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Emmersons 1

By Crocodile

Hello folks! I figured it was time I gave a little back to the community that

had given me so

much. Whith the kind permission of Gator, I present: THE EMERSONS.

If you are easily offended by graphic sexual content or are a minor, please be

kind and leave


We begin in a average middle class home that you would find in any suburban


Nicely cropped lawns whith the occasional bicycle lying on its side in front of

a lazy shaded

porch. Postmen delivering mail, paperboys going about their routes, and huge old

maple trees

defying the summer breeze standing proud amidst their swaying leaves.

We focus on a normal 2 storied house, 2630 Pine Street to be precise. It has all

of the regular

amenities you would expect to find, a nylon flag embossed with a smiling summer

sun face hanging

off the front porch post, yellow tulips bordering white painted walls, and a

four doored minivan

parked in the driveway just to the right. Let's become invisible and silent so

that we may

travel undetected through the front door of this peaceful Varnholmian

establishment, to learn a

little about the inhabitants of this proud starsystem, coming off a victorious

alliance with the

federation over Deluthia. As we penetrate the inner rooms of this house we are

startled by the

loud shouting of a mature lady's voice.

"Damn it Stacy, I knew I shouldn't have left you alone whith the portasizer.

I've stomped 3

Deluthians already and I've seen plenty more scurrying about. Now hand it over".

"But Mom".

"Don't mom me little girl. Now how many have you grown"?! Stacy put on her best

I'm a neglected

7 year old look. "A few".

"How many Stace". The young girl with the blond pig tails lowered her head,

pulled in her lower

lip, and muffled, "But they tricked me Mom. One of them who I grew spoke our

language and said

all her friends wanted to come out and play with me, so I grew a hole bunch of

them, but after I

got out about forty or fifty they started running away".

"Forty or Fifty". Jane blared.

"I tried to catch them Mom. See look, I caught these here". Stacy lifted her

cupped hands off

the foor to revealing 4 tiny 3inch beings all packed together in a small mound.

Jane just

ignored her daughters jesture and spoke.

"If they get out of this house and someone finds them, it won't take long before

they discover

were they came from and we'll all go to jail Stace. Do you want that"? Stacy was

whipping up

some tears. She didn't understand the concept of jail yet, but she did

understand the

implications of a pissed off Mom. "Now go to your room right now missey and

don't come down

until you're ready to find the rest of them".

Stacy ran out of the living room crying all the way up the stairs. Jane watched

in mock anger.

She really wasn't as mad as she was letting on, but Stacy had to learn to be

responsible with

the portasizer. To be honest, Jane was starting to enjoy the role of the Giant


stocking her prey as she cleaned the house. She looked down at the 4 tiny beings

that Stacy had

been relentlessy teasing for the past twenty odd minutes. They had stood in in

frozen terror as

the 2 giantesses argued, holding each other and their broken limbs, with a

missing article of

clothing here and there. It was donning on them that they were better off with

the mischievous

bratt than with the deadly angry mother.

To the left of where they stood was the small glass cube that had inprisoned

them and a large

portion of the town they came from. The inmates of the cube looked longingly at

the now giant

sized escapies, but the envy didn't last long.

Jane turned the dial on the portasizer, and pushed the red button aiming it at

the poor luckless

souls. In a flash they disappeared into the carpet. For good measure Jane placed

a tan nylon

clad slippered foot over the area were the Deluthians had been standing as she

bent over to pick

up the enemy cube. "You little bastards thought you could trick my innocent

little daughter did

you? Well take this! Jane spat into the cube. The people whom had come out of

the buildings to

try their luck at conning the giant girl hadn't enough time to realize the

intentions of the

mother and escape.

A glob of saliva as large as a firehouse shot from the angry gargantuan lady's

lips at an

amazing speed. No one in it's path even had a chance. It slammed the ground and

people so hard

that it created a crater as if it were a meteorite. Rounded globules smacked

into bystanders

encasing them in elastically stong liquid coffens. When the mayham died down a

little, the

strong pungent oder of Janes mouth permeated the air as the acids in her saliva

began to slowly

liquidfy the entombed victoms, whose desperate drowning strugles became less and

less spirited.

Part 2

As Jane straightened to stand again the front door opened. Penny nonchalantly

entered the house

with a green bookbag slung over her shoulder. "Hi Mom". "And where have you been

all evening"?

"Studying with Teena". Piped Penny as she continued through the living room.

"Look Penny I need

your help gathering up the Deluthians that are running all over the house".

Penny didn't hear

anything after the word-help-,she just spouted off her usual rebuttle midway

through her

mother's sentence. "Can't Mom, got an algebra exam tomorrow. Jane was left by

herself standing

in the middle of the living room.

Jane was left a thirty something widow from the war with Deluthia. She had

shoulder length sandy

blond hair. Blue eyes with a tanning wrinkle here and there. At 5'10'' she had a

nice meduim

build, not thin but definitely not fat. She had a well rounded behind and two

gloriously large

breasts to compilment it.

She had originally bought the cube to exact revenge upon a hated foe, but

quickly learned the

entertainment value of such an item for the family. Stacy found endless hours of

fun with the

cube inhabitants and this would keep her out of Jane's hair. The cube had a

simular effect on

Penny, who would slink off with a male captive to her room not to resurface for

days, only to

gather another one up and disappear again. What a crafty way for her daughter to

learn about the

birds and the bees, she mused. Upon the cleaning of Penny's room, she would

occasionally find a

lifeless body that Penny had fogotten to sneak into the outdoor garbage. They

would be lying

underneath a pile of used tissues, stiff as boards from the dried vaginal fluids

that covered

their bodies. Jane really couldn't fault her. After all, she had her own private

stock of young

studs tucked safely away in a jewelry box below a pile of her old dress shoes.

To be on the safe

side, however; she kept her bedroom door locked these days. But, enough of this


reflection, it was time for her to put the cube back on the mantle and stomp

some enemy ass.

As Penny rounded the corner to go to her room, she heard ogling noises coming

from Grandma

Willupy's room. It had the sound of a mother playing with a baby. Out of

curiosity, she opened

the door just a crack to sneak a peek. Grandma was so obsorbed in her little

game with her

helpless victim, that she wouldn't have noticed Penny even if she went into her

purse on the

dresser to sneak her money out again. "Gitche, Gitche, Gitche Goo"! The poor guy

cluched in the

grip of the giant old monster heaved and bucked to get away from the foot long

nail that dug

into his side. Grandma Willupy watched the young man's futile attempts to escape

her grip with

enamored amusement. As she continued to administer the playful torture, she

recalled all of the

young hoodlums that had simply brushed her to the side as she strolled through

the supermarkets

over the years. It was payback time as she pondered his fate. Would she simply

tickle this one

to death, or find some demeaning task for him to perform, like the scrubing of

her dentures.

"I'm going to keep tickling you. Yes I am, I'm going to tickle you senseless.

Tickle, Tickle,

Tickle, Tickle,...".

Penny silently pulled the door shut. She couldn't bear the site anymore. I'd

hate to be that

guy, she thought as she continued down the hall to her room.

Part 3

Eric heard the building sized door open, followed by the thunderous footfalls.

She was home

again. He heard a huge cachunk sound and forced himself to look out of the glass

prison he was

in, which would have been a half gallon fish bowl if he were their size. She had

just lowered

her bookbag and was slinging off her penny loafers. She had a stupid look of

excitment on her

face as her eyes zeroed in on her tiny lover. He watched with fearful

fascination as she slowly

eased her jeans to the floor. Watching him to see if he was watching her, she

pulled her t-shirt

over her head and let it drop to the floor. Revealing a slim, tanned, brown eyed

girl, standing

in nothing more than a pair of white cotton panties dotted with red hearts

matching a b-cup

sized bra. She lifted her hands to the back of her head to remove a hair brett

from her long

brown ponytail, but changed her mind in midstride and lowered her arms to her

sides again. After

all, she didn't want her hair getting in the way of her daily ritual. Penny

slowly approached

the fish tank. Eric's eyes grew as large as saucers as he fearfully began to

backpedal until his

back was halted by a 4 inch thick wall of glass.

Penny absolutely loved doing this to her tiny toys. The strange giddy feeling of

role reversal

as she asserted her 16 year old will upon those scared out of their mind, adult

men. Penny, the

Giant Goddess forcing tough burly looking brutes to paint her toe nails as she

gabbed on the

phone to her friends. Men who she would have been totally afraid of in the

normal world, reduced

to shaking wreaks in the soft palm of her hand. It was amazing how easy it was

to tear down all

the macho walls by simply holding one over a gaping mouth or twisting a little

arm or leg in a

direction it wasn't accustomed to turning, and the nonconsentual sex she would

have with them

drove her to higher orgasms than she had previously concieved possible.

Penny was now looming over the tank. She bent down putting her hands on her

knees, presenting a

condensending smile one gives to a squirrel that darts away for it's life.

"Are we ready to have some fun today little one"? She began to reach a slender

hand with pink

nail polish into the tank. With this, she noticed a new wave of fear and panick

wash over her

captive, making her feel all the more superior and gooey inside.

Maybe she would just tease this one today. Maybe she would lick every square

inch of his body

until he shined, preparing him for the inevitable plunge between her legs. Maybe

she would do

both. Ahh..decisions, decisions.

Part 4

Jerry's girlfriend was named Lady Luck. Born in a rich family, put through the

finest schools,

landing the best CEO positions, driving the best cars, and sleeping with the

fairest ladies.

Tall, handsome, intelligent, rich, famous, and did I forget to say Lucky.

He along with the other escapees of the cube were hiding in all of the cracks

and crevices that

the first floor of the Emerson's house had to offer. It was he who had started

the panicked run

from the cube in order to obtain the temporary freedom that he and a few others

were now

sharing. Maybe more people could have been unwittingly lifted to safety by the

foolish young

girl if he would have waited a little longer to make his break, but looking out

for number one

had been a finely honed skill that he had perfected on his charmed rise to the

top of Deluthian

society. An extremely beautiful lady had tried to follow him in to the huge

rocket hanger sized

room that he had ran towards and was trying with much difficulty to keep up as

she fell futher

and further behind him in her high heels. Jerry knew it would be easy to give

her the slip as he

rounded the corner of a huge white porcelain toilet.

"Wait." He heard her call behind his shoulder, but waiting for her was the last

civil notion on

his mind. He knew a lot of Varnolmian woman on this planet whom he had given the

pleasure of his

presence on more that one occasion and with a little of his unprecedented luck,

would probably

find them and get himself re-enlarged to his former statuesque glory. But firt

things first. To

ditch the lady whom could only impede his progress.

He rounded the behind of the porcelain throne and snuck up to the other side of

the front. When

the beautiful lady in the tan low cut dress followed to the back of the toilet

he made good his

slip and began running back in the direction of the door that they had

originally passed

through. A grin formed on his lip as he admired his cunning now running towards

the direction of

the house's front door. "This is the direction I should have ran in the first

place" he thought.

"Ahh silly silly women." He would have more to decieve in the future in order to

make his

comeback to the top of the good life.

He hadn't left the bathroom yet when he noticed something on the floor level

that had not been

there before. They were "TOES." He said out loud in shock. Dead ahead about 30

feet. The tan

nylon encased toes were flowing out of the front of a white pair of house

slippers. Jerry

stopped in his tracks. Above the Limousine sized feet were a nice slender pair

of ankles.

Further up past the shins were the knees began was a white house cleaning smock.

A hand on each

hip, one clasping a cleaning rag. A light blue house shirt jutted out of the

smock, above that,

a menacing smile.

Jerry was dead and both of them knew it.

"This can't be, this can't be! I've got too much to live for." He thought.

Adrenaline began

squirting through his veins. An uncomfortable warmth of fear engulfed every cell

of his body. He

fell to his knees, legs being too weak to support. All of the treats in life

that he had tasted

when others had starved were about to end. The unparalleled fear was now joined

by an equally

intense feeling of want. A want to live.

Jerry placed his hands on his chest balling them in a pleading embrace. Tears of

desperation and

longing streamed down his face. "Please Giant lady. Don't kill me. Please I'll

do anything.

Please. Please let me live, oh please, please, pleeeease. The proud snob lay on

his belly

prostrated with arms fully extended reaching out for mercy. Hearing no terms or

conditions for

leniency the sniveling wreck looked up for an answer from his towering judge.

Jane had been smiling all the while. She had wittnessed this pathetic display of


preservation a few times aready today, but still couldn't get over how cute the

little bugers

looked when they groveled on the ground before her feet. It looked like this one

was beggining

to show signs of fatigue through its stress and wouldn't have much time before

it shut down in

to a comatose state, like a couple others had done. Besides, she had a whole

bathroom of

polishing to tend to. The little enemy snot looked up at her.

Jerry saw through the tears a womaly smile change to a scowl. In a blur of a

second, the hips

shifted and a slipper raised high in to the air. Red stains were visible on the

underside of the

white sole along with a few other unidentifiable particles of mashed flesh. He

knew at this

point that the game was over. One more futile plea came out of his lips as the

unstoppable tons

of weight dropped from sky.

"Oh god please no, please noooo-SQUISH-

The JFK Jr. Deluthian equivalent was now wider that he was tall. His remains

adhering to a

slipper and a tiled floor millions of miles from home.

Jane seeing the new chore that she had made for herself got down on her knees

and began wiping

the red-yellow gore up.

The quite observer standing beside the toilet had seen enough. With a shrill cry

she charged the

hulking behemoth. Ariving at a hand that supported the weight of the Giantess,

she began

pounding away on the peach colored fingers, shouting every obscenity she knew.

Jane jumped a little, being caught by surprise. The Deluthians had always tried

to run away from

her, not attempt to inflict bodily harm. She quickly removed her assaulted hand

and scooped the

lady up with her other. She brought the struggling fool up to her face.

"You sure are a fiesty one, aren't you?" The lady continued to squeek and fight.

Part 5

The widow closely studied the hysterical lady in her grasp. Jane pulled the hem

line of her

dress up a little to reveal a pair of black hip boots. This was different she

thought. Letting

the dress fall Jane studied the rest of her body. Thin hips, well endowed bosom,

slender arms

with barely noticible long red finger nails. Long straight black hair, with a


beatiful face, that had proportionatly balanced symmetry. Two black coal eyes

flanked with dark

outstanding brows. Her lips were painted black to complete the effect. A foreign

thought entered

Jane's mind. In another moment, the lady was tucked safely away in one of the

pockets of Jane's


Jane rose and walked back towards the kitchen. She could hear the clutter of

pots and pans as

she approached. Standing on a chair her young daughter was streching to get a

box of sugar cones

off a top shelf. "Stace, what are you dong"? "Um, making myself an ice cream

cone." Stacy

answered, turning to face her mother's inquiries. "And what have you done to

deserve ice cream?"

Stacy wracked her brain for an answer, otherwise it was trouble city again.

"Ummm, Oh, I caught

more little people mom." Stacy answered with a triumphant expression. Pointing

to the kitchen

table, Jane followed her daughter's pointing finger and peered inside a bowl.

There were about

seven or eight Deluthians attempting to scale the plastic walls, some helping

each other up.

Jane dumped the contents onto the table and the enemies began shrieking and

crying. Just then,

the door bell rang. She left the kitchen telling Stacy to clean up her mess. "Ok

mom." Stacy


Mark was leading this small band of survivors through the kitchen along a wall

when everything

went wrong. The Giant kid entered the kitchen bouncing along, humming a nursery

ryme. Karen a

thirty something red head screamed in terror. She wasn't to be blamed though,

after all Mark

considered, who in their right mind was prepared for any of this craziness. The

very Big little

girl spotted them at once. In seconds she was upon them, scooping them into a

her hands like two

strip mining cranes closing their buckets together making a jumbled ball of

everyone as she

compacted her hands.

She dumped everyone haphazardly on to the kitchen table with a frown on her

face. These were the

people whom had lied to her and got her into trouble with mom. She reached into

the pile of


"Mean, mean, people." She said as she plucked Gary from their mist. A screaming

young man gave

it all he had as she compressed his body together. Gary screamed even louder as

the pain

mounted. Stacy pressed a soft pink thumb in to his face stifling his protests.

Cutting off all

his air in the process. Every one on the table watched helplessy as the angry

girl smothered the

life out oh him. A minute or two later, Gary's struggles ended. Whithout another

thought, Stacy

tossed the lifeless form in to the trash.

She was coming back for another when she noticed a box of chocolate sprinkles

behind the group.

ICE CREAM, came to the little girls mind now as all hostilities were temporarily

forgotten. She

pulled a small shallow tin lid off the cylintrical box and placed it on the

table, ignoring her

captives. With a warm smile on her face she poured some sprinkles in to the

upturned lid. She

turned away from the small party of four women and three remaining men, to get

some sugar cones

off the shelf. The people began quickly weighing there options.

The nasty mother re-entered the room. The two Giantesses began speaking in an

alien language

that no one understood. Finally the mother pointed something that resembled a

black tv remote at

them. In a flash, everything got further away. Looking around, everything looked

bigger as well,

much bigger. The mother left figuring the people were now too small to cause any


Wendy spoke first. "I think she's going to kill us all."

(Mark) "Try, to kill us. She hasn't done it yet

(Sarah) "We should hide."

(Everyone) "Ya." The small party starts looking around them seeing their grim


(Sheela) "Hey, I got it , let's hide in these huge brown boulders.

(Leona) "What are they?"

(Trey) "The only cover we've got."

Mark reached over the 5 foot tall tin wall. A boulder was propped up against the

side. Ping,

Ping ,Ping went Marks knuckles against the solid surface.

(Mark) "It feels as hard as granite."

(Allen) "It's probably something that she's throwing away. If she does that,

we'll escape

through the garbage can."

(Mark) "Like Gary's about to do huh?"

(Allen) "Well we got to try it, it's our only chance"

(Most Everyone) "Ya Mark, we gotta try"

Mark wasn't convinced, but his options were seemingly bleek. "Well alright,

let's go.

They helped each other the lid. Each finding a suitible hiding hole between the

boulders. Mark

kept scratching his head. Something wasn't right. The Giant girl returned to the

table. She gave

a quick scan of the table and failing to find the shrunken crew, shrugged her

shoulders and

began depositing the contents of her hands on to the table.

Boom , Caboom, Boom. Everyone heard the items hit the hard surface and began to

shake. Mark

noticed his arm starting to slip from its position. He looked over at it. There

was brown goo

all over his forearm. He thought. "The boulder is melting from my body


Everyone get out now." As the word -now- left his lips, g-forces of likes he had


experienced nailed his behind to the metallic floor. He thought he was going to

heave his lunch

when the tin lid was tilted sideways. The screams of the woman rang out. They

were all falling

now to a snowy plain.

Allen and Leona landed head first into the cold creamy surface. Sinking three

feet in, their

legs wildly kicked in the open air. With no leverage to pull themselves out of

the creamy white

substance that held them in place, they quickly drowned in the cream. Wendy was


underneath a chocolate sprinkle. Her limbs sticking lifelessy out. The remaining


watched their suroundings blur as they were taken into another room.

Stacy entered the living room with her ice cream cone in her left hand. She

plopped down a

couple of feet from the television set to watch her favorite cartoons. It was

Sylvester and

Tweety bird. "Hurrah." She chirped. Without a second thought she began licking

her cone.

The four terrified survivors watched the gargantuan pink tongue descend upon

them. It scooped up

a six foot deep layer of white cream up. Unfortunately for Trey, he was on it.

They all watched

his eyes expand and his arms reach out to them for help. The three remaing

Deluthians reached

out to help him, more as a involuntary reaction than a true rescuing attempt. A

second later,

the tongue whipped back in to the young girls mouth at a blinding speed taking

Trey with it. The

lips closed, Trey vanished. The tongue shout again. The cone was spun in a

circular motion

driving a new unlicked portion of ice cream towards it. Mark, Sarah, and Sheela

began running

for all that they were worth in the opposite direction. Mark heard a scream

behind him as he

weaved through the brown chocolate boulders. He stopped, turned around and

looked just in time

to see Sheela zip off on a glacier sized mound of cream in to the hungry

indescriminate mouth.

Sarah had slipped and fell face first in to the ice cream. Mark helped her up

and grabbed

Sarah's hand, he had an idea. He guided the two to the edge of a snowy hill that

was steeper

than any grade he had sledded down as a boy. The girl had stopped lapping on the

cone to enjoy a

laugh a Syvester's expense. He looked over at Sarah and said; "Come on, we got

to get down out

of here." Sarah began to shake her sticky cream filled hair in disagreement.

Mark just yanked

her along with him and they began to slid down the mountainous slope. Tumbling,

rolling, and

sliding they landed at the lip of the sugar cone.

"We need to jump on her dress and climb to the floor." Mark said holding his

broken leg. Sarah

looked over the side and saw the cloth material 20 feet below. "Oh I don't think

I can." Quailed

Sarah beginning to break down. Mark offered his arm for an embrace. He knew he

couldn't get to

her with his leg, but if he could just get her close enough to him. Sarah took

the bait and

trugged towards him for the needed support. When she had got in to his arms he

shoved her over

the side. She wailed as she hit the supporting material and slid safely all the

way down the

dress to were it overlapped the floor.

After this action the cone was lifted up to the happy girl's face for another

lick of tasty

delight. Mark watched the feat in slow motion as the tongue rolled out of the

gigantic mouth

like a tidal wave closing in on a beach. As it got ever closer he could see the

mixed saliva and

cream running down through the taste buds forming a milky white car sized drop

on the end of her

tongue. The huge unyielding tongue crashed in to the cone lapping Mark up just

above the tip.

Mounds of ice cream stuck on the tongue behind him as it returned to the mouth.

Mark's warm wet

sticky agony mercifully did not last long as the tongue pushed him, the ice

cream, and thousands

of gallons of saliva into a wad at the front of her mouth. With just a moments

hesitation, it

was all sucked to the rear of her mouth to cascade down into what seemed a

bottomless pit.

Stacy could feel the chocolate sprinkles sliding down her throat, unaware that

Mark was one of


Part 6

Jane, after telling her daughter she would be taking a nap and not to disturb

her continued back

to her room were she locked the door behind her. Penny would be preoccupied with

her latest pet,

Grandma Willupy undoubtedly would be snoozing away at this point and that just

about covered all

the bases exept for one thing. Jane removed a couple layers of shoes and opened

the jewelry box

to reveal seven naked squinting young men. They seemed a little worse for the

wear as they began

to come to, out of the daze a whole day of darkness had brought on. Jane seeing

that the the cap

of water was still sufficiently filled dropped a bread crumb in to the box,

which all of them

immediately pounced on. With this she quickly shut the lid and thought for a


"I wonder if my little men are horny today?" She began to explore the

possibility of throwing

the fiesty little innocent lady into the box and comanding them to rape her. Her

own private

live little porn show. "Tasty idea. " She thought as her lips began to grin. She

was beginning

to reopen the lid when a new thought occured to her. Jane had always been the

submissive one.

She was always too quiet in public and too passive with and around her former

husband. She

enjoyed it when a man took charge beneath the covers and was quit content to be

the submissive

one. But still, from time to time she did wonder about the other side.

She recalled the sensations of studying Trig on her bed back in high school,

shoulder to

shoulder with an attractive girlfriend. Or the group showers her and her fellow


used to take together. Always too terrified to tell anyone she knew about these

feelings, she

figured they would go away with maturity. However; she couldn't deny the

tingling sensations

that the little brave lady was stirring inside her. Here was lying a perfect set


circumstances for her to plunge in to a new forbidden world that she had only

secretly dreamed

of before.

No one of any consequence would hear this lady's screams. The lady sure as hell

wouldn't stop

her from taking any liberties. She could always discard the evidence. Would

anyone care at all

these days anyway?

Jane's cheeks began to flush with embarresed anticipation as she began removing

her articles of

clothing, paying special attention to how she removed and placed her apron down

on the bed.

Dream was the little lady's name. Yes she was one of those egocentric types that

only used a

single descriptive name. But she definetly earned the title. Starting at a young

age, she worked

the school teachers for the good grades. The police officers for the speeding

ticket brakes.

Eventually, the corporate execs for the sports cars. And when her particular

style of profession

was perfected; the richest of the rich for the bank accounts that would never

allow checks to

bounce. Dream was a virtuoso in her field, much like Beck or Perry Farrell were

or are to

their's. Everyone is gifted at doing something, Dream's gift was making love.

Jane smirked while pulling off her hose, intently watching the little rascal

squim and squeek

whithin the confines of her apron's front pocket. "My, the spunk and fight in

that little one."

Jane thought. It was going to be adorable, breaking this one down like she had

done to all the

other men so far. Standing at the foot of the bed, Jane leaned over and slowley,


pulled the smock to the end of the bed. Dream sensing the movement tried all the


desperately to pop open the huge metallic button that prohibited her escape.

Jane, watching the

little ones struggles become all the more intense, couldn't help giggling at how

cute the angry

little lady was behaving.

Dream didn't understand Varholmian, but she did understand laughter. The anger

and frustration

seethed to a new height. "Ohhh you Fucking BITCH! I'm going to kick your

demented ASS!" Dream

screamed. Suddently, the button was snapped open. Dream's teeth gritted as she

braced to be

lifted into the sky again. Inevitably, two well manicured fingers penetrated the

white clothy

prison. Middle finger clamping to her belly, thumb spredding over her rump. The

hand withdrew

along with Dream.

Jane brought the tasty morsel up to her lips and admired the miniscule lady that

looked like a

darling little angel in a tan ankle lenth dress. She reminded Jane of a

butterscotch sucker. She

wondered if she tasted as sweet as one. Jane slid out her warm soft wet tongue

and dragged it

across her dress, passed the breasts, over the face and back into her mouth


Between her whining wails Dream was cussing like a sailor, beating her little

fists against her

tormentors fingers. Shouting her worst obscenities only to be cut off by a

tender loving swipe

of a warm soft cherry flavored tongue. Jane lowered herself on to the bed with

Dream in hand. As

Jane brought the woman up to her face for some more sucking pleasure she glanced

up a the

mirrored ceiling that her former husband had personally installed. Granted she

thought it was a

kinky move on his part at first, it soon proved it's value giving both of them

new angles of

perspective while being engaged in the time honored act.

Jane resumed her warm wet torture. Dream was just certain that the Giantess was

working up to

devouring her. She had heard the horror stories before her and everyone in her

neighborhood had

been abducted and inprisoned. She struggled all the more desperately but the

fingers wouldn't

budge a single inch. A chilling acceptance began to wade through her mind as

this monster smiled

a licked her again.

The sniveling body was lowerd to the gargantuan vagina and gently dropped on to

the blond bush.

Dream pulled her arm out of a curl of hair and cleared the tears from her eyes.

All at once,

everything looked familiar to her, just out of proportion. In a wisp, it came to


Sweet Home! The lady wasn't trying to eat me, she was trying to savor me." Dream

raised a

homosexual hand to her forehead and slapped it. "Chock that one off to air head.

Well, you Giant

Fucking Whore. Get ready for DREAM because here she comes!"

Part 7

Dream pulled her entire dress up over her head and chucked it to the side,

leaving nothing but

her high hip boots, a pair of black silk panties with matching bra. A siver

chain linked

necklace now being visible. Dream without a second thought, dove into the

gigantic twat. Both

arms in one skillful deliberate lunge penetrated, not towards the cervix but up

and through the

vulva to ring the bell that hangs above the tunnel of love.

Jane heard some squeaking between her legs shortly after dropping the miniscule

lady there. Jane

supposed the lady was protesting again and figured it was time to rub the little

one in to the

folds of her womanhood and get started with the kinky sex. Her right hand was

half way there

when she felt a spasmatic jolt. A spike of pleasurable pain divided and shot

through the walls

of the utererus, each segment taking an opposite wall and landing for a split

second in Jane's

loins, only to reunite and thrust in to her tummy, sparking an amorous tickle

that caused Jane

to heave her posterior a foot in to the air. If you were standing above Jane at

this moment you

would have immediately noticed her ridiculous facial expression.

Eyes bugged an inch out of her head. Head, tilted back so far the chin was

pointing straight up

towards the ceiling. With her face, facing the head board, her mouth, gaping in

an O shape.

Breasts flopping over her shoulders, her normally straight spine now bucked in

to a perfect C.

Every muscle and tendon in her abdominal region stretched to the point of


Her gasp drew no air. She fell back upon the sheets coughing for a breath. "Oh

my God." Thought


"I'll bet that shocked the shit out of that supid bitch." Dream hissed. She gave

a 2nd degree

black belt kick into the side of Jane's vulva that failed to have the desired

effect. Instead of

pain it sent a tiny ripple of pleasure through the giantesses vagina that caused

her to give a

little "Oooh," as she curiously looked off in to space trying to ponder what the

little lady did

that time.

Dream stomped out of the cave and walked across the yellow grass towards the

belly button.

Stopped just short of it and placed her hands on her hips displaying a

triumphant smile, nodding

her head in convinced victory.

An index finger came from behind and draped over her left shoulder. A middle

finger did the same

to her right shoulder. The fingers contracted pulling her backside in to a

waiting palm. Her

legs left to dangle as she was lifted a foot off of the fleshy floor. Dream was


backwards now, kicking and screaming. "Oh you put me down now you fucking bitch.


watched the giant face pull further and further away. It had a dreamy expression

on it that

looked staight up at the ceiling paying her no head what so ever. Back across

the grass in

reversed carried fasion she travelled to be halted above the sensitive cave and


lowered down to it again.

Dream stopped struggling and looked. Arms and legs dangling uselessly now. This

was the first

time she really got a good look at Jane's vagina. Now it was her turn for the

eyes to bug out.

Confronting her was a cunt as long as she was tall. Much wider than she was

wide. She was only

half way through the figuring of what lay in store for her when Jane patted her

back in to her

juicy folds. Only a black pantied ass hang out of Jane's pussy. With a well

aimed flick of her

middle finger, the ass disappeared. The swat on the ass was intended to signal

her to get back

to work. It stung like hell. Dream was out of her mind with rage. She had always

been the one

who gave the orders in the bedroom. Now to be reduced to the role playing -human

dildo- for some

care free house wife. She wasn't going down without a fight.

Dream positioned herself for one more stab at retaining her accustomed role of

master in the

bed. One foot found a hold for leverage in each fold of Jane's vulva. She

wrapped her arms

around the clitoris hugging it to her chest. All at once, she squeezed the clit

and began moving

her upper body in a circular gyrating motion.

Jane lost the ability to think in a coherent way. Her whole body and mind became

a sexually

responsive organ, acting and reacting to the reciprocal kneeding of the lady in


"" Thought Jane in an elated

cloud sexual

ecstacy. Dream continued her bodily hypnotic dance. Janes knuckles turned white

as she clenched

two handfulls of bed sheet. Sweat shimering out of every pore. Jane began to

moan in a

surrendering engulfment of elation. Dream sensing the turn of the tide,

quickened the pace to

the verge of making histerical circular jerks within the warm wet doors of

Jane's womanhood.

At last Jane could hold out no more. She stuffed a corner of a pillow in to her

mouth and bit

down with all her might. In a long drawn out multiple orgasm, her scream was

still almost

audible outside the walls of her room.

Dream continued her rythmatic torment until the sheer volume of cum made the

clitoris to

impossibly slick to hold. She climbed her tired self out of the cave to find a

waiting pair of

fingers just outside the snatch. To weary to fight anymore, she just simply

shrugged and stepped

in to the awaiting hand. The hand that lifted her up and out held her in a

different way than it

had before. No longer a rough bullying grasp, but a warm gentle embrace one

would expect from a

wonderful protecting lover.

Jane lifted the darkly dressed woman to her close gaze once again. "My God, what

are you?" Jane

asked the little lady. Dream just draped her head over a finger a smoothly

carest it, staring

off in to infinity. Oblivious to the language she didn't understand. Jane

scrutinized the little

woman one more time.

"The black hip boots, the black undergarments, the chain collar neclace, the

straight black

hair, the black lip stick, and the long painted nails." In a flash of

revelation, it came to

her. "Ahhh. DOMINATRIX. You're a Dominatrix."

Jane smiled as she petted her new lover and amusingly thought of the irony of

being the Giant

submissive holding the small lady who would scold her from the palm of her hand.

Jane had found her Dream lover. As for the poor little men stuffed in the jewely


there would be a lot of dark days and nights from now on.


Giantess Stories: Emmersons 1   By Crocodile  Hello folks

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