Giantess Stories: Emily the giantess queen      Peter stood on the platform wondering why he had ever signed up for this experiment

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Emily the giantess queen

Peter stood on the platform wondering why he had ever signed up for this

experiment. The huge contraption pointed straight at him didn't help his

confidence, either. When the physics department had needed a volunteer to take

part in their human shrinking experiment, Peter had eagerly signed up, but now

he was having second thoughts as they energized the equipment.

The experiment had been explained to him in a briefing. Peter would be the

subject of a classified, experimental project where his body would be reduced to

five inches tall. He would remain at this size while the researchers took all

the necessary measurements, which should not take longer than 10 minutes. He

would then be re-enlarged to his normal size, and given a quick medical

examination to assure that he was not affected in any way.

"We're ready to begin the experiment, Peter," Dr. Crout, the head of the

project, called. "Are you ready?"

"I'm as ready as I'll ever be, I suppose," Peter replied. "Let's just get it

over with."

Dr. Crout turned to the technician sitting behind the controls, and said "Engage

the beam."

A light blue beam was emitted from the contraption, and Peter suddenly felt

himself falling. It was a similar sensation to the free-fall feeling you get on

a roller-coaster. He could vaguely see his surroundings through the blue tint

that was everywhere. The sides of the room seemed to grow farther and farther

away. The people standing in the room slowly grew to be giants. At the moment

the beam was disengaged, a violent explosion occurred in one corner of the room.

Peter turned his head and shielded his eyes from the explosion, and then

darkness enveloped the room. A few seconds later, the emergency lights came on,

and Peter got his first good look at his new environment.

All the machinery was HUGE. All the people were huge giants running around the

lab, and Peter couldn't help but be a little scared. "What happened?" Peter

yelled at the top of his lungs.

Dr. Crout, who seemed to notice the five-inch tall Peter for the first time, sat

down next to Peter and said, "Our flux capacitors just blew. We are going to

have to construct new ones, and wait for them to charge. I'm afraid there is no

way we can return you to your normal size for at least a week."

At least a week! The thought of being stuck at five inches tall for a whole week

completely horrified Peter. "What am I supposed to do for a week at this size?"

Peter yelled.

"I can understand your concern, Peter," Dr. Crout replied. "I will assign one of

our lab technicians working on the project to take you home and take care of you

while you are at your somewhat disadvantaged size."

Great, Peter thought. That's all I need is for some giant nerdy lab technician

with thick glasses to be watching over me for a week.

"Dr. Crout, I'll take care of him," said a feminine voice. Peter looked up to

see an incredible giantess of a woman. She was perfectly proportioned, and her

breasts made her loose lab coat bulge significantly. Peter estimated that she

must be wearing at least a 41D bra, although at his size, they could have been

mountains. Peter was so captivated that he didn't even hear Dr. Crout give her


She bent down to Peter, and looked at him with her huge blue eyes. Her huge face

was before Peter, with a large friendly smile. Peter barely kept himself from

slobbering, but he did start uncontrollably peeing in his pants. "Hi, I'm

Emily," she said with a soft, friendly voice. "Here, can you climb onto my

hands? I'll take you home, and you can get some rest."

Peter obediently climbed onto her hands and she took him to her apartment. She

sat Peter on her nightstand, and they talked for several hours. Peter learned

that Emily was actually an extremely nice and gentle person. He really enjoyed

talking to Emily, and almost forgot that he was only five inches tall.

"Peter, there's something that I need to tell you. I've always had a crush on

you. I think you're extremely nice, and I'm very much attracted to you."

This took Peter by surprise. "Emily, I really like you a lot, and I'm very

attracted to you, too. Can you set me on top of your belly? I just want to be

closer to you." Peter knew that he was taking a chance with this. He did really

like Emily, but his present goal was to try and get closer to those huge

mountainous breasts that he had been staring at all night.

Emily extended her hand, and gently picked him up. "Well, I think that you would

enjoy sitting here a little more," she said, as she sat Peter in the crevice

between her enormous breasts. Peter did not know what to think. One minute, he

is eyeing breasts that are many times larger than himself, and the next minute

he is sitting amongst them! Peter grew very excited as he looked at the huge

bulges in Emily's shirt on either side of him.

"Yeah, I think this might be a little more enjoyable," Peter said, still not

sure whether Emily put him in this incredible position out of sexual

playfulness, or blind innocence.

"I'll bet that you would like it even more, though, if I took off all these

clothes that are getting in the way."

"Emily, I would LOVE that. You are AWESOME."

"Thanks... It's not everyday that I get to play with a handsome five-inch tall

man," Emily said as she picked Peter up and set him on a nearby pillow. She got

off the bed, and began to take off her shirt. Peter stared in amazement at the

huge bra she was wearing underneath the shirt. Emily reached behind her back,

and unclasped the bra. She slowly removed the bra and tossed it to one side.

Peter's eyes filled with lust when he saw Emily's breasts in their magnificent

form, unhindered by any kind of restraint. "Well, are you just going to sit

there and stare, or are you going to strip for me?"

Peter hurriedly removed all his clothes, and stood naked before his giantess

queen. Emily reached down and picked Peter up with her fingers, and brought him

up to her face. She stuck her tongue out and gently caressed his dick with the

tip of her tongue. Peter felt a surge of sexual excitement flow through him as

the warm, moist tongue licked his extremely hard dick.

Emily returned to the bed and sat Peter down between her breasts. Peter

immediately began to climb one of the colossal boobs. Her warm, soft skin drove

Peter crazy. He eventually made it to the giant nipple, and sat down with it

between his legs. He wrapped his arms and legs around the nipple, and squeezed

furiously. He pushed his dick hard into the nipple, and heard moans from Emily.

He stayed on the nipple for a while, and then slid down and did the same for the

other breast. His dick was throbbing and about to explode. He ran down past her

stomach, and dove into the hairy area between her legs. He thrust his lower body

into Emily's vagina as his dick uncontrollably began spewing out semen. He

barely escaped the rush of fluids from Emily as he hurled himself out onto the


He realized that Emily had been moaning and screaming in pleasure the entire

time. Peter climbed up Emily's hair onto her stomach and returned to her

breasts. He climbed up one of the breasts, and passed out due to exhaustion.

Emily looked down lovingly at her little man, and decided to sleep herself.

Giantess Stories: Emily the giantess queen      Peter stood on the platform wondering why he had ever signed up for this experiment

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