Giantess Stories: Empire  By Gator      The pilot shifted in his seat delicately as he brought his shuttle down on home turf

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By Gator

The pilot shifted in his seat delicately as he brought his shuttle down on home

turf. He'd been in space for three days after the crews had excavated enough

"material" to sell.

The war with Diluthia had waged for months before a few worlds got fed up and

used huge ships with shrinking cannons to reduce the entire enemy world to a

fraction of it's original size.

Now the enemy was being sold in one foot square clear boxes an entire city block

at a time. It was a way to make a profit on the otherwise unfortunate war


The pilot landed softly knowing the delicacy of the cargo, and he didn't want to

damage the goods during delivery even though he himself had lost two brothers

and a sister in the war.

He powered down and went to the back where two armed guards were loafing. It was

laughable to guard a hundred plus little clear boxes with weapons that

discharged bullets bigger than any adversary that might escape them. The pilot

let the hatch down and saw that the "customers" had come to the supplier with

their credit cards handy.

He took off his flight gloves and helmet and watched the guards dish out the

ornamental clear boxes. It was actually kind of better than blowing the place up

like was initially decided upon, but mass destruction weapons were outlawed in

most systems and not allowed by either side. Seeing his enemy falling into the

people's hands made him hold his nose up just a few notches more.

Within an hour there were no boxes left and tomorrow he would have to take off

again and harvest another quarter million credits worth of property. A very

profitable day.


Lauren was extremely excited as the small plastic box hit her hands. An entire

city block from another world was hers to own. And yes, just as the

advertisement boasted, the occupants were still in residence. All the people

around her were just as curious as her about their new possession.

Her eyes lit up as she saw millions of tiny things moved in the tiny inch wide

streets as it swayed in her hands.

She went back to her sister's car barely able to keep her eyes off of the tiny

buildings and streets.


"The panic did not seem to end. The city was a near ruin, but worse yet,

everyone and everything in it was now held hostage only what we can guess is the

enemy." Rob Wayne put his microphone down. He'd never gotten his chance at real

newspaper, and here he was with real news. The very end of their world. He hit

record again with a sickening sensation. "I was there when it was first declared

the enemy had amassed a fleet of ships against us. Our defense shield seemed to

not work at all. And then the worst nightmare happened. I was on the top of our

building when I saw the horizon distort and bend ... ."

He dropped the microphone when he ran out of tape. Fuck it. The batteries would

be dead soon anyway and who would be around to listen to his fucking thoughts?

There was no power or water or anything. Just dead buildings with people running

in panic. It was a complete anarchy. He had his pistol sitting on his desk

before him. He remembered well the faces of the bigger than giant people who

began cutting up the town as if it were a cake... and putting it in boxes. He

was certain he'd lost his holy living mind. The people were too large to be

certain what was going on half the time. Now the thrumming in the city drew to a


It was the first time in days Rob had heard silence.

Now the terror was back.

Screams from all over the building could be heard as light from all sides

illuminated the city. He looked out the window and paled more as he saw his city

block and the next few over. All encased in the indestructible prison. Which to

the enemy was no more than a few pieces of plastic glued together.

The screams throughout the city rose as the boxes began to be snatched away like

toys. It was a horrific sight knowing that their prison was soon to go. Go to

what? What torturous plan did the enemy have? Were they to be put in a museum?

Perhaps the President of the planet himself wished to run them over with a

lawnmower and this was his way of prolonging their sentence? His mind wasn't

ready for the move. The city was taken and the earth shattering spills as

everything in his office fell to the walls was deafening. Rob fell sliding and

just as suddenly the room canted to the other side and he was sliding back

toward the window. The only noise was the crashing of things all around him when

the building stilled again. So still.

He saw the sun rise.

No, bigger than the sun.

The top of an enormous planet sized thing rose and rose above the cityscape as

he dazedly looked out the window, unknowingly cut badly by the flying debris. It

rose and rose until he could see the face of an impossibly huge girl. He could

tell nothing about her intentions by her green eyes, but he was so fascinated as

she stared at the city that the whole universe seemed to stand still for a long

while. Seeing past her, he could see other giants. The further away he looked,

the better he could tell they were mere playthings for these people. All the

other city blocks were in the hands of just plain citizens. He saw a dark-haired

woman instantly throw hers to the ground; her voice was a boom to the plastic

prison he was in. But he knew what she said, "Die you little bastards! You

killed my husband!"

He watched in maniacal terror. The entire city block was blasted to ruin as it

hit the ground. And then her boot clad foot dangled from her thin tanned leg for

a moment before smashing down and flattening the box and everything inside to



Thousands perished just like that!

The woman walked off in a huff. She'd had her revenge. The face of their new

"owner" snagged his attention again. The face began to... smile.


Rob Wayne put his hands to his face to realize he was as beat up as he felt. The

outside view was too big and moving too rapidly, as if it was all just a movie

on a universe sized screen. The light from the outside world burned his cheeks

like the sun was up, but the sun from their home system was millions of miles

away. His legs finally gave out and he fell with the piles of ceiling tile and

books on the floor. The screams of people in the building was turning into

shouting matches as people completely went out of their wits. He heard on man

say he was going to QUIT if his boss didn't do something about the situation!

Rob knew then that any plan for escape was more futile than just a waist of

time. He himself didn't trust his sanity at this point. He decided to just jump

from the building and end it all.

He announced it. "I'm ending it all!" perhaps the secretary down the hall was

still alive to hear him. Maybe she wasn't. He gathered himself up to do this one

last act of defiance. "They'll never take me alive" was all he could think of

for his last words.

He got to his feet and thrust his head out the window.

Suddenly the sky went RED.

Red? Rob's eyes didn't even focus for a second. A pair of lips 20 times wider

than any skyscraper pressed to the transparent prison walls and left a lipstick

stain that on a coffee cup or napkin would have been cute. But on this

scale made him scream for the first time since the ordeal began. Her mouth

was big enough to eat the building he was in like a sugar wafer. He went

screaming down the hall jumping over toppled computers and filing cabinets. "The

world's ending! It's the end of the world! Run for you lives!"


Lauren kissed her prize she was so happy. Being as careful as possible, she went

to her sister's car and got a ride to her friend Melissa's house. The whole time

she watched her prize.

"Careful Gina!" she scolded her older sister's driving. "You're making my

buildings crumble!"

"Serves those bastards right!" Gina grumbled back to her sister. Without

restraining herself Gina reached over and flicked the plastic with her finger

like she used to flunk Lauren on the head when she was younger.

"Gina! This cost me a whole month's allowance!" Lauren was not something

Gina could tamper with anymore.

"Sorry, sis. But they would have killed us if they won the war!" Gina

pouted barely keeping her eyes on the road.

Lauren just huffed. One of the tallest buildings she had has split off at the

top and left a puff of smoke inside her perfect little box. "Just be more

careful!" Lauren wasn't joking.


Rob had never snapped like this before. When he was exhausted and ran until he

couldn't run anymore, he stopped in the middle of the street and focused on the

sky again. It was distorted as hell but he was looking up at the bottom of the

new owner's boob. Way above that was her face and the ground rumbled more and

less as the whole planet sized body shook beneath the city. A car came swerving

up the street and crashed into a toppled over fire truck. A woman got out and

staggered toward him.

"What's happening? What's going on?" she looked drunk or something.

Rob just pointed up.

The woman looked up. But evidently couldn't decipher what her eyes were seeing.

"What? The sky is falling? This is an earthquake!" She staggered and finally

looked him in the face. "You're all cut up? What happened to your face?"

"That's what happened to my face!" Rob made her look up again. "We're obviously

inside a clear box sitting on a girl's lap that is so big she can carry

it like a purse!"

She looked around the sky. Suddenly a hand came to the plastic and a boom hit

the town that shook the ground like a gong. Everything in the street shrieked

and skidded as the noise of the boom bucked the buildings like nothing that had

happened before.

Does that mean that the initial giants that put the city in the box were

being... gentle?

He thought that surely there was no greater power of fury than what they did

when they cut the city up into pieces and tore them from the ground the city had

been on! But this was just a flick of a fingernail. He saw the retreating hand,

the size of nuclear power plant retreat away. It was raining glass and chips of

mortar from all directions.

"See? It's an earth quake!" His new blonde companion stood over him and scowled.

"I hope my insurance covers this. I wrecked my new car. See?" she was obviously

dumb enough for Rob to spend the rest of his life with. Maybe she was the

sane one!


The entire reason Lauren could actually afford her new toy is because her friend

Melissa Jennings has contributed most of it. Even though they went to the same

private school, Melissa was ten times richer than Lauren's parents. Her mother

was a senator and her father a surgeon. That left Melissa home with a mansion

full of servants most of the time when she wasn't vacationing with her folks.

Gina dropped Lauren off at the big house and Melissa came out to greet her.

"Hey! Let me see?" Melissa had really not been interested before seeing "just a

silly model" but now her eyes got wide as she really saw the thing.

"It's real. If you look close enough, you can tell." Lauren bubbled as Melissa

delicately took the clear box from her friend and brought her pretty blue eyes

up close.

"Awww. I can, I think I can, see people and cars and everything... wow."

"Have you got a magnifying glass?" Lauren asked swelling with pride that her

friend admired something that was hers for a change.

"I've got better than that." Melissa gave the prize back to Lauren as

they went into the house and rode the ele-platform to Melissa's bedroom.


After a while, Rob's new girlfriend started getting skittish. The landscape

changed to the scene of a huge mansion. The brightness of it all nearly blinded

them, and then a shadow befell the entire city. The head of another young woman

with a rich mane of blond curls eclipsed their sun as Rob and his new companion

gaped at the sight.

"Hey ... That's not supposed to happen." the blond accused Rob.

"Oh! I feel a lot better. I thought I was hallucinating, bitch!" He

accused back.

But neither of them could fight at the moment. Two faces pressed together to

look in on them and suddenly it appeared that their eyes were focused

singularly on them! Feeling no more interest than self-preservation, they

ran into the nearest liquor store and suddenly found that that was the

mistake of their lives. It was full of broken glass and gushing ruined alcohol

everywhere. Still they stayed under the eves of the storefront.


They laid the box snugly on Melissa's huge make-up counter and Lauren parked her

butt on the bench so she could concentrate on what she was seeing. Melissa went

to her closet and pulled out an elaborate ultra expensive device and began

putting the modules together.

Lauren gulped as her eyes gaped at Melissa. "Is that what I think it is?" Lauren

openly thrilled to the idea.

"Yep," Melissa said proudly. "Now stand back."

Within a few moments the 12-inch square box became a 3-foot square box. Both

girls were in awe at the difference it made. They peered in and could physically

see jewelry box and cigarette box sized buildings plainly. Looking as close as

they could through the plastic they saw people in their windows pointing and

hiding. Both of them were grinning maniacally as they gloated over their


"I doubt they thought of this when they decided to fuck with our

military." Melissa sneered at the tiny occupants and showed them her teeth that

were still bigger than their cars.

"I think I'll show them what I really think!" Lauren stood and dropped her

jeans. She mooned the case sized city block of her enemy. "They can kiss my

ass!" Lauren giggled as Melissa burst out laughing at her. It was hilarious to

the girls.

Melissa got really serious though. "Let's open it."

"I don't want to break it open, what if they get out?"

"We'll cut it on top. They can't get out the top. Besides, they won't be around

long enough to get out!" Melissa glared at the buildings.

Lauren got very pensive. "But, Mel. I bought it to keep... it might get all

wrecked up if we try to take it apart!"

"Laurie! Don't be silly! They only cost money, right? I can afford to buy the

whole next shipment if I want to! Daddy left me his credit card. But we've got

this one now... and I'm excited!"

"Uh, me too. It kinda makes me feel good. They're gonna be sorry they ever

messed up like this." Laurie finally admitted.

"That's just it. We can do anything we want! Might as well have fun, right?"

Melissa took out a letter opener and started it. It was a razor sharp

vibro-knife. It took a while, but soon the plastic housing had a nice line all

the way around the side of the box so that it would come apart in two halves.


Rob couldn't run far enough away. He and Cindy made it down a staircase and

found the basement of the liquor store was all caved in. They instead went out

the back door into another big building and found its boiler room in tact. The

outside world had turned to a hideous buzzing. Rob didn't know what the buzzing

was, but whatever it was, they wanted to be deep.

They found more people when they got to the bottom and couldn't go any further.

"What's happening! Who are you! Is it nuclear war?" a haggard business man with

a bleeding bald head accused Rob.

"I'm a reporter. And nuclear war would be a lot better than what's really going

on." He had taken some cigarettes from the liquor store and attempted to light


Cindy coughed when it finally lit. "I hate smoke. I don't like it," she waved

her hand at him as if it could purify the air.

"What is it them? What has happened?" A haggard older lady bawled. "I saw

this... thing and it was... the end of the world or something." she bawled. No

one else in the crowd seemed to believe her, or didn't know what she was saying

because she herself didn't know what her eyes were seeing.

"It's the end of the world, like she said" Rob accepted that as as good an

answer as any. All of them stared at him in dismay as if were supposed to say

everything will be okay or something. But he didn't and that made them go to the

anger stage.

"Well I'm going up there then! If it didn't kill you, it won't kill me!"

"I'm going too!" another man screamed. Being penned up all this time had made

them itchy to do something. "As long as there's no radiation... "

"No radiation." Rob said starting to laugh at them. It was a maniacal laugh that

stemmed from his previous break down. He was dirty and cut as he sweat profusely

all over his ruined shirt. "Be my guest!" he laughed as he slumped against the

dirty brick wall and sank to the floor.

"I've got to get my hair done this evening... do you think you could give me a

ride to Brentwood in a couple of hours. I wrecked my car... " Cindy started

digging through her purse for something to clean herself up with, totally

ignoring the people making their way up to the surface.


The box finally came open. Melissa set the top off to the side and both girls

looked in at once. Without further prompt Melissa put her hand in and picked up

a bus in her fingernails. It was beat to pieces already, but it was rather

detailed as pieces fell through the broken windows as Melissa looked it over.

Suddenly a tiny body fell from it. Someone had been hiding in it!

Before either of them could react he fell to his death on Melissa's counter. He

landed next to her lipstick assortment. They both were disappointed.

"Aww. He's dead." Lauren poked him with her fingertip and saw how limp the grain

of rice sized man was. A spec of red was already under him.

"Don't worry." Melissa said tossing the bus in her waist bucket amidst the

lipstick tissues and used hair spray cans. The remaining people in it died on

impact as it collapsed on them. Melissa took a pair of eyebrow tweezers from the

counter and began to peel open a building. The one-level hardware store was a

jackpot for the girls. "Quick! They're getting away!"

Lauren took an eye liner pencil and began to herd the bug sized people away from

their hiding places.

"I've got one." Melissa happily brought her trophy up to her face. He was

dangling in her fingertips by his arm, which was crushed beyond healing. He

flailed madly as Melissa grinned at him. Lauren gave up her herding for a moment

to look.

"He's too tiny to tell if he's cute or not."

"Who cares? These little fucks were the reason we were in a war for crying out

loud. Do you think they would have sold them off if they wanted them to live?"

Melissa took out her nail clippers with her other hand. She lined up the jaws on

the struggling bug and SNIP he fell in half. "Ha! That's a scream!" Melissa

giggled at her mess. Again she tossed the remnants into the waist basket. The

hunt was on again.

"Hey, these guys have guns. I think they're shooting at us!" Lauren suddenly

felt a tiny pelt as if her hand was going to sleep.

"That's not fair, unless we can shoot back!" Melissa took a can of hair spray

and fogged the hell out of the group of men. They had enough time to fall and

try to crawl away, but Melissa's super quick dry formula hair mister had them

frozen and dead within seconds.

Lauren giggled. She squished a bug sized frozen man with the tip of the pencil

and his head broke off while his body stayed frozen.

"He's hard for me, Mel!" Lauren giggled and started poking around the

other stiff tiny party.

It wasn't long before Melissa was hunting again. Suddenly a fly flew right into

their scene. Melissa was annoyed. "Those little pests! We're not supposed

to have flies in this house!" she grumped and tried to swipe at the thing. The

tip of her fingernail caught the top of a building and powderized the top two

stories instantly. The fly just flew through the tiny powdery dust cloud and

zoomed at Melissa's face.

She blew it backward.

The moment she did, a gale windstorm swept cars, bits of buildings, and people

off their feet. The fact that the back of the box was still in tact made it

worse. Cars and a billion pieces of scrap went up into the air like baking

powder and a mess ensued. Both girls giggled at the havoc Melissa created by

accident. It was so precious; Lauren put her lips to the tallest building left

and began to blow.


Harold and Ron had just finished blockading the windows with desks, pieces of

office dividers, anything they could find. They were both sweating profusely as

they saw the destruction and still didn't know what to do. If they went

downstairs, the building could still fall on them. And they saw that guns did no

good. They were indeed doomed. Harold took his pistol and put it to his mouth.

He pulled the hammer and looked at Ron. The other man didn't have the courage to

do it either, but they'd both been talking about it for days. They were out of

food, and knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that their captors were delivering a

slow tortuous death.

Harold couldn't take it any longer. A huge growling wind suddenly got his

attention and some of the barricade was blown down. "Damn!" Ron ran to put it

back up. Harold went to help his friend with the heavy work. The wind died as

suddenly as it had come. Both men hurriedly grabbed for the pieces of wood to

prop it all back up when Ron screamed.

They both forgot barricading the windows; a face as big as the sky began to blow

right at them! All of the make shift widow blocks creaked and fell inward as the

lips began delivering more and more air. The heat and dampness of the giantess'

breath was like a rainstorm hitting them in the face.

And then her lips began to constrict on her breath and blow harder. A roar like

the space shuttle taking off made everything in the building start heading away

from the blasting air. Suddenly Harold was holding onto the windowsill for dear

life as his face began to flap in the faster and faster wind. Ron screamed and

flew backward splatting on the wall as if he'd just fell out of a five-story

window. The last thing Harold saw was the gargantuan lipsticked aperture narrow

even further and the very building began to buckle.


After the tiny flakes quit falling the girls smiled at each other. "I feel

B-B-B-BAAAD TO THE BONE." Lauren giggled. She blew on the building again. More

levels bucked and debris flew everywhere. "Just like blowing out a match." she


Melissa brought her blue eyes close to the next place as she peeled off the

roof. She was mostly cross-eyed as she looked in on the split-level uppity bank.

"It's a bank. Let's rob it!" Melissa began to pick at the big vault doors with

her tweezers as people ran all over the place trying to get out of sight.

Suddenly the vault popped open.

"Hey! If it's gold ... We can grow it and be rich!" Lauren suddenly perked.

"We're already rich! And growing gold isn't that much profit anyway. Look, it's

just their money. See? But, there's a lot of it!" Melissa dug out bag after bag

of money. She then took a tiny woman by the foot and dropped her amidst the

collection of moneybags. "Count it!" Melissa commanded.

The tiny woman didn't have a clue what Melissa had just said, but her ankle was

broken and she was in shock at the entire situation. She was bawling her eyes

out uncontrollably.

"Count it, now!" Melissa's voice boomed at the woman. She wouldn't have been

able to understand her, even if she spoke the same language. The voice was

merely a thunderous boom to her. The pathetic little thing stayed curled up in a

fetal position and wouldn't budge.

Melissa took a picture of her dog and scooped up all the moneybags with the

woman on it. "I suppose it's a fortune on your conquered planet anyway.

Do you know what it's worth to me?" Melissa chided the tiny quivering woman.

"Nothing." Melissa answered herself and put the millions of dollars and the

woman in her mouth and swallowed like she was taking medicine.

"Blech" Melissa licked her lips with a sour face.

Lauren was impressed though, "Wow, you really know how to pull off a bank heist,

just hide the evidence!"

Melissa giggled. "And hide the bodies!" she blew into the bank with her lips

purged like she was cooling a burned finger. The walls began to uproot and soon

offices were open and ripe for the picking. "Little men, little men, let me in!"

Melissa pouted and then grinned at her catch. "I didn't get to taste that last

one." She licked the tip of her finger and stuck it to a tiny bank president

cowering behind his desk. He came up screaming, stuck to the tip of her finger.

"Hey, what do they taste like?" Lauren frowned, surely it wouldn't hurt them to

eat something so tiny. Even a virus would be too tiny to hurt you, right?

Melissa put her victim into her friend's mouth. Lauren sucked the tiny thing off

of the fingertip and tasted a splat as she squeezed the wiggling thing against

the roof of her mouth.

Both girls looked at each other as Lauren swirled around the taste for a moment.

"Hmmm ... I need more testing."

"Agreed." Melissa reached around behind herself and picked up her portasizer.

She checked the batteries.

"Yea, but if you make it too much bigger, we'll have to move it." Lauren

frowned as she subconsciously rubbed herself through her jeans.

"I don't have enough power to enlarge the whole thing again, but we can shrink

ourselves some!" Melissa had an evil grin. Then both girls were wearing it.

"Now you're talking! Godzilla here we come!" Lauren welcomed the beam as it

caressed her skin in that unfamiliar wave that makes your tongue taste like a

nine-volt battery and your stomach do the windmill. Soon she was a little less

than a quarter of her original height. She sat on the chair excitedly as Melissa

picked her up like a beloved cat and put her to the edge of her city. "Her city"

that she'd bought for her very own. The first thing she noted was the debris.

Now it was most recognizable. The cars had enough detail to be models. Each car

was the length of her hand.

The ruin of the city that was not quite visible from her vast size was now about

her. She turned and saw Melissa's face admiring her new stature. "Now, go get

'em." she said poking Lauren in her perfect little blue-jean butt with her

fingernail. Lauren walked down the street and picked up some roofing on a

building to find the occupants within. Now the people were the size of mice to

her. She grabbed up a little woman in a dress and her tiny boyfriend.

"Here goes!" Lauren put the tiny three-inch creatures in her mouth one at a time

and ate them alive. It made her giggle as they fought. "This is

fan-fucking-tastic!" she raised her arms in triumph. She saw some dude trying to

run to another hiding hole. She brought her Nike down on him and he squashed

like a fat bug under her foot. She heard the popping again. This time little

stings came up on her skin. Someone was shooting at her! And again it didn't

even pierce the skin. Lauren's thin arms waved angrily as she ran right at the

shooter and she pummeled his building with her fists.

"Hold on!" Melissa saw the shooter's floor of a building. She blew in it and

soon the level was devoid of life. She didn't blow hard enough to kill the

building, just scour the floors until nothing was left but a stripped floor.

Both girls smiled at the carnage Melissa's slight breath caused.


The hiding was intense. Rob Wayne sat with Cindy in the boiler room of a

building and the walls crumbled. Suddenly they could hear an immense voice. A

voice? For the first time he could hear what the giantess' had to say. Feeling a

cause for alarm her lead Cindy back up to the street. The dead remains of the

people from the cellar lay at their feet. A huge chunk of a building had

squashed them. "End of the world" Rob reminded the dead bald guy as he and Cindy

made their way stealthily down the city streets. They turned the corner of an

alley to the main street and saw a foot at the other end.

A foot? He thought.

Either they were getting smaller ... Or the city was growing again?!

If they could only survive until the city was full sized! Maybe all the pieces

would grow on their world and reunite! Maybe they hadn't completely lost! He

hurried his pace to check on his suspicions. He had to get a good view of the

rest of their world and he didn't want to risk getting in another tall building.

He and Cindy were too late to see the giantess attached to the foot, when

suddenly a face came over the side of the building and peered down at them.

Within an instant they were grabbed in a hand the size of a car and hefted up

into the sky.

The face of their original owner hove into view. She wasn't near as big

as when he'd first seen her. Maybe there was hope for his race. He suddenly

screamed in new fright when he saw another face ... bigger than ever right

behind the giantess holding him and Cindy. Melissa watched the festivities with

bubbling interest.

"He's cute!" Lauren cooed. "And she's cute too!" Lauren held up the tiny blonde

to Melissa.

Melissa still couldn't see. She aimed her portasizer tip at the tiny squirming

thing in Lauren's hand, and soon it was the same size as Lauren.

The blond-haired woman was wearing a red dress carrying a black purse and had on

black high heels. She looked at the younger woman with piqued interest. "You're

the girl who was in the sky a little while ago!" Cindy said like a complete

airhead. (It was no act)

"Yep!" Lauren indicated to Melissa "she could be a lot of fun! She looks like a

Barbie doll!"

"YEA!" Melissa was a bit jealous, but as long as she didn't have to put up with

the woman on a permanent basis, she would use her for a toy. "But first, a test.

Give her her boyfriend!"

Rob could not believe how the cards had been dealt. Suddenly he was filled with

hope, then it was smashed. And now the very woman he'd been keeping hid with him

was now their size! He couldn't believe the luck! She could save them


He hopefully began to thank his lucky stars when suddenly the girl who had Como Sacar Dinero De Una Tarjeta De Debito Encontrada Paso A Paso

grabbed him gave him to Cindy! He sat in Cindy's open palm and looked up

into her beautiful blue eyes and cheered. "Yes! Cindy! You saved me! Thank you!"

But he was interrupted by the giantess behind him.

"Your test is to do something creative with your boyfriend!"

"Creative?" Cindy asked looking at Rob with her always-happy airhead smile. "I

could put him on a leash like a dog. But he's too small." she scowled at him.

Melissa and Lauren were loving every second of Cindy. They thought she was the

coolest chic they'd ever met! "I could do 'the dirty' with him. But he's not big

enough for that either!" she accused.

"Oh, we can help you with that!" Melissa piped up. She grew the thing in her

hand just a minute amount.

"Hmmm." Cindy licked her lips. "I haven't had anything to eat since my phone

quit working."

"Eat him then!" Lauren started picking through a nearby building and finding

another prime specimen. She put the tiny screaming woman in her mouth and showed

her how easy it was.

Cindy smiled and gladly put Rob in her mouth and began chewing noisily as both

girls laughed and decided to keep Cindy in "the club" for a while.

"Gosh, I'm starving. Do you think I could call for a pizza or something?" Cindy

took her cell phone from her purse and frowned at it. "Damn! I'm taking this

thing back!" she pouted.

Both of the girls thought she was hilarious. Lauren giggled and hugged the older

woman's arm affectionately. "We'll get all the food you want! Help me gather

everyone up!" Lauren's long brown hair dangled about her pretty face as she bent

over to start picking at the windows and finding little groups of frightened

people. Cindy wasn't really up to it, but imitated Lauren and was surprised to

see how easy it was. She found a whole floor of people when she peeled the front

of a building away with her hand. It crumbled like saltine crackers and she

could easily scoop out the occupants.

"Where do we put them all?" she asked with two handfuls. Melissa took the candy

dish off of her makeup desk and emptied the candies on the floor for the maid to

clean up later. She put the candy dish on top of the first building Lauren had

already cleared out. It crumpled like tin foil under the tons and tons of huge

glass bowl. Both of the 18" women gladly let their handfuls of struggling

prisoners go. They slid down the glass to the bottom of the bowl screaming.

It didn't take long for the harvest to take a real toll on the town. The

buildings were picked apart level by level and more and more people were

accidentally killed by the crumbling carnage.


Doug Simpson was never so afraid in his life. It wasn't just that he was going

to die, it was that he was going to die by huge monsters and he didn't have

anywhere to run. At first he thought it would be safe if he stayed in the cellar

of his office building. Nada. It had been one of the first to start crumbling.

He got out just in time to see it topple over behind him as he ran. The sky was

full of huge shapes. He'd hid with a group of people in the lobby of a bank.

He hadn't been there long when the bank started coming apart. He'd slipped out

the back and ran down the alley to the office building he was under now. A big

computer bank for the phone service lay in ruin all around him with the battery

back up still rolling the phrase "please call your number again, please call

your number again, please call your number again ... "

Doug guessed the woman was in hell by now that made the message.

And the trice damned computer repeating it would soon be too.

When the end finally came, it was no surprise. He ran to the exit route he'd

plotted but stopped cold in his tracks. There was no-where left to run. No where

to hide. This was the last building standing.

He heard screams from overhead and huge crashes like a wrecking ball.

Doug made his way to the fire exit and kicked open the door to see that the

steps were gone, and he was looking at a woman's foot. A twenty-foot long foot

in a high-heeled shoe.

Feeling that he'd lost his mind he looked up and fell on his back in terror. His

secretary, Cindy Arlen was standing over him a hundred feet tall. Her bouncing

curls loomed about her face as she picked apart the building. Cindy!" He

screamed. He didn't want her attention, he was screaming out of protest. She was

the monster destroying the city?

Her big blue eyes focused on him when he screamed her name. She had two handfuls

of businessmen and women from the executive upper levels in her hands. She

looked as Doug with sudden recognition. "HI BOSS!" she smiled her ever-present

bubble headed smile and turned away. Doug could now see the gargantuan bowl

behind her. She deposited the screaming tiny people into the bowl to slide to

the bottom. And then he saw, even behind the town sized bowl, was another face.

Bigger than the sun or moon looking down at Cindy!

Cindy turned back around and looked down at Doug. "I've been really busy since

the power went out. How come you're so tiny? I didn't think you would be

one of the shrinkees, but I guess you are." she reached down and picked him up

in his prone lying position. He screamed again. "Hey! Don't scream, that's what

the other shrinkees do!" Cindy scolded. "I don't think I'm going to get my hair

done. I think the hair salon is somewhere else, and if the same thing is

happening there that's happening here... it might be gone by now." Cindy had

never had such deep thoughts in her life. It gave her a headache to think so

hard. She shrugged.

"But about tomorrow. I want to take a vacation day. Do you think you could fill

it out for me?" Cindy asked the tiny three and a half-inch man in her palm. He

was completely blown away. He just nodded dumbly.

"Come on. I think we're done." Lauren popped a thin red head in her mouth and

began chewing noisily.

"Okay, coming." Cindy thought again. "If I put you in there, I might not be able

to find you again tomorrow. I'll keep you in my purse!" she smiled and deposited

Doug in amidst her million and one knickknacks. He'd never felt so scared or

humbled as he was pinned to her cell phone by a tampon as Cindy zipped up her

purse and walked with Lauren.

The two girls walked out as Melissa's gigantic hand removed the bowl from the

city ruin. They stepped over the scant remaining Plexiglas wall onto the smooth

surface of Melissa's makeup desk and were suddenly feeling tiny again in the

behemoth surroundings. Melissa's lipsticks were bigger around than their legs.

Melissa smiled into her bowl and brought it over beside the two doll sized

girls. She licked her lips. "Gee guys. I want in on the action. But first, may

I?" she swept her hand over the ruins asking Lauren for permission.

"Go ahead Mel!" Lauren's interest peaked as Melissa brought her portasizer up to

the ready position and shot the city again. This time it shrank and shrank under

Melissa's nose as she smiled down on it.


Jeff Caloway and Margaret Brenner were alive. The monstrous noises had moved

away and were now just a rumbling in the distance again. No more voices could be

heard. They'd survived! Jeff cautiously pushed the man hole cover up and looked

out. The leveled buildings were everywhere, but no giant women were among them

anymore. They'd survived the strip search of the city in the nearly collapsed

sewer hole.

Margaret pushed her way up the ladder too and peered out at the same sight.

"They're gone" she whispered "It looks like everyone else in the city is gone


Jeff pushed the cover aside and now they could both see that behind them, that

nothing in the sky looked right. But at least the giant women were gone. They

didn't see any faces in the sky, but appeared that the sky was moving somehow.

They hurriedly looked around to see if there were any other survivors. The

crumpled pieces of buildings made a canyon around where the road should have

been. Jeff and Margaret climbed on top of a rubble pile so that they could see

the entire city ruin. Suddenly Jeff's fear came back as the wind picked up a bit

for no apparent reason. The booming in the distance became louder and louder as

the rubble pile shook beneath their feet. Margaret screamed first as the sky

slid away like a dream to reveal that the entire city had been behind an

object... the object was a hairbrush handle! A hairbrush handle the size of a


Their eyes watered from the light that lit the new universe overhead. It was the

face of a blond girl again. And this time it was huge beyond all understanding.

The raging thunder came from the fact that she was removing her clothes and the

wind whipped at them in gales. They got down on the large chunks of broken brick

walls to keep from being blown away by the gusts. And just as suddenly, the wind

stopped to a super still doldrum of warm overhead light.

Both of them scurried back toward the manhole not daring to stand to run. The

vision of the universe-sized girl grew as she came closer and closer to their

tiny city block. The wind began to compress around their ears as the orb of her

breast came over the horizon of the makeup desk they were on. It was so huge and

massive it had gravity! Some of the strewn rubble began to become attracted to

it out of sheer mass and static charge. Soon the entire sky was taken up by the

tip of her immense nipple. At this size, the two crawling people could see every

handhold of layered skin and every vast plain of shiny skin between the

mile-apart milk holes. It descended down toward them and compressed the air

around their ears even further. They weren't going to make it back to the



Melissa waited for Lauren and Cindy to gather around to see what she was doing.

She'd taken her boob out of her B-cup and now dangled her large orange nipple

ominously low to the tiny half inch by half-inch square on the tabletop. She

smiled at them as they got on their hands and knees to look at the cityscape

again. To them it was the same size as when Lauren first received it, and

Melissa's nipple was the size of a trash can lid with a basketball on it. When

both of her observers nodded their readiness Melissa brought her tit down and

touched the tiny square. A puff of smoke came up around the outsides of the

nipple that touched down.

She brought it up and the square was now a print on her nipple. It stuck to her

moist soft flesh like powder. Both of the girls advanced to see what the tons

and tons of flesh did.

"Where'd it go?" Cindy asked seeing that the square wasn't on the surface any


Lauren giggled and pointed at Melissa's aroused nipple. Both of them looked

closely and saw that it had powderized in a square shape and stuck to the moist

nipple flesh right next to a puckered milk hole.

Melissa adored the attention and quickly pulled her tit up for her own

inspection. The tiny square didn't even exist to the touch when she caressed it

with her fingertip.


Jeff and Margaret cowered as they shook and screamed. The noise of the city

being squished further was only more fuel for their frazzled nerves. The world

fell into blackness and the planet-sized orb compressed everything. Margaret

held onto Jeff for dear life as the very ground beneath them split open into a

crack that would have lead to the center of the earth, if a planet had been

beneath them. They both fell into the crack and were covered in dirt, and

suddenly gravity shifted. They slid around on the dirt surface and suddenly the

sky was beneath their feet. They huddled together as they saw two gargantuan

faces looking directly at them trapped in the dirt crevice.

Jeff was repulsed by the dirt. It had worms and bugs in it as he wondered how

they could possibly still be alive after all this, but he decided the city block

was so tiny, it simply stuck to the tit that had squished it, and they were just

dust mites in the poof of dust.

Margaret grabbed his ankle. "No! Don't leave me!" she pleaded as he looked at

the two giantess' faces looking at them. Margaret's red hair was disheveled and

dirty from the past few days' events, but she was still a good looking woman.

He'd rescued her the first day from a bunch of hoodlums who had been raping her.

Now she was the victim of much worse than rape.

"I won't leave. I'm sorry we're not going to make it." Jeff squeezed her hand in

his and her teary eyes looked at him.

Suddenly gravity shifted again and the sky was above them as they fell down into

the bottom of the crack that had the city street above it. Dirt tumbled down on

their faces as the ground shook fluidly. The wind returned and suddenly a burst

of noise scraped away a huge gash of the city onto an equally immense fingertip.

The dirt fell in on them and they had to fight to stay on top of it. They clawed

their way to stay on top of the dirt and Jeff was pulling Margaret up when the

face of the dirt landscape went dark and Mark's ears compressed again. The sky

was taken up by a huge pair of lips. A sudden downdraft of hot wind had rain in

it the size of golf balls. It soaked the dirt landscape and made mud out of the

entire surface. Margaret screamed as the hot rain drenched them and the fluid

mud began to flow. Then just as suddenly a pink tongue, the size of a state,

descended from the mouth and began to run the length of the horizon. It came

like a twenty-mile high tidal wave. The entire city block ran into it and

slowly, ever so slowly it pulled Mark and Margaret into a slick pink crevice

surrounded by white shapes. They were drawn in with the thick goo of the surface

of the tongue, and silently they drown in Melissa's taste bud as they tried to

fight for their lives.

Cindy smiled amusement as Melissa licked her nipple clean. "I guess I won't be

able to take pictures of my car for the insurance company, will I?" she reached

down and pulled off her high-heeled shoe. "Ewww. There's another guy hanging

onto my heel!" Cindy showed Lauren the offending shoe.

Sure enough, a tiny three and one quarter inch man had been holding on to her

high heel for a while now. Both girls looked at him as he dangled from the black

fashion shoe.

"A stowaway!" Lauren frowned in mock anger. "And you know what we do with


Suddenly Cindy's face turned to confusion. "No, what?"

"We punish them!" Lauren said bubbly.

"OH! How?" Cindy was quite accustomed to picking up tiny people all day. She

plucked the desperate man from her shoe and Lauren took him daintily.

"We STEP ON THEM!" Cindy announced and put the tiny man on the ground before

her. It was a vast plain for miles and miles to him. There was absolutely

nowhere to hide. He began begging for his life!

"HOLD ON!" Melissa stopped Cindy from stepping on him.

"What? You don't want to spare him do you?!" The tiny brown-haired girl couldn't

believe her blond friend's change of heart.

Melissa was squirming on her seat as she contemplated the origin of her new

idea. She wanted to watch... like they had watched her mash the city with her

nipple. She wanted the whole effect. She blushed as she told them. "I ... I ...

want to watch."

She laid the portasizer on the makeup desk and programmed it to shrink her to

just the right size. She stood up on top of the desk. Her feet just beside the

two 18" tall girls and suddenly she was shrank and shrank and shrank until they

were now the giantess. Melissa gulped as she looked up at the shoelaces of

Lauren's Nike.

At 18 inches tall, Cindy was only a tad taller than Lauren was now. But still

taller. It gave Melissa a chill as she realized her enemy was now taller

and probably stronger than her friend towering over her. Come to think of it,

either of them could do her in right now and no one would even know!

Her heart thundered in her chest as she saw the man scrambling around under the

shadow of Lauren's tennis shoe. "Hi there! My friend is about to smash you

flat!" Melissa admired Lauren's hugeness.

"Look girlie! You ... you ... just get her off me and I'll pay ya big time!

Okay?" The heavyset guy was indeed a lot bigger than Melissa. She didn't take

offense to the 'girlie' thing.

"Pay me? Why, I don't think your money is good for anything! I just ate an

entire block of your city! If I could, I would eat your whole planet

right now just to show you you're nothing!"

"Why I ought to ... " he growled at Melissa momentarily forgetting the looming

danger overhead.

Lauren was giggling at Melissa's taunting. "You ought to what? You want to

fight? Come on! I'll fight ya right now!" She put up her tiny fists like a boxer

and bounced on her tiptoes forward and back to egg him on. Snarling audibly he

got to his feet and lunged at her. Melissa suddenly gulped and started running.

It was only a second before her pursuer was down. With a "whoooof-thud" Melissa

turned and saw Lauren had tapped him on the back of his head with her toe while

he was running. He was face down and moaning when Melissa giggled standing over


"Had enough yet?" she kicked him with her toe and saw he was done for. "Stand

back ... " Lauren raised her foot again and poised it over him.

"Uh, give me a sec. Hey! And you could go get a girlfriend for him! I've got an

idea!" Melissa bubbled.

Cindy was the go-for and had to lean all the way over in the dish to get her

hands on a 'suitable' subject. She'd grabbed the first bikini model she could

find. The girl had obviously been doing well up 'till now. Probably working off

of the men protecting her for her looks. More than a few men tried desperately

to recover the tiny brunette as Cindy extracted her. Feeling no pity for the

tiny perfect woman, Cindy slapped at her boyfriends as they futilely tried to

scale the glass. It killed a couple of them. "Ha!" Cindy tossed her blond locks

over one shoulder and carried her prize to Lauren.

Lauren nodded appreciatively and put the tiny brown-haired woman next to the

complaining injured man. He was griping and moaning at Melissa when the bikini

clad beauty was set before him. He gaped appreciatively at her. Melissa was in


"Both of you get naked!" she stomped her foot as if she were and angry school

marm. They just looked at her funny. "Okay, have it your way!" Melissa waved

Lauren's foot down. Lauren brought it to their heads as they screamed and began

pulling at their clothes.

Melissa laughed at both of them. The model had implants that made her boobs

bigger at the top than the bottom so her nipples still pointed down no

matter what she did. Melissa was giggling at them man too.

"You're nasty!" she scoffed. She looked at how much older he was and decided she

didn't want to even think about being married to a man until he was hairy all

over! Despite her other wants, Melissa decided she'd seen enough.

"Okay, kill 'em." Melissa gave their nude bodies the thumb down.

Lauren shrugged and brought her foot down. They screamed out again, this time

Lauren wasn't letting up. Her Nike tread was as big as tank tracks to them, the

woman made it partially out from under the shoe, but they were mostly under it

as Lauren transferred the weight off of her hip.


Dennis couldn't believe that out of all the women in the bowl, the damn giant

monsters had taken Kelley from them! Dale and Ben had tried their hardest to

stop her, but the giant woman who had taken her had slapped at them and now they

lay dead at Dennis' feet as he saw through the glass that they were going to

torture and step on Kelley. His heart sank lower than the first day of their

doom. He'd promised her over and over that he wouldn't let this happen to her.

"Why? Why? Why?" he blamed himself. Suddenly there was no time for remorse as

the face of the blond came back. The two women had finished crushing the life

from the woman he loved and now they were preparing to crush the rest of the

life from him. He almost welcomed it. At least he would go down fighting!

Melissa was overjoyed. Their screams and crackling bones at made her shiver with

excitement as she looked back up at Lauren. "That's wicked!" she thrilled as

another sputtering pop sound made more brazen bloody pulp gush from under her

shoe. Most of the model's head and shoulders was in perfect condition at

Melissa's feet. Melissa kicked the huge boob next to her chin and a saline bag

oozed out under the torn flesh above her rib cage. It left her nipple in a

floppy bag that didn't look real next to her face that still had wide bulged out

eyes. "Woooooowwww" was all Melissa could say as she gaped at the destruction.

"We're going for more!" Lauren slightly twisted her foot to make sure the

destruction was complete and Melissa jumped back.

"Uh, okay. Take me with you!" she waved her arms up at the two gargantuan women.

"Your party, where do you want to ride?" Lauren bent way over to hear Melissa's

tiny mouse voice better.

"Uh, well." she could feel all of her nerves at once. She'd never been so

excited since her lesbian cousin let her spend the night in her panties. "I want

to ride in ... in Cindy's bra!" she blurted.

Lauren's brow went up. "Of course. That's an easy one." she put out her hand for

her finger sized friend and pulled Cindy's shirt open to inspect. "Ah, white

lace. Very nice." she pulled out a cup and let Melissa fall down to the wrinkled

huge mass of nipple below. "Comfy?"

"Uh, yea! This is unbelievable! Thanks Cindy!" Melissa waved at the chin of the

fretting blond. She wasn't concerned about Melissa in the least.

"You know. I really need my hair done. When do you think we could schedule an

appointment? I don't think my hair dresser is around any more ... " she frowned

as her brain tried not to think. "I really like your hair. Who does it for you?"

"Oh, my mom." Lauren confided.

"Wow. I wish my mom was a hair dresser!" Cindy smiled at the thought.

Lauren smiled at the dumb blonde. "Wow. You are way incredibly stupid."

"Oh, thank you!" she said without an ounce of sarcasm.


Meanwhile Melissa was having the strongest orgasms of her life as she peeled her

bottoms open and began humping the fist-sized folds of aureole under and around

her. She wanted desperately to suck her nipple, but the damn thing was the size

of a passenger plane nose cone under her. She sweat and quivered as she thrilled

at the thought of being on a titaness' tit from the humble tiny city she'd eaten

like puff of makeup just a few moments ago!


Cindy and Lauren finally slid down the side of the bowl and landed in the

scurrying waves of terror stricken citizens. Giggling playfully, Lauren stood

and began having a crush fest.

"Oooh! Me too!" Cindy cried. "I haven't had this much fun in a long time!" she

vaguely remembered a video game she particularly liked as a teen that involved

smashing things to make points. It was suddenly a competition to see who could

make the most points.

The crushing of 3" people was a sheer slaughter.


Melissa wondered what in the world was going on as the gigantic breast began to

heave beneath her. She was getting nauseated by the slinging of gravity as the

breast bounced like a roller coaster. She grabbed two handfuls of wrinkled

nipple flesh ... but she was slipping! The lacy bra was never designed to keep

items from falling, and eventually Melissa was worked down under the breast and

then her legs were dangling out of the bra. Melissa grabbed for anything, but

there was simply nothing to hold on to.

To make matters worse. Cindy no longer had a blouse on.


Lauren was taunting her.

"I bet you wouldn't lay in them! I love laying on them!" she cooed and squished

a whole fire department staff with her shoulders as she rolled on the glass

bottom with no shirt.

"Oh yea?" Cindy wore only her bra as she fell on her back intentionally

squashing a fleeing crowd that had no where to run.


And suddenly Melissa fell free.


As soon as she slid off of Cindy's rib cage she bounded to her feet and tried to

grab a hold of her bra strap.


Lauren saw Cindy go down on her back and got up to play too.

She straddled Cindy's hips and sat their crotches on top of each other. "You're

a lot of fun to play with! I'm so glad we grew you!" she was being playful as

Cindy just looked at the teen and smiled.

"It's been fun playing with you too. Actually, I'm tired. I don't know why. But

the days have been strange lately. Overcast a lot. I can't remember when I last

saw the sun ... " it was kind of a complaining tone, but Cindy heaved the

longest deepest yawn of her life, and Lauren just looked at the huge breasts as

they seemed to expand toward her. She envied Melissa for getting to those

succulent orbs first.

But Lauren wasn't ready to trade places with Melissa yet. She took the nearest

man who was in reach and put him in her mouth. His legs kicked wildly from her

lips. She leaned forward and talked out of the side of her mouth. "Want some?"

Cindy's large blue eyes were languid with sleep as she nodded yes to her new


Lauren lowered her face to the beautiful pouty lips before her and felt as the

tiny man was delicately pulled in half by perfect pearly white teeth. The

squirming stopped in her own lips as she started chewing and she saw Cindy begin

to chew her bit with her eyes closed. Reaching over, Lauren found another

"volunteer" to feed to the beautiful face. Cindy accepted the offering with a

slight moan and began chewing the new fighting thing as a delicacy. Her parents

had taught her to genuinely savor something that was rare, and she couldn't even

remember them having actual people to eat!


Melissa cheered for joy when Lauren finally saw her next to Cindy's chest. "Yay!

Thank you!" she waved her arms as Lauren's hand went toward her.


Lauren caught sight of a tiny frantic woman next to Cindy's lacy bra. She

giggled at the hysteric creature actually trying to get her attention it

appeared. Evidently Cindy had crushed someone beneath her that this tiny blood

splattered blond was concerned with. Lauren picked the tiny blond up with a look

of disgust. The thing was splattered in blood and guts from all the squishing

going on. It wasn't even appetizing enough for Lauren to consider, but she would

feed this one to Cindy anyway.

It began kicking and screaming as she was lowered to Cindy's open mouth. Lauren

was repulsed by the nasty creature and hurriedly put it into Cindy's lips to

keep it from screeching so loud.

Cindy began chewing the new morsel and swirling it in her mouth as Lauren lost

interest in the game. The remaining people around them still alive were at

Cindy's feet trying to get up the side of the bowl in vane and they weren't at

all appetizing anymore.

Lauren decided to sneak a peak and see what Melissa was doing. But when she

opened the cup, she found nothing but a nipple. She opened the other cup and

found only another nipple.

Confused, Melissa fumbled with removing the bra as if she could see better with

it off. Cindy giggled. "My titties are sensitive!" she fought Lauren's probing


Lauren finally remembered the tiny blood splattered blond.

"Melissa?!" she suddenly gouged her fingers into the blonde's mouth to look and


She was immediately repulsed.

She found Melissa.

Half dead, missing a leg and all soaked in blood and saliva.

Cindy removed Melissa by the arm. The tiny thing flailed in-humanly like a bug

that had lost a leg. Cindy tried to talk to her, but it was no use. Melissa was

completely incoherent as the dangled from Cindy's fingertips. She tried for a

few moments, but it was not making progress trying to clean Melissa up. "Come

on, we got to get her to a hospital!"

"Why? We can get another one." Cindy grumpily got up with Lauren.

Lauren just gave her a go to hell look. "Just come on!" Lauren and Cindy got out

of the bowl and went toward the portasizer and as they neared it were both

suddenly shrunk to near microscopic.

Lauren screamed, as they looked at the table top like the surface of a planet.

"NnnnNNNnooooOOooOOOooOooooooAAAAAAhhhhaAAAAhhaAA!" Melissa had set it up to

make sure no tiny people accidentally made it back to the sizer without saying

the password first!

Lauren could kill her for setting a password zone and not telling her!

She looked at the tiny bleeding thing in her hand and freaked. "Mel! What's the

password!? Tell me!" she didn't realize they were too small for the computer to

hear them anyway.

Before Cindy could even say something stupid a shadow befell them, and something

the size of a state loomed overhead. The maid had come in! Lauren ran toward the

edge, but at the current pace she would never make it.


She wasn't even getting closer to the edge before the 40 year old lady made it

to the makeup counter and cussed. "She's a friggin' ogre, she is." the

red-haired lady peered in the glass candy dish and saw some things still moving.

But mostly bloody and dead. She eyed the candy on the floor and "thought" she

knew exactly what happened. She picked up the bowl and looked over her shoulder

guiltily. With the coast clear, she swiped her tongue in her mistress' leftovers

and delighted at the tantalizing taste of tiny people on her tongue.

She had never had the pleasure of such leftovers, until now. Her nipples got

hard as she though of what Melissa 'the brat' had done with the rest of them.

She wondered where she got so many!

She cleaned up. Lauren and Cindy were running for their lives as the gargantuan

wash cloth from Delia's apron pocket swept toward them. They were almost crushed

to death, but were so tiny, they fit in the raveling of the cloth. The whole

thing was then tossed in the trash next to the makeup counter. The two tiny

girls screamed their lungs out to no avail as they fell to the darkness.

Delia adjusted her uniform and wished beyond wish

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