss

erupted from between the upper part of her pussylips. Churning the smelly

torrent flooded the ground. Gallons of piss and dissolved mud rained down on

them. For a moment they stood to see how large bugs were helpless swept away by

the stream. Then they were one after another hid by a powerfull splash of piss

and the next moment the yellow wave rolled over them.

They clung to everything. Blinded from the acid they just rowed with their arms.

One finally clinging to a large bug. Suddenly feeling safely held above the

floods of piss as the insect tried to swim. But then he opened his eyes to see

the playfull and ignorant smile that hit him just before the main jet of piss

splattered him over the drowning insect.

Another saw that the insects were killed before the branch of a blueberry bush

suddenly broke the piss jet. The splattered jets hit im and tore his body into


Then the jet ebbed away. The churning sea of piss calmed. Suddenly another

mighty squirt to finish the trickle. Another body dissolved.

The last survivor struggled to remain afloat in the sea of piss. Watching as the

cunt was raised into the sky. Then some glances at the heavy tits and the firm

ass of the turning titaness. The earthquakes of her leaving steps. For another

moment he struggled, then his strength left him. Gurgling he sunk and drowned.

Two seconds later the piss was sucked away from the ground and his dead body

remained face down on the spoiled ground.

Only two steps away the last survivor of Elricond was sleeping in the imprint of

a big toe.


Days later Marc had freed himself. The dew had kept him alive. And there he

stood. He had known where the last blueberry had been. He had still smelled what

she had done to them. He had seen a few corpse. Knowing that Elricond was over

he turned and walked away from the blueberry bushes. The day would be warm. He

had made his thoughts. She would return for another sunbath. She had occupied

their space. For sunbathing. She was the stronger beeing.

He stood somewhere beneath the grass and waited for her. He hoped she would have

a quick fate for him in her godly unawareness. And if she would take her time he

knew he would please himself with the sight of her mighty female forms. But one

thing he knew for sure. With the summer nearing its end he couldn´t let her away

without a decision.

He smiled as he finally heard her tread. And he was still smiling as the mighty

ass of the giantess fullfilled his fate.

The End.




Giantess Stories: Elricond By Hedin      Once upon a time and hidden deep in the forest there was a little town named Elricond

Elricond. It was on a clearing that was surrounded by rocky mountain walls and Once upon a time and hidden deep in the forest there was a little town named O



Giantess Stories: Elricond By Hedin      Once upon a time and hidden deep in the forest there was a little town named Elricond

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Giantess Stories: Elricond By Hedin      Once upon a time and hidden deep in the forest there was a little town named Elricond

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