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Emily's Tiny Sex Toy

by Little Guy


Summary: a man fears revenge then is played with all over her body.



The car came to a stop.  Rick turned off the engine, opened the door, and

having slid out he slammed the door shut.  He walked around the front of his

gray Mazda RX-7, a simple car but strong under the hood where it counted.  His

pace slowed just a bit, walking up the summer-green lawn.  "Aren't you

coming!" he yelled.


Dan sat very still in the passenger's seat.  He looked straight forward, as he

had done for most of the two-hour ride to his friend's house.  Rick

impatiently came over and opened the car door.  Summer's heat instantly

overwhelmed Dan, the air conditioning now gone.


He reluctantly unbuckled the belt, he and stepped out.  The humidty and

ninety-six degree air seemed disturbingly strange to him after a seemingly

endless car ride with cold air blowing.


"Dan, don't worry.  I already told you she wouldn't be here.  She's in

Barbados; she'll be gone on vacation for at least another week."


Dan, now in his mid-twenties, stared up at the white, two-story house; that

same green door stared back at him having been etched in his mind.  Dan had

short brown hair while Rick's was a bit darker.  They had been friends since

junior high, but that now seemed irrelevant as they walked up the slight hill

to the front steps.


Rick unlocked the door, and the two of them entered the house.  It was only

slightly cooler inside, a couple of fans blowing from the corners of the

living room.


"Damn this heat," Dan said, trying to lighten up.


"Yeah, it's very warm," Rick said.  "Want a beer?"


"No thanks."


"Suit yourself."  Then Rick went around the corner into the kitchen.

Dan heard the refrigerator open then close as he took a seat on the plush,

suede, forest-green sofa.


"So, is there any games on today?" Dan said, now feeling more like himself.


Rick re-entered the living room.  "Yeah, basketball I think but only college."


"Well, turn it on!" Dan said, with a smile.


Rick grabbed the remote from the glass coffee table and plopped down a couple

feet from his friend.  The sounds of shoes squeaking on the court and the

shrill commentator's voice filled the rather large room - large enough to hold

thirty or more people.


Then Rick turned toward Dan and in a sympathetic voice said, "I know it wasn't

easy for you to come here today.  You know, with what happened between you and

my sister back in high school.  I've forgiven you and Emily has too.  I'm

really glad you came."


Dan half smiled.  "Me too . . . I mean, I wanted to spend time with an old

friend that I haven't seen for years.  And you convinced me that coming to

your house would finally relieve my fears and some memories."


"As I remember, it took A LOT of convincing," Rick said.


"Did you hear something?" Dan suddenly said.




"It sounded like a car pulling up."  Dan jumped to his feet; then pulling back

the sheer white curtain of the picture window, he peered out.


"You are imagining things.  Sit down."


"No, there's a car in the driveway.  It's white, some type of sports car I



"That's Emily's," Rick said, "but it's still June."


Dan's heart  began to pound inside his chest as he watched a woman with long

midnight-black hair step out of the car and stand up.  It was her.  He had not

seen her for over seven years, and she looked exactly the same except more

mature . . . more adult.


"I got to get out of here," Dan said, his mind racing.


"Calm down," Rick said, turning off the TV as he stood up.  "This is a good

thing.  Remember facing your fears. . . ."


"Shut up!" Dan shouted.  "Facing your fears is crap.  I knew it was a mistake

to come."


Dan began to pace around the room not knowing where to escape.  Then the front

door swung open.  Emily's eyes widened as she stared at Dan only six feet

away.  "Well . . . hi," Emily said - with her indelible, seductive voice.  It

was her normal, natural voice.  It was effortless for her - and from hearing

just two words, Dan felt a disturbing tingle run from his neck down his back. 

She was a full three inches taller than he which intimidated him even more.


Dan stood speechless.  Then he uttered in a hardly audible, half-cracking

voice, "Uh, hi."


Emily smiled a bit then turned toward her brother.  "You know what happened! 

First Christine bailed on paying the last week of hotel expenses.  Then!"  She

took a deep breath followed by a quick, irritated exhale.  "I had to

wait EIGHT hours!  I had to wait eight fuckin' hours just to get a flight



"At least you saved money leaving the car at the airport," Rick said.


"I guess."  Turning towards Dan, "How rude of me . . . How long has it been? 

Four, five years?"


"Um, I think like . . . seven or something," Dan said quietly.


"Yes, since high school.  Those were fun years, weren't they?"


Dan, standing stiff as a board, was unable to respond to the question.


"So," Rick said, clasping his hands together.  "Are you heading back to your

apartment soon, or are you getting some things?  I mean, that's why you

stopped by, right?"


"Yeah, a couple things," Emily said.  "It's great to see you again . . . Dan. 

Yes, of course, how could I forget you Dan Myers," she said, looking down at

him with a grin.


"Yes," Dan said, his heart racing.  "And you too, Emily Watson."


"Yeah, well, I got some things to do . . . before I leave," she said.  "Nice

seeing you again, though."  Dan stood there, staring like a deer in

headlights.  Then Emily walked to the stairs about ten feet from the entrance

and started to run up them.


Emily was in her mid-twenties and as well as having long black locks down to

the middle of her back, she was an extremely attractive woman.  She had

curvaceous hips, a narrow waist, and wearing khaki shorts her muscular, yet

perfectly feminine, long legs could be seen.  In high school she was the

leading scorer on the women's soccer team - and her tan, athletic body showed

that she was still very active.  Emily had a gorgeous model-like face with big

green eyes, high cheekbones, a perfect nose, and full lips that curled up

slightly at the ends.  Her face appeared mischievous and erotic at the same

time.  Along with having a natural, seductively throaty voice, Emily was

considerably well-endowed.  At five feet nine inches, her breasts were larger

than a "D" cup--at least double "E" size.


As Dan watched Emily run up the stairs - he could see her firm ass and her

ample breasts bouncing slightly.  His stomach turned with a subtle pain.


At one time, he hated to admit to himself, he found her very attractive, even

sexy.  But now, since what happened in high school - he hated and despised her

beautiful body as he hated and despised her sadistic mind.  It was her

personality, her mind--both powerful and diabolical--that caused him to

eventually loathe her beautiful body and face.  He had such fear of and hatred

for her that he would have a visceral, physical reaction from simply imagining

her body.


A few moments after Emily had disappeared from Dan's sight, the phone rang. 

Rick answered, "Hello," while Dan looked nervously about the hard-wood floor. 

There was one red and black Oriental rug under the coffee table.


"Yes," Rick said.  "OK, OK.  I'll be there in a couple hours."  He looked

towards Dan who looked back, more troubled than ever.  "I'm sorry, Dan.  I

have an emergency I need to attend to.  I'll have to leave you here, but I'll

be back eventually in maybe five, six hours . . . I don't know."


"What emergency?" Dan said, now frantic, his body shaking.


"That was my aunt on the phone.  My cousin was in a car wreck just an hour

ago, and I have to check to see how he is.  It sounded bad.  He was hit from

the side; maybe he's, I hope not, dead."


"OK, OK," Dan said quickly.  "Let us not panic.  You can take me with you."


"Dan, the hospital is completely in the opposite direction to where you live. 

I won't be back until late I'm sure.  Figure something out; take a taxi home."


"I don't have money for two hours worth of taxi driving."


"I don't either right now," Rick said.  "I'm really sorry.  I got to go." 

Rick ran out the door, got in his gray RX-7 and sped away.



Dan looked about the living room.  Then after about ten seconds - he went and

sat down on the dark-green sofa.  He felt numb, in shock.  He knew he was

screaming inside, but he was too detached.  Then suddenly thoughts, emotions

rushed through his brain - memories from high school.


He was in eleventh grade while Emily was in twelfth.  She was very popular,

beautiful, and had many friends.  She excelled at soccer in the fall and at

track in the spring.  Dan, on the other hand, was not popular, a few friends. 

He was in OK shape but not a jock.  A friend once said, "Your looks are about

average."  He didn't know if it was a compliment or an insult.


He remembered, just by chance, sitting to the left of Emily in an American

history class.  With her legs crossed - every day she would rock her tan,

toned calf as her foot bounced up and down, every day moving up and down . . .

up and down . . . up . . . and down - sometimes fast, sometimes slowly.  Days

turned into weeks - and every class Dan fought off his erection, but on

occasion he unintentionally ejaculated.


Then one shocking, mind-blowing day - Emily Watson, in the hall, asked Dan

Myers "average guy" on a date.  He was nervous yet elated.  Dan went on two

dates with Emily - once to a movie, then for a walk around a lake.  She

listened to him.  He loved her sexy voice on the phone.  They exchanged an

occasional, affectionate note between classes.  They even, on one occasion,

got into some heavy petting and making out.


Then one evening, Dan went with Emily to the senior prom despite he was only a

junior - but he was dating "Emily Watson" so the school and student body

allowed it.  There was the dinner, then dancing, then everyone in the

gymnasium - about 600 seniors - gathered around the stage for the crowning of

the king and queen.


The crowd was silent . . . when over the microphone was heard, "Emily Watson

and Dan Myers."  People clapped and they walked onto the stage - and as they

were crowned, Dan was given an opportunity to speak.  All that came out in

this surreal moment was, "I can't believe this.  This is really . . . great." 

There was a smattering of applause.


Then Emily was given the mike.  She began to speak in her sweet, seductive

voice, "Dan, I am so happy for both of us sharing this honor of king and

queen.  We have spent a lot of time together, and I can honestly call you my



She handed the microphone to Dan, "Um . . . You are beautiful, beautiful green

eyes . . . and have a great body."  The senior class laughed.  Then Dan said,

"I consider you my girlfriend."


Emily took the mike back and spoke once again, "Yes, Dan Myers, but there's

only one problem. . . ."  She laughed and said, "You're a loser."


The crowd broke into hysterical laughter.  "I wouldn't be your girlfriend in a

million years.  I mean, just look at you.  I know guys in junior high who are

taller than you.  Even I'm taller than you," she said laughing.


People in the audience laughed while others hollered, "Nerd get off the

stage!  Loser!  Loser!"  Dan watched Emily laugh and laugh, then point at him

saying loudly into the mike, "You are such a loser!"


Dan jumped off the stage, and he ran out of the gym.  He walked home that

night since Emily had driven.  Evidently everyone knew Emily was stringing him

along, playing with his emotions, his vulnerability.  She then crushed him

under her shoe as she and everyone laughed.


Dan didn't attend school for a couple weeks - but on the second to last day

before Emily's senior graduation, Dan hid and crept his way to her red

Mercedes in the parking lot while others were in class.  He slashed her tires,

busted out the windows and side view mirrors with a hammer, then poured

gasoline inside and on top of her car then set it ablaze.


Everyone knew who did it.  Dan talked his reluctant parents into moving far

from his former high school, and he eventually graduated.


Over the next seven years, his fear and hatred of Emily Watson grew and grew. 

He hated and despised her mind, beautiful face, and perfect body.  But most of

all, he was TERRIFIED of ever running into her again.  She knew a lot of

people; she was wealthy.  He feared how angry she would be at him.  He feared

that voice which he had never forgotten - and he feared revenge.


And now - she was upstairs.  His heart began to race again.  She acted like

this was water under the bridge.  But he also witnessed her intense anger

about simply returning early from vacation.


Then footsteps came running down the stairs.  Dan froze, looking down at the

coffee table . . . a moment passed, then two.


"The coffee table isn't that interesting, little man."


Dan looked up.  Emily was wearing nothing but a fluorescent-green thong

bikini.  His eyes were in disbelief, and he looked away--disgusted by her tan,

toned, voluptuous body.  Any other woman with that body and he would quickly

get an erection, but Emily - to Dan she was ruthless, cruel, even evil.


"Where did Rick go?"


Still looking away, "Your cousin was in a car accident, so he went to the



"Oh, no.  I hope he's OK."


Feeling his stomach tighten, "You could go to the hospital too."


"Well, how would you get home?"


"I'm not sure," he said, still averting his eyes from Emily's scantily clad



"I could take you later, if you want.  Right now I'm going to take a swim in

the back . . . get all wet," she said, in a more seductive tone than usual.


Dan could hear her walk towards the back of the house, then exit through a

sliding door.  He began to nervously think, "Why is she acting this way?  'Get

all wet.'  By looking away, I must have given her more information than I

intended to."


He put his hand on his forehead.  Five minutes passed by.  "That's it," he

thought.  "I'll hitchhike."  Dan stood up just as he heard the back sliding

door open.


Emily walked in - her curvaceous, athletic body glistening with water.  "You

know, I forgot a towel."


Dan was only a couple feet from her, and he sensed the three-inch height

difference more now than before.  "It must be obvious to her too," he thought.


She continued to stand there - her green eyes looking down into Dan's brown

eyes.  He looked down A LITTLE not wanting to seem too scared and

unintentionally began staring at her wet, double "E" tits - her nipples

pressing through the fluorescent-green top.


"Do you like what you see, Daniel?" she said with THAT VOICE only a little

more playful.


Dan's hatred now turning to panic, he sat back down on the sofa.  To his

surprise - Emily joined him - straddling his lap with her wet, toned thighs,

her weight pressing against his genitals.  She lifted his chin up with her

index finger, so her eyes locked with his.  Then in her mesmerizing, seductive

voice, she said, "I know you fear me."


Dan suddenly felt a lump in his throat and could feel blood rushing to his

face.  He wanted to push her off, but his brain had become disconnected from

his body.  To his relief - Emily slowly raised her body and stepped back onto

the hard-wood floor.


Looking down, "I'm going upstairs.  Now don't you move . . . You don't want to

make me angry, little man."  Emily sauntered across the room to the stairs as

Dan watched her perfect hourglass figure.  Then she walked up the steps,

leaving Dan alone with his thoughts.


"I have to leave! . . . Why does she have so much control over me?  This is

silly, just stand up and walk out the door."  But he couldn't and then he

heard Emily's footsteps coming back down the stairs.


Still wearing her skimpy, wet bikini - she now held some sort of device that

appeared to be a gun.  Yet this was not any type of gun Dan had seen before. 

It was metallic with red rings around the barrel decreasing in size from about

two inches in diameter, to about half an inch near the tip.


Emily put her hands on her shapely hips.  "Daniel, Daniel, Daniel . . . Do you

remember being a bad little boy?" her sensuous voice now more authoritative.


His mouth slightly open, he was astonished that he could speak, "What are you

talking about?"


"You know exactly what I'm talking about!" she yelled, a scornful look on her



Dan's breathing began to quicken as his heart beated loudly enough that he

could hear it.  "I . . . I, I, I, I d' . . don't know.  I mean I think so."


"You think so," she said, laughing softly.


"Yes. Yes," he answered, his hands sweating profusely in his lap.  "I, um. . .



"Say it!" she yelled.


"In high school. . . ."


"Yes?  And. . . ."


"I cut your tires."


"You slashed them completely!  There was no air in them at all!" her voice

growing louder.


"I'm . . . I'm sorry."


"You're sorry.  Oh, that's cute.  Say what else you did.  Now!"


Shaking uncontrollably, "I broke all the windows of your Mercedes and the, the

side mirrors."


"You're not done, little man."


"Then I poured gasoline everywhere and. . . ."




"You . . . I mean I . . . I t' torched it."


Emily grinned.  Her captivating voice filling the living room, "Now was that

so hard? . . . little man."


Dan sat there on the sofa as she glared down at him.  Still shaking, he

uttered, "I'm . . . I'm, n' not a little m' m' man."  He started to stand

up .  "Stop calling me that.  I, I'm five foot six--barely shorter than you."


"Oh, really?" Emily said, with a smirk.


"Yes," Dan said, finding new courage.  "I'm pretty tall, relatively."


"Relative to what?" she laughed.


"Hey, in high school you led me on then crushed me in front of the entire

senior class.  What about that, huh?"


"What about that?" Emily said, looking into the air; then her eyes burning

with rage, she glared at him dissolving his courage.  "You were a loser! 

You STILL are a loser!  What I did was nothing.  That's high school."  Then

came an eerie, calm voice, "You know how much it cost me?  You know how much a

Mercedes costs?"


"N, No," he said.




Shaking, Dan suddenly felt some confidence, "You know, Emily, you're just a



Pointing the gun at Dan, "OH, YOU ARE SO GOING TO GET IT!"


Dan put his hands up as a red laser beam shot out of the gun striking him. 

Instantly, he felt dizzy as the room seemed to be moving somehow.  He looked

at Emily but noticed he had to look up more than before.  "You're . . . You're

growing!" he exclaimed.


Emily laughed.  Her sexy voice gradually getting louder, "No, Daniel.  YOU'RE

shrinking."  She stepped in closer as his height continued to decrease.  He

moved lower and lower down her body . . . past her stomach . . . then her hips

and fluorescent-green thong . . . below her strong thighs.


Dan looked up again as Emily peered down at him.  "Keep shrinking LITTLE man,"

she said, then giggled.  Smaller and smaller he shrunk until he passed her

smooth, tan calves . . . then below her ankles . . . until finally, finally

the room stopped moving.


Rubbing his eyes trying to shake off his disorientation, Dan saw - just to his

left - a huge shiny red thing about six feet by four feet.  "Holy shit! 

That's Emily's toe nail with red nail polish," he said to himself.


Then a booming voice blasted down upon him as his head jerked up, "FEELING

SMALL?" Emily said, then laughed.


The sight above him was beyond imagination.  Emily Watson's tan sculpted

calves towered into the air - spanning at least forty feet between them.  Then

rising higher yet were her muscular thighs, between them a band of fluorescent

green.  Higher still - Dan saw two huge tan globes with fluorescent green on

the center of them.  And tilting his head back as far as it would go, he could

see Emily Watson's face - which seemed an imposible height - as she peered

down upon him with a huge grin.


"I SHRUNK YOU, DAN MYERS," she said, then giggled.  "NOW YOU'RE VERY, VERY,



Dan shouted at the top of his lungs, "You can't do this to me!" as he shook in

fear.  From high above - his tiny, high-pitched voice was barely audible.


Emily's erotic voice boomed down upon his ears, "DANIEL, I ALREADY DID.  AND





Emily smirked then bent down and picked Dan up between her thumb and

forefinger, lacquered with dark-red nail polish.  He cringed as his head

became extremely dizzy.  He then suddenly found himself in what appeared to be

a huge, tan bowl but quickly realized he was in Emily's hands.


She brought him close to her face.  Dan was literally inches from Emily

Watson's gorgeous face.  Dan tried to look down or cover his eyes, but he

kneeled in utter shock--not even aware that he was kneeling.  Everything was

GIGANTIC.  Her black eyebrows arched fifteen feet across.  One of Emily's

green eyes was as big as Dan's entire body, her full eyelashes three feet

long.  Her luscious red lips that curled up slightly at the ends were six feet

high and fourteen maybe fifteen feet wide.


Awakening from his stupor - Dan all of a sudden breathed in the intoxicating

fragrance of Emily's perfume.  The sweet smell overwhelming his senses, Emily



Amazingly, words came out of shrunken Dan's mouth, "No . . . No.  This can't

be real!"


"OH, IT IS VERY REAL, LITTLE MAN."  She then grinned, revealing her many

pearly whites each nearly three feet high.  Closing her right hand with tiny

Dan inside, she walked over to the stairs - each footstep on the wooden floor

sounding like thunder to him.  She ran up the stairs, and entered her old

bedroom.  She set the little man down atop the red and white quilt upon her



Dan looked around the vast, flat surface that looked like ten football fields

in red and white.  He turned around, looked up and saw Emily smirking as she

gazed down upon him - her arms behind her back.  Then - all of a sudden - the

fluorescent-green bikini top came loose from her giant-sized breasts. 

Completely removing the top, she lay down with her back on the bed.  Scooping

Dan into her right hand - she placed him on her chest between her mountainous



Then she ordered, "CLIMB TO THE TOP OF MY BREAST."


Dan - between two enormous tan orbs - reluctantly walked over to her left

tit.  He looked upwards, her breast rising thirty feet above him.  He

attempted to pull himself up, using both his arms and legs, but always slipped

down - never getting even slightly closer to the mountain peak.


Emily laughed at his ineptness.  Then with her long, feminine fingers with

long, dark-red nails - she picked Dan up placing him atop her left nipple.

The brownish-pink protuberance was at least twelve feet in across, more than

twice his height - and projected upwards three feet, almost to his waist.  He

looked at Emily's immense nipple - thoughts crashing through his mind; the

horror standing on top of Emily Watson's giant nipple, so many years of

fearing and dreading the occasional "memory" of her body.




Suppressing his horror and stomach that was in knots - he bent down and

wrapped his arms around the tip of her nipple not quite able to reach all the

way around.  Then he began to suck.


Emily silently watched him . . . then smiled seeing how little saliva his tiny

mouth could produce.  From her breast, she then put him down between her

thighs as she sat up.


He was between two massive, powerful walls of female muscle - sculpted by

years of playing soccer.  Moving her fluorescent-green thong aside with her

left index and middle fingers--she put him into her enormous, already wet

vulva.  Centering his one-inch-tall body inside her vagina with her long index

finger, she began to moan.


Dan, enveloped by her hot flesh and feminine juices, felt the wind knocked out

of him as Emily's vagina convulsed.  Again and again he gasped for air, as he

felt her feminine walls crushing him.  Thrusting her pelvis up and down, Emily

reached orgasm once, twice . . . a total of five times.


She breathed in and out quickly; then after a few seconds, she reached inside

herself.  Dan dropped onto the bed - between her thighs - unconscious.



The next thing he remembered was trying to open his eyes, blinking as his

vision was blurred.  Then came into focus the image of Emily's beautiful yet

wicked face, very close to him and rising high into the air.


Emily, resting her chin on the quilt, looked down with a smirk - her arms

surrounding the little man.  "GOOD MORNING, LITTLE GUY," she said, then





Dan, now fully awake, began to feel the terror again.  His heart pounded to

his new reality.  As Emily stood up - suddenly rising into the air like a

skyscraper - he noticed she had changed into a sleek red dress cut high above

her knees.  With her long elegant fingers - she picked him up.  He

felt lightheaded as he ascended quickly into the air.


Just below her face - in the palm of her right hand - he heard her sultry

voice, "I KNEW YOU WERE GOING TO BE HERE TODAY."  She laughed, then said,




Dan, trying to comprehend her words, then blurted out, "You're sick."


"SICK LIKE A FOX," she said, laughing softly.


Emily then lowered Dan into her cleavage, saying seductively, "IN YOU GO." 

Her breasts were pressed closely together - because of their size and from the

tight-fitting, black bra she was wearing.  She tucked him deep down between

her tan tits.  Then adjusting her bra strap, she made sure he was nice and



Dan felt the intense pressure being surrounded and squeezed between Emily's

hot flesh.  Dan pushed with all his strength against the smooth skin of her

large breasts - but there was no escape.  He was helpless.  By holding his

forearms beside his head, he barely managed to gasp for air every few seconds

while his chest felt like it would implode.  Then from above him, he heard,



The time seemed to last forever - one, two, maybe three hours; he couldn't

tell.  All he knew was that he could hear the faint sound of a car's engine,

so she must have been driving somewhere.


Then . . . he suddenly felt himself being lifted out from this hot, smothering

prison.  The air seemed cool and he breathed deeply, in and out.  He next

found himself being set down on a shiny, white surface - which must have been

thirty feet wide and seemed to extend on endlessly.


"HELLO, DANIEL," he suddenly heard as he whipped around.  Giant Emily was

sitting on the white surface no more than ten feet from him, while looming

high above him.  She was completely naked having just removed her black bra,

tossing it to the ground.


Dan then felt his clothes and shoes slip off as his body lifted into the air,

then returned back down.  He then realized where he was as thoughts raced

through his little mind.


Emily reached across and high above Dan's head - her graceful body and arm

extending far beyond him - her long black locks falling over her shoulder. 

Then the sound of water gushing filled the room.  Little Dan stepped near the

edge of the smooth, white surface - and saw a gigantic porcelain bathtub.  It

was larger than any sports stadium he had ever seen, and it was all a glassy

white.  A warm mist struck Dan as he saw the bathtub was now nearly full.  He

could see soap bubbles scattered about which looked like islands in an ocean.


Then he felt a hard push from behind as he plummeted into the water below. 

His nude body felt hot water all around him having plunged deep under the

surface.  He frantically swam upward, at least what he thought was upward. 

Then as his lungs felt they could handle no more - he gasped having finally

reached air.


Confused and disoriented - he looked around as the water rose and fell beneath

him like waves.  Dan looked up and saw Emily's tan athletic legs; her calves

and thighs rose out of the water like bridges across a river.


Then Emily scooped him up in her left hand and glaring down at him, said, "HOW



Dan looked up at Emily's face, Emily Watson's giant face.  She then smirked

causing Dan's whole body to tremble, his breathing now erratic.  In her right

hand - Dan could see a peach-colored, plastic bottle.  He just made out the

words before she turned it upside down: "Caress . . . body wash."


He then felt heavy liquid fall on top of his tiny head and body.  Thoroughly

covered by this pinkish-white fluid - Emily's finger tips, with long dark-red

nails, picked Dan up.  She then proceeded to rub him across her tan thighs

then over her knee.  Extending her right leg up - perfectly straight, her

toes pointing forward - the giantess began to slowly rub his naked body up and

down her smooth, muscular calf . . . then back down her flexed quad.


Dan's timid, little mind watched her tan skin move by as he felt himself slide

across her firm yet silky-smooth legs - the bitter taste of body wash filling

his mouth.  Then, for a brief moment, he was dangling over the water that

seemed far below.  He then saw himself moving fast towards Emily's stomach. 

He felt himself pressed against her athletic abs, feeling her hot skin against



Then more heavy liquid soap fell upon him.  His heart was beating two hundred

times a minute, as he absorbed what Emily Watson was doing with him--how she

effortlessly played with his miniature one-inch frame.


Having run him across her stomach and bellybutton - she slowly slid him up the

small of her back, arching her back as she stretched her upper body.  Then

bringing him close to her  double "E" tits - Emily rubbed Dan under her right

breast as she said, "MMmmm . . . YOU ARE SO SMALL."  She rubbed him ever so

slowly savoring every second of retribution.


Then curving upward, Dan's naked body was slid all the way to her right

nipple.  Massaging her nipple in a circular motion, she slowly rubbed him up

and over the hard erect tip - moving him back and forth . . . back . . . and



Then holding little Dan in her left hand, she added more Caress body wash. 

The giantess now placed Dan on her left tit - slowly sliding his nude body up

and down, across every inch of her gigantic soap-covered breast.  Emily held

her head back - tilting it slightly - then she very gradually rubbed Dan up

the right side of her neck . . . and slowly moved him back down.  She moaned

softly as she brought him to the other side - then slowly down and across the

smooth tan skin of her left shoulder and long extended arm.


Sliding him back up her neck, Dan then saw that he was brought to the right

cheek of Emily's face.  As she slid him across her full - she parted them

moaning.  Emily then dunked him in the water.  Shaking him from side to side,

she removed the body wash.  She then returned Dan to her mouth.


He blinked his eyes, refocusing them.  His eyes then widened seeing Emily's

voluptuous red lips - a mere arm's length away.  She then said in her sultry

voice, "I'M GOING TO EAT YOU."


She then parted her lips, and extended her giant pink and red tongue.  His

genitals and the enitre front of his body felt the slightly rough texture of

her tongue and her warm saliva as she flicked her tongue in and out.


The next moment . . . everything turned dark.  Dan instantly knew he was

inside Emily's mouth as he screamed, "NO!!!"  He felt her hot, wet tongue

press him hard against the smooth roof of her mouth.  She moved her tongue

around, tossing and turning him at whim; he was sometimes on it, sometimes

underneath.  He then felt his naked body glide across Emily's slippery-wet

teeth again and again . . . as she moved him from right to left and from left

to right.  She then positioned him, so he was on her sharp molars and incisors

- gently biting down on his little body.


Emily moaned in ecstasy causing Dan's eardrums to violently vibrate as he

tried to cover them.  She moaned touching her clit as she climaxed once, then

twice, then finally . . . three times.  Her moaning softened, and then turned

into moans of satisfaction until there was silence except the sound of her



Fearing that Emily was about to swallow him, he then discovered--with

tremendous relief - that he was out of her mouth as he squinted now seeing

light.  His ears were ringing, but he could hear what sounded like water

moving and crashing below him.


Emily then stepped out of the bathtub.  As Dan was set down on the floor, he

saw a blur of colors as his head spun.  He stumbled back and forth, on what

seemed to be a blue surface.  After a few moments - he could tell he was at

the feet of the giantess.


"LITTLE MAN?" she called.  His tiny head jerked up as Emily glared down at him

from high, high above.  In her disturbingly erotic voice which was imprinted

in Dan's mind, she said, "YOU, DAN MYERS, PISSED ME OFF.  YOU MADE ME VERY . .



Emily raised her right foot - Dan's face turning completely white - as she

positioned it directly over his little one-inch-tall body.  Her foot was

twenty feet wide and over fifty feet long, casting a huge shadow over him.



continued to hover just above shrunken Dan.  "ARE YOU FRIGHTENED, LITTLE GUY?"


Dan was shaking . . . almost to the point of collapsing.  Thoughts flooded his

mind, none of which he could grasp or comprehend.  Now only Emily's words

ruled his tiny mind.




ARE . . . NOTHING."  Raising her foot, she then slammed it down totally

crushing him against the hard tiles of the bathroom floor.  His muscles, his

bones . . . his tiny body and head . . . were reduced to a bloody smear.  He

was no more than ooze on the blue-tiled floor; he was no more than ooze . . .

on the bottom of Emily Watson's foot.

Giantess Stories: Emily

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